Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Khazanah defends 100% pay hike for GLC bosses

100 per cent pay for bosses OK, says Amok. I was more amused than anything when I read of how Azman Mokhtar (pic), or Amok to friends, the Khazanah boss, defended the proposed 100 per cent salary increase of the Ceo/President and the CFO of TNB, the ulility company. Read h e r e.

Bernama quoted him as saying that GLC's salary increment is performance-based, incentive-driven and self-funding. "We are not taking money away from anybody but we are creating more value," he said when asked to comment on several blogs' queries on why Tenaga Nasional Bhd's top officials were getting hefty salary increases in times of possible economic slowdown due to the fuel and food price hike.
The article forgot to mention that TNB will icrease its tariff rates by 30 per cent starting July.

If you had read my July 12 posting "CEO and CFO of GLC to get 100 per cent pay increase", you'd see that I wasn't begrudging the GLC bosses' pay increase. It's the timing of the pay hike; it sucks and it stinks.
Che Khaleb and his CFO may have done a good job but if they deserve a pay rise, so do their staff. In fact, the 28,000 ordinary and long-serving TNB staff deserve a pay increase more than their bosses, if you ask them. They created value for the company, too, didn't they?

p/s Ask Amok if he knows how much salary adjustment the TNB management has offered the staff under the new Collective Agreement? I heard it was less than 5 per cent.


  1. ok lah tu...diorang ikut trend naikkan segalanya...

    minyak naik, harga barang naik...GAJI diorang naik jugak lah...

    kita yg tgk ni, NAIK DARAH lah apa lg

  2. Big fish eat small fish. Small fish eat smaller fish. Smaller fish eat worms. God help the worms.

  3. Anonymous6:01 pm


    Indirectly AMOK is telling that he should get a bigger pay rise. Apalah Dollah, kata suruh rakyat berkorban, lepas bagi naik tariff, kemudian orang dia bagi naik gaji sampai 100%. Bodoh gila.

    KJ, what do you have to say here. Dulukan AMOK reject kau masuk Khazanah.

  4. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Org bernafsu besar tak patut lead GLC.

    GLC CEO sepatutnya mereka yg sayangkan negara & bekorban untuknya.

    Tp zaman ni susah nak cari orang baik2. Paklah yag disangka baik pun mcm penyangak akhirnya.

  5. Anonymous6:10 pm

    remember when AMOK was with Salomon Smith Barney? he was good at tabulating m'sia economy, prompting many to believe in what he and his team predicted... only 15 per cent was near-perfect.

    now that he's with khazanah, he must have seen the opportunity to tabulate TNB's income after the new tariff is imposed.

    a 100pc pay rise is good. he and his friends, including those in Pak Lah's Cabinet, got their houses all-lighted up 24-hrs daily.

  6. bro dude.. your article was on june 12, not july.. heheh...

    may be all the workers should go on strike for a week... see what the ceo and cfo can do about it... hahah....

    the TNB... a big day light robber... how they robbed the rakyat using their meter readers...

  7. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Yang aku tau CEO TNB ni tak abis2 sejak dia join TNB nak naikkan tarif elektrik! Dah tentu la manusia2 di malaysia ni memang kena pakai elektrik yang TNB supply.

    Kalau camtu, aku pun terer!!

    -peminat kumpulan amok-

  8. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Is it just me or what?
    TNB's in a monopoly business.
    So... performance-base my arse, bloody pointless isnt it?

    - gnoe -

  9. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    IT SURE SUCKS!! TNB is a MONOPOLY - you put monkey as the CEO & chicken as the CFO, it WILL STILL PERFORM LIKE HELL! [Especially with the new 30% tariff hike]. Do we have a CHOICE when it comes to purchasing our electricity? Its NOT like you can choose between Nestle vs Unilever vs Gardenia in the REAL COMPETITIVE marketplace. This coming from AMOK? Wow! He's also sounds like his boss, AAB - really out of touch with the real world... who can't do the number crunching & juggling? Che Khalid giving value to TNB? Just look at what happened to KUB when he handled it... Lepas dia cabut then we'll see the mess... he'a about to exit now that he's asking for the salary hike!

  10. Anonymous6:54 pm

    agree with you.if they must increase their salary,then the staff even deserved 200% then them.WTF. Without the 25000 staff,CK and II are nothing.Think about it.

  11. Do we deserve more? OF COURSE WE DO!

  12. Anonymous7:07 pm

    NO, way bro. the 18k staffs are dump terminals, the processors the one that move them to hell or heaven. I deserve pay rise more than dump terminals

  13. Anonymous7:09 pm

    No no way, the 18k so staffs are all dumb terminals, they just follow what the mother board or processors said. Dumb terminal is dumb and no visions.

