Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bond and Bourne

Wahti and Ena did a great job on the June issue of TELL. The best issue so far, if you ask me.
On my part, I write a piece on spies in our midst. Read here.
View the June highlights here.


  1. Salam Rocky,

    InsyaAllah, I shall buy your TELL. I simply adore YM Raja Zarith Sofia. Yes, she is the very example of our Royalty who is closed to the rakyat.

    I am proud of her and her son who graduated from the Indian Milititary Training school or college sometimes ago. We all should be proud of them. May Allah swt continue his blessings upon YM and her family.

  2. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I haven't seen the June cover, but can't take my eyes off the May cover. So creative and stylish with the cover boy and cover girl, err, shoulder to shoulder. tell is definitely going places.

  3. Salam brader,

    1. Brader, Aku tak faham la apa maksud ni...ringkas sangat?

    2. Yang aku tahu ini gambar Raja Zarith Sofia anak Sultan Idris Shah, Perak iaitu isteri Tengku Ibrahim, TM Johor?

    3. Bukan apa isteriku orang Perak

  4. I too am a big fan of Bond and Bourne.

    Tan Sri Sanusi is a colourful character no doubt.

    I remember the day a bunch of us was invited to his place at Damansara. His legendary library remains a treasure trove!

  5. Anonymous10:26 pm


    A belated comment regarding your post on increase in fuel price: some of your commenters attributed the oil drastic price increase to speculators, etc ...that is beside the point as far as we are concerned because whatever the cause of escalation in oil price we stand to GAIN being an oil producing country. So the people should be RICHER not POORER.

    The point is how we manage our country's wealth. We managed it to the extent that people have to suffer. What about Brunei? Rich with oil too, but are the people 'merempat'macam kita?

    As for the advice for the people to be prudent I suggest the PM leads by example by using a Proton Perdana instead of the 7 series that he air-flown to launch one of the corridors (talking about which if we are so damn poor why want to spend those billions for all the corridors??). And sell the bloody aeroplane.

    All politicians to pay for their own petrol and we'll see if they are still so clever to talk.

    Pedang Sakti

  6. Salam Rocky,

    Mengikuti kisah kehidupan YM Raja Zarith Sofia menginsafkan kita bahawa kebahagiaan ada di mana-mana; dalam keluarga diraja, keluarga sederhana; hatta dalam keluarga miskin sekali pun. Kitalah yang mencari kebahagiaan itu.

  7. Anonymous8:57 am


    thank you for highlighting TELL. Cool mag!

    i agree with AMIR, i can;t take my eyes off the May cover, either. It's amazing...

    Also the TELL cover last year on NURIN ALERT. I thought that was soooo gooood.

    And Raja Zarith.... i agreee, she is my KIND OF PRINCESS.


  8. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Are you spinning something? While many of us are despairing the oil price hike, you choose to highlight this topic.

    Maybe you could comment on Tun Salleh Abbas's (TSA) book, taking into account on Che Det's writing on TSA saga. I would like to hear your thought since you are the author of TSA's book.

  9. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Where to get TELL in JB, Bru?

  10. Anonymous3:35 pm

    strange when everybody is
    grappling with high prices, datuk
    seri ahamd zahid hamidi had to
    throw fire on it by raising
    sensitive racial issue which had
    been settled and done with.
    well you know he is from UMNO and we have to excuse him on that. there is always reason why ABU (ASALKAN BUKAN UMNO) has been popularly bandied about. umno members have been so untactlful when it comes to national unity. how can they be trusted to lead the nation?
    Remember the reminder by najib who already reminded everybody not to touch on racial sensitive issues.
    why Ahmad Zahid Hamidi he again???? can the umno chiefs please tell their kakis not to touch on this other than they themselves!! You know some kakis would love to exploit this issue as a way of mobilising their own political agenda- going up! and at whatever expense.
    pehaps malay unity is only seen as umno unity. why shouldnt malays have their own mind, and join other political parties.
    that the Malays are no more supporting umno in droves does not mean Malays are disunited. they just feel that Malays shold
    now have more "colours" in term of political beliefs and that they should not put all their eggs into one basket especially when corruption in umno was/is so rampant.
    i think umno has no more issue to harp upon other that of race.
    what a shame, there are so many things it should be doing in such trying times!!!! we really dont need anymore racial slurs.
    i really laud UMNO founder Onn Jaafar who knows the party would inevtiably come to this if restricted to one race only.
    can someone ban race politics in this country. it should have no place if the country wants to advance.

  11. Anytime my kind of princess
    Will be one who's really kind
    Without going to any negative excess
    She'll be broadminded without thinking that's 'one kind'

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080608
    Sun. 8th June 2008.

  12. Anonymous7:18 pm


    Your "Spy Games" piece merits a full posting here at your blog. Reading your readers' postings thus far (10 when I posted this), I think the message got lost along the way.

    I had a tough time squinting my eyes trying to read the small prints of the JPEG image of the said article that you posted at your other blog (Rocky's Bru2).

    I remembered reading elsewhere that Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan failed a security scrutiny once and yet he's a Deputy Chairman of NST, a newspaper owned by UMNO.

    As we are all fully aware, most of the important ministries are headed by their ministers, and given that he's pally with Khairy and Pak Lah, wouldn't that be one scary thought to think of?

    As it is, if we read enough books on espionage, we know that they (foreign spies) also infiltrate governments by using key people from the government itself and/or people considered having direct connection with those that walk on the corridors of power.

    I say lets expose them!

  13. pemantau msm,

    will get the text and post it tomorrow. thanks.

  14. She is smart, pretty, royal and Oxford.

    How come she is caring and wout air, not like KJ, Tkt 4 boys, and KJ's cronies?

    Johor's gain and perak's loss ...

  15. Anonymous1:58 pm

    lawyer calls for action against ian chin.

    i totally support. it is a case of misconduct by a high court judge.
    he is abusing his position to slander the former pm who is not at liberty to defend himself. it i a despicable conduct. he should be dismissed . nickname