Friday, April 04, 2008

Whipping the non-Muslim sinners

Zahid Hamidi, you up for this? The controversial proposal to prosecute non-Muslims for khalwat is a test for the new Cabinet, says lawyer Malik Imtiaz, who describes the attempt as "wholly repugnant", in his latest posting A test for the Reform Cabinet here.

They are also proposing that the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Amendment) 1984 be amended to impose stiffer penalties of RM1,000 fine, or five years’ jail or 12 strokes of the rotan for Syariah Lower Courts and RM20,000 fine, or 10 years’ jail or 24 strokes of rotan for Syariah High Courts.
Current limits are a maximum of three years’ jail, or RM5,000 fine, or up to six lashes or any combination of these, and different states provide different penalties for these offences.

I think stiffer this and stiffer that and shaming people make some people feel real powerful and holy. I hope Zahid, the Gold Wing rider and new Minister in charge of religious affairs, is different.


  1. Anonymous2:01 pm

    What blooming nonsense - some Islamic Hadhari stunt.
    As in any religion , sinners should be judged by God, as long as it is not criminal.

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I wonder if the stiffer this and stiffer that should be applied to the BN leaders first as they are the biggest sinners in corruption, raping of underaged bohsia, stealing land titles from the poor, shifting away billions of Ringgit from Malaysia, "selling off" part of our motherland to foreign country, cronyism, nepotism and you name it.

  3. Islam is free
    Everybody can take it

    It is power crazy people
    Tainted the name of Islam

    Passing rules and policies
    Sitting on the bench meting out punishments
    Who are these religious officials?
    Do they have sins in their closets?

    Allah wants His children
    Make peaceful coexistence
    With all His creations
    Not circling into one entry route

    Islamic punishments in the Holy Quran
    I doubt any one should put any more to it
    It is the male dominated zealots
    They want power under Islam
    They are the ones who bring Islam a bad name

    Islam allowing one to be free
    Learning and acquiring experience
    Pray hard for forgiveness of sins which are many
    Here we have over better than saints officials
    Trying to pass rules and laws

    Ask yourself O learned judges
    Are you not sinned now?
    Islam has no airs
    It is free; one answers to his Lord

  4. Masalah orang Islam sendiri belum settle. Kenapa nak campur masalah org. bukan islam?

  5. Anonymous3:05 pm

    They should concentrate on more pressing issues like corruption, Mat Rempit and young Muslim social problems than coming out with more proposals. Problems in hand not solve but want to propose new guidelines. Learn to walk before running.

  6. Anonymous3:09 pm

    nothing better to do, first why should people penalise others for personal sin, let God punish if they do, not mankind.

    Secondly, can u imagine how muslims would feel if (say)christian/jewish/buddhist laws encroach into their domain.?

  7. Anonymous4:15 pm

    i wonder do you have any post on the Fitna the Movie that cause havoc now?

  8. Anonymous4:29 pm


    how about those politician who abuse their power aka mandate given by the rakyat. It's a sin as big bro.

  9. IKIM now denies any such proposal was made to charge non-Muslims for Khalwat if they are caught with Muslims.

    Whatever, it is now important to be vigilant over BN's efforts to make it difficult for Pakatan Rakyat should they somehow succeed to take over the government anytime soon. These kinds of legislation will pit race against race religion against secular and so on.

    This is not good at all.

  10. Anonymous4:42 pm

    More distractions?

    Imposing syariah laws on non-Muslims is unconstitutional. So apa mau cakap lagi?

  11. Khalwat laws to be imposed on non Muslims? Very bad idea, we should not impose our muslim laws on other non muslims.

    Anyway its a Sure fire way for UMNO and BN to lose PRU13 guaranteed. Must remember that Sabah and Sarawak Muslims are in the minority over there.

    Whoever even thought of this idea should be put in a strait jacket and locked up to stay under the pleasure of his Royal Highness DYMM Agung.

