Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tea at Subang Airport?

pictures added 10 am/28 May. Please jump here to see over 50 other pics.
The loud hailer was not as loud as the crowd's cheers, but I caught the part he was saying about this Government being "takut" (fearful) of a smaller neighbour.
Racist remarks?
What, Mahathir?
original posting
Welcome home party.
Dr M and wife, who both quit Umno last week, are due to arrive at the old Subang Airport about 5 pm today. He was in Tokyo for an international conference. PM Badawi, who was also in the Japanese capital, is due to return tonight. I haven't heard if the two met in Tokyo. Perhaps, the Tan Sri-in waiting Kalimullah Hassan could honour us with the long-overdue sequel to his June 11, 2006 article?

Anyway, I am told that a lot of Umno members are going to be there to welcome Dr M, even though he's no longer a party member.


  1. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Bro, all those waiting would be all the HYPOCRITES!!

  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    So what are the UMNOs doign in airport?

    Getting paid?

  3. selamat pulang pejuang bangsaku. pejuang yang hendak dilupakan oleh mereka di kalangan bangsaku yang rakuskan kuasa, pangkat, kedudukan, pengaruh dan tamak haloba harta dunia. dan oleh mereka yang bukan sebangsa yang melihat kononnya bangsaku sudah lemah dan menunggu layu dan mati. selamat berjuang pada pejuang bangsaku, kerana perjuanganmu belum selesai....

  4. Anonymous2:52 pm

    tea at subang..is it on a rainy afternoon? darn it. TDM has all the luck...

  5. Anonymous2:58 pm

    so are you going?

    anyway edi, those who waiting at the airport for pak lah are the ones who got paid.

    those waiting for TDM go there coz they love him.

    ponder on that please.

    -chen e kin-

  6. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Are you also going to greet this inflamer of racial hatred, Rocky?

    I used to have a little respect for Mahathir Mohammad, but not anymore considering that this despicable man (in Haris Ibrahim's words) will go to any length, including kindling racial enmity, for political ends.

  7. dulu che det gagah perkasa, mereka gelar ultra man.

    laa ni, che det dak lemah, lampu kat dada dah kelip2. rasaksa pemunah harta negara tak juga nak pupus.

    cukup dulu lah kot perjuangan che det yg belum selesai2 tu. masuk ja pas! elok pi masjid sebelum terlambat.

  8. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Dear Tun M,

    Welcome back. Regardless whether you and Tun Hasmah are in or out of Umno, we are where we are today (pre Oct 2003) because of you.

    Perjuangan mu belum selesai.

  9. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Saudara Melayu Mudah Lupa, 2:12 pm:

    Kenapa Mahathir perjuangkan satu bangsa saja dan tidak memperjuangkan seluruh rakyat Malaysia mengikut visi 'Bangsa Malaysia'nya itu?

    Dia perjuangkan bangsamu dari musuh yang mana?

    Bila mana dan bagaimana pula bangsa-bangsa lain mahu bangsamu 'layu dan mati'?

    Boleh tolong terangkan sikit?

  10. Salam Brader,

    1. Brader if u be there?

    2. Please check Dr.M 'camera'?

    3. Tengok-tengok ada gambar Dr.M and Pak Lah 'togeder' in Tokyo? hehehe..


  11. ctannie, did anybody force u to come?

    relax la dude, u don't want to come no problem....u already a grown up man la...

    up to public to do la what they want....no hard feeling...alright

    long live Mahathir....

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  14. Anonymous3:18 pm

    How I wish I could be there too...my beloved Tun


  15. Anonymous3:21 pm


    How I wish I could. there too...my beloved Tun


  16. Maybe the Special Branch will be there to arrest him under the ISA & Sedition Act for bringing M'sia's name into disrepute, especialy since the very inflammatory speech which might raise racist sentiments and cause restless natives & other people to running amok, was made overseas!!

    We live in hope of Justice For All, hopefully not in vain. Are some citizens more equal than others (Two Legs Good, Four Legs Better?' !!

  17. This kalimullah buntut mamak should be arrested under ISA long ago for publish unfounded news in NST that stroke racial tension.

  18. Alhamdullilah. Welcome home Tun, the greatest statesman of Malaysia, to the dismay of the hypocrites and the treacherous. The more we hear of you, the better the economy gets except for those who do not believe in getting paid but just getting laid.

  19. Anonymous3:56 pm

    There is nothing wrong with still acknowledging him for a good leader. Even if the umno people are there to wait for his arrival, it doesnt hurt that they are showing him support and respect that he needs. Respect a person, but you dont have to heed his thoughts or actions if it is not suitable or relevant to yourself.

  20. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Yes...so he is coming back to cause more ruckus??

    Hasn't he caused enuff?

    Tired of the old hack la. We should get on with our life and honestly get A LIFE!

    They are having a good time with OUR money and here we are blogging about them!


  21. Bro,

    Sudah baca Husin Lempoyang punya cerita pasal kepulangan ini?

