Monday, May 12, 2008

School of Blogging?

UiTM wants to produce ethical and professional bloggers.
"Currently, we do have blogging studies in our curriculum and this will be enhanced further by introducing a course on blog writing. I feel that the Communication and Media Studies Faculty is ready to conduct the course and I fully support this move (to introduce blog writing course) as it is time for us to help produce bloggers who are not only professionals, but with ethics," (UiTM vice chancellor Prof Ibrahim Abu Shah) told a media conference after opening a seminar on Media and the 2008 General Election, here Monday.
Read the Bernama article here.

NST On-line's Dewan Dispatches: Is KJ the young and restless "Prince of Darkness"?, quotes the SIL proposing that "bloggers be given the same professional training as mainstream media journalists". Read that here.

As quite a seasoned journo, may I suggest that mainstream media journalists and editors be given a quick course on blogging (not the one UiTM is offering). It'd remind them of some of the things they should be doing as journalists and editors.


wahi said...

Hmm.. I wonder if anyone will then claim to be a graduate of the SoB (School of Blogging) program!!

Anonymous said...

why are you quoting and talking about things in the Wikipedia? You as a journalist should know better that to assume the authenticity of articles in the info-sharing wikipedia.

And I am waiting for RPK respond to a police report against him yet again for saying that 2 individuals threatened him in prison! Now who is lying and whose telling the truth?

Oldstock said...

UiTM wants to do what? Produce bloggers who are not only professional but with ethics?

Err... you mean to say that one day, we would have somebody with a Dip. Blog. to their name? And guys like these are called professionals? Get serious!

Need I remind the Vice Chancellor of the definition of a weblog? It's a personal online journal, my dear sir! I write what I like in my blog. Tak kira la grammar tunggang terbalik ke, pandangan kanan ke kiri ke....

And what's this talk about ETHICS? You are going to guarantee that those people who hold your Dip. Blog. would have ethics? I know a lot of professionals who don't have ethics.... engineers, lawyers, accountants. And based on the Lingam Inquiry, you can put judges in that group as well.

mn said...

Salam Brader,

1. Who is man behind with this program?

2. To me 'etika' yang ingin mereka produce ialah menyekat Blogger dari berkata sesuatu dengan berani dan berterus terang.

3. Jika u hanya mempunyai etika, tetapi tidak ada keberanian untuk berkata sesuatu kebenaran, maka etika itu bermaksud 'DAYUS'.

Anonymous said...

I think they need to register KJ there with some Najib supporters as well.

backStreetGluttons said...

before the genuine clowns get out of hand we hereby award you Dr Rocky a genuine

"PhD in Original Blogging" -
Dr of Laws , Original Blogging

from the Honorable Dean

the Faculty of The School of
International Genuine Readers and Commenters

Subang USJ, Selangor Malaysia

Harris said...

Ali Rustam and Khir Toyo should consider seriuosly to apply this programme . Pak Lah might feel bored zzzzzzzzzzz

Unknown said...

these "graduates" make good Toll Collectors though... that could cut down traffic jam at Toll Booths!

Old Fart said...

Er....I did not attend any that why noone visits me??? Sob!!!

Anonymous said...

Brother Rocky,

Before long we'll have main stream bloggers and alternative bloggers amongst us. they want to control everything now? By the way if the course is free I might consider. They can't be trying to control and bleed us at the same time.

Saya... said...
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Saya... said...

The first to need training in ETHICS would be Khairy Jamaluddin and UMNO politikuses as in RATS.

Tak sodar diri.


Why don't you just go die and leave us alone Khairy. We thought you were dead already...rupanya gagah nak bangun balik jugak...tak malu betul.

NOBISHA said...


Saya fikir elok kalau UITM masukkan subjek "blog" sebagai sebahagian kurikulum untuk journalism students. Apabila jadi Editor in Chief / Editor nanti, tak ler meraba2 seperti yang berlaku sekarang. Pada saya, yang penting bakal wartawan didedahkan dengan teknologi yang mencorakkan dunia kewartawanan baru.

M. Bakri Musa said...

Dear Rocky:

All, including and especially the journalists and editors at MSM, could benefit from attending a course on writing. Writing is writing, it does not matter whether it is for blogs, newspapers, books, or letters.

What UiTM should do is have writing courses for their students. At respectable American universities, a student would have written at least 30-40 "term papers" plus many more short essays. First year students also have to attend mandatory writing classes.

