Monday, April 07, 2008

Umno saboteurs

Witch-hunt. It's been a month since BN's worst general election. And Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who has refused to take responsibility as Umno President, BN Chairman or the Prime Minister, seems to have identified the people responsible for his party's predicament.
And he is now, according to the Editors of the MSM ...
But, really, who sabotaged the BN?

If you ask me, I say look at the people around the PM.

The PM is still relying on the same advisers to guide him. The same advisers who told him that the BN would win Kelantan and Penang, and win BIG. Same son-in-law. Same half-past-6 4th Floor boyz. Same spin doctors at NST, Utusan, Bernama.
The only difference is that he's got a new Information Minister. But given extended denial mode he's in, Zam's absence doesn't seem to be helping at all.

If you ask me again, I say those guys around him are responsible. If anyone did sabotage the party and undermine the PM, these people did with their arrogance and incompetence.

Umno has an idea of the saboteurs!


  1. How bloody accurate onservation !
    tho so far we see no traces of blood anywhere , maybe its called elegantly fighting back

  2. Anonymous2:00 pm

    I am amused that he is able to pinpoint the cause(s) of defeat only now. Had he been advised the same earlier, then he can save himself from making those 'unrealistic' boasts prior to the election.

  3. Perhaps TV station patut buat reality show "MENCARI PM" and apa kata kita gandingkan Pak Lah dengan pesainga lain spt Tun M, Ku Li, Anwar Ibrahim, Ibrahim Ali, Samy VEllu and kemudian kita ramai ramai sms afundi siapa yg popular.

    Bosan sungguh dengar press conference Pak Lah, dari awal sampai habis keje cari salah orang, salah sendiri tutup dlm botol, humban dlm laut. Anyway kenapa TV asyik pan wajah Mat Taib, bosan betul ! Buang masa aku betul tgk news mcm tu, baik aku tgk cartoon !

  4. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Yeah, our PM, should have chosen YOU as one of his advisers. Things would have been perfect then. May be its not too late for him to consider you. YOU, Mr. Rocky will be perfect for him.

  5. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Pls, Pak Rocky - list out the names of all the 4th floor boys (and girls) and also the spinmeisters in the MSM.

    So far, only KJ seems to be cast as the big bad wolf!

    Other names have been thrown around or hinted at, but there is no one definitive list of who's who in this "Hall of Fame".

    If you know what I mean......

  6. Anonymous2:37 pm

    having fallen, pak lah still failed to diagnose the root cause of his donwfall. this is very very dangerous game..he is shooting aimlessly.


  7. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I'm on medical board !!!

    sick of it!

  8. Wag the Dog (1997)

    Stanley Motss: The President will be a hero. He brought peace.
    Conrad 'Connie' Brean: But there was never a war.
    Stanley Motss: All the greater accomplishment.

    @What he is doing is Natural :

    We believe that to err is human. To blame it on someone else is politics.
    Hubert H. Humphrey

  9. Anonymous2:46 pm

    sabotajeur no #1 :
    Khairi Jamaluddin.

    But do Pak Lah know that?

  10. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Saboteurs ? Wow that's an eye opening statement MR PM. Maybe it's about time that MIC, MCA and GERAKAN to find who sabo them also?

  11. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Saudara Rocky:

    Usahlah teruja-uja dalam spekulasi menuduh orang ini atau orang itu sebagai dalang sabotage.
    Apa gunanya lagi memperdaya diri sendiri dan rakyat, apabila ianya sejelas siang hari bahawa punca-punca utama kejatuhan UMNO dan BN bukanlah orang-orang sekeliling Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi, malah adalah yang berikut: korupsi (terutamanya sejak 1980an lagi), keangkuhan, tiadanya ketelusan dalam pentadbiran, dan kebangkrapan idea dan prinsip (misalnya perjuangan UMNO/BN berdasarkan konsep perkauman yang dilihat janggal apabila dilatarbelakangkan realiti masyarakat pluralisma/majmuk Malaysia).

    Inilah punca-punca utama kegagalan UMNO/BN dalam PRU-12 yang sukar diterima oleh pembesar-pembesar serta ahli-ahli UMNO/BN yang lain kerana ianya suatu kegagalan sistemik: kegagalan yang hanya boleh diatasi sekiranya pembahruan yang sebenar dimulakan.

    Selagi isu ini dielak, selagi itulah UMNO menanggung risiko menjadi kurang releven dalam arena politik kontemporari.