  22. Anonymous4:51 pm

    It will come the time when Pak Lah finally walks out and the public will sigh 'he should be gone long time ago' and people will then realize that so much time wasted due to his incompetency.


  23. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Adakah Rafidah akan turut hadir untuk menjemput Tun dan isteri petang nanti?

  24. Anonymous4:52 pm


    "[the] assertion that the Malays will suffer for the fact of non-Malays gaining political power is both unsubstantiated and dangerously misleading. No non-Malay politicians are challenging the status of the Malays. The Federal Constitution guarantees their protected status and there is a glaring absence of any discussion of an amendment to the Constitution.

    In the same vein, the call for a more equitable method of affirmative action can only be beneficial to the Malay community, a community that, despite the many years of the NEP and its successor policies, many of those under the stewardship of Tun Dr Mahathir himself, is still afflicted by poverty."

    Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, The Malay Mail, 27 May. (http://tinyurl.com/4uwpq3)

    Di mana bukti atau asas hujah Dr. Mahathir bahawa bangsa bukan Melayu cuba menghambat hak bangsa Melayu?

    Janganlah membuta tuli mengikut hasutan orang politik, walau mantan perdana menteri sekalipun. Dia pun manusia jua, dengan kelemahan dan mempunyai kepentingan peribadi. Siapa dia Maha-thir berbanding dengan yang Maha Esa dan Maha Adil?

    Bukalah mata, minda dan hati seluas-luasnya, wahai saudara dan saudariku. Jangan gentar merisik kebenaran... lihat dan nilaikanlah apa yang dihadapanmu seperti adanya. Jangan terikut-ikut sahaja dakwaan seorang insan biasa. Kajilah baik-baik.

  25. Perhaps being judgmental is the easiest way out to letting out the frustrations.

  26. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Tan Sri Haji Kalimullah's first directorial debut bombed at the box office. I asked him whether he was ready for a sequel. His reply = I saw nothing, heard nothing and dont give a shit what happened in Tokyo. So Rocky, no sequel.

  27. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Please old man, use what has been given you to do good!

    From our elders we can rely to receive gems of advices gleaned from their years and years experiences. These experiences are normally filled with wisdom which the younger generations can use as their living-guide. They definitely would not be words which teach hatred, division and chaos. They would more likely be words that encourage unity, love, harmony and peace.

    How sad we have in our midst, an old man sowing discord and disunity, and has the cheek to say with a straight-face, that he loves the nation!

  28. Anonymous5:50 pm



  29. What can I say ... there are still many apple polishers out there ...

  30. Anonymous6:54 pm



  31. Anonymous7:30 pm

    A Jewish tycoon and a fraudster was asked why he is working with Mahathir who supposedly hates Jews, ha ha ha, the gambling tycoon was simple: "They (Mahathir/Malaysian govt) pay their bills on time."


  32. Guess who's coming for tea
    Whether or not it's for free
    Or do you prefer as golfer to tee
    Off and then search for your own honeybee?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 27th May 2008
    Tue. 27th May 2008.

  33. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Perjuangan yang belum selesai..!!!????

    22 tahun dia buat apo.????

    kelakar betul 22 tahun masih belum selesai buat apo.???

    Pi Mars ke?? 22 tahun orang ni lahirkan generasi korupsi, lingamgate, project IC, perwaja, scandal BBMB, .......

    Belum selesai apo..???

  34. I was there...hoho

  35. Tan Sri for Kali, did you say!
    Good Lord.
    This good-for-nothing fellow who started his career as a cadet reporter for The Star with his Form Five certificate can reach that height of greatness. How did he manage to lick his way up?
    In The Star he could not even manage to go beyond being a Chief Reporter!!!

  36. Anonymous8:29 pm

    maha kutty placed match + kerosene on sunday with statement ‘unrest among races in m’sia’ if dollah continue be pee emm.

    2day 1 umno mp in parliament actually ask dollah kick out zaid. pee emm pressure on all side! pakatan on one end, opportunists in umno another. if trouble starts, who u think will become fall guy? i speak 2 malay hawkers + traders on streets, some tell me they c trouble b4 dec. what do u think they mean by ‘trouble’?

    someone going 2 use match + kerosene laid by maha kutty, and next thing u know we c NOC circa 1969. n after that umno tell dollah 2 get lost as he lost control of situation as maha kutty ‘predicted’. but if majority of malays come out fighting n SAY NO TO UNREST BY MAHA KUTTY, then MALAYSIANS WIN!

    but can anyone do that? can any malay politician(s) with credibility come out and rally malays and say, ‘listen, say no to maha kutty n his politics. if umno wankers start trouble, we malays must b prepared to put out fire along with other races in msia’. but as i say, got any such person? Coo Lie? Anwar? u think lah.

    unless anwar got good contacts within security services and takeover (if such thing possible) swift i.e. b4 dollah wakes up n find out, then i say maha kutty just gave umno mongs excuse 2 stir ‘najis’ up.

    this IS NOT n yet IS ABOUT race. IS NOT bcos maha kutty angry his cronies, sons, n legacy pushed one side. IS ABOUT race bcos maha kutty exploiting race politics n only bcos it still relevant in msia. match + kerosene ready on umno side already; on our side got ready a BOMBA TEAM ah?

