Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two-year-old Bru, and goodbye Anon

This blog turns TWO today. It's bruised and battered, just as the blogger is. But here's hoping for another two good years of blogging.
After this posting, I plan to disallow comments by ANONYMOUS. For one very simple reason: there are way too many Anons. It's gotten really weird to refer to Anon 10:55, for example. Worse still when Anon 10:55 refers to Anon 8:20 for disagreeing with Anon 20:31 for running down Anon 17:55. You see?

To those of us who still prefer anonymity, simply choose a nickname and stick to it, at least throughout the same thread.

Better still, register that nickname as a Blogger. No Fear, right? After all, we've got ourselves a more blogger-friendly government now.

Here's to my Anons. Thank you for the support and guidance.


The Eugenist said...


Kau bukannya sebarang,
Kau pengecut,

Tampillah kau,
Kerana keberanian bisa londehkan kepura-puraan,

Kerana kepura-puraan kian mati..

(A blogger..)

Anonymous said...

Anon kisses goodbye to Rocky too.

Srikanth Siva said...

kudos to u! I will name my next kid Anonymous just to mess with you rocky :)

zaitgha said...


I thought this is your wisest decision for today he he....always been a silent visitor before....btw we met last year at Nuraina's Raya do...

for the anonses, berani kerana benar...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rocky or rather, Rocky's blog. ;)

shar101 said...


Finally.. Rocky puts his foot down on Anon(s).

That would take care of any Anon with a multiple personality affliction using your blog to communicate.. contradict.. conspire with him/herself.

Ahhh.. bro.. What about certain bloggers with multiple blogs?

Happy 2nd Year Blog Anniversary, bro.

mn said...

Salam Brader,

1. Well job. Congrat to u for 2 years job.

2. Biasanya 'Mak-Anon' ini yang selalu banyak cakap tapi 'tikus' kerana takut untuk register nama sebenar.

3. Ibu Anita Sarawak bernama Siput Sarawak. Sepatutnya Anonymous2 yang berkenaan digelar 'Siput Babi'. Bila nampak orang tarik kepala masuk dalam.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one, bro. The only Anon. that should remain to this day is those ancient singing nuns who rocked before Bach made the keyboard fashionable, only that no one knows who they these nuns are. The fact that posters still prefer to use 'Anonymous' reflects lack of individuality and character.

Or it's because they are too lazy to write a simple pen name. Or it's because of the way the blogging form is structured: when you fill your name, it is defaulted at 'Anonymous' and posters don't seem to know how to change the default to fill in their fake names. Either way, they are morons, to quote Pasquale!

As for being battered and bruised in the two years you've battled the Kali-Brendan-Hishamuddin-Syed Faisal rap artistes (the NST is a poor baruah they abuse), all you need to do is hang on to your horses while Dr M does the dirty work for you when he finally gets rid of the puppet PM strung by the 4th floor mafia.

Once the sleeping Lah steps down (or gets thrashed in the Umno elections), all your problems will be over because NST will be ordered by the new regime to drop the lawsuit. But you better watch out if the four desperados will continue their lawsuit but using Kali's money. He probably has millions stashed in his offshore accounts but if he didn't, he could easily sell his one of Rolex watches or one his cars to maintain the lawsuit. But would he? Depending on how much Kali wants to fix you, bru.

Other than that, have a nice time whacking these cronies!

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Tahniah. 2 tahun. Like the suggestion on "anon" too.

Knights Templar said...

But Bro , what if i agree with Anon 10:55 who disagrees with Anon 10:59 who is refering to Anon 8:20 for disagreeing with Anon 20:31 after running down Anon 17:55? Good MOVE i must say .Cheers

Unknown said...

Congratulations Rocky.

You have done your 2 years good service to the people and nation. Personlly I am proud of your commitment and devotion to spur healthy communication amongst the people and the government, indirectly.

Agrees with you that too many Anon spoils the blog.

Heard Mohkzani quitted UMNO, following his Mom & Dad foot steps, but Mukhriz still remains. What is going on in Tun Mahathir family actually?

These kids are all billionaires, so they should all quit in support of their Father dreams.

Kids nowadays no longer like those past days; our days, where we have full respect and high regards of the statesman.

Plain 'Kurang Ajar' is the most appropriate word, but again this reflects directly to their parents for neglecting attention to these kids at their tender years.

