Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mukhriz quits Umno?

Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir will hold a Press Conference at 5.30pm today at Bilik Meranti, Pan Pac, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Salam Rocky,
    If TDM's move is considered a wave, lets hope that Mukhriz's be a whirlpool!


  2. Anonymous4:00 pm

    To say that his father was misquoted...

  3. It's ok if Dtk Mukhriz decides to stay on and fight the battle from within. But if he wants to leave, then he has the support of thousands of Umno members.


    Apa cita org Umno Johor nie senyap sunyi jer ?

  4. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Haris Ibrahim for PM!

  5. well if the father has called on all UMNO members and MP to quit the party, the only right thing Mukhriz shud do is to be the first to resign and follow is father out of UMNO !!

    Or else Mahathir will lose face !

  6. Salam Brader,

    1. Aloo dey sayar anar bapar.

    2. Bapar keluar, anak pun mahu ikut keluar sama la dey.

    3. Finally KJ will be Ketua Pemuda UMNO this Dec!


  7. Bro Rocky,

    Are you be there at Pan pac?

    Mukhriz should follow his father as everyone should !

  8. May All the Leaders in UMNO just follow what Tun Mahathir have done. Quit UMNO and Malaysia will have new political era. Believe me. Sacrifice one to many, not many to one...

  9. Anonymous5:56 pm


  10. Anonymous6:01 pm

    is he using his own money to book the hall? or is daddy still helping him along?

  11. no he's not. but urged pak lah to step down.

  12. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Leganya rasa dihatiku kerana lanun-lanun itu tiada lagi dalam UMNO yang kucintai.

  13. Anonymous6:26 pm

    apparently not.... very interesting

    wayang kulit?
    Planned between father & son??
    or TDM really shocked everyone with his singlemindedness, with diregard for even his own son's political career??

    Very interesting...

  14. Anonymous6:37 pm

    The son is NOT following the father's footsteps BUT the damage have been done as far as his UMNO career is concerned .... Mukhriz is Going nowhere is UMNO .. he might as wellresigned now ....

    Mukhriz stays put but urges PM to go

    May 20, 08 6:06pm

    breaking news The Jerlun MP says that he would not be joining his father in resigning from the party to protest against Abdullah's weak leadership.

  15. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Mukhriz desak lagi PM letak jawatan
    Muda Mohd Noor | May 20, 08 6:07pm

    Ahli Parlimen Jerlun, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir hari ini mendesak Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi supaya meletakkan jawatan.

    Beliau membuat desakan tersebut dalam satu sidang akhbar di ibunegara lewat petang ini.

    Mukhriz bagaimanapun berkata beliau tidak akan mengikut jejak langkah bapanya, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan ibunya, Tun Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, keluar dari Umno.

    Beliau berkata, keputusannya untuk tidak meninggalkan Umno mungkin mengecewakan bapanya.

    Bagaimanapun, Mukhriz berkata, beliau akan menjelaskan pendiriannya kepada bapanya itu.

  16. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Mukhriz hopes to be Umno Youth chief. Ha ha ha! He strikes me as a man with little originality and even less intelligence. He is just his father's puppet and will have to bank on his evil father's waning influence to get him the votes. Mukhriz can't lead. Without his Darth Vader dad, he is NOTHING.

  17. Rocky Bru

    Mukhriz not quitting to follow his Dad footstep.

    He sure worry that if he quit, he wont able to make quick and easy money; let alone make comeback to UMNO!

    He rather left his Dad & Mom alone.

    We cant blame him either, he has mansions and expensive SUV bills to pay ma...

    Pretty sad lah like this!

  18. Anonymous7:06 pm

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  19. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Bro' Rocky,

    Expected. A good son will always support his father.

    In other words, "LIKE FATHER LIKE SON".


  20. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Apparently Mukhriz is not quitting UMNO ... what a loser.

    Although, I must say he is smart to recognise that if he quits, all the doors will be slammed shut in his face and he can kiss the UMNO Youth chief position goodbye.