    2day he say dollah afraid of spore. all bcos of icj on batu puteh. yet if he so keen on kedaulatan negara, why he not mention selat ambalat? bcos on that najib is vulnerable. najib say sorry 2 indon although indon at wrong. najib never say what step he take to enforce kedaulatan over ambalat. for all v know, indon navy ships sailing there like nobody business. if maha kutty want 2 talk of icj and batu puteh, we must talk about ambalat. then we c if maha kutty dare talk cock loudly.

  37. HE'S BACK!!!

    Just saw him on the 8pm news and as usual, shooting his mouth off. The man must be on Everready batteries! He just keeps going, and going and going!!

    Aiyoh! Where are my earplugs??

  38. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Mahathir balik disambut 300 penyokong, akar umbi tepai paklah disambut 3000 pemimpin dan penyokong..
    Paklah masih kuat.. - kluangman

  39. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Aiseh pogadai, chill la, in malaysia, to be a politician, esp umno, u have to be a hypocrite, if not u just x survive!!

  40. Welcome back Tun Mahathir and Siti Hasmah. Hope you are in the best of health as your perjuangan really belum selesai.

    "Tan Sri" Kalimullah? What did this fellow do to deserve such an honour. Does Mahathir Bashing counts as service to the nation now? Hmmm.

  41. It's way past 5pm now. Why don't you give us a rundown on the attendance? I would really like to know who went (as would others!)

  42. Anonymous12:24 am

    Please post photos of Tun's arrival for us! Many couldn't be there physically but deep were there in spirit. Too happy to see Tun's back to continue our noble struggle..to get that sleepy and weak old man and all his family members to go to hell! Saw thousands of UMNO members at Subang Airport on TV3 just now. The editor forgot to edit or what? Please Rocky, we need photos as photos tell thousands of words! We also want to see AAB's apple polishers here bertambah 'sakit hati' yang teramat sangat!


  43. …pada pak sako…

    mahathir memperjuangkan nasib bangsaku tanpa mengusik bangsa lain yang sudah dan terus maju. beliau berjuang supaya bangsaku tidak ditinggalkan jauh oleh bangsa lain dan supaya tiada rasa cemburu di kemudian hari.

    musuh bangsaku ialah di kalangan bangsaku sendiri yang sudah dikaburi dengan kata manis bahawa menolong bangsa sendiri itu satu dosa dan tidak senada dengan seruan dunia barat.

    musuh bangsaku lagi satu ialah bangsa lain yang dalam diam bermatian mempertahankan bangsanya tetapi dalam terbuka meleraikan keutuhan bangsaku.

    bangsa ini bangkit apabila bahasa ibundanya disoal, budayanya ditegur, agamanya ditanya. tetapi bangsaku diam membisu dan kaku apabila agamanya dicemuh, rajanya dihina, bangsanya dicaci, bahasanya diragui dan hak temurunnya ditanya pula siapa yang memberi?

    akhirnya bangsaku akan layu dan mati..!!!

  44. http://minaq-jinggo.fotopages.com/?entry=1555249&back=http://minaq-jinggo.fotopages.com/?page=0

  45. Anonymous7:49 am

    A person who quits UMNO, was also welcome by UMNO supporters, and not seen as a traitor.
    If I were Dollah, I should by now be scared to death.

  46. Zaid Ibrahim Contradicts Royal Commission of Inquiry-Lingam Tape
    Posted by Super Admin
    Wednesday, 28 May 2008
    1. I refer to the Star news report dated 23rd May 2008 with the heading ‘’Zaid: Bill on JAC to be tabled soon’’.

    2. Zaid Ibrahim, the Minister in the prime minister’s department is reported to have said ‘’The Government is committed towards accountability and will not accept absolute power enjoyed under the term prerogative. Previously, a Prime Minister could say that he was not required to inform the Rakyat about his decision as he had the prerogative to make his decisions and need not explain anything’’.

    3. Zaid Ibrahim has knowledge and confirms that it is not wrong in law for a prime minister to enjoy prerogative powers when exercising his duties and functions in making decisions when administering the government. However in reality the prime minister does not have absolute power as the prerogative is exercised reasonably and sensibly by the prime minister in the interest of the government and the Rakyat in important or essential matters. It is the norm for a prime minister when exercising this prerogative not to give reasons for his decisions to the Rakyat as there is a matter of ‘’confidentiality’’. If the prime minister is required to explain anything to the Rakyat on the exercise of his prerogative in the making of decisions then there would inevitably be a breach of confidentiality and it will not only act to the detriment of the interested party but also have serious repercussions to the prime minister and the government. If an explanation is required for good reasons to be given to the Rakyat by the prime minister, the proper platform would therefore be to the Dewan Rakyat in Parliament. The prime minister has always acted with accountability to parliament on similar lines with the Westminster-Parliamentary system.

