Saturday, June 28, 2008

"C4 expert" sues RPK for defamation

Updated at 3.30 pm, 28.6.08
To read the lawyer's letter in full, click here.
Lt Col Norhayati Hassan also sues, here

Original posting:

Lieutenant Colonel Aziz Buyong
, described by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in his 18/6/08. Statutory Declaration as "a C4 expert", has filed a defamation suit against the Malaysia Today editor.

The Army officer is one of three individuals (other than the two cops who have been charged for Altantuya Sharibuu's murder) whom RPK swore were present when the Mongolian was blown up with C4 explosives.

In the SD, RPK said he had been "reliably informed" that Rosmah, the DPM's wife, and Aziz Buyong's own wife, an officer attached to Rosmah, were also at the murder scene.

In a three-page registered letter to RPK from legal firm Gab, Rao & Chuah, Lt Col Aziz demanded that RPK issues an "unreserved and unqualified" apology to be published in websites and all national papers and pay RM1 million in damages (which the Lt Col will donate to a charitable foundation), among other things.

The lawyers have given RPK seven days to reply, or else .....

Note: I was sued for defamation by NSTP, Kali and gang in January 2007. The case is still pending in the High Court.
My lawyers told me back then that the greatest weapon against a defamation suit is "the Truth". If I can prove in court that what I've written was the truth, I'd have nothing to worry about.


  1. Anonymous4:05 am

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  2. Anonymous4:07 am

    Sounds like RPK has something 'explosive truth'. RPK is a heck of brave guy to say the least! You have ny respect, RPK!


  3. Anonymous4:29 am

    Bro..pls write something on 'Malay sovereignty debate by Majlis peguam' they will convene it this morning.
    I feel like to puke with this blood sucker group..chinese.
    they want his they want that!!
    If mahathir were around...sigh

  4. dude, you've posted it twice... one with the typo... hmmm.... which is the truth then? lol...

  5. Anonymous4:52 am

    "The Army officer is one of three individuals named by RPK in his SD in connection with the Altantuya murder. "



    I wonder, how does one make enough to meet ends meet nowadays when prices are skyrocketing.

    he got a wife mind you, so average family applies.

    not so much KANG TAU like the other civil serven mind u.

    - ANARKY

  6. Excerpt from Malaysiakini report today at 6.43pm :

    ‘Two alleged Jemaah Islamiah members, who have served six years of detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA), are set to stay in their cells for another two years.

    Their detention has been extended for another two years effective June 11, 2008.

    Mat Sah Mohd Satray and Shamsuddin Sulaiman were first arrested under the draconian law on June 11, 2002 and received two-year extensions twice without seeing the inside of a courtroom. They received their new extension on their 6th anniversary two weeks ago.

    Deputy Home Minister Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh :

    “The extension is just a ISA procedure and it does not involve any time frame. If he is no longer a threat to national security, then he would be freed…If the detainees are not happy with the extension, they can always go for harbeas corpus,”

    The only people who are a threat to national security are the UMNO/BN .

    Hey, you should put up tonite's ISA gathering note on your site...

    Mat Sah's son will definitely be in tears...or is he past tears already?

  7. Anonymous6:46 am

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  9. Hello Rocky

    Only God knows who....

  10. I stand with U Rocky and RPK. No turning back. Lets settele once and for all. Belief in god and god will protect and reward U.

  11. Anonymous9:54 am

    and so it starts......

    now let's see if kak rosmah will follow suit (no pun intended) and sue rpk for defamation.

    but rm1 million is cheap, man! Why not rm5 million? 10 million? 50 million?

  12. Usually, a defamation suit in such circumstances are being used as a gag tool to shut defendants up. The longer the case drags on, the longer the plaintiff enjoys his/her peace and quiet, till its forgotten A La Malaysian.

  13. Rocky

    "......My lawyers told me back then that the greatest weapon against a defamation suit is "the Truth". If I can prove in court that what I've written was the truth, I'd have nothing to worry about."

