Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dr M: No to Merchants of Death in IDR

War Profiteering Halliburton should not be allowed to operate in Malaysia

"The Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) strongly condemns the recent opening of Halliburton's manufacturing centre in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor. The American oil and gas company which is linked to the current United States Vice President, Dick Cheney, has been raking in billions of dollars in profit from the American invasion of Iraq which has entered its fifth bloody year.
It is appalling that we have allowed this war-profiteering company to invest in Malaysia. Iskandar Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Datuk Ikmal Hijaz Hashim (see story below) has been quoted defending Haliburton and even expressed his happiness at the willingness of the company to invest in Johor.
Are we so void of our humanity that we have to allow these war criminals to come in and thrive in our economy? Do we really need the blood money of a neo conservative entity that has played a role in the murder of innocent Iraqis to fund our development?
Cheney and George Bush are oil men and war criminals who have profited tremendously from the war in Iraq. Cheney is a major stockholder in Halliburton whose stocks have increased from USD 10 before the war to around USD 46 today. The phenomenal increase in value of its stocks is due to Halliburton continuously winning no-bid contracts in Iraq amounting to almost 20 billion dollars.
As a nation that has firmly opposed the invasion and colonisation of Iraq right from the beginning, it is a painful change in direction to allow Halliburton to operate in Malaysia. As a nation that has played a lead role in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference since its conception, it is deplorable that we have opened our doors to these war criminals that have plundered and destroyed Iraq, a sovereign nation that was invaded on false pretexts.
Today, more than a million Iraqis have died in the war that has been supported by firms such as Halliburton; which have benefited from the U.S being able to control the flow of oil in West Asia.
Surely in our endeavor to progress, we can still afford to be humane and conscientious. We must be sensitive to the sufferings of our brother humans elsewhere before we agree to accept even a single cent from these murderers.
The dead in Iraq need their justice. These warmongers who made the decision to destroy Iraq must be condemned and brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. Bush and Cheney must be put on trial for the blood on their hands as well as for all the money they have made from Iraq in the past five years.
We at PGPO reiterate our fervent objection and strongly denounce the setting up of Halliburton's 200 million ringgit manufacturing centre at Iskandar Malaysia in Johor. The Malaysian government must not allow these war profiteers to put their ill-gotten profits to operate in any way in our beloved country.
On another note, we wish to express our utter disappointment with the decision of the Dewan Rakyat to dismiss the motion by Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the tragedy of Nakba.
The action of the Dewan Rakyat does not reflect the aspirations and the sentiments of the Malaysian people who share in the suffering of their Palestinian brothers and sisters. To reject this motion on the basis that it is not urgent is a negation of the very ideals that we hold sacred such as peace and the sanctity of life.
It is bad enough that countries such as the United States, Britain and Australia are celebrating Israel's 60 years of statehood, the least we can do is for our parliamentary sitting to show empathy and solidarity with the Palestinian people. "

Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
Perdana Global Peace Organisation

Blogger Tehsin Mukhtar did a posting earlier in the week on Halliburton and the Iskandar CEO's statement:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Whose ethics are you referring to? CERTAINLY NOT MINE.

CEO: Halliburton will bring benefits to Iskandar

"If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using... DATUK IKMAL HIJAZ HASHIM"
Read the rest of her piece, h e r e.


  1. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Dr M, you are wrong. We need investments, and since Halliburton is willing to invest here, why not? Dr M should stop taking a moral high ground on issues. Just take care of your backyard first. Merchants of death is a subjective term, so we should just leave it at that.

  2. Madey, during your time also alot of contracts went out to your cronies without being bidded wut... so what is your pain? You seem to have the ability to see kuman from across the ocean than a KLCC right in front of you eh?

  3. Salam Brader,

    1. That one is 'Penjenayah ekonomi International'.

    2. Bagaimana pula dengan 'Penjenayah ekonomi Domestik'?

    3. Iaitu seperti sistem Pengswastaan yang banyak menekan kehidupan rakyat dan mengkayakan kroni?

  4. Could we blame anyone if the jihadists train their eyes on us now?

    I think we must remove Abdullah Ahmad Badawi before he turns Malaysia into a 'Deputy Sheriff' in the region and invite all kinds of unwanted tragedy to our beloved Malaysia.

    Pak Lah is so desperate to stay in power that he will 'sell' just about anything, including this once 'free, independent and proud' nation.

  5. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Another interesting drama unfolding. Why is it I'm imagining the Oil for Food connection? Perhaps there is no conspiracy at all, and the FDI in IDR is trickling in painfully slowly that anything goes really. We shall see whether this excites any of the
    200+ MPs?

  6. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Perhaps it is a thin line which seems to overlap at times, but there is a vast contrast between defending principles and manipulated (on purpose or otherwise) for the vested interest of another.

    While you may have managed to give an illusion to many out there that you tend to defend principles, between the 'right' and the 'wrong', you have nevertheless over the years, come by as nothing more than a spokesperson with a hidden agenda.

    After all, isn't life, particularly this blog, a big fat wayang kulit?

  7. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I am not an apologist for Halliburton or any others who are profitting from the unjust war in Iraq, But I am just wondering why you give the old man who caused so much harm to this country of ours and still continues his antics so much so much support? Is there an hidden agenda?

  8. Anonymous3:52 pm

    It seems that since TDM left the premiership, our policies have been rather loose.

    We have never seen nuclear warships in our waters, to name one. Its really scary to imagine what if there is a leakage to one of its reactors. Realizing some facts from some articles read, nuclear particles can be airbourne as dust particles infecting our water supply and food. As a result, Malaysia may face radiation mutation! Thats bad karma, dude.

    On that note, I thot that we signed the ZOCFAN treaty which among others agree for our South East Asia region must be nuclear free. Not only from trying to maintain nuclear arsenal, but also from allowing vessels carrying nuclear warhead or the likes to come near our shore.

    Now, fast forward thru the many issues brought upon by the beloved sleepy big kahuna, haliburton is coming to town and the government says ok! They have done enough damage in Iraq and made huge profits out of it, and now they try to profit some more from our shores?