    4. Zaid Ibrahim is further reported to have said that ‘’the judicial reform was carried out to restore confidence in the judiciary and was not an effort to smear the name of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’’. However, Zaid Ibrahim’s statement is absolutely contradictory and inconsistent with the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry-Lingam. The members of the commission, obviously have knowledge that the prime minister has the prerogative to make decisions but has deliberately decided to ignore this and instead stretched their minds and their hands to the very limits to drag Tun Dr. Mahathir in and throw the ‘’book ‘’ at him for alleged offences under various laws of the country. The so-called judicial reform to be carried out by Abdullah Badawi and Zaid Ibrahim as well as the setting-up of the Royal Commission to restore confidence in the judiciary is certainly politically motivated (and this is confirmed by Loh Gwo Burne, Kelana Jaya Member of Parliament, The Star, 17/5/2008) to disrepute and smear the former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Therefore for Zaid Ibrahim to say that ‘’………was not an effort to smear the name of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’’, cannot be accepted as to the truth of the matter.

    Non-partisan lawyer
    Mohd Yacob Karim

  47. Anonymous11:06 am

    Rabble-rousing is his stock in trade. Divide and rule was the hallmark of his administation. No doubt many of his starry-eyed supporters will be suckered again by his racial rhetorics. But those with an iota of common sense give him a wide berth. Beware of this man. He is a malignant growth that threatens the fabric of this country. A menace.

  48. Anonymous11:22 am

    never give an anti-Semite, anti-Western, anti-Chinese, anti-Indian, anti-democratic recalcitrant politician any respect unless you drink from the same cup.

    Mahathir has been an unrepentant racist and threath to the spirit of what this country was built on. he began the dastardly work when he launched a vicious and malicous attack against Tunku.

    he could not tolerate his multi-cultral approch in leadership and now he is continuing to incite those same diabolical flames of dissension and mistrust among Malaysians of different racial and religious convictions.

    stand up to this "Political Pinocchio" and cut off that lying cunniving nose of shame.

  49. Anonymous11:48 am

    It is strange that TDM can get away with so many things. But then like TDM once said "Melayu muda lupa", it is little wonder you can pull them around like a cow, work them to achieve your objective.
    it is little wonder that the malays never really progress much despite all the years. it has something to do with the brains.

  50. Bro,

    Thank you for the pictures. Kami berada disana mengguna wang sendiri dan usaha sendiri. Walaupun kena sekat dan terpaksa tunggu diluar,kami setia menunggu TDM.Meanwhile the same night, paklah supporters gather comfortably inside the same airport.Bottomline, susah senang kami bersama tun. Harap jangan ada yang membenci.

  51. Anonymous11:53 am

    Ha..Ha.Ha.. Tun M really looks like a rebel chief leader nowadays. Those days in the height of Reformasi that role was played by Anwar ibrahim's wife& daughters. Now payback time. What you give is what you got back!! It's fair & square.


  52. Mahathir is not a racist, but he is two hundred times worse than a racist. He exploits race, religion to arouse suspicion among Malaysians of different races and religions. His resignation from Umno is a good riddance. Hope Pakatan Rakyat leaders stay away from this Father Of Destruction (an honour Malaysians will bestow him upon his departure from this world)

  53. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Dear Rocky:

    This is in response to your remark in this post that reads as follows: "Racist remarks? What, Mahathir?"

    You seem unusually surprised.

    Mahathir has made deliberate, racially divisive remarks, and these were done on several occasions, most notably in Johor, May 17.

    Please see Haris Ibrahim's blog for a specific discussion on this (http://tinyurl.com/6gll4k).

    News pertaining to this event was even published in Malaysiakini (malaysiakini.com/news/83336).

    I myself am amazed by the fact that you are not highlighting events pertaining to Mahathir in a balanced manner, preferring to ignore events where Mahathir has made grave, anti-Malaysian statements.

    I truly hope it is just genuine oversight on your part!

  54. Anonymous12:59 pm

    I have no problem about defending anyone defending anybody.

    The manner Pak Sako tries to villify Tun and bodek Dolah is so distasteful and reflects an idiotic mind.

    Could I suggest he change his nic to Pak Suk Kok?

  55. Is there NO other way to Unite us than by Dividing us?

    Why can't Racist Politicians in Malaysia UNITE us instead of Dividing us?

    Will people like Mahathir & Hishammudin sleep better if they incite enough racial tension that REAL people with Real Families get hurt or killed?

    Must I submit to any "Ketuanan" before I can be acknowledged as being a Human of the same "quality"?

    OK. No problem.

    The day any racist can show me their shit is more fragrant from my shit, & their blood runs a different color, I will submit with my life.

