Thursday, May 22, 2008

Najib: I'll see Dr M

Torn in a flash! Musa Hitam must be cursing Mahathir. Because it looks like the Umno leaders who had an emergency Supreme Council meeting last night actually wanted back the "thorn in the flesh".
For the record, Pak Lah chaired the meeting. The Second-in-Command must be more eloquent and awake at such an hour, which is probably why he was the one speaking to the Press.
And Najib is saying exactly what he said the other day - that he's prepared to meet Dr M on the quit decision. What it means is that the Supreme Council has agreed for Najib to meet the Old Man. The meeting is to try persuade the Thorn to come back to the Flesh..
Dr M is in Tokyo to attend an international conference. Pak Lah is scheduled to be there as well. Yes, it's the same conference in which the two met but we were not sure for a long time who actually wanted the meeting and who went to whose room for the meeting.
At the airport yesterday, some Umno big wigs were there to send off the Thorn.
General May 22, 2008 01:29 AM
Umno Supreme Council Hopes Dr M Will Return To Party One Day

KUALA LUMPUR, May 22 (Bernama) -- A special meeting of Umno's Supreme Council (MT) held here Wednesday night expressed the hope that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir would return to the party one day.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak said the meeting took note that Dr Mahathir, who was also the party's former president, had written an official letter to leave the party.

"I am prepared to meet Tun (Dr Mahathir) anytime but we know his stand and his position. So we leave it at that for the time being," he told reporters after the three-hour meeting that was chaired by Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Read the rest of the story HERE.


  1. Anonymous3:28 am


    Look at this stupid dpm – he is crawling on his four to kiss ass – for some simple reason.

    It is not unexpected though –

    as dpm needs the “source of racism and bigotry” to rejuvenate his never ending greed for power.

    How much more conspicuous can he be?



  2. Brader Rocky,

    While waiting for this Man U versus Chelsea game ...

    Paklah has to bring along Tun Musa tothat Tokyo meeting to keep the Thorn at distance. Ouchhh.....

    Anyway,what is your comment on this Hj Hadi story :

    Datuk Hj Hadi Awang menyatakan dalam Utusan Malaysia 21.05.08 bahawa PAS bersedia mengambil alih jawatan Perdana Menteri apabila kerajan BN tumbang.

    Ini adalah sebagai memenuhi kontrak sosial yang termaklum supaya jawatan PM hanya dipegang oleh orang Melayu Islam. Ia juga untuk mempastikan negara kekal sebagai sebuah kerajaan Islam.

    Kenyataan ini mengenepikan peranan DS Anwar Ibrahim yang selama ini bertekad untuk menjadi PM.

    Sekiranya Hj Hadi hanya berlandaskan bahawa ada 23 Ahli Parlimen PAS berbanding 19 AP PKR orang Melayu Islam, kelebihan berpihak kepada PAS.

    Bagaimana jika AP daripada UMNO melompat menyertai PKR? Atau Hj Hadi pasti mereka menyertai PAS ?

    Kemungkinan Pakatan Rakyat ini terlalu rapuh dan PAS mencerugai DSAI sejak awal lagi.

    Mungkin PAS kurang senang dengan tindak tanduk DSAI sejak beliau masih dalam kerajaan BN atau bimbang kesan hubungan persahabatan DSAI dengan Wolfowitz, seorang Yahudi yang masih berpengaruh di Amerika Syarikat. ?

    Atau semestinya setiap ahli politik mengilai kuasa sebagai asas berpolitik ?

  3. Anonymous3:56 am

    to Dr Najib

    If there was a need to amputate a gangrenous part - why is it that we need to reattached back the part to the healthy biody????

    This re-attachment will result in the healthy body being exposed to new poisons which could result in eventual death!!

    I think we need an urgent second opinion on this matter - before performing the operation.

  4. Anonymous5:34 am

    Semoga orang Melayu cepat bersatu...

  5. Salam Brader,

    1. Sorry brader just to inform u and everybody.

    2. I kick out already my blog ''

    3. I frust because Chelsea KALAH!. So I not blogging anymore after this.

  6. Anonymous6:48 am

    Najib is playing safe....fence sitting like in 1987 UMNO Elections.. Team A... Team B.

    After all the ding-dong and non committal signs from Najib the last few months, Tun must be wary.

  7. "Thorn to come back to the Flesh.."

    So eloquently put Rocky old chap!


  8. Bro,

    Ketika pemimpin-pemimpin MELAYU lain mengambil kesempatan untuk memasuki pertandingan mengutuk Tun Dr. Mahathir, Najib nampak lebih berwibawa dengan kenyataan yang lebih sopan dan beradab.

