Friday, May 23, 2008

Goodbye Pulau Batu Putih ...

We lost.

Pulau Batu Putih is now officially Pedra Branca even though both names mean White Rock. That's how the ICJ in the Hague ruled.
Sorry Malaysia, and hard luck to the team led by the Attorney-General.

Will we lose more than this rock outcrop?
I hope we'll do all that we should to ensure that we don't ever lose sovereignty over the Iskandar Development Region.

p/s We didn't lose all though. See pictures of the pebbles we've won h e r e.


  1. nobody takes all....
    nobody loses all....
    by the way who was this johor state acting secretary?

  2. mungkin lps nie ade benda lain bleh terlepas jugak..bukan nya pulau...tapi benda2 lain.

  3. Bro... another misfortune to Malaysia becoz of bad administrative by lazy administrator..

  4. Anonymous6:14 pm

    This is how the country under BN, you don't have choice because everything is not up to our next door mark.

    Remember the water agreement? Malaysia can ask for a review of the price after 25 years but our BN government simply forget. Yes, that is right they simply forget. This is BN government, the Boleh government.

  5. What is there to be sad that what lost Pedra Branca for Malaysia was a whole lot of ommissions on our part and through the very efficient work carried out by all those people of old.

  6. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Several years ago, LKY addressed a closed door international gathering of legal eagles.
    It was later whispered, that when asked about the islands' Bar membership, LKY simply singled out legal department heads of the Republics' administration... thats all the membership I would need, they are the best, and they work for the Government.
    Are we surprised we lost Pulau Batu Putih...oops, I mean Pedra Branca.... *Sekadar diPinggiran"

  7. The curse of 080308 continue to reign. According to the judgement, It's the famous "tidak apa" attitude from 1953 to 1984 that caused the lost.


  9. Yet another clear indication of how the lack of LEADERSHIP or the absence of it could gradually ruin a nation.

    As per our Foreign Minister's contention that the ICJ verdict is a Win-Win decision, the MSM goons are going to try their skills at how best to fool Malaysians, again.

    Look out for their 'products' in the next couple of hours.

    I guess Pak Lah, Syed Hamid, Gani Patail and his team must be VERY PROUD of their achievements.

    Think we should give Pak Lah a gift for successfully 'selling' the country to Singapore.

    Bro, do you think he would know what to do with some rope?

  10. Bro, apa kata Sultan Johor? Apa pendapatnya tentang IDR bila PBP ni dah kalah.

  11. Tahniah utk Team Malaysia yang berjaya menyerahkan dengan jayanya Pulau Batu Putih kepada Singapura. Whats next? WPI?

  12. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Apanama... Korek (pardon the pun) me if I'm wrong but wasnt this Pedra Branca issue filed with the ICJ during the tenure of the previous Administrator? We agree to disagree but can we strive to be factually kohrek.
    And dont forget, there remains the debacle over "who today owns" Tanjung Pagar which still remains to be the "thorn in ones' flesh".... Sekadar diPinggiran.

  13. Anonymous6:33 pm

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  14. Anonymous6:35 pm

    By the way Pak Lah is moving and wheeling, Johor state will next go to Singapore, just wait and see. As it is now they coming in droves to buy almost anything...even the rice.

  15. Salam Bro,

    We lost because we did nothing from 1851 to 1979. But what to do?

    Hope we learn something from this episode. As you say, if we lose IDR, we've only got ourselves to blame.

  16. sedikit-sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit, sejengkal tanahair telah terlepas... Adakah era baru bermula sejak kegagalan rundingan jambatan bengkok, kegagalan pulau batu putih...

  17. Anonymous6:40 pm

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  18. Anonymous6:44 pm

    sad day...

    the maritime border will change after this...

    bro rocky...
    please bring up again the story of AG son in the team, the fake pic from unknown blog that used by Malaysia team...

    I want to berkabung

  19. Salam brader,

    1. Selepas ini lantik Maznah Rais
    as Peguam Negara.

    2. Pergi Belanda buat habis duit kerajaan jer.

    3. Rais Yatim pula macam biasa hanya cakap pandai jer!

  20. Anonymous6:48 pm

    If we gotta blame someone for this fiasco, can it be on Khairy?

  21. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Did you hear what Rais Yatim said life on TV1 -- Menang-Menang.
    Menang tahi kucing. Malaysia gets what is already hers.

    Kucing Tidur.

  22. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Those who are blaming the current leadership must be stupid people driven by either outright buffoonery or diabolical hatred. What can the leadership do? The problem started when Tun Hussen Onn was the PM and it continued to drag on till today. When arguments couldn't end, both sides agreed to meet the World and the world decided that rock belonged to Singapore. If the present leadership is blamed, what about Mahathir who reined for 22 years? And for your information, it was a Muslim Judge who read the ICJ verdict.

  23. Malaysia's ever reliable 'tidak apa' attitude is now taking its toll.
    One of the main points that was raised by the judges is that since the last visit by the temenggong of Johor in the 1850s. Since the 'improvement' of the Light house no government officials from Malaysia ever visited the rocks.
    In that it was seen that Malaysia herself was contented that the rocks was indeed the property of her neighbours.......

  24. Anonymous6:54 pm


    we need to build that crooked bridge to beat back what we have lost. its time for save face!

  25. "we don't ever lose sovereignty over the Iskandar Development Region"

    we can bet our bottom dollar that TDM will use this as ammo on his continued offensive against AAB ...

  26. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    SHAlbar has conveniently moved out of the Foreign Ministry after the elections and he would just shrug off this decision.
    Rais Yatim......I dread to hear his
    long winded diplomacy played on a creaky gramaphone !!!

    GPatail had his junior with him at the Hague during our submissions.

    The team that went to lay out our claims has performed very badly.

    GP owes us an explanation in the august house.Maybe Nazri can assist to decipher the true meaning behind this inconsolable loss.

    Hello Folks....Stop That Train....I'm Leaving !!!

    Rastaman JB

  27. Saya sebagai orang johor sungguh sedih. Saya tunggu apa kata musa hitam, shahrir, syed albar, hishammudin dan lain-lain pembesar dalam hal ini. Masih reda bertuankan pemimpin yang lemah dan 'tak'kisah?

    Sireh Dan Cengkeh

  28. Anonymous7:02 pm

    About Rais's win-win comment, that we got one small rock, S'pore got one small rock, who he wanna kid actually? Anybody who care to watch the live telecast just now can just see while everybody who stands behind Rais during the brief interview shown the grim expression, Rais still has the cheek to say that this is a win-win situation. I feel like vomiting already.

  29. Anonymous7:08 pm

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  30. Anonymous7:10 pm

    If I am allowed to read between the lines, can I say our AG and his team did a poor job.

    As a layman, the outcrop is less than 10 km from Johore and more than 20 km from Singapore!