  56. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I am quite sure that if all the pic & commotion happen during TDM time, one will get ISA calls very soon. Will TDM get ISA during Pak Lah time?

  57. Anonymous2:57 pm

    to kluangman..hello brother what is a 3000 hypocrites/cronies crowd compared to 300 loyal and honest rakyat admiring their leader whom his good deed had proven and worth calling a statesman....compared to a leader who will go down the lane as dust in the wind no legacy or deeds to be look up to..tell u what kluangman..y dont u fly off n sit nicely inside the gua...quantity is nothing bro..the very same 3000 or 1000 crowd mentioned in local media is the same ants that used to lick dr m before...ok....i m a young generation n i salute dr m for his braveness he may have wrongdoings but he s not the type of syok sendiri leader that is leading the nation in his la la land...nina yeop

  58. Chronology in recent since the new formed government following the election, and since Zaid Ibrahim held the post, has been obvious that it's all about his agenda, him and just him. Not so much for fighting for the good of legal profession or the upholding the judiciary or transparency. It seems somehow, he is holding grudges and letting it out openly, since the power is there to be shown.

    Shah9 too made sense when he highlighted this:
    "The so-called judicial reform to be carried out by Abdullah Badawi and Zaid Ibrahim as well as the setting-up of the Royal Commission to restore confidence in the judiciary is certainly politically motivated ... to disrepute and smear the former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
    Therefore for Zaid Ibrahim to say that ‘’………was not an effort to smear the name of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’’, cannot be accepted as to the truth of the matter."

  59. Anonymous3:16 pm

    But sirusa, where are you..... at the bottom of the barrel? Remove your blinkers, lah and perhaps you may see that everyone has moved way ahead while you are still deluding yourself.

  60. Anonymous3:23 pm

    rocky, ingatkan DSAI yang tengah ceramah, ehh, rupanya DR M. Bila Mahathir joint reformasi ni...(siap sufi dok pegang heller lagi)

  61. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Tan Sri in waiting Kalimullah??

    Apa jasanya pada negara? Ilek
    Apa khidmatnya pada rakyat? Ilek
    Apa kriterianya utk mendapat TanSri?Ilek

    Banyak lagi bekas pejuang bangsa/Malaysia yang patut dianugerahkan Tan Sri.

    Hanya Johari yang mengenal Maniam.

    Datuk Panglima Gagah Perkasa.

  62. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Baron Schmuck

    Don't quote Harris Ibrahim. He is a worse version of Zaid Ibrahim and truly the most despicable person ever.

    Rude, no tact, ill-mannered and loud. In the poem Desiderata, such person is best avoided. They are not good for our soul.

    Harris is the worse racist. He hate his own race ... Malay. He claim to be a Muslim but yet hates Muslim.

    He hates man of cloth, which irrespective of their religion and some interfaith differences are mostly good people. He learn religion just to argue and not benefit from religion. Although he hardly practis eany religion, he goes around fighting for freedom of religion.

    If he hates his own kind. What makes you think he is sincerely concerned of other people of different race and creed. He is equally racial but worse, he hides his hypocrasy behind so-called universal values and struggle.

    Brunt Council hates judges and lawyers! Majority of them are hypocrits!

    Rocky get a non lawyer for your case. They are more honest than these lawyers.

  63. Anonymous5:46 pm

    what you sow is what you will get Mahathir, my friend. the scenario was exactly like what i saw during the chaotic reformasi days.

  64. This old man " Dah buang tebiat kot??"

  65. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Dear Brunt Council, 4:44 pm:

    You have missed the point -- completely.

    We are not talking about Haris Ibrahim, whoever he may be.

    I refer purely to a statement of fact: that in his speech to a 1000-strong crowd in Johor on May 17, Dr. Mahathir used words with racist overtones that could sow racial discord. This could be considered sedition. Ordinarily, one can be detained for this under the Internal Security Act (ISA). So for an influential and respected leader to make remarks like that it is highly irresponsible.

    The sentiment of Dr. Mahathir's remark is also diametrically opposed to the spirit of his own declared vision of a 'Bangsa Malaysia' in 1991, which calls for (among other things):

    "establishing a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny. This must be a nation at peace with itself, territorially and ethnically integrated, living in harmony and full and fair partnership, made up of one ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ with political loyalty and dedication to the nation.

    Why is this politician preaching unity regardless of ethnicity at one time, and then suddenly trying to tear down unity at another time?

    And so my message to everyone is simply this:

    A politician who is willing to go to any extent to achieve a political end -- whatever it may be, for whatever reason -- at the expense of fragmenting the rakyat along racial lines, is someone we should regard with some caution. Kalau diungkapkan dalam bahasa Melayu, nasihat saya berbunyi berikut: biar kita berwaspada sedikit terhadap kata-kata dan niat orang politik, walau siapapun.

    Itu saja.