  12. I wonder he knows what he is saying...

  13. "Whipping"? Shouldn't we do that to those politician who take the entire family on foreign trips and spend wang rakyat like their atuk's money.May be its time Malaysian politics or atleast UMNO politician should be made Syariah Compliant.If instilling moral values, is what they (religious authorities) intend than they should start from top by engaging UMNO politician who had betrayed the people's trust by being corrupt. Hope those who proposing stiffer penalties for khalwat will also have "balls" to bring these culprits to book.. if the "sin" of corrupt is not under syariah jurisdiction, than make it into one. This is Malaysia... after all

  14. Anonymous5:23 pm

    all these news are good for the opposition, this is the beginning of the end of them! what nonsense, even as a muslim i nearly fell off my chair when i read this rubbish, dont they have ANYTHING ELSE TO DO?

  15. We are heading for the Wahhabi Hadaris path for sure, soon Muslim women will find difficulty breathing for they will be asked to wear a gunny sack to hide away their beautiful body. Malay men will look even more scruffier with less grooming, untrimmed facial hairs, wearing the same sarong for weeks to be used to wipe when after they are peeing or after taking a must crap. Did you know that I am carrying a bottle gel hand dispenser because I know Malay men especially do not use soap to wash after taking a crap. Did you know that a study done by a university recently found out there is a definite co-relation between longevity and those carrying hand sanitizer gel! So go and buy one you Morons!
    As for non-Muslims to be whipped for committing Mulsim sin, whip them, I am tired of beng a whipping boy myself, pardon the pun. Why must only non-mulsims can have good time, I want some too, so there! Dont forget the hand sanitiser okay Mo!

  16. Anonymous5:36 pm

    So I must take care not to be in the same room alone with any of these males in ur blogroll.

    Mat Salo
    Ancient Mariner
    Tuk Mat Talib
    Uncle Ron
    Tuk Kadir
    Sang Kelembai
    Amir Hafizi
    Beghaim Yahya
    A Voice
    Anatoly KERPov
    Penarik Beca
    ....or I risk having my butt bloodied.

  17. apasal kau fitnah aku? aku tak khalwat. baik engko hapuskan rasuah lagi baik.

  18. bro, tell that god-fearing and holy PM to take his corrupt cabinet and "shove it up in a place the sun does not shine" OR move that whole Hadari clowns and hyppocrites to Afganistan ! Take care of the rakyat first and then clean his cabinet that's so full of shit first before treading into other religions. He keeps forgetting we live in a plural society. That's UMNO arrogance and stupidity. Amen.

  19. Anonymous7:27 pm

    The problem with this pupil is whether he knows the real punishment as meted out by Allah swt?Whether its stiffer or not stiffer, go back to whats the REAL punishments? And mind u all, in ISLAM there is such thing as punishment in this world and the Hereafter!!!!Do not comment if u do not know and pls seek from others who knows.TQ

  20. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I do not believe for one second that they will see this through. Muslims, no matter what evil perception have been painted about them, have no history of crusading against people of other religion. For the sake of freedom of thought and speech, IKIM etc have the right to bounce whatever idea that they have; just like everyone else.

  21. Anonymous7:56 pm

    All this strong-arm talks---cancslling of MOU with states ruled by the opposition and now this ...

    Do you get a feeling that the sentiment of these people is nothing more than -' you've scratched our back, and now we are going to scratch yours"

    Watch out for more of these ' jaga kau ..0 attitude.

    A fool never learns. !

    Maybe they are quite happy with what they have won and probably thinking that next election is 5 years away ---so make the people pay !

  22. its funny ehhh

    in malaysia we can have corrupted man becoming religious minister.

    a kampung boy with attitude and aptitude not like the demised Lim Goh Tong can be rich as gomen servant.

    only in malaysia.

  23. Anonymous8:07 pm

    why jaga tepi kain other people. Khalwat is only for muslim. Non-muslim is not subject to it first because we know that we are not suppose to dating sembunyi2, secondly this country is not an Islamic State. It is not Arab or Afghnistan. Do not try to enforce your law on other people. This is irresponsible nonsense things to do. There are lots more other better things for JAIS or whatever it is to do instead of mengendap. huhu..pelik tul

  24. Whip the Umno Hadhari jokers first la...perompak, perogol anak2 bawah umur,penipu...unbelievable..nothing else to do... tak sedar patronising.

    Dah muak la dengan dia orang nih...and everone was so afraid of the PAS boogeyman...

    Tell the ulama2 dan "intelektual" Hadhari to focus on getting justice for Muslim mums and wives in court and on helping the poor and needy first...

