Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why didn't the Home Minister and the IGP exercise their right of reply?

In solidarity with RPK (and Syed Akbar Ali, and the 3 journalists "interviewed" yesterday).
After this morning's press conference, I told the AFP journalist that one does not have to agree with what Raja Petra Kamarudin wrote in "Send the Altantuya murderers to hell" to support him.

It's about his right to express his opionion. We are standing in solidarity with RPK in support of his - and our - freedom of expression.

And for the Government's right of reply, too.

Right of Reply
In the interview with AFP, I explained that:
1. The DPM, who was implicated in RPK's posting, had exercised his right of reply by writing in to RPK/Malaysia Today through his press secretary (see here); and
2. The DPM's wife, who was also mentioned in the posting, had exercised her right of reply by denying the allegations made in the Internet (see here).

And I asked these questions:
1. Why couldn't the IGP do the same, i.e. respond to RPK's posting instead of charging him with Sedition?
2. Why couldn't the Home Minister do the same and exercise his right of reply, i.e respond to whatever points raised by RPK in the posting?

The decision to charge RPK with Sedition, I told the AFP journalist, also undermines the Prime Minister's promise for reforms, greater freedom and transparency.

At the press conference earlier, which I chaired as President of the Interim Council of the National Alliance of Bloggers, I read out a prepared statement jointly signed by:

Dr Lim Tech Ghee, Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives
Wong Chin Huat, Chairperson, Writer Alliance of Bloggers
Gayathy V., Executive Director, Centre for Independent Journalism
Ser Choon Ing, Chairman of Civil Rights Committee, KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Yap Sui Seng, Executive Director, Suaram
Ho Yock Lin, Coordinator, Empower Malaysia

Read our joint statement H E R E.

p/s Bernard Khoo and Desiderata (chairman of BUM 2008) spoke at the press conference as well. We were told by Bernard that Marina had gone to Sg Buloh to try and see her husband but was told that RPK did not want to see anyone. Marina was also told that her husband had refused any form of nourishment since yesterday.


  1. Bro Rocky,

    Pls keep us update on the wellbeing of RPK and the fate of Syed n the journalists.

    Something surely very fishy. DPM now busy firing the PR govt in S'gor n of course the wholw BN try to divert attention in Parliment by questioning the PR's state admin.

    I may not agree 100% with RPK but he is surely being victimised!!!! This is INJUSTICE!

  2. Anonymous2:33 pm

    There is a difference between freedom of express opinion and trying to influence and stir sentiments.

    Blogging is publication and there are rules, conducts and ethics involved.

    You know it, but your fren PRK choose not to submit to any of it.

    Maybe he was paid by Pak Lah to distract attention. By agreeing to be charged and going to jail he has met that objective.

    Bottom line, focus on the core issue: Let's get rid of Pak Lah first!

  3. No link for yr full press statement, bru.

  4. You have said correctly. Whatever reforms PM Pak Lah promised in the last one month, they have become nothing more than a mere lip service. In fact the sedition charge brought against RPK is a total contradiction with reforms promised.
    Perhaps instead of issuing press statements, bloggers community in the country should come together to file a case challenging the Malaysian government on RPK's sedition charges. If RPK is willing to be in jail for principle why not bloggers apply the same principle to challenge our government? Do not let principle take back seat in this country, do something and do it right now.

  5. rocky
    "they" are showing an example to us that nobody is above the(ir) law

    Walk softly with a big stick ok bro?

    My prayers for the Rakyat
    My prayers to the Extraordinary Man RPK & his equally Extraordinary family

  6. Bro,

    where is the hyperlink? RU ok?


  7. anon 2.33pm
    Here is a suggestion for you if you do not wish to be "influenced" nor have "your sentiments stirred"

    Exit the Site
    (this is just like changing channels or shutting off yr TV if any program/scenes offend your senses)

    There is always a choice in life so, to each his own?

    "Blogging is publication and there are rules, conducts and ethics involved"

    It's ok.

    From this statement, I know either you are new to the internet and the phenomenon of blogging OR you are friend of, or even "Shabby chic"

    Let me put it this way

    Would you be happier if we told you the SAME rules, conducts & ethics applies here on the net & blog as it does in our main stream media & government?