    By bringing to attention only positive or 'tame' news pertaining to any such political figure, and omitting other possibly negative or damaging published news about that person, we risk giving readers an inaccurate picture (gambaran yang tidak tepat). As responsible bloggers, we should do what we can to help readers obtain a full picture of a politican, warts and all. To paint a one-sided and rosy picture is misleading, even disingenuous (tak jujur).

    Help us, the people, see both sides of a public figure -- the good and the bad -- so that we, the people, can make a holistic judgement. In this case, it is no small matter because it involves our national interest.

  66. If someone talks about the survival of one's race, does that make him a racist.???

    And that racist is now being condemned for being influenced by an indian lawyer he employed, and supported by a chinese billionaire.

    Man,... people nowadays just go with the flow.....what ever the wind blows...

  67. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Racist overtone?
    Anwar Ibrahim,Lim Kit Siang,Karpal Singh, Lee Kuan Yew not a racist?

    I`m laughing because i`m sick with u people!

    F**k with Malaysia Malaysian !


  68. Anonymous12:49 am

    " Hey ! you, STEP DOWN now ! dun you see i am still so welcomed like before !!" ( pakcin )

  69. Anonymous7:47 am

    Dear Tak Suka Cina Tonto, 11:32 pm:

    Could you provide an example statement that Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh or Anwar Ibrahim made that is racist?

    This is my challenge. Let's evaluate it openly, whether it is racist or not.

    Because I provided for you exactly what Mahathir said, complete with a published reference in Malaysiakini as evidence.

    So could you do the same?

  70. Anonymous7:56 am

    "Baron Strawberrymunchen said...

    You have missed the point -- completely.

    We are not talking about Haris Ibrahim, whoever he may be.

    I refer purely to a statement of fact: that in his speech to a 1000-strong crowd in Johor on May 17, Dr. Mahathir used words with racist overtones that could sow racial discord. This could be considered sedition. Ordinarily, one can be detained for this under the Internal Security Act (ISA). So for an influential and respected leader to make remarks like that it is highly irresponsible......."



    "MMcrossings said...

    If someone talks about the survival of one's race, does that make him a racist.???

    -MR BURN.

  71. Anonymous8:05 am

    MMcrossings, 10:57 pm:

    By all means, we should work to ensure and improve the welfare of the Malays (or that of any other group in Malaysia). If any group is faring poorly or whose survival is in jeopardy, then it is a national socioeconomic problem that must be addressed properly.

    Therefore I agree with you on that point wholeheartedly.

    But why, in the process of doing that, must you incite hatred against other races, seolah-olah the other races are the musuh? This is exactly my point of contention with Dr. Mahathir. Let's talk about helping the Malays. But why imply that the others are the antagonistic enemies that we must watch out for?

    Where is the basis? And why must one say such a despicable thing? Most importantly, is it ethical or moral to fan racial ill will to obtain support for one's cause?

    For example, if you have children, is it not enough to advise your kids to work hard and do their best to ensure their survival? Or must you also tell them that the children of other races are out there to deprive them and so they must watch out?

    I sincerely hope that you are able to see this simple point of view.

  72. Anonymous9:32 am

    HI MR Rocky,

    wheres the picture of the road block? i heard that a lot of people were not allowed to greet him.

    To others,
    defending one races is not racist! i believe in equality in everything! People said that TDM is a racist becoz he defended the Malay too much but let see the reality...the chinese like me are controlling the economy! You go to lowyat, sometimes you can here these sellers are selling cheaper to their own race! racist?
    how about sjk (c) n (t)? we dare (not me) threaten the gov of scrapping these racist system! think about it!

    i believe that if the economy is distributed or controlled evenly by all races, the profit that we all will gain is a lot more! i believe in Tun Abd Razak and TDM.

    lady from hell (scotland)

  73. Anonymous11:37 am

    If mahathir didn't fight for the malays, they would have become like the abos in Oz, the malays in singapore or the fijians in Fiji (saying that now alot of chinese shops setting up in Fiji and monopolizing businesses there).

    The malays survival is paramount to them controlling the economy, sosial and political scene in the country. After all the malays make up 2/3 of population. Did you ever think malays were going to let the pendatangs rule? Dream on. By vote or by rioting, either way.

    This is exactly what the NEP is about and what mahathir is upholding. And what every malay should up hold. This is why you see such a warm welcome for him at the airport. Saying that Mahathir had his mistakes like fued with Anwar and making Vincent Tan, Ananda, Kwok brothers and other greedy and monopolizing pendatang businessmen. Exactly what pak lah is doing now up to a certain extent. This must be stopped and wealth spread to all malays, regardless of political affliation.

    - rashid ramlan

  74. lady from hell,

    i never leave words here, but been Rocky's silence reader everyday. its because of what you said and i hope many more people think like you...its the economy ...

    thank you from the bottom of my heart...