    Betul cakap si Zainal tu...sendiri pun belum settle...

  25. Anonymous8:34 pm

    ZH is trying to trick Pakatan Raykat to fall into it by coming up with silly idea. PK be alert with this dirty trick.

    He or UMNO is the party which rise up racial, religion issue like kissing of kris, destroy temples and churches. I yet to see PAS destroy chinese temples and churches.

    MB of Perak, has made the first move to visit churches and temple.
    I respect you with my heart.

    I made a right choice to vote for DAP, Keadilan and PAS for the last 5 elections. No regret.

  26. Anonymous8:39 pm


  27. Anonymous8:41 pm

    What The Flying Fcuk is happening?Havent the simple majority government learnt or understand anything from the election? Sigh... how do actually teach an idiot how to at least appear to understand and think?? Sigh... we are doomed!

  28. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Is khalwat more serious then bombing up your ex-es?

    So many more serious social issues, but all they are interested is in khalwat .. sickening lah.

    By the way, Non Muslims are not subjected to Syariah Law - so propose to change constitution again?

  29. Anonymous8:41 pm

    The powerful bloggers like RPK, Jeff, Rocky, Sheikh, Marina, etc to launch a campaign to boycott MSM (main stream media) for certain period - say from 15 April to 15 May 2008. In a simple calculation, they will collapse, no revenue...

    At the same time, Pakatan Rakyat should publish a new newspaper - printed version of Malaysia Blogs actually, give it a name like Berita Pakatan Rakyat, Berita Alternatif, etc. Fill this newspaper with weaknesses of Barisan Nasional leadership and silaplaku (wrongdoings). The rest on classified, jobs, etc as of the things you can find in daily newspapers.

    Print a limited number of version to be firstly distributed at friendly states like Kelantan (10K copies), Perak (20K), Penang(20K), Selangor(20K), Kedah(10K) and WP(30K). Don't make money for three years, strictly charge to support costs at 50 sen to 80 sen for 20 pages.

    I am sure it's going to be a hit, no harm trying. Not many people have the opportunity to read from cyberspace.

    I have a complete strategy, interested just contact me. Free of charge.... of course!

  30. Anonymous10:09 pm

    I was shock and speechless. But after reading the comments I am very glad that many Muslims are not in favour of the punishment. I wish to reiterate that we have to keep our religion to ourself. Don't imposed our religion on others because you would not like non muslims to be involved in our religion. And make a mess out of it. GOD bless us for having such a draconian Judge. Now you know why there's so many religious problem in Malaysia.

  31. Anonymous10:20 pm

    All I can say is that if we allow the howling 'holier than thou' mullahs (and ayatollahs) to reign high and mighty in this godforsaken country, we are definitely all going to dog heaven.

  32. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Whipping us non-Muyslim sinners will ultimately turn us into some un-Islamic suicide bombers. Do we need that in Hadhari Bolehland?

  33. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Are these people perverts? Or r they having some sort of fetish they can't shake off?

    Every time these ppl get together, be it seminar, conference, meeting etc, they always come out with some new ways to "kacau" the non-muslims!

    Why not come out with new ideas to combat corruptions and crime? What about new ideas of fostering good relation with non-muslim communities? How about new ideas to promote World peace? No? Not important? This "Khalwat" thing more important is it?

    And then they shouted bloody unfair when the rest of the world seen Muslims as extremists.

    How do u expect non-muslims to think?

  34. Anonymous1:27 am

    the inconspicuous creeping Islamisation of Malaysia has reared its ugly head again - this time with the malicous suggestion of imposing Shariah legislation on all non-Muslim Malaysians.

    It is call that is repungant as one that suggest Muslims be judged by Christian, Hindu or even Taoist ethical code.

    such manuverings spell the return of a regime under pressure of losing is dictatorial stranglehold. it is a desperate attemp by some quarters to ressurect the bloodlust of dark days in May 1969.

    all Malaysians who abide by the Consitution and what this country was built upon, namely a secular and democratic system that ensures freedom of religion and tyranny should opposse these jihad opportunists and their strategies.

    the Shariah boys have yet to repent of their maurading attacks against women in clubs and unsuspecting couples throughout the country.

