Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wang Ehsan: RM7.36 billion paid to Tganu

March 2004 to March 2007. And we all thought the Terengganu government under the former MB Idris Jusoh was getting about RM1 billion a year from Petronas in terms of Wang Ehsan! Read here.

That's RM7.364 billion in 3 years!
I bet you Ahmad Said, the pro-Palace MB that Pak Lah didn't want, hadn't known that the money involved was this much.

I am not an Anak Terengganu but I imagine people from this beautiful (and poor) state must want to know how the money was spend, on what (and who), and by whom! If any state government needs to conduct a forensic audit, it is Terengganu.

A file pic of happier times during the Monsoon Cup, a project said to have been funded with the Wang Ehsan.


  1. Padanlah Michelle Yeoh
    Sanggup bahu pinggang diraba
    Walaupun yang pegang si tua
    Dalam majlis kaki tido saja

    Sini boleh beri sentuhan
    Di sini sanggup mahu pegang
    Asal dapat sikit dah sakan
    Banyak rupanya wang ehsan

    Patrick Lim kaut merata
    Buat surau harga ratusan juta
    Lorong Monsoon repair tiap2 tahun
    Harganya dalam pulohan juta

    Idris Jusoh pun ada syarikat
    Enterprise saja tapi keliling sebat
    Yg cari makan halal tak dapat
    Di blkg Kamaluddin byk rembat

    Jawatan Pak Lah tetap selamat
    Bila pemimpin telor tak kuat
    Yg rugi tetap rakyat
    Yg miskin tetap merempat

  2. Anonymous4:37 pm

    2 plus billion a year and the state is still filled with loads of poor rakyat. Now, you all know the wisdom of the King to yank the foxes out. Where has all the money gone? Better check with Patrick Badawi. Why dont you guys read the previous articles on this fella and the terengganu connection by Raja Petra. Its no more fiction now, isnt it?

  3. Salam Brader,

    1. 0oo..Wang Ehsan or Wang Patrick & Son?

    2. You want to know how the money was spend, for what and by whome?

    3. You go and read what 'su-kj' said in his blog on March 30, 2008?
    Oh sorry I'm su-kj, I can brings here. Please form up 'Suruhanjaya Diraja' to investigate how the money was spend.


  4. Rumour in KT is that the Monsoon Cup gonna be scrapped bro, will find out more in my month long self imposed exile there...

  5. Anonymous5:10 pm


    i don't think that is the final figure. earlier, it was made public that the figure was RM1b, and now RM7.36b for 3 years which means RM2.45b a year.

    the big question is 'WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE TO'. derih and rosol are the two 'natang' who can tell us all why a rich state like terengganu is full of hardcore poor.

  6. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Why are all these misdemeanors only surfacing now? Why have we allowed things to deteriorate to such a bad state? Why haven't the state assemlymem/women and the MPs caught on to these in the past? Is this our faults? Is there any way such abuses can be higihlighted before they become fact accomplised?

  7. Anonymous5:19 pm

    that's freaking a lot of money

    no wonder sultan mizan is angry

    money should've been gone to schools, teachers, clinics, hospitals, community projects and such.

    Monsoon cup my ass

  8. Anonymous5:22 pm

    RM7.36 billion, that is a lot of money to be squandered. No wonder la the post of MB being fought over viciously.

  9. Anonymous5:32 pm

    My god, the God of Prosperity just walked passed trengganu without the folks' knowing. So much money...wow...

  10. Bro

    We can't let them get away with spending this kind of money - RM7.36b, without transparency & accountability.

    Let's get all opposition MB's to question AAB & that mamak in Parliament. I'll fwd your blog to as many MP's as I can. Let the Monsoon winds blow some real changes!!

  11. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Let wait and see what Pak Lah got to say..

    Rastaman Klang

  12. Anonymous5:57 pm


    and our beloved BN government said they can't afford the RM4 billion petrol subsidy !!!!

    wt f is this?????

    where have all the money gone??? have we seen any improvemetns to the public transportation???