Anyway, congratulations to you Rocky.

Anonymous said...

can I change my nickname from Sinatra_Z to say Encik Anonymus?

rizal hashim said...

here's to more bru-ing, sir! no more glorifying the potters, that's my only request hahahahahaha jangan marah boss

Martin Bradley said...

Too right - I don't allow anonymous comments on my blogs. You should hold the courage of your convictions and not hide behind an onymous


Anonymous said...

Listen up, you Anon bastards. Time to get a name. Or better still you can borrow my name, which is free of the copyright law.

Awang Maya said...

Saudara rocky's bru,

Saya mahu saudara ulas mengenai cabaran saya terhadap DSAI agar menggesa DWA sebagai Ketua Pembangkang mengemukakan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap PM sekarang, AAB. itu kehendak rakyat sekarang. Awang percaya seluruh pelusuk rakyat sudah bosan dan semakin menyampah dengan kaedah kepimpinannya. Kami tak peduli dan tak nak ambil peduli pasal politiking yang Awang rasa amat memualkan yang sedang berlaku sekarang. Yang Awang dan rakyat mahu sekarang ialah turunkan kembali harga minyak, kerana itulah "HANTU" segala-galanya kepada peningkatan kos hidup yang membebani rakyat ketika ini. Pergi JAHANAM politiking, rakyat mahu kembali hidup seperti keadaan sebelum tahun 2004. UMNO, DAP, PKR..itu semua tak penting..kami orang kampung nak jugak keselesaan. Jangan asyik berpolitik nak memenuhi temolok masing-masing dengan menjadikan kami sebagai kuda tunggangan.

-Awang Maya-

anaklangkawi said...


bye2 .

Anonymous said...


congrats. keep on blogging.

BaitiBadarudin said...

possible nics for Anon:
A non
An on
An onymus
A nonymus
Anony mus?

Anonymous said...

Rocky... it was good while it lasted... but all good things must come to an end.

finally... it's not WHO wrote it... but, HOW it was written!

Unknown said...

Rite on brader,

agree with you, anon 11.00 hates anon 10.50 very much because anon 12:31 disagreed with anon 12:49, well it turns out anon 09:45 is a distant cousin of anon 01:02 !!


aawilliam said...

yeah!!,you right anon'.Show yourself to get a better discussing.

Anonymous said...

Gud one, bru.
Can i pen off as anon with 2 question marks.


talking tongues said...

Congratulations Rocky! You have contributed tremendously to a better society.

Arnaz M. Khairul said...

Congrats on your 2nd blogday...

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

This is the correct way , one should not hide. Always believe in speaking out and be counted

eddy said...

Here's to another 20 years more of Rocky Bru, Insya ALLAH.

Anonymous said...

Just testing...... 123 123

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rocky and keep on blogging. I support your decision on keeping out anon comments. Keep on blogging and keep on kicking !!

IES Agencies said...

congratulations rocky, on your second anniversary

Bunda said...

Hah, I've always wondered why people still comment as an Anon. What's the problem of having a nick? What are they so afraid of?

Has fear been ingrained in our culture so much that so many don't even have the cojones to use a nick? If that is the case, it is a sad one, indeed.

Unknown said...


Happy Birthday BRU
I hope the above Img link works.. I am not very well verse in HTML.

Shiok Guy

sungimann said...

Thank you for a good two years and all the best for a better two years to come.

It is a great move to block out the anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers , at the very least, should use a nickname. Support your move.


Congratulations Rocky, my hero

Shanghai Fish said...

this is not me...somebody stole my nick...see he's even got my face on it ! Sheeesh...sounds like me, writes like me, even looks good like me but I'm not me ! help....!!!
anon 2:21

Anonymous said...

eh, cannot be liddat lah

lanaibeach said...

The years gone by quickly
You thought you could do something for the community
Writing without fear or favor
Yet there are people just couldn’t take it
They want to use their wealth to muscle in

This is life bro
Nothing really changing
Except every one grows old and wiser
Else turning senile and writing nonsense

The good fight just glaring to go
The events in the country slowly unfolds
Lingam tape video and its report
And the Old Man quit UM-NO

And the frogs will keep croaking
Deeply in the pond occasionally popping up its heads
Eyes turning big mind listening attentively
For the call that they have to jump

The UM-NO ranks will crack
The ripples will not be seen now
It will happen in a few months
When the realization hit home

Now the peoples’ soldiers marching in
Silently in space and on the ground
You will have more stories to write
And share with us

Congrats for the 2 years
I came here since last year

Anonymous said...

anon ka...nickname ka...what's the different...still faceless people...tarak teloq

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion as per the 'anonymous' ID, but i think it doesn't do shit as far as identifying or tagging certain commenters. AFAIK, a person can be represented by a zillion nicks or 'nom de plume', but what's important are the facts and substance of the post. Are you getting paranoid now, Rocky? ;)


Pocahontas said...