That UiTM VC obviously does not know what he is doing; he is merely latching on to the latest craze.

As is evident from your postings, you write just as well and as careful on your blogs as when you were at the MSM.

It is the writing, not where your written prose is placed.

M. Bakri Musa

eddy said...

Bro, you said "I suggest that mainstream media journalists and editors be given a quick course on blogging (not the one UiTM is offering). It'd remind them of some of the things they should be doing as journalists and editors" and I wholly agree with you.

By the way I did read the NST article on KJ the "Prince of Darkness"?, boy that was some piece of REAL ass kissing article on KJ or any wannabe politician that I've seen for a long,long time.

Anonymous said...

I wish they don't simply send in armies to make this place to be another business that requires "permit".

Blogging is for free speech, not another media platform for answering freedom of information.

lipandes said...

I am very unhappy with the situation in Malaysia where the term Blogging has always been associated with political writing. Ethical Blogging? What the hell?

Majority of blogs are of personal nature, talking about hobbies, their life stories and sometimes mundane things like what did I eat today. You do not need ethical classes to teach you how to blog about your cat being neutered are you...

The word Blog has turned into some sort of a bogey word that describes either a mad raving or liberal or extreme slandering political website.

Whatever happened to blogs being more of a personal space.

me said...

And should politicians also take a course on logic then?

This sense of the "proper" way of handling information is no different from the same drive for "proper" information that justifies BN's censorship.


kuc1n993m0k said...

haha..UiTM,the first world class U to have this course..LMAO.

ni semua nak mencapap je


Bung Karno said...

That article in NST about KJ...

DSAI did say KJ reminded him of his younger days.... or are they going to be NO 1 and No 2 in the same side ?

Azman said...

Mr M. Bakri Musa,

Sir, you never cease to amaze me. Your suggestion is certainly the best and most efficient solution. How I wish I could think like you.

Anonymous said...

KJ is showing off and try to be clever. Blogging don't really need formal learning. Our basic education is good enough. You don't have to a graduate of Oxford to be a blogger!!

As long as you can write decent malay or english, is good enough, of course ypu must have internet connected computer. Other than that, be truthful,transparent, and sincere to yourself and others!! Bingo, you are a blogger. Ask KJ to produce one good Umno blogger who can rebutt postings against UMNO!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right. Before Khairy try to teach others he needs to be taught. So seasoned journalist cum blogger like you should consider starting a training center specially for UMNO putras, The fees collected from them could be used as bloggers fund in case of sedition charges.

Awang Maya said...

Saudara rock's bru,

Maaf menyimpang sikit.

Awang dimaklumkan dan difahamkan bahawa proses pengeluaran SIJIL HALAL yang dulu dipertanggungjawabkan kepada JAKIM kini telah diserahkan autoriti pengeluaran kepada Halal Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (HDC). Sebuah syarikat swasta.

Apa ke hae nya yeaoppp? Tindakan tersebut akan mengakibatkan proses penilaian halal haram sesuatu makanan itu akan diorientasikan kepada keuntungan. Mungkin kebarangkalian barang-barang makanan yang diragui kehalalannya disahihkan HALAL kerana mendapat bayaran yang lumayan. Apa sudah jadi dengan prinsip dan pegangan Syariah. Mengapa Perdana Menteri (AAB) boleh meluluskan perkara ini?

Mohon pihak terbabit tolong jawab. Antara input-input kedai kopi yang Awang dengar ialah Khairy Jamaluddin adalah orang yang bertanggungjawab di sebalik penubuhan HDC. Jika ini benar, KJ ni memang tak habis-habis nak rosakan kepentingan Ummah demi memenuhi temolok sendiri. Jika tidak, sila jelaskan kedudukan sebenar.

sila lawati

Awang Maya

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Dr. Bakri Musa. I was an US engineering graduate. It was a requirement for engineering students to take up "technical writing" course in my school.

LazerJuan said...

Brilliant idea!! To ensure its success, why not appoint Rocky as the Dean. First semester layan lagu Beatles...biar mindset budak melayu ni buka sikit.Lu kan product ITM??

svllee said...

