Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, statesman and blogger

Check him out at
His first posting is on the Appointment of Judges, a subject close to Malaysia' s heart.
Blogosphere will never be the same again.


  1. Anonymous1:34 pm

    i thought not long time ago, there were few people saying blogging was minority and would never change anything - socially and politically.

    even some of them called bloggers 'the snipers' or jobless women.

    i guess they must have curse themselves upon remembering those remarks. and judging from the impact of this 'minority people' to the last PRU, i think these people must think before they open their stinky mouths.

    bro rocky, u are damn right - blogsphere will never be the same again.

    long live stoke city (a cry from a man united man)

  2. Anonymous1:41 pm


    your link "" tu ada terlebih dot

    the link tak connect


    -jalan maarof-

  3. Anonymous1:45 pm


    the correct link is

  4. And finally... TDM himself acknowledges the impact and influence of blogosphere. Should have done so long time ago. Better late than never, I guess.

    Let's see how the 4th Floor chaps counter this one.

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Che Det got a blog. How bout Pak Lah? Will he start a blog too? I wonder what he will write about... poems?

  6. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Hi rocky..Matured societies that have evolved in the world have come up with such Judicial is about the best system at the moment.

    Whatever system that is in our Constitution now has already become obselete and needs definate urgent overhaul. Hope the Scribe A Kadir Jasin too sees this point clearly.

    As for the Tun having acknowledged the mistake ( in appointing PM Badawi as his chosen successor now) why not propose similar Party elections, on the choice instead of again promoting several names himself, as per Gordon Brown election by Labour Party when Tony Blair called it quits as British Premier?

    Come on Tun, am sure you agree that it is the nation`s interest that ought to be the numero uno consideration than anything else. Alternatively, UMNO President should be divorced from the Premier position perhaps?


    1 Mei 2008

  7. Sdr Rocky,

    Jika kita mengenali insan yang bernama Mahathir Mohamad ini, luar dan dalam, kita tidak akan tergamak untuk menghina beliau apatah lagi memberi pelbagai nama kepadanya.

    Jika kita memahami dan menghayati apa yang dilakukan oleh insan ini kepada bangsa Melayu, kita pasti mahu lebih ramai insan seumpama ini walaupun beliau sentiasa dicaci, dicerca atau diperlekehkan.

  8. Anonymous4:32 pm

    what does the word 'che det' means?

  9. yes, TDM is now officially a "jobless woman"...welcome TUN!!!!

  10. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Haha this is interesting, when one don't walk the corridor of power this is the next honor thing to do?

    The creator of Bolehland is ending his career as a blogger?

    Luckly Tunku Abdul Rahman didn't have internet after he retire otherwise TDM would have a hard time in his 22 years of creating Bolehland.

  11. Bro, semakin meriah dunia blog di Malaysia. Tun Dr Mahathir sudah mempunyai blog. Bila lagi Zam hendak "go blog" pulak?

  12. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Sesuatu yang menarik kerana pemikiran TDM dapat diketahui secara lansung dan yang pasti banyak kecaman2 akan dilontarkan, kita lihat nanti bagaimana TDM menanganinya.

    Kita juga dapat analisa nanti samada bloggers rasional pada kenyataan atau fanatik.

  13. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Dulu Kementerian Dalam Negeri di bawah Mahathir rusuh pejabat portal online Malaysiakini dan Harakah. Sekarang dia pulak memilih cara online. Nak katakan insaf, tidak pula. Cuma sedar yang tanpa kuasa seseorang itu tersekat sedikit suaranya.

    Alhamdu-llilah, walau dengan cybertroopers dan sebagainya, rasanya takkan di rusuh mana-mana pejabat Perdana di mana datang sumber ilham blognya ini.

  14. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Tun should not blog because internet is created by the West and Tun hate the West to the core.
    If you believe what Tun says than the internet is created to recolonise the Malays once more.

    The next time Tun is going to Mecca I will prepare a sampan for him because I am sure he doesn't like to take an airplane that is make by the West.

  15. Sinatra_Z may not be a rabid opposition supporter or an Umno Cybertroopers but hell am I rabid about this...

    Che Det Returns...

  16. News and postings about Tun's blog here
    Scroll downn to Dont "terforget" to visit Dr M

  17. I say, Rocky, mahathir's blog does NOT take negative comments. TEST it yourself. I have tested it. SHOWS the kind of man he is?