    I bet the justification is exactly like what said with the airspace and sand trade off for selat tebrau bridge... that the rakyat wants it!

    What a big fat lie!

  9. Why even bother protesting. Malaysia is full of such merchants of death. And companies.

    Isn't depriving funds from health, education and welfare of the poor and channeling them in the pockets of these merchants and cronies akin to trading in death. The death of the future of Malaysia and those of our children.

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  11. We should be very careful with Halliburton considering their dirty deeds in Iraq. Although there's not much difference with what Petronas is up to in Sudan.

    All in the name of oil, I suppose.

  12. Anonymous4:14 pm

    pple at the idr or sjic or what ever they are called does not know what they are doing, they are so desperate to find investor and they 'overlooked' the facts behind the company investing in jhr. The creation of idr is not for the benefit of jhr but to pl crony and also singapore. This is part of the plan to expend greater singapore. Jhr akan tergadai to singapore and others ie. Americans @ zionist. We in jhr doesnt want idr we want our crooked bridge back.
    From Teluk Belanga

  13. Anonymous4:18 pm

    What is good for a python is not good for a cobra, is that it?
    Who encouraged the destruction of a well and thriving country like Zimbabwe by advising Mugabe to get rid of the whites. What is that country worth today?
    Who armed the rebels in Mindanao?
    Who provided the funds to Fatah, Hisbollah and Hamas to buy arms?
    Who was interfering into the affairs of the southern Thai Muslim rebels and may also be arming them?
    Who gave a loan to Lebanon or USD100 million and said it was a credit worthy country? Is it now?
    Looks like anything the present Umno proposes for the goods of the country is a big NO NO.
    Come on if you want to get personal go fight in court or a boxing ring, but when something is good for the country please lay off. Do you seriously care that Malaysian survives or you just want to show your big EGO.

  14. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Bro, I & many of my gangs been following & supporting your blog for many many months. But lately you been too much pushing the establishment too much. It clear that you are Dr M man but with all the push we start to remember than Dr M is no better than Pak Lah. We feel that we should start help people yang kena buli pulak.

  15. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Tell Dr M that Intel & DELL is contributing & investing Million in and around Israel interest. So what

  16. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Thank you PGPO and ,
    Thak you to TDM too!!

  17. Anonymous4:31 pm

    What nonsense is he up to this time? How come during his time he didn`t shut down the US, UK and Australian Embassies?

  18. Anonymous4:59 pm

    give back the billions oil royalty for trengganu first. those who took the money are the real bloodsuckes.

  19. Anonymous5:03 pm

    long long time ago, there was a
    man who try to meet Bush thru
    a jews, ada betul kah?

  20. Anonymous5:18 pm

    malaysia is losing it's identity.

  21. What's PGPO's stand on OUR use of ISA?

    Deafening Silence!

    What's PGPO's stand on Political Parties Abusing and Using Law Enforcers to Abuse the rakyat?

    Absurdly Awkward Silence!

    Seems like PGPO is just another EXTREMELY BIASED Lobby Group, stumbling on its on Hypocrisy that has no credibility in bringing 'Peace' to any cause.

  22. Anonymous5:41 pm

    err..pot calling kettle black?

  23. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Al Nakba has vital lessons for the remaining Malays and Muslims in this country and by extension, to all Malaysians.

    What is wrong with showing parliamentary solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and exposing the evil designs of the illegitimate Zionist entity, which is even squarely condemned by Jewish orthodox groups?

    Why are we surrendering our sovereignty in IDR by allowing the dirty hands of Iraqi invasion to set up shop? Fuyyo so close to Singapore mah?

    As we solemnly remember Al Nakba and the plight of the innocent Palestinians and Iraqis, let us also say no to the evil of neo-cons with their grand design to weaken Muslim governments, communities and individuals all over the world.

    Beware of the neo-cons agents and friends among us.

  24. Anonymous6:06 pm

    halliburton should be out of malaysia. we should not support companies that have blood in their hands.
    to hell with halliburton.

    all for peace

  25. Anonymous6:09 pm

    I am sorry Tun Dr. Mahathir, but as somebody said above, look at your own backyard before you take the moral high ground. Just the misuse and abuse of the NEP alone does not give anybody in the government of Malaysia to comment on what's right or wrong about another country or organization. The Malaysian government (read UMNO) is as racist and dirty as they come.

  26. Hello opportunists,

    Why not Disneyland who's looking around for another spot in Asia? Why Halliburton? Malaysia can't even buy a decent jet fighter from the US...Why not world class universities for this side of the world. Oxford, Al Azhar, Cambridge cawangan Johore, Malaysia!?

    Itulah, kalau kita punya pemimpin yang tak ada vision....asal ada duit...just do it! Our Moslem brothers and sisters in Iraq and the Palestines are all suffering at the hands of these Iblises of the world, and yet we are not sensitive to this kind of issues.
    Pandai juga bapak dia cari nama : BODO--!
    All the time and effort investing to get closer to the Islamic world and us being seen as one of the better muslim countries is also going down the drain.

    Enough is enough!

    Muhyiddin for PM!
    Because he's from Muar,Johore! For IDR!! Orang Penang jaga Penang!

  27. Under PM, our Nation is lost

    “Halliburton is the only company mentioned by Osama bin Laden in an April 2004 tape in which he claims that "this is a war [in Iraq] that is benefiting major companies with billions of dollars." Internet pundit John Burnett has described Halliburton's deals as recalling a Vietnam-Era controversy. He claims Vice President Cheney's ties to the company are reminiscent of President Lyndon B. Johnson's relationships with Brown & Root” Compliments from Wikipedia.