    Except in the case of blogging:

    Many of our well respected bloggers are not paid by nor sponsored by the money of the Rakyat

    NOW - whose time, money & resources are we wasting?

    NOT yours!
    NOT the Country's!

    So do not slam Bloggers of Conscience..Remember this



  8. Perhaps PM finally accepted that his promises for reforms, greater freedom and transparency are costing him very dearly since such reforms are unappreciated by the Malay power brokers. Perhaps in the greater interest of National Security, it is considered politically timely (with the UMNO elections coming up) to permanently clamp RPK and see who else will come forward to rescue RPK, who else does RPK represent? RPK now finds himself in the midst of the corridors of power; welcome to the real world, RPK. Let’s hope the solidarity with RPK will help mitigate his entrapment.

  9. Anonymous4:02 pm


    The typical police procedure (as per the Police Act) is that when a Police report is made, the Police is compelled to investigate. An investigation paper (IP) is opened and usually an officer (depends on the severity of the case) would be assigned.

    People involved would be called for an interview and a statement is usually recorded. Unless the people involved REFUSED to co-operate, the the Police will investigate on their own, making their own assumptions, deductions, findings and form an opinion.

    Then the IP would be forwarded to the Attorney General's Chambers. Its up to the AG to charge, defer or declare the case 'No further action'.

    (Smaller cases like theft, snatchings, pickpockets do not even go to the AG and the desk investigation officer will decide).

    Should the IGP make a statement prior to RPK be charged under Seditions Act? Well, if there was already a police report made against RPK on the "Lets send the Altantuya murdereres to hell" piece and investigation on going, then he is not compelled to do so.

    Should the Home Minister make the statement prior to RPK being charged under the Seditions Act? If the IP had gone up from the Police hands to the AG, then its no longer the ambit of Home Ministry's jurisprudence.

    AG reports directly to the Prime Minister.

    Personally I think its inappropriate for the IGP, AG and Home Minister to make statements as the investigation is on going and its an active case. Just like same statements should be refrained from other cases, especially when its common knowledge that there is an investigation on going.

    Why did Najib and Rosmah being recorded by media as making statements?

    Maybe they could not stand it anymore (at the personal level) and the press push them these issues, when they were appearing in PCs on other issues.

    Then again, all of the allegations of the Scorpene and Sukhoi deals had been answered by MINDEF as far back as 26 April 2007. And yet people like Anwar, Wan Azizah and RPK VEHEMENTLY REFUSED to acknowldge these explanation and continue to demonise Najib, with morbid intensity.

    Can Najib or Rosmah personally or officially instruct the Police to kill people, at their whim and fancy? They are not Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Nicolai Caucessu or Saddam Hussein, with absolute power, even to execute people!


    Ulterior motive! PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah is already on his way out. Gunning Najib with such morbid intensity is the only way to ensure the nail-on-the-UMNO/BN coffin in properly knocked in!

    Anwar, PKR and his not-so-solid Pakatan Rakyat has no strength and merit to take over the Govt on their own. Otherwise, they would have gone for it, as is. Anwar keeps saying 30-40 BN MPs ready to jumpship, for crying out loud!

    So kill Najib, the heir apparent to UMNO/BN leadership is their ticket to power!

    Same goes to demonising the Police, through and through. Isn't that the Oppositions', RPK and Malaysia Today's consistent explicit agenda????

    Why RPK refuse bail or even refuse to meet his own family, like today? Why all the drama about refusing nourishment?

    Its his morbid obsession to demonise the Govt that he has been victimised and the system is very cruel and gestapo-stalinist like!

    I know this will come as very unpopular here but I can no longer stomach these blatant and morbid obsessions of people bringing the people and system into organised ANARCHY!

    Sorry to do this in you blog.

  10. Anonymous4:17 pm

    The Home Minister & IGP cannot give a credible reply because it is obvious that Najis is GUILTY AS HELL!

    RPK struck a raw nerve this time. The desperately had to silence him!

    Anwar Ibrahim - our hopes are with you! Damn this criminal BNazi government to hell now!!!

  11. Anonymous4:22 pm

    so, we are now down to Semantics, are we?