  12. UMNO is still barking up the wrong tree.
    It has got all the right recipe for self destruction.

  13. Anonymous3:02 pm

    If UMNO leaders were the one sabo him, tak reti-reti lagi nak buat apa kat mereka??? Apalah,...PL still want to say other people yang jauh like kuman di seberang sabo him tapi gajah yang depan mata he cannot see..Lembik tapi keras??? I wonder how...

  14. Anonymous3:16 pm

    you are spot on... no need to do any post-mortem, what you wrote (on who the actual culprits are) in one short paragraph sums it all up.

  15. How often do the PM and his team stand in front of a mirror and ask themselves if they had done what they are supposed to do according to their promises.
    Most likely they admire their expensive suits and look forwards to buying yatches and planes, rather than look at the plight of the Rakyat.
    During elections, every other UMNO candidate were chauffered around in their sepensive SUVs, with outriders made up of UMNO youths or mat rempits. You wouldn't think that they were here to serve the rakyat; most likely to be served by the rakyat.

  16. Dear skilgannon1066,

    The Tingkat Empat boys, in passing:

    1. Kamal Khalid
    2. Zaki
    3. Norza
    4. Vincent Lim

    Each of them deserves a separate posting, given their contributions to our political landscape for the last 4 years or so.

    Khairy Jamaluddin and Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan are NOT considered part of the outfit.

    But those working for the four, especially in sensitive areas, are known to the two or vetted by them.

    Someone up there is Kamal the Son.

    Thank you. Hope this will be sufficient, until the time comes for those separate postings on each of them.

  17. Anonymous3:36 pm




  18. Bro,

    What's about more Sufiah yusof stories eh? Looks like the more genius you become, the more sex u need. Remind me of the book "Think and Grow Rich" - Sex Transmutations! Look here

  19. Anonymous4:09 pm

    better to take the hint to leave quietly no...than starts lashing out at people. it might look better if he fire back with some style, but pak lah's style...? he should wake up and see that he's the pm, at least act like one...

    ever consider changing templates? see some at Our Blogger Templates.

  20. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Right on! Why didn't they just browse the internet and read blogs? All the answers are out there.

  21. Anonymous4:13 pm


    I request a moment's thought be given to the facts:

    Could it be truly plausible that approximately 50% popular vote went to the opposition mainly because of internal saboteurs in UMNO, as claimed?

    Intra-party sabotaging (e.g., infighting, lack of flow of campaign funds to the grassroots) or the like could have very little influence on the people's voting decision, especially given the scale of votes received by the opposition in the recent elections. The minds of the bulk of voters must surely have been made up fairly early on. Besides, the barrage of pro-BN campaign advertisements in the mainstream media was huge, as usual.

    I don't think rocket science is required here. The crux of the matter simply stares us in the face , and it is this: that the people have had declined to vote for Barisan Nasional because they've had enough of its corrupt and insulting politics.

  22. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Trying to stay in power so give lame excuse hopefully the delegates will believe.

    If he resigns, the SIL, the son and Partick Lim will all be in trouble.

    No choice but hold on to power....

  23. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Aku bukan pengundi pada pilihan raya lepas kerana kedua2nya (BN & Pembangkang) bukan bagus pun. BN memang terkenal dengan kronisme, rosak akhlak, rasuah & banyak lagi. Pembangkang pulak memang masih muda dan belum bersedia untuk memerintah. Tapi selepas pilihan raya, kelihatan pembangkang sudah mula bersedia dan BN pula semakin merundum. Boleh dikatakan, majoriti rakyat membenci Pak Lah dan menantunya. Cuma, barangkali PM masih belum sedar atau buat2 tak sedar. Perbuatan menunding jari terhadap orang lain memamng satu perbuatan yang tidak dapat menerima hakikat. Memang sedih jadi PM, apabila tidak dihormati oleh kebanyakan orang. Aku rasa namanya sudah terlalu busuk dan tidak layak untuk masuk ke dalam buku sejarah dan itulah yang amat digeruninya. Daripada wira menjadi sampah sarap. Rasanya sudah terlambat untuk dia membetulkan segalanya. Kesian dan biarkan dia melalak..!!!