Hi Rocky, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Blogging cannot be learnt or taught. Besides, does it cover ALL manners and subjects in blogging? There are literally hundreds of different topics, how can ethics cover all these topics. This reminds me what a friend from Singapore said about her government. It follows the 'plonking' theory, just 'plonk' one idea here and another there, to look like they are doing something coherent, but actually its just total bs.

Saya... said...

eh, btw, Rocky

Doesn't "Prince of Darkness" refer to the DEVIL?

Is it an open admission now of what I (for one) have known for years?

Has Pak Lah been given the "nasi" again? Allowing this guy who caused BN to lose badly to secara "gelojoh" restart his blatant quest for power?

BTW Awang Maya, I too am interested to know if the halal certification has been privatised. I don't trust a "Prince of Darkness" related entity with my food. Don't want no one "asapkan" it...

flyer168 said...

Bloggers are people with PASSION about their Favourite subject/s, Justice, People, etc & Commenters are also mostly CONCERNED people respondng to the Blogsite.

Just because they lost to Bloggers, this is the latest fad to make more money from the rayaat.... What a joke & waste of money to create the Uni course!

There are already established Uni courses in Mass Comm, etc, why waste money on "Pseudo....." Dip. Blog !!

Hello folks, with the soon to arrive Financial Tsunami & our ever rising cost of living to cope up with, let us all Walk our Talk & find solutions against it !

Anonymous said...


mmg tidak syak lagi sememangnya sijil halal yang dahulunya dikeluarkan oleh JAKIM (pihak tidak berkepentingan) kini akan diberikan kepada HDC bersama kontrak berjuta-juta ringgit (ratusan juta). Apa yang menghairankan setelah kontrak bernilai ratusan juta ringgit diberikan, HDC tetap akan menggunakan khidmat anggota JAKIM bagi membantu dari aspek penguatkuasaan dan penentusah logo halal tersebut. Inilah buktinya terang lagi bersuluh khairy jamaluddin abu bakar itu sememangnya seorang manusia yang opportunis untuk kepentingan peribadi diri sendiri. manusia seperti ini mmg patut di........

Patriotic1994 said...

Nobody will pay for learning how to blog. This information is free and available. If school squeeze in blogging and set their "rules" to let you pass this blog lesson, fail it.

Some of the things schools are not supposed to teach. School only need to prepare the student to learn that in the future.

ewoon said...

Yah, let's do it.

Let's also start a School of Diary Entry Writing. Only bloggers need apply.

No wonder our educational system is going nowhere. We have clueless dimwits making decisions for us.

Anonymous said...


Blogging is a degree course now?

World First! Woot!
Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

this all rubbish.

rubbish no. 1- uitm to produce special course on blogging.
i bet u, ASK any of the prominent bloggers - those 'graduated' from the MSM - that blogging is another medium of journo. thats it.
blogging is not a new phenomena which is totally alien, but it is an alternative of delivering informations towards the targeted group.
so, uitm is wasting time and resources for this blogging course.

rubbish no.2 - Khairy asking for good guidance given to bloggers (proper training like MSMs)
The thing with everyone these days is that, they think they know everything and within a snap of finger, they bluff people like what. so, there we have - one statement which may popularised him towards embarcing this new medium of media.
u dont have to worry about these training or the way these web journo execute their blog. i am sure u guys only concern about the sosio politics bloggers which are I think not so large in numbers (the credible ones I mean).
and for one good reason no.2 is a rubbish is that, blogging enables u to jot whatever he/she thinks right and according to his/her thoughts. without worrying any orders a.k.a from the people above (at the newspaper powers/ etc. etc)
but then he/she still has to abide to the existing law.

so, good to start my day. seen rubbishes.

Anonymous said...

I choked on my breakfast reading this...

seriously rocky...reading blogs when eating and drinking is hazardous.

That this suggestion comes from UiTM speaks volumes of not very nice inferences regarding this school.

Upgraded into a university, with little to justify itself, apart from its fine arts department, UiTM wants to have a school of blogging?

Firstly, blogging is a medium of self expression. How you learn to do it is something that does not need conventional pedagogy.

As to teaching ethical blogging, heheh...dunno wot to say man.

Did they teach ethical reporting in the mass comm class? If so, how do you explain the unethical reporting, bald lies and half truths that pass for editorials in the media these days.Everybody is guilty of it.

Individual bloggers are never the problem. They are never meant to be "professionals" to begin with.