    Remember Mahathir quit because he supposedly had no confidence in the leadership, and by quitting he is also insinuating that he has no faith in the party process. They son is staying in the party, and yet telling the PM to go. What a big-ass hypocrite!

    By remaining in the party, Mukhriz should tell daddy to shut the kcuf up once and for all. Mukhriz himself should zip it. Don't like how party is run issit ... quit lor ... waiting for what?

    Don't we recall those UMNO morons telling the Chinese: Don't like how the country is run issit ... balik tong-san, lor ... waiting for what?

    They should tell Mahathir's son the same thing.

  21. Anonymous7:41 pm

    He's now caught between a rock and a hard place!

    Be filial and he'll forgo his chance to be Youth Chief.

    He's so close to it, he should stay in!

  22. Anonymous8:00 pm

    mahathir is trying to fan the issue so that he can get all the publicity. We, who are not in UMNO should not help him to fan the flame. From now on we should be more restrain in our response and reaction to what he says and does.

    Don’t help him, don’t fall into his trap. Just stand aside and watch!

  23. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Mukhriz tak resign . So tinggal DrM sorang resign. Jom pi masjid ramai ramai malam Jumaat ni baca Yassin dan sembahyang Hajat . Umno dah nazak sangat dan ketua kita tak faham faham.
    Video Tun Dr M



  24. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Haha Mukhriz tak keluar la..
    Apa sudah jadi, anaknya sendiri tak ikut jejak langkahnya.

    Anyway, orang yang pertama meluru kepada Tun ketika beliau mengumumkan perletakan jawatan dulu memberi pandangan bahawa tindakan Tun itu umpama marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar. :)

  25. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Belalai Gajah said...
    "Haris Ibrahim for PM!"

    In your dreams!!!

  26. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Umno Youth. Who is the fairest of all - Khir Toyo, Mukhriz or Khairy Jamaluddin?

  27. Anonymous8:39 pm

    HEHEHE! Mukriz got balls to stay in Umno and fight alone minus whatever goodwill or influence his father has! It also show that he's his own man. If he had left, he would make many Umno chiefs happy and breathe a sigh of relief. No way Jose! Don't be surprised if those in Umno look at Mukriz to provide leadership as the party seek to define its role and positic now. Mukriz being inside remain a thorn in the flesh for Umno bosses, which was proven when he repeated his call to Pak Lah to step down.

    Heheheh! He even dare go against his father to continue his fight within Umno. Syabas! Like it or not, this fellow got guts!


  28. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Why resign???

    If resign, semua pun tak ada????

    Still stay on and can 'spy' for father???

    Great wayang kulit by TDM.....

    TDM should retire gracefully and stop making a fool of yourself... and at least you will be remembered for the good things you have done and not the mess you have created now.

  29. Anonymous8:51 pm

    To tell the truth, though I really dont like Khairy, between Mukhriz and Khairy, I would choose Khairy
    to be a leader because at least he looks smart and articulate in his speech. Mukhriz tu mediocre ja. If you dont believe, just get both of them to debate on an issue. You will surely see a lacklustre Mukhriz trying hard just to live up his image as the son of a former premier. Khairy has more to his personality. I hate to admit this because Khairy is not someone I really like but I still have to speak the truth.

  30. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Senang je. easy only. put him under ISA. just say he tries to topple the present government in order to to obstruct investigation into his involvement in judiciary crimes. Pak Lah tak kan bodoh macam tu kut. Kalau bodoi macam tu macam mana nak jadi PM.

  31. Tun M dan Mukriz bijak memasang strategi. Tun M menggugat dari luar Mukriz berjaga-jaga di dalam. Tun M akan turunkan PM dari luar Mukriz akan pastikan anak menantu PM, Khairy Jamaluddin tidak menduduki kerusi Ketua Pemuda. Matlamatnya mengubati UMNO dari terus dibenci dan ditinggalkan orang Melayu kerana kealpaan Abdullah Badawi dan kerakusan anak menantu.

  32. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Harap harap harga barang akan stabil untuk kita semua. Ini lebih mustahak dan patut kita semua ambil kira dan beri perhatian.