  24. Blaming disease
    ‘Oh it isn’t me
    I don’t have to worry
    It is others making me spin’

    When things get wrong
    When results tell a different view
    It is better to admit one’s leadership
    Shifting blame isn’t a sign of good leadership

    Yeah blaming disease
    The leader sings his melody
    The fans listen in awe
    Thinking he must be right
    Others have to fall

    The Titanic sinks too
    One shouldn’t forget
    In the rough seas
    Nobody knows what may happen

    Oh blaming disease
    It rings a bell every one tries to pretend
    Let the leader says what he wants
    The party is sinking deep into the oven

    The leader forgets to turn off the knob
    The heating flame burning like hell
    In no time only the dark smoke
    Writing it up in the white sky

  25. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Don't know who is advising the PM la. He just appointed a new political secretary Datuk Mohd Alwi Che Mat from Kelantan. He used to be the political secretary to Anuar Musa and there was all that scandal about PPRT programe.

    No credibility appointing someone from a state which has been struggling unsuccessful as the opposition. Moreover that guy all talk and no action.

  26. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Dah mula meracau dah ni. Kesian Pak Lah.

    Bila dah turun nanti, harapnya dia tidak dijadikan bahan lawak generasi2 akan datang.

  27. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Prime Minister is up for the royal jester job.. perhaps in terengganu!

  28. The number one Saboteur is Pak Lah himself. The longer he remains as PM the worst it will be for UMNO.

  29. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Change has happened to Pak Lah..
    Dulu diam saja...
    Kini elegant fightback with club swinging!!!
    Wonder who will get whacked by Pak Lah's swinging club?

  30. Anonymous5:43 pm

    now we are seeing the real badawi! not that nice isnt? he handle hot situation like by lashing out in a very unprofessional manner, very childlike and forgetable!

  31. Sabotage!!!, Ok, if really there is Sabotage, then why are your own ppl (UMNO members) sabotage you!! Do you think of that?!! Your members are smarter than you!!! They are tired of you!!! Tired of your self-center policy!!!

    Ok, good, go and take action to your members. You though your party was a golden moutain?! They can just leave your party, cause if you keep on dreaming and living in your own world. The only future for UMNO will be history of Malaysia. So what the used of staying in such a self-center party?

    So please keep on doing so, hence on the next GE, we MALAYSIAN will get a newly born MALAYSIA. A MALAYSIA that we MALAYSIAN are totally proud of.

    Let you be the example to the other politicians or political party. To show that we, people, are the one in charge. We demand for a clean government and if we are not happy with you, we can kick you out from the office.

    Hurray to MALAYSIA, and Hurray to all MALAYSIAN to make the change to be started.

  32. I am sure anybody who watched TV3 at 8pm could not have missed how far the Deputy Presiden and the Sleepy Head Presiden was standing.The distance between them and the body language paints a thousand words.

    One thing for sure is that this Dollah is out of sync with the UMNO grassroots. Now he blames sabotage for losing the 2/3 majority. He should say why there was sabotage in so many sure win UMNO parliamentary constituencies therein we will know why orang UMNO voted for PAS, DAP and PKR.
    The truth is too painful for this Dollah, UMNO grassroots is just fed up with his leadership and wants change pure and simple.

    Pak Lah, Please investigate sabotage No1 how Rembau Parliamentary seat was won by BN by 5000 votes when BN lost by about 200 in the first count. SPR should investigate how so much postal votes were counted in the last minute. It is a mockery of democratic elections in Malaysia.

    Also investigate the fourth floor boys and their advisers and UMNO information chief who totally used the wrong strategy of ignoring the internet and refused to listen to grass root opinion. I think these are the true saboteurs, Pak Lah need not look further. Sack Them and then please resign also.

  33. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Goodness gracious, first he made a mess of the elections, then he earned the wrath of the Sultans, fickle minded his way through appointments of MBs and Cabinet ministers, now he's making enemies of UMNO members by calling them saboteurs?

    All these without ever admitting he's the REASON behind all these cahouts?

    Continue your denial existence, my dear Pak Lah. You shall learn a valuable lesson at the end of this...

  34. Of course Badawi is right in making this allegation. He has as much evidence as he has got on the Hindraf 5 of the work of the saboteurs and as to who they are.

    this allegation gets top billing in all the papers now isn't it?

    Hey, past few days I get woken up by RTM's Track FM...the English station. News at 7.00 starts with Prime minister Badawi said...Hey, idiot, do you need to remind us or is it that you need to tell us that you are still around?

  35. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Maybe there were cases of sabotage, but in Perak UMNO did win big - 27 of 34 seats it contested. BN was lost by MCA (mostly to DAP), MIC, Gerakan and PPP. But to me it wasn't sabotage, but mostly show of displeasure towards leadership. The real cause of BN's loss were bad choice of candidates, failure to tackle sensitive issues and most importantly I think, the GE was held very prematurely.