    Once the TRUTH surface and put on show, the C4 Expert will C4 the hole Palace Of Justice with him included. Let us all wait and see; as the truth will always prevail in matter of time. May RPK lock himself in Russian-made T72 Tank, before the hearing judge to avoid the impact of the explosion or '9.8 Rechter-scale' Earth Quake that will clear off all the mud in the PutraJaya Lake no longer fit for a Hippo? and Garbage? to run around.

  14. Let the TRUTH pevail!!

  15. Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysie

    In the year of the great games started by the greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysie
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before


  16. By their denials and silence (Rosmah's), Pak Lah, Son-in-Law, Najib & now Aziz Buyong himself, the stakes are now rocket-high. If RPK could come up with credible evidence/witness, all of them are going down. We know they're definitely gonna charge RPK with the OSA, let's see if the Gestapo, Gani Patail & the court let off their political masters in the face of blatant evidence.

    C'mon Pete, don't disappoint us...

  17. Anonymous12:47 pm

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  18. Anonymous1:08 pm


    MR. BURN.

  19. Anonymous1:17 pm

    It will be a hearsay until RPK can come out with credible proof.

  20. Yes, Rocky. The truth is the only way to win the case.

    I'm ignorant about law. But based on logic, don't you think that they should not wrap up the trial of Altantuya's murder case now that RPK has made the statutory declaration?

    My rationale is this....who is the military intelligence officer who prepared the report? What prompted him or instructed him to investigate and prepare the report?

    Who are the witnesses that saw the report was handed over to Pak Lah?

    If Pak Lah really received the report and handed it over to KJ for safe-keeping, are there witnesses?

    These are the witnesses that, apart from Pak Lah, Rosmah, KJ, Aziz Buyong and his wife should be called to testify under oath in court. After all, testifying in court does not amount to being guilty. It's just a process to establish the real culprit and send him/her to jail or gallow.

    We cannot afford to have anything that is based on hearsay.

    If former Sports Minister, Datuk Mokhtar Hashim was found guilty of murdering a state assemblyman, Datuk Taha in the 1980s based on circumstances, this case might be solved on the same basis.

  21. Najib difitnah oleh rangkaian musuhnya dari dan di luar UMNo untuk memastikan impiannya musnah.

    Atau najib sudah sedar bahawa persefahaman bersama sesama mereka sudah dikhianati sedangkan selama ini Najib setia dan bermati matian mempertahankan Pak Lah.

    Harus disedari ketika Paklah sedang menguruskan peralihan jawatan Perdana Menteri kepada Anwar untuk kepentingan KJ dan asetnya, Najib pula bertungkus lumus berjumpa PAS di Londong untuk PAS menyertai BN sekaligus melenyapkan cita cita Anwar.

    Kesedaran sudah berada di semua pihak dalam waktu kemuncak dan senario selepas ini lebih hebat.
    RPK sudah tentu didalangi.

  22. Sounds like a singaporean tactic. Sue to mute. Indeed, we are hoping for truth.

    Wonder why is this Colonel silent?

  23. Hallo En Ahiruddin Attan!

    I support you!!

  24. Anonymous1:26 pm

    rocky bro,

    not many people speak the truth and nothing but the truth. most of us hate truth, some hide the truth and the rest choke on truth.

    the truth lies in you... and altantuya. the only thing that differs is she is gone and you are still there (lucky they didnt blow you up too).

    if our leaders speak the truth, all of them may end up behind bars or on the gallow... dont you think so?

  25. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Hah, finally someone's suing the Anwar cabal for defamation!
    About time, I say.

    Let's see if this bald cabal is man enough to face his "victim", the Lt Col, in court.

    Like you said Bru, this PKR's RPK must need to prove his allegations.

    That or his credibility goes down the chute and into the rubbish dump. Where it belongs in the first place, anyways.

    Good day!

  26. so at last the expected has happened.

    He has no option now but to produce evidence in order to save himself from being punished by the law.