    Juga isu kebanjiran PATI yang merisaukan kita semua rakyat Malaysia. Mereka juga mungkin punca jenayah yang menjadi jadi di negara kita sekarang ini.

    Yang lain itu biasalah, Politik. Pemimpin datang dan pergi. Keluar masuk Parti tak mengapa, jangan keluar dari Islam sudahlah.

    Semoga UMNO tetap kukuh dan teruskan perjuangan untuk orang Melayu, Islam dan Malaysia amnya. InsyaAllah.

  33. Anonymous9:21 pm




  34. Anonymous9:31 pm

    If son also don't resign how can father convince other to resign?

    Once out of the party he will not be eligible to comment about the party anymore.

    Sorry wrong strategy. Habislah.

    From : Strategist.

  35. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Mukhriz should resign from UMNO. UMNO is a racist party just like MCA, MIC, PPP and all the other BN parties. Why fight for only Malays? If you want to be a leader you should represent all races otherwise is not worth our vote.

    Vote racist out!

  36. Anonymous10:25 pm

    these bloody umno ministers say nothing different, semua bantai tdm macam dia tu leper. even lepers get better treatment!! I was still puzzled at why tdm quit umno until i read this article today at NST called DEWAN DISPATCHES: Dr Mahathir’s ‘Pipe Piper of Hamelin’ hypnosis. wow....i didnt realise that tdm fought so many battles like what this guy wrote. very hard to understand what azmi anshar wrote but i know better now. gua caya sama lu lah tun!!!
    for everyones benefit, this is the link:

  37. Anonymous11:29 pm

    bacalah Toyol Code akan datang ...
    sms giat main macam mana nak erti ?
    Rocky shows the way !

  38. Anonymous11:49 pm


    Lets stop giving these unprovens the PR.

    All these boil down to the GREED FOR POWER


    what tun M did is nothing more than to secure the “political future” for his son


    the only way is via the useless dpm.

    Really it is that simple.


    Pride of unmo :
    Get rich by screwing the public and country good
    Get richer by screwing the public and country harder
    Then pass the formula to progenies …

    This is exactly what he is doing now.

  39. Anonymous11:57 pm

    ...And to think that the dare to be the first to quit the party doesn't come from a staunch Mahathirist, not even an UMNO member but a PAS member, a candidate during the last election some more, makes this episode even more comical. Had he'd known who that fella really was, I don't think he'd quit the party, just like that, and in the process making UMNO in even more dire condition. Who says TDM is meticulous in everything that he do? He's capable of doing things in the spur of the moment too you know...
    If I were him, I'd be banging my head to the wall now..."How on earth can I, the UMNO president of 22 years, be responding to a dare by a PAS man?"

  40. Anonymous12:00 am

    UMNO is perpetually riddled with leadership problems since Tunku Abdul Rahman days because UMNO was set up by the late Datuk Onn Jaafar to be a multi racial party but everybody negates on his most important wish.
    A party that fails to fulfil the wish of its founder of course will
    never be able to achieve its goals because an injustice has been done.
    Those who did not agree with him should have left the party to set up a party of their own and not use
    his party UMNO to promote their cause. UMNO is under a curse.

  41. Someone tipped me off that ..

    Raja Petra Kamarudin is a Commoner ..

    Details at the X stoires [ http://thexstories.blogspot.com/2008/05/raja-petra-kamarudin-is-commoner-i.html ]

  42. Anonymous12:33 am

    Ini politik perjuangan bukannya politik anak beranak mcm si tido/Lim/Singh tu..