  13. yes dear Rocky,

    we also need a forensic audit from TDM's time...wah! imagine berapa billion we can add to that 7 billion...berbillion billion billion,...bazillions!...we can also audit berapa billion used for bailouts during his time meh...just to let us sleep peacefully at night that his family wasn't saved by money rightfully the rakyat...fair or not????

    Let's not practise selective persecution or prosecution, k?

    heh heh..jangan marah...

    Meh kita refresh balik memory abang Rocky kita:

    Excerpt from The Edge:

    "It was only after the Barisan Nasional lost the state in 1999 that the issue of oil royalty cropped up. The federal government re-channelled the oil royalty to the special fund or wang ehsan to prevent the PAS-led Terengganu government from laying hands on the money.
    According to Terengganu PAS commissioner Datuk Mustafa Ali, the PAS government received only RM432 million in March 2000.
    "t was supposed to be the second instalment to the 1999 royalty. The state government never received further oil royalty money from the federal government," says Mustafa, who was one of the key members of the PAS-led Terengganu government from 1999 to 2004.
    The then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his 2001 Budget speech announced that the royalty would be channelled to the state via federal government agencies.
    According to the budget, the money would be provided to the state through the Wang Ehsan Financing Programme. The committee at the federal level responsible for the programme had identified programmes, which include provision of water and electricity, village roads, education, infrastructure, housing, cultivation of cash crops and assistance to coastal and deep-sea fishermen.
    “They (federal government) built a lot of schools during our time, though. Usually when they want to build schools, the state only imposes a nominal charge on the land. But we charged the federal government based on market price because it was the only way we could increase our revenue.
    “A lot of schools were built because Umno wants the projects to carry on because they need the money. In Terengganu, we had the highest number of schools built during our time because the projects were from the federal government," laughs Mustafa.

    Suit against Petronas
    During PAS rule, money was channelled to the people in every constituency via an appointed coordinator from Umno. The Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (Village Safety and Development Committee) would be tasked to identify the hardcore poor.
    According to Mustafa, about RM40 million was allocated for this purpose. PAS, however, was not able to trace the movement of the money into the state.
    Interestingly, PAS took the matter to court by filing a civil suit in 2001 against Petronas and the federal government for not paying the oil royalty allegedly because of political differences.
    The case was filed as “The state of Terengganu versus the government of Malaysia and Petronas" since PAS did not and could not file the case on its own behalf as it was the ruling political party.
    Mustafa says the PAS government was informed of the termination via a faxed letter from Tun Daim Zainuddin, the then finance minister.
    He says he met Petronas chairman Tan Sri Hassan Merican, who explained that Petronas abided by the agreement and disbursed the money.
    “But Petronas is under the federal government. Previously, it was given directly by Petronas to the state government," he adds.
    “The oil royalty accounted for 75% of the state budget. We had to survive on 25%. We had to abandon some programmes for the people such as housing and education," he says.
    Umno-led Barisan Nasional reclaimed the state in 2004 and since then, the state gets between RM1 billion and RM1.5 billion in cash annually. The money makes up a good 90% of the state's annual budget.
    Interestingly, even though the state has been under the control of Umno since 2004, it (the state) has not dropped the suit. The case is still pending in the courts.

    Case not retracted
    The oil royalty issue was left on the back burner until a few weeks ago when Ahmad officially made it known to the federal government that the state wants the money back. He also has no intention of dropping the lawsuit.
    “PAS had already brought the matter to court. The case is still pending. We have never retracted it," he says.
    To a question as to whether the state would withdraw the case, Ahmad says: “We need discussion. We only hope for the money to be returned."
    Considering that the state already gets in excess of RM1.2 billion per annum in oil royalties, are there any more funds due to the state?
    It is hard to tell but based on the rising oil price, the amount could be much more than what the state receives now.
    In 2000, when PAS received the RM432 million part payment, oil was about US$25 to US$26 per barrel. Today, oil prices hover between US$116 and US$120. That is a huge sum and if managed well, could beef up the state reserves for years to come.
    It is reported that Terengganu's oil wells will dry up by 2012 and hence, there is an urgency to regain the funds."