  18. Salam Brader,

    1. Aitt Tun, are u sure u want to be a blogger like me.

    2. Dont forget to read my comments there.

    3. Actually u are my ex Prime Minister yang saya 'sayangi'?

  19. Good for you, Tun.This is exciting. Everyone can forget about NST for the time being. Blogging allows comments & links, don't worry too much whether it's pro or con.Wisdom is available to those who seek it, but is wasted on those who choose to deny it.

  20. Yes. it's the way forward for Tun.

    High time that Tun has his own blog. Particularly, when the local mainstream media and tv stations are blatantly bias against Tun. My colleagues and I look forward to his views and thoughts on current issues which normally would not be reported in the print media or tv stations.

    We are very concern in the way Malaysia is being managed now. We hope Tun through his blog will continue to provide incisive views and constructive criticism to the government. The present bungling leadership will see this as interference whereas we see it as coming from the voices of the rakyat.

  21. It's cool that THE MAN himself is still interested to share his views and blog.

    Malaysia matters! That's what I read from there.

    Democracy lives!!!

  22. Whilst there seem to be quite a number of people who dislike TDM (at least that's how I feel by going into MT on a daily basis), the old man is far from being senile or losing his marbles.

    I'm glad he started his own blogsite. He ran the country for 22 years and nobody could take him on, now that he's out, at the very least, we have to give him one credit -- he's good at what he does. Like I said, nobody could take him on.

  23. Anonymous10:45 pm

    He wouldnt even publish an innocent comment from me. This is what i tried :


    Dear Tun Dr Dada

    You started from No 2.

    Where is No 1 ??

    Yor' da' Man!

    Yours truly
    Stephen Bennit
    Non PhD Scholar
    Brisbane 4000

    sbennit@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

  24. Anonymous11:08 pm

    It was reported that in India, a 6 year old girl was thrown into a burning fire, all because she was a Dalit (low caste). I'm sure any God fearing civilized person would share my anger and condemnation of this dastardly and uncivilized act. No human being needs to be treated in such a way as the poor child was treated.

    Talking about the issue of low caste people, I'm sure in the 21st century there is no place for such bullshit. However, we have seen people doing injustices against fellow human beings but yet find solace in religion.

    I know some people are gonna be pissed off to read what I have to say but I'm gonna say it anyway because this is what I belief. Take the two oxymoron MP's, Bung Mokhtar Raden and Ibrahim Ali as prime examples. As Muslims, I believe they pray 5 times a day, pay their Zakat (Tithe's) and probably gone to perform the Umrah or even the Hajj. However, they may look like Muslims, sound like Muslims and act like Muslims,but are they really Muslims? Islam is a religion of Peace and compassion but when you demand a paraplegic like YB Karpal Singh to stand up as demanded by the charlatan's Dung Mokhtar and Ibrahim Katak in Parliament, I can only say that these two lost souls must be Murtad (Apostates) because a true believer would not utter such a statement. The sad thing is, this two clowns a dead sure they are going to Paradise just because they think they are Muslims even though their deeds, thoughts and words prove otherwise.

    I've also seen Christian preacher's who can, by raising their hand, cause a thousand believers to 'Rest in the Spirit'. Make the lame walk. Cure the sick. Just when I begin to believe there is hope in the world after all, the Evangelist 'potong steam' me by uttering vile condemnations against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, Buddhists and any other Christian who is not 'Born Again' by his definition. These charlatan's will continue to spread their gospel of hate to their followers who in turn will go on condemning everyone who is not 'Born Again' to Hell.

    In the USA especially, many politicians find solace in such Evangelists so that they can absolve themselves from any sin or guilt for their deeds, thoughts and words as they believe the by professing their faith in Jesus Christ in an 'Alter Call' would make them a 'Born Again Christian' and be guaranteed a place in Heaven. The Iraq war is one prime example of what Evangelist Inspired politicians can do.

    Let us not hide behind religion to justify our diabolical acts. Be a good human being and stop condemning others to Hell because it is easy to see the speck of dust in your brother's eye yet you can't see the log lodged in yours.

  25. Anonymous12:37 am

    Blogsphere will only change when Bloggers and commentors are to tell and talk the Truth.
    And, subsequent actions be taken to make it works in the direction.