    Rocky wrote, "...It's about his right to express his opionion... "

    but, then again, on Wednesday, April 30, 2008, Rocky wrote, "...No more BABI on this blog..."

    hey, Rocky, isn't this the epitome of Hypocrisy?

    so, what happened to the right to express an opinion?

    see, told you... this country is run by idiots and opposed by idiots.

    no hard feelings, dude!

    live and learn.

  12. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I hope RPK can remember not to call others as "anjing" while in detention. He wont look good with a black eye!

    I wish all the best of health and courage to his wife and family.


  13. Anonymous5:35 pm


    "Demonizing" the police?

    You have got to be kidding me! The same police force where two of its members blew up an innocent women with C4 (under whose orders we are going to determine very soon). The same police force that is soooo damn corrupt and loyal running dogs to UMNO that crimes are sky high but they got time to send 7 mongrels to confiscate RPK's computers?


    The only anarchy is that being incited by UMNO; raising keris, threatening amok and bloodbath, and in the case of Najib threatening to bathe his keris in non-Malay blood. Is that not anarchy? or is that Ketuanan UMNOhaprakputra?

    Please UMNO fellow can menyalak all you want, whether the bukit will runtuh is another question. And even if it does, it will runtuh on UMNO. Bagus...terkubur for good. And finally Malays specifically, and all Malaysians in general, will be finally free from colonialism and slavery.

  14. apasai RPK tanak nourishment...detoxing atau fasting to the death...heh heh...kasi IV...have to include include malt
    and hops or not...

    weh, Bigdog...

    all nice and also want big commissions legally..can Najib help me? show me the way? legally? like gomen did? please mister please? i need at least 500 million to set up myself and my kids and their kids and their kids' kids...etc2 for life...can you please tell him to give me advise how to make legal commissions...for myself lah...i know that one ALLLLLL went to one poket any money in any defense deal lah...the Auditor general only need new calculator and new glasses...Ambrin not sedate(tion) me...

  15. Bro

    Regardless of what RPK says, someone should insist on seeing him in person in Sg. Buloh.

    We don't want another infamous 'Black Eye' or 'Fatal Accident in Cell' case. Who knows?

    There may be a sinister reason why prison officials are giving this strange message that RPK does not want to even see his soul mate and wife of over 4 decades?

  16. Anonymous5:51 pm

    But surely freedom of speech comes with responsibility. You only have to look at some of the commentators on Malaysia Today to see how immature they are and how irresponsible RPK for allowing these comments to be posted. Yes, you can have freedom of expression but that does not include mercilessly bashing and belittling your fellow countrymen at every opportunity and making accusations without any shred of evidence.

  17. "Why RPK refuse bail or even refuse to meet his own family, like today? Why all the drama about refusing nourishment?"

    Well... since you also found it strange that someone would refuse to meet with his own family, has it occurred to you that *gasp* perhaps it was a decision in which he had no say?

    Also, the refusing nourishment thingy is still guesswork I believe, since well, he supposedly doesn't want to meet anyone remember?

  18. Anonymous5:58 pm

    we all Rakyat should not only pray for RPK.

    We need to demo and to show to send a very clear message to our most hated government on the streets, not only at KL but all major cities of to them that we r not easily be fool around...

    Let's do the demo for the last time, a big and grand one. For RPK and for all Bangsa Malaysia.

    Makkal Sakhti will prevail again!!!

  19. Semua orang sebok untuk mengambil tempat dan peranan dalam drama ini. RPK sekadar menguji untuk melihat kawan dan musuh ketika susah !!!!!

  20. Anonymous6:12 pm


    Yes, I have a choice. I have chosen to switch off Aisehman for his intolerance to my comments and opinions.

    Rocky's Bru, I read, because it is informative and provides me with another perspective on what is going on in this country. He has shown to be so far quiet unbiased in his articles/journals and the feedbacks that he allow to be posted.

    My postings here are quiet tame compared to my comments on maverickysm site. But I still have respect for his opinions (most of which I do not agree) because he allows (so far) dissenting opinions.

    And that is what Internet is all about.

    Publishers like Rocky who writes real blogs can actually hide behind 'freedom of expression' on the pretext that there are no direct commercial objectives on his site.

    Malaysia-Today and Aisehman on the other hand are actually deriving financial gain from their 'blogging activities.' That makes them MSM.

    It seems to me that you, like some other readers on the Internet seem to be confused on what blogging is about.