    On what basis did we lost it to Singapore?

    Can someone enlighten me?


  31. We could have won if Fairuz or Eusoff Chin had sat in the ICJ and Lingam represented Malaysia.
    Gani is only good at prosecuting sodomy or attempted murder cases in a Magistrate's Court.

  32. apa punya gomen ... jaga batu pun tak tau

  33. Anonymous7:18 pm

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  34. Singapore can now built the Word's Tallest Twin Lighthouses, right Bro?! To shine over the Iskandar development.


    I would like to know who's created this fake blog that Gani showed to the ICJ!?

    Interesting question coming up in Parliament!

  36. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Let's see how the master spinners at the mainstream media will spin this one.

    Maybe they'll tell us that Dr Mahathir sabotaged us. Or that our great negotiators deliberately did not want to win because there sea monsters on the Island.

    Singapore sent senior Ministers. We sent retired civil servants and novices.

    On the brighter side, we did not lose everthing.

    We lost the pulau but we got the rocks. So we can continue to rock-and-roll.

    I am sure our leaders will still be invited to Singapore to play golf and to be wined and dined.

    Singapore investors and Malaysian investors disguising as Singaporeans will buy up IDR Malaysia.

    By the way, do you still remember the PM wanting to pluck the low hanging fruits in the relations with Singapore?

    Wow, what a spin!

    Thank you.

  37. Anonymous7:32 pm

    make the comparison yourself. sinagpore sent generals, but what about malaysia?

    The Singapore delegation is led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Law Shunmugam Jayakumar, with Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Attorney-General Chao Hick Tin and Ambassador at Large Tommy Koh forming up the rest of the delegation. They are accompanied by a legal counsel team formed by international experts, namely Queen's Counsel Ian Brownlie from the University of Oxford, Professor Alain Pellet of the University of Paris X: Nanterre, and two law specialists from English firm Eversheds, Mr Rodman Bundy and Ms Loretta Malintoppi.[21]

    The Malaysian delegation is headed by Abdul Kadir Mohamad, the Prime Minister's adviser on foreign affairs with the Malaysian ambassador to the Netherlands, Noor Farida Ariffin as co-agent. The Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail leads the legal team.[23] The Malaysian team is aided by Elihu Lauterpacht, James Crawford and Penelope Nevill of Cambridge University, Nicolaas Jan Schrijver of Leiden University and Marcelo Kohen of Graduate Institute of International Studies at Geneva.

  38. Anonymous7:37 pm

    If you have bad luck, you have bad luck. Lose everything to others.

    Next, Singapore will find oil underneath the lighthouse.

  39. Anonymous7:38 pm

    where are u mahathir, we need u to fire the judge and replace them with a 'good' judge.

    Anyway, I think IDR is a good project, i just don't get it why must we fight with singapore when we can work together with them? We tried building the biggest port in the world and singpore beat us with their efficiency, we build KLIA and they upgrade their changi airport into the regional hub. We got our biovillage and singapore pour in billions into their medical industry and their so much more advance.

    Bottom line is, only the best get the job, if we continue with this supremacy thing, soon UMNO will sell our country to foreigners. Shit, these politicans only care about their pockets.

  40. Anonymous7:39 pm

    We must have been paid a ton of money to these consultants from UK. Bro, please check out which company responsible in hiring prof. from UK (CAMBRIDGE near OXFORD)

    Ketua Delegasi Malaysia ialah:

    Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Mohamad- Duta Kelana, juga Penasihat Perdana Menteri mengenai Hal Ehwal Luar Malaysia. Beliau akan menjadi wakil Malaysia bagi kes itu.
    Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin - Duta Besar Malaysia ke Belanda, bertindak sebagai wakil bersama.
    Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail - Peguam Negara, ketua pasukan undang-undang.

    Delegasi Malaysia turut disertai oleh:

    Sir Elihu Lauterpacht - profesor Undang-undang Antarabangsa di Universiti Cambridge
    James Crawford - profesor Undang-undang Antarabangsa di Universiti Cambridge
    Nicolaas Jan Schrijver - profesor Undang-undang Antarabangsa Awam, Universiti Leiden
    Marcelo G. Kohen - profesor Undang-undang Antarabngsa, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva
    Penelope Nevill, pensyarah Downing College, Universiti Cambridge.


  41. Anonymous7:41 pm

    My country lost a small part of it to Singapore which the country let go in 1963. I am so sad. I am sad even though I am just the third generation in this country but this the only country I know.

    But then again how to expect to win with lawyer substatiating arguement taken out of blogs.


    p.s. sorry Rocky could registered my nick since it has already taken.

  42. Anonymous7:47 pm

    he icj ruked that 'finds by fifteen votes to one that sovereignty over South Ledge belongs to the State in the territorial waters of which it is located'.

    so who does the south ledge belong to?


  43. Anonymous7:49 pm

    well, when you are caught lying in court...


  44. Anonymous7:49 pm

    ICJ tak di RASUAH kah? BN jangan terlalu berlembut.Nak berlembut tengok lah dengan siapa u deal! Hapuskan sikap 'tak pa'.


  45. Our A-Team had to rely on a infamous blog to back up its case.
    Did anyone here seriously believe for a moment that Malaysia would win this case?

  46. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Mereka pandai memanipulasi undang-undang.Contoh undang-undang yang dicipta bersama sibebal Chairman Iskandar Region bakal menjadi kes di Mahkamah Antarabangsa 20 tahun akan datang , dimana 'mereka akan mengatakan Iskandar Region bukan wilayah Johor. Makin beballah UMNO Johor yang kena kelengtong hidup-hidup oleh pencetus Idea (dapat nasihat orng yg tak ikhlas)

    Makan Asap.

  47. someone should be held responsible for the lost,especially those who produce the photoshop picture trying to cheat the icj.
    because of their stupidity that cost us that island.
    they should be charge for selling out the island.

  48. Anonymous8:45 pm

    This is what happens when we elect IDIOTS to run the country.
    Uneducated Monkeys No Otak is now HISTORY.
    Can't even claim this small island which is rightfully ours.
    Remember Singapore Air Force fighter jets including UAVs has been intruding our air space for decades without special announcements yet this bloody Gomen could do nothing to stop this intrusions.
    Try sending 2 of our military jets snooping over Singapore.I bet they will shoot it down and talk later.
    Hell to UMNO.

  49. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I am not surprised by this outcome at all lookint at the entourage we sent (including 'trainee Patail'). We even used Wikipedia to get the map and location, for crying out aloud!

    And the minister had been hinting 'no hard feelings' all along. Dua butik batu tu bagi kat dia je lah


  51. It is a win-win situation because now Malaysia can sell sand to Singapore to be used for reclamation project up to PBP (i.e., 25KM closer to Johore). Most probably someone is already preparing proposal to sell the sand.