  14. Anonymous7:23 pm

    what does the future hold for malaysia?


    There are so much of uncertainty!

    I am really thinking of bringing my family to migrate for good.

    Is even harder to be husband now than during my father times!

    With all this payrise for TNB head adding fuel to fire!

  15. Anonymous7:26 pm


    please get azman mokhtar to explain to our staff that only CEO and CFO are doing a good job for TNB and see the reaction. i would be surprised if they didnt throw eggs to his face

  16. Anonymous7:28 pm

    true the timing sucks, no respect for the staff. newspapers like sun must carry this, same like tagline telling as it is. citizen nades and terence must think but mebbe they busy going for all-expenses trip paid for to football games oversees. where they draw the line if about sponsorship???? why attack khir toyo and azalina but you also go for sponsored trips???

  17. Anonymous7:49 pm

    I heard Sime Darby will give grant to all employee who has children entering to local university to pursue diploma and undergraduate studies apart from the yayasan Sime Darby to study oversea,employee are also encourage to take up this offer.And thats we called good CSR,all other GLCs should follow the steps by Sime Darby.The 100 % pay hike to GLC bosses is nothing compared to the benefit given to the employees in the long term.

    We have been paying through our nose at this trying time....The PTPN we are paying will only make a guaranteed return to the Banks that we hutang with the interest.

    Thank You Pak Mokhtar,you dont deserve the nick Amok.

  18. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Dear bro.Dont be emotional.We pay peanut we get monkey in GLC.They are under paid.I fully support the pay hike.

    You know Hasan Marican salary only 50K ringgit.He is still staying in his semi detach house in AMpang.Do you think he deserve it.He make billion for Petronas.

  19. Anonymous8:12 pm


  20. Anonymous8:24 pm

    100% raised, still chicken feed compare to multinational companies because of shrinking Ringgit. Pay them and politicians in US$ to be
    collected in Guantanamo.


  21. Anonymous8:51 pm

    KPI my a--e!

    What KPI?

    Amok thinks we are all fools?

    TNB is a monopoly,Amok!

    Malaysian Association of the Blind can do well if Amok gives TNB to them.

    I used to respect Amok. A nice guy. Not anymore for this stupid answer.

    Amok, your boss can be daft, but you don't have to.

    Your Varsity Mate.

  22. Confirm! Its 3% to 3.5% only. We get peanuts! TNB also NOT pay COLA as what PM did highlight to all GLC to follow government during the announcement of salary increased at Putrajaya. We works from 8.00 to 5.30 (longerst hour compare to any other GLC company). Yet, our productivity is high but our total income is lower compare to government sector..since government increase their staff salary...many off staff started shifting to government sector or other company...i think TNB now implimenting piramid system....Government must care to TNB staff also...Can't they do something?

  23. Anonymous9:26 pm

    I heard that when Amok was conferred the Tan Sriship by the Agong recently, none of his former classmates (MCKK class 1978) congratulated him. He has changed, they said, I was told.

    - laksa kuala

  24. Anonymous10:07 pm

    The amazing one liner comment by Flip flop PM on this issue is 'Dia orang lebih tau pasal hal ini utk naikan gaji'. This comming from the idiot who is going to sign the salary increase as Finance Minister!

    Che Khalib is generally disliked in TNB for making tactless and heartles decisions. He and his adviser Zaid Ibrahim screwed up the TNB Coal issue resulting in TNB loosing RM 210 million last year. Khalib then goes on and says its nothing for TNB. He is also given 1 million TNB shares. It quite right to say even a learned chimp can run a monopoly like TNB coz there are 25000 staff to run it anyway.

    On Khazanah, I m wondering what the hell is going on. No one is critically analysing its decisions. Accountants can massage and report figures as they want it for the short term.

    The Maybank debacle has to be critically analysed. Paying 4.5 times book value to the Singapore Temasek Holdings for a stake in an Indonesian bank that they must sell, at the start of a worldwide recession is madness.Paying double the amount for a stake in Lippo Bank from a Swiss party who bought it only 15 months before is madness.
    Hope this is not going to be like the many scandals that happenS in Malaysia. Headlines 3 years from now may read"MAYBANK TO BE RESCUED BY GOVT FROM BANKRUPTCY DUE TO FAILED OVERSEAS INVESTMENT". I pray it does not happen.

