Thursday, May 22, 2008

Demo against DBKL

People vs Datuk Bandar
Friday, 23 May 2008
at Dewan Bandaraya KualaLumpur, Jalan Raja Laut, KL

Even if you don't have an issue with DBKL, you may join residents of Kuala Lumpur at the DBKL tomorrow in a demonstration that aims to tell the Datuk Bandar to have a heart (or resign).
YB Wee Choo Keong, together with several other MPs, will submit a memo to the Datuk Bandar to protest what he described as "high-handed" and "indiscriminate" demolition of stalls in Taman Desa Setapak.
Some 130 stalls were flattened by City Hall workers despite a "deal" between Wee and DBKL for a two-week grace period to try and resolve matters.

Two police reports were lodged against City Hall demolition army yesterday. Stories and pictures h e r e.


  1. I think it is about time politicians from all side stop meddling with enforcement officer's work. If the stalls are not legal, tear them down. Malaysians need to abide by the law and do the right thing if they want to do business --> operate from a legal site. It will be an injustice to law abiding citizens if illegal hawkers are allowed to operate wherever they want. Politicians, do what you are hired to do --> make good laws and enforce it fairly!

  2. Anonymous8:30 pm

    It is indeed very strange for DBKL. Right after they lost GE, DBKL also use strong arm tactics to close down pasar malam on Wednesdays near Taman Ibu Kota.

    Why now and why after so many years? They are just trying to run down the people who wanted change. DBKL head should be changed along with those thugs behaving enforcement people.


  3. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Have a heart Datuk Bandar. Have ears too to listen to the rakyat's problems.

    If it's your downline who are screwing you up - then reprimand them or ship them out. At the end of the day, whatever happens with regard to DBKL, the blame is on you! Heard this before? The buck stops here. That's you Datuk Bandar and it's at your desk.

  4. Protes!!!!!!

    When are we going to ELECT the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur? As long as the Datuk Bandar of KL is appointed by the BN Government, city folks will be subjected to partisan ideas and decisions!


  5. Anonymous9:55 pm

    sorry bro, off topic. Saw this piece of shocking news in the NST "She wants judge jailed but gets into deep trouble" (
    The following got me dumbfounded...
    Syed Ahmad said Lee should have filed an appeal against Alizatul's decision. Instead, he said Lee was a disgruntled woman who would sue or complain about anyone who was not in her favour, by writing to the prime minister or the king.

    "I won't be surprised if you take action against me next," he said.

    "I must put a stop to all this. You are a vexatious litigant and I am making a declaration that you can no longer file any application without the permission of a High Court judge."

    What is the high and mighty Bar Council take on this?

  6. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Yes those stalls are illegal but guess what? Laws are made by the people of the community.

    If the community is against a law then how can it be a law?

    Also, DBKL just demolished the Chinese stalls and left the Malay stalls alone. If that is not racism, I don't know what is.

  7. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Since Mar 8, DBKL has been hard at work. Station themselves in China Town, KL till almost 11pm daily.

    Standing around the stall and park their ALMIGHTY DBKL Van in the middle of the business area. Look more like mafia then trying to do their rightful duty.

    Lucky, what say u? u mean what the so called law enforcers doing is always right? sometime its not easy to get a licence from DBKL. Licences are issued by DBKL as and when 'they deem fit'.

    please have a heart for the common people who work hard to earn a decent living.

  8. the abdullah badawi's federal government is enthusiatically trying to walk the talk. trying to follow the law and order to the letter, and nobody is above the law. from former prime minister to judges, lawyers etc are subjected to numerous commissions of enquries and to be followed with legal actions. here we have traders who have been hawking illegally for years, and one mp wants to play politics. he questions dbkl about the legality of development plans of one developer. but on another hand he protects the illegal hawkers.

    on views that actions were taken by dbkl because the hawkers are chinese, to put on record many a malay hawkers were taken legal action for illegal hawkings prior to this. please dont be racist.

  9. The stalls concerned even though illegal are not SMACK in the centre of the road but situated at the side of the shops on an enclosed area just like a corner lot of any other shops. Some of them had been operational since some 16 years ago according to some hawkers.

    We are talking not about a high end area like Damansara or Bangsar where affluent people reside but ordinary & poor folks like me inhibit in this little place we call our Home.

    If politicians do not protect us then who will.

    Do Not make sweeping statements like LUCKY who do not have the facts in Wangsa Maju but resort to talk about law & injustice to law abiding citizens. These hawkers are not robbers neither are they rapist but folks who earn a decent living selling food stuff at a reasonable price.

    Look these poor hawkers need to support their school going children. There are a couple who are in their 60s who operates a vegetarian stall despite their age. When asked their reply is that they have to support themselves as they are illiterate and do not have substantial savings for old age neither do they have EPF or government welfare to survive on.