    There are two parts to blogging. First is on Rocky's part to provide the stories/articles and the second part is for the readers to provide feedback/comments on the article in question. Without the stories, no one will read and without the feedback, Rocky will not be able to enjoy an interactive discourse on his opinions.

    Feedbacks and comments should be related back to the context of the written article. Otherwise, this site would full of flames. (Since this posting of mine also touch on replying to a flame, I hope this dual context posting of mine gets through the moderator's review.)

    There should not be anything personal on the Internet unless one is looking for an easy f**k.

    Btw, I also post here under the nick RaZ. That's the problem with posting from too many locations. No cookies! Kirim salam to the boys on the 4th floor for me, please. Thanks.

  21. Why take smallfry commissions. Malaysia need aircraft carrier worth much more than just choppers and undersea craft. need one aircraft carrier for anti-terrrorism in east malaysia and one for anti-pirates in Melacca Straits. Baginda company can do maintenance contracts for sure.

  22. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Bigdog, deminising the police and govt? Organised anarchy? Consider these:

    (i) RM300mil of our money going to Monsoon Cup organisers (crony number 1)

    (ii) Billions of our money gone in the corrupt PKFTZ land deal

    (iii) millions in commissions in defence and other deals - and poorly explained and to be believed by only MOrons

    (iv) The destruction of our environment for politically-linked businesss deals

    (v) blatant abuse of government machinery

    (vi) RM39mil to send one man into space - he is a traveller and not an astronaut. Could have built hundreds of kidney dialysis centres.

    AND THE LIST GOES ON.......all these and other information which have been proven true, are mainly from bloggers.

    Bigdog, you cannot be that naive, can you? If you are, Gaod Bless You.

  23. let's fix the system. let's get rid of those rotten fish, apple and what not.

    But I think doing in RPK this way is the dirty tricks department at work to fix Najib!

    Sure looks like its Najib that got the cops to arrest RPK, huh?

  24. Why should the IGP makes a REPLY? He is not on any political side. Neither is he has any political right to do so. He is acting by the virtue of being the person in charge policing the country. He did what he did on the basis, responsibility and capacity he had. Should we ask every police officer to make a media or public speech on every police report made on any cases? What example of a nation who does that, are we following and referring to?

    As you asked 'Why didnt the Home Minister and the IGP exercise their right of reply?'. Why should they if there is better and proper and fitter channel to use. Nobody forcing them to exercise their right. RIGHT which is to your own accordance and definition. But they are welcome to exercise their right according to the (or any) existing laws and bylaws. And this RIGHTS belong to all Malaysian too. We can all do the same.

    The truth will prevails sooner or later. But let the dear and rightly medium take their courses.

    I do wish all the best to dear RPK and hope he is in good health. Im too touched by all this shenanigans and hope to get this thing done with. BUT i cant agree with the angle and substance of this latest article of his which landed him in hot soup.

    I too shared his and your FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. But as huge as the words may sound, the line between expressing freedom and oppressing its kindness, is very thin and clear indeed.

    As a friend im showing solidarity in a way of my own. And i do know RPK maybe much closer than some of you. But friends dont mean that we have to agree to one another. Friends mean we are concerned for one another as shown by Rocky towards RPK.

  25. Anonymous6:54 pm

    RPK really did not want his wife to visit him or the pak-polis did not want her to see him coz they already abused him physically ? i am worried sick now.. remember what happened to Anuar, had a neck guard at one time !! somebody please go and see if that is what RPK really said - no visitors ?? Lerr.. hunger strike is also something to looked into, maybe they spat on his food, so he refuse to eat lerrr.. pulak tell hunger strike. I beg you God, please protect RPK in that place.

  26. Anonymous7:49 pm

    5DPISi just hope someone checks to see if RPK is "really" okay, cos' the "excuse" that RPK refuses to see anyone, even his wife, Marina, who was by his side all the way and also his children, seems too "iffy" for me....don't think of the worse but RPK refusing to eat anything as well could be the reason that "he does not know what the prison officials might just put into his food and remember "chevchenko" or something, the leader from one of the former russian state blocs,

    i just hope and pray to almighty GOD that RPK is okay,and the "authorities" are not up to their "dirty tricks" again, remember, if the former IGP, can actually EXERT HIS BRUTAL PYHSICAL power on no less than a deputy Prime Minister, and all the other horror stories of innocent
    in-remand captives, what will they do to all the others, but then again, RPK is no less great, a great MALAYSIAN LIVING LEGEND, already...