    Our country seems so desperate for foreign investments that anything under the sky will do to the 1st Family. The 1 st Family and the 4th Floor boys take pride in the opening up of corridors here and there; there’s where they can take a good cut out/ profiteer from such corridors. Birds of a feather flock together; can you not see the familiarities between the 1st Family and the promoters of Halliburton in profiteering with people’s blood in their hands. I would welcome into our country any company who would be able to make the weapons to blow Bush and Dick Cheney into oblivion. I understand the other entire world leaders in Bush’s “Coalition of the Willing” have all been kicked out of power even the great spinner, Blair and the sheriff of Asia, Howard. I would definitely not welcome any investor so closely knitted to Dick Cheney, one of the greatest hawks in US history. Iskandar Malaysia CEO Datuk Ikmal Hijaz Hashim defended and expressed his happiness at the willingness of Halliburton to invest in Johor; well I guess he only takes direction from the boys at 4th Floor.. The country’s many pro reforms targeting at more democratic freedom such as the judiciary is in support to attract foreign investments besides being beautification exercises to gain populist support in extending PM’s stay in power.

    What the hell……..the Dewan Rakyat dismissed the motion by Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the tragedy of Nakba? What has come of our PM, has he forgotten the aspirations and sentiments of Malaysians on the sufferings of the Palestinian people? Does PM any sense of the words “Islamic Brotherhood” or “Unity of the Ummah”? What a shame!

    But when you come to think about it, all these foolish actions are unfortunately expected under a weak leadership where the 1st Family particularly the SIL and son thrives in influencing, meddling and interfering in the strategic issues of the nation for their personal interest. Thus under PM, our country is all but lost lest he falls into the same fate as those leaders of the defunct “Coalition of the Willing” by this December the latest. .

  28. Anonymous6:55 pm




  29. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Why did he tie Malaysia's economy to that of the US? This old fanatic wants to manipulate feeble minded, crony cultured elements and those who are jobless and are fearful that their "favourite" leader will NEVER end up in the Post. Otherwise, Mahadey's rants are well known to all of Malaysians.

    Why did he beg Bush to have a 30m meeting using Jewish drug lords and gambling tycoons if he was an honest man? Why can't we suspend our US relations if we are honest like Iran? Stupid!

  30. Anonymous7:06 pm

    and they say dsai is an agent to the american...

    to the babi negara (bn)...


  31. Anonymous7:07 pm

    I tot Dr M has his OWN blog ? Why b his mouthpiece?

  32. Anonymous7:12 pm

    raising their keris here & there, shouting 'ketuanan' high & low and whacking fellow m'sian left & right...

    but kowtow to the mighty greenbacks.

    and sold their souls to these devils... muah! ha! ha!

  33. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Kutty-san,besides sending plain planes sending arms to Abu_S in Phillipine,now support Thai-South rebels, congratulate on your success over Project-M in East Malaysia,what else you wont do to archieve your dream of suppressed the China-kui???so as to flush your fruste while study in Temasek???

  34. Jadilah luncai, dan ramai-ramai kita lihat kampung kita tergadai.


  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. But, it's ok to pay $1 million to a Jewish lobbyist to arrange a meeting with George Bush, who as Commander of Chief of USA, must be the one most accountable for 1 million civilian deaths in Iraq?

    Or to meet up with Gadffi, Mugabe & Sukarno?

  37. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Anwar friends with jews and US, cannot be PM. Halliburton want to give money into malaysia, also cannot. Everybody is wrong. Haiyo...I think Tun M wants to become PM again. You all dont get the hint ah?!

  38. Anonymous8:44 pm

    They are too desperate now! IDR is a flop! Merchants of Death are the saviors! Who cares about morality now. HJG

  39. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Who was responsible for vehicles of death? How many Malaysians have died because they had the misfortune to have a crash in a National car that would never be considered roadworthy in a civilised country?

  40. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Dear All,
    To be fair and objective, we should always see the WHAT of being said, not really on the WHO. I agree wholeheartedly with TDM's takes on the issue, even when deep down I still feel that most problems within our midst today can be traced back to him and his 22-year administration . I may not idolise him, but when what that is being said is true, then I have no choice but to be on his side (which is getting very few and far between these days). I can't simply say, you are no saint yourself, you committed so many crimes to your own people therefore please shut up and mind you own business and don't bother criticising on Halliburton's sins.

    Dear Tun,
    But then again, Halliburton is no stranger to Malaysia. In fact, they had been in business in Malaysia for so many years now, providing products and services to oil and gas industry here. You as the adviser to Petronas, of all people should know how close the relationship between those two companies. It is just ironic don't you think? You are lambasting on the new investment when at the same time you are keeping the current and past cooperations/business dealings between Petronas and Halliburton under wraps. That is just hypocrasy at the highest level, Sir.

    Maybe you should just advise Petronas to cancel any current business with Halliburton and blacklist them for any future contracts, to show us how genuine your concern is with Halliburton's role in Iraq and Afghanistan. We know that it's not likely to happen due to contractual obligations, but to know that you at least try, it's comforting enough.

  41. Anonymous9:14 pm

    what could we expect from someone who despise the american, loathe the british, scorn at chinese here & across the causeway...

    he is a man with immense hatred for fellows human being that are not his kind...

    just a rotten racist with no soul.

  42. Anonymous9:45 pm

    First its Halliburton, then it can be others. Why not sign the FTA with Bush and lease this country to him? Maybe get Scomi to work closely with Halliburton and squeeze more Iraqi blood. TDM lead this country in a world full of contradictions but he made us proud and recognised. But the hadhari Imam choose to work with Halliburton, Bush's sidekick. Imam Hadhari has endorsed this venture and set a new standard in working with the devil. Simple and straightforward.


  43. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Halliburton is investing in Malaysia because we are a progressive country and has a good work force. It is none of our business if they are involved in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is not our business to try and justify what others do. Halliburton is going to give Malaysian jobs and that means employment for many of our children. We cannot even control our corrupt politicians who takes vast amount of money to be laundered in Australia, richest unemployed SIL and TDM wants to talk about morals and dirty money. Maybe it is time TDM leaves the country and go and join the rat called Osama Bin Laden. The world will be better of without those damn Iraqis, thanks to the Americans. I think America should now leave Iraq and not try and help rebuild that stupid country, let them rot. TDM, should now get lost once and for all, you are not wanted anymore, you have caused the country to be in such turmoil, umno is in the state today is because of the shits you left behind and the problems you created. So don't try to be a goody ex-pm, you stink worst than a three week dead rotting dog. All the assholes in umno are those who were with you, Najib, AAB, Kerismuddin we can go on but you are too damn thick and sick to comprehend anything anymore. Please leave gracefully and maybe some day another asshole will come along and make you look and smell good...maybe Najib is that guy.