  27. berani kerana benar..
    takut kerana salah..

    that's a malay proverb which aptly described the move by rpk and the others.

    but as rocky said, how long will the defamation suit takes to clear or cloud the air?

  28. RPK, that colonel is suing you for defamation. Many of us hope that you really have the solid evidence to prove your point. We believe you will be getting lawyers to take up your case. In the event you need financial help, do let us know. Thousands and thousands of us will definitely contribute to your cause. The amount contributed is yet to be known. After the court case is over and if there are any $ left over, it will be great to donate to the needy. Am sure the donors will fully agree to this proposal

  29. Mukakakakakak RM 1 Mil jelah gigi je..isk isk isk.. RPK must have felt humiliated..muakakaka

  30. one million only? why so little, why so late? haiyah bring it on lah rpk wants his day in court and you have given it to him, well you will see his response, if he applies to respond and go to court on the grounds that this is very urgent, what than happens to all the police action? nothing until the court case is over, well is this what rpk wants?, god knows, but knowing him, it would be safe to say he has placed his bishop in front as bait and the bait has been taken, now what? checkmate?

  31. NOSTRADAMUS great quatrain really loved it.

  32. Dear ANONS,

    pls use NICKNAMES. i've had to delete several comments because the authors didn't include nicknames.

  33. RPK should now perhaps consider calling for Public Donations to buy himself and family member protection services like those currently engaged by Barrack Hussein Obama.

    We should all worry about the safety of RPK now that recently a training plane crashed at housing area in Ipoh, the same fate or accident can happen to RPK home but this time could probably Sukhoi or MiG jetplane with bombs enough to flatten Rahman Putra residential to that of PutraJaya in its early construction days.

    Never under estimate the power-of-the-dark-side!!!

  34. It is just C4. Rank does not make you an expert at using C4. A Colonel being an expert is questionable. The person who is more of an expert could be a lowly sapper, Corporal, Sergeant or a Staff Sergeant from the Engineers, as these are the guys, who always go hands on with explosives.Sometimes the lowly 2 Lieutenant. The others from other corps too can be experts eg, from the Infantry and the Special Forces. A Colonel can be used for the procurement of the C4 as he can easily have the paper work authorised. Being in the Engineers, every one worthy of the Corps has a working and practical knowledge on how to use C4. Just for everyone's knowledge, C4 is used to blow up unexploded grenades during training, blowing up WW2 bombs, UXB's (unexploded bombs) etc. etc. It has to be used with a primer(not necessary), a detonator, safety fuse or a firing device (current portable available device is the M57 firing device)See image here So people, the question to ask is, who gets access to the C4.

  35. Sdr Rocky, this brew is beginning to bubble! The lawyer seems to be a bit sloppy though ...using incorrect terms, not addressing people properly, and did not finish cutting and pasting in the lady's version. Only threatening to go to Court if demands are not met within 7 days. I wonder what their sworn statements will say eventually.


  36. No, Don’t Use the Rakyat to Fight your battle!!

    Dear Johnny Cheah,

    Let’s do away with the charade. Anwar Ibrahim should come out with the $$$ to pay the legal fees to defend “Pete” here. We know that “Pete” did the Statutory Declaration on his instruction. Many did not know that “Pete” is Anwar Ibrahim’s lapdog. Many have just discovered.

    To suggest that the people part away with their money to help “Pete” defend himself is absurd. It hurts me to know that there is someone like you, Mr Johnny Cheah, who thinks using the people to fight one’s political batter is perfectly alright.

    No, it’s NOT alright!!

    Kalau RPK Anwar’s “Pete” berani menuduh, maka tanggung lah sendiri. Duit Anwar pun bukan sikit2. IOI tu lebih gah dari Sime Darby, tak ada masalah untuk mendapakan loyar yang terbaik.

    But the best lawyers won’t be able to defend a lie, remember.

    Sooner or later, the truth will prevail.

    Thank you.