That they gained so much credence with the public is not something to be celebrated, not really, because whether or not a blog is a purveyor of truth is entirely up to the blogger him/herself.

The public just stopped believing MSM because the media has been seen to be biased.

We bloggers are just important by default.

Address issues like calculated disinformation that the govt-owned/sanctioned media purveys.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that the VC doesn't understand the concept of blogs and blogging.

The thing is, simply writing as we like is the whole idea blogs came to being in the first place.

You can't teach that in a course. It comes from the heart.

That is the appeal of blogs, that is the reason why blogs now have a voice.

UiTM should introduce courses to appreciate and understand the influence of blogs in today's politics and culture. Understand its evolution and where its going. How it will have a hand in shaping the future of nearly everything.

Anonymous said...

another BS program/agenda/project/watever..........cant they think straight for once????????

Anonymous said...

What a silly idea. I like yours, though.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why our public universities are so lowly ranked in the world? When I gazed at the faces of the so-called Professors of our public universities, I can’t help but have a feeling of despair on the standard of education in our country. When you can have moronic Professors demanding that Science and Mathematics be taught in Bahasa Malaysia, you really begin to believe we have a bunch of jokers heading our public universities.

I’m afraid if not for the biased affirmative action policy of the racist BN / Umno regime, many of these Professors wouldn’t be Professors. Just like the oxymoron professor from UiTM who wants to start a faculty called the School of Blogging. Can someone tell this pencil pushing ass wiping imbecile of a professor you can’t just get someone to go to college and make them a blogger! Just look at that idiot Wong Chun Wai and Khir Toyo as prime examples. These guys have been talking and writing crap all their lives. They do it so much that they actually believe in their own spin.

I can’t speak for all Bloggers but I can tell you why I took up Blogging. It is very frustrating when you write to the Malaysian MSM and never get your opinions or letters published even it is of public interest. It gets even more frustrating to see the likes of Bulbir Singh getting their comments published especially when their opinions mirror that of the BN regime. Blogging involves honesty. With the exception of few journalists like Citizen Nades and Terence Fernandez, the rest of the journalistic fraternity in this country don’t have the spine to write the truth.

We Bloggers speak our mind out. There are half of million Bloggers in Malaysia today. So, take your pick of what you want to read and believe. As for me, I will continue to speak my mind out in my Blog. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the word SENSITIVE and SEDITION ACT. To me, this is all bullshit! I’d prefer someone to tell me in the face what he or she feels about me. Even if you hate me, at least tell it to my face. The problem with this country is that we are all wearing masks and trying to pretend to like each other. In actual fact, we are breeding resentment against one another. This is very unhealthy. As a Malaysian, I find it very offensive and mischievous the statements made by Tengku Faris of Kelantan against non-Malay Malaysians. But criticizing the Prince will get you charged under the Sedition Act and be labeled as ‘Perderhaka’ (Treason). The Umno racists are quick to rally behind people like the Kelantan Prince by saying anyone who criticizes the royalty are touching on Malay rights and customs. If you ask me the most unpatriotic and disloyal lot is Umno itself. History has proven it.

As for the good Professor from Uitm, you better look at ways to improve the quality and standard of your University rather than waste your time trying to churn out ethical and good Bloggers. Bloggers are born not made Brother. If you can’t accept this fact, “Keris My Ass!”

M Fitri M Shukri said...

I agree with Bakri Musa's suggestion on writing course. But to produce good or excellent writings, one must make a reading a habit, especially quality materials.
That is the problems with most Malay university students, UiTM included. Apart from reading their textbooks for exams and assignments, the other reading materials our students are accustomed to are entertainment magazines like "Mangga", "Fantasia" or football magazine. It is hard to see them buying and reading magazine like "The Economist" or "Time" or other quality books and magazine either locally produced or imported.

On another note regarding UiTM Ethical Blogging Course...
I'm expecting something along the lines of "Ethical = Don't overly criticize the BN government, instead praise them"

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should sign up all the mainstream papers personnel for "blogging with ethics".

This is ridiculous, i didn't realise that you need a course on blogging??

Anonymous said...

UWAHAHAHAhahaha! UiTM wants to brainwash ppl...uwahaha. Hi, i'm KJ. I graduated from UiTM major in blogging...uwahahahah!

Anonymous said...

this is funny ... so funny ... you guys should know that any idiot can blog. we dont need to teach it. on that note, do you guys realise that words like blog and bloggers are used so many times in your blogs. its just talking about each other in circles. funny man

amoker said...

