Monday, May 26, 2008

Our enemies within

Defending the Lion City
by Terence Fernandez
theSun's investigative deputy editor

Read Terence Fernandez's Down2Earth column today on our nation's security (no links yet). He is convinced that Singapore is not the enemy, never was, and never will be. Our enemies walk among us, he insists. Musuh dalam selimut.

It's a good piece and it's an opinion that is hard to disagree with. But as one of the few Malaysian journalists who have covered a war from the war-front (Baghdad 2003), Terence has seen and felt war.
Just because it hasn't happened does not mean it's not ever going to happen.

But that's not the point of this posting. I read Terence's reference to the (old) Malay Mail and I would like to respond.

He writes:
"And so there came a period during the 1990s and in the early days of the millennium when many of us were suspicious of (Singapore) - although many of us have relatives and friends staying on the island ...
The (old) Malay Mail even when to town with a front page fictional piece on how the republic would marshal an attack against us and take over Johor in under a day.
But now it appears that it is the same prophets of chaos and commotion who are now guilty of selling out our security which they have so vocally been campaigning to protect, by giving away the last bastion of our southern defence -Majidee Camp for profit."

I was the Editor of the (old) Malay Mail when that "war" article made the Page One. The article was based on Tim Huxley's book Defending the Lion City. The scene of the attack on Malaysia was not fiction, it was a "most likely scenario" as depicted by the so-called military expert, Huxley.
It was controversial, it was unimaginable, and it made a good front page read. As a Malaysian, I had to admit it made me a little mad, too

That story sparked quite a bit of debate, (read here). Huxley wrote to us but I can't remember what exactly. And, contrary to Terence's theory, the "war-mongers" in the Malaysian Government were not at all happy with the Malay Mail's story. The NST group editor and I were called in to explain (Terence is also quite experienced now in this department).

And as I told the very, very senior government official, The Malay Mail published the story because it was of interest to Malaysians.

After Terence's scoop (with Nadeswaran) last Friday on "Majidee Camp gone!", I have begun to wonder if the decision to move the "last bastion of nation's southern defence" (theSun's words, not mine) to Kluang was not influenced byHuxley's book.

Defending the Lion city

Tabloid Malay Mail report on Tim Huxley's book following Malaysian ministers' rejection of author's tipping easy victory for Singapore in a war.
Jan 14, 2003
click here to read.

Read Syed Hamid's Loose talk about war.
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  1. Anonymous8:12 pm

    It's sad that Singapore has felt the need to defend itself. Look at the US and Canada - thousands of miles of undefended border. But Malaysia and Singapore which was once one country is so different. It's sad but I can understand why Singapore feels the need to have a deterrent strategy given the many hostile comments being made in the past by Malay(sian) leaders.

  2. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Pak Rocky

    I am confused as to the reasons for this post.

    Since Terence Fernandez has opined that Singapore is not the enemy that Malaysia has to fear, then why question a straight-forward business decision to redevelop the prime land which now houses the Majidee Camp?

    Of course, who benefits from this redevelopment is another issue entirely.

    I would venture, being familiar with the geography of Johor Bahru, that there is little strategic purpose in siting a military camp in the middle of an expanding conurbation - which is what JB City and it's suburbs are developing into.

    In any case, with modern techniques of warfare, with mobile assault forces backed by overwhelming air power and sophisticated communications and surveillance, it makes sense to locate a country's key military facilities in areas outside major cities or commercial centres.

    Locating a military camp at Majidee makes no sense strategically. Far better to put military bases, air bases and naval bases in locations where their assets can be shielded from pre-emptive enemy strikes (assuming that early warning systems and 24/7 radar surveillance are in place) and from where they can break out for counter-strikes.

  3. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Tian Chua. What about Selat Ambalat?

    Look, first the Indons ram our navy ships...

    Then our DPM @ Defense Minister apologises...

    But later Mr. C4 backtracks and says NO, HE DID NOT...

    At this rate we might a well give Selat Ambalat to the Indons as well! Najib, are you sleeping on the job dreaming of 'royal' commissions or what, ah? Enforce our sovereignty over Selat Ambalat or lose it like we lost Batu Puteh!!!!!

    For more on this...

  4. None can honestly harbour any suspicions that S'pore would fire the 1st shot.

    In reality, if you look at the map of SEA, you can clearly see who is the one surrounded by 'potential enemies.' And, it's certainly not M'sia!

    But this view, of an Imperialist S'pore is surely promoted by those who have an interest in causing destabilization in the region; by those who whisper that S'pore's strike forces are (and it is true)trained by the ruthless Mossad and elite S.African Shock Commandos.

    And,in the process, we have our Defence Minister furiously committing billions to Sukhoi Warjets and Scorpene Submarines and what nots which will no doubt gather cobwebs as have previous purchases of armaments. Dare we mention in the same breath that half-assed National Service which has milked a billion or two off our National Reserves?

    One of the main reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union was the Arms Race, which eventually bankrupted the Russians. They could not match the finances of the USA.

    In attempting to giving credence to this hypothesis of a belligerent S'pore, we are playing right into the hands of the conscienceless band of International Merchants of Death -the Armaments Moguls!

    Firaun once pontificated about 'Prosper Thy Neighbour.' Whatever happened to such enlightened philosophies?

  5. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Correct, correct, correct! it is within. Everyone knows that. When we buy two submarine we have to pay "within" a contract that value at RM500 million. If it isn't "within" we could have 3 submarine, so someone "within" already defeated us by one submarine even before the 2 submarine are deliver to us.

  6. Salam Brader,

    1. When i start join the army, i was told that our enemy on the 'north'.

    2. Before i leave the army i was told that our enemy on the south.

    3. When i left the army then i realised that our enemy is every where. But the 'south' is still the key factor.

  7. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Singapore will never go to war with Malaysia barring extreme circumstances. It's a lose-lose proposition for both sides, with animosities likely to linger for generations to come.

    Even for water, we will be self-sufficient by the year 2010-2011, and we will not to renew the 2 agreements set to expire in 2011 & 2061. (Source:

    Both the ruling parties understand that stakes involved, despite the wayang.

    The only variable is if PAS gain power in Malaysia, and for any reason decide to invade Singapore. We will then respond with a quick, surgical strike to devastate the MAF in its entirety, because this is an issue of self-preservation.

    The US Pacific Command, with a base in Singapore, will oversee the most busy shipping lane in the world and make sure it remains open, but is unlikely to do further (nor do we need their help).

    We have no territorial ambition in occupying johor.

    I must reinstate my point that war between the 2 countries is extremely unlikely to the point of nil.

  8. Moral of the story, UNITE or be wary.

  9. Malay Mail

    Please pay my OT

  10. Why bother going to war and risk losing a few planes in the process?

    Who said the war is unthinkable?Yes, there is no tank crossing the causeway, no warplane dropping bombs in putrajaya and no army firing any shot. Singapore dont have to do that to win the war.

    1. Just go to ICJ and claim that Malaysia is singapore's territory. Twist a bit of history, get uncle sam's support and that's it. Hei, Israel had done that thru' League of Nation with Big Bro British backing and wham, part of palestine is theirs! Pulau Batu Putih is a good start.

    2. Why need to buy planes and tank when you can just buy you know who for the fraction of the cost? A promise of power over golf can get you part of johore. You also get a few acres of sand as a bonus.

    Its a win-win situation...

  11. Anonymous12:24 am

    we are living in trying times, the 'enemies' are all over the place...

    down south, we are engaging an economic-warfare with that tiny red-dot.

    up north, they are pushing their resistance fighters into our back yard.

    east & west, our 'enemy' keep bombarding us with battalion after battalion of blockheads to create social unrest &... of course, to suffocate us with their annual hazy air-strikes as well.

    if that are not suffice, our corrupted leaders & little napoleons keep fanning racial slurs... just to stay in power.


  12. Funny we're taught to hate Singaporeans for ALL reasons known only to those inciting it. Sure, Singaporeans have their kiasuness and benefits from our petrol subsidies but we, too are fallible for our own reasons like hundreds and maybe thousands of Malaysians working there earning Sing Dollars and many more mutual 'exploits'.

    This Hate relationship between Malaysia & Singapore is comparable to our 'Racial Divide' advocated by certain ~ehem coalition, don't you think?

  13. The greatest enemy within is always onself
    With all the self-doubts and self-denials stacked on the shelf
    Far too often with what's being perceived
    Declared readily as already being received

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 270508
    Tue. 27th May 2008.

  14. Anonymous12:55 am

    su-kj said:
    3. When i left the army then i realised that our enemy is every where. But the 'south' is still the key factor.

    Yes, you're right su-kj.

    The 'south' is still the key factor of Malaysia's problems...the south, i.e. Johor, is where the greatest number of dumb-as-doorknob UMNO supporters are located.

  15. Anonymous1:17 am

    It is not ideal to be judgmental especially in front of children growing up. they would take our comments as something real and live by them. say europeans are all colonialists and look down upon asians, singaporeans are all self serving people, chinese are blood suckers and children would take those words to be truths.
    this is sad because these judgmental statements will prevent
    our children to grow up to learn about the real world and they stand to lose a lot as they would live by those narrow minded observations we dictated to them.
    there are always two sides to a coin and they wont be the same. so is every country in this world.

  16. It's true that Malaysia’s worst enemy is from within.

    Should we fear of Singapore military might? I strongly believe that Singapore will not strike us unless our incompetent leaders threaten Singapore existence.

    We should be aware that the Singapore government is very pragmatic in making decision. What would Singapore gain from attacking us? Do you think the government wants our racial problems? It takes Lee Kuan Yew so many years to make Singapore economically strong.

    The only reason Singapore invested their money in the military because they want to deter the “Racist” UMNO from making any irrational move.

    Lastly, we need to focus on the real problem we’re facing and ignore this trivial problem. Without racial and corruption problems, Malaysia will definitely be economically more powerful than this little red dot! Thus, let’s focus on these two problems first.

  17. No doubt Singapore can invade Malaysia (Peninsula) at any time or pace. But how long can it hold on? One week, one month one year or decade? One thing that had not been touched by Huxley...the fighting spirit of every Malaysians. Will every Malaysians defend the soverignity of their soil? I have doubt but I am sure it will grow during the war itself. I will question not that many would leave the country. Those who have money. Lots of them. For those who don't, they have no means to fight back. But with spears or arrows, with kris or machetes, they will fight coz they can't run anywhere. Little by little they fight just like during the old days against the Portugese, the Dutch, British Japanese and Communist. Question is, like it is always been, will every race in the country go and fight the enemy? Newer questions wil be in what name will they fight..soverignity or Islam? What is the battle cry..Is it gonna be agi idup agi ngelaban, fight in the name of Religion or save the soil of your children. Malaysia is very different from other countries. In the Muslim countries they can fight in the name of religion but in this diverse country, it would certainly gonna fail. Malaysia's ability to defend itself would be determined by this kind of thing.
    Face it, we are all divided. we can't go to a war in we are divided.
    Despite all that, I am more afraid of the enemy within. Just don't know when I would get shot or who to shoot.
    If Singapore-Malaysia war is really gonna happen, I'll be in the jungle with my family. I'll just let nature save me till the war ends.

  18. Anonymous2:35 am

    Say no to Iskandar!
    Say no to Iskandar!
    Say no to Iskandar!
    Say no to Iskandar!