Congrats. Wow! 2 years, huh? Rasa longer than that...maybe because its been my staple diet. Keep on doing good, real good!

Unknown said...

Hey Rocky,

Congratulations! Thank you for all the entertaining posts, information and logical perspectives you've share with the world. Keep on rockin'! :)

It's so hilarious the way you blogged about 'Anon's....I agree with you though...

Here's cheers to two years of blogging!


Anonymous said...

Bro' Rocky,

Agree with you.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

All the world's a stage bro. and ours is in blogsphere. Keep on blogging bro for as long as you can.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Too many anons. Haiyah very kompusing - dont know which anons said what.

You you all anonies, just get a nick lah and keep it. Why so scared one?

Btw bro, congrats and a happy happy 2nd year of blogging.

Lawyer Kampung said...

congrats bro! keep it up...

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Good one bro. Happy second aniversary. See you next week.


Anonymous said...

kalo camni sesiapa yg sayangkan "anon' atau "anonymous" kenalah register sbg valid entity utk jd "font biru bergaris" cepat2 nih.... anonymouse

Tawaran hebat..Sapa cepat dia jadi anon..dulu kini & selama-lamanya hehehe.. :P

bagus juga Rockyfella..bila dah tiada "anon" baru nampak true colour

Anonymous said...

Tak bagi Anon tulis pun tak apalah. Sedehnya. Kami semua nak keluar dari blog Rocky Bru lah, macam Dr M jugalah. Tapi, untuk kali ini bagilah peluang sekali lagi nak tulis pasal Dr M. Saya minta mana-mana bloggers atau troopers, buat analisis mendalam mengenai rasional mengapa Dr M keluar Umno. Saya dah baca ribuan komen dalam hampir semua blog. Hanya Kadir Jasin saja yang bagi pandangan, tapi sikit sangat. Yang lain dok buat komen tapi tidak membuka minda lah. Dr M ada bagi raisonal dia keluar Umno dalam blog dia tapi kita juga nakkan orang lain ulas. Kalau kita fikir jauh sikit, pasti kita akan nampak rasional dia berbuat demikian. Saya dah nampak, tapi saja tak mahu kongsi lagi.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...very funny punch line. Congratulation. One last anon posting from me before the final curtain. whispering9

Monster Mom said...

There was once a Mak Enon
But now there are a lot of Anons
Of all the names, they chosed none
Now no more Anon... only us... the Un-Anon....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd anni Rocky. Hope many more years of blogging ahead.

Anonymous said...


lu memang cun. anon makwor agaknya tu.

berani ke...dgn sharon?


zie said...

Congratulations & Happy Second Birthday Rocky's Bru! Please do not stop writing. With the present stifling atmosphere of thought repression & coercion in our society and what with the MSM feeding the public with spinned out news, many of us can only turn to responsinble blogging to have different perspectives. I start my day with blog-reading as it keeps me a little sane and I do not feel like I'm a such a freak because a lot of the time, I think differently.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky, it is a good move as it is very practical. You are still one of the more user-friendly bloggers, no wonder the visitor count is approaching 5 million in 2 years! It is no mean feat.
On that subject, like him or hate him, the blogger chedet seems to be doing remarkably well. What's your take on it?

Ismail Ibrahim said...

Hi Rocky
Thanks for two good years of blogging.

ingatuhan said...

berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah... please used the real name... not anom... it's can be anyone...


Yay Rocky!

Happy 2nd birthday, Rocky's Bru!

Long Man said...

congrats bro... keep up the good work...

Oldstock said...

Happy 2nd anniversary to Rocky's Bru. Keep on postin' bro...

Kalau guna nick `Unknown' bole tak?

Unknown said...


Bro, what about a fresh new blog for Rocky's Bru?