According to the Spanish ranking system, Webometric Ranking of
World Universities, the Top 10 universities in South-East of Asia are :

UiTM? What is their ranking in Malaysia btw?

junior 3.142 said...

As if Journo ethics was never taught in local schools...

Anonymous said...

the SIL is getting more and more lame that you wonder if the oxford degree is bought? first is mat this...

Anonymous said...

I read that people are saying BLOGS being online journals and that justifies that they have full control over what they write. True. But in this case it's for the public to see, so what's wrong with ethical writing so as to learn how to take sensitivites to heart. Dont bloggers know that they are responsible of self-regulating their blogs? But hey, people are people, they are what they are and people's values defer from one another. But there is nothing wrong with being sensitive in certain issues sometimes.

Half of the political blogs online (I'm not saying all) should attend this course just to stuff ethics down their throats. Better still, just a straight forward course in ETHICS would do for them.

Anonymous said...


Good move....

Gomen control blog MSC!

Anonymous said...


"The cabinet will decide during its weekly meeting on Friday on whether to make the 'Lingam Tape' report public, said de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim today."

Koyak lah. Royal commission tu public commission, maklumat mengenai keputusannya adalah hak rakyat (kecuali mungkin kalau melibatkan isu 'national security' yang boleh jatuh kat tangan musuh khususnya isu pertahanan).

Kalau rakyat berhak mengetahui kandungan keputusan commission, apa pulak kerajaan kena buat keputusan?? Keputusan yang berdasarkan kriteria seperti apa?

Unknown said...

I think MSM journalists are the ones who need to have a crash course on reporting with ethics.

Wait, crash course? Clearly that's not enough.

Those journos need to be asked to re do their degrees/ diplomas in journalism lah!

BaitiBadarudin said...

LazerJuan said...
Brilliant idea!! To ensure its success, why not appoint Rocky as the Dean. First semester layan lagu Beatles...biar mindset budak melayu ni buka sikit.Lu kan product ITM??
3:44 AM
I second that approach, esp songs from Across the Universe!

huey mei said... unbeliaveable...

Anonymous said...

i love your last para
hehe.. spot on!

Unknown said...

Bloggers patutnya graduate dari MSM. Or at least something basic in journalism. Ni ada segelintir blogger yang banyak taruk kuah tapi isi takde. BTW bro Rocky, youn punya sedap untuk dibaca. Sweet juicy. Straight to the point. Tak merapu.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the fellow who kicked out a student who blogged about the him being a "fat pirate"?

Think that ex-student's a Shah Alam PKR member now.

How does one become an "ethical blogger"?

Blogs are basically a person's point of view, so what exactly are the ethics of a blog.

Then there's the whole issue of creating professional bloggers. Seriously, is this something we should be looking into when we can't even fill up the quotas for doctors in the country?

Blogging is a past time or a hobby that someone can pick up on the side.

Let's not become America, where they actually have a degree in surfing....

Anonymous said...

Professional Blogger wanted! BSc in Blogging ? Master In Computer Blogging? PhD in Blogging? Great way to make money. TYPICAL marketing showcase Uni yang tarak quality langsung!

Anonymous said...

It should be considered one of the subjects in journalism or could be one of the majors.

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy theorist would go further and to say that this could be an indirect, furtive tactic-in-the-making for discrediting intrepid, fearless bloggers.

With such a scheme in place, one would then be able to, for example, counter damning statements/revelations made by a blogger (even if true) by pointing out the fact that he or she cannot possibly be credible because they are not accredited, or 'qualified', 'ethical' bloggers.

Conversely, 'qualified', 'ethical' bloggers could be enlisted by some to artificially legitimise their statements or arguments in the eyes of the public (i.e., to enhance spin-doctoring or misinformation).

For such a conspiracy theorist, and perhaps even for a calculating political strategist, these are certainly plausible options.

Anonymous said...

Anak aku nak tulis dalam blog pasal kucing die beranak nak kena amek course juga ke.
Bodoh betul la Ibrahim Shah ni.Dari dulu sejak jadi Dean of Student Affairs dah bodoh.Die bentuk satu badan kira nak jadi macam pengawas dalam ITM. Die amek beberapa budak2 ABIM budak2 GPMS, antara nye Rosman Ridwan, Rashid Maidin. Baik takyah cakap kat Ena ape Rosman tu cakap kat aku...cite lama dah..Dua2 tu dah jadi Datuk dah...
Ibrahim Shah ..kau goblok la...