    Following was post onto NHT's blog. Hope he opens his blog to welcome the Truth of his period and not only applauds that he used to take!
    Thanks for opening your door to us who may never have the chance to tell you the Truth even if you are no more the PM.

    Thanks also for your multi-corridor who makes blogging possible. Even you choose to use it 10-15years later.

    Thanks your profile that clearly marked that you are PM for 1981-2003. Therefore, the follow may represent a snapshot on the contributions of your subordinates and the judges you chose that are influencing even up to today.

    Subang Jaya
    583 ha of land was taken by Sime UEP to put up Subang Jaya in 1979.
    10% of land should be reserved for amenities, recreational and others.
    5% of water surface should be allocated for the Water Retention Ponds.
    Later on, a State Assemblyman of your period was referring the reserved land as 5% and as a Town Park by the name of Subang Ria and was issued with a private Title to Sime UEP in 1987 to include part of
    the land surrendered to the State in 1993.

    However, part of the Water Retention Pond Areas was re-alienated to PKNS in 1978 and used as land for a joint-ventured "Condominium" housing Project for Townhouse and Condo to be with Club Complex and run by Management Corp approved by JPBD and MPPJ in 1986.
    The Townhouse were completed in 1987 and subdivided in 1988. But the Road in the Townhouse were not surrendered to the State for passing over to MPPJ for maintenance so as to justify the taking of Assessment.
    Without the Club complex and the Management Corporation and MPPJ maintaining the streets but taking assessment in the townhouse, the townhouse were forced to pay the Maintenance Charge until today when the Judge in 1996 made a judgment without compelling the Developer or MPPJ to produce the Development order and to allow the Developer to collect Maintenance Charge without Club and Management Corporation.
    (Hope you realize the Judge was one of the 3-man panel you had met during the Lingam case!)

    The Developer continued with the building in 1990 after taking over part of the land from PKNS but not
    including the land of the Club. And sold the building as Condo. In around 1994, the Develop took part of the lot for the one of the building to get approval for a service apartment that go with the Club into an Hotel and approved by MPPJ. The same State Assembly man moved to MPSJ in 1996/7 and continued with approvals, to change even one building from 288 units of 17 storey into 384 units of 30 storey to take the area of a piece of common area (the landscaped garden) to combine with a building lot. Such change and further approvals were done without the knowledge of all purchasers of the Development.
    That piece of Landscaped Garden inside the Condo was latter on declined by the same State Assemblyman as Public Park!

    So, a Condominium project end up with no Club and even a recreation area for the Townhouse up to today and gone into the hand of the Developer.
    Strata Title was applied at least 6 year late without Blanket Consent and dragging the Transfer of Title for another 2-3 years and with manipulation of AGM, the management is still under the Developer.
    Final discoveries, the Title was Apartment after the Develop converted the master title from Condo to Apartment in 1999. The piece of land for the Club was already transferred from PKNS to the sister company of the Developer in 1987!

    The purchaser was taken to court for Defamation by the solicitor of the Developer after complained to Bar Council that the solicitor was delaying the application of State Authority Consent for more than 18months and had denied the obligation of the Developer to do so but get paid from some purchasers to do the job of the Developer.
    Bar council instigated the Respondent to object forwarding his Explanation to the Complainant and same with Disciplinary Board. The latter discharged the complaint after 2 years without forwarding the Respndent's explanation to the Complainant.

    The first lawyer for the defendants did not strike out the suit and no counterclaim.
    The second lawyer introduced by the then Secretary of Bar back-out of counterclaim, refused to press for
    Suggested Statement of Facts & Issues and delayed the case management and flip-flopped on the filing of Documents, and, finally applied to court for discharged with false statement.
    The third one, being a senior of close to 30years of practice got paid for one year to amend the Defense and input counterclaim.
    He did not do the job nor going to court and called the Police to chase off clients when he refused to provide even a copy of document which he had shown the clients a couple of minutes ago. The latest, this lawyer assaulted the clients to fall off the staircase and continued with battery and hot another until bleeding.

    The suggested Statement of Facts and Issued came after more than 2 years but the letters on which they
    are claimed were not in the proposed bundle. The suggested issue was to ask the court to try if the letters were defamatory.
    The High court took no action on the idling and absence of the third lawyer and wrote a letter of reply that cannot even answer one of the many questions that were raised by the Defendants. Despites of nonsense issue and missing of the right letters in the bundle, idling and absence of Defendants' lawyer, the Judge had asked the Plaintiff to file whatever and the Defendants to do on their own.

