Thursday, May 22, 2008

Should the Agong intervene?

Aziz Tapa, the Umno veteran, has suggested that the Yang diPertuan Agong intervenes to resolve a prolonged spat between PM Badawi and Dr M. "Call for Agong to intervene in Mahathir-Abdullah spat", Bernama, 22/5
Aziz is not the first to invoke the Agong's name since Dr M announced quitting Umno last Sunday. The pro-Umno blogger, A Voice, has already put up a posting on "Agong's Constitutional Power to Remove the PM" as early as Tuesday.

Should the Agong intervene? Dr M, asked in Tokyo about Aziz's suggestion, says "Don't involve the King", Bernama 22/5. But I have a feeling this is not for Dr M to decide ....


Anonymous said...

Next time Samy Vellu and his Deputy quarrels..Agong also intervene? Ong Ka Chuan and Chua Soi Lek quarrel, Agong also intervene?

What stupid idea? UMNO buggers can try, but i think His Majesty will not even hear it.

A Voice said...

Merely unsiping what the "Tingkat 4" were trying to spin by misquoting an article in the federal constitution.

Thats my legally untrained perspective.

Do the lawyers share my view?

If any lawyers could explain, do so in simple understandable BM or English, not Greek.

Anonymous said...

I think Agong should not be involved in the squabbling between Mahathir and Pak Lah.The King should not intervene as it is against the law and futhermore,he should be neutral and let UMNO's people to decide among themselves.

Anonymous said...

Who is Aziz Tapa and how stupid he must be? What has His Majesty the Agong got to do with internal politics of one of Malaysian parties? Of course Agong will never be dragged into something like this... He has proven to be very wise and intelligent man. Daulat Tuanku!

Mr. Smith said...

I would call this the most idiotic suggestion of the century!

Anonymous said...

The Agong does not get involved in divorce cases, thank you!!!!

Donplaypuks® said...

There's no question of the Agong intervening. He is obliged to support the incumbent who has been has been voted in at the GE.

If anything, the Agong should lay the law down on Firaun who has no idea of what Statesmanship is or what the etiquettes of a retired PM entail.

Besides, Firaun, since his resignation from UMNO, has no locus atndi as a politician. He is just like you and me, a John Doe!!

yapchongyee said...

The quarrel between AAB abd Tun mahatir is not a constitutional issue at all. It has nothing to do with the government whatsoever; it is a private matter and there is no place for the Agong to intervene except on a personal basis, that Mahatir isma friend of the Agong and on the same basis as AAb.

To even raise the issue of intervention is laughable. Mahatir is in his private capacity and what has his interference in UMNO affairs got to do with the Agong ?

To put the matter into the right context, Mahatir is out to save his own skin because the report of the Royal Commission is now out in the open and the report finds Mahatir culpable criminally; itmis the duty of the Attorney General to undertake the investigation that has been recommended by the Royal Commission.

I agree with some opinion that has appeared on the bloggers' forum that Mahatir is now SHAKING IN HIS PANTS, AS HE RIGHTLY OUGHT TO AFTER ALL THE TALK THAT DATO SRI ANWAR IS SET TO TAKE GOVERNMENT IN SEPT., For Anwar it need not be a revenge thing because the report of the Royal Commission has recommended police investigation and any in coming government is bound by duty under the laws of Malaysia to fullfil the terms of the recommendation of the Royal Commission. The Present BN government is also bound by duty to investigate whether they like it or not !

Anonymous said...

Not right for Agong to get involved in Umno's internal politics. Such suggestions brings down the Monarch's integerity. Stupid idea indeed.

Anonymous said...


Samy Vellu and Chua Soi Lek are not Prime Ministers or ex-PMs

-- anonymous

Patriotic1994 said...

I think Agong should intervene for the sake of Rakyat. Yes, Agong has power to install and uninstall Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...


How I wish both would agree to the idea!

Then I wish YDP Agong would ask both to go and enjoy retirement, If they do not agree, both are considered "DERHAKA".

Can be charged like that wished upon Karpal...

BUT then Najib??? That would be another wish..he..he


Apanama said...

Don't drag DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong into this current crisis which could end on it's own if Abdullah Ahmad Badawi steps down.
The whole world knows that Abdullah is or has over the last couple of years become so lame, irresponsible, lazy, corrupt and lost his focus as an elected leader of the nation.
The worst case is that his refusal to accept the March 8 election results as the people's rejection of his leadership.
He still thinks that the people are telling him "Pak Lah! You have a job to do" when in actual fact the people are clearly asking him to pack his bags and leave JPM and Seri Perdana.
I wonder for how much longer could his continued 'mental disorder' prolong ?
God please save Malaysia bcoz it seems that a majority of Umno (plus BN)leaders and members are nothing more than soul-less living things.

p/s Human beings could think and determine what is good and what is not good for our nation and our children.

dragonfly said...

Such kiddie squabble needing His Majesty intervention. Umno has always claimed to be a very mature and rational party. Stupid hyprocite..cakap tak serupa bikin. Don't involve His Majesty into politics. Even don't politise religion will make this country a better place. Better close shop then no need for all this sandiwara

Anonymous said...