    NGOs like the Sisters of Islam speak for many Muslims and concerned citizens when they call the end of such abuses. it is now time for other Muslim groups and communites to condemn such agression and violation in the name of religion.

    the evidence indicate that these groups went to the extent of humilating and sexually torturing "victims" because they considered those caught had not observed the Islamic dress code and were in a music establishement beyond the restricted time.

    have we not been as a nation wholly digusted at how these gung-ho unholy rascal thugs barged into a hotel of an elderly holidaying couple from the USA? they accused them of "kalwat" or close proxmity. the wife suffered great trauma and physcological harm over the early morning smash in.

    when it was found that their allegations were false and unjustified no formaly apology was given or recorded. will we continue to allow such trauma to be inflicted to visitors and now to non-Muslim Malaysians?

    malaysians of all faiths need to unanimously reject such proposals to impose Islamic Shariah legislation on non-Muslim Malaysians.

    let not such uninformed and uneducated high-handed hypocrites and religous derelicts derail the stability and instution of religous freedom we have agreed and subscribed to from the birth of this nation.

  35. Anonymous1:47 am

    Typical of the mentality of these'high moral religious authorities'.Khalwat cases with non-muslims on the rise ???? Easy answer. Just charge the non - muslims in court and whip them instead of wasting time on educating muslims to refrain from unhealthy vices with muslims or non-muslims alike. I mean these same people will not hesitate to shut down liquor stores to prevent muslims from drinking, or dress their women in gunny sacks to prevent muslim men from outraging their modesty etc... Imagine a parent trying hard to keep all money and valuables away from a child to deter them from stealing instead of just educating them that the act of stealing is wrong !!!

  36. Anonymous1:55 am




  37. Anonymous2:00 am


  38. Anonymous2:09 am

    Salam Bro,

    Argument is purely acedemic guys!

    I would agreed if 'Pimps',child molestor,rapist could be charged both either in Shariah or Civil Crt.However Shariah jurisdiction limits only Max 12 stroke or 2 years or RM 6,000 as compared to civil which we know is more severe.

    Again tell me whats the function of the sentencing?
    Is it for Retribution or deterence or rehabilitation?

    Which ever way we look at it it is true as obiter of Lord Deanning MR


    Thus whats the problem eiter the flatters a judge in either court?

    Do you agree?
    If one dont or if one is an atheist,I suggest one look up again oneself in the mirror and the pledge we made on every Monday morning at school assembly,the flag rising and singing our national anthem and the pledge of Rukun Negara we revows to be truthful and believe in God.

    or does it a catch 22 situation?

  39. Anonymous2:11 am

    u stick to yours and i stick to mine... don't don't shove your shit to me.

  40. The Government should abolish khalwat raids by religious bodies. Such raids are only common in Malaysia, not in other Muslim nations. These so-called religious authorities carry out raids simply to get a kick of seeing couples together. Some have even videotaped the couples. If people commit sin, they are answerable to God. Let them pay for it come Judgment Day. No need to turn Malaysia into a police State, no need to scare tourists away by carrying out Khalwat raids at hotels, etc.

  41. Anonymous2:13 am

    OMG, how much worse can they get!

    The slews of idiocy and vindictiveness coming out of this rabid UMNO Government (I'll absolve their BN counterparts since they were just yesmen before and practically on life-support now) should be enough to tell us that Malaysia CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT till GE13 to replace AAB and his MEANsters.

    A new government with a fresher and more mature cabinet has to happen soon. Either through PR getting the 2/3 seats needed to form a new government or for UMNO to affect a change of leadership within so the current sorry line-up could be replaced with its more able and reasonable people.

    The former probably means AI for PM and the latter, most likely, Ku Li.

    Both have pros and cons but either option has to be loads better than this small-minded, shameless, immoral, unrepentant and vindictive bunch of incompetents we have now. Maybe it's beyond them to be any different because they (not just AAB) are truly dullards with the kind of bloodymindedness only the unintelligent possess.

    Whatever, they should be kicked out before they cause more damage to the country and to our newfound solidarity and sense of purpose, my fellow Malaysians! This bleeping lot is so vengeful that they are not above cutting Malaysia's nose to spite our faces.

    So for the sake of our beloved Malaysia, thinking people who are in UMNO, support Ku Li already. And movers and shakers of PR, hurry up and get those BN MPs who seriously want to cross-over to go get their constituents' okay, whether through a referendum or a by-election or something equally appropriate.