  52. Anonymous8:57 pm

    I have to agree with anaktimurlaut, that Malaysia send a bunch of idiots. The DPM has no credibility so why send him, those monkies can do the job just as well as DPM. All they need to do is just something really stupid like a win win situation. Rais is just as big an idiot, he was brought back after been in the wilderness, he still thinks and talks like an ape. Gani Patil, that useless AG, only in Malaysia can a good for nothing lawyer becomes AG.
    Disgusted citizen.

  53. So we lost Pedra branca,
    We sold water to them cheaper than we sell to our people,
    we can't build a bridge,
    we had to have 2 white elephants projects in JB,
    and now we are selling south Johor to them.

    I felt that we have just recently been neutered.

    Where is UMNO Johor?

    Mana Menteri Besar?

    Eh Johor? Apa pondan sangat?? Tidur kaa?

  54. You are right Mr Smith,we would have won if oue men were in the ICJ and Lingam represented Malaysia.We can never be excellent outside Malaysia.

  55. Anonymous9:01 pm

    jangan lupa pergi kejutkan pak lah dari tidur bagitau dia kita dah kalah kes pulau batu putih... tapi kalau bagitau pun dia akan buat apa? that man cannot understand anything!

  56. Anonymous9:05 pm

    That's what happen when you indulge in communal politics. you would even sangguh to give away one diamond of an island Singapore
    just to make up the numbers. hat's Pulau Batu Putih, compared to that? I am never for communal politics. I never set up UMNO for that. They hijacked my original plan to promote their narrow minded interests. Now see, the real losses.

  57. Anonymous9:11 pm

    I wonder how is Malaysia going to maintain control over those pebbles, might as well let Singapore have them in return for some money


  58. Anonymous9:13 pm

    sokong Pak Lah. kami sokong Pak Lah
    we won two pebbles and singapore won only one, one rock. so in terms of quantity, we won see...
    don't bother my beloved PM, he needs to get some sleep and dream of Jeanie.
    We will always lose to Singapore, this is just a start....IDR is next okay...sit back and relax. In 2050, all of us will be one.


  59. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Rais Yatim said "it's a win-win situation"

  60. Hey, those two rocks we got, we can tie UMNO AND BN to them and make sure they get weighed down, drown and DIE, DIE, DIE. And never ever resurface.

    Adala jugak guna batu dua ketul tuh...look on the bright side.

  61. People, The Pedra Branca does not belong to us in the first place, the letter to disown the rock was sent in 1953. That was the basis of decision by the ICJ. The govt u are cursing does not even eixt yet.

    On the positive note, at least we now have clear demarcation of boundary to to which we can exert our sovereign. If not Singapore will keep on extending their land grabbing strategy.

    But since most of you are full of blind hatred, dont stop cursing, keep them cummin

  62. Here is the press release by ICJ

  63. Rocky Bru

    Well pretty sad to admit, we lost the Batu Puteh Light House due to our own fault and weakness.

    Attorney General are too bogged down with UMNO internal issues, Opposition, Hindraft and Bersih, all these made the AG Team DUMB and DAFT.

    Made worst, under the leadership of the BAHALOL TALK CKOC Pak Lah premiership.

    A matter of years Part of Johor "Singapore-Johorean Extension Region" will belongs to Singapore.

    DUMB Pak Lah and Toothless Sultan of Johor.

    I rest my case.

  64. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Singapore went well prepared to win with high powered team. We went there for holiday. How does Patail's son earn his right to be there.? There are certainly more senior and more qualified people we can send.

  65. Anonymous9:47 pm

    To to whom it may concern, the lost of Pulau Batu Putih was not because of BN. It was the LEADER of Barisan, starting with the LEADER of UMNO. He's so damn weak and leaves no impression that nobody now notices this country of OURS anymore. Had it beem TDM at the helm, I'm sure the judges at The Hague will not blink and pass it on to tiny Singapore.

    Pulau Batu Putih belonged to Johore, my state! And the sultan of BN and UMNO stole it from US!


  66. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Satu lagi pencapaian oleh Kerajaan yang "Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Temberang"

  67. Anonymous9:56 pm





    (Anak Melayu Johore)

  68. White Rock lies on the sea
    Alone no lover no company
    Years you waited for your true love
    It never comes to peep at you

    It is only 14.3km away
    The government never pays a call
    The leaders are so busy accumulating wealth
    And they forget about you
    Living alone on the sea

    The small island state came
    Only 46.3 km away……
    The leaders there see you so alone
    They send their water rats to make their pride
    With you White Rock you feel not alone any more
    In 1851 since

    Lovers quarrel dragging on for decades
    You want to go home to see your family
    So near yet so far away
    They don’t come visiting you any more

    Now ICJ delivered
    You have a new lover 46.3 km away
    You shade your tears of the unfaithful family
    Casting you off without a goodbye

    White Rock
    The BN leaders blunder
    They hardly know you are there on the sea
    The people will make BN pay
    For letting you go away

  69. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Rais Yatim, can we borrow the 2 UTK guys in Sungai Buloh and send them to Pulau Batu Putih? Give them a tugboat or two full of C4 and bomb that little island to pieces?

    Apa lagi yang nak di give up Tim?
    Tee Singaporeans know YOU( from the Prime Minister down to the ministers) are a whole weak bunch, very soon YOU'll be giving up OUR Tanjung Pagar Keretapi Tanah Melayu land.

    Di era TUN DR. MAHATHIR yang kini kawan-kawan ente hina( termasuk Musa Hitam, Shahrir Samad yang mengaku anak Johore), mana mereka berani??????


  70. patut le pi ngadap sultan johore awal2...depa dah tau depa kalah...lahabau punya menteri & AG...lepas ni kalu nak pi s'pore...lompat aje le kat tanah besau batu putih tu dah sampai s'pore...jgn harap kapal besar boleh lalu laluan tu...sampan berkolek boleh le...somebody must pay dearly for this stupid acts...

  71. Anonymous10:19 pm

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  72. Anonymous10:34 pm

    We deserve it. We got the midgets. The tiny dot got the Island. A win-win? How insulting!

  73. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Hey, its shows we have a pair! Ok? And its rock hard!

  74. Anonymous10:59 pm

    i don't mind if we had lost the real "BATU" who is leading our government today!

  75. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I don't know what the MSM shall write tomorrow Saturday 24 May 2008, but I do watch the live telecast of the judgement .. The historical documents submitted by Malaysia were just thrown out and Malaysia did nothing as late as 1986 to exert our claim on Pedra Branca ... Wali Kota.


  77. Anonymous11:06 pm


    the AG is a known idiot- appointed by the very concerned tun m.

    this idiot is a complete incompetent who doesnt know shit


    failure would always be expected with him in international judiaciary except of course a king maker in this land.

    maybe this is a joke tun m intended and must be very proud of it.