This is a rather stupid proposal. It reflects very badly on UMNO. Cant they even solve their internal problems quietly instead of quarreling in public? UMNO it seems cannot control a lot of things like stopping its members from making injurious racial statements and petty party squabbles. How can we rely on the party to rule the country if it cannot even put its house in order??????????????

Anonymous said...

Why should he intervene? Who is needed here? Did the Agong intervene when Mahathir killed (politically) Tun Hussein Onn and Tunku? Or even his Deputy or his earlier Deputy? Hey...The Agong is not intersted in this silly games. Let the winner be known and may the best emerge victorious.

The question is: why should he? For what? About what? On What?

Anonymous said...

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
I suggest they should play golf togther with Anwar, the winner be the PM.

Saya... said...

EH just SHOOT the bloody buggers la...we the rakyat have had enough la...just shoot ALL THE UMNO AND BN JESTERS...line them up at Dataran Merdeka, give every Malaysian a rifle...and shoot the whole bloody gomen line-up...then we start from scratch,and if we got no other choice but Anwar, what to do...but I will be the first to blast him into orbit him if he turns out to be a WOLFOWITZ IN ISLAMIC CLOTHING...this has gone on too long... and the country is floundering like a whale washed up on the shores of our filthy beaches....the UMNO buggers have billions stashed..they can afford a sandiwara malay style, but WE CAN'T!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Mahathir disagree with the idea - as reported in RTM1 News tonight. STOP linking the Agong. After all it's not Agon joke to intervene in such a public spat.

I agree with artchan.

Anonymous said...

Bro, I feel I should intervene. After all, arent I doing a fine job killing Malay Mail!

Anonymous said...

Asking the Agong to intervene is like resorting back to the feudal laws of the sultanate... very dangerous!!

yindanyan said...

Yes Patriotic1994, I agree with you.
Let's go into the terrain which donplayplay said as very dangerous.
Let's see how dangerous it can be?

Let's see whether Perlis and Terengganu episodes can be repeated for Malaysia.

Wow! This is getting interesting.

Yin & Yan

siamangagap said...

the intention of aziz tapa is good. give due credit to him. no need to swear to the umno veteran. he has an opinion that should be respected like others who have their own and want it to be respected too. but his idea is not right as the king does not involves himself in politics. the only thing the king could do and within the ambit of his power is to change the prime minister. not because of personalities like tun mahathir whom to some is irrelevant but because how bad the nation is currently administered. like what the thai king did to pm thaksin shinawatra as the people were not happy with his administration.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro,

Tan Sri Aziz Tapa,
bak kata Tan Sri dulu,

'..anak rimau dah biasa makan daging macam mana nak di ajar makan ikan?'
.......Tak mahu dia!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever! But should Agong is involved, I guess his majesty will go for Tun!

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes the Agong can intervene and that is to tell Mahathir to see a
psychiatric about his sexual inadequacies - someone who is always complaining about everything
and everybody, according to
scientists is due to a bad sexual life and to abdullah we hope the agong will tell him to "buck up".

Anonymous said...

u should look at this

rocky said...

why should our King get involved in UMNO politics. His majesty is beyond politics and doesn't need to get his hands dirty with small issues like this. BTW the 2 man have insulted our monarchy before and why should his majesty help them settle internal dispute. It doesn't affect national security etc, leave or honorable King out of this.

Daulat Tuanku!!!!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

what's going on between TDM and AAB is not a national crisis but a personal and party squabble. We are not facing a national crisis. The country is peaceful. Maybe UMNO is not but that does not mean everything else is not.Please dont mess up our country with your personal squabbles. Please.

Ismail Ibrahim said...

i must agree with some comment,the king should not involve in divorce cases. period

Anonymous said...

Dear brother Rocky,

I would like to state my displeasure in the manner artchan passed his comment on Tan Sri Aziz Tapa's opinion. I happen to know this grand old man very well and as far as I am concerned, he has not mounted any personal attacks or bad mouthed anybody for that matter, to warrant the manner you term his opinion. This is blatantly kurang ajar.

Brothers/sisters, in our excitement to share opinions or throw comments, let us not forget to care for our manners, especially in making choice of words to describe something - they reflect our maturity and civilisation. It doesn't cost a single sen to be courteous and polite, am I right?

Come on Tan Sri is a frail and peace loving statesman. Even if you don’t buy his idea, go ahead, state your opinion but never be crude and condemn him by saying his idea is stupid. I'm sure you'd not like to be called stupid too right. Sorry pal, I believe once a while we need to learn some civics 

Thanks brother Rocky!


usabukata said...

itu adalah satu cadangan. kenapa mesti kata orang itu bodoh. kalau kita buat atau suarakan cadangan dan orang kata bodoh, apa rasa?

sekarang ni dah ramai orang cakap pasal perlembagaan. tapi ikut mana yang sesuai untuk mereka dan menafsirkannya ikut rasa sendiri.

agong boleh fikir sendiri untuk buat keputusan. apapun keputusan agong semua orang tak perlu berhujah lagi selepas itu. jangan nanti ada yang akan tulis macam-macam. kecam sana, kecam sini. kata orang bodoh, macam dia saja yang pandai.

usabukata said...

