Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Final days?

Berapa Kali lah leaving NST? The Tan Sri-(still)-in-waiting at the NSTP given the marching orders? By his friend the PM himself? I have my doubts and I think it's wishful thinking on the part of Apanama, but I am reminded of Lennon's Imagine:
"You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one .."
Read Apanama's NST free of Kali!!!


  1. Reinventing Umno ?

  2. bon voyage , kali dude.

  3. Anonymous4:52 pm

    This liar, plagiarist, spinmeister and Singapore operative should be ISAed and left to rot.

    Nothing less will do!

    - Arse Kicker -

  4. At last Kali the Hindu god get the boot but the damagge done at NST is irrepairable,hopefully somebody from home ministry will visit him tonight and keep him at a nice chalet in Kamunting.

  5. Anonymous5:28 pm

    How about reinstating the great Kadir A. Jasin and Ahmad Talib as the head honchos. These two jokers should be allowed to finish off where they failed to achieve in the Nineties. They are the perfect candidates to finish off New Shit Times once and for all.

  6. Anonymous5:36 pm


    berapa kali nak final daa mamat seekor ni. yang bagi arahan dan tukang api tu pun kena belah sekali daa.

  7. rocky,

    hmmmm.....seein' is believin'.

    that said, we do listen to rumours. question is -- will this rumour turn out (like most other rumours we've heard) to be true?

  8. Rocky!

    Not true I have checked.


  9. Bro, this Kali is like the cat with nine lives, still if the news is really true, then I will finally lift my boycott of the NST.

    To Kali, Goodbye and Good Riddance.

  10. Anonymous9:01 pm

    hello brader! ada orang baca nst lagikah? kalau mau baca news, lebih baik baca blog saja. kalau nak news melayu, baca sinar dan harakah. News china, baca oriental daily. News india, baca the sun. nak baca propaganda, baca nst dan bh. ex nst staff yang angkat vss atau kena sack saja yg baca nst macam nstman..lol! ini orang semua kes gila talak!


  11. Kali is finally going, going and going for good?
    NST staff must be happy to see the last of him
    Sweep the aroma of his out through the window
    It reminded me of Zahari Omar(now Datuk)
    NST staff were glad he left to join another group companies
    I heard he made life miserable for the staff there

    The post at the top
    It isn’t a permanent nature
    In time when climatic conditions change
    So will be the top brass too

    A good leader must know
    Be nice to people going up
    When a leader walks down from the Ivory Tower
    The people will line up and wish him bon voyage
    Remembering his good deeds while he is at the top

    Sometimes you find bullying leaders
    Forgetting their roots of where they came
    When they are at the top
    They forget about their humble beginning

    These leaders won’t stay long
    They make peoples’ life miserable
    Time to forget these leaders
    Put them in the dark corner of history
    Maybe as a case study of wrong leadership

    A good leader must remember those on the ground
    As he walks every step to the top
    When he walks down he must remember these people too
    They are the ones who make the whole existence worthwhile

  12. Anonymous9:36 pm

    This is just elaborate shadowplay by them!
    By 'leaving' NST, it will lend credence to the so-called reforms by the PM and help appease the UMNO protestors.
    Don't believe it?
    Well, just see who, if at all, takes over the reins.

  13. Anonymous10:10 pm

    aku tak percaya,

    selagi ada bulan dan mentari selagi itulah kali akan di nst.....percayalah!!!!!!


  14. Anonymous10:47 pm

    If FlipFlop takes out Kalimulah and sends in Annuar Zaini, its like removing a rapists and replacing him with a retired prostitute.


  15. Anonymous6:55 am

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink ... it sounds so familiar. The age of anonymous is finally over. Ditto, the age of decadence?

  16. Anonymous8:05 am


    We at the Malay Mail don't care about Kali or what happens at NST. Kali stay or leave make no different to us. We are living in hell at Malay Mail now. Morale low. Staff don't get OT but cosultant enjoy masive salary. Circulation is bad. Many have left because cannot swallow it anymore. Najiah is latest to leave. So far many had left. Here the list

    Irwan Abd Rahman - Creative editor
    Rizal Solomon – executive sub
    Adly Syairi Ramli – Entertainment editor
    Mustapha Kamaruddin – sports editor
    Tony Yee – sub sports
    Grace Ong – Specialist writer
    Ayu Musa Kamal – journalist
    Rahman Daros - journalist
    Yaakob Yusof - journalist
    Najiah Najib - journalist
    T. Yogendra – retracted
    Badrolhisham - retracted

    Don't know how long more we can cope. Everybody looking for a job.