    "our Father in heaven, please keep RPK safe and unharmed in any way, i believe with all my heart that O'LORD our GOD, you are a GOD of RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE AND TRUTH, ALL MERCIFUL, ALL COMPASSIONATE AND ALL GRACIOUS...AND YOU DO EXPECT THE SAME FROM THE CROWN OF YOUR CREATION, US HUMAN...

    I also pray that his wife and children will be comforted by your HOLY SPIRIT and uplift their spirits during this trying times for them

    in the name of the LORD GOD of ABRAHAM ( NABI IBRAHIM),


  27. RPK has decided to go on a hunger strike ever since he wrote the article.

    "And I would not hesitate to deny my body food and water as an act of defiance just to prove to my jailors that they may incarcerate my body but they can never own my mind or break my spirit."


    “Let’s bring these bastards down,” I told Din. “Let’s launch a ‘Justice for Altanatuya: restore Malaysia’s dignity’ campaign’ or something like that. These assholes must be sent to hell.”

    Time to start the campaign, no?

    Read the article again

    Maybe we can see what RPK wants US as Malaysians, collectively, to do something right.

  28. Kojak knows it is coming
    He says it many times
    When the Police finally came running
    He knew he has his day
    But he hasn’t finished yet
    His court case will tell the story

    The Man of the blogs community
    He dares to challenge the authority
    He doesn’t feel intimidated
    He knows his game………….

    Now we hear no news
    Something boiling in the prison
    Kojak will punch holes into the wall
    Talk to the insects tell them to hurry

    The evil black knights
    Gallant in public eyes
    Holding up positions
    People come to kowtow
    It is only to fight another day
    The silent whisper has begun

    The Sedition Act must be appealed
    It has no relevancy in today’s global age
    It is 60 years old…….too old to run any more
    It is only BN wanted to hang it there
    Like a sour thumb itching to grab
    On the innocent and critics
    To silence them as they please

    Kojak has made his dare
    He now sits in prison
    Refusing to meet any one
    The traits of a Bugis soldier
    Kojak used to tell

    The light will keep burning
    The civil right movements watching
    Let BN falls on its own digging holes
    When the frogs finally hit the land
    The game is over for BN…………..

  29. Anonymous9:14 pm

    On hunger strike ? Oh God please help ...

  30. bigdog

    why RPK refuse bail? He said he has done nothing wrong so he is not recognizing the detention thus he refuse to post bail and refuse for food - it's a sign of protest.
    What's wrong with the drama? what's wrong to make this whole thing as a big headline so that more Malaysian/foreign media is aware of the issue.

    Wasn't that drama when Najib post for photo shots when visiting the flooding johor? Wasn't that drama when Abdullah and Mahathir shook hands? Why can you stomach all those while you finding hard to stomach the fact that RPK is protesting his detention for doing something that he is getting noting in return other than suffering in sungai buloh?

    RPK is 100x better than you and many of the people who agree to his detention because he is brave to speak up on what's wrong without seeking anything in return. He sticks to what is right and he voiced for equality, corruptions and dare to hit out at government or oppositions who made mistakes.

    How many people who only dare to talk behind close door.

    What have you done? Knowing that there are corruptions in umno but continue to give support? Do u dare to criticize your own umno leaders who said/did the wrong things? Do you dare to point out the wrongs? Or Have you?

    If u can't right the wrongs in this country then shut up and let someone else try, don’t make your own drama.

  31. Btw bigdog,
    Just while you are talking about our beloved police force, just got news that the police force were deployed to disperse the crowds who gathered at the toll free road in cheras to stop the highway concessionaire Grand Saga from building a new illegal barrier on the toll free road. Few MPs presented the proof to the police in the scene but they didn’t buy those proofs that the road belongs to the Selangor state and that the barrier is illegal.

    So who is demonizing our police force?

    Why would people believe that the police force could be ‘bought’?
    For sure back in the mind of the 1000s cheras residents who present at the toll free road today would think that the police force have been bought by the Grand saga?
    These will come on in coffee shops conversations and whoever put these on their blog will be charged with sedition ??