  78. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Tahniah kepada Singapura kerana mendapat pulau rebutan. Tapi jangan selepas ini pulau-pulau lain terlepas juga termasuk juga WPI atau Iskandar Malaysia, mungkin eh? Kalau kerajaan kita masih buat tak endah atau hanya hantar budak-budak untuk pertahankan hak negara...

  79. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Just imagine, if Johor did not give away Singapore, will the Malays, who always want to act as 'Tuan', able to develop Singapore like today?

    So, just look at yourselves, Malays, if the land belong to you, so what? You are unable to develop.

    Would you able to develop Iskandar without investors from outside? No way.

  80. Anonymous11:17 pm

    We have already lost even before the annoucement. The stupid minister already said'we accept the outcome' somebody probably got the payoff and the money is in the bank. BN government already sold their souls to the devil. What else did anyone expect the results to be. 7.7 KM against 25.5 nautical miles and Singapore gets the island ? To me it sounds like squater rights. Singapore squated on the rock for 130 years,(how fucking old is Singapore as a country) so they get to keep it, eventhough it is within Malaysian teritorial boundaries, what fucking court decision is that. I tell somebody of paid handsomely.

  81. /// As a layman, the outcrop is less than 10 km from Johore and more than 20 km from Singapore!

    On what basis did we lost it to Singapore?

    Can someone enlighten me? ///

    Indeed you are a layman. Proximity is never a criterion for determining sovereignty. If that were so, Sabah and Sarawak should belong to Indonesia, shouldn't it? The Falkalnds Islands should belong to Argentina and not UK, shouldn't it.

    Let's take this further.
    Singapore should belong to Malaysia.
    Malaysia should belong to Thailand. Thailand should belong to Vietnam.
    Vietnam should belong to China.
    So, every country south of China should be part of China and we are all one big happy family of the Middle Kingdom.

  82. Malaysia lost because its legal team was led by Abdul Gani Patail, the Umno lapdog who is only good at selective prosecution of politicians. His no.1 expertise is in legal matters pertaining to mattresses soiled with sperm.

  83. Eye opener... Let's find Narnia, and whoever gets there will Rule!

    My view, I've scribbled some.

  84. Anonymous11:44 pm

    If i'm not mistaken, today we are not only losing Pulau Batu Putih but 200km wide around the island. SAD day for Malaysia, now the words `Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia' already proven because they ONLY lost part of once Tanah Melayu.
    BTW is there any possibilities that the ICJ Judges be `bought'

  85. Well folks I thought the decision by the ICJ is satisfactory and I think its more of a no win-no win situation rather than a win-win situation. Whilst Singapore have sovereignity over Pulau Batu Putih/Pedra Banca we have sovereignity over Middle rocks, basically Singapore did not get all what they wanted same as Malaysia. Really, the size of the rock outcrops really does not matter in cases where Sovereignity is concerned.

    Somebody talked abour reclamation to be done by Singapore in future, well it could be done easily without opposition by Malaysia if they had gotten all three Rocks but since they only got one Pulau Batu Putih, Singapore could only do what it has been doing for ages and that is to maintain the lighthouse and its support structure only for now. As any future reclamation activity at Pulau Batu Putih will surely trigger an immediate territorial infringement complaint from Malaysia due to the very close proximities of the rock outcrops.

    I have read the transcripts of the ICJ hearings previously and I thought that our legal team gave an overall good and spirited presentation, well, OK, minus some minor glitches. However,we lost Pulau Batu Putih in part because the Singapore Team basically used our line of argument when we won the Sipadan Island dispute against Indonesia and as it now transpired the letter dated 21 September 1953, where the acting Secretary of Johor replied to a letter of inquiry from the Colonial Secretary of Singapore that the "Johor Government [did] not claim ownership of the Island(of Batu Putih) was the KILLER, as the ICJ found that Johor's reply showed that it understood that it does not have sovereignity over Pulau Batu putih.

    So brothers and sisters do becareful when you write and reply official letters or maybe when creating a huge township near Singapore, like well Iskandar Malaysia, it may comeback to haunt, not you maybe, but your descendants and their descendants...and so forth.

    God Bless Johor. God Bless Malaysia.

  86. Anonymous12:02 am

    1. Lousy lawyers how to win case?
    2. Lousy politicians how to lead country?
    3. Lousy retired politicians how to retire peacefully?

    Enough damage done by the ruling party...

  87. Anonymous12:18 am

    Aiyo, passport Malaysia di Causeway Immigrasi pun tak tengok, batu puteh apa mau bising? Dulu, kini dan selamanya, ini UMNO punya pasal.


  88. Anonymous12:28 am

    This may be a precedent for resolving future disputes on the Spratleys, assuming if the parties involved (Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Philipines, and Vietnam) take it to the ICJ.

  89. so we lost a piece of stupid island to the singaporeans. point living now. we should all self-stab our aching hearts and die.


  90. Pak Lah! Pak Lah! Bangun..Bangun tiduq,, Kita kalah Pak Lah kita kalah.. PBP dapat kat Singapur.. pak lah macam mana ni. (Pak Lah says) Sabaq sabaq.. chek.. mana pulak kita kalah.. kan ke kita menang batu tengah apa nama tu.. middle rock!.

  91. Anonymous12:56 am

    Anonymous, what is it you have against Singapore? Please do a reality check. Without Singaporeans shopping in JB, what do you think will be the business enviroment there. Just do a survey with the businesses there. Singapore has helped larger countries like China, India, Russia,Vietnam, Middle Eastern states, just to name a few, to industrialise. They routinely send thier top government officials to be trained there. If China's Deng Xiao Ping see no shame or disgrace in seeking Singapore's assistance in developing Shenzen and Soochow what is Malaysia's hangup. Wake up please, Singapore has moved up into the world league and they do not need IDR but IDR needs Singapore. You openly condemn your government's inefficiency and corruption, do you sincerly think this environment is conducive to foreign investments? Investors are spoilt for choice where to put thier money, Singapore including. Come on, Anonymous, in a globalised world there is no place for 'politics of envy'. Remember, the world is watching!

  92. Anonymous1:10 am

    If Malaysia were to send our former PM: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, two ex-ketua hakim negara, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and Tun Eusoff Chin, lawyer Datuk VK Lingam, former Minister of Tourism Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan, I am very sure we will win Pedra Branca.

  93. Anonymous1:18 am

    Kekayaan dan kesenangan dari segi material bukan segalanya dalam kehidupan ini, Bukan pula kami ingin hidup melarat, tidak sehingga sanggup menipu tuhan mereka sendiri seperti yang dilakukan oleh kaum cina.

  94. Anonymous1:28 am

    one thing is for sure, the international court judges don't go fishing with crooks and neither can they be bought. there is no documented evidence that the British "sought permission" to operate on this island and the claim is as ficticous as the supposedly black ink threat.

    corrupt malaysian politicians should not imagine that every malaysian is ignorant of the true history of this region and the often "eclipsed" and concealed history of the chola, srivaja kingdoms and the other chinese and other kingdoms in this region.