    Yang lain seolah-oleh berlawan sesama sendiri untuk menunjukkan siapa yang lebih pedas kutukannya, siapa yang lebih keras dan siapa yang lebih menonjol. Pemenang pada ketika ini adalah Tun Musa, Datuk Shahrir dan Datuk Nazri.

  9. For this header along, sdr rocky, you get one more month bonus were you writHing for an MSM.

    Nah mid, Desi offers thee a rose among the throns among the NPC crowd like the ilks of Zollo and tHony Yu awe trying to get flee drinks off the Presidente!-- "Torn in a flash!" Syabas from a fellow neshound who believes such writes can only cometh from an olde dog!:) Pls don't sue me, I'm not a boy anymore and my name wasn't sue either.:(

  10. Musa-ng Hitam is the culprit who branded Dr.M as a thorn.
    The disgruntled former Umno passenger should just shut-up and continue his apple-polishing tasks in the JPM backrooms (or has he been given a mansion in Putrajaya too).
    If someone were to form a club called Kelab Kurang Ajar, this Musa-ng and Nazri Aziz would be at each others throat for the presidency.
    The pittance that Petronas pays to Dr.Mahathir for his role as Advisor has been published and re-published for some unknown reasons, but how fat is the Musa-ng's cheque for 'apple-polishing' the PM?
    Can someone please ask the 'eloquently silent cum sleeping emperor' this in Parliament?
    What is the cost of the brand new 'Bullet-Proof BMW 7series' limousine which the sleeping emperor has bought (with our money)?
    The PM and his boys are still rummaging closets after closets with the sole aim of tarnishing Dr.M's 22yrs as Prime Minister and Umno President.
    What the PM should do now, I think, is try to cover the holes he has dug in the short 4 years on the throne.
    I bet my last ringgit Mr.Prime Minister, your post-Prime Ministership years would be worse than the years spent by Anwar.
    Avenue, Ecm-Libra, AirAsia, Tune, Terengganu Oil Royalty, all the fictitious Corridors, Equine Capital and a few other dossiers would be waiting for you at the Palace in Putrajaya ... the Palace of Justice.

    We are waiting!

  11. Anonymous8:49 am

    Anon OA & ArtChan,

    It must be very disturbing for many anti-Umnoids like you that the DPM Najib now seems cool & collected in a time of crisis like this, steady and surefooted.
    Can't you see that since his meeting with TDM earlier this month, Najib has become more, shall we say, emboldened?

    Just you imagine what a second meeting with Mr Thorn would do to Mr Fence!

  12. Anonymous9:14 am

    Hey guys

    I thought you folks are smarter than to buy this nonsense about UMNO asking the Thorn to return to the Flesh.

    Come on... The chaps in UMNO love to see the back of Dr M for good.

    You guys should read the ancient history of the sultanates... the palace intrigues and the hang tuah series.

    Here is my take, and I am not too far wrong:

    a) Malay culture demands respect of elders, no matter how bad or the worse kind of tyrant or demagogue. Dr M held the top post of UMNO for 22 years and that is no mean feat.

    b) Those bunch in UMNO now owe their life and their obscene lifestyle to Mahathir. With that comes plenty of skeletons in the cupboard.

    c) The last thing you want is someone holding your skeletons to be outside your radar screen where you have no bargaining chips than when his is in. Like US President Lyndon Johnson said, "Iy is better to have someone inside pissing outside the tent than someone pissing from outside into the tent".

    d) The offer to ask Dr M to return is a sandiwara. Wayang kulit exercise. This puts the pressure back on Dr M. If he says no, UMNO leaders can say we did our best to call him back but he was arrogant and kurang ajar despite our humble approach. If he says yes, then UMNO says this man is untrustworthy, fickle-minded and suffers from some kind of senility for not able to make up his mind.

    e) If Dr M thinks he can get Pak Lah removed by returning to UMNO, forget it.

    Either way, Dr M is a loser. In or out. If he stays out, he has lost his influence with exception of a small bunch of dissatified cronies.

    And the longer Dr M stays out, the more the business cronies will be worried and those UMNO chaps who had benefited wealth obscenely, also better watch out.

    UMNO is doomed either way.

    The myth of UMNO as a uniting force for the Malays is finally shattered and for good.

  13. Anonymous9:30 am

    Najib, najib ......burung ape tu nak? Muraaaaii .... burung ape? murai.....murai ape? MURAILINGAM..

    The irony of TDM leaving the party is closely associated to such repercussions a little small bird can create. Events that unfold can only be imagined as the real truth will never prevail. Trust a bird when let free would blab the words of his keeper.....

