Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dr M calls for press conference

updated 5 pm
"Ian Chin is a disgrace to his profession" - Dr M

At Dr Mahathir's lunchtime press conference:
"Without evidence or justification, the learned Judge wrongly held that DSK made these decisions. We find that the learned Judge's findings were based on unjustified inferences, speculation, his own preconceived impressions and prejudice.

"We find the learned Judge's attack on the credibility of SSA (Syed Salem Bukhary, the younger brother of DSK - who represented his incapacitated brother) as unwarranted and does not stand up to examination having regard to the extremely prejudiced view he held about SSA's conduct as apparent in his judgment."

No, these were not Dr M's words. In fact, they are excerpts from a March 25, 2008 judgment made by the Federal Court against Ian Chin's High Court judgement in the Zara Sdn Bhd and Benita Sdn Bhd suits.

At the press conference, Dr M revealed that there was a police report against Ian Chin for breaches of Judges' Code of Ethics in hearing the Zara/Benita case "in which he has a personal interest".

Dr M added that Ian Chin presided on a case involving Dato Syed Kechik without revealing that "he believed Syed Kechik was responsible for detaining his father and brother 20 years before".

"Chin joined Party Berjaya and lost (in elections) twice. One of the objectives listed in Party Berjaya's manifesto was to expel Syed Kechik from Sabah. As a party member he must know Berjaya's hatred for Syed Kechik. This alone should have resulted in (Ian Chin) excusing himself from hearing the case," Dr M said.
Back ground of the case:
When Parti Berjaya won the Sabah state elections in April 1976, the Berjaya government cancelled the timber licence of Banita, belonging to Syed Kechik) on October 1, 1976 and published Gazette Notificication No 671 on compulsory acquisition of the entire Zara Land Project of 2.5 ha also belong to Syed Kechik.
On 7 Sept 1977 Banita filed a civil suit against the State government and on 28 Sept 1977 Zara filed for the adjudication of compensation claim in respect of compulsory acquisition of its land for "public purpose".
The Sabah government through the Sabah Foundation, Suiswan Sdn Bhd and Seranum Sdn Bhd filed counter claims against DSK, Zara and Banita. For about 20 years the Plaintiffs went to "sleep; no court action was taken.
Then on 26 October 1996 Justice Tee Ah Siang heard the case involving Originating Summons No 69 of 1977. The Judge ordered teh payment of RM40.9 million in capital compensation by the State Government to Zara with 6 per cent per annum interest from 20 Dec 1976 to the date of settlement)
On 6 January 1997, Ian Chin presided over the case. In his judgment (that was challenged by the Federal Court in March this year) Ian Chin wrote:
"Yes, DSK was from West Malaysia sent to Sabah supposedly to help Sabah politically. Unfortunately, he introduced to Sabah, especially to the then politicians of Sabah, a way to get rich, very rich at that, quickly by way which I have already concluded are wrong in law.
Dr M said he believes Ian Chin was trying to curry favour with the Government by demonising him, whom everyone knows is the bete noir of the present Government.
"And (Ian Chin) was quite right because Government Ministers and the PM rushed to accept his story as absolutely true. But other judges had refused to endorse his statement (about threats by the PM then)."
During Q and A, Dr M said there is a "clear cut case" of misconduct where Ian Chin is concerned. I asked him if he was indeed calling for a Tribunal to be set up. Dr M said he was not calling for one but he was merely questioning why a Tribunal has not been set up to determine if there was misconduct.
"The public is entitled to question if the Government is upholding the law."
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The former PM is calling for a media conference at Level 86, Petronas at 12pm today to respond to issues. As usual, bloggers are welcomed.

Updates later, insyallah.


  1. Anonymous11:13 am

    I agree with Judge Chin. Mamakthir is nothing more than a devil incarnate. He has set our country to ruin for 22 years, and the poor Bodowi seems to be totally at a loss as to what to do.


  2. Anonymous11:38 am

    someone's shitting in his pants now.

  3. Bro, pls ask Tun to comment on :

    1) The new level of Freedom of the Press in Parliament.

    2) Does he know why Zeti left Khazanah and is expected to leave BNM?

    3) Tun struggled for over two decades to eradicate hardcore poverty and brought it down to a negligible level of about 2 - 3% but this current Administration is successfully contributing towards hardcore poverty rate which analyst predict could hit as high as 25% by end of the year.