    Saudara Rocky, what say you start a campaign?

  19. As a Johorian, I’m always jealous of Singapore economical success. I would like to know why Malaysia hasn’t truly sought to builds up the relation with Singapore. We should cooperate with Singapore economically that would definitely benefit a lot of Malaysian. With the lukewarm relationship between Malaysia and Singapore, I could only see the loss of both Malaysian and Singaporean.

    How could we gain working with Singapore? For instance, Changi Airport is Asian major aviation hub and six busiest in Asia by passenger traffic. If we open up our air route, we can attract more flights from Changi Airport to Malaysia. Hence, indirectly this will increase the flow of international tourist.

    Following is comment of Mohd Nor Abdul Manaf:

    I actually support liberalising the air route between malaysia and singapore and also between malaysia and other ASEAN nations. I am in the opinion that MAS is just afraid of competition.
    MAS should be allowed to raise their fares and in return they should improved on their services like SIA in Singapore.
    By having an open sky policies between themselves, ASEAN nations could help promote trade as well as tourism among it's member nations.
    There are many benefit for open sky policy not only on the malaysia-singapore route but between all ASEAN mations too. MAS should not be afraid of competition but strive to improve to be better than their competition. I hope MAS will make Malaysian proud of our national airlines just as Singaporean are proud of their airlines.
    Mohd Nor Abdul Manaf
    Mohd Nor & Partners Sdn Bhd
    Registered valuer & Property Manager

  20. Anonymous3:54 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The little red dot ( as quoted by ex President Habibe )is a nation built on paranoia. way they would want to go fight a war with us.

    There ain't no winners.

    MM Lee once said their fear was being surrounded by large Muslim populated nations.

    And such paranoia resulted in seeking assistance from mighty and mean friends.
    It is to tell others jangan main main dengan saya.My gangster friendz will help me if you bully.

    But I don't still agree to redevelopment of Majidee Camp.

    I pass the camp 3 times a week and my eyes turn misty seeing the green turfs and age old trees disappearing.The green is gone.
    4 or 5 yellow submarines of land (Kobelco's and Tadano's)are happily chipping away the camp and all the bangaus (100 -200)and other species of birds will be vanished soon.

    They could have done better.

    Turn it into a military training school ? It would have comprhended well with the Pulada camp about 30km away.
    Site for a university for the army
    blokes ?

    No, I am no military man and I am no property developer !!!

    But my bangau friends are lost forever !!!


  21. Anonymous4:01 am

    Yeah, "Prosper Thy Neighbor" indeed... who's prospering for the past 30-odd years? When we tried to reduce "backdoor" exports to LKY's backyard using our own backyards, what response did we get? Sure, prosper thy neighbor? Now a brilliant idea from 4th fl boys & KJ & sapa itu top 5 richest man in Malaya... for "strategic" high speed rail line linking KL-S'pore that will kill KLIA... sure, prosper thy neighbor... what is S'pore's track record in prospering its neighbors? or even in prospering its own peripheral minorities? You mentioned S'pore hired Mossad... just to show them "the exciting S'pore" ke? Sure maa, we all can talk and argue til the cows come homelah...

  22. Anonymous4:02 am

    Yeah, "Prosper Thy Neighbor" indeed... who's prospering for the past 30-odd years? When we tried to reduce "backdoor" exports to LKY's backyard using our own backyards, what response did we get? Sure, prosper thy neighbor? Now a brilliant idea from 4th fl boys & KJ & sapa itu top 5 richest man in Malaya... for "strategic" high speed rail line linking KL-S'pore that will kill KLIA... sure, prosper thy neighbor... what is S'pore's track record in prospering its neighbors? or even in prospering its own peripheral minorities? You mentioned S'pore hired Mossad... just to show them "the exciting S'pore" ke? Sure maa, we all can talk and argue til the cows come homelah...

  23. Anonymous5:43 am

    hello...malaysia...the malays had given up on singapore in 1965...why we need to go to war for it now? i think it is rather stupid to say malaysia wants singapore for what ever reason. loosing pulau batu putih is not an issue, stopping singapore's imperialist ambition is the name of the game. we've done it. shabas Malaysian Team.

  24. Anonymous5:53 am

    any thought of sugical strike at the MAF is stupid stupid and shallow assumption. Malaysia has a professional and well trained, armed forces. mati is not an issue. maruah bangsa is. baghdad and iraq on barren and open land is still around after 6 years of US military onslaught. here is Malaysia with jungle all around will be fertile ground for guerella warfare. we will pick you one by one till all is gone. so don't even think about it!

  25. Anonymous7:33 am

    singapore is greedy. that why most countries in ASEAN never treat Singaporean as it friend. See what did Singaporean did when they visit Indonesia - rude and selfish being taught in their education. - zamri mohd nor

  26. Anonymous8:53 am

    Hi ,
    I don't care a damn who is doing what but for pete's sake don't move The Majidee Camp. Be patriotic and I believe its the last Bastion.

  27. /// Anak said...
    No doubt Singapore can invade Malaysia (Peninsula) at any time or pace. But how long can it hold on? One week, one month one year or decade? ///

    Anak - spot on. And for this very reason, it will be suicidal for Singapore to attack Malaysia, unless there is extreme provocation and the survival of Singapore is at stake.

    The only reason Singapore spends so much money on defence is that Malaysian politicians like to use Singapore as a punching bag or whipping boy whenever the elections are near, or when there are internal strifes and problems and the politicians need an external bogeyman. This can be pinpointed to Mahathir. Even when he was just an MP decades ago, he was already an ultra and very anti-Singapore.

    Mahathir's preoccupation is his own glory and legacy. Look at what he is doing now. He is repeating what he did in 1969.

    /// One thing that had not been touched by Huxley...the fighting spirit of every Malaysians. Will every Malaysians defend the soverignity of their soil? I have doubt but I am sure it will grow during the war itself. ///

    I have even more doubts. Given the way the Indians and Chinese are treated, do you think they will put their hearts and lives into defending someone who call them pendatang after so many generations? Will they defend someone who shouted at them "balek Cina or balek India kalau tak suka"? Worst still, instead of fighting for a country that does not want them, they may become a fifth column.

  28. Can you trust the Singapore government when it is even antagonistic and vicious against its own citizens, namely its Opposition?
    I may hate Mahathir like hell but I dare say only he can handle Singapore. It is using brain power against us.
    They rely on brain but we rely on skin.

  29. Anonymous9:25 am

    to anonymous 5:53 AM

    No i don't think its a stupid and shallow assumption. The SAF has evolved from a purely defensive force to expeditionary one, abeit for shorter periods of time. The only other rival force in this region would be the Australians, and conflict with them is even more unlikely given that we're staunch military allies.

    And your comparison to the Iraq war is not vaild, you're conflating two issues here. The question is; in 2003, did the US win the war against the baathist government in Iraq militarily?

    We're not talking about post-war planning operations, as Singapore will not be occupying
    or conducting any nation-building exercise on behalf of malaysia. The objective has always been clear: cripple the MAF & key installations in a way that they will not be a threat for years to come, set the conditions for surrender, and then strive for normalcy in the relations for both countries.

    War with Malaysia is an extremely unlikely scenario. Sure, there's a pissing contest now and then, and you have politicians acting trigger-happy when the ammo is thankfully guarded by the saner people, i.e the Armed Forces of ASEAN.

  30. I plucked this from the net, quite an interesting comment.

    Defending Tiger Country

    The Tigers, Singapore Has To Contend With.

    There have been alot of tensions between Singapore and Malaysia, on issues pertaining from water to Pedro Branca or Pulau Batu Putih. Some Singaporean websites present things that if there was a war it will be a walkover for them, then there is this book by Tim Huxley, "Defending the Lion City", which makes out the war scenario with pre-emptive strikes on Malaysian Forces. Where Malaysian Forces are defeated and Malaysians are subject to Singapore's Military rule.

    First of all Singapore and Malaysia, their fortunes are entwined, with blood ties across the causeway. There will be no winners in this war. Let me explain, Singapore considers itself the little Israel of South East Asia, thats why a lot of hawks down there advocate confrontation. There is no denying that its forces are well armed. The Israelis have always defeated the Arabs in all their wars, this confidence is ingrained in the Singapore minds. Let's have a reality check here, the Arabs do not regularly have Combined Arms Exercises, meaning they do not exercise simultaneously with their Armies, Navies and Airforce. Why ? To conduct combined exercises there must be clearance from the highest levels, so as to place the state police apparatus on the ongoing exercises, so that the Generals can be monitored. None of their despotic Arab leaders wants a coup conducted against them when all these many generals get together. So in other words their forces are never really tested. Only when cleared at the highest levels are they ever held, as it is a hassle to get clearance, therefore their forces are rarely tested, they learn most oftheir lessons during the war with the Israelis, but then it is too late.

    Normally the Military is used against it's own citizens which they are very adept at. At lower levels, tank regiments do not exercise with infantry regiments, artillery and with others which is important to coordinate attacks and defence, these exercises not only strengthen coordination, weaknesses can be identified and rectified, logistics needs for hour to hour requirements on the battle field can be enhanced to improve deliverability, strengths noted to be improved upon, doctrines tested, if needed, changed to evolve into a magnificient fighting force. There is a dictum "the way you train is the way you are going to fight".

    Malaysian troops constantly have combined arms exercises throughout the year, they have elaborately planned out training cycles for the individual,units, brigades, divisions and the corps as a whole. The Singapore mind, to place the Malaysian forces in the same category as the Arabs is an under estimation. Malaysian soldiers, sailors and airman join the regular forces for the love of the profession, most of them. There are servicemen with an impressive lineage of soldiering. Most Malaysian servicemen have been blooded. They exercise in peace times with imaginery enemies, they have made mistakes, they go back to the drawing boards. They know their weaknesses,they improvise, adapt and overcome. They also conduct lots of cross training with foreign forces.

    An elevated level of cooperation with the United States on the range of fronts.There have been more than 75 U.S. military ship visits in the past two and a half years. The United States conducts training exercises with the Royal Malaysian Air Force, flying with and against them in mock battles. U.S. Navy SEALs conduct training in Malaysia twice a year. The U.S. Army does field exercises with the Malaysian army. I might mention here that, for their expertise in jungle warfare, Malaysians are known in the business as "whispering death." Finally, 1,500 Malaysian defense personnel have benefited from the U.S.

    The confidence factor in the Singapore mind is their formidable airforce with their air to air refuelling capability, to bring them in from Australia, Taiwan and the US. One does not strike pre-emptively out of the blue. ". On this page you can find the aircraft order of battle of the Malaysian Air Force, locally known as Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia.
    There should be an escalation of tensions. The majority of the Singapore servicemen are conscripts, the key elements of their forces are made up of their regulars. That means there is no continuation in training.

    It is a major factor that will contribute in the performance of it's frontline troops. I have seen the conscripts perform, which makes me confident that we can defeat them on the ground, as the bulk of Singapore's forces comprise of conscripts. I do honestly hope they do not faint when they see blood and guts ! Malaysian troops are the only forces in the world to have defeated a communist insurgency. They happen to be the best jungle fighters in the world. Elite fores all over the world are trained by them. The jungle warfare school in Fort Benning, Georgia was set up by a Malaysian team.