  36. Anonymous7:00 pm

    I am off the same opinion Bru, you use garbage advisors, you get garbage info - the term we use alot in the IT industry GIGO(garbage in garbage out).

    But what really puzzle me is how can our PM still living in denial, now blaming on internal sabortage....he still don't get it...duhhh!

  37. KJ and the 4th Floor boys were the saboteurs, if there were any.

    AAB doesn't need to look far. The rakyat is looking for some soul-searching and expression of humility from the PM which is still not forthcoming, since his team of advisors remain the same.

  38. Mr Smith!

    U said that Umno is barking up the wrong tree!

    U R WRONG!


    Please distinguish between the two.

    UMNO AND PAK LAH IS NOT ONE AND THE SAME!IF THEY WERE, THEN THE 2008 ELECTION RESULTS, whereby thousands of UMNO members voted opposition would not have happen would it?If Pak Lah and Umno members are one and the same,then the Umno malay votes would have been exactly like Pa Lah's vote, right? But it wasnt so they are not one and the same.

    In fact, Umno member voted many opposition members in droves, because they feel that Pa Lah has been barking up the wrong tree, on a whole plethora of issues for four years!

    but if u want to see if Umno(as oppose to Pak Lah)is barking up the wrong tree,or the right tree for that matter, than campaign( thru your comments on the blogs if nothing else) for Umno members to contest the party's presidency without the nomination requirements.Only when they are allowed to vote for the President without restriction, can u see whether or not they are barking up the wrong tree.

  39. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Hi Bro

    Can someone send a note to Pak Lah that I know where to find the saboteurs of UMNO. I mean those who actually cause the humiliation of UMNO, since he cannot admit its the people around him.

    Here are the list where he can find the people who sabotaged UMNO





  40. Anonymous9:13 pm

    TerimaKasih kepada UMNO kerana
    beria-ia menyokong Pak Lah.
    Dia menolong parti lawan menang dengan jayanya.
    Kau orang punya parti dah kena sakit kronik(diabetis).
    Diabetis hanya boleh diubati dengan memotong anggota.
    Majlis Tertinggi masih lagi tertidur dibuai mimpi indah akibat jangkitan dari leadernya @ pun kepentingan periuk nasi.
    Suara Akar Umbi masih lagi enggan didengar.
    Akar Umbi adalah silent majoriti yang paling berkuasa dari segi undian.Walaupun suara mereka diremehkan.
    Undi Individu UMNO yg mempunyai jawatan didalam parti hanya boleh dikira dengan jari.Kurang Impak.

    Jika kau orang masih lagi memuja dan banggakan 'orang' PRU 2004/2008. yang sememangnya tidak disukai oleh rakyat berbilang kaum.

    Maka tunggu lah Hari ini Dalam Sejarah(UMNO).
    Tidak payah menunggu PRU13, yang 113% akan diadakan pada 13/03/13 angka tersebut betul-betul sueh..Jika tidak sueh kepada pembangkang ia akan sueh kepada BN. Tetapi selagi ada pemuja 'angka 13',BN sure akan kalah(sueh)di 13 negeri.
    Aku bukan gila nombor mahupun percaya pada nombor. Tapi lepas tengok orang gila nombor,kepala aku asyik terfikir nombor.

    Hanya Tunas dan akar umbi yang baru(tiada masalah besar) yang boleh mengubati kekronikkan UMNO dan BN.

    Adakah anda menunggu feng sueh 13?
    Sudah terlambat...

  41. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Sometimes I wonder if the top echelon of UMNO ever sit down and really count the amount of damage they have done through out the years wether in cash or in kind.

    It is like an overdraft account. Sooner or later it has to be paid back with interest and since the overdraft account has been revolving through so many years without being paid can expect compounded interest along with the final figures for settlement.

    The last election was not even full settlement of the overdrawn account....

    Keturunan Jebat

  42. Anonymous9:20 pm

    what did u guys expect......this will always be te conclusion of ONE who SLEEP while others WORK....( i ve been stabbed from yhe back.....waaaa.aaaa...waaaa.waaaa.aaaaaaaa)

  43. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Some make things happened. Some wonder things happened. Whereas this sleepy head still doesn't know what and how the fuck things happened!? So sad man.

  44. Anonymous9:37 pm

    who sabotaged the BN?
    Aiyo, Pak Lah is wrong again. Is not the UMNO sabotage but is the voter sabotage UMNO.

    If the voter sabotage UMNO than Pak Lah should punish the voter lah!