  44. Anonymous9:55 pm

    just for you to ponder. arent the government merchants of death too with her support for the murderous Myanmar regime? Isnt Petronas investment in Myanmar the same as Haliburton here.
    People who live in glass house should not throw stone, isnt it?
    Anyway, this is typical Mahatir style. His simple principle is to stand for what suits his agenda. He is quickly losing whatever credibility thats left.

  45. DATUK IKMAL HIJAZ HASHIM - get someone from your kampong to set up a brothel in IDR.
    Since YOU seem to be a true liberal, straight-thinking neo-Malay - be the first to break free from the Ethics and Moral Values which has been our culture/tradition.
    Get some half-boiled Imam Hadhari to support your stance which is clearly void of any form of ethics and morality, and boooom! You'll be the new icon for Malaysian Malaysia.
    Datuk!!! Dont question which yardstick the journalist were using when they questioned you about 'Murderers and Rapists' appearing in disguise on our land because that is something YOUR MOTHER WOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU!
    I believe all mothers teach their children to be good human beings first, and I believe your mother had done the same.
    Datuk! If the decision to allow the "Murderers' in is not yours, please step aside.
    Don't try to be a Hero bcoz all the Finance Minister needs now is a stupid SCAPEGOAT.
    If it's indeed your decision then you have the whole nation to answer to.

    p/s Hoping for a peaceful uprising of the people of Johor - in the name of PEACE.

  46. Judging from his recent blog entry(ketuanan melayu), Dr. M would not think twice about inciting racial hatred and riot in our country, and profit from it.

    He is in no moral position to preach anything.

    he s nothing but an egomaniac.

  47. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Well, if the creation of jobs and stimulating the economy of the Iskandar region is the ONLY concern. And the means to achieve the intended end bears no feeling of guilt or remorse, then why don't Hijaz take it up a notch and make a little mini Amsterdam out of the Iskandar region. Sell dope, marijuana, have legalized prostitution and the likes. After all, he and his employers are looking at things from only the porfit side.

    Who knows, with legalized prostitution in the Iskandar region we might even be able to bring back our star pupil from the UK to come back and operate her "business" here. After all, no conscience involved, it's all business.

    Kerajaan hadhari.... Piiii dah!!!!

  48. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Rocky Bro, malay bashing society is gaining numbers in your blog, few familiar names are from rpk malaysia today.
    Any mahathir issue is just another scapegoat to express their hatred towards the malays, though they are not being direct.
    And these people percieve themselves as being liberal,
    kah kah kah!!!

  49. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Both Halliburton and babi are no good for mankind even though they can provide employment for people.! But between the two even, I would go for babi because babi kills not so many people as compared to Halliburton! Halliburton is war profiteer. Tawkey babi dont profit from war.


  50. Anonymous11:20 pm

    it's time for you to move on Rocky. You've clearly lost the plot. Spend whatever little time you have with your family instead..

    and get a hair cut..i know of a cheap indian barber in Puchong who would do a good job for half the price.

    p/s: You and KJ looked good in the picture..guess it'll be even better seeing you and Kali hugging each other :)

  51. Anonymous12:25 am

    Dr. M is playing his racial card again. He wants to bring us back to the stone age. Blame all the Malays problems on singapore, Israel and the non-malays.

    how sad.

    bru, you are too close to M, your visions are blurred.

    I doubt i even bother with your blogs in the future.

  52. Anonymous12:46 am

    Melayu, Islam, Malaysia berkiblatkan duit. Tanda kiamat kecil untuk pemimpin-pemimpin dan negara ini. Islam Hadari apa ini? Ha Dari dulu barangkali....!!!
    Mr. Clean yang tak seharusnya memimpin negeri...TAKDE CLASS!

  53. Anonymous12:47 am

    What utter rubbish. Waste my time reading it. Halliburton came in doing Mahathir's time what. As special advisor to Petronas, he should know how much business they have given them. Halliburton Malaysia is 51% bumi company lah. Who are these bumis with the vested interest in the company, you should ask.

  54. whackthembugger and apanama.

    Gua sokong lu orang. But that Datuk Ikmal also from Johor, so have to throw him off first, be4 Hidup Johor.!!

  55. Anonymous1:30 am

    To Melayu Lama
    Yea, right if we need to legalize red district or casino in IDR and it really make us real rich. why not. Since when u melayu lama really contribute that much to the community except to a few of your closed circle cronies. Melayu Baru Konon.

  56. what can we say.... its virtual singapore....
    despite effort to mask this as ISKANDAR MALAYSIA.
    how strange. not surprised if that people will start calling ISKANDAR SINGAPORE. with factories supplying materials to the ZIONIST

    Damn u KJ

  57. Anonymous6:36 am

    Baggers can't be choosie and who was given 22 years to help our mother land and ended up spending all our millions and we ended as a bagger?

    He is the last person who had the right to speak on this.

  58. Anonymous7:30 am

    Dr. Mahathir is just making a fuss over protest issues that regular protesters do in the streets of US cities ("Anti-Haliburton" marches etc.)

    Nothing innovative or new in this suggestion he is making.

    In any case, if economic growth is an important thrust of the national economic development agenda, then to boycott Haliburton, a leading oil servicing company, is downright silly.

    Note that Haliburton has been operating in Malaysia during Mahathir's years, and even then they were involved in various countries with political problems, but it was all a hush-hush for Dr. M.

    But this Perdana forum is good for chuckles: a tyrant telling off a tyrannical company! :)

  59. agree 75% with tm1-gb posting.