    Hey by the way mister PM, what's our action plan after the oil dries up eh? Squeeze oil from lemon rinds? From oily faces?


  14. Dear Bro' Rocky,

    The main player Bloggers including our Icon YM RPK have done a good job with their "Investigative JOURNALISM" without fear or favour, to inform the rayaat on the injustices done to this Beautiful nation called Malaysia, its assets & its people - syabas to you all.

    The Rayaat have responded well to the call to correct the injustices as shown by their support with the "Walks", etc & best of all at the last GE - syabas to all the concerned rayaat.

    Our new representatives are all facing new "Challenges" inside & outside the Parliament, unheard of in this country before. In trying to complete the jigsaw puzzles with many missing VITAL pieces in this nation's infrastructure, etc still secretly kept by those in self denial, our new representatives' morale has not dampened - syabas & do not give up to seek justice !

    For as long as they are in "Self Denial" = "Autopilot Self Destruct" mode, there is nothing more to be done.....

    We have all worked hard to be where we are & contributed in one way or another to achieve this feat, 50 years down the line, so let us treasure it.

    Let us all not bring ourselves down to their level - just Walk our Talk .

    Give them enough rope & watch them hang themselves, destroy one another at every turn.....

    We just sit back to watch the action.

  15. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I heard some rumours KJ capitalize a lot in this amount of billions ringgit. But this are only rumour... and we should not believe rumours!

  16. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Out of the 12 person shown on the photo only one is from Tganu. That is also how the money was distributed I suppose, some eventually goes to Perth as well.

  17. Bukan Anak Terengganu Sahja but we Malaysians should petition to the Yang DiPertuan Agung to form a Royal Commission much like the Lingam Tape Commission to account for every single sen wang ehsan given to the Terengganu State.

    With all those money thrown at Terengganu in the last 3 years,Its a crying shame that many of the Terengganu folks are still among the poorest in the country. The BN administration under PM Dollah and the then MB Idris must be held accountable and responsible.

  18. Anonymous8:08 pm

    AAB, SIL, PATRICK LIM&CO are trying very hard to DETRACT the rakyat with Karpal-Sultan issues! Hope Malaysians tak cepat rabun mata - these are one of the many REAL ISSUES that AAB&CO have to answer after GE12. Kononnya nak cari Al Ghazali, Al Shafie... poorah! Talk like MUNAFIK, Sound like MUNAFIK, Act like MUNAFIK... what else can the rakyat say? A good example of Islam AdaHari... memalukan Islam!

  19. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Perhaps now the grass roots of umno can see how their so call leaders has been screwing everybody. Before GE12 anyone who question the government gets into trouble, and that includes the time of TDM. In fact he is the biggest culprit who squander of the most of money and that includes selling MAS to that idiot Tajuddin who ran MAS to the ground and then TDM used public funds to buy back MAS at a great loss to the nation. 'Wonder who made out from those billions'
    Wonder where all those billions have gone. I believe AAB will have a nice story to tell or as always he will find someone to hang it on.
    We must continue to investigate and audit past accounts, established qualified accounting company should be engaged to handle the audits and total transparency must be seen. Guilty and corrupt parties must be made to pay heavily for their crimes and no one should be spared regardless of race or creed or past positions PM or MB. Just don't do a half ass job like the Eric Chia Perwaja affair that AAB pretended to do. Of course the Police and questionable Justices had a lot to do with that as well, TDM legacy.

  20. Anonymous8:56 pm

    What about from 1999 till 2004? How many more godzillion? And before 1999, how much? How were the money funnelled to the state?

    Can we have a breakdown by year?

    Hello? Auditor General? MAS has zero airfare to KT while AA has below zero. You booked your flights there already?