    I believe the above is only a corner of the Iceberg.
    Can you see the contribution of your subordinates during your period involving a large range of departments and officers and the judges you had chosen and the consequences up to today?
    May be from the above, you are in the best position to advise on the reform the judiciary and the administration as you might know how many are consequence of those you know!

    I hope you have the patience to see this Truth of your period. Hopefully you can give a note of acknowledgement!

  26. Anonymous1:54 am

    some people think their wife is the prettiest.

    and to hell with whatever she said, he always agree with her.

    regardless whether there is a point or not. the ultimate point he wanted to believe or dare to believe is, whatever my wife say, is Correct.

    yeah. u can say that. some people have this kind of nonsense hatred feeling.

    especially when u were the ex prime minister.

  27. Anonymous7:47 am

    PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog,tunku in exile , Tun ali the baba sekadar beberapa nama adalah di antara perosak alam maya blog dengan tulisan yang menghina dan menghukum di luar fakta dan tidak berilmu.

    Tulisan yang keluar dari mulut yang busuk dan najis sudah tentu tidak layak berada di blog Tun malah akan dipadam oleh sesiapa sahaja. Berilah kritikan dengan secara sopan tetapi kesannya sampai ke tulang hitam seseorang itu. Itulah kuasa tulisan. Memaki dan mencarut jika disiarkan dan dibaca, hanya menambah dosa kepada penulis dan pembacanya.

    Gunakanlah akal..

  28. Anonymous9:15 am

    My posting in should be after comment 382 if it will be approved and displayed.

    The problems of the case mentioned are officers, Bar, Lawyers, Judges are violating even the basis principle of their jobs or professional and they are not a matter of ignorance. A lot of the problems could not have happened if any one of the departments or officers involved during the procedures sticks to the Rules or Professional Ethics!

    The problems continues up to today!

  29. Anonymous12:52 pm

    My motivational poster 'tribute' to him at this link. Enjoy!

  30. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Wow,TDM must be the oldest blogger!

    Personally I welcome his blog so that we can interact with him. Now no need for Tun to go on to BBC or CNN. I have confident that his blog will be a hit around the world.

    The famous saying goes that "if you cannot beat them, then join them."

  31. My last post was displayed on
    so it may be too long for this Old Gentleman. Therefore, the following had been posted at May 2, 2008 2:09 PM, hopefully will get an answer.

    1. Had you read the problems of Subang Ria Park and Wangsa Baiduri Development that were started during your period?
    2. Do you think the Judgment given by the Judge during your period made sense to have judgment made on Housing Project without calling MPPJ and the Developer to provide Development Order?
    3. To order paying of Maintenance Fee when the Club and Management Corporation were not and are not there?

    The last message I post may be too long for you.
    So how about this one?
    Your comments will be highly appreciated!

    If you have time please visit
    to recall your contributions to Subang Jaya!

  32. the world has gone belly up. the bloggers at politicians now, and the erstwhile politicians, bloggers. best of luck to dr m.

  33. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Anyone who want to leave a comment in Tun M aka Che Det's blog, must only heap praises on him or no go.

    That's what Mahathir is all about. Not worth visiting his blog. Kind of one-way traffic.

  34. vox:
    Your comment is confirmed!!

    My last "short" comment was posted because my "Long" comment WAS NOT DISPLAED in

    Up to now, the "short" comment wasn't taken neither!
    So, for long or short, Tun just doesn't want to know, talk about his "contributions" even in a "small" town like Subang Jaya!!

    So his Blogsphere remains the original MHT style - at his like or dislike!!
    A Green House?

  35. Tun has new specification!
    Only to take in comment related to his topic!
    So for his new topic "A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia" following was posted:

    1. How do you define a Weak Government?
    2. How do you compare Multi-racial with that of Europe, America or even China?
    3. Will a Weak Government be good if only for a Single Race? Like our big neighbor?
    Hope this time he will take in the comment!
    But, his new terms also specified that he will reply selectively!!

  36. Anonymous12:05 pm

    tepuk dada tanya selera.

  37. Sticking to new specification of MHT's blog, following was posted to await his approval on his "The Appointment of Judges"

    1. How many Judges from your time who are still in court are good for ABW to appoint?

    2. Do you think a Judge in a Housing dispute should skip pressing MPPJ and the Developer to produce the Development Order? And, gave judgment that Townhouse should pay maintenance fee when Club facilities and Management Corporation was there?