    4) The rumoured merger between Mas/AirAsia.

    tq, Bro.

  4. as usual too, please update us.

    Thanks bru.

  5. Anonymous1:21 pm

    I hope this press conference is not to tell the people that the Malay race is on the verge of extinction and that he's the messiah who can save the race. I hope he has the maoral fibre to admit that the government system is rotten to the core because of more than 25 years of excesses by the corrupt political league, of which he is the no.1 member.

  6. I dedicate this song "Stardust" by Nat King Cole to Tun.

    Long life.

  7. Salam brader,

    1. Siapa pula akan jadi mangsa ni?

    2. Saya tunggu nak belasah jer..!

    3. Tempat belasah kat bawah:

  8. rocky,

    macam mana untuk layak sebagai blogger untuk menghadiri sidang media dr mahathir di petronas tingkat 86 tu. sebab mungkin lain kali nak turut serta.

  9. Anonymous3:55 pm

    It is frequently claimed proudly that Malaysia never needed to borrow money from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), one of the five World Bank Group/Bretton Woods institutions. This was especially during the Asian currency crisis.

    But it appears we have borrowed money from another World Bank Group institutions -- the IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development). Take a look:

    What, then, is the difference between the World Bank and the IMF?

    We'll let the World Bank explain a little: "People sometimes confuse the World Bank with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which was also set up at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944. Although the IMF’s functions complement those of the World Bank, it is a totally separate organization. While the World Bank provides support to developing countries, the IMF aims to stabilize the international monetary system and monitors the world’s currencies." (

    Apart from the specific role and name, very little difference, in fact. Both are lending organisations from the same root, the IMF specialising in lending money to help stabilise currency crises, the other World Bank organisations for various development projects in the developing world.

    I believe the pertinent question is not then only whether we ever needed IMF support; the question must also include whether we have requested for any general World Bank financial support, for what, since when, and by how much.

    And according to the World Bank, we have received lending.

    This is worth digging up by our MPs.

  10. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Poor Chin J and his believers. Man, he is a sick man. Admit that.

  11. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Chin J proved he was not upto the level of sound and wisdom judge. He's didn't rebutt intelectually instead using character assasination by throwing words that only uneducated person is using. He is not qualified to be a judge. Pity to those who have to be heard their case before him.

    I hope Zaid Ibrahim should not sthengthen the "appointment of judges" but he must strengthen the "removal of judges" as well.

  12. Anonymous5:27 pm


    berapa round baru nak habis cerita ni? Macam cerita labu labi da.
    177 round sampai semua K.O.

    Apasal Pak Lah and KJ tak confront Mahathir direct instead using orang lain. Gentlemen la sikit, kalau ada telor.

  13. Anonymous5:34 pm

    This reminds me of the unprecedented event 10 years ago. When a certain UMNO Youth leader made the cronyism allegation in 1998, the Government immediately released a comprehensive list of the beneficiaries of all government privatisation projects to challenge the "holier than thou" hypocrisy.

  14. Anonymous5:57 pm


    Assume A tells a damning truth about B.

    Then B, in defence, says that A was in the past guilty of stealing a bicycle.

    Does this make what A reveals any less true?

    Come on lah Mahathir. Kalau dah terperangkap, terperangkap saja la. If something is true, then it will be true whether the truth-sayer was a hooker, a prisoner, or a robber, or a clown.

    Mahathir is getting into deep, troubling waters now.

    p.s. Rocky, you always never post something when someone attacks Mahathir. Only what Mahathir says, you put up. What a sycophant.

  15. For 4 years non stop..he has established a easily accuse judge lie...and defend his family's wealth he have super highly intelligent children..that can walk into a bank..and get RM100 million easily...28 years ago.. and majority keep telling him off...yet..he is so thick saying....Dollah bribed the 6 find him guilty.
    Yes...Judge Chin is right...this man is more than a devil incarnate.

  16. ha ha ha... Mahathir or Mahathir. Tak habis habis putar belit. We all know you true colour Tun Mahathir Bin Mohamad. We are all having fun with you. Thats it. Go ahead and make more fun of yourself. More to come.