  21. Anonymous9:29 pm




  22. Anonymous9:31 pm

    The population of Terengganu according to Wikipedia in 2006 was 1,080,286.

    If we divide the RM7.36billion by three years and by the population of Terengganu (ie 1,080,286).

    Each person will get RM2,271.00

    Assuming in an average family there is 4 members(which is a very conservative figure), the total amount per family is RM9,084.00.

    The average amount recieved per month will be RM754.00.

    Looks like the people of Terengganu should be living above proverty if the BN government was generous towards the rakyat.

  23. Anonymous9:34 pm

    First it was the Prize money. Then it was the 1st class air tickets to get them all here, equipment, accommodation, entertainment and all. Then there were the feasting and more feasting.

    Then every one got a nice souvenir.

    While the poor people of Terengganu just stood and watched their Wang Ehsan, brainchild of the Tun, vanish into thin air.

  24. $7.364 billion in 3 years
    The State of Terengganu should be prosperous
    Yet we hear the poor finance of the state
    And the people suffer in silence

    BN through Petronas funding it
    It is time BN come clean with its financial statement
    Listed the projects and who managed it
    BN can’t hide it and pretend nothing happens

    The oil royalty for Terengganu
    It will run out some say in 2012
    What then for the state?
    Currently the state should be rich
    Yet it is poor under BN rule

    Now the new MB should start his probes
    He mustn’t be afraid what the Federal leaders say
    He has to collect what is due to the state
    And find out where is the money gone?

    This is what he must do
    For he is in the previous team exco
    He has to find out to help his state
    Otherwise the culprits will be free

    Will he has the stomach to do it?
    Will he just follow orders and forget it?
    The state of Terengganu waits for his action
    And the people of the country want to know too

    UMNO for its cronies
    Even today the leaders practice it
    On the PR government wasting taxpayers’ money
    You think UMNO/BN leaders learned the lessons
    No Sir………they thumbed their noses at the people
    ‘We will do what we like
    You aren’t got anything to say’

    Well the frogs are croaking loud and clear
    Something will be happening soon
    When we wake up the next morning
    A new chapter begins for the country

  25. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Itu sebab dia orang beria benar nak Suruhanjayakan BPR supaya mereka dapat lakukan pendakwaan terpilih,atau siasatan terpilih.Mana berani dia letak Suruhanjaya itu dibawah parlimen atau Yg dipertuan Agong.Mana musuh politik,pesaing dan tak dengar cakap akan disiasat tapi kroni anak beranak dilepas..Kau ingat diorang tu jujur ke nak biarkan BPR tiru macam stail HongKong. Sesen pun aku tak percaya..

  26. Mister Rocky Bru

    It really takes a BENGGAP rakyat to accept poor and hardship living and continue remain devote to Monkeys Leadership... over the State.

    That is really Bodoh Sombong leh...

    Can't say much as the rakyat wanted such livelihood and lifestyle; similar to those in Papua New Guinea!

  27. Anonymous10:58 pm

    those who should be wielding
    their kerises are the poor people of trengganu, sabah dan sarawak.

  28. RM7.3 billion from March 2004 to March 2007. Up to March 2008 the amount would have been almost RM9.5billion.

    If added in the royalties from 2 decades ago Terengganu should be one of the most advanced state in Malaysia. Yet Terengganu lagged far behind. Negeri kaya tapi rakyat miskin. It's a farce and national disgrace.

    People of Terengganu, it's your call now. Demand corporate governance and insist on public disclosure of the billions spent.

    To PAC. Since the money comes from the Federal government demand accountibility and answers from the previous administration.

  29. Anonymous12:06 am

    First, allow me to state that it is 'Royalti Petrolium' and not 'Wang Ehsan' in the beginning. It suddenly became Wang Ehsan when the PAS came into power in 1999.

    The money river ceased to flow its normal course and diverted to a new route, where PAS can only see but cannot touch. This is the inherent skill of BN's craftmen.

    Then came the Tsunami, but BN still retained the 2/3 majority with a little discount. The wise king was quick to pick his man.