Thursday May 22, 2008 MYT 8:09:34 PM
MB to Mahkota Cheras residents: We're with you

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has assured the 38,000 residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras that the government is with them in their struggle to resolve their access route issue.

The residents are caught in the middle of a right-of-way tussle between Cheras-Kajang Expressway concessionaire Grand Saga Sdn Bhd and Bandar Makhota Cheras (BMC) developer Narajaya Sdn Bhd.

Recently, the long suffering residents dismantled the barricades erected by Grand Saga barring them use of a shorter and toll-free route into their housing area.

Khalid said the matter was between two business entities and it was up them to iron out the issue.

"As a developer Narajaya believes it has the right to the land while Grand Saga differs in this view and that is why they resorted to closing the road,” he pointed out.

“Both firms can battle it out in the courts. If Grand Saga is not successful the road will be open, and if Narajaya fails in court the road will also be open, but they would have to pay compensation to Grand Saga,” he added.

“The tussle between the two firms would go on until it is settled, but in the end the residents will get to use the road.” Khalid, reiterating that the state understood the resident’s plight and would be with them until the issue was resolved, said to date he had however not received any information from Grand Saga, Narajaya or the Works Ministry on their efforts to resolve the issue.

1. adakah menteri besar selangor menyokong perbuatan penduduk mengambil tindakan sendiri?
2. mungkinkah perbuatan penduduk didalangi oleh pihak tertentu yang berkepentingan dalam kes mahkamah?
3. kalau selepas ini ada perkara yang melibatkan kepentingan kerajaan negeri, adalah penduduk/rakyat boleh mengambil tindakan sendiri?

Pok Kam said...

Bro' Rocky,

This is party (UMNO) matters and should be settled internally among themselves without involving third parties especially the Agong.


Pok Kam said...

Bro' Rocky,

This is party (UMNO) matters and should be settled internally among themselves without involving third parties especially the Agong.


Pok Kam said...

Bro' Rocky,

This is party (UMNO) matters and should be settled internally among themselves without involving third parties especially the Agong.


Pok Kam said...

Bro' Rocky,

This is party (UMNO) matters and should be settled internally among themselves without involving third parties especially the Agong.


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

1) The suggestion of the Agung getting involved is not a bad idea after all, as it will benefit all parties especially the Rakyat. The question that we should all ask ourselves first is has the need arise that the Agung should get involved just yet.

2) Let's name call the person who suggested this idea as it is common to have someone who gains the respect of all within a certain group, party, association, race, religion, colour or creed to be called-in to resolve any issues. This even happens in a family at home.

An example of a stupid idea could be calling Samy Vellu to resolve the issue but it would be perfectly alright if Samy Vellu is called-in to resolve an issue within his own party. The day Malaysia progressess to a Malaysian Malaysia then perhaps we could call Lim Ah Lek to advice someone in MIC.

The Agong should only get involved without being asked when the time actually persists for it. Eg; At a time when it threatens the bread & butter of the Rakyat. Where Mahathir's spat wit Badawi is concern, it doesn't yet call for such an involvement. But with the deterioration of the Economy and the Institutions of the country including Public Services such as LRT, Taxi Drivers behaviour, etc, etc; the Agong should intervene and advise PM Badawi to step down.
Believe me PM Badawi is going to mess things further and to a point of no return so to speak.

Last but not least Malaysia has gone down very badly and another 5 years of Badawi...God knows it will be too late.

A Malaysian watching from the windows of Dubai.

Anonymous said...

A weak PM and a disintegrating malay party, it can't be better than this for opposition parties.

So they are hoping and praying the situation worsen, any effort for improvement is seen as unnecessary act, but actually the feel the threat.

Anonymous said...

The Agong should not intervene. It will be against the doctrine of separation of powers which is a well established legal principle.

rtk said...


The constitution, a favourite topic for Raja Petra, has it that the kings/sultans have authorities with respect to Islam and Malay adat.

Is there ANYTHING under the sun which is NOT discussed in Islam? Everything has a place in Islam!The kings even have authorities wrt our wealth since they can get people to check our zakatable properties.

If everything is related to Islam then the whole of Malaysia is by islamic relationship is under the Agong. Dr M used to say Malaysia is an Islamic State - rightly so but specifically this should be due to being under a United Sultanates represented by the Agong at the federal level and by rajas and sultans at states level.
It is a tradition which is continuous while organically shifting the administrative centres from the days of early islamic state in melaka to Riau, Aceh, Pahang etc for various reasons.It is not a 5 years affairs of islam being voted in or not like the PAS's islamic state.

Raja Nazrin used to say that sultanate is part of khaliphate.

By extension, the Agong has all the rights to go beyond partisan politics and unite Malaysia not based on boxed minds/parties like UMNO, PKR or PAS but based on this place is an islamic state of united sultanates.

This nation must have a prime minister who must be 'diperkenankan oleh DYMM YDT Agong' and who should be able to unite malaysia since this is a united sultanates.