    Chop.. chop! We have a rabid ruling government and their intent is obvious. Their threats to sabotage 5 or more state governments are going to scare foreign investors and seriously weaken the country further at a time when we need to be shoring up our strength to face global economic uncertainties.

  42. Anonymous2:58 am

    Wasn't the last election result damaging enough?

    I'm a Muslim, but shouldn't the Muslim laws be imposed only on the Muslims? ... unless it is a "common" crime, of course...

  43. maaf mencelah..

    sy nak bertanya psl surat sulit ni

    adakah surat tersebut adalah betul??

    amat mendukacitakan sekiranya ia betul2 benar...

  44. Anonymous6:27 am

    r they still stealing money from the tabung haji?

  45. If Zahid is serious about Malaysia's "sex" image instead of going after individuals, just do a google search on "sex in Kuala Lumpur" and he'll find organisations that promote "sex packages" where young girls (foreigners and locals, including Malay girls) offer themselves for prostitution. Though some countries legalise prostitution, Malaysia does not, yet its organised availability and services, with its FAQ etc. out beat even that in the most liberal in Europe. But its all hidden and underground with a black market economy. Surely the authorities must be aware of these going-ons? I suspect (since middleman is involved) they must be paid to keep their eye shut.

  46. Anonymous7:18 am

    Malay women are falling like ten-pins to the handsome banglas, pakis, middle-east men, and dark skinned africans.
    That is why we have such colourful babies, i noticed when i went to Tuanku Abdul Rahman pasar malam recently.
    Many Malay girls with foreigners and babies to go at the pasar malam.
    Whip badawi first for not stepping down, Najib for being a lamp post, KJ for being beruk jantan, Rocky for being a pain-in-the-arse blogger for BN and then come after my chinese arse....

  47. I remember when we had to attend a talk and one of the speakers was ranting about, among other things, why we must follow the 'western calendar'and not Islamic Calendar, covering of aurat, money used by hawkers selling non-halal wares etc when we are an Islamic country. Then one bright ustaz stood up and agreed with the speakers view in toto. However he pointed out that once the Islamic Calendar is officially used, the people should be paid according to the Islamic month which meant that we would get one extra month of salary as one western year roughly equals 13 Muslim months. He also lamented why our footballers "dedah aurat" when they should cover up between the navel to over the knees. Wearing tight full leg stockings is not enough as it still shows the form of the naked leg. It is like the womenfolk covering with body-tight stockings. He also suggested that people selling and buying non-halal goods be forbidden to use the currency used by believers of the Faith. Everybody applauded. However, in the summing up at the end of the forum, neither the chairman nor that particular speaker mentioned those afore-mentioned matters again. That was 10 years ago.

  48. This creates a new dimension in the national economy.

    A greater and more robust demand and supply for credit, which eventually is convertible to cash! :)

    Is there a credit squeeze? Or an ex-subprime crash?

    The 'Malaysian' sharia appears not only irreformable. It's irredeembale!

    It's also irritating, for sure! :(

  49. Soon ... he may face it himself. How will he decide???? Panas ....

  50. Anonymous10:20 am

    ade Orang Alim kate
    " Akhir zaman, urusan Agama akan diserahkan kepda orng bukAN AHLINYA"
    Ni betul betul serupa,
    yang parahnye benda ni terjadi kat negara Malaya.
    Tah-tah akan betoi-betoi hancur.
    TU PM kena pikir jugak perkara begini,
    tah-tah dia takpernah dengar atau caknoo.
    Macamni fitnah akan terus berlaku, institiusi agama orang tak hormat dah.
    Itu am no dah takdak tok lebai ke? (sekurang-kurangnye kalau takde tok Alim).Nie bagi to jahil,mampoih le!!

    (Tok Lebai Agak-agak)

  51. Whip me! Whip me! BDSM is in vogue! Gosh... but I guess IKIM has spoken against it but this are the LMNs that we have to eliminate to make Malaysia a better place.

  52. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Many wouldn't even remember or know that the very same thing had been bandied about by former lord president Tun Salleh Abas. check it in his book constitution, law and judiciary.