    Poor TDM .... about to master a forceful attack on HMS PL, and suddenly the messages from a bird drew attention from the opposition. HMS PL, only a small frigate with small arms have nothing much to throw except the dirty linen left by the previous owners....oh yes! include the poor MURAI...

    So Vincent, back form Japan, so fast? Did we not plan a get together there ......

    Najib, son, be careful of Murai's, your words today, will be news tomorrow.....and i know you have stories of your own as well ..... my son...

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Anonymous10:37 am

    interesting who were there to send the Thorn off at the airport...

    Does Sleepy even know Thorn is going to be there at the same time?? hehe

  16. /// artchan said...
    Najib is playing safe....fence sitting like in 1987 UMNO Elections.. Team A... Team B. ///

    Artchan - except that this time round, they have put some barbed wires on top of the fence...

  17. To SU-KJ,

    there should be a good reason that make you to stop blogging.

    is it because you're starting to support Paklah? no one knows...

    see you in your new blog.
    "Penjenamaan Semula".

  18. Here's my beef with Tun Dr Mahathir at my blog

  19. Anonymous11:16 am

    He said he intends to meet him and not that he will meet him now or in the near future. Why the excitement? And you don't need to go to Musa Hitam which I believe is a principled and a simple man. The UMNO MT didn't suggest that Mahathir be mt or persuaded to return. That's why Najib said he "hopes" that Mahathir returns in the future, i.e, after AAB leaving power which was what Mahathir said in the first place.

    Mahathir is a spent force. Otherwise, people would have trooped to his side if he had power. There is a difference between a reigning PM and someone outside power. And it is him who taught Malaysians to "glorify" the PM always and demonise others. I can bet that Mahathir will not be met as long as Abdullah is PM. No need for sideshows and premature excitement.

  20. Anonymous11:20 am

    Syed Sheikh Alhadi, 5:34 am, said: "Semoga orang Melayu cepat bersatu..."

    Harapan saya pula berbunyi berikut: "Semoga orang Malaysia tidak kira bangsa lekas bersatu, dan pastikan negara tidak musnah..."

  21. James Joyce,

    What makes you think that the remaining body is healthy. Tun isn't a gangreneous leg that was cut off. He is a stem cell that's being stored to replenish the body once the poison is flushed out completely from the ailing body.

    Bro Rocky, Musa Hitam is just a has been whose contribution is worthless but tries to remain important by passing what he thinks are "contraversial" remarks. Shahrir is also like him thinking he is witty in his response. Weak reporters would go to them for remarks when they run out of ideas to sell stories. What's a circus without clowns right?

  22. argggh Chelsea Kalah ....hmmm DPM

  23. James Joyce have you been in a coma the last 26 years? THAT "gangrenous part" you are referring to was Malaysia's Prime Minister for 22 years. If he had been a tyrant/dictator for Malaysia, UMNO would have forced him out in just 4 years BUT he retired and GAVE AWAY the PMship AFTER 22 years if you must know.

    So please do not resort to labelling Tun Mahathir like thatlah make you sound so immature and empty between your ears ma.

  24. Bro,

    Cakap tak nak keluarkan komen "Anon". Melayu mudah lupa?

  25. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Just stand aside and watch the show unfolding. See the endless shadow play of the directionless characters.

    mahathir is laughing at the gutless AAB. When they meet in Japan he will be wearing the despicable smile. After the meeting he will be poring scorn at malleable AAB.

  26. bro zainal!

    komen anon yang ada nickname di penghujungnya boleh diguna. see anon oA (komen pertaman dalam thread ini). kita boleh refer dia sebagain anon oA. Yang jenuhnya bila tak ada nickname kita kena panggil anon pukol 3.24AM, etc.

    tak lupa beb, tapi thanks for the reminder!

  27. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Bukan kris sebarang kris
    Kris TUAH bermata besi
    ketua pemuda terkeluar baris
    Harapkan pengikut perut diisi

    Inikah melayu selepas inggeris
    Malukan nama bangsa menteri
    Kalaulah nampak di mata keris
    Harus terjunam kedalam hati.
    Hilanglah melayu di tanahair sendiri!


  28. eh eh Melayu mudah lupa or Mahathir mudah lupa

    cerita 1987 crystal clear for the thorn, kes 2001 dah lupa plak dia........

  29. As far as I'm concerned they're all thorns in their own flesh in the present political chaos!

    They're saying exactly the things that are expected of them as members of the Cabinet, MPs or leaders of their respective movements.

    Of course they wouldn't dare rock the boat! They would all capsize along with it!