  45. that what u get from ONE whO SLEEPs while others WORK...........waaaaaaWWWWWAAAAAAA.....AAAAA i ve been sabo.......

  46. Anonymous9:48 pm

    We can see it clearly who sabo BN, but why can't the pembesar-pembesar? I fear that the real sabotuers will continue to maharajalela while the pencinta--UMNO-yang-dibukakan-mata-dan-hati-mereka are wrongly named and shamed. I trust the great majority of UMNO members will see the impending danger and act wisely.

  47. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Catch them if you can, PM. Be extra careful though...cos this tactic is double edge sword. Catch more wrong guy and ban them from Umno...? Way they go to opposition...hehehe

  48. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Mr. Bodohwi has no balls lah....

    A "ball-less" puppet!

  49. Dear Rocky,

    Can you elaborate more of who's who in the 4TH floor..and their responsiblity to Pak Lah's demise (soon i mean :).. i only one i konw is Norza Zakaria..

  50. Anonymous10:04 pm

    It is very saddening to note that Pakatan Rakyat members DAP and PAS are going at each other via the MSM. I just watched how the idiotic newscaster from TV3 gloated that the newly formed Pakatan Rakyat is already showing signs of breaking up.

    Please, YB Karpal Singh and YAB Nik Aziz Nik Mat, keep your quarrels within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat. The last thing we need is for you guys to go to the MSM and wash your dirty linen in public. Talk it over in the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat.

    The 4th Floor Boys will be more than happy to use any disagreement within the Pakatan Rakyat and blow it out of proportion in the MSM that is subservient to the BN regime. If this is to be compared to a boxing match, the BN's legs are beginning to wobble and it is on the ropes. We don't need to wait for another five years for regime change. It can happen at any time. Poor Badawi is completely clueless as to what is happening around him. The poor guy is now on a witch hunt blaming sabotage by UMNO members for the BN's poor showing in the just concluded GE. Wake uplah, Pak Lah! It ain't got nothing to do with any sabotage. The people were just fed up with you, your SIL, UMNO and the racist agenda of BN. Brother, just leave us alonelah. Gooooo awaylah! Stop blaming others for the BN's poor showing. Be a gentleman and just leave! WE DON'T WANT YOU NOR NEED YOU. MALAYSIA WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU, UMNO AND BN.

    It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to take stock of the current situation and deal the knock out punch to the pathetic BN. Before you can do this, please talk over your differences within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat and pleeeease stop making statements to the MSM about your differences. Go for it guys, Putrajaya is yours' for the taking!

  51. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Jangan tergopoh gopoh lah....Tunggu sabentar lagi.......Biar kan aku "soul search............. boleh ke?


  52. Anonymous10:54 pm

    With the way UMNO leaders & members are behaving, both on the Pak Lah & Mahathir/Razaleih faction... there's no way to save the ship. It'll go down into irrelevance with both teams fighting over the steering wheel.

  53. Anonymous11:15 pm


    Pak Lah is surrounded by saboteurs! They are in Kelantan, Penang (his own state mind you), Kedah, Perak, Selangor and FT! Where has he been all this while? All this while he has trusted these saboteurs who act as his advisers! Pak Lah is in a state of denial! What about those Umno members who left the PWTC after his speech on Sunday and rush to Ampang to listen to Tun M's speech? Are they also saboteurs? hehehe...wake up mr PM!

    what about the likes of those like Muhyiddin, Ghani Othman and several others who are open to the idea of an Umno EGM? are they also saboteurs? What about Mukriz and many others who call for the PM to step down? are they also saboteurs? anti national perhaps?

    the real saboteurs are those who keep the truth away from the PM. and the biggest saboteur of all is the PM himself who allowed himself to believe the half truths and glossy reports presented to him. These people, incidentally, are also the PM's Yes Men!