    The man he picked is, according to Rais Yatim, a 'Nangka Buruk' and 'pasti gugul' but he was dead wrong the man didn't 'gugul'.

    With the RM7,360,000,000/=, people will think that the streets of Terengganu are made of gold-dust, but in reality, we have to pay RM6 per month to have our garbage collected by the District
    Council on top of the annual quit-rent. We also have to pay RM6/- per month to IWK for doing nothing. Strange as it may seem but true.

    It is my hope Terengganu will be ruled by the men and women who can swear to God that 'I have done my best and with utmost sincerity and integrity.'

  30. Anonymous1:11 am

    Anwar attacked over US links, plans to become PM

    PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and his plan to become prime minister came under attack in the Dewan Rakyat today.

    In his debate on the royal address, Mukhriz Mahathir (BN-Jerlun) put the spotlight on Anwar's involvement with organisations and individuals who figured prominently in the US military campaigns.

    Citing an April 28, 2008 write-up in Time Magazine by former US deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz, Mukhriz asked why one of the chief strategists of the US war against Iraq was describing Anwar in such glowing terms.

    "Why should Anwar be in cahoots with this murderer of more than one million Iraqis?" he asked.

    Wolfowitz, who also headed the World Bank, is the same person whose girlfriend Shaha Ali Reza Anwar had been appointed to the neo-conservative NGO Foundation of the Future, Mukhriz alleged.

    Reza's transfer had caused ripples when it was found that the transfer - arranged at Wolfowitz's behest - would raise Reza's salary by 36 percent, from US$133,000 (RM452,000) to US$193,590 (RM659,000).

    Anwar has previously refuted the allegation that he was involved in Reza's appointment to Foundation of the Future, saying she was assigned to the organisation before he became its chairperson.

    Mukhriz, however, went on to question the nature and background of Foundation of the Future, claiming that among its sources of funds is the US State Department.

  31. Anonymous6:35 am

    I guess there is another group that should be send to "hell" for treachery of Terengganu Wang Ehsan.

  32. Anonymous9:01 am

    For those screaming for "ketuanan Melayu", this is what you get when you "ketuanan" crooks.

    With the absolute power they have with the NEP, ISA, OSA and a tainted judiciary, they have been given a blank cheque to steal the rakyat blind and in this case, stealing from the mostly Malays from Trengganu.

  33. Anonymous10:14 am

    I am so happy I voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT. BN is good at wasting money and enriching themselves. Recently, my son who scored straight 10A1 was rejected a PSD scholarship. Hello, Pak Dollah wake up lah, ini modal insan that you been talking about. Well then again you only talk never walk the talk. Sad really sad.

  34. Bro Rocky

    I heard the money never goes through the state government directly. It gets channelled through state UMNO. That is why the current MB is demanding the return of the wang ehsan because apparently he's not the state UMNO chief. Idris Jusoh is still sthe state UMNO chief. That means those 7 billions still flow through his oversized pockets. How sickening, and yet these same people goes around yapping on Ketuanan Melayu.

    Ya Allah, selamatkan negeri kami dari orang-orang yang zalim.

  35. Anonymous12:05 pm

    You guys please do not forget that the root cause of this problem is none other that Dr Mahathir, the hero to many Malaysians. He is the one who cut the oil-umbilical cord to terengganu after PAS won. And Paklah enhanced the abuse.

    look at root causes, like Mahathir always says when talking of suicide bombers and pilots.

    To err is human,
    To forgive divine, BUT
    To forget is unforgivable.

  36. Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    Yang Dikejar Tak Dapat, Yang Dikendung, Keciciran

    Awang rasa keciwa bila Awang bersiar-siar, meronda-ronda disekitar Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya. Awang dapati masih banyak Presint-Presint di Putrajaya serta kawasan-kawasan di Cyberjaya yang tergantung, beku, tidak bergerak projek pembangunannya.