Anonymous said...

what other work they can do if they graduate except blogging

Husin Lempoyang said...

Pencenlah Ibrahim Shah. Getting stupid by the day dok membodek Pak Lah.

Anonymous said...


after reading the comments above, i would say that those who proposed for 'school of blogging' must be a kindergarten graduate. writing skills and blogging are two different issues.

umno-bn never fails to amaze us with stupid thought and idea.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will be the lecturers for such a course...

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

Please allow me to digress and respond to some of the comments made by margeemar.

Margeemar said: "When you can have moronic Professors demanding that Science and Mathematics be taught in Bahasa Malaysia, you really begin to believe we have a bunch of jokers heading our public universities."

Mom-o'-Success says: So what's wrong with having science and maths taught in Malay? English is not the only language of knowledge. The subjects are still taught in the mother tongue in national-type schools, namely in Chinese schools. Obviously the schools are better aware of how best to impart knowledge to the students.

I admire Tun Mahathir for all the good things he's done for the country, but this policy on English for Science and Maths is not one of the good things he's done to enhance national education.

If the goal is to improve the level of English, especially among the young, then the thing to do is to increase the hours for English language in schools and universities (taught by people who are trained in the language). Making instant language experts out of science and maths teachers, not educated in and exposed to things English, is not an answer to the issue at hand. The professors whom margeemar described as 'moronic' would know better what's best when it comes to education because it is their core business. Their knowledge of blogging would not be as good as margeemar's, but I would think their knowledge of education would surpass that of margeemar's.

I would think the thousands of scientists and mathematicians in countries like China and Russia, or other non-English speaking world are as excellent as, if not more excellent than their counterparts in the English-speaking countries. After all, knowledge is not the domain of the English-speaking world.

Margeemar said: "We Bloggers speak our mind out... As for me, I will continue to speak my mind out in my Blog... I’d prefer someone to tell me in the face what he or she feels about me. Even if you hate me, at least tell it to my face. The problem with this country is that we are all wearing masks and trying to pretend to like each other. In actual fact, we are breeding resentment against one another. "

Mom-o'-Success says: Touche... Speak your mind indeed... but why are you hiding behind a mask? Talk about wanting to have things said to your face... there's no face to speak to, in the first place. My, my, you are indeed so full of resentment.

Margeemar said: "“Keris My Ass!”

Mom-o'-Success says: Did I detect the voice of a sour-grape...? You may claim to be good at blogging, but would certainly need to brush up on your knowledge of the Supreme Law of the Land and the rudiments of language learning. Perhaps then, you would better understand and appreciate the difference between getting privileges and having rights, being magnanimous and condescending...

I am for fair reporting. That's why I spend time reading fair-minded bloggers like Rocky and The Scribe, and not depend merely on the mainstream media. But margeemar is overly critical of the establishment that he has failed to do what is preached in his blog that... "justice may be blind but it can see in the dark..."


resident.wangsamaju said...

I say it's not necessary for a full blown course. A module or two is adequate. The last thing we need are more unemployed UiTM grads. The core nature of blogging is from the heart- bloggers blog because they have something to say, not earn money from it 'being professionals'. Imagine graduating from a blogger's course, start blogspot and earn what? It's better for UiTM to devise courses which can produce people whom can contribute to the economy.
Whoever who thought up of the course is insane.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Malaysian MSM editors need a course on ethics way more than journalists (or even bloggers) do.

mob1900 said...

Seems more like marketing strategy to sell writting courses. One of the appealing factor of blogging is; there are limited conformity and once you knew your tools, it's limited only to our imagination. For UiTM to put a 'course' name to it and offer it on a platter? That would be one unsavoury dish.

Benjamin Nicholas Cameron said...

BN is the greatest!
UMNO boleh!
MCA moh tak ting!
MIC is the choice!

Whoopie! On my my to secure
MA of Blog (Ethics certified)

Anonymous said...

Hey SIL,
Maybe you have a point here, after the course each should be given a certitifcate and it should read 'GRADUATED FROM UNIVERSITY OF ASSHOLES' the cert should be signed;

Name:Khairy Jammaluddin