  17. Anonymous6:14 pm

    I don't think that Tun M was devil incarnate. That old man had some good points. But, i also wonder why Zeti resigned from BNM

  18. Anonymous6:53 pm




  19. Abdullah and Zaid so how? What happened to the reform on the judiciary? So this judge Chin is a result of your so called belated reform of the judiciary ka?

    What is the Tun CJ doing about this anyway, I think he has the moral responsibility to publicly come out in public and tell this judge Chin to shut his trap and BUAT KERJA lah.

    Abdullah should do the right thing now and advise the Agung to call a Royal Tribunal to investigate and if guilty recommend action(s) to be taken against judge Chin for conduct unbecoming of a High Court Judge. If Abdullah fails to do so then all this talk of judicial reform is a joke and the exgratia payment to those sacked and unsacked judges of 20 years ago are wasted public fund.

  20. Anonymous7:01 pm


    I suggest TDM and Dollah to have an open live debate so that the public knows what's going on.

    Sapa kalah, tutup mulut and pencen terus. Everbody will die standing if Dollah and KJ accept it.

  21. Anonymous7:19 pm

    DSK had inflicted much damage in Sabah and amased much wealth to himself as Chairman of Sabah Foundation.

    Ian Chin selfless revealation should be deeply respected.

  22. Anonymous7:26 pm


    Who's this asuk guy? India's Indian or China's Chinese?


  23. Probably to announce his resignation from a gaji buta post where he is never consulted!

    If true, he should get out of Proton too, where again, the consultant and advisor is never consulted or asked to advise!!

    Just as the devil may quote scripturs, so too, Hitler and Stalin may ask for freedom, democracy and an untainted judiciary!

    For all his false bravado, this man is wooried more than anything else about his tainted legacy.

    Bro, read this cpiasia article about the mess he created with subsidies:

  24. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Tun is always right! Forever...


  25. Anonymous8:14 pm

    If you're only a postman in PETRONAS, you should resign because you don't need that 'chicken feed' allowance.


  26. dendam tidak tentu hala akan bawa padah pada tuan ampunya diri..kita lihat apa akan jadi pada hakim ini kecualilah pihak berkuasa tidak mahu mengambil apa-apa tindakan kerana ia menguntungkan mereka.

  27. SDr ROc,

    I feel reading Shahnon Ahmad's novel SHIT.

    Everybody now in the tank of SHIT.

  28. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Reveal more Tun please..lets see who's shitting in the pants now..


  29. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Ian Chin is a super devil himself...hoping to get "ex-gratia payment"? an investigation on him should be conducted.

    Tun Mahathir will prevail whether you like it or not!

    - rocksteady-

  30. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Correct correct correct
    Someone's shitting in his pants now
    & when Anwar get the PM we will have a Saddam Hussein in the making....get ready the noose.

  31. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Ish ish ish, Tun...dah pencen pun you still want to sack judges.

  32. Anonymous11:49 pm


    whatever, is this worse than what you did to Guan Eng? He went to jail for her on what charges.
    what goes round will come round, mahatir.


  33. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Pathetic ....... really pathetic man! Let me ask a few things:

    So the Federal Court challenged J Chin's finding, would that mean the appeal court had affirmed J Chin's finding? Does that mean the 3 'buggers' were also idiots? And knowing the state of Malaysia judicial situation, may I know who were in the panel of the Federal Court? Were certain or even 2 of the ex CJ , or certain renown Justice P of the famed "irrelevant" in the panel (these 3 should not be exhaustive)? so what if the finding was challenged, that shouldn't surprise us!

    What about the famed Justice P whose finding of a lawyer guilty of contempt of court during DSAI trial but the finding & the Justice HIMSELF were condemned by the Federal Court? Do we also call for Justice P be referred to a tribunal?

    So what if a police report was made against Justice C, weren't there more than a dozen police reports made against Tun? Most recently for his racist remarks in a recent rally?

    God help Malaysia!


  34. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Not all judges, past and present, are true "Yang Arif."

    I would not say that they're as bad as "Godfather." No, not Godfather in the movie, but one of your posters who went by that pseudonym.

    They are after all human beings like you and I.

    Not all of the are priceless.

    Many have a price. That's what Zaid Ibrahim is, in effect, saying when he recommended the so-called compensation for the judges impeached and sacked by a tribunal of their own peers back in 1988.

    It can be compensation. It can also be pay-off, inducement and whatever else that you want to call.