    Apa sudah jadi? Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya sebenarnya adalah satu projek yang melambangkan kemajuan dan perubahan pembangunan dan tamadun bangsa dan rakyat Malaysia. Ia akan menjadi salah satu ikon pencapaian Wawasan 2020 nanti. Tapi jika berdasarkan kepada progress sekarang, Nampak gayanya sebahagian projek di Putrajaya dan lebih teruk lagi di Cyberjaya akan menjadi GAJAH PUTIH. Lebih mengeciwakan Awang tengok keadaan di Cyberjaya semakin teruk. Nilai komersil semakin hilang. Projek tak bergerak, Awang dimaklumkan ramai pelabur telah beralih arah.

    Tapi yang memuatkan Awang dan golongan Marhain serta Orang Kampung hairan ialah kenapa disibuk-sibukan nak buat WPI, NCER, ECER dan bermacam macam lagi ER. Benda yang dah ada tapi belum dijayakan sepenuhnya di biarkan terkonteng-konteng, sedangkan benda yang dirancang tidak jelas hala tujunya serta masih kelam mekanisme pelaksanaannya. Awang dapat input Kedai Kopi katanya WPI bertujuan memberi banyak favor kepada orang Singapura. Apa betul perkara ini?

    Oleh itu, untuk mengelak sebarang spekulasi negatif dan fitnah masyarakat, elok lah AAB dan barisan kepimpinannya menjelaskan perkara ini sejelas-jelasnya.

    Jika tidak, rumusan yang Awang boleh buat ialah:

    AAB nak tunjukkan legacynya, sebab itu beliau sanggup pinggirkan Putrajaya dan Cyberjaya yang mana menurut beliau adalah legacy TDM.

    Semua projek-projek baru di bawah AAB mempunyai kepentingan besar dan ekslusif kepada AAB, Kamaludin, Khairy dan segala konco-konconya.

    Nampak jelas AAB hanya dilihat baik dari segi luaran, tetapi hakikatnya seorang yang rakus dengan kuasa dan harta. Sebab itu beliau bermati-matian mempertahankan kedudukannya. Kata-kata perancangan peralihan sekadar untuk menyedapkan hati orang UMNO yang sedang marah. hakikatnya, jauh sekali KJ dan Kamaludin untuk membenarkan AAB berundur. Orang UMNO di"kencing" (maksudnnya ditipu) hidup-hidup oleh AAB,KJ, Kamaludin dan konco-konconya.

    Segala perancangan dan tindakan yang dibuat selepas PRU12 ini adalah usaha untuk membeli balik keremukan hati Marhain/Orang Kampung yang sebelum ini tidak dipedulikan oleh AAB. Tapi, silap, Marhain/Orang Kampung sekarang dah lain, kami bukannya dungu dan tak boleh menilai. Malah isu judiciary pun kami tahu apa yang tersirat disebaliknya. Tak payah lah AAB nak bermain wayang. Melalui input Kedai Kopi (Orang Kampung macam kami mana mampu nak bersembang kat hotel) pun kami dah boleh membuat analisis dan konkulsif terhadap apa yang terjadi disekeliling.

    Untuk itu, mohon sesiapa dapat memberi penjelasan kepada perkara tersebut. Ingat! Orang Kampung pun berhak nak tahu. Jangan ingat kami boleh diketepikan begitu sahaja.

    Awang tak mahu peribahasa Melayu “ YANG DIKEJAR TAK DAPAT, YANG DIKENDUNG KECICIRAN” terhadap semua projek yang direncanakan untk kebaikan rakyat Malaysia.

    Awang Maya

    Posted by Awang Maya at 10:14 PM 0 comments


  37. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Pasqual , where are you ? Why are you soooooo quiet ???? Surely you must have something to say like ,,, "those PAS fellows said something about my mother , wah , wah , we in UMNO deserve the Terenganu peoples money , how we supposed to buy a new mansion if royalties go to the people ??? " This is the kind of logic we constantly hear from you isn't it ?
    It's okay you UMNO goons are already digging your own graves , I am really enjoying this slow drawn out death of UMNO .