  43. Anonymous1:26 am

    20 MEI 2008


    Merujuk kepada tindakan ayahanda saya, YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad di Alor Setar, Kedah semalam, yang mengumumkan keluar dari parti sehinggalah YAB Datoʼ Seri Abdulah Hj Ahmad Badawi meletak jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri, Presiden UMNO dan Pengerusi Barisan Nasional, saya dengan ini membuat kenyataan seperti berikut:

    1. Saya amat faham dan bersetuju bahawa tindakan ayahanda saya adalah kerana sayangnya beliau kepada UMNO. Saya juga percaya bahawa bagi mencapai matlamat tindakan tersebut, terdapat lebih dari satu cara perlaksanaanya. Maka dengan itu, saya mengumumkan bahawa saya TIDAK AKAN MELETAKKAN JAWATAN DI DALAM UMNO,SEBAGAI AHLI PARLIMEN JERLUN MAHUPUN SEBAGAI AHLI UMNO. SAYA AKAN TETAP SETIA SEBAGAI AHLI UMNO DAN AKAN MENJADI SUARA YANG LANTANG MENEGUR KEPINCANGAN KEPIMPINAN PARTI;


    3. Kami juga mendesak agar Majlis Tertinggi UMNO MEMBUKA SELUAS-LUASNYA SEGALA RUANG DEMOKRASI PARTI YANG TERMAKTUB DI DALAM PERLEMBAGAAN PARTI yakni dalam bentuk pemansuhan sistem kuota, membenarkan Mesyuarat Agung Luar Biasa diadakan, tidak menghalang ahli-ahli UMNO untuk mengadakan majlis bersama pemimpin atau tokoh Melayu, dan tidak mengeluarkan sebarang bentuk arahan, kekangan atau larangan yang menafikan prinsip-prinsip demokrasi dalam parti; dan

    4. Selanjutnya, kami MENGGESA AHLI UMNO KHUSUSNYA DAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA AMNYA, menyuarakan bantahan mereka terhadap kepimpinan YAB Datoʼ Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi secara terbuka dan lantang melalui surat peribadi, sms, surat kepada media serta melalui sidang-sidang media, bagi MEMBERI TEKANAN AGAR YAB DATOʼ SERI SEGERA MELETAKKAN JAWATAN SEBAGAI PERDANA MENTERI, PRESIDEN UMNO DAN PENGERUSI BARISAN NASIONAL.

    Ini adalah pendirian saya pada waktu ini. Saya tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengubah pendirian saya ini sekiranya keadaan tidak beransur pulih.


  44. Anonymous1:29 am

    The ghost of UMNO founder Datuk Onn Jaafar is haunting UMNO. All its leaders would always be
    fighting and the party would never be at peace. Some like Tunku Abdul Rahman died a broken man, all dreams pecah bela.
    The reason is Onn had meant UMNO
    to be multi racial but unscrupulous members hijacked his setup to promote communal politics.
    Onn must have foreseen things like the May 13, the kris wielding and all the uneasiness that would result from a communal UMNO which prompted him not to set up a communal UMNO.
    However, his detractors not only stole his idea but used his setup to promote what he was totally against. That was really a very ungrateful thing to do. Until they revert to what the founder had wished the party to be, I think, UMNO and its leaders would always be fighting. Many in fact would die broken men. Tunku Abdul Rahman was first. Mahathir would be the next. Of course communal politics will lead to communal upheavals. You cannot really put a stop to this. Datuk Onn Jaafar foresaw this sixty years ago, why cant we?

  45. The son is in for a vicious tongue lashing !!!

    Guess Tun will have to rewrite his will and deduct 90% from what Mukhriz's will inherit. What a disappointment this little kid of his.

  46. alah Mukhriz...you are no TDM lah...just go home and count your bailout monies together with your siblings...itu pun masih belum clear lagi to the rakyat what actually happened...do not think we forgot...pi balik kira sen and don't worry your pretty little head about national issues...umno pun sudah KAPUT...what is the difference between your family and KJ and kamaluddin? semua benefit from daddy's terms...so just go homelah...this is a new era of politicians who actually work for the people,not for their own gains.