    Just to recapture, on the 3rd of October 1993 incident, in Mogadishu, Somalia a combined team of 4 Pakistani tanks and 24 Malaysian Infantry fighting vehicles rescued America's elite fighting unit, the Rangers. You can see the fictious account in the movie, "Black Hawk Down". For your information as they were moving into the combat zone, when hostile fire was being received the Pakistani tanks turned tail and fled, this has been hushed up in the name of diplomacy. The Malaysians persevered, rescuing the Rangers at the cost of one Malaysian killed, 9 wounded and losing 4 IFVs. Seventy, so called elite American forces did not litter the streets of Mogadishu with their bodies because of the sacrifices made by the Malaysians. Of course US magazines belittled the contribution of the Malaysian troops by calling them 'gun shy', as mentioned in Newsweek.

    The Malaysians kept all MSRs openedwhen the Americans withdrew into a shell after that incident and to later withdraw from Somalia. An extract from the Washington Post. "They realized they'd have to do it in armor, so we linked them with 24 Malaysian armored personnel carriers, four Pakistani tanks and two armored personnel carriers and a company of armored Humvees," Stockwell said. Stockwell said "it came together very quickly" and strongly disputed the report of a U.S. Army officer in Washington that "it took intense pressure from Americans to get the Malaysians and some Pakistani M-113s to deploy." "I will grant you that in this international U.N. military we do not have the same command and control; the unity of command is a lot looser, so sometimes it takes some persuading," Stockwell said. But he added: "The Malaysians performed magnificently."

    Summary of combat operations. or the US Ranger version.

    Malaysians training the US Marines at jungle warfare.

    In the decades in the fight against the Communists, there is no record of a Malaysian soldier taken alive. In Singapore's case during the 'Confrontation' against the Indonesians, there is one sorry episode the Singaporeans would like to forget involving the 1st Singapore Infantry Regiment. The Malaysian military remembers it's past, this is an incident which took place in the Congo in the sixties, when 13 Italian airmen, who took refuge at a Malaysian camp, were surrenderd to the rebels by a Malaysian Company Commander, of the 6th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment(refer to book by Lt. Col Maurice Lam). The 13 airmen were literally hacked to pieces in front of them.One of the reasons why the Malaysians did not turn down the Americans.

    Just to show a weakness in Singapore's anti-armour weaponry, the MILAN needs to stabilize after launch for 400 meters, meaning it needs flat and a clear area before it is guided onto the target. There are not many open places in Malaysia to accomodate that. There are many other weaknesses that I will not mention here. The AWACs, Singapore has, are nearing shelf life, the Malaysians are going to acquire new ones. The Singapore subs are second hand and their tanks are antiquated AMX which have been upgraded so many times, using Frog (French) technology and the British Centurions. Their APCs are still with technology from the sixties. The Malaysian tanks which will be acquired are from the New Europe, Poland. Malaysians are in the process of getting new IFVs from Turkey. Very effective air defence systems are being purchased.

    The 'Apache' helicopters AH64D have not been very effective against the enemy on the ground, proven in Karbala and Operation Anaconda. The'turkey shoot" during the Gulf war was a one sided affair on a retreating enemy during the first Gulf War, creating a myth on the invincibility of the Apache. Helicopters that attacked Iraqi Republican Guard units south of Baghdad on March 24 03."In attacking a formation of about 40 Apache Longbows on Monday, the Iraqis staged a classic helicopter ambush first perfected by the North Vietnamese in the 1960s. As the lethal, tank-killing aircraft approached on a mission to destroy the Medina Division's dispersed armor, troops dispersed throughout a palm-lined residential area and opened fire with antiaircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenades and a wall of fire from rifles and other small arms. ... "The Iraqi fire was so intense that the Apaches had to break off their mission and return to base." The results of that failed mission strongly suggest that the modern helicopter is a battlefield liability

    Malaysia has MLRS regiments, where the dream target for an MLRS regiment is one such as Singapore, compact and dense.This is a quantum leap of firepower for Malaysia. Malaysia has currently 70 combat aircraft compared to Singapore's 150 combat aircraft. That gap will be narrowed when the Malaysians take dlivery of 18 F-18 Super Hornets and 24 Sukhois. Malaysia will not have limited warfare conducted on Singapore but total destruction.

    This is an extract from an article by Derek da Cunha of the Institute of South East Asian Studies, " The Singapore Armed Forces could be described as a rapier, it is manoeuvrable, slick, and, in the hands of a skilled swordsman, can do all the fancy moves in attempting to deliver the lethal stab. On the other hand the Malaysian Armed Forces is like a broadsword; it's not very manoeuvrable, not slick, and, even in the hands of a skilled swordsman is unlikely to do all the fancy moves. Indeed it is fairly lumbering and unwieldy. However, in the ultimate analysis, a single slash of the broadsword could well result in the rapier snapping in half".

    Malaysian terrain is very tough for the unexposed or the uninitiated. Allow me to paint a war scenario. Before that have a glimpse of some of Malaysia's naval vessels. Here is part of the details. More on the surface vessels. .

    Malaysia and Singapore water talks (50% of Singapore's water needs is supplied by Malaysia) bog down and there is this ill feeling meanwhile there is this young gungho Commander of a Singapore warship the the RSS Battleaxe guarding the territorial waters off Pedro Branca, also on his mind is his impending divorce where he is going to lose his HDB flat to his wife all because he had a one night stand. This is nagging him constantly, meaning he is not in the correct frame of mind.

    Along comes KD Hang Lekir, a corvette on orders by the Defence Minister to permanently station it in the waters off Pedro Branca, due to the failure of the water talks. Guns and radar are on 'active stations'. The Singapore Commander gets a report that there is a signature on the radar of a fast moving large vessel, orders 'action stations'. The commander of Hang Lekir, gets a report that guns are locked onto his vessel, he orders counter measures and simultaneously ranges on the Singapore vessel. RSS Battleaxe's Commander misinterprets this as hostile action and elevates status to 'battle stations'. Commander of RMN Hang Lekir is on the hotline to fleet operations, which in turn turns to MINDEF, Chief of Defence Forces, responds placing all forces on a high alert.

    JERNAS area air defence system. JERNAS is the only land-based air defence system designed to defeat the most severe threats, including cruise missiles and smart munitions.The AMS Blindfire weapon control radar provides JERNAS with an all-weather day and night capability. Fast acquisition and extremely accurate tracking of the target and the missile in flight give the air defence system unique dual engagement capability. With pencil beamwidth, high power, adaptive wide-band frequency agility, very low side lobes and smart digital processing, the radar is immune to all forms of jamming.

    What does this mean ? It means jets are scrambled to have an air defence capability, with jets on tarmacs waiting to take off. These events are monitored by Singapore's E2C-Hawkeye aircraft, they alert Singapore's MINDEF. Meanwhile the drama on the high seas is unfolding, commander of KD Hang Lekir is told not to engage unless fired upon, the RSS Battleaxe is a FAC(Fast Attack Craft) with 20mm Bofors opens fire on KD Hang Lekir, this corvette, one of the most modern is South East Asia can simultaneously engage targets under the sea, on the surface and air. The commander, to defend a strategic asset from being destroyed and who also who wants to become rear-admiral before the age of 38, orders launch of a ship to ship missile. The RSS Battleaxe is no more. The wife of the Commander of RSS Battleaxe will definitely get the HDB flat. All these is observed by the E2C and reported.

    MINDEF gets radio stations to announce codes for mobilization. The Malaysian electronic counter counter measures unit gets to pick up this information and passes it along.Goh, gets on the hotline and calls Dr.M, accusing him of sinking a Singapore warship, Dr. M retorts that it was the Singapore ship that fired first. They continue arguing. Meanwhile, the strategic division is ordered to move to Johore, which it has rehearsed countless times times and played the game against a Southern enemy. Malaysian airdefence radars (Marconi- Martello Systems) and AWACs picks up fast moving aircraft intruding into Malaysian airspace.

    All jets at Butterworth, Kuantan,Gong Kedak and Subang are scrambled, whilst the jets in East Malaysia are placed on alert, with Malaysian AWACs monitoring airspace in Taiwan and areas south of the Borneo island, for Singapore's reserve jet fighters coming in to join the fight. Simultaneously looking for Singapore's airtankers to be destroyed, before they refuel the RSAF jets coming in from Australia, Taiwan and the US. Many aircraft go down, Singapore's and Malaysia's, there is air parity. Malaysian fighters manage to penetrate into Singapore airspace and destroy 2 KC-130 tankers and 2 Stratotankers diminishing Singapore's air to air refuelling capability.

    Malaysian naval ships and submarines scatter to sink and destroy Singapore's navy and merchant navy, concentrating near the straits of Tebrau, as there is air parity. The airborne brigade is ordered to conduct a linkup operation along the Mersing, Layang-Layang, JB line. The Army units in JB are ordered to defend JB, the Tebrau straits is flooded with napalm, benzine, and crude at likely footholds for the Singaporeans.

    Singapore's Guards regiments which are heliborne will have to reckon with the Malaysian airborne at all strategic routes which it has to secure for it's armoured formations along three axis Kota Tinggi-Jemaluang-Mersing, Layang-Layang-Rengam-Keluang and JB-Air Hitam-Yong Peng with it's antiquated AMX and Centurions. The defence of these axis has been done numerous times by Malaysian troops on exercises. Meanwhile special forces snipers armed with 12.7 mm Barret rifles will go into hides to take out Singaporean armour at a range of 1.5 km with armour piercing rounds. Infantry taking up positions in strong points with AGLs and anti-tank weapons.

    PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tank. The Singaporean antiquated AMX (so called upgraded)and Centurion tanks will have to contend with this.The PT-91 MBT is equpped with the Fire Control System consisting of Gunner Station. It basis on modernized TPDK-1 sight for day channel and optionally passive PCN-A sight or thermal imagine sight, which create night fighting capability. The fire solutions are calculated by the ballistic, digital computer which processes mixed set of information generated by set of sensors and input manually by the gunner.

    Air defence batteries are deployed, with shoulder held anti-aircraft missiles (Starburst systems, Iglas and Jernas). The Malaysian armoured and mechanized formations will race to link up with the airborne. Singapore needs to cross the straits to get its troops across, heavy casualties are inflicted, Malaysians fall back to conduct a delaying and mobile defence, all these are covered by air and artillery.

    Malaysians have trained year in year out to march in full combat gear over 40 kms in under 10 hours and construct fire trenches with overhead protection within 8 hours. Laying of obstacles comes next, it is actually a breeze considering the terrain one is familiar with. Independent and co-ordinated tank hunting parties will be sent out. The Singapore advance bogs down at Muar. The US cannot come running, as it is bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. Guerilla war by Malaysian units are conducted at the rear echelons of the already very stretched Singapore supply lines, who also face a very hostile populace.

    Malaysia signs deal worth $48 million with Russia's Rosoboronexport to purchase its IGLA short-range air defense system.

    Defending a Small Nation and all about Malaysia.

    Its probably at this stage that the diplomats, and the UN will come into play....... This is the otherside of a war scenario, to be more detailed will make this long and probably boring. There is always another side to a coin.

  31. Anonymous10:01 am


    What's with your sudden occupation with war and conflict with Singapore?