  38. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Ramai budak yang patut dapat 10A tapi diketepikan begitu sahaja. Ada anak-anak pegawai kerajaan yg dapat 8A (ada B, ada C) tapi ditawarkan scholarsip JPA. What the fuck man..... Tolong telus laa JPA..kalu bagi explaination, bagi tunjuklah ketelusan. Jangan cuba hide data. Kita tahu. Ismail Adam dan Datin Madinah jangan nak ciluk laa. Mail Adam tu patut dah bersara lama dah..tapi disambungnya lagi kontrak. Sekarang dah nak masuk tahun ke 4. Apa semua niee....Dia jadi KP JPA, cakap tak serupa bikin, nasihat orang bawah semua yg baik2.. tapi pelaksanaan dan keputusan yang dibuat.....bias/favoritsm. Kalau bukan orang kliknya macam TS Aseh Che Mat, habis ditendangnya. Tulah dia perangai Mail Adam yang tak sedar diri masih nak kerja sedangkan tak produktif lansung.

    To those yg dapat dapat 10A1 tapi tak dapat scholarship, ini semua Mail Adam dan Datin Madinah punya kerja laa nih. Check it out, aku sure masih ada yg dapat 7A or 8A masih dapat scholarship.

    Banyak hanky panky dalam JPA sebenarnya.

  39. Anonymous3:49 pm

    It's amazing that despite all these money going there, Terengganu continues to be one of the poorest state interms of economic and infrastructure development in Malaysia.


    No wonder the former MB has been fighting like hell (to the point of derhaka kepada sultan) to have himself reinstated as MB. Looks like his money tap has been abruptly switched off!

    Good for him!

  40. Those leaving comments here are surely a strangely pliant, suggestible and gullible lot. How many of you have actually been to Terengganu and counted these so-called loads of poor people? Have you even been to my kampung and see whether these kin of mine are actually poor or otherwise?

    Do you think that the whole amount of Ehsan Money is used solely to finance the Monsoon Cup and other grandiose projects? Do you not see all the new gleaming mosques, commercial buildings built by the public sector, infrastructure projects and the wang ehsan distributed during Hari raya and New Year? Where do you think all that money came from? It's not like we have big private sector undertakings here, unlike in KL or penang or Johor.

    I take it as an insult that you keep harping about poor people here. If we are poor, then it is fortunate that we do not feel so. At least none of us are living in squatter houses like you in KL and Selangor or on waterhouses like in Sabah.

    Be rational and logical! Where were you guys before this? Were you harping on this issue then? Or are you just joining the bandwagon?

    Dato' Sri Idris was a visionary MB who had big ideas and a corporate style of admin. Just ask any SUK official in KT. It is unfortunate that he was burdened by his relationship with Pak Lah, but that's just politics. Ahmad Said may prove to be better, but being so would not mean that Idris was a bad leader.

    And also, it may be that Jusoh Enterprise has seemingly bagged a few projects, but be aware that the late Haji Jusoh family has been in business even before Idris was born. They may have benefited from his being MB, but they have been in business long before he became MB and will likely continue even after he's retired.

  41. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Is this monstrous sum of money just to be allowed to disappear just like this? Is it something just for bloggers to write about and shout about? Is there no recourse that is opened to the rakyat? Can't this be brought up in the parliament? Cant' the newly-minted MPs from both sides of the aisle do something about it?
    PAC, NGOs, Auditor-general, anyone?

  42. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Mohd Asri,
    You sound very much like....er.. idris jusoh lah! Not related ke? Yes, I've been to T'ganu a couple of years ago... spent time visiting pulau rusa, merang, marang, batu buruk, etc. Believe me (I'm not blind yet btw), there are really poor people in K.T'ganu itself! I'm not even talking about kampong terpencil di pedalamang... so sorry this scenario "insults" youlah brader... monsoon cup tu just a tip of the iceberg lah... masuk floating masjid, etc. etc. tak sampai pun RM1B, so where did the rest of the money go during the 3 or 4 years? Wakeup lah brader, nak gah tak tentu pasal buat ape?