    Allah Selamat Sultan
    Anugerahkan Ia
    Segala Kehormatan


  60. Anonymous7:51 am

    I am working for Halliburton, so I do have authority to speak about this topic. Firstly, Halliburton share price closed at $49.48 on Friday. However, because of the 2 for 1 stock split, Halliburton stock price is actually $98.96. Secondly, it is true that Halliburton profited from the war in Iraq. Actually, in 2002, Halliburton was given contract to prepare to increase the oil production in Iraq. Remember, this was way before any approval by United Nations or US Congress and way before the invasion in 2003. Halliburton charged a huge sum for the project called LOGCAP. I can tell you for certain that without Halliburton, there will NOT BE the war in Iraq. Halliburton provided all the logistics, built the facilities for all the military personnel, etc. In effect, Halliburton built a township for 200,000 people in Iraq. Obviously, this was done by using the money from the Iraqi oil which the Iraqis themselves do not see a single cent going to them. So, the Iraqi blood is in Halliburton's hands. Back to Malaysia, there are some key players involved in Halliburton Malaysia, namely Tunku Hammam, a royalty from Negeri Sembilan. He gets paid millions of ringgit in commissions for doing nothing other than use his name. Obviously, this is paid by using Petronas through the cost recovery, so in effect the rakyat's money. One could argue that this is paid by Halliburton but Halliburton just increased the price to Petronas and the oil companies and these companies recover these costs through the production sharing contract (PSC). The other person involved in Shah Hakim of SCOMI. There you have it, Kamal Abdullah, son of our beloved PM is involved in Halliburton Malaysia. Otherwise, why is Halliburton involved in IDR. It is all in the family business, Father, Son and Son-In-Law.

  61. Anonymous7:53 am

    Halliburton is not 51% owned by locals, it is an Ali Baba arrangement. Halliburton owns 100% of it, they pay commissions to Tunku Hammam and Fauzi Ghazali.

  62. Anonymous7:53 am

    There is also a local company owned by an Arab and having this cocky braggart short UMNO Melayu as his partner.

    This Arab and the Melayu Umno pendek is in the palm oil business and has benefitted from blood money through the oil for food program.

    These blood suckers are also no different from Halliburton.

  63. Anonymous8:01 am


    1. Oil-for-food scandal;

    2. Scomi/Kespadu Nuclear Centrifuge smuggling;

    3. ISA arrest of BSA Tahir, Kamaluddin Abdullah's partner in Kespadu;

    4. Amir Sham's and Wahid's link to Scomi and their appointments as Minister and Maybank Chief respectively;

    5.Abdullah's silence on Muslim and Islamic issues. His manhood is in the US' hands;

    6. Kamal+Shah Hakim+BSA Tahir + Nuclear centrifuge = Guantanamo Bay;

    7. Halliburton + Dick Cheney + Singapore = Zionism. LKY is a closet Zionist;

    8. Therefore IDR Malaysia is actually IDR Singapore + Global Zionist Outreach = Anwar Ibrahim-Wolforwitz conspiracy;

    9. There are countless Singapore espionage security and economic operators in Malaysia. The media and banking industries are their target and places of operations.

    Be forewarned.

    Secret Agent

  64. Anonymous8:16 am


    Mahathir was the guy who George Bush 1 called for support when he wanted to attack Iraq during the first Gulf War in 1990-1. At that time Malaysia was a UN Security Council member.

    And yet, that "green" Papa Boy Mukhriz is accusing Anwar as indirectly responsible for killing Iraqis. Don't tell me this mudah lupa (selective memory) is a genetic thingy.

  65. Anonymous9:15 am

    funny ya. he welcomes Mugabe to this country.
    ask yourself what has Mugabe done to his country? No less a murderous regime with millions displaced and now as refugees in South Africa.
    What about investments by Petronas in Sudan and Myanmar? These regimes are no less evil. Arent you, Mahatir is the adviser to Petronas? Mahatir can get away with his double standards and hideous agenda coz no mainstream papers dare to expose him.

  66. The Merchants of death
    In our own backyards people know
    Why talk about foreign companies?
    When in our own terms we have it

    Why talk about Palestinians?
    They don’t want to accept peace
    They want to fight for every inch of soil
    Go shake hands then discuss about it
    They don’t do; they teach the young to shoot

    US of A attacked Iraq
    For oil and other economic stuff
    The merchants of death flourish
    Weapons to be sold people need to die
    Million gone yet they still at it
    Soldiers and civilians die every day
    Whose fault is that?

    The warring factions never want to agree
    Every one wants to climb on top of the pile
    Big and small they don’t care
    Using religion serving self interests
    No wonder we can’t see the truth and lies

    The peace loving people
    They just can’t understand
    The big fish and the small fish
    White shark and crocodile tears

    It is wealth of a nation
    It is power to crush the weak
    Religion uses it on a wrong strategy
    Finally we see deaths……..
    The merchants bring to our shore
    Because we want investments
    We don’t care what will happen

    The merchants of death
    We aren’t the better
    We have our own little darkness
    Instilling fear into the people

  67. Anonymous9:38 am

    It is time to change the name of this blog to Mahathir's Bru. Call a spade a spade lah!

  68. Anonymous10:09 am

    Mahathir has found his memory:

    Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would not settle for less than his day in court so that he could defend himself against allegations he was at the centre of a judicial appointments scandal in 2001.

    He hoped that when investigations into the conspiracy were completed, which also involved a lawyer, a tycoon and a former minister, he would be charged.

    Dr Mahathir said he would then reveal what really went on behind the scenes at the time, including instances of judges lobbying him for promotions.

    Or he lied before the Royal Commission. On that alone there`s ground to prosecute him.

  69. Anonymous10:54 am




  70. Darn it,Haliburton? I hope those AlQaeda types do not put Iskandar Malaysia in their radar screen. Does Dollah and his great advisers thought about the security implications and terrorist threats when they happily allowed Haliburton to invest or they are so desperate that any Investors will do.

    A hah,I got it, Dollah have a secret weapon up his Sleeve to hoodwink the AlQaeda type threats it probably be changing the name of Iskandar Malaysia again, Dollah has done it twice before I think. Allah Selamatkanlah Johor.