    We all know well that the chances of this occurring at present and in the foreseeable future is remote. There is no pressing motive for waging war for both nations, nor is there any net gain from doing so. International law would never tolerate Singapore 'annexing' Malaysia, and the reaction would be retaliatory and swift, and incredibly damaging for Singapore for evermore.

    So the fundamental question in my mind is this: what are you writing this for? Just out of pure academic interest in the recent tussle over Pulau Batu Putih, or are you subtly jabbing the current administration?

  32. What Singapore is doing, arming to the teeth, is because it believes in the wisdom that to have peace one must prepare for war.

  33. Anonymous10:08 am

    The enemy is indeed from within.
    From a country point of view it is those( normally politicians) who misuse the nations resources for wanton projects instead of on
    basic infrastructure and the other needfuls for its poor and downtrodden masses like a proper public transportation system for example.
    Even our rich forests are being mercilessly deforested of its richness and fauna for supposedly larger gains.
    Man never learns even from other nations mistakes here.
    But the most greatest enemy lies within us in the form of envy,ego, greed, hatred, jealously...and finally personal vices which eventually destroys oneself.

  34. Anonymous10:19 am

    Bro Rocky..

    Buku defending lion city tu tak lebih dari untuk semarakkan semangat patriotik warga Singapura.. tak nafikan mereka ada amalkan dasar pre-emptive strike dalam situasi pra konflik tapi realiti pre emptive takkan akan begitu menjadi.
    300+ anggota SAF tapi rata rata adalah conscript bukan well trained dan profesional seperti ATM.

    Bro Rocky..

    Awal 80an, ada beberapa kes kebakaran dan letupan di Limbungan di sana.. jadi mereka masih mahu bercakpa tentang pre meptive kerana kita lebih pakar dalam HUMINT.

    Bro Rocky..

    Untuk mencegah pre emptive pada permulaan konflik, penggubal dasar pertahanan dan keselamatan kita sendiri sudah menilai berulang kali scenario tersebut. Adakah kita membeli Astro II dengan kemampuan melancar ammunition S-30, S-60 dan S-80 dengan 600+ bomblet dengan kemampuan 1 bomblet mempunyai radius membunuh pada 100 meter hanya untuk dipamerkan?
    Atau kita membeli Su-30MKM dengan kemampuan persenjataan lebih dari 10 pulon hanya untuk diletakkan external fuel tank?

    Bro Rocky..

    Pre emptive strike, mereka boleh mengandai dan bercakap apa sahaja.. bantahan dan jeritan para menteri tentang ketidakadilan scenario Tim dalam bukunya tidak perlu dikisahkan. Biarkan mereka mengandaikan dan mengulit mimpi indah kepada rakyat mereka kerana realiti tidak akan berlaku begitu. Kenapa perlu dilayan, tanggapan orang luar yang sentiasa bertindak merendahkan kemampuan pertahanan dan keselamatan negara?. Barangkali ada yang tidak tahu kapal selam Singapura sudah lama tersadai di pelabuhan kerana ketidakmampuan untuk menyelam ekoran retakan pada hatch.

    Bro Rocky..

    Tak guna kita berlawan cakap.. kau serang, aku balas.. satu jet engkau lawan 10 jet aku kerana dalam peperangan siapa kreatif dan pandai akan menang secara lebih mudah.. dengan 100+ pesawat singapura adakah kita perlu turut membeli 100+ pesawat pejuang juga?.. mereka perlu ruang udara yang lebih besar untuk berlepas dan terbang lebih tinggi untuk menyelamatkan diri.. bermakna mereka tidak dapat tidak perlu masuk ke ruang udara negeri Johor.. apa gunanya Djigit, Igla etc yang dibeli dalam jumlah yang besar?.

    Yang pasti pesawat mereka tidak akan dapat berlepas secara mudah

  35. Anonymous10:40 am

    As a Johorean, I have been keenly following Singapore military capabilities.
    Malaysia should upgrade its weaponry system by acquiring defence system soon.


  36. Anonymous11:03 am

    "Singapore will never go to war with Malaysia barring extreme circumstances. It's a lose-lose proposition for both sides, with animosities likely to linger for generations to come."

    "any thought of sugical strike at the MAF is stupid stupid and shallow assumption."

    so are these can be good excuses for malaysia to be complacent ? you never know one day singapore is ruled by fanatic and expansionalist will try to create "excuses" to gobble up malaysia just like british did to malaya and japan did to korea and taiwan in 19th century. and you think uncle sam will side malaysia at that time, you might not know they even happily supply ammunition to the "lions" ?

    the current minister of defense is not minister of defense at all - he din have the character, he's so coward that he did not dare to stand up against his boss and even his own wife. and worse he overpaid the weapons deal and justified it with free space cosmonaut for 16 days in space. and he did not have military training at all though, he spend most of his time in air-conditioning room rather than camp in jungle. this is the type of minister of defense we have. at times of war, togethet with his boss they will flight to australia or uk where they have invested and built luxurious home .....

  37. Point here is , those whoever made the majidee deal dont give a rat's ass about the nations security.Moving the first point of defence way back to the second line which is the Kluang-Mersing line is just as good as opening doors to anyone who invades us from the south.Remember the brits had all their guns facing the sea when the japs just cycled in from behind.And to the Generals who are yesmen to the politicians and didnt oppose the moving of the camp ,Sir's .... you aint worth yout stars.Lets be real here , even if the ICJ had given pulau batu putih to singapore ,We would have sold it to them for a song.And did anyone oppose when 20 hectares of mount ophir was sold to singaporeans ? The top brass nowadays are more focused on who gets the maggi mee contract,who gets the camoflage fatiques contract and so on. We used to joke in the Army that 'singapore beli kapalterbang bukak plastic( meaning new ) dan pilot kita keluar rumah pagi misti kena pelok anak bini.At times most of us are tired at the way things are ..... at the end of the day ,minus the politicians with their polo horses ...we as Malaysians must endure this all.And to "THE' who talks about the fifth coloumn... i know where my loyalty lies, do you ?

  38. Anonymous11:14 am

    Do we believe that Singapore will one day move up north and invade its neighbour? It may seem illogical decades ago, but today it does not seem impossible?

    Why does a country invades its'neighbour? Why does Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990? Why wouldn't Singapore invade parts of malaysia if the need arises?

    What does Singapore need that Malaysia has? Not money, not so much water, definitely not its citizen. Singapore needs LAND. The island is fast exhausting its land bank. That is why it is embarking on a large scale reclaimation projects. But reclaimation takes a lot of time and money. It is cheaper and faster to invade.

    For a nation that is about the size of penang, it has a potent military punch. Its total military planes far exceed the combine total of planes the air forces of malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines have. With potent figters such as F 16, F 18 and AWACS planes, one wonders how the limited Singapore airspace accomodates these fast jets. Malaysia has Four frigates to defend its territorial waters, but singapore has more than 10 frigates, numerous corvettes and missile boats to patrol its limited water space. And its citizen are trained part time infantrymen..

    So with all these military assetts, one wonders to what extend will Singapore do to safeguard its sovereignity and needs in the future?

    I'm sure if there would be an "incident' in the future, its close ties with the superpowers and the people who rule the world by proxy will become handy. The so call MERSING LINE doesn't seem far fetched at all.

    So is it a waste Malaysia is spending Billions to built up its military assetts? You decide ..

    I wrote this with no malicious intention. But if you wake up one morning and see you neighbour stockpiling M16s, RPGs, M60 tanks, SAMS and army fatigues.. wouldn't your mind starts wondering????


  39. Anonymous11:16 am








  40. Anonymous11:19 am


    Your statement on the M'sian's fighting spirit bears hallmarks to those of the Palestinians against Isreal and the Iraqis against the US. And look where that brought them the last eight and five years.

  41. In a battle between pragmatism and sentimentalism, the former will score in the beginning because it calculates resources, risks and results first. But soon enough, an equilibrium of the contending forces will result which will lead to trench positioning, then hits-n-runs, followed by attritioning, ending in some settlement when minds finally come to their senses.

    But the final-result, which must be considered even before the first standoff, is this: it will take too many years - which neither side can afford - for the relationship to heal from what was started in minutes; meanwhile the rest of the world will have moved ahead. It's not worth it.

    nsf's post shows a trained mind, and also confirms that Singapore's defense model isn't too far off from that of Israel. Since troops take time to mobilize, tanks take time to move and dropzones need to be secured first before paratroopers land which also means supply lines need to be maintained, a preemptive surgical strike at the heart of today's minutes-fast attack - the airforce - appears the only tactic and indeed will be akin to telaviv's hits on the egyptian airbases in the seven-day war.

    In fact, the whole geopolitical topography isn't that far off from that of the middle east: division along the lines of religion and preparation, vast difference in size of land and population including those from other neighbors, unnecessary powder-keg priming on sovereignty issues, overhang from history first wrought by an external imperial power and later inflamed by internal squabbles, etc.

    Should such a conflagration happen, the diplomatic measures by the UN or even Japan, will not be on Malaysia or Singapore - but on Indonesia - because it needs to prevent the rise of jihadism in the region - which will result when through its pacific fleet, the US comes to the aid of Singapore on the reason of 'maintaining stability, reducing tension and keeping open the straits of malacca for international trade and oil tanker flow'.

    Having hopefully rationalizing away the need for confrontation between two good neighbours of the same roots, let's sow goodwill for the future generations instead:

    There should be more exchanges at people to people level. Just as those who can afford will visit Singapore this and next week for their sales and other things, they should also visit ours and partake as well of Malaysia's many natural delights. There should also be more investments and technology transfers which can lift productivities and income, as well as collaterally increase the present value of assets held by locals when their surroundings become more developed. Lifestyles will improve, together with how one thinks and looks at the world. Even as i write this, i am wondering why there isn't yet a documentary made on the Singapore Malay - how he has adjusted and what progress he has made. I mean the cameras tagging him and his family 'On a day in the life of the Singapore Malay'. One can watch PhuaChuKang but i think this documentary (or a series) will be more meaningful, especially if you include some dialogues, interviews, debates etc not just on the Singapore Malay, but also the vision for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. into this century.

    Positive, heart-mending, mind-bending, things. Not you-know.

    How to end this post? With a question mark.

    The weakness of the present Singapore defense force is not the inventory of those surface2surface missiles nor the risk-tilting significance of those Awacs. It's also not the mapping accuracy and coverage of those targeting satellites.

    Just like how the best made plans can turn awry and battles lost for want of a horseshoe, it's something else and unless you're not a singaporean, you can't see it. Why? because the standard methodology of training has created a blind spot.

    No more tips for those who can even think about striking our MAF.

  42. Anonymous11:34 am

    No need to go war..wasting of M'sian resources! Singapore already on a "time bomb".

    Let the world food crisis take its toll...the finite rule!
    China & India can no longer supply food to others since they have their own people to feed, even the rest of the world are also facing the same problem..

    Its just a matter of time before S'pore would starved in their pool of money..
    Hey, who knows..maybe with hi-tech they can plant mutated seaweed & eat mutated fish in that polluted Selat Tebrau & survived for the next 30yrs before part of the island flooded due to iceberg melting at the poles as the result of global warming.....the "red dot" soon be dying to join Malaysian at that time..unless their people can change diet to concrete & sands & live in aquarium...Hey, I heard some of Malaysian here dying to go there & be a part of the "great garden of eden".. Ya lah, disini semua buruk2 belaka...kan? can go there & apply citizenship if you like..but please do not expect to return back if you do after a next few decades even if you wish so.. Any doubt about that?