    And why not? Soon after the pay-off some of these judges started to attack Dr Mahathir.

    I must congratulate Zaid for knowing who he's dealing with.

    Being a wealthy lawyer and now a Senator and Minister he know what money can do.

    He used taxpayers money to compensate the sacked judges and reportedly paid for the Bar Council dinner at the time when tens of thousands of Malaysian households are being impoverished by rising oil prices and cost of living.

    It sound like money politics to me.

    Thank you.

  35. Salam,

    It just bother me that some punk says it was Mahatir who ruined the country.

    Bullshit and ignorant ppl - that's what to call them. These ppl should go to arab countries, vietnam, cambodia, indonesia, african countries and some of the south america where they would be living happily ever after. Why complaining when you can go there!


    Malaysia’s Helipad: Another Rift is More Indonesian Fatigue

    "Rifts between Indonesian and Malaysian people have persistent records. A fresh rift began this week when a senior West Kalimantan forestry officer briefed the media that a helicopter landing pad has been built just 7 meters from the Indonesia-Malaysia border.

    If this is true, it may violate the Malaysia-Indonesia (Malindo) 1967 border agreement. This issue easily sparked anger in Jakarta with some House of Representative (DPR) members raising complaints. Just a few hours after the briefing the issue was bombarding all news channels, from online news to television. Predictably, most of the comments were expressions of anger. However, this news issue has not appeared on any online news source in Malaysia until now."

  36. Anonymous1:09 am

    Please accept the fact that we live proudly as Malaysian during Mahathir era. Those who condemn him is ungrateful bloody Malaysian whose probably looking at Malaysia being steered to the right destination currently.
    If you'se such a perfectionist, look at yourself...divorsee with three children...what a shame!

    -Look around and reflect oneself

  37. Pak Lah = 0; Mahathir = 14
    (1 own goal)
    next game please...

  38. To all those Tun bashers in this posting, I dedicate this popular song just for all your fun comments …..”Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low” (the striptease’s song, Get Low by Florida Fear, T pain) …..yeap…that’s the most meaningful song to describe how low you all are!

  39. Anonymous1:35 am

    this is typical mahathir..whenever he wants to cover his wrongdoings, he will dig others' to make him appear good..and he expect that to work this time again??huh come on, stop insulting our intelligent!! ..pls dont stop investigating him..investigate both of them if needed!!!!

  40. Ramai yang tak suka siTua Mahathir korek sana sini untuk cover diri dia.

    Tapi sekurang2nya MAHATHIR yang tua tu bijak cover up tu pon kalau korang anggap dia coverup la. daripada pemimpin lain... cakap tah hape hape. Yang aku tak faham sekarang ni. apesal ada manusia yg kecoh2 sangat nak dengki kat situa tu. Punya bagus dia bawak ekonomi masa dia memerintah sampai korang bole beli laptop komputer internet untuk korang buat blog lepas kan geram korang.

    kalau ko rasa situa tu musnahkan malaysia ni selama 22tahun dia memerintah. kenapa korang tak hijrah je pegi mana2 ketika korang mampu? ke dah hijrah? tapi balik malaysia balik? hahahahaha

  41. What a mess Malaysia today..

    Every talk is political talk.. self interest, self greed, self pride.. all about one self!

    So, anymore to add to these mess?

  42. Anonymous8:22 am

    Ian Chin, after this you can retire peacefully and wait for the ex-gratia.


  43. Kepada saudara TakdeOrangPeduli dan pembaca-pembaca sekalian:

    Mana pula ekonomi kita Dr. Mahathir elok-elokkan dengan sebaik mungkin?

    Negara kita ada hutang, ramai graduan beribu-ribu tanpa kerja,

    Pelabur asing sudah tak masuk lagi, dan ekonomi agak bergantung pada sumber asli seperti minyak petroleum dan sawit (dalam kata lain, ekonomi kita tidak ada kekukuhan dari segi penyelidikan dan innovasi (R&D) dan kebolehan memajukan ekonomi dengan sendiri tanpa bergantung sangat pada pelaburan asing),

    Kadar jenayah tinggi (jenayah seperti merompak adalah simptom, antara faktor lain, kadar kemiskinan),

