Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What sexual harassment?

Report withdrawn. I heard that a report on alleged sexual harassment, lodged a few days ago by a female employee of a hotel in KL against a VIP, has been withdrawn.

The MSM will confirm the news for us in a while, I suppose.

I'll update if I can, but y'see I don't really like doing sexual harassment cases. Saw more than enough in my years in the papers - allegations of sexual harassment that happened in the news room and police cases filed against people - usually VIPs - outside the newsroom.

For this particular case, a couple of blogger buddies were giving me sort of a running commentary on what was happening. Which was how I heard that the lady who lodged the report had been assigned this top-notch criminal lawyer.

Front page stuff for the tabloids, yes, but not the kind a journalist would want to boast about over beers at the club.
Speaking of which ....


Da Real Deal said...

Hmm...what a way to make quick money. Serve a well known rich groper with much to lose but too intoxicated to realise it, wiggle the bum a little more than usual, get groped and scream for your boyfriend waiter, make a police report, withdraw it and go to Europe for a holiday. Makes for a good short story.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the hotel's lawyer? If she works at hotel, how to hire a lawyer? Hotels don't pay enough to hire a maid, man!

Who is the top notch lawywer, bro Rock?

artchan said...

what was he doing in the pub..drinking juice? Or beer?

KerinchiGuy said...

hm.. da real deal.. now she's the villain?
tsk tsk

matkaypoh said...

who is the VIP?Is it X-MOSTI..hehe

mob1900 said...

I baru buat poster, report withdrawn?
Nvm, my poster is for ALL MPs, hahaha, salam bro!

Anonymous said...

there are vey few things/problemos in the world where money wouldn't solve...

freelittlebrain said...

Report withdrawn? should be...... correct..correct....correct.....

Anonymous said...

To the Big Imam Hadhari.....your cabinet and ex cabinet comprises of Malay drunks, womanisers,murderers, homos, lesbians and of course all of them are corrupt to the core (no money no talk) and hypocrite.
This is of course extended to all the other BN component suckers who learn quickly from their UMNO masters.

The ex Mosti fool was smoking a cigar while sipping alcohol and gropping the ass of the waitress and he claims to be Muslim......where is the JAWI people and where is the Imam Hadhari-- doing the same?

Verily, the worst of you will become your leaders in the end of times.........

shower on said...

Ingat tak lagu Jay Jay dulu...alah...lupa plak...Rocky... it seems in the showers also many cases of sexual overtures...right or not?

Anonymous said...

did she make a false or true report? we never know why she withdraw that report do we?

Bunnies said...

So.. who la is the VIP? So.. why la she withdrew her police report? So... Actually, what is the real story la....

Isk! I am so kepoh! Hehehehe...

siti intan baizura said...

I've just read from the Malaysianbar's website. She said at that time she was moody..Wow!Suddenly she believed she was moody and misunderstood. So now, she realised there was nothing wrong...Hey girl, how much was the deal?

Anonymous said...

let wait and see who will come forward and admit 'I AM THE MAN' or 'I AM THE ALLEGED MAN'.

mean while would anyone list down ex-minister with MP status.

Pasquale said...

Rocky, on the sexual harassment charge against this ex-cabinet minister, I was told all major newspaper decided not to report it as it happened last week, but since TV3 came out with this news item two days ago they have no choice but to report it!

caravanserai said...

Police report made
Victim made about turn
Withdrawing her report
Claiming she got it wrong

Drunkard or tipsy
What had been done got it made
Sometimes I wonder……………
Money was exchanged?

In this world of money market
It counts a lot in settling cases
Minor or serious offences
It can be arranged……..when price is right

When it involved moneyed or VIP people
Close one eye can be made
The invincible corruption walking in the mind
People don’t see it
It is like a promissory note
For future redemption when it is due

People can speculate
Thinking of the obvious what they will
Witnesses and friends
It was just a bad dream perhaps?

It isn’t anything new
Past cases had done before
Let the evil sleeps
Let nobody wakes it up
Let the dreams be yesterday
Life will be normal
The traffic lights and dreams


What a 'shit'.

Anonymous said...

Extract from The Star;
"The 30-year-old promoter at a lounge in a five-star hotel here, in a statutory declaration sent to Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail through her lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, said she was “sensitive and moody” at the time of the incident last Thursday"

Whoaaaaa... now who gonna foot the bill for legal services rendered by Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah?? Anyone can advise wadda minimum fee chargeable by this lawyer????

Anonymous said...

who is the VIP?Is it X-MOSTI..hehe

who is he? let me handle him,,,,,who is this female employee, bini kita ka?

mana2 saja.

Anonymous said...

how much u think changed hand?

The Watcher said...

This ex Minister is the same Nazi that made racist and derogatory statements against some Malaysian students in the US not very long ago.

Anonymous said...

apparently the alleged ex-minister currently not in the country. can anybody check and confirm.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
how much u think changed hand?

Any lawyer of Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah credential wouldnt take the case unless the damage sufficient enought to cover their premium legal fee. expect 7 digit damage

Malaysian Joe said...

I think Rocky knows who the ex-MP is.. :). I heard fr the grapevine too but dare not reveal after they sue me pulak....