    Malaysia has no legal and historical right to make claims on this island. and the international court has made a judgement that will settle this throwing of one's weight against its neighbour.

    may the truth prevail and may the propangada regimes be put to shame.

  95. Anonymous2:09 am

    Why cant we be gentleman and congratulate Singapore on winning this time so that the next time round when we win a case, singapore would also shake our hands. It is not Singapore's fault for winning the island. it was awarded by the ICJ and both have agreed not to make a hooha over it wehter win or loss. Learn to be a gentleman please. Winning and Losing is a part of life.

  96. Anonymous2:32 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  97. Anonymous2:45 am

    in my humble opinion, i think we should just admit defeat that we lost pulau batu putih. This is not about losing a tanah melayu land, this is about a Malaysia land! even i'm not happy although i'm not a malay.

    But to start blaming/point fingers and say that we have lost the war because of a battle would belittle us as malaysians. We malaysians agreed to how the matter should settled and we should just suck up our ego and let it go. say goodbye to the island and live our lives.

    i think we lost the island could be due to our pride in winning the sipadan island.... our lawyers were too proud of that and were sure of a victory and they clearly underestimated their opponents. Not a good move.

    for us to say that if we let the singaporeans invested in malaysia, we are going to lose more land is another misconception because if our own neighbour don't invest in us, we might have companies from other countries and that would be more dangerous because they might betray us for a quick cash. At least this is our neighbour and we can discuss things with them.
    Don't forget that singapore would not do anything drastic to malaysia because if malaysia falls, they would also be in trouble.
    At least they know the value of a good and stable neighbour.

    And i do agree with fairplay on one thing, we need each other to live. And on the water issue, Malaysia clearly lost on this one.... their recycled water is now being adopted by other countries(making a lot of cash because of it) and they won't give a bull about whether we increase the water price or not. They won with BRAINS!

    i could not agree more with what NEW MALAY wrote. we had the resources, land and all, but look who is a first world country, owns more in foreign investment than even all SEA countries combined, top ranking university, brainy people, and etc etc!

    Don't forget they are once Malaysians before.. what made them more powerful than us, Malaysians? They did not have the racist and "tuan" mentality and our goverment are stupid by losing the good students to Singapore(A lot that is). Now you know why scholarships are important.

  98. Anonymous3:11 am

    well...this shows how alert the singaporean gov are towards teirr soveriegnity...and how zzzzz our gov are.

    i wont be surprise if their find vast oil fields and gas underneath pulau batu puteh. and i wont be surprise either if the singoperean gov already done their research long time ago

    what can you expect fro our zzzz gov..(happen few months ago in johor).. when even 3 illegal large barges with each (size of football field) can drift into malaysian territory and landed on our shore and nobody realised it when and how did they enterd into our side.

    where was the navy, where their RADAR system...all zzzzz

    BE REMINDED...the singapore gov are looking very much far sighted...
    wat a coincidence....
    1. crooked bridge cancelled ..(sin wins)
    2.IDR presented and implemented (sin wins)
    3. pulau batu puteh..(sin wins)

    4. water agreement...ANOTHER BLUNDER IN MAKING...
    6.selling of sand to them (another blunder)...filling up the politician pocket.

    there is no win win DONKEY

  99. Anonymous5:01 am


    They got island and we got rocks?

    According to Rais Yatim it is a win-win situation? If he really think winning rocks is a win-win situation why not he exchange his car with rocks behind my house?

    Rais Yatim and his incompetent team who desperately used a picture from blog to defend Batu Putih is totally misleading malaysian people and divert us from the real issue which is his team inability to defend our case professionally and passionately.

    by brother

    P.S I couldn't post using my google ID because it stated error!

  100. Anonymous7:12 am

    From today lets call the two middle rock as the "Win-win" rock.

    Malaysia Boleh!

  101. Anonymous7:26 am

    May be we could have a better outcome if Lingam is to head our legal team? Who knows he could have been on the phone "correct-correct-correct" with Ronald Reagen, Coffee Anan, Margaret Thatcher but Boris Yeltsin was high on achohol.

  102. Anonymous7:57 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  103. Anonymous9:11 am

    Having just read Bernama on what Rais and GaniPatil said about Pulau Putih, I am totally convinced that these two goons ought to be shot when they get home. Utter nonsense what they said. I am ashamed as a Malaysian that we have such silly goons as AG and Minister. Now we know why Singapore won the case. Monkeys could have done a better job or said something more acceptable after the lost. Pak Dollah should resign as PM for appointing Rais back to the cabinet. What a laughing stork.....the PM!!!
    Disgusted citizen

  104. The work of Gani Patail and his team. Govnt under BN really cost the rakyat really lots of land. UMNO must take responsibility for this expected loss. Sillypore hired the best for their administration. Bolehland hires the brain dead as their ministers and administrators.

  105. Anonymous9:25 am

    I am not in the least surprised. Just compare the Singapore team with the Malaysian team says it all.

    On the Singapore side was DPM Prof. Jeyakumar, a former law professor, Ambassador at large Prof Tommy KOh, a first class hounours law graduate of NUS, LLM from Harward and a former law professor and President of the Third United Nations Conference on the Laws of the Seas and AG Chao Hick Tin. On the Malaysian side we had AG Gani Patail assisted by, amongst others, his son. It was a non starter.

    Sad Malaysian

  106. I knew we were going to lose after the Sipidan and Ligitan issue "There are at least four more islands that Indonesia might lose if the principle of continuous administration - employed by the ICJ in awarding Sipadan and Ligitan to Malaysia after both claimants failed to present solid legal proof of ownership over the two islets off the northeastern tip of Indonesia's East Kalimantan province - is applied i.e principle of continuous administration ." Remember Jeff Ooi's post, Jeff Ooi had pointed out Malaysia's legal defence escapades in November 20, 2007 09:11 PM, where Jeff Ooi states in his post,"Malaysia uses plagiarist's blog to claim Pedra Branca at ICJ?" Here is an extract, "We all know that the Abdullah Administration hates blogs and bloggers, incessantly calling them lies and liars."

  107. Malaysia has never been serious about Pedra Branca. Even when Malaysia fought it out at the Hague, we only sent Foreign Minister whereby S'pore was represented by their DPM who himself is a top notch legal eagle beside their ambassador of foreign ministry who himself is also an international lawyer together with their Chief Justice. And we ourselves know how competent our AG is, you know the level of our average civil servant. Heck, if I remember correctly, we even have the guts to use a doctored picture as evidence!

    If we look at the team S'pore assembled and look at our team, is like Malaysia vs Manchester United.

    We never stood a chance in claiming back the island.