    AMOK, I hope your Tan Sri ship was not for letting these madness through. Like the judges who did not voice out their objections and that point of time, you will also be held accountable.......

    Anonymous Guide

  25. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Between 5 to 6% increment enough laa. This would be in line with projected GDP growth for Malaysia this year. If TNB is really doing well and the CEO deserves his pay rise, then why is the Company proposing to increase tariffs?

    - Power Ranger

  26. Anonymous10:20 pm

    He probably think that the person is the only performing CEO in Malaysia.

    Look, first, people are indirectly forced to subscribe to TNB, as that's the only power provider in the country. Have some decency not to claim the profit is because of your performance.

    If I have got the sole right to sell rice in Malaysia, I would also be making profit dont I?

    Let see how you perfom if other private power providers were also given right.

  27. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Saw on TV3 just now.So highhanded. He thinks we are all foolsto accept what he said.. macam sial.


  28. Anonymous10:45 pm

    on top of the 40% petrol hike, there's a 26% hike in electricity bill from July onwards. Ask us to change our lifestyle and this freaking moron has the cheek to tell us the CEO/CFO deserve a 100% pay hike.
    If he is not a moron, dont know who will be. Further, the fella who engage this moron is even more moronic. birds of feather flock together, eh.


  29. Anonymous10:45 pm

    It seems to me that as the BN/Umno regime is sinking like the Titanic, there are individuals within Umno who are trying to portray themselves as pious patriots to Islam and the Malay race. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Minister in the PM’s Department, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. This oxymoron wants all signboards and official publications to be in Malay written in the Roman alphabet and Malay written in the Jawi (Arabic) script.

    On one hand, the BN/Umno regime is trying to woo foreigners to make Malaysia their second home under the Malaysia My Second Home Program, but on another hand, there seems to be a hypocritical zest to Talibanize this multi racial, multi religious country. I have friends who have taken up the Malaysia My Second Home Program who often complained to me that if this country ever wants to surpass Singapore as the preferred destination for their second home, Malaysia must use English together with Bahasa Malaysia in signboards and official correspondences.

    Very often I get complaints from foreigners who have made Malaysia their second home that whenever they write letters to the local authorities in English, the letter is replied in Bahasa Malaysia. This to me is plain stupid! Either the people in government are pea brained language fanatics like Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the rest of the clowns in Umno, or these folks just don’t have the competency to write in English. I’m sure racists like Persatuan Pemuafakatan Melayu, GAPENA, GPMS and those guys from DBP would be hitting the ‘kompang’ hard to have everything written in Jawi.

    Even in a Middle Eastern country like Oman, all signboards and official correspondences are in Arabic and English. A South Korean businessman once lamented to me that even in Thailand, English is used alongside Thai. He said it is difficult for foreign businessman like him when he comes to Malaysia, as everything seems to be written only in Bahasa Malaysia. Now, with Zahid Hamidi’s no-brainer, instead of having English written alongside Bahasa Malaysia, we are going to have Jawi instead.

  30. Sdr Rocky,

    Saya fikir inilah dilema yang dihadapi oleh sektor awam (termasuklah GLC). Di satu sudut, mereka ingin memberikan ganjaran kepada pengurusan. Di sudut yang lain, keperluan memenuhi harapan rakyat.

    Lantaran itulah disebutkan bahawa "pelanggan" dalam sektor awam tidak sama dengan sektor swasta. Sementara "pelanggan" dalam sektor awam ialah "pengguna", mereka juga adalah "pengundi" dan "rakyat".

    Cabaran kepada GLC ialah bagaimanakah memuaskan hati "pelanggan" yang merupakan "pengguna" dan "pengundi" / "rakyat".


  31. Anonymous10:51 pm

    apsal gambar dia macam tuh...looks real crooked man....

  32. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Anak watan,

    Somebody 50k per month would not be staying in semiD house if he wanted to. Look, if you pay monthly installment of RM 10,000, which is roughly the 20-year installment for a RM 1.5 million bungalow, you are left with RM 40,000. That is bloody a lot, unless one want to live like a king.

  33. Anonymous11:22 pm

    What is the initial purpose of setting up khazanah?? Is it to copycat Singapore's Temasek set up?

    Now those top people very quickly forgot the main purpose. They play politics, carry balls and land themselves in high positions and who are all these people - only well connected.

    Amok says that there is brain drain which is a fact, now question is what and who causes the brain drain and the kind of brains that left our shores. Please tell how many Malays have left??? If the Malays have left are probably those who have already stash unexplainable wealth and 3 billion in 500 and 1000 notes.