We pray that the Agong can put to rest the matter between Pak Lah and Dr M. After all we have seen Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Terengganu episodes being settled wisely by the sultans for the good of rakyat. We can't call ourselves rakyat if we don't recognise the Rajas/Sultans.

If both of them do not know how to come to terms for the benefit of this islamic state of united sultanates, then their royal titles that they got should be stripped from them...and somebody else should be the PM.


Mazlan, said...

Mahathir Musa, Musa Mahathir apa sudah jadi...
baca surat musa kpd mahathir dlm my blog Semua dua kali lima.

Anonymous said...

Alahai hal budak-budak gaduh tak payah la sampai nak diheret jumpa Agong. Buang karan je...

wak segen said...

No lah lets not bother our Agong Sulta Mizan on this.
Just ask our famous Raja to intervene.
Which Raja? Of course Raja Petra la ..whoelse...hehehe jangan mareh...

Daulat Tuanku!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Najib

This is but a wrong medication to cure the withdrawal symptons after the amputation.

The amputated part should be sent for clinical research and further disposal. No stem cell retention required.

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Aziz Tapa adalah veteran UMNO yang dihormati. Pandangannya adalah pandangan orang tua berpengalaman. Mempersoalkan "siapa Aziz Tapa" oleh beberapa orang pembahas di sini adalah tidak wajar.

Cadangan beliau agak baik dan wajar di pertimbangkan. Macam adik beradik bila bergaduh, emak atau bapa akan meleraikannya. Sama juga halnya di antara Tun dan Pak Lah ni. Eloklah ada pihak ketiga yang mendamaikan mereka.

Sekiranya kekalutan ini berterusan, yang rugi adalah kita rakyat Malaysia. Kedua-dua mereka betul dan mempertahankan idealogi mereka sendiri. Namun kepentingan negara wajar menjadi keutamaan.

DYMM YDP Agong berada di dalam kedudukan yang sesuai untuk menasihati kedua-dua mereka. Jadi saya rasa, wajar juga sekiranya Tuanku menasihati kedua-dua pacar berkenaan.

Untuk perhatian bro..., pacar-pacar hina yang lain pun bukan tidak pernah melibatkan DYMM Tuanku. Perarakan Hindraf dan kempen baju kuning dulu bukan ke cuba melibatkan Tuanku?

me said...

The Agong should remain non-partisan, plain and simple.


M.I.H said...

It is not a stupid idea. The Agong has intervened in Terengganu and rained on Dollah's billion-dollar oil-royalty charade.

The Agong can and should intervene in the Mahathir - Dolla spat.
It's well within his Constitutional rights.
And since the spat involves the Prime Minister, it does affect confidence in the country.

Those against the Agong's intervention are too full of themselves and their politics to care about the larger, national interests.


Pasquale said...

Rocky! I think the Agong, which symbolises the apex of Ketuanan Melayu, must get involved in asking unpopular and much hated Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down. The PM has caused and is causing too much anguish to the Malays, and he must act accordingly against the PM via the power entrusted upon him as the Supreme and Paramount Ruler of the Malays and....of course Malaysians, before thbis "stable tension" becomes ballistic!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Whether the Agong should intervene or not depends on the sort of intervention and whether this is allowed for by the Constitution, bearing in mind that the matter at hand is one of party politics. The Agong could, of course, voice his discontent, as other Malaysians are entitled to, if His Majesty sees it appropriate (e.g., if His Majesty believes that national security is at stake; but then again, in many countries such as recently in Italy, governments fall and are replaced by another with no security or stability problems at all -- it is all part and parcel of the democratic process). Nonetheless, the Agong's message may be a potent one considering his status. On the same note, it is in the interest of the Agong's stature and influence for His Majesty to be prudent and measured in when and how frequently to speak out or on what to speak out on.


Sdr Rocky's Bru,

My view on this is simple.

1. Don't involve the King;

2. Don't involve the Malay Rulers; and

3. Don't talk about another Mageran/NOC.


1. We elected our PM. We should be the ones to remove him;

2. Umno delegates elected him as Umno President. They should be the one to remove him;

3. If he has honour and wisdom, he should not wait to be thrown out;

4. It's dangerous to involve people and organisations that are not democratically elected in democaric processes like removing a Prime Minister.

Thank you.

A Voice said...

Satu perkara yang sangat sedih membaca komen-komen posting ini adalah melihat sikap angkuh dan biadap orang muda terhadap orang tua.

Tan Sri Aziz Tapa adalah orang tua yang mungkin tidak sepandai dan sehebat anda semua kerana dia tidak mempunyai ijazah yang panjang dan mungkin pergi sekolah melayu di kampong.

Tetapi adakah perlu kita kurang ajar dengan orang tua yang tidak ada berniat jahat melainkan untuk mencari kesejahteraan dan keamanan.

Kritikan TDM dan kedegilan AAB sudah sampai ketahap dimana MP DAP, Jeff Ooi risau dengan impak kepada ekonomi. Reform yang dibawa oleh AAB tidak menumpukan kepada masaalah kehidupan harian dan mata carian rakyat.