    May 3, 2008 9:37 PM
    Will this be approved and Displayed? And, most important be answered!!

  38. Anonymous11:41 am

    Extracted from RPK's MALAYSIA TODAY

    By October 1983, Malaysians were becoming aware that a constitutional crisis was in full swing. The Constitution (Amendment) Bill 1983 had been passed by both houses of Parliament, but the King, under pressure from his fellow rulers, was refusing to give his Royal Assent to it.

    The bill would remove the need for the King to assent to legislation, and would similarly do away with the need for Sultans to assent to State laws. It would also take away the King's power to declare an Emergency and give it to the Prime Minister.

    The Rulers publicly rejected these amendments after a meeting in Selangor on Nov 20, 1983. When the public became aware that a storm was brewing, Dr Mahathir’s administration initiated a propaganda war to put pressure on the Rulers.

    There took place a “series of illegal public rallies held by Umno in Alor Star, Bagan Datoh, Seremban, Batu Pahat, Malacca, for the Prime Minister with reports of officially inflated crowd figures?.” as Lim Kit Siang would later describe them in the Dewan Rakyat.

    These rallies, staged in order to generate sympathy for the Government’s cause, were illegal in the sense that police permits were neither sought nor granted.

    Whether or not the crowd figures were inflated by the Umno-aligned media – it is true that they generally reported these events in positive terms – it is clear that the 1983 rallies were exciting evenings, with republican sentiments on everyone’s minds, if not exactly on their lips. One of the most arresting images in Rais Yatim’s Faces in the Corridor of Power is a photograph of two youths at one such rally. They are wearing T-shirts bearing Dr Mahathir’s picture and the words “DAULAT RAKYAT”.

    Although the Prime Minister denied wanting to abolish the monarchy, at these rallies “the historical moment of unfolding Malay nationalism was relived as a continuing battle of Malay popular sovereignty against royal hegemony,” as Khoo Boo Teik writes in Paradoxes of Mahathirism.

    At a rally in Alor Star on Nov 26, Dr Mahathir declared that “It was the rakyat who had protested against the Malayan Union after the Second World War; it was the rakyat who wanted a democratic system that would enable them to choose their own leaders. It was always the people who had fought for their destiny.”

    At the largest rally, in Batu Pahat, Dr Mahathir told the crowds, in a thinly veiled dig at hereditary rulers, “We weren’t born Ministers ? We’re up here because we were chosen by all of you.”

    The propaganda war continued, with tales of royal extravagance and impropriety emerging. The Government leaked the fact that they were compiling dossiers on the Sultans. RTM announced they were preparing a year-long TV series on the Rulers and the Constitution.

    Yet pro-royal rallies took place too – especially in Kelantan and Terengganu, where Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was rumoured to be responsible for them – and they drew large crowds, although they went unreported by the media.

    Upping the ante, the Umno Youth executive council called for the Government to gazette the Constitution (Amendment) Bill without waiting for the King's assent, effectively daring the Rulers to challenge it in court. Dr Mahathir did not immediately adopt this strategy, but held this “nuclear option” in reserve while behind-the-scenes negotiations continued with the Rulers.

    Public opinion was divided over the issue. Rural Malays tended to support the Rulers; urban Malays, while not uncritical of Mahathir’s strategies and motives, were more ready to accept egalitarian ideas.

    As for the Chinese community, R.S. Milne and Diane K. Mauzy note in Malaysian Politics Under Mahathir that “One might have expected that, since the rulers and the Agung were symbols of ‘Malayness’ the Chinese would feel little loyalty to them. Paradoxically, they were quite pro-royalty, because they did not really trust Malay politicians. Indeed, they viewed the Agung and the rulers as protectors of their vital interests.”

    There seemed to be no way out of the impasse except by compromise – which is what happened. The Rulers agreed to the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 1983 on the condition that many of its provisions were modified or repealed immediately with the introduction of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 1984.

    The new bill, passed in January 1984, meant that the King could now only delay a piece of non-money legislation for a month. It then had to be sent back to Parliament with his objections. If the King still opposed it in the form in which Parliament then passed it, he could only delay it for another month before it was gazetted as law.