    There is something like toefl, sat, gmat and if all the CEOs, CFOs of the corporations including from TNB, telecoms, bernas all sit for these test, what do you think their results will be. Amok will be so embrassed to print their results I am sure.

    At the beginning of the week TNB announced 30% tariff increase and before anyone can digest the news, they come and announce a 100% pay increase. This is a double whammy.

    Are those people worth the money????


  34. Anonymous12:07 am

    I'm all for performance-based incentives, but the salary has to be pragmatic, based on the earning power of the executive in the Malaysian context.

    If AMOK is so darned sure his basis of rewarding the CEOs is justified, we challenge him to make public his own salary and perks, as well as that of the executive directors of Khazanah. Then let the rakyat decide!

  35. Anonymous12:26 am

    Performance based my a**. TNB is given a monopoly business where customers are assured. As such, a blind man can run the company .....

  36. Anonymous1:18 am

    "100 per cent pay for bosses OK, says Amok."

    And he says this with a mischievous

    Whats in store for him?

    Tighten your belts, the government says. Change your lifestyle they also say. But hey for them its for the better, much much better in these "difficult" times.

    Amok is a Malay word that some politicians like to use to tell you don't meddle with them. Then came March 08.

  37. Amazing!
    Not sure if you've seen the latest update here in the UK - even ministers have 'volunteered' for a pay freeze amidst 3% inflation announcement. Since our menteri's love 'overseas learning trips' why not 'learn' this too?

  38. Anonymous3:53 am

    This is ridiculous. If they really want to reward che khaleb (any relations to che guevera?) it is more prudent to offer a conditional stock option plan rather than a straightforward 100% pay hike. I hope this will not set as a precedent for the other GLC's to follow.

    TNB is a monopolistic GLC and as such it has certain social obligations. These oblications and civic responsibilities have taken a back seat as it seems that che khaleb and Amok are more concerned with the tariff structure and healthy financal ratios to benefit its shareholders and the ruling govn. The rakyat be damn !!!

    Pak Lah's response with regards to this issue is totally blaise and inane. 'Dia orang lebih tau pasal hal ini utk naikan gaji' In order words - he knows nuts. What exactly does he know?


  39. Anonymous7:05 am

    This must be a joke for the whole world to laugh. TNB is not like Genting where the CEO is the owner of the company. He can claim 1,000 percent and nobody can say anything. For TNB, the CEO doesn't own the company, they just happen to be lucky to sit there. They are just seconded to be there to enjoy a big fat pay. If the company didn't make any profit, they can just go to the government and ask to increase the tariff. It's as easy as that. What's so great about making profit for TNB? They don't have any competitors and they're in the comfort zone always.
    The next time they will ask for the 18k gold W.C. as they will claim that it will motivate them to earn more money for TNB.
    Till then, please bear in mind that the rakyat are suffering and it's hightime that the government become more strict in the aspect of good governace for the public companies espicially the GLC.


  40. We should be proud that we have a company that is able to pay Malay CEOs with bigger salary. If they are capble to do that, why not.

    BUT!! The TIMING is not right la bro!


  41. Anonymous7:46 am

    Dear Rocky

    It sounds like we are learning from Singapore (where the PM and the Ministers are among the highest paid in the world).

    Phua Kai Lit

  42. yeah...he makes more by increase the tarif...and yet he said he did not taking money from anybody...WTF...

  43. This is only my view. Sapa agree, OK. Sapa tak agree pun OK.

    Pay raise ni normally untuk 2 benda:
    (i) to adjust for inflation
    (ii) to reward performance

    For item (i), the % should be just enough to allow people to cope with prevailing inflation rate. Since government kata inflation rate is only around 3-6%, why the need to give all the GLC Captains a 100% raise?

    For item (ii), I think it's normal sapa perform lebih bagus akan dapat lebih increment. I don't really agree with this approach because salary increments (especially big ones) become a fixed overhead/cost for a company i.e. company bear the cost regardless of future performance of individuals.

    Kalau nak reward performance, we should go for one-off performance bonus. Increment up the salary band should be an adjustment of tenure-vs-value and also inflation.

    Tapi apa yang GLCs dah perform so far sampai the CEOs deserve a 100% salary increment? Apa dah jadi dengan the likes of Maybank (trailing despite having the biggest assets), Proton (still a lame duck of an organisation) and TNB (apa depa buat pun kita tak tau)?

    I know it's an oversimplified view but it's mid-week and that's all I can think of.