Get a domain for yourself instead of at blogspot like

MikeM said...

bravo & congrats... rocky, you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Shoot! There goes my cross dressing days...

Note to self: Need a new wig.

Anonymous said...

Calling all Malaysians, go out and make a donation to help the cyclone-ravaged people of Myanmar and the earthquake-devastated people of Sichuan.

The accumulated good accrued will rid Malaysia of all the evil perpetrated by the evil doers. The universal law of cause and effect in action

Anonymous said...

Congratulations brader..
Blog ni memang antara yang best dan demokratik pada semua komentator. Kalau susah sangat nak komen atau komen kena cantas visitor pun tak syok nak beri pandangan terbuka kan?

Anonymous said...

Selamat Second Blog Anniversary, Rocky!

Thank you for keeping us informed daily. Who can live without Rock Bru?

Must admit one or three of the Anons is me. What to do either terikut-ikut or just lazy to type all the 18 words in the name box.

No more anon going forward, I promise.


Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Dear Rocky!

Congrats n Happy 2nd birthday, Rocky's Bru!

Salam takzim

Anonymous said...

882Congratulations to the 2 years par existence par excellence .....!

It seems coincidental that rocky bru’s birthday is celebrated by both the resignation of TDM from his once championed party. This is the man that graced the party hierarchy for many full moons, the man who was pictured as the father of progress …….

The man that made many turn rich, …… and of course one that charted the many lives of Malaysians. To sum he was a hero of his time…he skirted issues that decremented him and he championed courses that benefited his agenda….

Today he is no more ….. how easy the affair has been, just dump them after you have finished using them. Jilted.

The funny thing is that Mr TDM how come all this generosity and sincerity do not portray in your siblings. Is it never enough for the TDM family? What is enough? Having taken all ….. businesses, properties, AP’s etc on the pretext of your party they now turn around to spit at this same entity. Just because you turned your back against it they too now turn their back against the same.

Now the race finally acknowledges…that all this while it was never for the party ……it was PERSONAL. ….ME, ME and ME.

Porches do not drop from the sky, Kencana does not puke from the sea…..if one was not the son of a Prime Minister, questionable the efforts to succeed such dishonesty.

The nation built racing tracks, for hobbies of sons, the country pays for excitement that tickles the delights of the premier. For when they nominate your son SIC chair, why did he not forego this post as well when he relinquished he position in the party?

Mr TDM maybe you were par excellence when running the country, maybe you were par excellence when running the government but you definitely failed in raising your own family. For now we see that they have no proper upbringing to respect the elders or those that provided for their luxuries in life.

That is why the children of Malaysia not respect you anymore…….!

Syed Hamid for DPM!


Anonymous said...

congrats bro and a happy 2nd ANONyversary

Anonymous said...

Aiyah!!! My name is Anon.

Now have to change it Ah Non.

Hope the NRD will allow it.


Wee Choo Keong said...

Congratulations! All the best for years to come. You are great bro.

Anonymous said...

Rocky's Bru,

Happy 2nd "Anon-versary", rock on!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

That's is the way to go!
Can we then now sign up with The National Alliance!
Chiao, Bro!
C U Soon.

Pasquale said...


In a true spirit of not-being-a- chicken-shit-hiding-behind-a-mask-of anonymity-crap, I Pasquale aka BarkingMagpie will reveal his true self on Sunday at 2pm. This is to enable him to be accountable to what he will be blabbing and for the police to know who the writer is if he am out of line!
Cheers Mo!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Onn Jaafar Ghost. I stocked racial tensions, I stocked all the leadership crisis in UMNO and I make sure those who detract on my wish,to make UMNO, my setup (never forget that) multi racial die miserably. To get rid of the curse, disband UMNO. I dont want my setup to be hijacked for agendas which are totally at odds with mine.

sexyjudge said...

Hey dear,
Good to know that you've been here for that long now. You're cool.

Syaliza Abdul Rahman said...

congratulations! :o)

mob1900 said...

2 years old already? wow, time passes by real fast! Here's to more years and anniversaries to come!

Simon Wee said...


The success of your blog is because of the overwhelming support from Anons. Of course that also got you into trouble.



Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Rocky,

Congratulations! Hope we have more good unbiased bloggers such as you. Been recommending my Indonesian fellow academics to read your blog for the latest news on Malaysian politics. You may be bruised and battered but no one can dent your will.Keep on writing.....

Anonymous said...