    Kuala Lumpur dari dulu sampai sekarang kotor dan bersampah sarap (Twin Tower ada, bersinar sinar, tapi bandaraya di mana duduknya Twin Tower tu bersampah sarap, jalanraya berlubang-lubang, sistem kenderaan awam kelam-kabut, apa gunanya?),

    Mengapa mahu bandingkan ekonomi kita yang kaya dengan sumber asli dan jumlah penduduk yang rendah dan selesa dengan negara pendapatan rendah dan populasi tinggi seperti Indonesia dan Thailand? kenapa tidak banding dengan negara-negara seperti Korean Selatan, Hong Kong, Taiwan atau Singapura? Ingat, Korea Selatan yang tiada sumber asli seperti kita pada tahun 1980 pendapatan negara mereka sama seperti negara kita, dan sekarang dan 4-kali ganda pendapatan negara kita.

    Kalau saudara berhujah bahawa harus kita berterima kasih kerana mampu beli laptop semasa zaman pentadbiran Dr. Mahathir, adakah ini maksudnya negara makmur? Bahawa tiada lagi orang yang miskin dan merana? Bahawa bekalan air kita bersih dan tidak berwarna cokelat?

    Kenapa sampai sekarang adanya kanak-kanak berjalan kaki berkilometer ke sekolah dengan kasut yang koyak?

    Kenapa hospital-hospital kita tidak ada pelaburan yang mencukup sehingga kekurangan doktor, doktor, jururawat dan kakitangan hospital ada lagi yang tidak cukup profesional, dan tidak cukupnya wad yang baik untuk pesakit?

    Mengapa sekolah-sekolah kita anak-anak kita masih menggunakan bangku-bangku yang pecah, dan guru-guru -- pendidik dan pengasuh generasi akan datang -- gaji mereka kurang?

    Mengapa adanya Litar Lumba F1 di Sepang, tetapi kemudahan awam untuk rakyat kurang memuaskan, seperti sistem kenderaan awam yang mundur? mana perancangan untuk sistem kenderaan awam yang rapi yang harus dirancang sejak awal 1990an lagi? Mana dia visi dan wawasan?

    Apa gunanya ada Twin Tower yang berkilau-kilauan, tapi gaji permulaan graduan masih RM 1700-1800 dari lewat 1990an hingga sekarang?

    Adakah ekonomi kita mantap?

    Kita (rakyat) seolah-olah diberi biskut cokelat yang dah masuk angin, sudah macam puji-memuji perdana menteri. Jangan.

    Luaskan sedikit pandangan dan pemahaman, saudara-saudari.

  44. Anonymous9:11 am

    Mahathir should be in jail by now but nobody has the guts to implicate n indict n charge him.
    22 years of gross misdeeds, injustices, racial polarisation, corruption, nepotisms,
    and yet he walking free n judging his successor (no better than him).
    There must be plenty of evidence to charge him, the trouble is that if he ever goes down - he will bring a long list of people down with him including VIPs in the current Fed. admn.
    Only a new Fed. admn can ever do this.
    So let's shut him up for good n send him packing to prison along with his parthers-in-crime and all his cronies!

    better justice

  45. Anonymous9:21 am

    also a disgrace to the medical profession.


  46. Anonymous10:22 am

    "Many have a price."

    I wonder what was the price for A Kadir Jasin.

  47. A judge residing over a case where he has an interest or even if he has no interest but will be seen to have a likelihood of bias even though he is not bias, IS DEFINITELY UNACCEPTABLE. If what Dr Mahathir said was true, Ian Chin J should have discharged himself from presiding over the case. And it is for the aggrieved litigant to file his appeal against his decision. BUT demand his dismissal on that ground (which Mahathir alleged as misconduct) I am of the firm opinion that demand is uncalled for.

    But what Ian Chin J had raised against Mahathir is a different issue. Remarks made by Justice Ian Chin, which Mahathir had answered by commenting on Chin's past political background, is another issue altogether.

    I think Dr Mahathir has hit below the belt. Does it require a saint or Arch Angel to point out Dr Mahathir's alleged interference with the judicial process?

    Ian Chin is not the only judge who was a former politician. There were retired judges who were former politicians. Even some serving judges now were former politician. Zaki Tun Azmi and Linton Albert were former politicians too. Zaki was former UMNO's supreme council member. Linton Albert even contested the Selangau Parliamentary against BN in 1990. If former politician become a bad stigma for judicial office, then why appoint former politicians in the first place?