    Keep on hurting thy neighbour feeling, eh S'pore..keep on..Why not show some courtesy & everybody can be friend..Yeah! right, over LKY dead body you moronic muslims brown baboons.. :)

    Changes took place naturally - God's will . Its called 'wheel of life' cycle..fall & rise of civilization?

    To some bashing-happy anti-Malays tribe, minds those insult OK..
    In Malaysia..its the hardworking Malays that feed us all.. mind the sweat & tears of the paddy farmers!
    Pity the farmers, they are taken for a ride by "middlemen" with Bernas on their side..greedy fuckers! Middlemen get richer by hiding controlled-price rice stock waiting for price hike, while the farmer remain with nothing as usual despite of all the increases! & the govt also only good at exercising supremacy power to 'ikan bilis' pekedai & peruncit..heh! Ball-less..

    With all these bias treatment, I think its better for the paddy farmers to start revolution.

    We must topple down the "enemy within" who wish to greedly sell off this country, at whatever means..I support anything under the sun that can remove Pak Lah & his SIL + their bloodsucking cronies + moronic babboon govt leaders & replaced with better.

    We cannot put hope on those politicians (be it BN/PR) alone to do miracle with their ass-$hit talkings & promises..especially on soverignity issues.

    That's reality.

    - anak petani Kedah -

  43. the said...
    "I have even more doubts. Given the way the Indians and Chinese are treated, do you think they will put their hearts and lives into defending someone who call them pendatang after so many generations? Will they defend someone who shouted at them "balek Cina or balek India kalau tak suka"? Worst still, instead of fighting for a country that does not want them, they may become a fifth column."

    You are damn right on that. That was my doubt. I wanted to say it but feared that I might be called a racist. Chinese and Indians will flee not because they are unpatriotic but because how they were treated. What they do is not recognised. Their co existent and contribution not being noticed. What they get is balik "Balik China Balik India thingy". Childish things.Being a Bumiputera I will fight for my country till my last blood but when the battle cry is fight for Islam, being a non-Muslim i guess i will retreat and better wait for the war ends. I am not showing disloyalty to this country or hatred whatsoever. Face it, we all know the fragility of this country's unity...or has there been any unity among us. For sure I know who created disunity among us rakyat.

  44. I am tired of this Singapore Arse kissing that most of your commenter's seem to have. I don't but any of that BullS**t. Idiots who jerk off looking at the map of Singapore are so dumb when they cant see the facts.

    Malaysia invade the peace loving Singaporeans? eh Hello? You read books?

    Fact is Singapore buys equipment that is meant not for defence but more of an offense. Their defence ideology is to strike first and dismantle the enemies capabilily. The Main Battle Tank (panther and AMD) are meant as a rapid strike force which can cover large areas in short matter of time. Not for Island defence or Island hopping like Batam or Riau. The Awacs are meant as a communication integration medium that can cover large area as well. Lets not talk the procurement of medium range rockets.

    The fact is Sinapore outnumbers us (in terms of military assets. More tanks, fighter/strike planes, ships, submarines and and almost everything except manpower. For a small nation like that the best strategy in war is to cover as many land as possible and then sign for a peace treaty. If Singapore ever want to go to war with Malaysia the best way is to have a strategic alliance with Indonesia and US. That way our defence assets will be divided and UN can pressure in terms of signing a deal.

    Malaysia was the one that decided to part ways with Singapore thus why in the world would we invade them? Singapore has not natural resources nothing much can Malaysia benefit by invading Singapore. Singapore's wealth lies on the economy (investments, company ownership, wealth and etc..) thus war would only destroy those things. It's like China Invades Japan to gain control of Sony, Honda and Toyota. And the neatest Irony is that large percentage of Singapore's Industrial capabilities lies in the factories they own in Johor. However Singapore will have huge amounts of benefits if they can take hold of Johor.

    When one meant that Singapore does not need to invade Malaysia that our real enemy is from within.. Is the notion that local politicians are selling off land and local large industries and companies to foreign investment arms.

    One must think ahead, not just the present. Plus I really hate idiots who give the notion that lets close down proton so that we can buy cheaper Honda.

  45. malaysians shouldn't worry about singapore. they can't even catch the jemaah islamiah terror leader mas selamat katari who escaped through a toilet window of an i.s.a. cell. what more to attack malaysia. others will do it for them if they come under attack. what should be worrisome to malaysians are the strategic moves made by the republic at the expense of malaysia and malaysians to stay afloat for its survival. the pulau batu puteh case is one of the very good examples. they have billion of dollars in sovereign wealth funds. they will buy into anything that strategically support its umbilical cord such as the strategic telecommunication companies in indonesia and thailand, and the world's top banks. what more the iskandar project. they will be very happy if they can buy into all malaysia's strategic positions and control it without going to war. but they are cautious because there are still nationalistic malaysians who are watching them and will blow the whistle if they rear their ugly heads.

  46. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Interesting write-up, Rocky, with comments just as interesting.

    Just to share some intelligence, in case some people are of the view that Singapore can do its neighbours no harm. The Singapore government has paid and continues to pay (bribes...???) certain Thai parliamentarians to ensure that the proposed Kra Canal between Thailand and Malaysia which will cut across the Isthmus of Kra, will not be discussed in its parliament.

    The reason is primarily economic, and of course the loss of prestige and cutting edge as a regional commercial hub. Imagine if ships stop plying the Straits of Malacca... Imagine how much Singapore would lose from such economic route for shippers.

    Intelligence has it too that the scenic bridge project was scrapped after money changed hands between Singapore and some top Malaysian politicians... interestingly, the PM's and Syed Hamid's name are linked to the scandal. Or someone close to the leadership may have used Pak Lah's name; and Pak Lah may not even have known that he's supposed to get kickbacks from the abandoned project. Talk about clean and good governance.

    I'm not surprised if money changed hands too for the Batu Puteh case. Could a team that exhibited outstanding performance for Sipadan and Ligitan be much less outstanding in something less challenging than the two islands in terms of land size and economic gains...?

    Singapore has as its mentor Zionist Israel, and very much a proxy of the US. Its political strategy is a duplication of Israel's. It will think nothing about conquering neighbours it considers a threat to its survival and well-being. Malaysia and the Malay diaspora are to Singapore what Arab countries are to Israel. If Israel can expand its land size from a tiny nation-state in 1948 to its current size, which has been acquired through no peaceful means, I believe Singapore is capable of doing likewise.

    It is capable of faking events - the way the destruction of the twin towers in New York was faked to legitimise the war against Islam. Many in Singapore believe that Mas Selamat is either already dead or crippled.

    It's impossible to escape the Whitley detention centre with its underground detention cells, especially for someone who is limping and having no access to proper clothing. Many in Singapore are calling for the resignation of the minister in charge, but what the government has done so far is to find scapegoats in the officer in charge of the camp and his assistant.

    Zionists are dangerous because they still believe that the Jews are the chosen people, and Judaism does not believe in divine retribution for its followers as the concept of Hell is virtually non-existence in the religion. So they do what they feel is good for them. They think nothing about killing Palestinians because from as early as kindergarten, they have been taught to believe that Palestinian blood and Palestinian flesh are good to feed on.

    Likewise, Singapore would think nothing about bringing harm to its neighbours or anyone whom they perceive as being in the way of their survival. To understand Singapore (i.e. its leadership), one has to understand the psyche of Zionists.

    Singapore's leadership does not fit into the domain of the chosen people as we know among the People of the Books (Ahlul Kitab). So, how did LKY bring into being the idea of a superior race? By creating something out of nothing - he made believe that the Chinese is a superior race, and hence should be the ones who lead and conquer the inferior race - in the context of the region, that definition fits the Malays.

    How did he go about doing it? By building invisible walls that Malays in Singapore have to overcome... By breaking down these invisible walls to facilitate movements by the Chinese citizens...

    Singapore is as dangerous as Israel is brutal. Unfortunately, we have people in Malaysia (especially the Malays) who are easily swayed by outward kindness or monetary rewards for whatever reasons. It is our nature to be trusting because the Malays are by culture trusting and accommodating.

    -- Unknown --

  47. Anonymous2:35 pm

    kalau perang ramai orang cina akan lari dulu. mungkin dia orang akan pergi hong kong, taiwan dan sebagainya. orang india mungkin pergi india atau sri lanka. yang tinggal orang melayu.

    kalau perang malaysia dah sedia. ramai perisik malaysia kat singapura. tengah tunggu arahan saja. lagi pun malaysia ada senjata rahsia yang singapura tidak ada.

    askar tanah melayu

  48. /// It is capable of faking events - the way the destruction of the twin towers in New York was faked to legitimise the war against Islam. ///

    -- Unknown --, are you the guy I saw just now with the tin foil wrapped around your head? You know, the aliens are zapping your brain and the CIA/FBI/NSA are trying to infiltrate your brain (sorry, do you have one to start with?).

    Anyone who can belief in such laughable conspiracy theory as the fake destruction of the twin towers ought to have his head examined.

    /// I'm not surprised if money changed hands too for the Batu Puteh case. Could a team that exhibited outstanding performance for Sipadan and Ligitan be much less outstanding in something less challenging than the two islands in terms of land size and economic gains...? ///

    This surely must be the epitome of stupidity. So, have destroyed its own judiciary, Malaysia is now assuming that the ICJ can also be as easily bought as its own? Singapore would not be dumb enough to bribe the 16 judges. Well, maybe Malaysia is dumb enough to bribe them so that Malaysia will lose.

    You are just smart enough to mention Sipadan and Litigan, but still so dumb to not see the connection. It is precisely because Malaysia won Sipadan & Litigan that it is condenmed to lose Pedra Branca. In both cases, the key is possession. Law 101 tells you that possesion is nine-tenth of the law.

  49. Singapore (once part of Malaysia !)with all its Cambridge Master's & Harvard Phds, its best foreign & local expertise with no natural resources had worked hard to strategise accountable cost effective measures to develop their Identity, Security, Defence, Education, Economy, etc to become what they are today whilst Malaysia with all its God given resources scammed off by BN & cronies who had the "Ketetuanan Melayu & Tidak Apa" mentality & are still in self denial self destruct mode.

    Singapore has the latest, Hi tech COST EFFECTIVE A380 SIA planes, Fighter/Bomber planes, military warfare equipment, Intelligence network, accountable Government/Judiciary systems, accountable/responsible Politicians.

    They can walk over Malaysia in half a day but they are not wasteful & stupid like Malaysia to do that !

    We have seen & it has been proven that Malaysia with its BN & Ketetuanan UMNOputras in comparison with Singapore is like comparing thoroughbred racing horses with with donkeys.

    Muslims who claim to champion Islam in the name of Islam Hadari, etc have all been proven time & time again to be that "Harapkan pagar...pagar makan padi"...even the religious NGO funds for the needy/poor have been scammed by these people !

    Yes our enemies are from within BN... so we do not need foreign enemies !!!

    After Batu Puteh, we are still in denial consoling ourselves with "Win-win" situations to cover our shortcomings, not doing our homework, being caught telling lies, wasting our resources & taxpayer's money only to retain TWO miserable pebbles !