Apelah ada pada nama?
Tapa I rasa Anon, sebenar "secret admire who knows"
Malu-malu kucing.Bukan pengecut. Tak bernama bukan bermakna takde suara. Bersuara bukan nilai pada rupa (macam burung merbok jarang ade nama)
Tak pun kami mussafir lalu,biarlah kami dengan dunia kami.
Bukan publisiti kami cari,juga kami bukan Anynobloggerr (takdek blog sendiri le tu). Nak tumpang cari makan. Bukan semua orang ade nama, berpangkat atau orang berada.Kalau member kita 150-300 orang takkan terhafal nama-nama diaorang, kecik pulak hati member.

Apanama said...

Congratulations! You're da 'trail-blazer' and please continue with your classic-style.

Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai!

Unknown said...

Dear Rocky,
Happy 2nd Anniversary.
Thanks for all the support on the Bangsa Malaysia initiative.

Tun Teja said...

Congrats Bapak...

Big cheers for you and more to come...Keep on rockin'

tun teja

Anonymous said...

aslmkum din,way to go bro...keep IT up,wink wink.

siamangagap said...

yoyo bro!
tahniah! dalam penat-penat, tak cukup tidur, bersengkang mata, kesempitan masa, tak berupah, ditinggal-tinggal anak bini, lupa sembahyang...dah dua tahun rupanya. dalam dua tahun juga bertukar alam politik negara. tahniah sekali lagi.

pasal anon tu...tiada bezanya kerana masih boleh jadi anon di sebalik nama-nama samaran..kecuali memudahkan bro menjawab anon ... dan sesama anon kenal mengenal..!

anon siamangagap

Bung Karno said...

Brader rocky

Congrats & happy 2nd anniversary.
U provide us a happy hunting ground.
Should get better & better.

holytongue said...

...good move bro,should've done long ago...

Anonymous said...

bro rocky, oklah, ini last wa menganonkan diri dalam blog lu.. minta maaflah kalau selama ni anon macam wa ni banyak menyusahkan lu..
apapun wa kena hormat dengan keputusan lu, ni blog lu kan, so sukahati lu la apa nak buat..

itulah yang dinamakan 'kebebasan' mesti ada hadnya.. (tabik spring skuad..! seperti mana yang diamalkan di msm..) dengan memadamkan nama anon bermakna tak semua yang dibuat atas nama kebebasan tu bagus... hahaha..kan lebih baik padamkan saja identity anonymous dalam 'choose an identity' tu - kalau bukan untuk diguna buat apa dibiarkan kat situ? hehe..

bila hilang semua anon-anon yang dah kena chop 'penakut' ni wa ingat blog lu ni akan bertambahlah kredibilitinya & kelihatan sudah dipantau dengan begitu baik & kemas sekali sebagai blog arus perdana... maaf zahir batin, syabas, thank you, best wishes & bai bai..

malaysianlover said...

Congrats on your second year & still kicking.

And thank you for kicking out the "Anons". Anons are "NOTHING". Losing Anons means losing nothing.

Anonymous said...


you are just like unmo arent you

going for the messenger.



dizai said...

Congrat's bro..
More years to come...insha'allah!

Anon - condolences..
Time to find new nest... fly li'l birdie fly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rocky Sir.

Good luck to Stoke City.

Go Melchester Rovers!

Anonymous said...

thank you for two exciting years of bruing, rocky!

i raise my glass to many more!

Anonymous said...

Anon never dies.

Anonymous said...

..but still anon?

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Mr Bru,

That was o good one... Anons he he he

I believe there might be some of us who might not want to be famous ke ke ke hence the suuudo nameslah

I feel constructive opinions are ok, personally, i dislike vulgarity being posted thou every second word i use them lol

So Anons, maybe you guys need to respect the request of the blog owner.... if you cant, just stop posting, mana ada susah, bikin susah sahaja ke ke ke cari la tempat lain, mungkin ikut Tun dan bikin susah ke ke ke just kiddin

be happy ppl

Walski69 said...

Yo Rocky... congratulations on your 2nd blogaversary... I've been on the road and not really managed to post this comment earlier because of connection issues...

We indeed live in interesting times, looking at what's been going on this year alone.

And it's good to know that you'll be there to give the bloggerhood the heads up!

In your case, I fully understand your anti-Anonymous move.

Cheers.. and keep on blogging!

andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.