Friday, May 23, 2008


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荒凉。儒 said...

Yeah! Fxck Anons!!! Hate those people!

Anonymous said...


Dr. Mahathir layak ditahan di ISA kerana ucapannya di Johor Mei 17 yang mengungkitkan perasaan benci antara kaum, mengikut laporan berita.

Dengan berat hati saya terpaksa setuju. Saya tidak faham kenapa Dr. Mahathir sanggup mengapi-apikan sentimen anti-kaum semata-mata mahu mendapatkan sokongan bagi pihak dirinya sendiri.

Saya malu kerana dakwaan-dakwaan Dr. Mahathir ini digunakan oleh beliau untuk mempermainkan orang Melayu.

Sila baca petikan berita berikut yang bertajuk 'Arrest Dr M under ISA' (Malaysiakini, May 23;

In his address to about 1,000 people in Johor, Mahathir had reportedly cited the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) group’s list of demands contained in a memorandum and asked if anyone knew the implications of those demands. “What does it say? Malaysia for Malaysians! This is the reality of the present situation. If we do not speak up, if we choose to keep quiet, we will lose our rights and the other races will take over” the Malaysian Insider news portal quoted him as saying. “When that happens, it will be like Singapore. Do you think we will still have control?” said Mahathir in his speech. While stressing that he himself was against the use of the ISA, Param said that “applying the principle of equality before the law” would dictate that the home minister consider invoking the ISA and detain Mahathir for his remarks “before he does further damage”. According to Param, he had written to Mahathir in December 1987 to inquire as to the reasons for the detention of his political opponents under the tough security law during ‘Ops Lalang’ crackdown. In that operation, Mahathir had more than 100 political rivals and social activists detained and three newspapers shut down in the wake of a bitter split within his Umno party and tensions stirred up over the issue of Chinese education. “In December 1987, I wrote to Dr Mahathir when he was prime minister inquiring why he resorted to detention of his political opponents under the ISA. His response in a letter dated December 2, 1987 was: ‘If I have to resort to the ISA it is because I am forced to by the irresponsibility of those who do not appreciate my liberal attitude and seem bent on destabilising this country. My responsibility is towards the vast majority who feel threatened by the race-baiting indulged in by a frustrated minority unable to impose their thinking on this country.’” Recounting this, Param said if those persons were detained under the ISA during ‘Ops Lalang’ because they indulged in ‘race-baiting’ which Mahathir felt threatened the majority of Malaysians, then “the same criteria could now be applied to Mahathir for his speech in Johor”. “No longer able to impose his minority will on the government out of frustration, he appears to have resorted to racial tactics which could destabilise the country,” said Param.

Anonymous said...

hot showers on rainy afternoons after tea and scones do wonders for the human soul...

Anonymous said...

OK dude.
Whatever you say...

Anonymous said...

is this the right way?? miss-peninG

mn said...

Salam Brader,

You 'sepak' keluar jer. Habis cerita

Anonymous said...

Rockys Bru..

Anons..kenapa menghantui kamu.

Wajar hasil penulisan dinilai kepada isinya dan bukan kepada siapa penulisnya. Adalah menjadi hak kepada pemilik Blog untuk tidak menyiarkan mana mana tulisan jika difikirkan memudaratkan tetapi tidak menyiarkan semata mata ia dari 'anons' adalah cukup jengkel dalam dunia blog dan kewartawanan dari kebebasan bersuara.

Rockybru said...

Anon 1053PM,

Satu dua Anon ok beb tapi bila dah berpuloh, ada susah. Saya dah explain di posting sebelum ini. Masalahnya bila kita nak berbincang, berdebat.

Bila Anon pertama nak komen tentang apa yang Anon kedua tulis, mudah saja.

Tapi kalau dah ramai sangat Anon, dan bila dah berbalas-balas tembak antara Anon, bercelaru.

Bukan pasal Anon tu hantu beb. Nak melancarkan perbincangan kita.

Harap paham.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.53...faceless and nameless comments are pointless...kebebasan bersuara should be attached to a HUMAN FACE AND NAME, to give it strength and conviction and credence otherwise it remains a meaningless voice that could be from just about anywhere or anyone, including those with a tendency to throw stones from a cowardly distance.

sexyjudge said...

Hey guys, it's not that he wants you to show your ID. Just give a name for easy reference.

I'm with you here Rocky!

mn said...

Salam Brader,

1. Now i can see you under presure bcos of anon?

2. Hope you not follow me BURNT this blog!

3. Thats why my blog i never letak any syarat. I look on 'isi'? If I like it I approved it. Otherwise I 'pijak-pijak' jer

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

apparently there are jerks who refused to read the clause clearly stated on the sidebar. but then again, you cant expect much from jerks.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like yr ponytail......Selain politic, mende lain tak bleh tulis ke?
~muink anak soleh~

Anonymous said...

hello ismail jalani,

kau baca ke hindraf tu punya "demands" dalam memorandum mereka? ini dia untuk kau baca.