  108. Anonymous10:12 am

    Memiliki hanya Middle Rocks tidak cukupkah? Memang ia sekejap timbul sekejap tenggelam tetapi anda melihat ia hanya seketul batu kerana anda mungkin menggunakan akal batu anda. Saya tahu jauh di sudut hati anda, anda sedar penentuan pemilikannya juga menentukan zon perairannya. Kelihatannya kita suka menyanjung apa yang Singapura lakukan dan yang sentiasa terkebelakang itu negara kita. Tragis sekali sikap sebegini. Satu lagi, saya sedar Gani Patail sering menjadi sasaran. Tapi kali dia delegasi Malaysia diketuai oleh Tan Sri Kadir. Anda salah kali ini, Mr Rocky! Ya kerana anda pun tak selalunya betul.

  109. A man once planted a durian tree on his neighbour vacant land just over the fence. This neighbour did not complain as this man used his time and money to nourish the durian tree until it bore durians. One day this man started to bring his relatives and stood next to this durian tree proudly showing his fruits of labour. Ultimately, the neighbour protested as they were standing on this land where the tree was. So they went to court to determine who rightly own the tree. The court decided that since the neighbour took no interest since the day the tree was planted, this man shall claim ownership of this tree. This man happily demolish his side of the fence and extended his fence right up to the tree and around it.

    Rais Yatim's "win-win" statement is akin to - we lost the mother, but we can keep the child. Well, we will to decide together with them who is the legitimate father of the last child.

    Stupid statetment.

  110. Anonymous10:41 am

    pedra branca naval base in 2015

  111. Anonymous10:46 am

    Yeah.... this what happens when we have a bunch of "smart" legal eagles in our bolehland.....

    more to come rocky.....what is interesting is will the Iskandar Development end in the same position? The govt actually engaged a research company to gauge reaction of rakyat to this issue when it was first announced. I happen to be the so called lucky one to be called on.

    My first reaction was? where in the hell is the money to develop this project gonna come from? I happen to have information on the budget at that point of time from the civil servant side that the govt had no money to develop it.

    Gadaikan maruah jualkan bangsa sayang ooooi....

    Keturunan Jebat

  112. Anonymous10:47 am

    It's so typical of our Ministers.

    You get couple of Rocks
    Singapore gets the whole damn thing.

    And they call it fair.

    Why not get Rocky instead ? It's about Rocky Bru's size.

    Chinese malaysian who support malaysia more than singapore Cinaman.


    Look at the bright side folks:
    Chief Justice for Spore Chan Sek Keong was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, ...he received his early education in King Edward VII School in Taiping ...continued schooling at the Anderson School ... In 1955, Chan scored 8 distinctions for his Senior Cambridge School Certificate results - one of the best in Malaya in that year...



  114. Hmmm. For a moment there I thought the whole state of Johor was awarded to Singapore. That would be something. Even though I may be a second class citizen should Singapore take over, reckon it'll be worth it.

    What's the use of being hollered in the Constitution as Tuan when the reality is very, very far from the truth.

    What's the use of being a Bumi when only a selected few benefited from those billions.

    What's the use of having a sovereign state when more than half of it belong to Singaporeans anyways.

    What's the use of having a sovereign nation when we put morons as leaders. Not just this batch of maniacal baboons mind you, but since the time them Brits gave some senior clerks a taste of power. And we morons let them claim sovereignty and built dynasties.

    Maybe we will be better off being taken over by Coca Cola.

  115. The AG is so used to losing cases in the courts, and the ICJ verdict does not make any difference to him. As in many cases assigned to him, he can now heave a sigh of relief and say,' NFA.'

  116. Anonymous11:31 am

    We lost an island, but must stop the bigger land deal in johor, the Iskandar project before its too late

  117. Anonymous11:55 am

    Why am I not surprised that the loss of Pulau Batu Putih is now blamed on the AAB administration? Why do you have to slant reports like that to lead your simple-minded readers astray? Rocky, you are not being fair. As much as I loathe AAB's leadership, I don't think it's his fault that the island went to Singapore. Don't let your blind worshipping of the Maha devil prompt you to do his evil bidding. What did that scheming dictator do to win back the island while he was in power? He gives timber to Mugabe and wants the latter to retire here with him. Maybe the Maha devil should be exiled to Zimbabwe where he can do no harm to Malaysia's racial harmony. Where is our white knight? Mahathir has destroyed all credible leaders in his quest for absolute control of the country. We are where we are because of him. So stop worshipping the devil, OK?


  118. War stratergist Chu Kek-Liang used 1,000 soldiers under the cover of darkness and rainy weather to defeat their enemies of 10,000.
    The moral of the story is - it's brains that counts not kulitfication for self-glorification.

  119. Anonymous12:00 pm

    what is lost is already lost.Think of IRD now..when s'poreans are allowed free entry without travelled is just a step toward surrendering ur sovereignity..matter of time Singapore can claim IRD is theirs..who to dispute?


  120. Anonymous12:07 pm

    I knew we'd lose the minute I heard that our legal geniuses decided to show up to the ICJ in the Hague with a doctored photo taken from a fake-looking blog that plagiarizes wikipedia and was only posted a few days before the trial began. Our credibility just flew out the window...

  121. Several points:

    a) The fact of the matter is that in Malaysia, there is a tendency that just doing is good enough. Malaysians are just not exposed to international competition enough to compete and to accept that operational excellence is required to survive. This all stems from the Government's attitude and policies -- the result being that it will enrich the few and destroy the will to compete amongst the masses. Singapore is just a scape goat in the larger scheme of thing.

    b) Also, to the worry of losing control and sovereignty etc due to Iskandar is just naive -- tell me how many of you work for MNCs? Its just part of globalisation -- if the same logic was applied to Singapore, the half of the Lion City is owned by foreigners and yet its one of the most properous cities in the world. The concept of fear mongering of colonialism etc is just silly game and reminds me of the excuse Mugabe is using in Zimbabwe. And see how they are doing now!

    C)Question is what do we learn from all this? Do we move forward or ignore the lessons and just continue as per normal?

  122. We lost Batu Putih because of Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, Anwar Ibrahim. Let me tell you why. Were it not for the video clip released by Anwar, I'm sure our patriots like VK Lingam, Tengku Adnan, Vincent Tan, Gani Patail and Tun Dr M will do "anything necessary" to make sure we win the case. Since the damning Royal Commission report has been released, these patriotic Malaysians are not able to do what they are best at.

  123. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Congratulation Singapore! We have some more for you! iDR! We now call that useless tiny rocky island as Pulau Batu Hitam, to pay tribute to Tun Musa's late father!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  124. /// Anyway, I think IDR is a good project, i just don't get it why must we fight with singapore when we can work together with them? We tried building the biggest port in the world and singpore beat us with their efficiency, we build KLIA and they upgrade their changi airport into the regional hub. We got our biovillage and singapore pour in billions into their medical industry and their so much more advance. ///

    Gecko, I agree with you IDR can be a viable project if there is cooperation between Johor and Singapore. The problem is that there are people in Johor & KL who would like to frame this issue as selling out to Singapore. These people cannot see a win-win proposition -- their only view is a win-lose situation.