  43. Anonymous9:46 am

    To me...only better,
    Dear Makcik..Why do you and many others have to delve in the past everytime an issue like this is brought up.We are talking about now and not 5-10 years ago.Don't you realise these are the distractions that PakLah's people are creating, reminding the people of his predecessor's faults to keep their minds away from the wrongdoings happening today.
    People like you are just helping to keep PakLah longer in office.Or maybe you really are one of those spindoctors or cybertroopers in disguise.

  44. Anonymous10:48 am

    Asri said:

    Dato' Sri Idris was a visionary MB who had big ideas and a corporate style of admin.

    Yes Asri, he did get his MBA from University of new Haven, Connecticut, US and perhaps applied some modern management methodology in his leadership and administration.

    I was there recently, but I don't see it. Only saw problems and looming problems everywhere.

    Land being acquired by outsider which mean it will not benefit the locals. Food as pricey as in KL.

    Has the money gone to continue the develop local and indigenous basic economic activities plan of Tan Sri Mokhtar - trade, agriculture, SMI industries, etc that will have a significant effect on people's livelihood?

    BTW UPEN TErengganu was an award winning planning team then. I was impressed with the economic plan then.

    Terengganu does not need all those glistening buildings. It needs to economic development that benefit the people.

    Will the humongous Monsoon Cup, claimed to be the idea of Pak Lah really translate into beneit for the people?

    I can see problems looming. For the sake of Patrick Lim's Monsoon Cup, the breakwater build will be a future problem. Flood!

    Do a google earth and you will see how big the Terengganu river and its mouth. The river begins at the huge dam in Kuala Berang.

    Imagine the effect to the ecosystem . If there is a major monsoon and water need to be released, the breakwater will hinder the freeflow of water to the sea. KT could be facing something it never see, flood!

    I see the breakwater needing constant repairs. Thats annual money for Patrick Lim. Recently announced another RM45 million to be spent on the breakwater. Thats additional cost! Will this be in perpetuity?

    Patrick Lim is a developer and all this is create a prime tourism themed property. For a state still reliance on rural based economy activities, will the people benefit from this sports event and high end property development!?

    To answer your point of Idris Jusoh's corporate style of thinking, that is what you get? He is doing business management and urbanisation, not economic management.

    We haven't talked of corruption and misappropriations yet.

    How would you reply?

  45. Rock,
    Last night MB Terangganu in a programme Bersama Menteri RTM1 seems to be wondering why the cost to upgrade Sultan Mahmud airport has overshoot from RM250mil to RM500mil. This project is handle by the federal government by direct nego (nego means whom do you know and how you position your price).
    If MB himself was shock what more the voters?

  46. Anonymous4:10 pm


    just remove this fuel subsidy...improve public transport! build subways, lrt, more buses and taxis (make it cheaper and better and reliable), complete the bakun pjt!

    and people, dont depend too much on gov...sikit2 subsidi...sikit2 subsidi...this is now a global problem!

    proud malaysian during TDM!

  47. Dear Rocky,

    I would like put forward a suggestion.

    The new parliament session according to many of us is better compared to all the previous ones. But to me I find it is not up mark. It is because of the many restrictions and rules set by DR speaker upon MPs.
    What is the point of restricting MPs with two supplementary questions? It would be alright if ministers provide honest and detail answers. If one could see, most of the time the answers are not specific and they just beat around the bush. I guess the SPM students would fair much better in their oral answers compared to most of our honorable ministers.
    Therefore, my suggestion is why not seasoned blogger like you set up another blog especially on parliamentary matters. All questions and answers for the day could be posted on the blog so that our surfers and readers could evaluate them while posing additional questions should it require. This approach will put greater pressure on ministers and their ministries to be more prepared with responsible and detail answers. It can also serve as platform for us to criticize/praise specifically to issues than personal attacks