    All our Corridors, etc HYPE are ill conceived megabuck scams not for Malaysia or its downtrodden rayaat's benefit. It is now suffering from genuine transparent they approach foreign so called FDIs who then hide behind Singapore as the lead Investor & what have we now....

    Foreign FDIs including Singapore now controls 70% of Johore's IDR !!! Yes BN & its cronies are selling off Johore state of Malaysia to Singapore for what little they can scam off for themselves at Malaysia's & its rayaat's expense!

    At present Singapore has excess (maybe equity) to our Telecommunications, our Top Hospitals (Gleneagles & Pantai including the Fomema national database), Putrajaya IT centre with all the national security database & govt. database , our Synergy/Sime Darby conglomerate controlling our natural resources, Haliburton in so called Oil & Gas JVs with Petronas, now parked in Johore's IDR etc.

    Now let us do our homework with our investigative journo Bloggers to identify the following :

    Who initially mooted the idea & who made the proposals to convince our PM & his cabinet (Malaysian & or others with hidden agendas???)?

    Who is / are the mole/s planted within us to open up equity for FDIs incl Temasek & the Singapore Govt in all the above?

    How much were they paid in cash or kind ?

    Do we call them National Heroes for bringing FDIs to Malaysia or what ???

    I am saddened by what is happening to our great Malaysia, its assets & the downtrodden rayaat.

    Haven’t they done enough damage to this nation, our nation’s assets, its peaceloving but downtrodden citizens & insulted their own race & Muslims in the name of Islam ?????

    We have to remind them that everytime they point their finger at anyone, three fingers are pointing at themselves.

    These Bigots, their NGOs & cronies still in self-denial are the desperados at the tail end of “Ketuanan Melayu” in the 21 century context being propelled by the powers-that-be, FEAR their imminent DEMISE by the Peoples’ voices, will resort to the SUBLIME !

    What..a hundred or so representatives involved vs we the millions of rayaat who have toiled with hardship, suffered, cheated, intimidated & the worst is yet to come...

    They are their own worst enemies set on a “Self-destruct” mode, & now portraying Islam/Muslims/Malays as zealots - HOW INSULTING !!!

    Let us all work hand-in-hand with our newly elected representatives, peservere with our investigative Journalism/Bloggers to pursue Justice through Parliament & the Ballot boxes to UNITE as MALAYSIANS to save our nation, its multi ethnic cultures/religion & its assets for every downtrodden MALAYSIAN citizen forthwith!

  50. Yes, i agree with Terence... we've been our worst enemy ie MUSUH DALAM SPENDER lol

    Peace That Passeth Understanding & Rumi's Reflections on War

    Mevlana’s Meditation on War

    The snakes are scattering venom
    and though the sour-faced folks distress us,
    yet up in the mountains in hives among the trees
    communities of bees still create their stores of honey.
    As much as the poisoners spread their poisons,
    these antidotes will neutralize them.

    When you reflect, this world is all in conflict, particle with particle,
    just as spirituality is in conflict with denial.

    One particle flies to the left, and another to the right.
    One particle flies up and another down:
    Witness the conflict in every movement.
    All of this visible strife is the result of hidden strife:
    This outer discord springs from that inner discord. . .
    By means of truly unto him we are returning.

    We have come back from ourselves to Your Ocean,
    and we have begun to nurse at the source that suckled us.

    Phantoms have distracted you from the path,
    so don’t boast of principles,
    if you have lost the Principle.
    Our war and our peace are in the light of essence:
    It does not depend on us alone, everything is
    between the two fingers of God.

    The wars of nature, action, language—these terrible conflicts
    exist in all the parts of this universe.
    This world is maintained by means of these wars:
    consider the elements in order to solve these difficulties.
    The four elements are four strong pillars
    by which the roof of this present world is supported.
    One pillar is a destroyer of another:
    the pillar of water is a destroyer of the pillar of fire.
    And so this whole edifice of creation
    is founded upon conflicts;
    and for better or worse we are at war.

    My own states oppose each other:
    each is in conflict with the other.
    If I am constantly warring against myself,
    how can I be in harmony with another?
    Behold the surging armies of my states,
    each at war and in conflict with another.
    Contemplate this same poignant war in yourself:
    why then be so busy warring with others?
    Unless God spares you from this war
    and brings you into the single-colored world of peace?

    melvana rumi

    These words are a reminder of the conditions of life on earth and the conditions within ourselves. These words point toward the spiritual work and inner transformation that are necessary. They are not meant to lull us into a state of spiritual complacency or inaction. Each must decide what action is necessary and effective in establishing just peace and true harmony. Yet, the polarized and precarious world situation calls for renewed remembrance and reliance on God.

  51. To-day super planes and other high tech expensive armories with big precision bombs cause so much destruction, annihilation and much collateral damage that are unacceptable to mankind. The war is won not from the air or sea but on the ground by the people determined. The wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hezbollah vs Israel are but some examples.

    Even if we ever do match our defenses with those from Singapore, we may loose if there is “the enemy within”. The best case in local history was the fall of Malacca where the cause was blamed on a woman’s passion; there was treachery within our midst.

    In the event of the inevitable, Singapore does invade Malaysia, we the people will beat them back with our determination and souls against any occupation on the assumption we are united and not lean towards merely Jihad (the call for battle) but the greater Jihad (the fight against selfishness etc in overcoming one’s base desires).
    To-day Malaysia is unlikely to fall to Singapore because of jihad but because there are amongst the population who succumb to their base desires of greed for money, wealth, “women, wine and song”, lust for power, position, personal interest etc against the better interest of our country; they are simply called traitors. Some of these could already be prevalent in the case of IR, Pulau Batu Putih, sale of certain portions of nation’s strategic investments, case of the crooked bridge just to name a few. Insider information and not sending a credible team to challenge, are they not sabotages, examples of treachery?

    I recently attended a financial investment seminar where the speakers being professional investment managers directly blamed the present weakling Executive for the doldrums in the market and the continued deterioration of the economy. As our economy deteriorates and our position to negotiate falters to the brink, we will continue loosing to Singapore.

    Aren’t those not calling for immediate leadership transition not the real “enemies within” when the facts are so plain to see – those wanting the weakling to stay on are merely kidding themselves for their selfish personal interest?; Singapore need not to lift a finger to beat off Malaysia, anytime and anywhere when the two leadership share so much “love” for each other and where treachery lurks rampantly.

  52. /// How did he go about doing it? By building invisible walls that Malays in Singapore have to overcome... ///

    Mr Unknown -- And how did Mahathir go about doing it? By building VISIBLE and very REAL walls that non-Malays in Malaysia have to overcome. Not just invisible walls we have in Malaysia, but solid brickwalls like the NEP, the university places, the different passing grades for Malays, the housing discounts, the recruitment practice in the civil service and the armed forces, ad nauseum. And of course Ketuanan Melayu...

    Look here, Mr Unknown, why is it that you can see a speck in your neighbour's eye, but you cannot see the log in your own? You are beginning to sound like Mahathir, the biggest hypocrite.

    Look at our own backyard before you go around criticising others. You have institutionalized racial discrimination right here in Malaysia and you have the cheek to talk about invisible walls. Sure, blame everybody else, but yourself. Sounds like a certain ex PM, doesn't it?


  53. Anonymous7:45 pm

    the discussion on the strength of both countries' defence forces invariably always turns into a
    pissing contest. i guess all of us would read different sources (try jane's) and reach their own conclusions.

    but what is the motive of the blog's author in flogging this dead horse again?

    in my experience, whenever singapore-bashing is in season, it is usually to deflect from some other issue at hand.

    in this case, it would probably be to stir up nationalist sentiments.
    given this blog's pro-mahathir's slant, i guess the resurrecting of singapore as the punching bag is to provide mahathir with "supressing fire" while he deals with former members of the judiciary & the lingam case.

  54. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Rocky, correction - when I said faking events, viz the twin towers - I meant faking that the event was initiated by Muslim transgressors.

    Perhaps some people need to be educated on the rights of the indigenous - e.g. if you are not of Sino descent, you can never be a citizen of China. If you are not of Arab descent, you cannot own properties in certain Arab countries, let alone be accepted as citizens. And no one is complaining about their governments being racist. After all, it is their prerogative.

    Not so in Malaysia. But in not observing strictly to the universal norm of indigenous rights, we get people who think the indigenous are being racist when we talk about indigenous rights.

    I see that not all my observations are rebutted. I wonder why....

    -- Unknown --

  55. Anonymous8:21 pm

    "The war is won not from the air or sea but on the ground by the people determined. The wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hezbollah vs Israel are but some examples."

    you're wrong, the war cannot be won coz the invaders are americans who believe in human rights and support geneva convention, though not entirely. if the invaders are hitler-like, japanese like or even genghis khan who practiced genocide, ethic cleansing and total destruction, sure the country will cease to exist and reduce to ashes. without americans and british technology in invention and russian superior armament, nowhere hitler will lose with its rockets, jet planes and possibility nuclear bomb.

    look at how genghis khan massacre iraqis till the nation could never return to her former glory.

  56. It is chilling!!! This Govt is not waking up to the reality and waste money by buying useless second-hand equipments for armed forcese and pay indirectly a commission of RM500million for each such procurement!!! Why this idiots are not learning a lesson from Palestine!

  57. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Malaysia needs to learn one or two things from Hizbollah - how they managed to drive off Israel, how they managed to cripple to most sophisticated electronic warfare and radar system,....

    They happen to be the only party to be able to defeat Israel , they must be some worthy party to talk to. So please, don't be so bodoh sombong. Go and learn from the Hizbollah.

  58. Anonymous11:59 pm

    As singapore is a predominantly chinese nation...and their army consists of chinese.In order to accomplish the UMNO's Ketuanan Melayu...I think the Chinese and Indian in Tanah Melayu will surely be sent to Concetration camp(suspect of espionage for singapore)..or Gas chamber or Mass Grave as a ethic-cleansing mehtod to purify the malay race(Ketuanan Melayu) just like the Nazi's Great Aryan Race Concept....
    You UMNO guy digusted me with all those rhetoric..As a patriotic citizen i think it woulnd't be a problem for me to fight with my malay brothers to defend tanah tumpahnya darahku. For what those racist leader in this country who had treated us like crap..i highly doubt i will and will surely flee this country in order to survive persecution or an attempt to genocide us.
    This is how we feel as non-malays in this country we loved..I think most of them share my view.

  59. I always figured the old Malay Mail to be a sensationalist newspaper, creating its own news. It was always a tabloid, floating just above yellow journalism.

    Sensationalist news disguised as 'public interest' always sells.

  60. Anonymous6:57 am

    the....screwed up the malays for what happen in malaysia. they forget what Singapore has done to the malays. being the original and the earliest inhabitant, they should have more rights....but all was denied. they are not allowed to be pilots of fighter aircraft, hold high post in the armed forced, denied high post in the govt services, not allowed to call azan...and many more just because they are malay and muslims. is'nt this discrimination in the purest form? please grow up. National govt. will do what will benefit who put them in power. Malays do what they have to do in malaysia and chinese will do what they have to do in Singapore. those who get screwed in between are collateral said the american. no apology needed. no body is perfect. don't be so naive....this world is never fair and perfect!