    To me Dr Mahathir, in his rebuttal to allegations levelled against him, his defence is to discredit the integrity of the the complainant instead of answering the allegation. It's a kettle and pot kind of defence. I am now inclined to think that Dr Mahathir's attacks on Abdullah Badawi's government is a mere strategy in diverting the focus of the country away from him when his controversial decisions acts were exposed one by one. My suspicion is not without basis. Dr Mahathir had been doing this very often while he was PM. Operasi Lalang, for example, where he had diverted the Malays' attention from UMNO crisis by arresting innocent people.

    Yes, unsuspecting people will believe him But those with analytical mind will not just accept things at face value. I say this not without pain because his daughter, Marina is a blogger too, who has done excellent job, who I have no intention to crticise.

  48. IT is noticable that the Anti Tun has no fact to support their agreement with Ian Chin.

    Shows their lack of intelligence and immature mentality.

    Now I can see Ian Chin, Zaid Ibrahim, Ambiga and Karpal shitting in their pant.

    This is a case where thisjudge will have to face a Tribunal. I am sure nothing will happen.

    What fuck judiciary reform is fucking idiot Dolah and drnkard corrupt Zaid talking about?

  49. Anonymous11:23 am


    so many Dollah and KJ's cybertrooper on your blog. wonder how much ex gratia being paid to them by KJ.

    The fact is if you asked all Malaysian, majority of them would prefer to live under Mahathirism than Bodohrism.

    That's include those cybertrooper. Nak cari makan, beb.

  50. Anonymous11:30 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    What must first come to mind is why people are willing to accept this blatant unethical act by a High Court judge?

    Malaysians are too politicized until they are ready to "burn the witch" without actually finding out if there is a witch!

    This is not helped by ministers who are all too willing to accept statements as "truth" without actually investigating it.

    Malaysia will go down the drain if Malaysians continue to disregard basic fundamentals in a democracy.

    Ian Chin has breached judges' code of ethics by engaging in personal attacks not only of TDM but fellow judges in OPEN COURT.


    "Adakah ini beretika?"

  51. Anonymous11:42 am

    Dr M is a real wanker.

  52. Anonymous12:00 pm


    dengar cerita Najib nak announce sesuatu Senin nanti. Lu tak standby ke kat Shangri La malam tu.

    Jumpa disana sana sana......

  53. Bro

    Apparently there are a bunch of ungrateful people out there slamming TDM. One need to open their eyes to compare which era of government is best, TDM or AAB. Be honest about it morons.

  54. Tumpang lalu Bru...

    Reminder : PROTES Sejuta Umat - 6 Julai

  55. Anonymous12:34 pm

    to Tun matter how hard you try to redicule him..hehe Tun is always ready with superp him names..whatever..he's GOD's gift to the Malays and M'sia


  56. I may not good in legal matters but I am sick of thisLAH!

  57. On reflection the tendancy would be to believe Ian Chin rather than Mahathir.
    Why was no action taken against Ian Chin after the police report was made? They would have found him not guilty.
    The Federal Court was at Mahathir's beckoning and the final decision could also have been at his call. After all the ruling party in Sabah was then anti-BN.
    Mahathir has a history of anti judiciary statements. It is also well known that eveyone in the government had to toe his line or be ousted.

  58. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Even if there be a tribunal to investigate Chin's breach of his Code of Conduct as a judge..this does not affect the boot camp claim but Chin and the allegation of (yet another) interference by Dr M in the judiciary. I hope ppl can see that this is an attention-diverting move. Dr M is a renowned strategist after all, so I must applaud him for yet another brilliant move.

  59. Anonymous3:05 pm

    JUst(ice) CHin , Sokong PM untuk RM ?

    shame ..

  60. Unfortunately, I dun TDM can be absolved from what he did even if Ian has his own agenda.

    If judiaciary is still as 'independent' as how TDM left it, no money would move their principle.

  61. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Haha, TDM came to the press conference with a file (slips of papers attached) its thickness the size of your palm, its weight, dunno how heavy. Wait you TDM, when your time comes to meet your Creator, there will be many files to be reviewed then, maybe some of the files will be done via optical filing system. Ada YouTube too, what you do here, you get paid there! Taubat now!