    The King could therefore only delay legislation for up to two months before it became the law of the land.

    But this principle was no longer extended to the State level: Sultans still needed to assent to State bills before they became law, which was an important symbolic victory. Most importantly for those who feared Dr Mahathir’s supposed plan to concentrate power in his own hands, the bill removed the proposed ability of the Prime Minister to declare an Emergency by himself, and restored it to the King.

    Nonetheless, Dr Mahathir saw himself as having won, declaring at a victory rally in Malacca that the feudal system had ended. He had brought his theatrical, confrontational, unapologetically antagonistic style to a high-stakes arena and had, by some accounts at least, triumphed over the Malay Rulers.

    He quickly moved to consolidate his gains. Stories had been circulating that the head of the army, Jen Tan Sri Mohd Zain Hashim, was opposed to Mahathir’s approach and believed the armed force’s loyalty lay with the Rulers. Mohd Zain took early retirement. This was followed by a reorganisation of the army and some 500 other early retirements and dismissals.

    When the independent-minded Sultan of Johor took over as Yang di-Pertuan Agong in 1984, some feared (and some hoped) that royal activism would reassert itself.

    As Roger Kershaw writes in Monarchy In South-East Asia: Faces of Tradition in Transition, “From the beginning, the Agong had made no secret of his contempt for Mahathir on the grounds of his mixed blood, calling him, to his face, ‘Mamak’ (a derogatory nickname for those of Indian Muslim ancestry). [?] But Dr Mahathir had proved more than a match for this difficult sovereign. Having got the measure of the King’s essential vanity and exhibitionism, he prudently pandered to it, even to the extent of placing a more convenient Royal Malaysian Airforce helicopter at his permanent disposal?.”

    Through this and other measures, Dr Mahathir maintained good relations with the new King, enlisting him in his 1987 move against the judiciary, the effects of which are still felt today.

    The Prime Minister’s campaign continued. He silenced the Rulers over the issue of the 1987 ISA detentions; staged a hostile debate on the monarchy in the 1990 Umno general assembly after the loss of Kelantan to PAS; removed the Rulers’ immunity to prosecution following the constitutional crisis of 1992-93; stripped away their flights, outriders, and special hospital wards; and in 1994, with little opposition, finally removed the need to obtain the Rulers’ assent for State laws.

    Looking back, we can see how the bars of the yellow silk cage began to go up in 1983, closing in year after year.

    Should we find it surprising, then, that after 25 years the tigers within should want to break free? Can we not understand that the Rulers might want to regain what has been lost?

    And here is the hardest question of all: without giving up our democratic ideals, in cynical and disloyal climes like we are domiciled at present, can we find the ways and means to let our Rulers rule in tune with the times?

    Huzir Sulaiman writes for theatre, film, television, and newspapers.

  39. Anonymous3:52 pm

    after reading all the comments on Dr. Mahathir blog here is the summary :

    a. 50 percent were fence sitter which is pro mahathir
    b. 15 percent were opposition
    c. 35 percent were pro Barisan Nasional

    need to say more.................

  40. My last "short" post on May 3, 2008 9:37 PM onto was not displayed, even, my last question had missed out the important word of NOT where it should be:

    "And, gave judgment that Townhouse should pay maintenance fee when Club facilities and Management Corporation was NOT there?"

    So this proves, MHT is not opening Blog for Malaysians to exchange views for what he had done within his 22-23years of PM!

    May be the next topic for him could be "How I managed to get Petronas under me"
    "How I get involved in Bakery."
    Even he may had broken the record of Malaysian Blogsphere with the Traffic, will any practical contribution be expected from there?w

  41. Yes, mahathir, a weak govt. is no good. YOURS was so strong it could do no wrong. Pl. read the blogs on the Altantuyu case and RPK. HOW malaysia has gone the drain when you played with the scales of JUSTICE. The courts of malaysian justice is in a mess. You messed with the lives of the rakyat. I DAMN YOU. Be not afraid you will live long, I assure you.

  42. Anonymous10:00 pm

    ops... he is using blogspot, any comment?

  43. Anonymous3:44 am

    kapada seluruh orang melayu.DM adalah anugerah tuhan kepada seluruh umat melayu.sedarlah.Tuah

  44. Anonymous3:52 am


  45. Anonymous3:55 am

    Tun anda seorang pemimpin hebat.

  46. Anonymous7:37 am