  53. After our PM 'soft reminder' to Penang CM not to Fxxx around..i'm watching.Today,another idiot,Nazi(ri) claimed that UMNO is not the cos of BN lost,it BN component parties,MCA,Gerakan, this bustard came out from ass hole after moulded inside for awhile..and start tokkingkok again..this fler shld be sent to 'fire squad'

  54. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Lets digress a bit from this 'old fashioned' and 'outdated' behaviour of the folks passing such 'decrees' and 'recommendation' in the name of religion.

    There is a lovely speech by a PAS MB on the net - click webpage

    These are the realities that do not cost anything but mean everything to ALL Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion.

    Those in power at the centre should look at this development and ask themselves why they were not honest like this MP from PAS.

    Isolating oneself from others just because of religion or race alone means only one thing - not respecting GOD (the creator) who decided on the various forms and sizes of the 'homo sapiens' species.

    And GOD is so merciful. These folks have to just repent and be better human beings, tolerant of all others they live with in this paradise - MALAYSIA.

    BN and PR can co-exist for the better of all Malaysians.

  55. Anonymous5:57 pm

    I often wonder why my relationship with god needs enforcement by my fellow human beings.

  56. Anonymous6:07 pm

    I forsee more "dirty weekends" in Singapore for Malaysian couples of different racial backgrounds.

    I don't think that the Msian moral police are going to start snooping in Spore. Not unless they want to create a major diplomatic incident!

    The talented or affluent "mixed" couples will just migrate to more welcoming locations.

    The proponents of Islam Hadhari cannot have envisaged such a development, could they?

  57. Anonymous8:25 pm


    The Pot is boiling!!

    I could take kalau buta huruf but Ignorance there is not space for them in this room.

  58. Out of topic,
    But regarding your previous post..

    It's nice to read some news that has nothing much to do with politics. I just had too much politics these days..

  59. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Below is a response by the Director General of IKIM on the matter at hand. I apologise for posting the whole content of the response but I sincerely believe the truth on the matter be properly told.

    I would like to refer to the article on page 3 in the Tuesday, April 3 2008 edition of The STAR in which the headlines read "Proposal to prosecute non-Muslims for khalwat". I feel it incumbent to clarify certain matters highlighted in the aforementioned article, the contents of which are contentious to say the least.

    First of all, IKIM's objectives for the 2 day seminar held in collaboration with the Syariah Judiciary Department Malaysia (JKSM) was intended to review existing syariah laws to see if there were any laws that were redundant and also to propose a solution to some of the issues currently plaguing the syariah judiciary system in Malaysia.

    The article in the STAR which reports that the seminar had proposed that non-Muslims caught committing khalwat with Muslims should also be sentenced accordingly but in the civil courts, is entirely erroneous. No such proposal was made, and therefore if what is reported in the Star as being comments allegedly made by Syariah Court of Appeal Judge, are also in error.

    Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas, Director General
    Conversely, it is our opinion that non-Muslims cannot fundamentally be charged under any provision in Islamic law by virtue of the fact that they do not profess the religion of Islam. In addition, to my knowledge, there is no such provision in the civil courts to charge a person for khalwat, and therefore it would be premature to assume that non-Muslims can also be subjected to the charge of khalwat in the civil courts.

    I am disappointed with the article highlighting comments allegedly made by Datuk Mohd. Asri Abdullah which emphasized the banal, when in reality the more important substantive proposals having to do with laws protecting the rights of divorced women and their rights to maintenance, were ignored.

    Towards the end of the article, it also alleges that there was a proposal calling "for the establishment of a rehabilitation center for those convicted of offences related to morals and faith such as prostitution and effeminate men". To my knowledge, I have never interpreted being effeminate as an offence. But more importantly this so called proposal as reflected in the article is not representative of the proposals made during the seminar at IKIM. If indeed the learned Syariah Court of Appeal Judge made those statements, we strongly advise that it would behoove the learned Judge to be more circumspect in future.

    Dr. Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas
    Director General|.html

  60. Anonymous9:49 pm

    yang itu lah bn nak mengelirukan orang. good that they have been mostly voted out.

  61. Anonymous10:11 pm


  62. Anonymous11:44 pm

    satu lagi perbuatan yang menjatuhkan lagi martabat orang melayu di permukaan bumi ini..Melayu Bodoh!