  62. who were the judges on the federal court. depending on who they are, only then you can give comments as we know from Lingam case, the judges are not all following ethics.

    as for Tun, come on he wanted to control the judiciary. why change article 121? where does the lingam case trail end at.

    rocky not rockybru

  63. Anonymous3:41 pm

    There's a new game being played at primary schools these days.

    I saw my own sons playing with their friends one day. Before the start the game, i fond it amusing when they started singing, " Korek Sini, Korek Sana, Cepat Kawan, Cover Saya!!"

  64. Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysie

    In the year of the great games started by the greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysie
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before


  65. Anonymous5:28 pm

    while I'm not taking any side, funny how Mahathir could say Ian Chin is a disgrace to the profession, yet he din't point his own finger to himself?

    ini kata pepatah, "itu kutu seberang laut nampak, tapi godzilla depan mata tak nampak' ke?


  66. Salam Bro.

    Saya baca komen2..emm yg hentam Tun saya minta berhujah dgn fakta Tun dan Ichin. Jangan marahkan Tun..kita membenarkan Ichin mengikut apa yg korang benci Tun buat. Betul..korang tengah marahkan Tun tapi kalau paklah gunakan kehakiman untuk politik dia pula amacam? ..ikhlaslah kalau nak berhujah..

  67. Anonymous5:33 pm

    to answer bogeyman (12:18PM)'s question, my answer is this:

    the time during Tunku abdul rahman is the best la.

    To say which is better, AAB or TDM while ignoring the 'atrocities' they have done is like asking,


    Bogeyman Jr.

  68. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Typical mahathir style. Tribunal la, impeach the judge la etc etc.

    But all these does not mean the Tun is innocent or right. In fact it reflects his vindictive ways as to how he deals with those who do not toe his dictatorial line. Just like his good friend Mugabe.

  69. Anonymous5:49 pm

    cayalahh... Tun Dr. Mahathir...

    Telanjangkan dia org ini.... hahaha

    don't play with the great old man ...


  70. /// Consultant said...
    It is frequently claimed proudly that Malaysia never needed to borrow money from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), one of the five World Bank Group/Bretton Woods institutions. This was especially during the Asian currency crisis.

    But it appears we have borrowed money from another World Bank Group institutions -- the IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development). Take a look:

    What, then, is the difference between the World Bank and the IMF? ///

    Consultants, it is worse. TDM also "borrowed" from the Japanese by selling oil and gas forward locked in for many years to the Japanese at huge discounts to the then price below US$30 per barrel. Is that why Petronas and Malaysia are not benefitting from the strastosperic increase in oil prices?

  71. Anonymous6:39 pm

    To Pak Sako..

    u need a creator to create something! same as rubbish!

    whats wrong with children walking up to 1 or 2 km?? its good for their health and save your money as well! i use to walk up to 3 km every morning those days! i am now in scotland and cycle everyday! whats the problem?

    tdm created opportunities and did that successfully! You lazy arse monkey just like we call seagal here just waiting for someone to feed!

    so many msian doctors are working abroad and refuse to serve the country and should you blame TDM??

    Common laaa...plz are just 1 lazy arse monkey just waiting for someone and something to fall in front of you then only you will say thank you (i doubt it that u will say thank you)!!

    instead of complaining about children walking to school, you should raise something about public safety such as children walking to school, pedestrian safety etc etc!

    ur comment is just annoyinng because it just shows how lazy u r! no wonder chinese in msia is very successful, thanx to people like u!

    lady from hell (scotland)

  72. wasn't syed kechik one of mahathir's machai at one time, I still remember this from the 70's. these are all rober barons of the nep who were given contracts in the understanding that there would be a downflow of riches to the bumis, but this did not happen, what happened was the money stayed at the top and has led to the disastrous nep being sabotaged. you can call a cat by any name but in the end it still is a cat, real penyu mahathir only sees his own tunnell vision view, doesn't want to admit his mistakes.

  73. Anonymous6:59 pm


    You want to know who is better, Mamakthir or Bodohwi.

    Mamakthir is a tyrant while Bodohwi is a moron. Take your pick.


  74. Anonymous7:21 pm

    "Ian Chin is a disgrace to his profession" - Dr M

    Hahaha ... like Mahathir was to his, along with fcukers like Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Charles Taylor and Slobodan Milosevic.


  75. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Ian Chin.. Yong Teck Lee...