    Why saying all these are considered seditions while saying lies (how police force handled hindraf, or protest etc) are OK on media?

  32. Sedition act, read the scary version here :

  33. Anonymous9:58 pm

    there is something mysterious about all this. Its almost as if RPK wants to be imprisoned. Has he something up his sleeve? Some people might be in for a surprise??????
    Good on you RPK wish I had your guts. You are a good man, God bless u and your family.

  34. I have to express my concern over this matter as a Malaysian , as a blogger who believe in freedom of expression and as a human.
    First i am curious , is it Raja petra refuse to see anyone or they refused to "let him see anyone because of takut.
    Rocky , I am with you, we need people like Raja petra to speak for us and all the injustice we faced.If Yang mulia had been treated like this with handcuff and all, just imagine what can they all do to small people like me.

  35. anon 2.33 pm - Don't spoil our mood. Go to Mohd. Ali Rustam website and bring your narrow minded comment alone.

    BigDogDotCom - You can tell that to the marines! Most of the bloggers are well aware the procedures. You will be surprise to know that bloggers are not just housewives, goblok, monyet etc. Some, even better than our Oxford graduate MP.

  36. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Was disgusted at RPK's arrest and hope he's okay. Badawi has lost all his moral authority, what with the brief suspension of the publishing permit for that Indian paper (can't think of the name at the moment) and now this crackdown on bloggers. It's the thin end of the wedge, folks.

    Having said that, something smells fishy here. I think it's a two-for-one deal by "certain people" who want to get back at RPK and stifle bloggers, and to get Najib once and for all.

    Far be it for me to a Najib apologist (the man is spineless and let's not get started on the spouse!), but Najib has the most to lose from the arrest.

    Also, if the sedition charges stick and it goes to trial, bet you Najib and Rosmah will definitely be called to testify. Which is what some of his political rivals are gunning for. They failed to get him in the dock in the Altantuya trial, so now it's Round Two.

  37. Anonymous11:39 pm

    err...Eng, i think Big Dog has done more than his fair share to critisize current UMNO leaders.

    We wouldnt know what he's doing to 'right the wrongs in this country', as you put it. Some people do things without any fanfare involved.

    Not taking sides, merely stating a fact.

  38. Anonymous11:43 pm


    Morons at helm thats why.
    And why do you suppose that the social aspects in the country is nose diving into black hole?


    The “spineless” should know.

    That the greed for power and money is the main cause for homicide.

    Altantuya’s case is synonymous with the kind of greed.

    Like father like son ..
    both had the comfort of "bathing in blood" ...


  39. hey D Dollah: u said:

    "BigDogDotCom - You can tell that to the marines! Most of the bloggers are well aware the procedures. You will be surprise to know that bloggers are not just housewives, goblok, monyet etc. Some, even better than our Oxford graduate MP."

    You idiot. Putting housewives same par with monyet. Your mum was a monyet too eh?

    I am a "work from home" US graduate, professional translator with local and international clients and AM PROUDLY also a FULL TIME MUM AND ALSO DO HOUSEWIFE DUTIES. GO READ MY BLOG AND SEE WHO GOT MORE BRAINS.


  40. Anonymous8:59 am

    I think RPK should be appointed as senator by one of any PR components, so he can say what he wanted to say in Dewan Negara..

  41. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Raja Penipu Kaum (RPK) can go on hunger strike. I fully agree with that cause its easier for GOD to put him in HELL. No need judgement just straight to HELL. Maybe he be BURNED for eternity. The sooner the better. Please start your hunger strike now and please don't STOP. One less MORON.

  42. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Question : "Why didn't the Home Minister and the IGP exercise their right of reply?"

    Answer : These learned man of laws didn't know they have rights.


  43. Anonymous8:08 pm

    The DPM is balless as mentioned by TDM, the fact is already proven. If he has any balls he should have taken legal action instead of hiding behind the outdated sedition act. A true coward in every sense, again TDM is right. This is the future PM ? God bless Malaysia. Forget the IGP or the home minister, both are loud mouth, what have they done to benefit the country or the people ? The police are as corrupt as ever, IGP is only full of hot air. All talk and no action..asshole !!!!