  37. Good to hear RPK being sued for defamation. In fact, Rosmah should sue RPK for defamation. Then only RPK can tell the whole truth in court and the whole Malaysia, possibly world would know the truth. I want to know the truth. Must salute this true Malaysian, RPK.

  38. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Malay proberb 'Berani kerana benar...'.RPK is only half Malay.


  39. Anonymous5:30 pm

    i wonder why najib and rosmah did not sue him..

  40. Anonymous6:12 pm

    TRUTH always prevails, except when the courts are corrupt.
    Beware this pitfall.

  41. Anonymous6:14 pm

    TRUTH always prevails unless the Courts are corrupt.

  42. Anonymous6:54 pm

    that is good, summom is the best solution! but who is telling the correct story. only allah know

    bandar sunway semenyih

  43. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Bro..pls write something on 'Malay sovereignty debate by Majlis peguam' they will convene it this morning.
    I feel like to puke with this blood sucker group..chinese.
    they want his they want that!!
    If mahathir were around...sigh
    4:29 AM

    My suggestion to an UMNO racist agent provocateur like you aan, is to puke in your UMNO h/q at PWTC.. look no further than your kind in UMNO for the REAL bloodsuckers, the NEP types!!!


  44. RPK should answer the lawyers letter with whatever evidence he has got. Not to reply will mean the plaintiff will file his defamation suit.
    RPK will then have to file his statement of defence. This is a good time to hit the plaintiff right in his groin. Failure to do so will mean a default judgement against RPK.
    Remember Abdul Rahman Talib sued Seenivasagam and lost. Recently TT Turai if NKF sued The Straits Times and got himself into trouble.
    The Plaintiff does not always win. He might even open the door to incriminate himself.
    By the way how many sen do they expect to get as damages from RPK

  45. Anonymous8:24 pm

    It's your move now, we are watching and cheering only. You asked for it. Don't blame the system if you should loose.


  46. Anonymous8:55 pm

    brave or not - not the issue.
    if it's true then prove it.
    if not, prepare for the consequences.

  47. The defamation suit by the named colonel is immaterial. What is important is people believe a SD based on hearsay just because it was made by RPK. People tend to think that whatever RPK write, do or say is a commandment that must be followed and believed.

    Like you and the rest of us, we want to know the actual truth not just truth told by people that have vested interest.

    Shah Alam

  48. Anonymous10:17 pm

    In a three-page registered letter to RPK from legal firm Gab, Rao & Chuah, Lt Col Aziz demanded that RPK issues an "unreserved and unqualified" apology to be published in websites and all national papers and pay RM1 million in damages (which the Lt Col will donate to a charitable foundation), among other things.

    the truth never prevails???

    naik angin.JB.

  49. Anonymous10:29 pm

    A million thanks to RPK. Now it appears that this delibrate slow motion dilly-dally Altantuya murder case is finally revving up. No turning back, OK. The whole world, including you and me, is waiting to hear the actual explosive TRUTH when it comes up in the court, if it ever happen ... Wali Kota

  50. Anonymous10:53 pm


    1. Some people are just plain stupid. Regardless how much he earns,his right to sue is his and his alone.Only stupid people question the Colonel's ability to engage a counsel.

    2. The anti-ISA gathering attracted about 500 people. Right. Brilliant.

    3. SD is not the truth. Irritating to see idiots accepting anything as the truth without foresight. Maybe one day, they will all cry afoul over RPK.

    4. Indians, Chinese...all Malaysians can talk about Malay rights, but not Malays as this would be "racist".

    Sigh. Hypocrites.

    Rocky, I respect your views. But I hope you could be a bit more objective and explain the concept of defamation.

    Just because someone is sued for defamation doesn't mean he's telling a lie, but nor does it mean that he's telling the truth.


    "Ong Ka Ting Paham"

  51. Many here says let the truth prevail but really can they handle the truth?

    Because what is the truth is Rosmah was never there and this colonel was never involved? What if the truth is RPK was either misinformed, vengeance or just plain crazy.

    The truth is many here have already decided in their mind that who is guilty. They would just blame it to the government or some cover up or blame the police.