  71. Darn it,Haliburton? I hope those AlQaeda types do not put Iskandar Malaysia in their radar screen. Does Dollah and his great advisers thought about the security implications and terrorist threats when they happily allowed Haliburton to invest or they are so desperate that any Investors will do.

    A hah,I got it, Dollah have a secret weapon up his Sleeve to hoodwink the AlQaeda type threats it probably be changing the name of Iskandar Malaysia again, Dollah has done it twice before I think. Allah Selamatkanlah Johor.

  72. Anonymous11:09 am

    obviously it is unethical!
    haliburton is here in Iskandar because they got big contracts with the oil companies for 5 years. they will bring their expertise and their people here to serve the contracts.

    so, where is job creations here? may be the building cleaners only! the rest may be for singaporeans!

    the profits they'll make will pay for the manufacturing plants - so again its the domestic revenue that pays for it.

    RM200 million is pittance compared to what they earning now. i guess the commision's payout to some loafers that worth it for consideration.

    its blood money alright - we don't need this kind of fdi here.

    fuck the iskandar CEO!

  73. Anonymous12:01 pm

    i think we should apply for a position as 'halliburton's bus driver" as in iraq their salary is five to ten-fold than the US soldier.

    It's ok then , ikmal. since All the pemimpin are all about money, later halliburton will conquer the Ganu waters and take over petronas. It's ethical waaat!

    ignorant and bodoh.

    ~anon 11.55

  74. Anonymous12:13 pm

    TDM is playing racial card again.
    His recent speech said Malays under threat is this country. Whenever himself is in trouble and try to divert attention and seek support from his own race group to "fight" against others. This dirty tactic happened during his tenure as PM and now he is at it again.


  75. Merchants Of Death!!!
    BUT,BUT,BUT! Who, in the first place allowed THE THERMO INCINERATOR {that was about to spew Cancer Dioxins } first In PUCHONG, Then in BROGA????
    So, why has not anyone from the Authorities, publically apologised to the Nation & the Villagers of Broga, instead of a "face saving statement" to the effect that the cancellation of the Project was becoz' of costs & not the Court Case?
    Further, all the embarassing questions placed before the Court was never answere & therefore remains / deemed accepted!
    RM1.8 Billion came into this country & has disappeared!!!!!

  76. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Petronas does business in Sudan so arent they the merchants of death? Are they any different from Halliburton. Dr M, we have had enough of your rantings. We supported you once but we are losing patience with you. Get lost.

  77. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Same goes for when politicians rob the rakyat and fed the orphans ala charity. And the porr folks will kowtow to them like god!

  78. Anonymous2:11 pm

    To those who hold grudges against TDM for whatever reasons, well, you have the right to do so; its a "free country" maa... as AAB, SIL&Co. claim, right? - no issue. However, at the same time do look at the FACTS: I recommend reading the well researched & grounded book by Jonathan Cook (NOT a Muslim btw for those who think Muslims cannot be objective maa?), ISRAEL & THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS - IRAQ, IRAN & THE PLAN TO REMAKE THE MIDDLE EAST. You get to see what the NEOCONSERVATIVES and the JEWISH LOBBY in the US are doing, including the names of Dick Cheney, Halliburton, etc... and PAUL WOLFOWITZ, the good friend of up&coming personality in Malaya... well again, its a free country maa, no harm one making friends with the US and the neocons, maa, right? And our neighbor Singapore is adopting the Zionist & neocons strategies as well for the region, what the hack? Its a free country maa, right? At the end of the day, people believe what they want to believe, not so much of the truth? I suppose those who believe in the holocaust also believe that the killings of thousands of Palestinians, Iraqis, etc... are just unfortunate collaterals? Wait till it happens to your f&@#%#% father, mother, relatives & friends, then maybe you will have second thoughts?

  79. Anonymous2:16 pm

    everybody is wrong according to this man - the malays are wrong, the chinese are wrong, the mat sallehs are wrongs, everybody is wrong except himself. what type of man is this????? the brain is d so good at categorising people which is wrong. some malays in fact quite a lot of them are outstanding, chinese too not are sucking malay blood as they had been made to look like. the real suckers are those who said they would stand up for their own people, wielding krises but ran away with billions in oil royalty. dont forget trengganu is almost a total malay state. they are worse than the invaders of iraq, at least they have the decency not to do it to their own kind.

  80. Anonymous2:20 pm

    I got the "funny" feeling that many of the "Anonymous" comments on this posting come from the SAME person lah... you look at the "themes" of the rantings and the timing... sounds like baluchi KJ, don't you think? As usual lah... berselindung disebalik "anonymity"... just like the mentor, hunus keris konon... kalah GE12 terberak dalam seluar?Hingusan mentality, you can see that.

  81. dhahran sea,

    you could be right that the same Anon could have left many comments.

    but usually, like you pointed out, it's easy to see through the veil. netizens are not easy to fool.

    the good thing is that the cybertroopers hired by a certain minister in umno to undermine our blogs are not known to be that clever. and that makes it easier to spot them!

    thank you.

  82. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Correct, correct, correct Bro Bru. Those yes men from the Bodowi clan are so easy to detect. That shows how dumb they are.


    Right Tajuddin:

    Allah selamatkan Sultan,
    'nugrahkan dia,
    sgala k'ormatan,
    sihat dan ria,
    kekal dan makmur,
    luaskan kuasa,
    'naungkan kami,
    rakyat dipimpini berzaman lagi,
    dengan merdeka bersatu hati,
    Allah berkati Johor..
    Allah selamatkan sultan...

    If DYMM the Sultan of Perak and Terengganu can veto Dollah's
    no-brainer decisions what more our beloved DYMM His Highness the Sultan of Johore.


    Keep IDR with our detached-from- AAB MB Ghani Osman, and finally in the hands of our able Sultan.

    That Datuk who's under the armpit of Badawi can pack his bags from Johore and keep staying near Dollah and clan.

    If there's no Scomi there's no business. Isn't that so obvious! And that's after all the hoo-haahs. Dah banyak duit pun masih mau terus merompak?! Muka macam Mr. Clean,perangai macam Abu Lahab! Perut anak beranka dah buncit belum? Tak tau malu!!!