  54. Anonymous11:53 pm

    i vote lim kit siang and karpal singh as pm and deputy pm

  55. The PM lambasted Tun Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaligh and those he claimed sabotaged UMNO during the 8th March election. He blames on TDM for Media control, sacking of Tun Salleh, operasi lallang and the fall of BN. In other word he blamed all his misfortune to Tun Dr Mahathir and for appointing him as the premier. In 2003, TDM left A STRONG UMNO to the hand of Abdullah and also lots of $$$. Infact the 2004 landslide election was due to this STRONG UMNO factor. Who destroy it?. Was it Tun Dr Mahathir snf Tengku Razaleigh.?. Abdullah still doesnt want to admit that the election message was to allow BN to rule with a reduce margin whereby it timefor BN to be tested with a strong opposition and the Putra Jaya door is open for Abdullah to leave and make way to new leadership. A simple message for a stubborn old man to accept. The message is not only meant to Abdullah, but to the other big 2 (MCA, MIC) to make way to other capable leaders. Abdullah still hasn't wake up. There no differences between Abdullah, Tengku Razaliegh, Najib and Anwar Ibrahim, all of them are politician aka oppurtunist!.It is well known that the UMNO President, Vice President, most supreme council and most of the state liason chief are more concerned on their position rather the the grassroot aspiration. The party election should not even postpone to Dec, it should be held on schedule in August.What the UMNO president, vice President and Supreme council should do is to acknowledge the lost of 5 states and accept responsibility Then also accepts that the contest for the top position is on, anyone can be nominated then GET BACK TO WORK to governed Malaysia and ensure we are on the right track. Comming December (s/b Aug) let yourself be challenge and let the members decides rather than now bickering among each other. Oh ya.. for those in the cabinet the like of Muhammad Taib, Shabery, Zahid Hamidi who blame the disolving UMNO was due to TDM may have fogotten that the loser (Team B) dosent want to accept defeat just like what is happening to Abdullah now who was ones of those who's lead to the deregistration of UMNO.Wasn't Abdullah and Tengku Razaliegh in the same team. Abdulah, Anwar Ibrahim, Muhamamad Taib, Zahid was also in Tun time during the operasi Lalang,sacking of Tun Salleh and etc. What was you doing at that time? Open your eyes and ears to the grassroot members that you all have been neglected for the past 4 years. Ah before i forget, now in Selangor we have an EXCO who going to be incharge of 'PIGs' MR Yaakob Sapar. There was at one time the PAS president address Badawi as this quote' Badwi di arab jaga unta, Badawi di Malaysia jaga babi'. Now Mr Pas president, look like one of your Pakatan Rakyat is going to take care of Selangor 'Babi's'or!. Welcome Mr Yackob to the land of 'Pigs'. Officially you will bear the title as 'Yaacob penjaja babi' just like what Hadi label Badawi Ha! Ha!.Hey dont blame me for writing these. Good job to Teresa Kok for the roasted pig's in your blog cause now we understand we who voted opposition this year are merely pigs!. Pakatan Rakyat aka DAP managed to wrestled 5 big pigs from BN! ooo yeahh Teresa Kok the season polition who uphold the rights of women and who understand the Malaysian cultural decided to roast 5 pigs for thanks givings and as agesture to PKR Menteri Besar for passing the RM100Million for moderen pigs farming..oo yeahh and oopps she forgoten that Malays too voted for them and now she used the most jijik things that can be associated with Malays for her agenda.Maybe Anwar is used to walk with pigs therefore he not sensitives, anyway it only pig.Thanks to the Selangor Goverment for passing $100million to rear MODERN pigs in Sepang Selangor. A new name for Selangor ..Welcome to the land of the PIGS'. There are other more meaningfull projects that can used the RM100 million especially to eradate the poor or to maintained the environment for the benefits of all even to developed better utilities for the public.
    Yes Teressa , there nothing wrong with PIGs, but there something wrong with you!. You wanted to be a vocal leader and wanted the pigs to walk freely on a sensitive roads where Malays walks too. By the way, the kebaya you wear during your audiance with the Sultan, frankly its not suitable! especially in the eyes of the Malays and in your blog you merely ask your reader 'what they think aiya Teresa angkat bakul sendiri lah apa la lu..there goes another sensitivy. You should mirror yourself in front of the mirror and ask yourself are you going to a cocktail party or a fashion show.Ok guys dont lambasted me ok, it just my opinion, I too voted for the oposition as a protest vote Dont blame me.

  56. Anonymous12:28 am

    Saboteurs and Deadly Saboteurs!

    The saboteurs are those in Kedah and Perak, whose vindictiveness knows no loyalty. They sacrificed their party's well-being and causes just to extract revenge.

    The deadly saboteurs are the people in the PM's cabinet, in the UMNO supreme council, in UMNO divisions and in component parties.
    No names need to be mentioned, for their acts and words, intended to make them heroes, instead brought disarray and dismay upon themselves and upon the BN!

  57. Anonymous1:00 am

    (whispering)...shh...Pak Lah...shh, everything's's just a bad, go back to sleep....don't worry khairi, kamal, zaki, norza and lim will run the country for you....shh...shh...