    The word truth has a very big meaning and implication. Don't simply flash it around with a holier than thou attitude unless you are really prepared to face it.

  52. Good one! Defamation suit will enable the case to be heard in court so justice can be served on RPK. Sad, my comments on his blog have been deleted. (contrary to his claims on wikipedia) Now I have been blocked to post more comments. Yes, Malaysians are not a bunch of fools. Let's purge the nation of the traitor and sodomist Anwar who is nothing more than a "puppet" of the CROOKS who are murdering innocent lives especially Muslims all over the world!!!!

  53. Anonymous1:43 am

    To UMNODO ...

    thank you . I am about to comment on your item 1. (about that colonel suing)

    Some ppl can be really stupid ....
    Just because its a blog and no body can find out who you are , they smply will say anything , anything stupid that is .

    Lake View Apt .
    Unit 4057

  54. Anonymous2:08 am

    Those who wants to sue Raja Petra for defamation should know they have a 100% chance of winning. Yes winning BUT by default. Raja Petra would just throw the summons in a rubbish bin. He has done this go ahead and sue him..sure win one.

  55. Anonymous3:14 am





    MR. BURN

  56. Anonymous9:49 am

    Rocky noted: "My lawyers told me back then that the greatest weapon against a defamation suit is "the Truth". If I can prove in court that what I've written was the truth, I'd have nothing to worry about."

    Precisely! But you are a man of honour who acknowledges that the people who feel aggrieved by what you had allegedly done have the right to sue you. Then your defense kicks in and I very much hope that you will prevail.

    The question is whether RPK will bother to file a defense and appear in court. Lest we forget, in the libel case brought against him by a university professor who was accused of plagiarism, RPK ignored the judicial system and claimed that it was political persecution. RPK is of course entitled to feel the government and 'evil forces' are against him and I will even share that assessment. But the professor has the right to restore his honour and integrity too. That was denied him and I do not think he will even collect one sen from that judgment.

    Will RPK behave like you? I will not hold my breadth.

    The colonel and his wife are ill advised. They should go for a case 'criminal libel' instead. What's the point of getting a million ringgit of damages and not collect a sen?

  57. Anonymous10:02 am

    Hi again Bro Rocky.

    Thankfully some netizens here allow cool heads to prevail. Aziz has every right to sue for defamation as this is the correct channel to address whatever allegations made against him.

    Note that it was not a police report which R(holier than thou)PK lodged againt Aziz, his wife and the datin seri.

    It was a written allegation. Just like it was the last time which eventually saw R(holier than thou)PK charged for sedition. Even though I am not practising law, I though that it was a wrong move as the remedy for Najeeb was, again, defamation.

    Politicians are different kettle altogether as they are public figures. Their names are bandied everywhere and everywhen.

    Even then the line should be drawn when what are said border on lies. Hence the law of defamation, where the alleger (is this correct, Bro?) can prove his allegations.

    Its the same to members of the public. If we were to discard whatever semblance of public order from all the laws available as remedies for anything done against us.

    Everyone wants the truth to come out. What if the truth is that whoever spilled the bean to R(holier than thou)PK is not the whole truth but a fabrication for god-knows-what-purpose?

    What then? Everyone has rights under the law to challenge what grief them. Aziz and his wife has chosen this cause of action.

    This is their right and when the time comes, R(holier than thou)PK can come out with guns blazing (hmmm, C4 trailing?) and push the SO-CALLED truth.

    Yes he is probably speaking the truth in that he was "RELIABLY INFORMED" by so and so of what and what, but what about the said allegations.

    R(holier than thou)PK might believe them to be the truth. I don't.

    Aziz and his wife are also saying that his words are not the truth.

    Let the law runs its course and then we should see the so-called truth.

    Be the judge then, not now.

    Shahrul Hafeez

  58. Anonymous1:36 am

    " what for sue him !? what is one million to us lah & my wife has many many big things to do for the country, for the people ! why waste time on that fellow...s..s !"