Hindu Rights Action Force
No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Malaysia. Tel : 06-7672995/6
Fax: 06-7672997 Email

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister of the United Kindom
10 Downing Street, Fax: +442079250918
London, URGENT

Dear Sirs,




We refer to the above critical matters in Malaysia but which generally gets the least attention locally even by the Opposition parties, NGO’s, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission and the media for this community is generally regarded as politically insignificant, do not draw local or international funding and are deemed not pressworthy. To the contrary the Malaysian government has successfully projected itself to the world as a modern Islamic thinking country which is not true.

The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and Malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government.

Among the recent atrocities committed by this government are as follows:-

1.100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide. Despite numerous appeals, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission has refused to hold a Public Inquiry. The UMNO controlled Malaysian courts struck off a victim’s public interest civil suit for a Public Inquiry to be held without even the said UMNO controlled government having to file in their defence. The UMNO controlled Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police refused to investigate and / or initiate an inquest into the death of at least six Indians in this tragedy despite.

2. Every week one person at average is killed in a shot to kill policy and in every 2 weeks one person is killed in police custody. About 60% of these victims are Indians though they form only 8% of the Malaysian population.

3. In every three weeks one Hindu temple is demolished in Malaysia.

The latest being the demolishment of the Mariaman temple in Padang Jawa, Shah Alam, Selangor early this morning (15.11.2007) and the next being the (Mutaiya) Hindu temple in Sungai Petani scheduled for the 29.11.2007.

A violent armed pre down attack at 4.00a.m this morning was launched by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government backed by about 600 police, riot police, Islamic extremist and armed terrorists which completely destroyed this temple.

In an attack two weeks ago, uniformed police, riot police and city Council officers hurled rocks and attacked unarmed Hindu devotees with knives, sticks and iron rods.

At least 20 Hindu devotees were seriously injured and 19 arrested including 4 of their United Kingdom trained lawyers in direct violation of Article 5 (Right to life) Article 8 (Equality) Article 11 (Freedom of Religion) Section 295 (defiling a place of worship), Section 296 (disturbing a religious assembly), 298A(causing racial disharmony) and Section 441(criminal trespass) of the Malaysian Penal Code.

These authorities are plagued by an above the law mindset and in fact liberally take the law into their own hands. These atrocities however does not happen to almost all Islamic places of worship. Please visit for further and better particulars.

4. State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians in Public University intakes, Indian (Tamil) Schools, skills training institutes, civil service and private sector job opportunities, business and license opportunities and in almost all other aspects of daily life.

Despite our hundreds of letters, appeals and pleas to the Malaysian King and Sultans, the Prime Minister, Attorney General, Inspector General of Police, Ministers, Chief Ministers and the latest being our letters to the Prime Minister dated 29.10.2007 and 30.10.2007 and to the Attorney General dated 1.11.2007 the Malaysian authorities are only proceeding with greater ferocity and with impunity with very little regard for the Federal Constitution and laws of Malaysia. So please help us.


We fear that this peace loving Indian community of Tamil origin having been pushed to the corner and the persecution getting worse by the day may be forced to into terrorism in a matter of time as what has happened to the Sri Lankan Tamils.


On our part we are committed to a peaceful and lawful struggle and pray and appeal that the Government of the United Kingdom:-

1. Moves an emergency United Nations resolution condemning these state sponsored atrocities and persecutions of Malaysian Indians in Malaysia.

2. Refers Malaysia to the World Court and the International Criminal Court for Crimes against it’s own ethnic minority Indians

Thank You,

Yours Faithfully

Legal Adviser

dah baca?
siapa nak permainkan siapa dalam hal ini?
kalau tak paham-paham juga, aku tak tau lah apa punya spesis kau ni.


Anonymous said...


I think you should have a special section for the Anon-anons to berlaga lah... that way all of us with names can berlaga here, the anons can berlaga there, like how you have a big swimming pool for adults and then sebelahnya tu ada swimming pool kecik untuk kanak-kanak.

Anonymous said...

Asmk Bro Rocky
Sorry, off the topic.
Just need a lift to promote to your readers the Petition to UN Human Right Commission to Abolish ISA. Picked it up from Harakahdaily this morning. Its at
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...


Teima kasih Mr. Rocky atas penjelasan berhubung permasalahan 'anon' apabila tembak menembak berlaku.

Knights Templar said...

Anon 9:21am ... Awat hang ni bangang sangat ?Let me quote you "kalau tak paham-paham juga, aku tak tau lah apa punya spesis kau ni." Dah kata jangan gunakan Anon lagi and u still gunakan . Bangsa Bangang mana u ni huh ? And pls drop the Hindraff issue .