Agenda AAB melalui Zaid Ibrahim hanya untuk ego Zaid dan tidak membabitkan kesemua rakyat tetapi special interest group. Rakyat biasa tidak terlibat rasuah, masuk mahkamah dan ditangkap polis melanggar undang2.

Sementang orang seperti Aziz Tapa itu tua, lemah tak kuat dan tidak seijazah, perlu kah kita kutuk dan keji sedemikian rupa? Pemikiran orang tua tidak canggih dan tidak sehebat artikulasi, tetapi jangan diperolokkan kebijaksanaan dari pengalaman mereka.

Apa perlu kita bersikap kasar dengan seorang tua yang sdha tidak aktif dan pemain lagi tetapi hanya memberi fikiran yang ikhlas. Malah ide itu bukan sesuatu yang bodoh tetapi satu realiti.

Tun tidak boleh berganjak kerana dia tak sanggup melihat keruntuhan yang dibawa oleh AAB. AAB sudah degil dan tidak mahu menerima hakikat dia tidak diterima rakyat. Dia membawa reform tetapi agenda lainnya masih kekal dengan cara lamanya. Keselamatan. kedaulatan negara dan hal ehwal antarabangsa malah polisi2 pentadbiran kita sudah dicerobohi dan didalangi anasir luar.

Tun mungkin enggan diajak masuk campur Raja2 kerana beliau tidak mahu budaya feudal dihentikan dari minda Melayu. Namun saranan Aziz Tapa bukan saranan bodoh yang harus dikeji dan dikutuk dengan penuh biadap.

Entah, mungkin begitulah komentar ini bersikap dan berkelakuan dengan ibu bapa mereka dan orang2 tua.

Tuhan maha adil dan bayar cash COD.

Anonymous said...


this is not between pm or ex PM...

this is intra political rivalry...that is why i quote MIc and MCa examples. If you cannot see are no better than the misguided Aziz Tapa. So why should the King be involved. Just becos they are ex pm and PM??

And what is so grand about AAB and mean to say if either goes..UMNO dies? They have more than 3 million members, if they cannot find one to lead after AAB and ..then UMNO deserves to rot.

And so what else about PM and ex PM...they can screw up the country with their childish fighting?

Johorean said...

This stupid frail old man named Aziz Tapau calling our King to settle petty quarrel between a 86 yrs old and a 69 years old.How old is the King?

The population voted for PM Ahmed Badawi as the prime minister, albeit a simple majority; a majority nevertheless.

Who is the senile Tun Mahathir to overthrow the will of the rakyat?

lanaibeach said...

The Old Man and Darth Vader
Corroding the system to engage in personal tiff
One doesn’t show respect the one who made him
The other forgot how to be an elder statesman

The marching soldiers spread
Of ripples in the deep sea
Silently waving in the calm water
Of what will happen it let to be seen

The C4 boys brew their potent juices
Selling in the market the supporters buy
Never want to question its logic
Else they think they get behind

The Old Man cuts off ties
He fights on his belief
The country’s economy and politics
It is his own creation now he has seen
The picture he doesn’t like at all

The Darth Vader walks in his power
Given to him in a silver platter
Once he took it he doesn’t want to reciprocate
He wants to live like king

The Supreme Ruler can’t intervene
In his rule he has to be neutral
He can offer advice in his personal capacity
To bridge the divide going out of control

The people watch
The signs of the frogs
Jumping out from the pond
Stake their claims to be the lords

UMNO is bleeding
The internal wounds begin to soak in
Outsiders see it coming
Only the members and leaders still think arrogantly

The lies will keep floating
Until reality sinks into its depth
The truth about UMNO leaders
They must know how to go gracefully
And think about Malaysians
Not on party, religion and race

The peoples’ crusaders
They are marshalling to take over
The voters had said in GE12
This year or in the next election

Pasquale said...


The spat between TDM and AAB, as you put it, is not personal matter between them, but a grave national issue which involves the state of being of the Malay dominance of the country "others" from across the Straits!
This "spat" is really between making the "ketuanan Melayu" irrelevant and the non-Malays more, and more and more empowered (it is as though they are not already and it is hogwash to think they are being suppressed or persecuted).
Yes! The Aging can invoke his power entrusted in him to make things right, and get rid of AAB!

Anonymous said...

Bro, ini tak berkenaan dengan topik, tapi harap boleh di siarkan:

Saya sering ke Slim River dari Petaling Jaya menggunakan NKVE. Toll sudah RM10 dari RM4.50 beberapa tahun lalu.

Saya lihat banyak kerja 'naik taraf' di laksanakan yang menyusahkan dan mengganggu pengguna lebuhraya. Permukaan jalan dan railing masih elok, saya tak tahu kenapa wang mesti di belanjakan untuk membetulkan dan mengganti yang tak rosak. Terlalu banyak wang kot?

Atau mungkin kerana akan ada 'review' concession daripada kerajaan nak tunjuk toll operators mesti 'belanja' Atau nak bagi business kepada sub-kontraktor tertentu...