  61. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Quoting of some of common allegations among non-Malays towards the Malays:-

    1)"the university places"
    - True. but have you done survey & see how many good results Malays & Bumi who cannot enter because of FULL QUOTA especially in Medic & Engineering in the Public Univ..? that's why some political connected babbons took advantages opening private Us & colleges benefiting from the market surplus demand. For education ,I do agree with meritocracy & let us see the reality result. (hope nobody shall go U-turn reverting back to the quota system after that when things is not in their favour again.)

    2)"the housing discounts" -
    True. Car not included as some moron may think. House discount: 5-7% and it also applies to Orang Asli & Sabah/Sarawak bumiputera who buy house. .."special position" of the Bumiputera Article 153 Federal Constitution.. the Bumis are not asking non-Bumi to absorb the discount on their behalf, are they? Its the developers who do & these multi-million-dollar company already taken all this into account for their selling simple words, the developer make 5-7% extra profit on you..see who envy & blaming who for what for who I do not know?
    But I do think the govt should EXTEND the discount to the poor non-bumis for buying a 1st house less RM200k value ..not 500k semi-D.

    3)"the different passing grades for Malays.. "
    Myth. The exams paper were only identified by alphabets & numbers..the teachers/lecturer can't even distiguished whether its a donkey or a horse.. can they waste limited time to check on the race type & start being racist? Do you have any proof? If yes, lodged a police report then...or else stop talking nonsense.

    4)"the recruitment practice in the civil service and the armed forces "-
    Myth. Have you applied or any of your closest relatives & friends do? Everybody knows that the main reason of low participation of non-bumi in arm forces & civil service is because of low SALARY. Not because of discrimination or prejudism..
    why sound like a Singaporean-minded type..? in S'pore the highest rank that a Malays may achieve in military is probably just chief cook..don't ever dream of flying a jetfighther or become a high rank officer...

    Used to see only one side of the coin
    too much on ectasy bro? Hallucination..?

    -->Worst hearing is when the non-Malay start talking on behalf of the Orang Asli & other Bumiputeras being discriminated even pretended to be one, hiding under veil of cyber anonymity blaming everything related onto the Malays thought Article 153 is equal for all Bumis..what a joke! what's next? pls try a better one next time.

  62. Anonymous1:03 pm

    What the fuss about who going to defend Malaysia? Definitely not the politicians. Leave it to the majority Melayu & bumiputera army to defend Malaysia like they always do..We got well trained fulltime soldiers in Malaysia..very2 tought, they even undergone merciless bully in the training camp that some people may start pissing in the pants just thinking about it..Guess what, they've made it..& Walla..! they are Malay(sian) soldiers. How tought can one be after worst mental & physical torture..

    Our Commandos & Pascal are a force to be reckon with..not yet fully tested., hmm..only Indonesian commandos do match us..
    Who need whimp & nerds who only good at critisizing & talking..for whatever excuses they called 'reasons' like they always do to defend this country.. Singapore on the other hand consist mainly on 'part-time' soldiers thought they are armed to the teeth with hi-tech.

    Be it a battle cry in the name of Islam or Malaysia or whatever..the objective is the same – soverignity of the land...Definitely, we do not require battle cry from people who fear of loosing money & businesses..

    The Malays Regiment under Lt. Adnan were the last souls fighting the Japanese occupation in Singpore when all those British troops including the gurkhas army fleed away..Not to mention all those Chinese businessmen who afraid being killed by the Japenese for aiding China in the war. Today, the gurkhas work as security in Malaysia & guess what, the anti-Malays do believe that the gurkha are blood-born gallant & brave compared to Malays?

    Look who's talking here about defending Malaysia..who is the bravest of all craps? (some more with conditions & excuses??). Whimp & nerd mercenary..??? Is that a joke or should we compliment?

    Do not worry..continue doing whatever you to do as usual & get a good nite sleep well as long as the Royal Malay(sian)Army are here to defend Malaysia...

    Francis, stop hallucinating.. you're still breathing right now, aren't u? If your hypotesis are so real, no chinese would ever exist in Malaysia after 13 May 1969 .. even lucky the Japanese lost WW2..if not, maybe earlier..mind that too!

    Marilah kita sama2 berkabung mengenang kekalahan kedaulatan Batu Putih & kebodohan pembesar Melayu pengecut pd 1953 yg terlalu 'accomodating' dgn British & barisan petualang negara hadhari (masakini) yg cuba "melelong kedaulatan Malaysia", sempena mengenang semangat & jasa pengorbanan regimen Askar Melayu & Lt. Adnan yg dikhianati jahanam2 ini..

  63. Anonymous1:12 pm

    to Anonymous 7:50 PM

    nobody is rebutting your posting because the sheer stupidity of it needs no answer.

    If you were to examine your own examples you will find that none of them are true. Substantiate them please, i don't want to do your homework for you.

    That's right, keep harping on your "indigenous" rights and continue living in your xenophobic cocoon. You only have to look at history to see how those societies usually turn out.

  64. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Dear Rocky

    In case some people are still unclear about the concept of indigenous. In 2007, the UN General Assembly began to put on record its recognition of the rights of the indigenous through its 2007 Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People. Following that, earlier this year, the Prime Minister of Australia publicly apologised to the aborigines (a.k.a. the Lost Generation) for the white government's mistreatment of their rights as the indigenous of the country since its colonisation of the continent.

    Closer to home, one would see that in Indonesia no non-pribumi is given any political post although these immigrant citizens may be economically influential. In Thailand, one would have to have a Thai name although one does not subscribe to the Thai culture or one observes the religion of Islam and practises the Malay culture. The Philippines is also known to subscribe to similar norms when it comes to the names of citizens. Similar things are happening in the African continent.

    Consider ourselves lucky that Malaysia practises moderation in a multiracial environment in comparison to our ASEAN neighbours and many other nations of the world whose indigenous population are in control of national politics.

    Call me names if that gives a person the satisfaction or one chooses to assume that I am racist. I am not a racist neither am I xenophobic. But I shall not be apologetic when talking about the rights of the indigenous in Malaysia. Just as I shall not be apologetic for having nieces and nephews who don't have Malay names in the birth certs but only Chinese characters and Chinese names.

    I think we should count our blessings being in Malaysia, whatever our station in life, and respect the law of the land. There's enough for everyone, but it is human nature to want more than what we have been endowed with, for instance, the privilege of citizenship and the rights of being indigenous.

    Prove what I've written...? Why should I? Reading makes a man. I think if it's the truth one seeks, it is the truth one will enlightened with. Try reading and more reading, and indulge in some research.


  65. Anonymous8:17 pm

    suka tengok wayang,

    i must agree with youy.....and to be frank, as frankiest as possible...I do doubt these baboons will be defending the country if attacked. They will either chicken out or help the enemy.

  66. Anonymous8:25 pm

    suka tengok wayang,

    very good..that reminds me of the Portugues invading the usual..they will lose..who cares..this piece of crap worth not we defend at all...As Malays are so addicted to Rasuah..we will just feed them with money...lame.

  67. Anonymous10:31 pm

    suka tengok wayang brings up red herring and strawmen arguments that is a mile long in (emotional) rhetoric and an inch in substance.
    since he insists that there is no racial apartheid in malaysia then who is anybody to say otherwise.

    Non-muslim bumis are also not discriminated against according to his logic.

    just a very simple observation:

    1) If singaporean malays are so discriminated against, why do they bother staying here? Why not move to a country that practices racial apartheid to their favour? Why are they outperforming malaysian malays on all measures, even without crutches? How dare they have the audacity to put nation before race?

    wow the reality defies the rhetoric here.

    The truth hurts doesn't it. Never mind, keep up your racial apartheid. you train chinese & indian malaysians to succeed against all odds, we welcome them as naturalised singaporeans. :)

    malaysia boleh!

  68. Anonymous1:01 am

    Siapsiagaan negara Singapura dalam bentuk Militer yang yang hanya menunggu masa untuk menceroboh dan menakluk negara Malaysia perlu diambil perhatian. Mereka hanya menunggu satu titik konflik untuk menyerang negara ini.( sebagai contoh melakukan pengebomam dalam negara mereka sendiri dan menuduh negara malaysia yang melakukannya.) Apabila mereka datang menyerang, objektif utama mereka hanya lah ingin menguasai negeri johor sahaja dan memberi alasan penaklukan ini sebagai membuat buffer zone penampan untuk mengelakkan dari berulang nya lagi siri pengeboman dalam negara mereka.
    Jika kita bandingkan dari segi kekuatan militiari antara Singapura dan Malaysia maka Singapura adalah jauh dihadapan.
    Sedarkah Tuan-Tuan bahawa Singapura mempunyai (mereka namakan) pusat latihan dan pengkalan tentera Udara di Taiwan, India, Indonesia dan Thailand. Mengapa perlu banyak pusat latihan ?
    Mengapa pula tentera udara Singapura perlu menggunakan sehingga Lapan buah kapalterbang berenjin Jet teknologi paling canggih buatan Israel untuk tujuan pengawasan (AEW &C) ruang udara mereka?
    Dan kerajaan kita pula bercadang untuk membeli pesawat AEW & C jenis SAAB buatan sweden yang mempunyai keupayaan terhad atau semata-semata untuk mendapatkan pengalaman mengendali pesawat radar ini?
    Setiap satu Jet pejuang F16D block 52+ mereka pula dilengkapi ECM (Build In),keupayaan terbang siang malam, peluru berpandu AMRAAM(stok sedia ada berbanding dengan malaysia yang perlu mendapatkan kelulusan dari kerajaan Amerika), peluru pintar JDAM dan ini tidak termasuk F15 dan juga F35-JSF (dimana Singapura turut melabur) yang bakal masuk di dalam inventori mereka tidak lama lagi. Bagaimana pula dengan helikopter Apache mereka (dengan teknologi Thermal Image terkini, resolusi tinggi) yang dengan mudah mencari dan melumpukan kereta kebal PT-91M kita walaupun mempunyai sistem penyamaran didalam hutan?
    Bagaimana pula dengan kereta kebal terbaru mereka jenis`Leopard’ buatan Jerman yang akan bergerak laju menggunakan lebuhraya kita dan boleh sampai di melaka dalam masa satu jam?
    Sedarkah Tuan-Puan bahawa kekuatan dan kecangihan tentera Singapura adalah Empat kali ganda dari tentera Malaysia. Bermakna mereka boleh menampan secara effektif serangan serentak dari tiga negara asing.
    Teknologi ketenteraan yang mereka miliki juga adalah yang tercanggih didunia seperti seperti sistem 3G, sistem persenjataan buatan sendiri yang telah teruji dan berkesan, raifal infantri, kenderaan Armor Bionix ,Sistem meriam bergerak(Self Propelled) Primus kaliber 155mm dan lain lain lagi.(Sila lihat majalah TEMPUR bulan Mac 2008)
    Mengapa kerajaan kita tidak dapat melakukan pembangunan R&D seperti Singapura?
    Tentera Laut mereka juga mempunyai kekuatan yang hebat seperti kapal selam dengan teknologi AIP yang boleh menyelam lebih lama berbanding scorpene yang kita miliki dan kapal tentera laut kelas Formidable (Le Fayette) terbaru mereka yang mempunyai sifat halimunan dan sistem misil yang jauh lebih baik berbanding KD Jebat dan Lekiu.
    Saya tidak memandang rendah kekuatan tentera Malaysia ini terutama nya teknik peperangan dalam hutan tetapi apaguna nya teknik ini apabila tentera Singapura melancarkan serangan udara kilat dan teratur dari segala arah serta penyusupan sebagai orang awam dan melakukan huru hara, mahupun operasi kovet komando secara serentak? Bagaimana pula jika (sifat semulajadi kaum cina) mereka memberi Rasuah kepada pegawai komander tentera kita dan pegawai yang mengendali sistem radar sebelum bermula nya operasi ketenteraan mereka?
    Sudah tentu ianya akan melumpuhkan secara TOTAL infrastrukur ketenteraan kita.
    Kita perlu faham apabila DAP menentang sebarang pembangunan ketenteraan kita yang disifatkan mereka sebagai satu bentuk pembaziran (sedikit kenyataan itu betul ) kerana mereka mempunyai agenda tersendiri.
    Siapakah yang perlu kita minta bantuan pada masa itu? PBB, Amerika,UK ,negara Arab? Seperti biasa kita akan mendengar Retorik mereka didalam surat khabar.
    Maka jika kita membuka semula buku sejarah pada masa hadapan, seperti mana Melaka (tanah melayu) jatuh ketangan Portugis,Belanda, British dan Jepun, sekali lagi kita ter sedar bahawa buat kali kelima nya sebab-sebab kekalahan kita ialah tiada nya perpaduan ummah, kekuatan rohaniah,mental dan juga juga teknologi ketenteraan kita sendiri yang serba lemah, serba kekurangan.