    For Tun Musa to refer to Tun Mahathir as a "thorn in the flesh" is imprecise if you ask me. And for Hishamuddin to say Tun M is "irresponsible" is even looser talk!

    I wish Malaysians would "tighten" their use of language and express themselves better so that views are more substantive and arguments more sensible/logical.

    My contention is that because they usually talk in informal/colloquial Malay/Chinese/Tamil etc they tend to carry this over into their formal use of English, and vice versa.

    All the polticians are guilty of this including Pak Lah and Tun Mahathir.

    It's high time Malaysians use language with greater care and precision!

  30. Anonymous1:44 pm

    najib got no choice now but show some balls. Emboldened is not the correct word to describe him. Opportunistic hypocrite more apt. He knows he can't be seen to fighting against the very person who is pushing Najib's name to replace AAB.

    Cool...maybe. Emboldened???? Sorry my toes are laughing.

  31. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    I can't wait for you to speak in RTM.

    Those RTM oldman can't use the mouse let alone wanna talk about it.

    Apakah pendapat anda tentang tikus hebat yang digunakan anda ?

    Tikus - tikus saya memang hebat sekiranya mereka memberi fakta kebenaran dan makanan yang tulus !

  32. Rocky,


    had enough....

  33. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Salam Bro,


  34. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Is this news true? Because I dont see the whole point of them having Tun in umno still. Umno certainly not desperate enough for members right? It is his right to leave anyway, and to ask Najib to wipe his arse and slow talk him into coming back pulak....? What's up?

    I'll prollay watch the news tonite for another side of the story.

  35. tahniah master rocky karna sudah dua tahun bergelumang dalam dunia blo nie...

    apa pon, Najib, pi lekaih2 jumpa mahathir...

  36. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Musa Hitam act through his talk is much more like running dog of Dollah Badawi. This is a same person who said before election that PRU 12 is Badawi Election,when he thinks dollah will get another durian runtuh.But his judgment is totally 'right' that every body hate to be associated to BN even for Malay, chinese and Indians.

    He has to be spokesperson of Badawi after get the job as Chairman of ECER and Sime Darby.How many monthly salary he get for this top two post?RM50K,RM100K.Money can talk even from the brainchild of kepala lutut. You can judge by yourself about this fella attitude as long as he get big perks.This person(Musa) has no credibility when he speaks even he knows that Dollah don't get any popular votes in past election.Thats why pro-gov media waiting for him to say nasty words about Tun.


  37. Not to worry Musa, Najib as well as other members of UMNO were just being polite!

  38. Duri pun duri laaaa ,,, tp nampaknya duri pun orang kejar, apa hal brader *ehem*

    agak agak bingung, jom lepak sini

  39. Anonymous4:52 pm

    The on-going, to me, is a comedy of errors.

    And i like the 'humour' you have skifully weaved into this post, no?

  40. Question is why are they meeting in Tokyo.... could it be on the Judicial matters, to save Vincent tan n him fm being charged.... or to tell PM to back off, hmmmm many many many cover up.

    Oh BTW, so what if TUN resigns, life goes on, the people and the country is important, not UMNO, its just a party, without the rest of the members, where will UMNO be.

    The Gov shl focus on the country not UMNO internal politics

  41. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Why didn't Mukhriz quit umno? because if he did, he must also resigned as MP as he won the seat uner the UMNo banner. Once he resign . there is going to be a by-election and gues who is going to contest for PKR .. THAT'S right our very own neighbourhood PM in waiting. And I predict if there is a by-election with DSAI contesting ... he's going to win hands down !!!! So you see.... TDM action will expediate DSAI entry to the Parliament ..... and TDM will be kicking himself for that!!!

    -Joey --- who used to write in ADUN Nik's site .. but have been banned snce ....

  42. Anonymous7:31 pm

    smart move I say.

    Nickname LOL

  43. Anybody or everybody can be considered a torn in the flesh in any political game. Spit out to the sky and the ludah will fall on your face, sometimes its better to shut up one’s big gap rather than to look like a NUT.

    Unlikely for Tun and PM to reach any meaningful compromise; PM will never give in to Tun’s demands; too much at stake for him. Tun is coming out with enough reasons and evidence as well as some additional pressures for grassroots to decide on the leadership this coming UMNO election. To Tun the stage has to be set for members to decide on their own future against the backdrop of money-politics, intimidation and SPIN, the hall marks of the present Executive.

    Recently, I told a very good Chinese friend my surprise about the level of racial politics. His reply was simple – it has always there but well hidden. Anybody saying Tun is playing racial politics, I am sure that person(s) is/are more racist than Tun.