  44. Anonymous9:40 am

    All the f..king GLC have CEO appointed by the corrupt UMNO government, all of them carry flashy stinking titles like Datuks and Tan Sris, apart from being corrupt they have fat salaries to upkeep the shit titles they carry. This is what you get for voting friking BN government, and Badawi is the biggest ASS of them all. Worst of all FRIKING umno thinks GLCs belonge to them, so they can do what they like, I bet 90% of the CEOs are from UMNO..someone prove me wrong please!!!
    Umno hater

  45. Anonymous10:13 am

    Following our southern neighbour's logic..."Low pay will lead to corruption"

    - rocksteady -

  46. Anonymous10:43 am


    "amok" means "wildly; without self-control" or "in a murderous frenzy".

    When translated into corporate environment, we get a human being with animal thinking and behavoiur. in short, perfect example of stupidity. in layman term, "monkey".

  47. Anonymous10:53 am

    I seriously think CK has not brought value to TNB that much. If he and his CFO deserved a pay rise for bringing in value to the company, may I remind them a company is not made up of these two jokers alone. The value of a company lies in its most valuable assets; its people.

    Perhaps the signs are in for another National Blackout and lets see how much value can these two jokers bring.

    Total National Blackout

  48. Bro,
    That the FXXX style of BN(UMNO) run goverment.How can the idiot KN fler said it is none of our concern.Hallo,AMOK,every single cent your drawn is from rakyay.w/o rakyat,there are no Gov,w/o gov,where the hell is KN going to survive..see your bloody face in mirror before tokkok..

  49. TNB makes billion in profit
    It isn’t about good governance
    It is more about tariff hikes
    It is just robbing the people

    This is to offer them
    Go and plunder the peoples’ money
    Let them pay on the tariff hikes
    TNB officials get pay hike of 100%
    It boggles the minds of the people
    By July the tariff hikes light the pockets

    It is time the government controls it
    Back to the noble ideal to help the people
    Utility businesses aren’t there to make money
    It is a service for the people
    The BN government should reassess its roles
    It has become a feeding ground to reward cronies
    And I feel the BN leaders can’t unshackle it
    They want to roll the good times
    Before the fall of the great one………..

    The rewarding to the top officials
    It should be last resort in any company
    The employees should be the first to get it
    As reported they got a mere 5% increase in salary
    It really makes you wonder……………
    And I don’t understand why the union leaders agree?
    A barter trade off with the committee is it?

    I used to negotiate with the union leaders
    They won’t go for 5% hike in salary
    Looking into the profit and loss account and balance sheet
    I doubt the union officials gladly agreed on it

    The in coming government
    Consider this company seriously
    It must go right to the people
    As a service not a profit making machine
    I view privatization is a failure
    By Dr M during his administration

  50. Anonymous11:39 am


    Referring to the old vs.new rate,
    the TNB tariff's could be hike to 69%!

    kU TL,Old Rate,New Rate,Diff%+
    100 0.218 0.300 37.61%
    500 0.289 0.390 34.95%
    600 0.289 0.400 38.41%
    700 0.289 0.410 41.87%
    800 0.289 0.430 48.79%
    900 0.289 0.460 59.17%
    1000 0.289 0.490 69.55%
    1000+ 0.312 0.490 57.05%

    that's why their salaries can hike!


  51. Bro,

    I asked you once if you might do some digging on the coalmine in Indonesia that TNB once owned only to be sold for a small profit while incurring hundreds of million dollars in lost income.

    What value is Che Khalib bringing when his decision to sell the mine is costing the rakyat to pay more in tariffs? When TNB bought it under a different management, it was for peanuts but after khalib sold it, they discovered the mine is richer than originally predicted.

    Instead of doubling his income, TNB should cut his pay or even sack him for his lack of judgment costing millions in loss of income for TNB.

  52. Anonymous1:12 pm

    I am no CEO. But from what I see, with the rising fuel cost, a lot of companies in the WORLD, with the exception of petrol producers, are struggling to be in black. Therefore a CEO job is more demanding in these times. Company kaput, so do the jobs for the staff. I have said it somewhere, our CEOs are not being paid well enough. You have to pay to keep good people if you want to retain them and serve the country. For example,Singapore is benefitting from our brain drain because the logic is simple, pay them well and they come or give out ASEAN scholarships to the bright students while they are still young and cheap. They get bonded and stay in Singapore forever.

    Plus do not underestimate the role of GLC MDs. Trying to make a profit and giving social responsibility is not easy.

    Global Malay


    Everyone is feeling the pinch...no PAIN of fuel increase and these goons gets a 100% increase in their salary. What do they mean its not from anywhere else? When they DONT INCREASE the electricity tariff, then its not from anywhere else, otherwise, it's from US, no matter how minut it was drained from my monthly electricity bill.