    This perception is perhaps honed through years of self-guilt - many of Mahathir's initiatives are indeed win-lose proposition and beggar thy neighbour. The water issue. The Port of Tanjong Pelapas was meant to kill off PSA, but it didn't work.

    Even the examples you quoted above. Singapore started having PSA first, then MY decided to build the biggest port. Changi was world class first, then Mahathir decided to outdo Changi with KLIA. BioPolis was there first, then KL decided to have biovalley. Singapore Intelligent Island concept was initiated decades ago, then Mahathir came up with the MSC.

    The stupidity was to compete head on with Singapore when MY clearly does not have any strength or competitive advantages in those areas. There are so many areas we can cooperate or have comparative or even competitive advantages, such as R&D in rubber, palm oil, etc, but Mahathir being Mahathir and being anti-Singapore chose to bang against the wall. Really cutting off his nose to spite his face.

  125. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Saya nak tunggu Pulau Batu Puteh jadi besar macam Pulau Langkawi. Boleh g mlancong.....dekat jer.....

    orang kota tinggi

  126. Anonymous3:51 pm






  127. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Chon Gee, half of Singapore own by foreigner. That is not surprising. The mat salleh and others have occupied the island even before it became Singapore.

  128. Anonymous4:17 pm

    The Genting Group has been given almost the whole island Sentosa to set up Resort World at Sentosa. Of course, they have to pay to set up business there. Singapore never fears Malaysia why are we so paranoid. No wonder we are behind people. People with no balls like Mahathir who complains about everything wont go anywhere. Only know how to stoke racial flames. Nothing is about giving the Malay people a right picture of the world. Nothing is about giving them a fair deal without clouding their view of the world. Everything is to make them so judgemental. They are losing so much of the real world, their relationships with fellow malaysians, as well as their relationships with the wider world. The Malay world is a real sad story because of leaders who only look after their own interest. Nothing is to make the Malay people really cerdik. sad, sad, sad

  129. Anonymous4:42 pm

    well for a start it is a milestone for singapore.....this winning will be headstart for many more claim to come from singapore of other island....can you imagine..they will never stop....

    the island (pulau batu puteh)is so near to our land yet so far away....but then wat you expect from a state...or the solidarity of that ppl...when once upon time their leader can even give away a piece of big chunk for exchange for a pair of shoe....
    all those who participated on behalf of our country ,they and their family will be cursed for generation to come for their inefficiency in winning the island...PULAU BATU PUTEH!!!!!!

    True malaysian..

  130. Bro,

    Malaysia perlu berkabung. Kekalahan yang sukar untuk ditelan. Kita perlu buat kajian yang mendalam tentang kesannya dari segi diplomatik dan kedaulatan negara.

    Malangnya kita tidak boleh kembali ke zaman lepas. Kalau saya jadi PM, pasti saya yang akan berhujah mewakili negara di ICJ. Tunjukkan komitmen dan kekuatan kita. Seperti Singapura yg diwakili Menteri kanan, sedangkan kita hanya menhantar pegawai Kerajaan pencen.

    Namun nasi sudah jadi bubur.

  131. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Singapore sent their top legal minds to argue their case, but Malaysia set a 26 year old son of the AG to play batu seremban. No wonder Malaysia got pebbles in return.

    Malaysia was riding high after the Sipadan win and they thought Pedra Blanca will be another walk through. Hafiz Hashim is still refered to as a former All England winner even 5 years later. Complacency, ignorance and arrogance are the causes of Malaysia's loss. Even the BN government lost 5 + 1 states and two thirds majority, yet AAB declares the government is still strong and stable. Only time can tell. I shall see.


  132. Singapore in 1953 was part of Malaysia.. Ishhh....
    Anyway, why talk about Johor? Singapore can even claim Malacca to be theirs now. Remember Parameswara shifted to Malacca from Temasek, which was Singapore. So, by right, we can even say that a Singaporean conqueror had built the empire. That's proven even in our own history books. Die lo!!!

  133. I have to concur with what commenter eddy mentioned above. I too, had read the transcripts of the oral pleadings, both by Singapore and Malaysia.

    I started reading the Singapore arguements first and initially thought... wow, how are we going to counter this. Later, when I reached the Malaysian arguements, I felt a bit at ease. I think our team did a good job in arguing our case, especially Tan Sri Kadir and that Professor Lauterpact.

    As I listened to the judgement being read out by the Court President, I could appreciate the thoroughness the court had given to each and every line of arguement put forth by both sides. Strong and valid points were acknowledged while weak ones were explained why they were so, and thus ignored. Indeed, many of the good points came from the Malaysian team.

    But in the end we lost. Why? Because all those years between 1851, when the lighthouse was completed, to until 1979, we had not shown an inkling of interest about the island. Really, we should ask ourselves, how many among us have heard of this place before this case came to light?

    So my friends, no need to blame the AG or the rest of the Malaysian team. If you really want to place some blame, then just blame ourselves.

  134. Thank God for the decision as it opens our eyes to an even bigger and significant picture.

    We should not become too lenient to anyone even to our so called neighbours. Laws on Iskandar should be reviewed to remove any loopholes

    The decision is also significant in terms of other lands as well i.e Sabah. What happened to Palestine now is because of the tak pa syndrome and now the government is practising the same when it comes to Sabah. They will not allow a Royal Inquiry to investigate the illegal problems and God forbid one day Malaysia will lose that state and gradually Malaysia will no longer exist just like what happened to Istana Kampung Gelam in Singapore

    Pak Badawi, please wake up wake up! Lembik tak kenal tempat tak sedar diri. If you can't deliver might as well retire

  135. Perbicaraan tuntutan Pulau Batu Putih yang terletak 7.7 batu nautika dari Johor dan 25 batu nautika dari Singapura itu adalah hanya sandiwara untuk menutup kelalaian, kealpaan, kebebalan dan kedurjanaan pemimpin Melayu dan Pemangku Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Johor yang berkhidmat pada tahun 1953.

    Aku mempunyai segala asas untuk mengatakan mereka telah dengan lalai dan relahati menyerahkan kedaulatan Pulau Batu Putih kepada Singaparu.