LDP pula akan dapat 'a cool RM630 million as compensation'...alahai habis lah duit rakyat - kerajaan ini memang kaya.

Mungkin kita patut tukar slogan dari 'malaysia boleh' ke 'malaysia bodoh'

Anonymous said...

Don't drag the Agong to such a low matter and into such a travail issue. It's only big to the UMNOputeras not to the rest of us, Malaysians.

The Agong is a national symbol, this is only an UMNO family affair - no earth-shattering national issue. Just let the idiots individuals in UMNO slug it out.

With the demise of UMNO, Malaysia has a chance for a new political stage to start a more healthy political atmosphere. Isn't this what we want, no cause for undue concern!

Anonymous said...

It started with the AP issues , the cancellation of Singapore Bridge project as well as
Abdullah not looking after Mahathir cronis and now the other races get the blame.
If Mahathir would just really retire and not meddle in affairs not really his because he is muddling up the real issues as you can see in Pasquale's comment.
abdullah i see is trying hard to put a country in order and cleaning all the shits that mahathir had done in his years.
just take this - the raping of the the judiciary is just the tip of the iceberg of his undoing.
Dont point fingers everywhere other you might get burnt. Still for a multi racial UMNO, my setup always remember that and I mean it for that. Set up your own party to do your own lopesided communal and finger pointing business.

Anonymous said...


you are one big misguided and confused person i've ever seen..

i don't think you have any non-malay friends at all in this stage, even if you have one, don't think you know them well enough.

we are all malaysians and why should we not be entitled to our rights. is it by saying that we have a few powerful non-malays, the rest of us whom some are living in poverty should be ignored? our rights taken away from us? no money no say? and worse of all, we have to give the malays way although it was us who strived hard for something, like education? not only that, what about jobs? being promoted?

we pay taxes too you know, what makes you bigger than us? not only that, we have to pay a lot of stuff at a higher price than you even for a mere house!
And you get it for lower than the original price, much lower that is!
and we have to give a special lot to you even for a damn building, investment,places in university, and etc etc!
what about scholarship?
we contributed in the money for the scholarship and where the money goes? mostly to the malays of course even some don't qualify.
maybe all non-malays should stop contributing to the society and deprive the nation of cash in one go, because oh, we are so powerful and we should be ostracized of our rights!

want me to go on?

i think you should reflect yourself first in the mirror before you question us non-malays!
at least we worked hard for what we have.people like you Pasquale, would make the malays look bad if not worse as it is now. luckily my malay friends are not like you!

because of such a mentality that you present, racist people still runs rampant, and as such, the nation shall one day fall!


apart from that, i think Aziz tapa wanted to emulate thailand, where their monarch has the power to settle this kind of issue. however, thailand's monarch has the support of the military, police, judge and people, and they respected their monarchs more than our ex pm and PM or a matter of fact our people. so asking the YDPA to help would be a waste of time because the YDPA would only be a YDPA for a brief moment before another takes over(and we wonder why the monarchs are not respected that much, maybe we should have one permanent YDPA?).

Anonymous said...

I really dont like UMNO. It is all about race and nothing else. Such a party will ultimately destroy Malaysia, defintely.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro,

With Permission,

oi...Johorean(I doubt you are true Johorean)
pernah dengar cerita 'S'pura Langgar Todak tak?'
Kau nak kena langgar Topedo ke!!

'Yang indah itu bahasa
gugur bahasa lenyaplah Bangsa.'

-Pendita Zaba
Buku:Perangai Teletak Pada Diri Sendiri.
Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Anonymous said...

Pada pendapat saya, ulasan Dato' A. Kadir Jasin mengenai isu ini (sila rujuk di atas) adalah rapi dan menarik. Saya mengajak para pembaca meninjau pandangan beliau.

Untuk manfaat para pembaca, saya terjemahkan ulasan beliau daripada Bahasa Inggeris kepada Bahasa Melayu.

Kata beliau,

1. jangan libatkan Agong;

2. jangan libatkan raja-raja Melayu;

3. usah bercakap mengenai perlunya satu lagi NOC/MAGERAN (National Operation Council/Majlis Gerakan Negara) [iaitu, badan yang mentadbir negara selepas rusuhan Mei 1969].

Mengapa? Kerana,

1. Kita [iaitu, rakyat] yang telah melantik perdana menteri. Maka rakyat yang harus/berhak menanggalkan beliau.

2. Wakil-wakil UMNO yang telah melantik beliau sebagai Presiden UMNO. Maka wakil-wakil UMNO yang harus/berhak menanggalkan beliau.

3. Kalau beliau mulia atau bijaksana, beliau tidak harus tunggu sehingga dilucutkan jawatan;

4. Penglibatan orang-orang atau organisasi-organisasi yang tidak terlantik secara demokratik dalam proses demokratik seperti penanggalan seorang perdana menteri adalah merbahaya.

Anonymous said...

what did this aziz mean intervene ? what if agong say "pak lah, please lah resign, together with najib too", would they heed ?

Anonymous said...