    Something's wrong with this country.

    Our Gomen said, change lifestyle blah blah...but I wonder if PM will sit Airasia or stop flying his jet, or his SIL sits in his big car etc.? Not for them, meanwhile, the poor gets poorer, the economy is in the dumps!!


  54. Anonymous2:09 pm

    are you crazy ke increase their salary by 100%. If the salary increase by 40% consider reasonable. However, how can the petrol hike effect them?

    1 their expenses are cover by the company like company car, company petrol card, company driver etc
    2 They got bonus which beyond of their annual salary
    3. Their income consider above average malaysian middle income or even upper income group

    Please khazanah, you excuse is not acceptable

    zamri mohd nor

  55. Anonymous3:55 pm

    In all companies, It's the middle-management who does most of the work most of the time, including motivating the lower staffs. Nowadays, CEOs are there to present a good front for the company, like PR man. Theoretically the top guy in the company should be paid only 50 times the salary of the lowest paid person in the company. He/She also enjoys hell of a lot of benefits, makan also covered most of the time, claimed thru entertainment bill. If company does well they're rewarded with extremely big bonuses + shares. If company doesn't do well, they're actually not punished, esp GLCs in Malaysia!
    So increasing his pay at the time like this is extremely insensitive and will only sow anger among the people, esp when their staff only gets 3% pay increase, which cannot even cover the petrol hike. IMO that's inviting big time trouble, many people are in uncontrolled anger now, these fellas better watch their back!


  56. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Got this from an email:


    Sepakat Sehati sejiwa....
    Gaji naik dua org je rasa...
    Produktivi dengan kualiti...
    Semua pekerja je yg kena...

    Menabur bakti dengan setia...
    Balik 5.30 pun tak apa...
    Kita berkhidmat kepada semua...
    Anugerah tak janji apa2...

    Tenaga Nasional Merasa Bangga...
    Punya pekerja yang tak berkira...
    Mari bersama kita jayakan...
    Kenaikan gaji merekaaaaa.......

    Tenaga nasional merasa megah...
    Gaji kurang kerja sampai petang...
    Mari Bersama kita raikan...
    3% yang kita punya.....


  57. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Cronies full fledge at work here.....

    Just found that TNB CEO makes RM1.1mil a year(quoted in MalaysiaKini), so with this increment he will be getting RM2.2mil next year.....
    Blood boiling yet?????
    The TNB staff claims that TNB management only agrees for a 3% increment for their staff which TNB staff objected....
    If this Amok fella claims that TNB made huge amount of money, then it is only fair that the entire chain on TNB employees be rewarded, why only the top people?
    Either I am really stupid OR he(Amok) is stupid to see the real picture?
    Furthermore, this Amok fella claims that the average Malaysian company gives 3 months bonuses. I would definitely like to know which company he is referring to as only very few selective companies can afford 3 month bonuses. Avg is 1 month bonus only....
    HOI!! AMOK which company so big handed, let us know lah!!!

  58. I think the Tenaga chairman deserves his 100% raise. He is the only chairman who managed to convince our government to raise the electricity tariff twice in 5 years. Good Job!

    Forget about other industry going bankrap, Tenaga cannot do wrong.

  59. Anonymous5:00 pm




  60. to all those who suported umno and are sufferring the fuel, food, transport and everyday living cost increase, do you think your VIP's froM umno are sufferring, have they changed lifestyle while you eat ikan masin with nasi basi? padan muka, bodoh betul nampaknya, looks like the vip's are also changing lifestyles, yes they change lifestyle with 100% PAY RISE, ITU LAH CARA UMNO, CARA LANUN, CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN, itu lah, melayu miskin kena tipu dari buaya tamak UMNO, undilah umno lagi, besok anak bini kena jual sebab tak ada wang untuk bagi makan. padan muka bodoh.

  61. Manusia manusia zalim yang tidak berhati perut dapat gaji nak bagi anak bini makan, Mufti Perlis tolong bagi fatwa

  62. Anonymous9:25 pm

    I hope every single one of them has the decency to turn down the pay rise and make recommendations to the government that the amount budgeted for the increase to be given as sedekah to the poor on behalf of all rakyat. And if they really want to make amends they should also give away perks other than their current basic to the needy.

    Pooorah la lu!!!

  63. It takes a Corrupt to live a Corrupt livelihood with Corrupt face to show and/or convince the public that they are not Corrupt.

    Leadership By Example by Pak Lah is now all over the GLC, Khazanah included.