    Lucky please do not use injustice if you think that you are learned.
    It is Not the law we are talking about but the livelihood of decent hawkers at at time when recession is creeping in at all time high & oil hitting USD 130 per barrel.

    Prices of food & quality is good and affordable for Wangsa Majurians.

    We have to think about our fellow neighbors who do not earn much but look forward to a warm meal.

    Please note this is not only happening in Desa Setapak but in Taman Setapak where the once a week pasar malam is closed after more than twenty over years.

    Bandaraya STOP politicizing. If they have such a BIG TROOP why can't they also be friendly in approach like get together to fight crimes! Crime rate is extremely high in Wangsa Maju

    Remember Nurul & the TAR student who were murdered are all from our neighborhood!

    Wangsa Majurians let's look forward & build a wall of defence for the place we love.

    Let's get together & contribute towards time & efforts in making Wangsa Maju better than other neighborhoods that we can be proud of.

    Remember that Bandaraya staff are all paid by tax-payers! We are the Bosses & NOT them.

    It is high time that they have to change their mentality!. After they have resigned & retired, they are only ordinary folks.

    Little Feudal Warlords! Sometimes it amused me to see these uniformed men who walked into bona-fide coffee shops & walk to the back to take their monthly " tips " from the owners! Sometimes toilet trips at coffee shops can be a learning experience.

  10. Anonymous2:11 am

    dear lucky,
    we would love to have a country build on proper enforcement of laws. unfortunately, the demolition of the hawkers stalls were nowhere near fair. how is it that the obviously illegal stalls of other races right across the street are still there? i was there, looking at them happily cooking away as the demolition was taking place.

    and why demolish it straight away? why not put up no entry tapes around it for a few days to make sure the hawkers salvage all they can and leave before start the demolition?

  11. Anonymous7:34 am

    This is UMNO for you.

    Still nak sokong UMNO?

    Pikir pikirkan lah...

  12. Anonymous8:56 am

    be patience and dont jump into any conclusion. Get rid of the BN nominated datuk bandar and elect a Mayor. Then the playing fields will be even,,,,,,if not skin your smoke wagon.

  13. Anonymous9:58 am


    True.. it is time politicians from all sides stop meddling with enforcement work.. True, tear them down if the stalls are illegal. True, Malaysians need to abide by the law and do the right thing if they want to do business. You are so correct... BUT!

    Please think again, if these enforcement people play "pilih kasih" in carrying out their work, there is definitely a NEED for politicians to meddle to at least TRY to get some balance here.

    If there were proper area that is suitable for stalls to operate from, people will go and do the needful.. apply for it, tender for it, blah blah blah... the problem here is, it is always the case where either the stalls are built or allocated at some god forsaken place where rats and lipas wont even go what more human or if the place is suitable, the stalls are all "CHUP" by some saudara mara of these enforcement people. SO HOW?? THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO MAY NOT BE FORTUNATE LIKE YOU LUCKY, TO HAVE A DECENT EDUCATION AND DONT NEED TO SLAVE AWAY EARNING SOME FEW CENTS FROM EACH BOWL OF NOODLES!! Their life is hard and tough enough without having to put up with all these bureaucratic crap from DBKL.

    So, please have a heart! Dont be a cow!

  14. Anonymous10:24 am

    KL should be ruled by PR. They won the biggest seats ever. Yes, the current mayor must go for good.

  15. Anonymous11:40 am

    People like Lucky talk about the law like it was taken for granted. I wonder has Lucky taken the effort to know the purpose of Law and what it serves.

    If a Law no longer serve the community or people it is supposed to protect, should it remain?

    Sometimes people who do not have to earn a living like the traders would not know what kind of life they are living which I am sure hounded by enforcements on a daily basis. But should they be classify as criminals as they are operating against the law? Just like the way the police brand all 'illegal' assembly people to show their feelings of inaction by the government on various policies. At the end of the day, are these protests by thugs and low lives of the society? On the contrary they are made by learned society as well as others who are either suffering or concerned.

    Don't take Law for granted especially with the present regime, I have several occasions feel that it is my right but I was told by the enforcement that I don't have a case. It is a total shatter of the innocent image we have about security, law and order of the country. You will not know if it does not happen to you. So try to step into their shoes and I am sure you can come out with a more balanced comment.

  16. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I agree. Illegal stalls SHOULD be demolished. Period.

    Pilih kasih or not is another issue.

  17. Honestly speaking, I do not like pasar malams. They cause traffic jams, can be a nuisance and they leave their litter everywhere.It's a disorganized and dirty setup, village style. Having said that, if the stalls are illegal, then by all means tear them down but if only Chinese stalls are taken down, then by hell, it is not alright!

  18. On a second note, it is now 2.40pm 23rd May. So what's the latest on the demonstration? Anyone arrested?

  19. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Hey KL folks.. the only right sulutions is to make a move out of any areas under DBKL jurisdiction and stay in Selangor. Next month those who stay in Selangor will enjoy free flow of water up to 20 cubic meter every month. Then the local council personnel there nowadays look very much acccomodating. So wait no further...move to Selangor!!!!