  58. MSM: Fires Back!

  59. Anonymous3:16 am

    pm abdullah is a fool on the hill. and the fool on the hill is barking at a non-existent moon. it is one thing to bury oneself in denial, it is another to look for scapegoats among one's brother bandits. can someone please put this fox out of its misery?

    the former fox mahathir has been howling in the shadows about the current administration's lack of press freedom and yes-men. i suppose when two foxes howl in the still of the night neither one can hear or decipher between the lying yelps and the howling masquerade.

    if ever umno is to ressurect from this istana of rascals, it needs a shepherd that has both the leadership and ability to discern between a fox and a sheep and the strength to stop the rot and carnage.

    the writing is on the wall... the court jesters are in the hall and the hangman is awaiting his orders. send in the candidates and may the people have the wisdom this time to separate the bloodlust rogues from the sheep. and may those who have been stealing steal no more.

    set the captives free, set the writers free, crown the judicary with the majesty, imprison the crony of cronies. let freedom reign, let judgement start at the house on the hill and may it be swift and quick. Ameen.

  60. I am saddened by what is happening. Haven't the Umnoputras done enough damage to this nation, our nation's assets,its peaceloving but downtrodden citizens & insulted their own race & Islam ????? We have to remind them that everytime they point their finger at anyone, three fingers are pointing at themselves.

    Instead of reorganising themselves to work with their new partners to better govern this nation, they want to find faults & create more disharmony.....May God show them the truth !

    They do not need any foreign enemies to destroy their oganisation, as they are their own worst enemies with their Autopilot set on a "Self-destruct" mode !

    We just sit back & continue to do our own thing....& watch the show !

  61. The penny is dropping. Very, very fast in other people's minds but not in no 1. Poor him. He will be so disappointed when it is crunch time. Then he will know who his true friends are and where their loyalty would be.

  62. Anonymous7:40 am

    i have a few names

    KJ for behaving kurang ajar.
    UMNO youth chief for threatening to use the kris.
    Toyo for temple demolishment.
    najib for altantuya story.
    mamak azeez glorifying mat rempits.
    UMNO members who want to burn SCAH.
    Home Minister for fighting with Hindraf instead of consultation.
    YOU the PM also sabo the election by your wimpish, flip flop, slumbering leadership.
    Ali rustam..telling PPP chief to get lost Such stooopid arrogance.
    DPM who had a thinktank that was charged in the abetment of Altantuya murder
    Mamak Zam..he did nothing, and that was the reason.
    Tun Mahathir
    Ku LI
    Nazri the bad mouth son of a bitch
    Tunnel vision MP.

    Dear MR PM..want some more names?

    So you want to sack all of them? is cheap

  63. Anonymous8:32 am

    Everybody is at fault. Ku Li, Mahathir, Anwar media.

    Media: For highlighting problems in Umno: I thought you have your spinmasters in the media the likes of Anuar Zaini, Kalimullah, Wong Choon Why, Khalid Mohd and Zam Maidin?

    Ku Li: For losing Kelantan to the oppoition: What about Penang. Who is responsible for losing Penang to the DAP in the March 8 election?

    Mahathir: Judiciary is corrupt under him; I thought when you took over you said you wanted a corruption-free country. What happened was you got the AG to free corrupt Johari Baharum.

    Anwar: Didn't you free Anwar when he took over? Why complained about him now?

    Sabotage?: who sleeps while on stage? who touched Michele Yeoh on his shoulder? Who bought the private jet? who flew to Perth when the people in Johor were suffering? who bought the Yatch? who is Patric Lim? who is Tony Fernandez?

    it's ok.. we dont need your explanation on these issues.

  64. Anonymous9:18 am


    The PM said the stock market fell when rumours were spread that he was resigning.

    Boy..when he denied the next day that he was NOT resigning, the market took a greater fall! And it has continued to drift south since then.

  65. Anonymous10:58 am

    This PM is pathetic.

    The Chinese have a saying..."the fingers always points out, never in". He is exactly that. He is pointing the finger at everyone else except himself.

    He blamed TDM for the judiciary and power abuse problems for his (AAB)'s election losses. What AAB failed to realise was in the four years he was in power, he did nothing correct the wrongs done by TDM. Instead, he even tried to stall the Lingam tape investigations and even tried to reappoint those very people that were tainted by the wrongs of the TDM administration such as the Chief Justice and the DG of Anti Corruption. To allow AAB to remain in power will simply mean he will propogate the sins of TDM hence he must go.