    The Khazanah head photo speaks for itself about his stand about Corruption and Corrupt lifestyle.

    And some Corrupts are proud for being Corrupt!

    The poor earning TNB will remain with their peanut income whereas the GLC Heads move around in luxury costs at expense of Rakyat tax monies.

    Thank GOD SAPP has decided to pass motion of No-Confidence against Pak Lah the Dumb Boy from Kepala Atas.

    Enough with nonsense from the Dumb Boy and 3-Beraknak.

    Wouldnt you agree Rocky?

  64. WTF; broad day light screwed again.

  65. Anonymous10:32 am

    FYI, this is exactly where Petronas' money went to all these while - to fund the upkeep of the GLCs. Seriously, think about it.. if you look at the pay package of GLCs bosses....do u think it's reasonable??? Ppl in Rapid KL for instance are getting paid handsomely despite the fact that the company is still making losses. And of course..let's not forget abt the lavish annual bonuses they got for last year. Sadly ppl in Petronas, a cash rich company, are not enjoying the same perks. Maybe someone ought to dig out the dirt on this.


  66. Anonymous12:04 am


    Azman Mokhtar tidak ada masalah dengan kenaikan 100 peratus gaji CEO TNB Cik Khalib dan CFO TNB. Kalau lah RM100,000 OK seperti mana Azman kata, berapa agaknya gaji Azman Mokhtar di Khazanah? Perlu diingatkan bahawa kesemua GLC di malaysia ini adalah harta rakyat bukan harta mak bapak orang tertentu. oleh itu, adalah baik kalau Pakatan Rakyat, memandangkan kita dah tak boleh mengharapkan apa-apa dari BN, mendesak kerajaan mendedahkan di Parlimen berapa gaji CEO-CEO GLC ini. Tak terlambat sekiranya perkara ini dibangkitkan semasa parlimen ini. Biar rakyat menilai mereka ini. kalau Azman dan geng-gengnya tak bersetuju dengan gaji yang ditetapkan oleh rakyat, mereka boleh berhijrah ke sektor swasta. kita yakin syarikat seperti YTL, Public Bank, Hong Leong, OCBC menyanjung tinggi kebolehan mereka. Setakat nak jadi CEO TNB, aku pun boleh. Setahun sekali naik harga letrik, maka bertambahlah keuntungan TNB.

  67. Anonymous12:08 am

    Rocky ini dari harakah daily


    Kenaikan 100% gaji CEO TNB melampau, tidak berhati perut, kata Mahfuz
    Salmiyah Harun
    Wed | Jun 18, 08 | 5:27:30 pm MYT
    KUALA LUMPUR, 18 Jun (Hrkh) - Kenaikan gaji 100 peratus bagi CEO Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) adalah satu tindakan yang tidak berhati perut pada masa rakyat sedang bergelumbang dengan kenaikan bahan api yang melampau, kata Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena Mahfuz Omar.

    Beliau ketika dihubungi berkata, rakyat yang juga pengguna TNB telah menyumbang keuntungan berganda kepada syarikat GLC itu tidak mendapat apa-apa daripada keuntungan sebaliknya terus dibebani dengan pelbagai kenaikan.

    "Rakyat terus terhimpit dengan kenaikan petrol baru-baru ini dan pada Julai nanti pula rakyat akan berdepan dengan kenaikan tarif elektrik, sedangkan CEO mereka mendapat kenaikan gaji sekali ganda di atas beban yang dipikul rakyat.

    "Kenaikan gaji CEO itu menyebabkan wujud jurang pendapatan yang terlalu besar antara pegawai GLC dengan pengguna," katanya.

    Sehubungan itu katanya, Perdana Menteri selaku Pengerusi Khazanah Nasional Berhad tidak menggunakan kuasanya sebaliknya hanya menyerahkan keputusan kepada Pengarah Urusannya iaitu Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

    "Abdullah sepatutnya bertanggung jawab dalam hal ini tidak boleh serah bulat-bulat kepada Azman untuk tentukan kenaikan atau pertambahan gaji di kalangan CEO GLC termasuklah CEO TNB," katanya.

    Apa yang dikesali kata Mahfuz, pengguna TNB yang membayar tarif elektrik walaupun RM10 setiap bulan, sekurang-kurangnya mereka juga penyumbang kepada keuntungan kepada TNB.

    Beliau berkata, sepatutnya keuntungan TNB dikongsi bersama dengan pengguna kerana penggunalah TNB mampu berdiri sebagai syarikat gergasi yang mendapat keuntungan berterusan.