  136. Anonymous10:29 am

    dont think ICJ being fair in this matter. still we have to accept the decission made. some people may look it as a win-win situation (pak lah and his kroni) yet the consequences upon the result will be tremendous. before this water and the bridge issues, now an island.. who might now next.

    p/s: walaupun ak tak sokong UMNO, tp ak rase mahathir lagi baik dalam menangani isu ni berbanding pak lah yang skang ni baru nak keluarkan kepalanya dari cangkerang, baguslah dh kua umno




    KETERTIBAN bangsa melayu mengundang kepada banyak masalah…kita tertib dalam semua hal, sampai negeri tergadai oleh ketertiban tersebut. Batu Putih bukan soal negeri Johor sahaja, ianya merupakan soal maruah kita sebagai bangsa yang berdaulat. Bukan bangsa yang BANGSAT sepertimana sekarang.

    Cuba kita renungkan bagaimana kapal kita pernah diusir dari perairan pulau Sipadan Dan Ligitan suatu ketika dulu semasa pertelingkahan Sempadan anatar Malaysia Dan Indonesia suatu masa dulu…BERANIKAN pasukan angkatan perang Indonesia tersebut…

    Singapura boleh menuntut Pulau Batu Putih, atas sebab kebodohan SUK kerajaan negeri Johor pada tahun 1950-an tersebut. Kita HAMBA yang bodoh ini plak tidak sedar bahawa kampong sudah tergadai…heheheeh lucunya kan??? Org Singapura bersama kapalnya boleh keluar masuk kawasan tersebut saban hari. Kenapa pada masa tersebut tidak ada tindakan oleh pihak yang BERKUASA?tak cukup kea pa yang ada untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan sendiri…kekadang terasa malu menjadi ORG MELAYU, dari Malaysia ini…dah lah dihina dan dipandang enting oleh bangsa lain, org KERAJAAN pula terdiri dari bangsa melayu yang sopan dan amat bertata susila…

    Selepas ini plak, WILAYAH PEMBANGUNAN ISKANDAR pula akan dituntut oleh pihak Singapura…kan mereka juga bebas keluar masuk ke sana….SAYA MENGESYURKAN kerajaan Singapura menuntut negeri JOHOR pula selepas ini…kan mereka bebas menjalankan latihan tentera udara mereka di langit JOHOR…

    Biar kan org melayu terus di TELANJANGI oleh bangsa asing disebabkan oleh kebodohan kita sendiri yang bertata susial…

    Analogi sebuah batu
    Nukilan : mzb

    kesian anak cucu kita nanti…
    mengenangkan bangsa kita telah ditelanjangi,
    di liwat pula kehormatan diri…
    kesian anak bangsa kita nanti,
    bapanya cukup baik hati,
    membenarkan isteri menyusui kawan sendiri…
    kasian anak cucu kita nanti…
    tanah sekangkang anak kera,
    sempat juga lotong yang mengangkangi…
    kesian anak bangsa kita…
    akibat kebodohan kita,
    kamar tidornya tempat isterinya disumbangi…
    kesian anak cucu kita…
    ibu pertiwinya di lacur bapa sendiri…
    kesian bangsa kita…

  138. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Pedra Branca. Wow! Interesting.
    We should also give Kepala Batas a Singaporean-Portuguese name: Cabe├ža Fronteira

  139. Anonymous1:01 am

    Titah sultan Johor yang marah dengan penglibatan Singapura sewaktu majlis perasmian Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar kalau dapat diingat kembali (siaran langsung keseluruh negara pada masa itu)


  140. Anonymous7:01 am

    Terlalu berlembut mengundang padah....ini soal maruah.Sejarah menunjukan ini kepulauan MELAYU.Apa-apa yang membabitkan S'pore tak perlu ke ICJ. Handle sendiri. Mereka kaya dan MAMPU 'membeli' undi'.Kalau Indonesia rasanya sudah di BOM tambak Johor yang menghantar Air ke S'pore.



  142. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Perhaps for our country's strategic interest, we should reconsider and reclaim ownership and sovereignity over Singapore ?.
    If not, why not ?. It may work out as a win/win solution for both parties !. After all, we were brothers & sisters before as well as presently.
    Long lost and back as a family member. Yes, am not kidding !.

  143. Anonymous9:07 am

    If we ever loose Pulau Pisang to Singapore because of a single light house, I shall never forgive these f@%&ing people & their decendents.. or even not hesitate to C4 or even nuke this motherf#$ker assholes who talk so big about politics but cannot even defend anything under the sun belonging to Malaysia...

    50 years of independent and still cannot operate a stupid lighthouse beacon...
    WTF.. ! these people deserve to be sliced & grilled like bacon..

    Bunch of moron... do they ever learned anything or still sleeping as usual?
    Historically we won but technically & reality we lost???? win-win-wtf-you..

    Org yg bijak tidak akan jatuh ditempat yg sama 2 kali..
    Dulu S'pore..skrg Batu Putih.. 2x memang bodoh..kalaulah ada lg kali ke3..memang maha bodoh lah kalian itu!

  144. Anonymous9:07 am

    If we ever loose Pulau Pisang to Singapore because of a single light house, I shall never forgive these f@%&ing people & their decendents.. or even not hesitate to C4 or even nuke this motherf#$ker assholes who talk so big about politics but cannot even defend anything under the sun belonging to Malaysia...

    50 years of independent and still cannot operate a stupid lighthouse beacon...
    WTF.. ! these people deserve to be sliced & grilled like bacon..

    Bunch of moron... do they ever learned anything or still sleeping as usual?
    Historically we won but technically & reality we lost???? win-win-wtf-you..

    Org yg bijak tidak akan jatuh ditempat yg sama 2 kali..
    Dulu S'pore..skrg Batu Putih.. 2x memang bodoh..kalaulah ada lg kali ke3..memang maha bodoh lah kalian itu!

  145. Getting sick of Malaysia giving everything they own to Singapore. S'poreans I work with in my Oz offices are not as intelligent as most m'sians think. They can easily be fooled, manupulated and sqeezed if required.

    First we gave them the main island, next let them have water as almost free prices, despite our own people not getting enough water. This is truly mad. Any dick that is elected could just stop water and say that we don't have enough to send. They can sue us if they want, but water stays in m'sia. Dicks.

    Next it this f*cking island they just got. M'sians sent a dickhead minister, a sabahan native AG who only got the post bcause he was the only crooked/moraless attorney agreeing to prosecute anwar despite everybody knowing that it was all fabricated evidence. The moron even got his dates mixed up. Now our half asleep leader gets him to defend the country's sovereign with his half past six arguments and on top of that he brough his even more moronic son to the team. What a loosing cobination. No wonder why we lost.

    Next with the IDR, the greedy singporeans will definitely attempt to grab this land just like they do with everything else i ntheir lives. Have you guys seen how vicious the singpore xmas sale gets and how greedy and obnoxiously low moraled a singporean gets when you flash money in front of them?

  146. Anonymous11:49 am

    tau tak pulau batu puteh tu boleh di jadikan 'exhaust fan' bagi projek terowong dalam air.
    peminpin kite lalai, nanti negara tergadai!