  69. Anonymous9:39 am

    let them say whatever they want to say...that's probably the only good thing ever happen for these morons here. You can already see a few of these baboons going berserk with my point of historical review .. their so-called arguments (mainly just stupid assumptions) doesn't carry even a micro-ounce of substance or even balls... how pathetic! :D

    the worms & virus in that babi do seems to effect your brain especially on history lesson.. yeah right gilababi... hictorical documentation from an epilepsy moron..? what a joke!

    Let me be more rhetoric, tell your Singaporean lovers naturalist that we the so-called apartheid racist Malays do not welcome them anymore as a citizen if they go there. We will slay them & feed their flesh to the fish in Selat Tebrau if they ever return back to Malaysia after the world food & fuel crisis not to mention global warming take its toll..better read my 11:34am post.

    Go & understand how apartheid system were implemented in former South Africa..I thought u can do better than that b4 preaching me..
    Mind you Singaporean hardly know your neighbour somemore talking like you understand them so much..
    Be it the non-muslim bumi & non-malay bumi, were they ever hardly have any real issues against the Malay? even UMNO do not rule Sabah & Sarawak states. Article 153 is neutral.

    Only some racist Chinese & Indians here do have issues & try to provoke & drag the orang asli & pribumi Sabah/Sarawak into their hidden agendas..for what?

    Same question throw back : if the malaysian chinese & indians were so discriminated here, why are they bother to stay ??
    licking your own spit now..? hehehe..

    ouch.. i'm hurts with all those so-called truth..hahaha.. :)

    anyway..value thy respons.

  70. Anonymous10:03 am


    Bro, forgot to mention.. I think your word naturalised seem to be better replaced with neutralised, should they?.. Do you really mean that? What had LKY done on you all actually.. ? Tell me.


    Do you mean the nature things i.e naturalist - people who go naked in public as a way of life?

    If this is true, I'll bet a lot of Malaysian will be visiting Singapore quite often soon.. hehehe :)

    I hardly understand you people lah.. really.
    Just joking lah brader... (do mind my insults) hehehe... :D

  71. Anonymous7:48 pm

    to suka tengok wayang

    i quote you:

    "Let me be more rhetoric, tell your Singaporean lovers naturalist that we the so-called apartheid racist Malays do not welcome them anymore as a citizen if they go there. We will slay them & feed their flesh to the fish in Selat Tebrau"

    haha keep sprouting more of that rhetoric, we need more citizens :). ex-malaysians are the most well-placed to integrate into singapore.

    "Go & understand how apartheid system were implemented in former South Africa"

    o i understand clearly, but do you?

    "Be it the non-muslim bumi & non-malay bumi, were they ever hardly have any real issues against the Malay"

    o btw:

    im pretty sure you'll find more if you're genuinely interested on the issue.

    since you insist beyond reason that there is no problem, then there is no point in convincing you otherwise.

    "Only some racist Chinese & Indians here do have issues & try to provoke & drag the orang asli & pribumi Sabah/Sarawak into their hidden agendas"

    again, miles long in rhetoric but an inch in substance. i highly doubt you can raise an argument w/o resorting to xenophobic insults.

    "if the malaysian chinese & indians were so discriminated here, why are they bother to stay ?? "

    Instead of responding to my argument on why sg malays are not defecting en masse to m'sia the way
    non-malays in malaysia are , you choose to resort to non sequiturs.

    you can't answer because the reality defies rhetoric doesn't it?

    don't worry, there are those who are in a position to leave: they are called singaporeans.

    "Do you mean the nature things i.e naturalist - people who go naked in public as a way of life?"

    3. Make into a citizen.
    Adjective: naturalised

    "Just joking lah brader..."

    no offence taken.

  72. Anonymous8:02 pm

    and yeah suka tengok wayang i have read your 11:34 post. its very clear that you have a very limited understanding on economics and the financial system.

    i'll just address 1 issue: the worldwide food shortage is a situation execebated by speculators rather than any significant shortage.

    another observation: countries that are net rice exporters are ironically facing problems, not so much states like the US, europe,
    japan etc. you draw your own conclusions(and hopefully pick up a textbook) from there.

  73. Anonymous10:13 am

    Brader 69,
    aku pun suka tengok wayang, baca majalah & buku ttp takdelah sampai paranoid giler mcm ko ni..
    Buat malu melayu Malaysia jer lah dgn keturunan tentera Vietkong yg lawan USA ..dlm wayang mmg US menang, hakikatnya??
    Iraq pun US ingat dia boleh "just walkover" - bunuh Saddam, tukar kerajaan boneka & control industri minyak..hakikatnya?? Byk belanja Senat dia lulus utk "bisnes" tak menjadi ni..pasal tulah Bush dlm tekanan...

    Ini adalah aspek persaingan antara quantity vs capacity in a real time domain..
    Salah satu pihak akan "exhausted"..teka siapa?

    US hentam negara jauh2 boleh lah..rakyat dia tak rasa apa2. Israel pulak buli Palastine & Lubnan yg ada "seluar dalam" jer..Israel pun fikir byk kali kalo nk perang semula spt tahun 60an dgn negara2 Arab lain yg ada keupayaan ketenteraan..kelak rakyat dia juga susah...

    S'pore serang kita melalui udara ..? kita hentam ajer lah bangunan2 dia yg tinggi2 tu..buat lastik besar pun dah cukup :) ..dekat sgt.. tengok jer lah..rakyat dia yg kiasu itu sendiri akan menangis minta kerajaan dia hentikan peperangan bila tengok mercu2 kemajuan kebanggaan mereka hancur..(susah nk bangun semuala) kita hancur johor pun boleh hidup kt negeri2 lain lagi..sebelum tu C4 dulu paip air & tanki minyak di P.Gudang & PTP..w/pun dia ada hydrogen bomb sekalipun ,dekat sgt lah.. berani guna ke?

    Brader..mind this,

    A half-fish-lion is either a mutated freak or a myth..

    A tiger is a real animal..

    Udah ler tu.tak usah risau..'tidurlah'..ada org berjaga utk kita...I know.

  74. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Quoting something from Malaysiakini as its like a biblical source for argument is quite astonishing..
    I could hardly feel a breeze yet hurricane already blowing on the other side of the causeway...funny indeed.
    Again, I thought a Singaporean can do better than that, guess its just a myth.
    Missing one ball to weight your other micro-ounce 'substance'.. ?

    Oklah..No point responding to your mile long & inch substance too brader..why i'm wasting time responding to you again..damn,man!

    As from what you're concluding here, global warming is probably just a myth..good for you.

    Mind my crude & raw understanding about economy..r u trying to blow the wind for diversion..? Preaching about a true built country like Japan, USA & Europes? Hey, you do not belong in the same category lah brader. These country can produce their own food & resources. S'pore is just a synthetic country..
    OR should I said in biologically terms similar to the defination of viruses & parasite? Need 'host' to survive..?

    Still no answer.."If the malaysian chinese & indians here were so discriminated against, why bother to stay here?".. A moron could not understand that this questions were meant to reflect his own question..Hallo..Can anybody else in da house answer this to this guy??! Shessh..!

    kiasu attitude..'afraid of losing' whatever means..we'll see who will have the last laugh as the time goes by.

    p/s: Naturalised, neutralised or naturalist. I have dictionary in front my PC along the way..u really think i don't know the meaning, ah? Really no fun joking with these people lah.. I do give up now..nerd! Read again my post lah brader! Sad indeed.

    --Proud to be a Malaysian. Enough exhausting talk to a pathogen... :) --- [period]

  75. Anonymous10:37 pm

    suka tengok wayang macam ko ni pandai sangat aje...begitu pandai pi lagi jadi perdana menteri..cakap besar di sini..bodoh.

  76. Anonymous2:14 am

    Suka Tengok Wayang,

    U punya semangat is very impressive!

    i like ur style.

  77. Anonymous8:55 am


    Aloo brader...! Kalau setakat nak comment org lain kat sini bodoh tetapi ko sendiri tak reti tulis apa2 yg konon "pandai", itulah sehina-hina bodoh namanya..habis ko nak suruh RPK ,Rocky & AKJ jd PM jugak ke?
    memalukanlah ada spisis mcm ko ni kat M'sia..baik cincang buang dlm Selat Tebrau..or kolam septik kat Pantai Dalam - no value, no substance :)

  78. Anonymous12:55 am

    suka tengok wayang,
    cakap besar dan takde tindakan,itulah bodoh...joinla umno dan buat perubahan.

  79. Anonymous10:06 pm

    nsf, let it slide. It is futile and frustrating arguing with the likes of 'sukan tengok wayang'. These are bigots who should belong to a different place and time. People who talks about 'slaying and feeding the fish in the tebrau straits'. They are no different from the images on television of masked men brandishing knives and slitting the throats of innocent people. Caught in a time warp they only understand violence until subdued by a greater in the case of Gadaffi of Libya. In Malaysia's context you need to understand they have been led by a deluded leader for 22 years, whose greatest delusion is that he is a Malay (not unlike someone 60 years ago who believe he was German). Leave them alone and they will find some reason the decimate each other like they do in the Middle East.

  80. Anonymous11:58 am

    It always amused me that, whenever there's a discussion about Singapore-Malaysia in any blog or forum, it will followed by a series of racist remarks and bashings.

    Interesting part is, it seems that Singapore will always have 'local representatives' to defend and talk on their behalf, and they also the one who always start the racial bashing.

    We can see what happened if the war really happened and we already know who is supporting who.Or maybe these 'local representatives' is actual bunch of Singapore's subversive agents,being planted in Malaysia?..who knows?..

    Anyway, lets pray for the real war to come already sick of these 'cyber-talk-cock' thing.

    "The war begin..has"