    Justeru katanya, pengguna sepatutnya dijadikan salah satu pemegang syer TNB dan sudah sampai masanya syarikat itu membuat kaedah untuk memberi pulangan kepada pengguna.

    "Jangan hanya pandai memotong bekalan elektrik sahaja apabila pengguna lewat membayar elektrik," katanya.

    Semalam, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar berkata, Buku Biru (Blue Book) Khazanah, yang memperincikan imbuhan eksekutif, cuba untuk melaksanakan keadaan yang "kami tidak membayar terlalu rendah, kami tidak pula sepatutnya membayar terlalu tinggi, tetapi kami perlu membayar secukupnya dan kami perlu membayar secara adil."

    "Ini adalah perkara penting. Ia berasaskan prestasi, dorongan insentif dan pembiayaan sendiri," kata Azman selepas menghadiri majlis perasmian bengkel kerja Program Makmal Keusahawanan MIT Sloan Global yang dikelolakan oleh Khazanah.

    Menurut sumber dianggarkan CEO TNB mendapat gaji puluhan ribu setiap bulan setaraf dengan syarikat gergasi yang lain dan jika diberi kenaikan 100 peratus gajinya akan mencecah ratusan ribu sebulan. - mns_

  68. Anonymous12:37 am


    INI TAK ADIL....

  69. Anonymous8:51 am


    Right. Tell us how much are getting at Khazanah. To MPs, if he refuses, get the Parliament to reveal it.


  70. Anonymous8:54 am

    Azman Mokhtar seorang berpengalaman luas. Jadi sudah pasti Hong Leong, YTL, Public perlukan orang seperti beliau. Elok lah beliau berhijrah kesyarikat ini.

    Azman, hantarlah resume you keYTL, Hong Leong dan Public Bank.

    Setakat nak guna kroni nak kerja kat GLC, ramai yang boleh.


  71. Bro,can you pls take out this smiling idiot photo from your blog.Everytime,i visit your blog,the moment i see this fxxker face,i want to punch his face(my lap top)..

  72. Anonymous3:03 pm


    The people who think they can run TNB probably do not have a clue of how to run a multi-billion ringgit company or else they would not be making those stupid comments.

    The government must ensure that the people who run the GLCs are competent enough to run these companies and if you pay peanuts you WILL GET MONKEYS!

    For example, TNB needs to make money so that you spawn will be able to get electricty in the future, generationa and supply of power is a very expensive business so they need to maintain a certain level of profitability to sustain re-investment.

    Of course monkeys who think they can run TNB just charge ridiculous ly low rates which will result in Malaysia have 3rd world like electricity infra in 30 years time.

    Remember top talent is markeable globally, just look at the number of Malaysians working in Singapore. These GLCs contribute huge sums of money to the government in terms of corporate taxes, so it is in our best interest that the be run by world class CEOs. However you will also have to pay world class pay packages...

  73. Anonymous7:25 pm

    to anonymous 3:03
    without a happy staff, any ceo is nothing,why pick on ceo,what about the staff?and plenty of them in case of TNB.If its true that ceo is asking for a 100% payrise,how much do you think their staff should ask for?
    tnb ceo a world class ceo? ah! c'mon!


  74. Anonymous4:36 am

    TNB ....TOTAL NATIONAL BLACKOUT!!! This maybe the solution to end the problems facing the Utility Company. The last "TNB" forced the then CEO Tan Sri Ani Arope to step down...HISTORY REPEATS!!!...diceman

  75. Anonymous12:38 pm

    This man is a big liar, man of zero integrity, running TNB like no one else exists. Just 3 years old, sold almost all TNB land, calling senior mgt members stupid, 4 letter words, throwing files. His special officer, is bragging that CEO only listens to him

    CEO thinks no one can touch him, Chief Auditor is his people, head of Disciplianry Dept, extended several times is just order taker, chief security is also his man

    He forgets in his own DID (Discipline, Integrity, Dedictaion), one who is cakap tak serupa bikin, is now losing staff respect and credibility

    The wife bragged a lot about the hubby. Now she also cannot sleep, waiting for something to explode, about mis mgt in Pelitawanis.

    Bye bye

    Mat Letrik

  76. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Well, the timing is not right. I guess the support staff should get the pay rise cos they are the ones that get the thing going and this boost the productivity. Ask the CEO to operate the plant, if they can do it!!!!!! All the plants will shut down.

    The support staff should get 100% and the CEO get 50%. The quantum is different. 100% for the staff is only a small sum as compared tot he 50% for the CEO.