Tony Francis refused to sign OT for 6 reporters. He claims they are buying time sitting on their stories. Two employees brought the matter up with Datuk Ibrahim Noh but as a typical businessman, he claims he is not able to do anything as he has give full authority to his beloved Tony Francis.

If our beloved Agong is free, could he or his aides look into our predicament as well?

p/s: Will I be promoted soon??

Anonymous said...

While the intention is good, we should always bear in mind that Agong is beyond politics. The role of the monarch in Malaysia is different compared to the monarch in Thailand. If we are like Thailand, then Tan Sri Aziz's suggestion has some merit, but we are not. It doesn't work that way here.

Furthermore, this is an UMNO issue, not between UMNO and some other party in BN.

If the squabbles are between parties in the coalition (like in Perak after the recent election), then the palace has every right to intervene as it potentially weaken the core structure of the administration.

In this TDM vs AAB case, the core structure of BN is still solid. The support and degree of confidence from the people are in serious doubt, but BN as a structure is still very much in place.

It's a big mystery what's in TDM's mind. What he wants, really. During his reign, he had 4 DPMs, two resigned, one was sacked, one passed the test as DPM but failed miserably as PM, there's another one, the current DPM that he had wanted to appoint as his DPM but did not do so, even that one also did not escape his wrath. It tells a lot about his personality, really a lot. And why people in UMNO would still bother about him even now, that's a bigger mystery.

Just leave that old man alone, he'll eventually get tired when nobody bother him anymore.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I'll pay your bloody OT lah! Sikit-sikit complain.

Can't you people leave me alone and let me enjoy the 'interest' a little longer??

Our Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong should NOT interfere, both in UMNO and in Malay Mail.

p/s: Francis, dream on. You'll never be promoted!

Anonymous said...

aziz tapa berniat murni walaupun kurang praktikal. usahlah buat komen yang boleh sakitkan hati tan sri aziz yang bijak berpantun; munkin dia tak baca blog bru tapi pastinya ada cucu beliau yang melayari bru; juga sdra rocky, sayugia diingatkan jangan kerana perbedaan pendapat mengenai persoalan politik; kawan sesama kawan tak boleh minum teh; ikutlah rasmi a kadir jasin. beliau mempunyai kuantiti pendapat panas tetapi siapa saja mahu bertandang, berbincang dialu-alukan; begitu juga dengan sdra rocky sendiri. inilah tertib berbeda pendapat yang kita mahu lihat..

Anonymous said...

Faded Up:

I also don't like UMNO and the other race-oriented parties like MCA because it will divide and destroy Malaysia in the end.

Anonymous said...

rocky dont forget, today is the day..judgement of pulau batu putih.

Anonymous said...

There is validity in the point made by some commenters that this spat between Mahathir and Badawi started when Mahathir figured that he and/or his cronies were losing influence under Abdullah Badawi's administration.

This is likely to be the underlying motive of Mahathir's relentless war against a non-aggressive Abdullah Badawi.

However, Mahathir gives us -- the people -- a set of his ostensible reasons for attacking Abdullah Badawi: corruption and ineffective governance, among others. While these may very well be legitimate grouses, Mahathir must remember that these problems existed under his own administration which has simply extended into Abdullah Badawi's administration.

What is shameful of Mahathir (and shameful to me as a Melayu) is the dirty tactics he is employing in his bid to remove Abdullah Badawi. This includes -- and is not limited to -- his "hasutan" in a speech in Johor about non-Malays trampling on the rights Malays or demanding "too much" rights themselves. In a dramatic bid to gain support for his cause, Mahathir has resorted to slander that can inflame hateful feelings amongst the Malay people.

A true and ethical leader would not attempt to make political gains at the expense of national harmony by driving a wedge between the peoples of a nation. For a man to go to that irresponsible length, he has to be self-seeking and prideful.

And we know how in the Quran Allah dislikes prideful characters (57:22-23), much less the selfish and hate-mongers.

Satria Asia said...

Yes! Don't involve the King. This is a people's fight. Lets rock-n-roll people!

rocky said...

akj has got it right.

as for suggestion, yeah anyone can make suggestions but make sure it is reasonable and make sense even if you are a great guy or full of wisdom. if you make suggestions that are not sensible and make it public, you are bound to get criticism. eg. lets m'sia 1st space ship go to the sun. ;-)

ps different rocky...not rcokybru

whackthembugger said...

I would agree that the Agong should not get involve/ intervene to resolve the battle grandee between PM and Tun.

His Majesty’s rakyat are being greatly affected but His Majesty should also be .aware that Tun’s message is clear- to let His Majesty’s rakyat decide what’s best for them even within an adverse political climate filled with deceit, intimidation and money politics. Tun is himself under siege and he should be given the freedom to set the stage for the rakyat to determine their fate.

yindanyan said...

Dato' AKJ dan Sdr Rocky,

Kaedah Tan Sri Aziz nampak lebih mudah.

YDP Agong bukan sekadar simbol negara! Mohon diampun, YDP Agong bukan patung negara tetapi Tunjang Negara!

Adakah Hindraf dan Raja Petra sahaja yang ada akses kepada YDPAgong? Rakyat lain yang tak berpuas hati dengan PM juga ingin mohon izin mengadap Tuanku merakam sembah runsing kerana semakin runcingnya negara.