  75. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Dear Anonymous 9:32 am (Lady From Hell):

    You say:
    "defending one races is not racist! i believe in equality in everything!"
    I wholly agree; equality is a universal principle that should be upheld. But what is the point of defending the rights of your race while saying that if other races defend their legitimate rights, it will be bad or dangerous for your own race? This is exactly what Dr. Mahathir implied. It sounds mean and oppressive doesn't it? Why don't we ensure the rights and welfare of all Malaysians, as our Constitution asks of us?

    You say:
    "People said that TDM is a racist becoz he defended the Malay too much"
    Let's defend the welfare of all Malaysians who are poor, suffering and need help, whether Malay, Chinese, Indian or Iban. No one should be poor or be disadvantaged. Do you not agree?

    You say:
    "You go to lowyat, sometimes you can here these sellers are selling cheaper to their own race! racist?"
    I concur. Behaviour like this is in poor taste and un-Malaysian. Why does this sort of racial bias happen in Malaysia? Can you tell? If we genuinely foster Malaysian unity regardless of race or religion amongst Malaysian schoolchildren, and if all Malaysians were treated equally and fairly by the Malaysian government, then don't you think there will not be an excuse anymore for racial bias?

    You say:
    "[H]ow about sjk (c) n (t)? we dare (not me) threaten the gov of scrapping these racist system! think about it!"
    There should be one system of schooling for all Malaysian, in which all Malaysians have the opportunity to learn their own mother tongues too (Malay, Chinese, Tamil etc.). This way, we don't need schools that are based just on the language of one community. However at the same time, to reduce the need for 'sekolah jenis', serious investment must be made into Malaysian public schools so that the education they deliver is of high enough quality. Then people cannot argue that the standard of education in 'sekolah jenis' is higher.

    You say:
    "i believe that if the economy is distributed or controlled evenly by all races, the profit that we all will gain is a lot more!"
    Understand that economic advancement depends on the effort an individual puts in to achieve economic success. What we should try to do is give everyone -- all Malaysians -- an equal platform for achieving success, and then let them endeavour towards their life goals. Now, suppose that a hardworking person from one race succeeds, but a lazy person from another race does not succeed; is it ethical to then to take money from the person of one race to give to the person of the other race just to 'make all races equal'? Don't you think that is ridiculous? Think about it. We all succeed or fail regardless of our race, and we should not use race as an excuse to receive support or 'crutches'.

    You say:
    "i believe in Tun Abd Razak and TDM."
    Before we declare 'belief' in a leader or politician, we should first of all know what these politicians stand for, and critically evaluate whether what they stand for is principled or fair for all the people they claim to represent.

  76. Anonymous2:09 pm

    TDM sekarang ni dah serabut macam Anwar. Suka tengok orang ramai dok sokong dan sambut dia. Jangan terkejut nanti sampai masa, dia ada dah sakit hati sangat dengan Pak Lah, dan desperate dia sanggup buat reformasi UMNO. Orang desperate suka buat hal! Saya secara rasminya sudah mula hilang rasa hormat melihat perangainya sekarang.

  77. Dear Baron,

    This is in the context when the rights of the Malay is being questioned and constantly undermined by others. ( so just keep our mouth shut?)

    Which comes to the other view point, what about the ones who questioned this. what do we define this? what about LKS's and Karpal's statements.

    TDM is raising the Malay rights issue, to be united, being defensive and not attacking or questioning others.

    Now whom are actually attacking and questioning others.

    This only happens when the leader is weak.

  78. Racial harmony can only be achieved when every race understands each others sentiments.
    One will say its about survival and inheritted supremacy..Another may think it should be 'winner takes all' and 'survival of the fittest'.Yet one is feeling of being oppressed.
    So where do we strike the balance?
    Politicians and leaders can only advice,appease and control through policies and legislation.Or even incite and instigate with dissenting voice.But ultimately its the peoples sentiments that will decide on their own actions.
    The recent PRU12 was a good example.It came as a big surprise to all.
    Lets hope that there are no more big suprises to come,or anything happening out of civil order, as the people's sentiments still remains very much in a chaos, far from any harmoniuos balance.

  79. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Dear MMCrossings,

    Thanks for writing back and discussing.

    Let us try to clarify so that we understand the matter better.

    You point out that the "rights of the Malay are being questioned and are being constantly undermined by others."

    (i) Which rights are we referring to;

    (ii) and as stipulated where in the supreme law of the nation (the Federal Constitution);

    (iii)and undermined by whom exactly , how are they undermining it and why might they be doing it?

    By thinking carefully about these questions, we can get a deeper appreciation of the issue you raise, and we can then find seek to address these. As you rightfully suggest, if there are reasons for fear, we should not just keep quiet. We should rationally and calmly discuss it and see if the fears are legitimate.

    You refer to Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh's statements. But which statement is it? Could you be specific, please? This will enable us to discuss.

