Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tips for new Bloggers

Want to know who else has started blogging? Click here. If you're a politician (or working for one), got tips on what NOT to say about bloggers, too!


  1. Anonymous12:02 am

    Good one.Check out and

  2. Anonymous8:28 am

    bro, all of a sudden it is no longer cool to blog with all these idiot joining in! copy cat, copy cat, tak malu!

  3. Alamak...penghuni 3540, Jalan Sudin tu masih...?



  4. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Hee! Hee! Hee!
    Sekarang Bloggers - YB
    Tak' Berapa Lama ,Bloggers - Scum of The Earth - Defamation,Libel,Slander,ISA,OSA - sekarang - I say, I say, I say -PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,LAH- Listen to Me!

  5. Anonymous3:25 pm

    so it is true umno digs its own grave, see what m m taib is saying in The Star:

    PETALING JAYA: The arrogance and complacency of some Umno leaders after Barisan Nasional’s landslide victory in the 2004 polls sent the wrong message to the other races in the country.

    And that was among the reasons Barisan lost votes to Pakatan Rakyat in last month’s general election, said Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib.

    “Knowingly or unknowingly, some of the decisions by Umno leaders hurt the feelings of other races, especially the Chinese and Indians, in peninsular Malaysia.

    “Some of our Umno leaders ... when they speak ... here Malay ... there Malay ... tenders for Malays, hoisting and kissing the keris (Malay dagger). Out there, when they (other races) see our leaders speak, they get scared.

    “We appear arrogant to them,” he said when speaking at an information and dialogue session with Petaling Jaya Selatan Umno division members here on Friday night.

  6. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    I know that it is not exactly relevant to this post, but what prompted the Tengku Makhota of Kelantan to make the statements which were reported in The Star today, Apr 13?

    As per the report, the prince 'has reiterated that no one should challenge Malay rights and privileges'.

    He also said, as per the report, at a gathering of Muslim NGOs in KL, that "it is not appropriate for the other races to demand equal rights and privileges after they had already acquired their citizenship".

    My first reaction? Here we go again!

    My second reaction? Is the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan seriously suggesting that all Malaysians should not enjoy "equal rights and privileges"?

    Third - is this his own opinion or did someone write his speech for him? Why did he choose to make a foray into something that is so sensitive?

    In any case, I foresee trouble ahead as the rightist and reactionary elements in Umno and the Muslim NGOs use his statements as a pretext to criticise current developments such as the opposition-led state govts in 5 states.

    I await the reaction of the PAS-led Kelantan state govt. Will they take the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan to task for his ill-informed statements or will they pretend that it did not happen (i.e. an "elegant silence")?

    Will the BN-led federal govt of Abdullah Badawi support the prince's stand or disavow themselves from it?

    The Chinese, Indian and "other" non-bumiputeras in Kelantan must be scratching their heads.....

    Perhaps you should consider opening a separate posting on this subject so that others can give their views.

  7. Thanks for the tip..

    Surely blogging is a personal choice..which he or she can write whatever he or she wanted to.. and at the same time getting good tips and advices from otai bloggers..its cool.

  8. Rocky,
    since you are about an hour away from 4 million visitors, maybe aspiring bloggers should just visit your blog to see what they should do....

    i kept refreshing every two minutes and saw that you were getting like 10 new visitors a minute or so.... thats serious traffic man

  9. Anonymous8:32 am

    "i kept refreshing every two minutes and saw that you were getting like 10 new visitors a minute or so...."

    So that's how you get the millions, eh, Rockstar? Lab rats hitting the lever for a morsel of food.

  10. Is it old bloggers' business to direct traffic to new bloggers like Toyo for instance? I am jealous man, in hardly a week he has had more traffic into his blog than I have had since I first opened mine in 2005!! Haha!!

  11. Allo brader pemantau, saya ni memantau kalau nak tengor rate of traffic kenalah check regularly, kalau tak kena dengar cakap orang aje, macam sesetngah pemantau..ti pasal BN kalah

  12. Anonymous12:06 pm

    You want traffic..? go see Ali Ketam blog... haha

    From the day he posted a comment criticizing the new Selangor govt policy on pig issue..Ali Rustam blog has becomed 'kandang babi'... semua pakat sondol dia..kesian...hahaha..

    The idiot who think he is sooo damn smart will never want to learn anything from others who he thought are sooo stupid....

    'Arrogant Silence' I would say..same goes well with his no.1 boss..

    "Kepimpinan melalui tauladan..." :D

  13. Anonymous9:56 am

    Since yesterday, Ali Ketam has disabled all comments for his blog ...

    Too much perhaps, he cannot Typical UMNO mentality thinking cyberworld is a place for goblok & idiots. Stunned in 'arrogant silence'.. eh YB? Painful eh getting lashed by factual arguments from commenters ?

    Harrr...harrr...harrr... pathetic indeed .. same goes with people who elected him... now you see, next hope you don't!

    Melaka people..Enough seing the true color of your leader? He is a typical UMNO politician who always think respect is something INHERIT from the title he carried (Dato'/YAB/Ketua Menteri,jawatan dlm parti UMNO etc..)..a license to 'syok sendiri' eh?
    However,respect as we all know, is something to be EARN..

    whatever lah..they'll never learn anything as usual..they love to "syok sendiri" as usual also!

    No need to give tips anymore lah Rockyfella..let them learn the hard way..!

    Welcome to cyberworld... as mentioned by Khairi Takmaludin..cyberworld is like a jungle & there is a lot of monkeys & beruk...

    but remember that you may also encounter a lot of beast in this jungle..and please do not be a 'pondan' & try to run away when you meet them..Like monkey also,they are all God's creation..Eat your own words hah..

    hahaha.. :P