YDPAgong adalah non-partisan. Maknanya Baginda tidak terkotak dalam parti.
Baginda mengatasi kumpulan-kumpulan berparti dan bebas membuat keputusan secara neutral.

Alhamdulillah itulah yang kita nampak di Perak, Selangor, Kedah, Perlis dan Terengganu baru-baru ini. Para Sultan sudah pun membuat keputusan yang bijaksana tanpa terikat dengan parti. Apa yang dangerousnya Dato AKJ jika mohon sembah hal huru-hara negara kepada Sultan?

Kalau dah dapat Dato' maknanya Dato' AKJ pun sudah diterima menjadi sebahagian dari orang yang rapat dengan istana -Raja Nazrin kata sudah menjadi sebahagian dari institusi istana. Maka Dato' pun boleh tolong sembahkan perkara untuk kebajikan negara.

Takkan kita nak sembunyikan huru-hara negara dari pengetahuan istana? Dangerous?


Yin & Yan

Unknown said...

Please Please Please.... I am begging, 'do not involve our loving and kind AGONG into the UMNO political mess'. Period!

AGONG himself has abundance of problems in his mind such as getting rid Monsoon Cup taking away its Rakyat Monies, Forensic Audit on Idris Jusoh past abuse, waiting for the East Cost Highway that never materialised to Kuala Terengganu, UMNO Aduns cant wait to topple the Pak Lah Benggap choice of MB, and more and more.

Let AGONG have some piece of mind, riding horses, meeting his subjects and play with his kids.

Once our AGONG interfere in UMNO case, he will never be AGONG anymore...

yindanyan said...


This is an issue about PM and not about UMNO.
PM can be one who is not an UMNO man!

Yin & Yan

Anonymous said...

Zaib 1225am

If an idea is stupid, it is stupid.I said stupid idea..not stupid man.

Your friend or not, is not free from criticism. Anyone who comments must be gallant enough to get feedback good or bad. Don't go around calling other kurang ajar just becos you can't see whether an idea is stooopid or not.


Anonymous said...

yin & yan

to become a PM you have to be a malay, so indirectyly saying is you have to be in UMNO since they are the biggest in the nation at the moment.

what happen to the notion that all can become PM if they have the credentials? hmmmmmmm..........
another racist policy.
uhh, i'm disgusted!

yindanyan said...

what colour?

TQ for the comments.

Anwar from PKR and I guess Nik Aziz from PAS are also aiming to be PM. They are not from UMNO. Anwar seems confident of getting there. Thus now UMNO may not be the criteria anymore to be the PM.

The Agong by tradition appoints a malay muslim because malaysia is actually an islamic state of united sultanates where many sultanates come together.The tradition of the sultanates started well BEFORE Parameswara but enhanced through Islam by Parameswara becoming a muslim. Of course it has started well before the ballot boxes. The rakyat then became muslims (leaving hinduisme/buddhism) together with the sultans so the tradition of the malay being the sultans and MBs continue but this time the malay MBs must also be a muslim since Parameswara and the sultans after him became muslims.

But who is a malay? Raja Petra has always asked us to refer to the msia constitution. It says that a malay is one who speaks malay, practice malay customs and a muslim. It does not say about blood type? Easily Guan Eng is 2/3 malay since he can speak malay and know how to dress up like a malay and I guess has no problems with sambal belacan :) If he is a muslim then Nik Aziz will have no problem accepting him as a PM.

It seems that the definition of a malay is quite simple. To me the malay is just person who has taken up the colour of the place.

I remember seeing the lady (was in the news) said to be a malay staying in korea but when she came back to see her birth place, I saw her more like the old korean ladies that I always see in korean dramas. Well she ate korean food and speaks korean and looks like a korean. She has absorbed the colour of the place just like water in the glass will takes up the colour of the glass.

Yes, you are what you eat (and what you speak). I have seen people claiming that they are malays but staying in makkah but with not a word of malay. I can't recognise them as malays but their features and airmuka are more like arabs.

For that matter even people of arab origins staying in malaysia with now not even a word of arabic on their tounges had a hard time convincing us that they are arabs.

Wisemen used to say arabic is by the tounges. Can you differentiate arabic blood from that of a malay blood or a jewish blood?

What colour? All colours - putih kuning, kuning langsat,hitam manis, sawa matang.

more budu, tempoyak and sambal belacan.
more non baku BM and more local malay dialects and NO DBP languange imprisonment!

Yin & Yan

Anonymous said...

Dear artchan,

Your idea of labelling an idea from someone who lived through an era of 'perjuangan' to 'Merdeka' to-date, as stupid is really stupid. He must have weighed the pros and cons before issuing his statement. So I'd say that it is a stupid idea to label another man's opinion as stupid.

No hard feeling brother.


Anonymous said...


no hard feeling..

i just want you to know i have as much respect for Aziz..but his idea was stupid that's all..


Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...

Very much agreeable wth donplayplay..

A dangerous step to feudal ruling system again. Find out yourself in Terengganu today.