    Just a prove of a bunch of fucking moron who try to push their luck..

    Pathetic stupid as it is..

    See all u fucking bastard in hell soon...
    Mahathir? What the rush?..he is my apostle you fucking idiot mortal.. he already got a VIP suite reserved'll be licking his ass & eat his shit here... hahahaha!

    -devil in hell-

  76. Anonymous8:09 pm

    ... Dr Mahathir is correct correct correct.

  77. Anonymous8:49 pm

    TDM is a disgrace to the country's PMs.
    So evil done by him and so little good the people benefited from him.

    new era

  78. Action Must Be Taken Against Chin If Dr M's Allegations Have Merit - Karpal

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 (Bernama) -- DAP chairman Karpal Singh on Friday called on the government to take action against Sibu High Court judge Datuk Ian Chin if Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's allegations against the judge have merit.

    He said Dr Mahathir should be given every opportunity to defend himself over the allegations made by Chin that the former prime minister had threatened judges in 1997 to rule in favour of the government and that he had sent judges to boot camp.

    "Chin should not abuse the court process to make disclosures condemning Dr Mahathir and should be brave enough to make statements against Dr Mahathir bereft of the cloak of absolute immunity to give him (Dr Mahathir) an opportunity to take him on in a court of law," he said in a statement.

    Recently, Chin, while hearing a dispute over the March 8 general election in Sarawak, revealed that judges were threatened with dismissal if they did not make pro-government decisions.

    Dr Mahathir had asked yesterday whether the government would set up a tribunal to investigate Chin for allegedly breaching the code of judicial ethics.

    The former prime minister claimed Chin did not reveal there was a police report against him for having heard a case in which he had a personal interest.

    -- BERNAMA

  79. Bro Rocky,

    So the Judges Appointment C'ttee will be formed from a pool of Chin-like judges to select Azmi-like judges? And take advice from 'UMNO politik wang' Minister ?

  80. Anonymous4:55 am







    - ANARKY

  81. Anonymous7:55 am

    Dr M: 22 fiascos in 22 years of power

    Many of those who worshiped Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot understand why Malaysians blame TDM for the woes of the country. I have compiled excerpts of reports which were published in the media in past years to refresh the memories of Malaysians, as to why many Malaysians feel that TDM did more bad than good for the country in his 22 years. Read for more...

  82. Anonymous11:22 am

    Apapun tahniah kepada TDM, walaupun sudag bersara, tiada kuasa, tiada wang tetapi mampu menggegarkan Malaysia dan dunia dengan hanya kata katanya, putar atau tidak, itu bukan soalnya, tetapi atas kebenaran mempertahan dirinya dan kebenaran, tiada sesiapa di sini pun mampu buat seperti beliau, yang ada di sini hanya perasaan hasad dengki,

    Teruskan kritikan anda-kluangman

  83. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Q: What is the difference between Nik Aziz, Mahathir and Badawi ?

    A: Nik Aziz can't tell a lie, Mahathir can't tell the truth, and Badawi can't tell the difference.

    I notice that several of my comments in response to Kadir Jasin's comment were not posted. Are you selecting only pro-Mamakthir comments for your blog ? Is there freedom of expression in your blog, Rocky ?


  84. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Kluangman, 11:22 am:

    TDM "tiada wang"?? Apa la punya lawak kau buat.

    Anak dia sendiri jutawan besar (Mokhzani antara orang terkaya di Malaysia: baca majalah Forbes, takkan si bapak yang lagi gempak dari anak dia tu pengemis pulak?!

  85. To Pak Sako

    What in the world are you taking about!!!.............

    Plz update yourself with the latest development before posting your comments

  86. Singaporeans of all races have migrated ...

    Perhaps the anti-Tun may consider taking their places ???

    2 cents

  87. Anonymous11:17 pm

    DR M, pemerintahan kamu selama 22 tahun memang kukubesi. Takada orang berani komen. kini mukris pengganti. Aiyo teruk kita kalau mukris jadi PM, macam ayah dia.

    anti Dr-M, bandar sunway semenyih

  88. Anonymous1:39 am

    Hey, is this SS Buhkary somewhere or whaatever related to one young man aged 23 !? (hehehaha)

  89. Anonymous10:18 am


    If you think Malaysia is that bad, go live in another country lah.... ingrates.

  90. yup, not looking too good for him