    What are we Malaysians waiting for? Keep Dollah out of Johore. Keep Scomi out!

  83. Anonymous7:19 pm

    I say the government of Badawi should set up a special commission with the sole purpose of investigating everything that Mahatir has done in the 22 years in office. That swine is so defiant and still trying to play god, when we know how big an ass he is. F..k off you stinking S.O.B.!!!

  84. Anonymous9:01 pm

    We dont need blood money in Malaysia. If you guys dont have any ethical stand on this and able to accept blood money, then, you ought to examine your moral codes.

  85. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Question: should a police report be lodged against Tun Dr Mahathir for making supposedly seditious remarks in Johor about Malay supremacy and sovereignity, remarks which he reiterated in his blog?

    Since so many people are making police reports about alleged seditious remarks, why not make one against TDM?

    Or is he somehow above the fray and exempt from the possible consequences of his remarks and statements?

    Or is he just a sad and embittered old man who just can't accept that his day in the sun is over?

  86. Anonymous10:02 pm

    at one time the japanese were slaughtering asians like they were pigs and dogs. yet when they came along knocking on our doors, to invest, sell their things, we happily opened our door to them even there is no doubt that
    much of the money they used to revive their economy then were those stolen from Asians. why the double standards?

  87. Anonymous10:46 pm

    mahathir said people are questioning the malay rights and
    supremacy and that the malays are not even defending themselves but are depending on others to do it for them. well, the reason is that those people they have always depended on have always let them down. the reason i think we do not have to elaborate here. tell me why the most bandied about phrase in the last election is ABU - asalkan bukan UMNO, by the Malays THEMSELVES. I really dont know why Mahathir likes to stir up racial tensions. perhaps to save his own ass.

  88. Anonymous1:11 am

    Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng,Anwar Ibrahim and Karpal Singh is worst than Mahathir. They will sell this country, dont mentioned about Halliburton, given a choice they even willing to invite the israel to set up an embassy here, this people is master of racist!
    Dont talk fairness, dont talk about other people misdeed. Ask yourself, did you treat other races equally? Did you have fairness in yourself, please dont cheat yourself and your god!

    Happy wesak day.

  89. Anonymous4:57 am

    It takes guts that only TDM has to speak up against the US and companies like Halliburton. Halliburton was told to start planning for the war in Iraq in early 2002. The project codename is RIO i.e. Restore Iraqi Oil. This project was awarded directly by the US Department of Defence Corp of Engineers to KBR, a then subsidiary of Halliburton. The contract name is LOGCAP II. Halliburton profited significantly from this project, charging exhorbitant rates to build the facilities for the US military. Even a driver is paid US$80,000 tax-free plus benefits. Guess where these money eventually come from, the Iraqi oil. The poor Iraqis themselves suffer while the US military siphoned off the oil from them. I am glad that TDM brought this up. I am not a supporter of TDM in any way but he has a point. Why should we Malaysians bother about the investment from a company that has blood on its hands, a million Iraqis died in the war plus millions suffering by a company whose former Chairman/President/CEO is the main culprit in forcing the war in Iraq. The same person, Dick Cheney is making millions of dollars from his stocks in Halliburton. Based on the shares he owned in Halliburton, it is now worth about $250 million. He lives like a king while the rest of the Iraqis suffer. I am sure we can do without investment from a company who is more involved in Iraq war than any other companies in the world. The two purported joint venture partners in Halliburton Malaysia are merely silent partner, they are contented to earn millions every year without lifting a finger. The two are Fauzi Ghazali, an ex-Shell employee who is closely related to Kamal Abdullah and Tunku Hammam. Halliburton is sucking more money from Malaysia than they are investing or creating jobs, so don't be fooled by people who argue that they are creating jobs. Halliburton is still run very much by Mat Salleh from the US. They are not interested in developing locals or creating jobs. They are interested in the billions of ringgit that the oil companies in Malaysia spent on oil services. Thousands of people have demonstated against Halliburton yearly in the US, blaming them for being partner in crime for the atrocities in Iraq. Every year, during the Halliburton Annual Stockholders Meeting, thousands will demonstrate against Halliburton. So, Malaysians, wake up!!

  90. Anonymous6:09 am

    Readers should google and research Halliburton and Saudi Arabia.

    Halliburton has extensive investments there and elsewhere in the Middle East. Some of their operations have been attacked by extremists. The former head of Halliburton, Dick Cheney is extremely close to the Saudi royal family.

    If Halliburton is good enough for the Saudi monarchy, why is Dr. M fussing? Is he adopting a holier than thou attitude?

  91. Anonymous8:38 am

    Don't be a stooge Akmal Hisham.

    Ask your conscience, is it all for money? As a Johorean I want IDR to succeed but why can't we stay on a high moral ground? Bush, Halliburton, Dollah and Scomi are all blood and money suckers.

    Oh I know,you are one of the lucky ones who got the cut created by this 'job-creating' opportunity. So it's your duly duty to defend the infidels, and the domestic robbers.

    You even asked whick moral yardstick to use huh? A hint of being weak and emotional, which is not a good trait for a CEO, short of being a Goblok! If you do not think of moral and ethics, I agree with some of the writers why not set up casinos to counter Singapore, brothels to counter Batam and Orchard. Maybe Kandang Babi double the size of singapore to supply our neighbor across the Tebrau straits. By the way, whenever we scrape earth from IDR, we can sell sand to them as well.
    That way, a few known Malaysians stand a chance of becoming even richer for generations to come!

    We Johoreans are proud of being progressive, modern, outward, and open minded but KEEP LAKNAT ALLAH di luar bumi Johore man.
    Out of bumi Malaysia for this matter.

    As suggested by a few of our commentators, can you imagine a repeat of 9/11 only this time on this side of the world? We have 2 gleaming towers too right? Your collaborators will quickly pronounce they are Arab pilots but in actual fact they are the ones who supplied the the plan and planes; with a thought...thinking someday they can help Dollah and Scomi re-build Malaysia! And we won't even realize that our blood and money are being sucked. Again.