  47. Anonymous4:47 am

    TDM got nothing to lose by quitting, but Mukhriz will lose everything that he has built for himself and that Youth Chief position that he has made no secret of of his intention. TDM has nothing to more to prove as a politician, but Mukhriz has yet to prove anything in political arena, other than being Daddy's spokesperson. He desperately need to prove that he is his own man, with his own principles, not merely as TDM's proxy.
    TDM can't go on and contest the presidency, buruk sikulah dah kasi nak ambik semula kan? But Mukhriz can still contest to be a Youth Chief and he will contest. He's on the same boat with Ku Li, stay on not because they believe in AAB's leadership, but to topple AAB.
    I really don't envy AAB now, dangers lurking at every corner. UMNO members. Ex-UMNO members. PR. Sabah. All waiting to pounce. Hope he does not collapse at public function, again.

  48. Anonymous6:42 am

    Nepotism cum double standard at work.Asking all UMNO members to quit except own son.Why?
    Without UMNO 'KETUANAN MAHATHIR' will be a stray dog.

  49. Anonymous7:47 am

    Why everyone here is so slow one? Tun will fight AAB & KJ from the outside. Mukriz is from within. That's double for AAB & KJ! Mukriz to check mate that useless KJ ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  50. Anonymous8:44 am

    alo lumbu2 yg berkenaan..

    yg korang sibuk2 suruh dia resign UMNO pehal...? bapak dia mana ada pegang kerusi parlimen.. sukati lah org tuan tu nk resign tarak kesan apa sgt pun..

    Mukhriz bukan lah bahlul sgt..dia MP Jerlun BN/UMNO...So, jgn haraplah dia nak bagi korang penjilat kaki Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim dpt 1 point awal sebelum katak2 Malaysia Timur mula melompat mcm Ibrahim Katak..

    Skrg dia nk cuba 'blackmail' Pak Lah ler tu..

  51. Anonymous9:38 am

    I think Mahathir has lost touch with reality. He forget that he is no longer in power. Whether he is within or without UMNO is not important anymore!


  52. Anonymous9:47 am

    Even if Mahatir and his whole family migrates to Kathmandu, it won't make any difference to us. It will be better of for everyone and now PM can rope in all TDM's cronies and hang them. Hopefully TDM do not bring along AAB's balls with him and let all the skeletons out of the closets. Still trying to determine whether AAB is truly balless or has TDM really got him by the balls.

  53. Anonymous10:31 am

    If I were a smart Malay or Malaysian, I would not vote UMNO into power. It does not even have a proper constitution disallowing members, past presidents not to openly criticise the party and its leaders. The party has also failed so many times to control members from making racial slurs y during its AGM. If the party cannot even administer its machinery properly, how can it be trusted to run the country?????

  54. Anonymous11:41 am

    ooh...this should be interesting. What's he going to do, ask Pak Lah to step down or denounce his father?

  55. Anonymous12:10 pm

    me- only the better.

    what a shame! Please keep ur photo into your handbag. No one interested.

    -X interested-

  56. Anonymous1:48 pm

    I am Onn Jaafar Ghost. Hai everybody. I am all against communal politics. Anyone game
    for it?

  57. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Mahathir building his empire and making use of Mukhriz in umno. isnt that obvious? Mukhriz is in it from the beginning, of course he was asked to stay in umno from his father himself. Another pakatan anak beranak here? So many family pakatan, next in line is Anwar-Azizah-Izzah pakatan.

  58. Anonymous4:39 pm

    anonymous 10.31 am

    You shut up. Don't pretend to a malay! Talk in the internet can la! Talk infront-infront la!

  59. inilah satu strategi licik. tun m menggugat dari luar, mukriz berjaga-jaga di dalam. tun m akan menurunkan pm abdullah, mukriz akan pastikan menantu khairy jamaluddin tidak menduduki kerusi ketua pemuda umno, secara percuma.

    walau ramai berpendapat tindakan tun m tidak ada kesannya kerana dia tidak punyai apa-apa kedudukan dalam umno tetapi langkahnya mendebarkan jantung, mencemaskan hati dan mengusutkan fikiran sebahagian pimpinan dan ahli umno ... kecualilah pm abdullah yang mendapat janji mulut sokongan 100 peratus dari semua menteri, ahli parlimen dan majlis tertinggi umno.