  63. As a Mislim, I am saddened by what is happening. Haven't the Umnoputras done enough damage to this nation, our nation's assets,its peaceloving but downtrodden citizens & insulted their own race & Islam ????? We have to remind them that everytime they point their finger at anyone, three fingers are pointing at themself. Islam is about being a tolerant & understanding "Role model" to your fellow beings - a balance between fardhu Ain (one's relationship with God) & Fardhu Kifayyah (one's relationship with God's beings).

    Instead of reorganising themselves to work with their new partners to better govern this nation, they want to find faults & create more disharmony.....May God show them the truth !

    They do not need any foreign enemies to destroy their oganisation, as they are their own worst enemies with their Autopilot set on a "Self-destruct" mode !

    We just sit back & continue to do our own thing....& watch the show !

  64. Anonymous11:03 am

    Zahid Hamidi, why stop at khalwat; go all the way to arak, khinzir, judi, kelab-malam....

    will SURELY good for Malaysia....

    LOL !

  65. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Aiyah, why u all so bising bising.

    Let's seem them take action on the first khalwat case:

  66. This is a travesty of justice to charge non Muslim under "Hadhari" laws.

  67. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Womder what the PM has got to say about this? On second thoughts, don't bother.. He's still in deep slumber.

  68. Anonymous10:46 am

    Dear Frenz,

    I would like to introduce a short video (as attached) for your viewing and consideration. We are intellectual people with love and hope. Decide and judge for yourselves.


  69. Anonymous11:49 am

    Not sure why the link was not fully pasted. Here I'm resending it again. Thanks

  70. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Why going after the non-Muslim on trivial matter such as 'khalwat' a good governence of true Islam 1st and everybody will embraced without force! Not with the one tainted with political shits agendas..the Jab. agama should get themselves straight 1st before try to 'straightened' others as people see you people as political goon tools..

    "There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Tâghût and believes in Allâh, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allâh is All-Hearer, All-Knower." (al-Baqarah:256)

    Islam is more that just about rituals, its about system of living ..sosio-economic, science & politics all inclusive..why just limit perspective on hudud alone..?

    Bodoh punya Melayu..nk jadi juara Islam konon mengajar org lain..rasanya kalau korang faham betul2 tuntutan Rukun Islam ke-4 wajib keluar zakat, pandai2 lah belajar ilmu kukuhkan ekonomi utk keluar zakat & pergi haji..tak complete 5 Rukun boleh mengaku diri Muslim ker nk ajar org lain? tak perlu 'tongkat subsidi'..Kalau semua org nak terima zakat sapa nk usaha keluar zakat?? Nak jadi umat terbaik sbg contoh ke kat diaorg non-muslim ni? Sendiri balik faham dulu baik2 baru cerita kat org..pigi dah Melayu hadhari...

    ..its better & holier to go after the politicians who rob the rakyat money that bring more damages to the society at large compared to go after personal khalwat thing..chop these robbers-fuckers hand 1st..! Why? Zahid..cannot you belong in the same basket?

    Islamic syariah rule/hudud is for the sake of society peace keeping, i.e things that affect other human beings relation.. what khalwat, or private boozing party got anything to do affecting other human beings around? ..unless they causes public disturbance to others..yes, then take action! If I do not commit corruption, rob/snatching , kill or rape people..what do I got to afraid of hudud?

    I support hudud for public canning the child molester & woman rapers, chop the hand of snatch thief & robbers (including the corrupt politician) and forever it will be a great lesson for others not to be like one of these fucking rascals causing great troubles to others.. I could not agree more on that, taking into account the current situation system of a down of our police services & crime rate on the rise.

    To the moron politicians & the similar..Pls. don't talk on behalf of Islam with your ass hole filthy mouth if you do not understand anything about true Islam as a whole..!

    Zahid fucker..Don't pretend to be holy 'alim' thing you hadharian bastards! Your already smear smelly diarrhoe shits whithout you even realized yet! If you cannot understand or practice all the thing about true Islam, better keep the fucking mouth shut for you bring more damages to the religion like you fucking terorist alter-ego.

    I will never dictate others non-Muslim to follow my belief until i believe i'm already able to show the true examples of real Islam...must get it right with the 'marketing strategies' 1st..follow the Phrophet way..No violence.