    And you Datuk can stay on as their CEO for life!

    Now, on what moral grounds to blame you, dollah and scomi did you say?

    That sir is OUR money, NOT just yours, Dollah's nor Scomi's!

  92. Anonymous11:58 am

    Dear Bru, for all your ignorant readers, do you think that Halliburton is interested in investing in Malaysia to help Malaysia or its people? Halliburton is interested in building the facility in IDR because of the billions of contracts that they obtain from Petronas and ther other oil companies operating in Malaysia. Why do they get these contracts, it is because of the corrupt system that has been setup since Tengku Razaleigh's time as Chairman of Petronas in 1974. That is also the time when the Petroleum Development Act was formulated. The system calls for foreign companies to setup local operations with at least 51% local bumiputera participation (read UMNOputera). So, all the foreign companies who wanted to participate in the lucrative oilfield services business have to find a bumiputera to be the local front. All these companies need are bumiputera names borrowed for use. These people are get millions in commission, have it easy, are lazy. They are actually traitors to Malaysia. Because of these individuals who get rich at the expense of other Malaysians who should be developed by these foreign companies and hold senior positions. You don't find that in these foreign companies especially not with Halliburton. On paper, Fauzi Ghazali is the Chairman but he earns commission and not truly the Chairman. Rao Abdullah is the Managing Director but in the Halliburton world, he is just a salesman, very low level. Let's not be hookwinked by people who shouts that we need investments, Halliburton needs it more than us. They want the lucrative contracts. Even if they leave there are other companies that can do similar or better services than Halliburton like Schlumberger and Baker Hughes. At least these companies do not have Iraqi blood on their hands, they were not run by Dick Cheney and his cronies. And Schlumberger had many senior Malaysians in their organization holding very senior positions in corporate HQ. Halliburton has NONE. So, if everyone gets the facts right, they would support the call by TDM to refuse the purported investment by Halliburton. I am no supporter of TDM but I support this call of his. Every country has to stand up for the Iraqis. They don't have a voice, its been stifled by the US. Consider the one million Iraqis who died and the millions more who are injured, their homes destroyed, a beautiful country that it once was and now lie in ruins. Stand up, Malaysians. To the atrocities of Halliburton.

  93. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Funny how Mahathir claims to promote peace through his Perdana foundation and symphatise with the suffering of Palestinians yet he persecuted his own fellow Malaysians through ISA, OSA,... ABC...

    Lambasted at the US over the invasion of Iraq as well as its friendly ties with Israel yet welcomes Mugabe for his dictatorship and mass killings.

    Indeed there is one vast difference between Halliburton and Petornas; one is robbing other country for its own gain, while the latter robs its own people for his personal gains.

    If Mahathir wants to talk about moral ground, it's best to start with himself first eh.

    and it's disgusting to hear at times, when 'these people' claim to speak on behalf of Malaysians, silent majority, fellow Malaysians, use more of I, Me and Myself to reflect that this is solely your own opinion and not the collective's. OK?

  94. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Ayyoo..too many Mahathir haters here...cmon la people, even if u don't like mahathir, if he says something rite, don't be biased la...

    I totally agree that the infamous Halliburton shld be kicked out of Msia. Our local companies, kita kena jaga jugak, enough of their antics in our hands lagi mau tambah this international player. At least our truant companies don't have blood in their hands, huh?

  95. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Don't be a stooge Akmal Hisham.

    (I meant Ikmal Hijaz Hashim)

    Ask your conscience, is it all for money? As a Johorean I want IDR to succeed but why can't we stay on a high moral ground? Bush, Halliburton, Dollah and Scomi are all blood and money suckers.

    Oh I know,you are one of the lucky ones who got the cut created by this 'job-creating' opportunity. So it's your duly duty to defend the infidels, and the domestic robbers.

    You even asked which moral yardstick to use huh? A hint of being weak and emotional, which is not a good trait for a CEO, short of being a Goblok! If you do not think of moral and ethics, I agree with some of the writers why not set up casinos to counter Singapore, brothels to counter Batam and Orchard. Maybe Kandang Babi double the size of singapore to supply our neighbor across the Tebrau straits. By the way, whenever we scrape earth from IDR, we can sell sand to them as well.
    That way, a few known Malaysians stand a chance of becoming even richer for generations to come!

    We Johoreans are proud of being progressive, modern, outward, and open minded but KEEP LAKNAT ALLAH di luar bumi Johore man.
    Out of bumi Malaysia for this matter.

    As suggested by a few of our commentators, can you imagine a repeat of 9/11 only this time on this side of the world? We have 2 gleaming towers too right? Your collaborators will quickly pronounce they are Arab pilots but in actual fact they are the ones who supplied the the plan and planes; with a thought...thinking someday they can help Dollah and Scomi re-build Malaysia! And we won't even realize that our blood and money are being sucked. Again.

    And you Datuk can stay on as their CEO for life!

    Now, on what moral grounds to blame you, dollah and scomi did you say?

    That sir is OUR money, NOT just yours, Dollah's nor Scomi's!

  96. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Ok, so it is clear. Halliburton's has a million Iraqis blood on their hands. Fauzi Ghazali, agent for Halliburton in Malaysia is linked to Shah Hakim and Kamal Abdullah of SCOMI. SCOMI, Kamal and AAB were involved in Iraq Oil-For-Food scandal. It's all in the family business, don't you see.

  97. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Ok, so it is clear. Halliburton's has a million Iraqis blood on their hands. Fauzi Ghazali, agent for Halliburton in Malaysia is linked to Shah Hakim and Kamal Abdullah of SCOMI. SCOMI, Kamal and AAB were involved in Iraq Oil-For-Food scandal. It's all in the family business, don't you see.

  98. Anonymous11:14 am

    Cut the crap about Iraq and Halibourton.

    The main point is $$$ is flowing into the country via FDA. This is something we need as we are already losing so much FDA to countries like China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, etc.
    It creates jobs and aids the economy.