    You say that TDM is "raising the Malay rights issue, to be united, being defensive and not attacking or questioning others". Fair enough. Let's review exactly what he said (May 17):

    "What does it say? Malaysia for Malaysians! This is the reality of the present situation. If we do not speak up, if we choose to keep quiet, we will lose our rights and the other races will take over. When that happens, it will be like Singapore. Do you think we will still have control?"

    Tun Dr. Mahathir was referring to HINDRAF here. The HINDRAF march was organised to draw the government's attention to desperately impoverished Malaysian Indians, whose continuous plight received no attention for a long time.

    Though personally I would organise a gathering to highlight the plight of all poor and ignored Malaysians, rather than for any one race, let us stop to consider HINDRAF's aim: is it wrong to ask that the government help these desperately poor fellow Malaysians? If the demands of these poor people are met, and -- according to Tun Dr. Mahathir -- "if we choose to keep quiet, we will lose our rights and the other races will take over. "?

    Cuba fikirkan, saudara. Munasabah atau tidak? Don't you think it will unnecessarily create a feeling of ill-will amongst the Malays to say something like that?

    If it was up to me, I would ensure that no Malaysian, whether Malay or Chinese or Indian, suffers from abject poverty to the extent that these groups have no choice but to organise a gathering to get the government to take action to relieve their suffering.

    But sadly, through the highly industrial period spanning the 1980s through the 1990s till now, why are these pockets of Malaysians, bumiputera or not, still suffering?

    In what way is demanding that their welfare be addressed a threat to Malay people?

    By ensuring that the poor people of other races are looked after, will the Malay people lose power?


    If we are willing to call ourselves Malaysians, would we tolerate the suffering of any Malaysian because they are not the same race as us?

  80. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Dear Baron,

    first of all thanks very much for the comments.

    the malay rights will be removed bit by bit as you can see now days! it was TDM who approves it!

    Dont you know that the poverty figure in Malaysia was 30%? and thanks to TDM its around 15% or so (<20%) but now its increasing back again! i've been informed by my bro who is a doc, he said most of these aborigins they prefer to be what they are. some of them even refuse treatments from gov! so, poor or poverty is not only referring to money! be at disadvantage...yes i totally agree with you!

    thirdly, theres a malay saying that "melentur buluh biar dr rebungnya" someething like that laa...= mould your kids when they are still young! i beleive this racist school system is the start of everything! you mix with only one race from the beginning! its like only listening to one side! when you meet someone else with different approach culture mainly...then you will start to resist, the term anatagonist should i say! we should start promoting a positive culture . Guess who suggested this one school system? TDM my friend. Who objected this one school system? You know the answer.

    Equal platform for acheiving success, yep i agree with this but is there anything like this in reality? who is controlling the economy? China man like me! you said gov is biased towards the malay, but we did the same thing to the malays and others! Public sector dominated by malays and private sector by chinese! just go to penang, malays are being paid much lower than chinese! that is reality! what i am trying to say is, dont blame the government everything about this so called bias system. it was us who did the same thing to them, government introduce this DEB so that they can stand on their own again!

    from what i can see, you are also saying that the malays (most of them) are lazy as hell! they are not my friend, for example in the UK, theres lots of them here are Malays, eng, doc, just name it! why are they here? they were not given the same treatment by both sectors! public sector gaji ciput! again, who is controlling this private sector...chinese (i will not be one of them)!

    Regarding priciples of these two great leaders as explained above! i trust them!

    i have mentioned malays, chinese, aborigins. no offence, just trying to state my points.


    lady from hell (scotland)

  81. got police permit for this ceramah?

    Another double standard.

  82. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Apa yang berlaku mengenai Pulau Batu Putih sewaktu pentadbiran Dr. Mahathir:


    "From 1994 till 2002, Mahathir, Malaysia's greatest prime minister ever and presumably the most powerful Malay leader the world has even seen, helmed the case. Old treaties were found in London's Public Records Office to establish the ownership of the island.

    But at the same time, Mahathir allowed Singapore to continue managing the lighthouse, stake its claim over shipping incidents and compile data showing proof if its de facto ‘ownership’.

    What did the Mahathir administration do from 1980 till 2002 as evidence of Malaysia's ownership of Pulau Batu Puteh? Did we ask Singapore for joint administration of the lighthouse? Plant a flag in Middle Rocks? Negotiate on behalf of our fisher folk? In 2002, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi inherited Batu Puteh, a legacy which came with the premiership.

    We have lost Batu Puteh and most Malaysians have accepted the verdict rationally. But we all feel a sense of loss, the kind Indonesians felt over Sipadan and Ligitan. Abdullah must publish a chronology of what his predecessor did that would have made a difference in the ICJ. The public must be told that rhetoric and secret maps do not impress ICJ judges."

  83. what are those people doing screaming and welcoming him.

    you think he's God and he can perform miracles, cure you from your sickness, make you more intelligent, make you richer (well maybe if you kiss his ass) ?

  84. Anonymous11:39 am

    i am Malay,pure one but not in UMNO when i was told, you want 'something' be an UMNO!