  17. Anonymous8:10 am


    Kadir jasin?..u must be joking. In NST he was what Kali is like. Only after he left NST..he could write as he pleased. When AKJ was in NST..he was parroting the govt..maybe lapdog more apporopriate term

  18. Anonymous10:13 am


    are u umno member? only umno member can jadi editor of umno paper mah. kali umno member? maybe he's not umno member so he also cant hold post. nowadays, umno member also got types mah. must be umno member supporting paklah only can hold post..that's why yong at bernama also going soon. he's definitelt not umno member.


  19. Dear Rocky, it is very sad what has happened to the NST over the years. Having been there for the last 13 years and having even worked with you in the past, it is so disheartening to see what it has come to. I am not only talking about those right at the top but even the deak itself. We now have editors who hardly know what they are doing, while so many of the senior, more credible journalists have been left in the dark - all because they did not choose to be part of the "suck-up" gang. As a journalist there, deep down I hope that someday, the NST will be able to regain its past glory and we will have a credible, honest and hardworking numero uno to head the paper. I believe that after years of being taken for a ride, the people have greatly wisened up and with blogs, the people are able to know the truth and make decisions for themselves. Some of the things going on are just to ridiculous to describe anymore. For example, how is a man whose family only eats one decent meal a day supposed to cut back? Is the government trying to ask him to eat grass?? this is damn ridiculous. I cannot imagine how a country which is so filled with resources can be brought to its knees while our neighbours with barely any resources are progressing ... it does not make any sense at all. anyway, i do hope and sincerely hope the people will continue to wisen up and someday there will be justice in this country and in the NST as well!! cheers!

  20. Anonymous11:30 am


    You guys seriously think NST people really give a shit what you all think ah? They all live in a coccoon la dhei, couldn't care less if circulation is down, if public opinion is at all time low, even if no adverts come in, they'll just "buat muka selambe jer". Percayalah.

    Hei Rocky, why dont you do a scoop on how much PETRONAS pays for their involvement in motorsports every year? I seriously think we could use the money to lower price for petrol la. Rakyat is suffering, and its about to get even worse!

    Do something useful for the rakyat a change...

  21. Anonymous12:35 pm

    I found it difficult to believe that Kali has been shown the door. It will not happen as long as Pak Lah is the PM. However, come to think of it, it could be possible to remove Kali now if Pak Lah is to hand over UMNO presidentship to Najib next year.

  22. Anonymous4:55 pm

    dei anon 8.05am...so early ar you wake up? or right after night shift not yet sleep ar??

    If you don't like the new management..simple..don't go to work la! What so difficult. Go picket. At least NST can have good front page news!!

    Frankie goes to hollywood so blind ar? He pretends dunno what is going on ar? Go kiss your new best fren YY la since you put Billy boy out in the cold. Haiya!

    Tony Francis ar..go run a retirement home la. Suit you better la since you 'got 100 years experience.'

    We prefer hearing something else besides your continous grouses on rocky's blog.

    p/s: dei rocky, u say no more anon but still let go anon comment. Guess you really wanted this anon comment to be posted eh.

  23. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Rocky ...
    Quite hard to believe. This is a political appointment. He claimed some time back that the PM called him at least twice daily to check tomorrow's front page news. Shall follow Nuraina and Pasquale. Will call NSTP and check out ...
    Wali Kota

  24. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Is it part of the resolutions passed during the MT UMNO retreat in Shah Alam? Heard some MT members questioned AB for using outsiders (of UMNO) as advisers ie fourth floor boys, SIL, Anwar Zaini ,the son and kali. MT members insist AB to make use of the existing UMNO sub=committee as advisers! I don't know how far it is true!!!


  25. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Yup, Sheila (4:55pm) is right. You guys at MM, if you are not happy, leave lah. Stop whining. It won't solve anything lar..