  20. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Good. Get rid of all those smelly dirty stalls. I always gagged when I walked past those stalls. And lets not get started on the hygiene level.

  21. Congratulation Bro and your buddy Wee for encouraging Malaysian citizen to start a way of Malaysia people i.e demo even for the wrong cause..illegal business operation. When the enforcement officers do not take action on any law breaker, we will accuse them for not carry out their duties or for wanting to win over the people in this area as this is UMNO area and so on..

    I think to invite rakyat to demonstrate in order to support for your failure to deal with authority is very distasteful. It is just a mother drags and use her kids to go against their father for she could not handle the problem with husband. This is what an immature act. We choose you to be our MP as we believe that you have the ability to handle thing peacefully.

    I supported all of PK MPS during the election recently, however now I see all these first time MPs not only being unable to tackle prob tactfully but also refuse to seek for a workable solution thru discussing the matter amicably but to confront. This solution of calling rakyat to demo will hurt and disrupt other lot more legal business operator (who pay the tax for all MPs). Frankly, Bro Rocky, life is not that easy nowadays even without you guys demonstrating. Is this the only and best way that we can come up? It is so uncalled for. Reminding me of reformasi time where my innocent car were smashed up by these people. Once for all, please think about people like us, stop try to become champion using gangster way. We will not welcome using this blackmail style.. Bro, please consider some other people who hate to face the nuisance cause by this demo activity..

    For my mp YANG BERHORMAT WEE CHOO KEONG, I would like for you not to reject any invitation by Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan to discuss any matter related to your rakyat though you think that it's just a waste of time. You are the voice for all of us.We voted for you because we believe you will do the best for us thru working together with them intelligently, do put aside your emotion and hatred. The whole malays in my area started to talk abt your arrogant way of dealing with govt agency, and calling some officer in DBKL 'anak haram'. For your info, Anak Haram is the last word should be uttered by to any malay. I was sad to hear this as I really admire you before you being elected and trying so hard to defend you though I know it's inappropriate. It is not a winning strategy for your rakyat which will translate into your losing too..

    My 2 sen advice: Please emulate Tan Sri Lee Lam Tye way if working for rakyat.. Change your style when dealing with government agency, we do want a kurang ajar MP even though you manage to solve our issues. DO not be PK of 'Nazri Aziz' .. remember there a lot of PK supporter in government who voted for you too!!

    Thank you Bro Rocky.

  22. Anonymous1:32 am

    when DBKL act like thugs and gansters in violating grace periods they must be penalised under the law. the rakyat must not tolerate such gansterism and attacks or else the rights of citizens in this country is worth as much as a warm bucket of spit.

  23. Anonymous1:47 am

    hey lucky u think those hawkers manning these 'illegal' outlets, didnt think of licensing it?

    It is always the case of DBKL needing bribes to ensure your application will actually be processed.... But of course if you know ppl on inside then, no problem ,no license also can we wont touch you. IS THIS THE LAW YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT...


  24. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Actually, I think DBKL should just closed down.. tutups kedai, gulung tikar, sau tong.

    Not to say I want to say... this DBKL, sigh.. dealing with them is worse than dealing with idiots with authority. Do you know how sickening that is?? IDIOT and AUTHORITY put together!?? Wahhh.. can die!!

    So, all those righteous people who are all for enforcement... I really hope you have a taste of dealing with DBKL... you better wear a pair of comfortable shoes and be prepared to be "ping ponged" all floors and nothing gets done....TRY IT! than you come and talk about DBKL enforcement...

  25. Wow, a lot of people are really ignorant of the real situation..those illegal shops have been in Desa Setapak since more than 8 years (as far as I remember). Suddenly just 3 months after PR wins Wangsa Maju, DBKL comes out in full force to harass and close the stalls. All in all 7 hawker stalls + 1 side stall (Curry Pan Mee) is gone. Where are we going to eat cheap economy rice huh? The queues at the remaining coffee shops are now triple in length!!

    What is even more fishy is that 3 illegal Malay stalls - directly beside the side entrance to the Wangsa Maju LRT station (on the opposite side of the road to a demolished Chinese hawker stall), another beside the road leading to Menara Alpha, and another on the road pavement near Wangsa Maju Block G8-G10 - were left unmolested. If that does not strike you as wrong, then you need to get your head checked. What DBKL is doing is just going to raise tensions between different races. Already everybody I've talked to has voiced dissatisfaction over such blatant racial harassment. I invite any doubters to come to Wangsa Maju LRT station and see for yourself.

  26. Anonymous8:59 pm

    hopefully the majority will wake up or else we minority just have to suck it up... do you think they will let go power that easily. dave