@artchan, he got intoxicated drinking MELON juice...

Anonymous said...

that's what money can do....damn

Anonymous said...

The Watcher Said,
This ex Minister is the same Nazi that made racist and derogatory statements against some Malaysian students in the US not very long ago.

This same minister, as I could still recall, a few years ago on a trip to Frankfurt,Germany en-route to the US to attend a meeting, harassed the flight crew, saying, Quote "I own MAS, I own all of you".Demanded to enter the cockpit. Flight crews refused due to Sept.11 incident.
Harassed the flight stewardess.
After that meeting in the US, the Parliament was rocked with accusation that certain Minister had engaged in sexual activities while attending the meeting in the US.

Anonymous said...

So...another scum bag got off the hook...or was it that the hotel was too cognizant of the after effects, not to rock the boat or the powers that be in action...I guess whilst sending up our spaceman the fella in question could have had the cream of the crop of Kazakh stocks...but instead he decided to stoop low enough to his normal level to commit this shameful exercize...who is going to spill the beans on this guy, who on the media night of a tv outfit,(held several years ago) disappeared for his rendezvous, even before the function ended

Who is going to revive the culprits of the Norita case, walking free..I am not sure that this guy had a spree, but he sure fits into the profile of the patron.

This guys had the audacity of calling my girlfriend 'sweetie...see you during the coffee break, at one corporate function..
If he is the man he is ...he should own up and walk tall...maybe that isn't in his vocabulary.

Anyway, maybe because the cigar promoter works for a hot,hard and rocking outfit which is in the entertainment and hospitality industry.So perhaps the bosses would have made a good decision in the interests of one and all.

Whatever the reasons behind that incident, the groper must learn and repent or face the consequences.He must also call to mind that he has a daughter that he so fondly speaks of, at many if not every press conference during his reign as a full member of the cabinet.

Maybe its about time scums (can't find a better terminology in the english language to describe him) like this behave politely in public and give credence to the office they hold or the people they represent.

There is also another scum cum coward turncoat former cabinet minister now a current member of parliament who walked out on his family for a second-hand maiden,heard he is a ethnic cuisine restauranteur wanna be.Its so sad how these guys carry themselves.This scum deserted his family.

Anyway, the day of judgement is they say 'for whom the bell tolls'....maybe your boarding ticket is ready for collection....repent and save yourself from the damnation of hell...sighhhhh

Anonymous said...

This same guy is also well known for chasing after other people's wives.

Andrew said...

Something fishy. Feel sad for the woman. Clearly pressured to do so with a carrot at the end no doubt.
New blogger Veritas has a good commentary on the case here:

suaramalaysia said...

after the sexual escapade of the Malaysian health minister, we can't afford to assume and presume that this woman is the evil perpertrator.

very often women are being intimidated to "confess" that they are at fault and made it all up when sexual predators abuse them.

lets get to the bottom of this violation and i appeal to women's organisations like WAO and AWAM and Sisters of Islam to throughly investigate what really caused her to "change" her police report.

no politician or vip should be exempted from the law or to coerce victims of sexual abuse into altering police reports. sexual abuse must be eradicated at all levels and be condemned in the strongest terms.

Anonymous said...

This same person was in the limelight not too long ago when while in US he allegedly passed remarks (factfully wrong) to a Malaysian female on her level of darkness and so forth.
Then there was a near blackout in the MSM.
The current story is indeed more blightful, one would say.
Just goes to show the power of karma whom money,race,nationality,class,clan or tribe cant beat when it happens.
So everyone needs to be humble that God lifts them up at the right time and that they seek the truth rather than hide it.

Anonymous said...

bro rocky

betul ke thru some friends back in malaysia kata with the current political scenario, this is just another ploy to divert the public from the real issues.

1.The failure of BN government to garner two-third majority in GE.

2.The repeated calls made by Umno members for PM to step down

3.To weaken Najib via his hencemen.

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

bro rocky

betul ke thru some friends back in malaysia kata with the current political scenario, this is just another ploy to divert the public from the real issues.

1.The failure of BN government to garner two-third majority in GE.

2.The repeated calls made by Umno members for PM to step down

3.To weaken Najib via his hencemen.

Are these true?

Michael L. Gooch, SPHR said...

The sad fact is that most people who suffer from sexual harassment, are the ones that never report the offense. In my years as a human resource professional, I have witnessed this time and time again. Just as sad, is that a number of reported sexual harassment incidents are actually people trying to get back at a boss that they do not like or resent for some reason. Sometimes the reason is as simple as envy. I detail these situations and offer solutions in my book, Wingtips with Spurs: Lessons From the Ranch. In fact, I devote an entire chapter to these issues. Until we learn deep, moral lessons, there will be prey on both sides of the coin. Michael L. Gooch, SPHR

Snowflake said...

Oh baby, baby it's a wild world, Hard to get by, just to put on a smile, girl,
Oh baby, baby it's a wild world,
Always remember you, coz you, I can buy, girl,
Oh baby, baby it's a wild world.

Marianne J said...

la... we ALL know who the guy is.

the real question is 'How Much?'