  66. Anonymous11:03 am

    So now PakLah had identified the saboteurs and going after them. Starting with TDM, KuLi and Mukhriz.Then the UMNO/BN members who had deserted the party during PR12,and after that the people who did'nt vote for BN.When all this is done,PakLah will look around and there will be no one else except a handfull of people in his cabinet,the spin doctors,the 4th floor boys and his loyal 'balls carriers'.
    For a leader of a party who should be going all out to win back the hearts of the people, PakLah is really going the wrong way.As always still not in touch with the real problems. Thanks to the spin doctors and 4th floor.
    If before PR12 PakLah and his goonies used to dare the people into putting their grouses into the ballot box.Now the people will issue the same challenge to PakLah. Continue this status quo and see if BN don't get totally kicked out come PR13.

  67. Anonymous11:45 am

    Anonymous 11:53, I vote Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister and Lim Kit Siang as deputy prime minister

  68. Anonymous12:42 pm

    go ask pak lah "what is denial?" he'll answer, "denial is the name of a river in africa." hahaha

  69. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Bro, read this stinging rebuke

  70. Anonymous2:44 pm

    bloody hell! Pa'la you mean all of us MUST vote you in so that your family can suck us dry ???

    phuck you man !

    You got phucked in the a.... by your own faggots on the 4th. floor. and by your bloody sickness of falling asleep at the worsat time and of lying to the people of Malaysia !!! Do you understand that Lee Bad Wi brother of Lee Kuan Yew ??

  71. Good. Identify the saboteurs. Catch them and put them in ISA. Don't forget to ask them why they became saboteurs. After all, the key to solving any problem would be going to the roots of it.
    After all the self denial resolves, and Pak Lah stands alone in front of the mirror, he will finally come face to face with the person responsible for the loss of BN. The man in the mirror.
    Along with power, comes responsibilities when you hold the position of head of a country. He had enjoyed the time of power. Now he should take the full responsibility. It's part of his job description. Staying obtuse is not going to get him anywhere

  72. Mungkin "sabotaj" bukan perkataan yang sesuai untuk digunakan waktu ini. Banyak element yang perlu kita ambil kira sebelum kita generate public opinion mengenai isu sabotaj ini.

    Satu research yang benar benar kredible perlu dibuat demi penyatuan Melayu dan supaya apa pun tindakan yang diambil tidak menggambarkan sekadar kita melepaskan pendapat kita bagi memenuhi ruang kesempatan yang ada.

    Salam perjuangan !

  73. Anonymous6:12 pm

    First Things First, Traxx FM is spewing disgusting puke every morning, I remember tuning in on election morning and they made us Malaysians look like an articulate piece of joke.Will someone review the transmission, to know what it means.
    The commentators who were crossing over with the elction results seemed ill prepared and had no understanding of the political landscape, which was thereafter tsunamied by the results.Me and many of my overseas guys were thankful to the new kid on the block,... we were well informed by the timely breaking news of Radio24which we were able to log on vide live streaming.I wish the lads at Traxx would grow up, as you are wasting tax payers money.I think you guys should take a leaf out of the pages of success of Radio24 ( /93.9 FM).Lads all it takes is a bit of reading and understanding of current affairs.Having a bit of a good voice and spining your chosen music doesnt make you an expert.So do not insult us Malaysians with your distasteful jokes , there are a stackful of nation building issues that needs to be attended offence meant,just constructive criticism.

    Now moving on, to the agent provocateurs and saboteurs, who are likened to internal disatisfactions, of disgruntled candidates or supporters.In my professional opinion ( pun intended) PL/AAB should distance himself from Patrick Lim and come out clean,as this is the irony that is likened to the thorn in the bud.Then sack all level four saboteurs and distance yourself from them.You will then regain a bit of positive reaction that will determine the efficacy of your administration.Please ensure that they are not re-employed in the civil service.Please also do away the fees of RM 35-40K per appointment that is charged were by the lads for an audience.They have already helped themselves to Datukships, though they ill deserve it.

    I hope this will serve well the consequences that have been afflicted by the saboteurs.apart from that you will have to personally deal with the saboteurs.

  74. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Pak Lah & Dr M... Dua-dua pun sama!

  75. Anonymous6:51 pm

    People, don't underestimate the ability of Mahathir Mohamed being the mastermind in trying to defeat and destroy THE CHOSEN ONE. He may likely have a hand in the whole fiasco.

    The cunning old fox should not be written off just yet. More trouble is brewing for Pak Lah at this juncture, thanks and no thanks to the once-thought-to-be senile and forgetful old man.

  76. Anonymous7:51 pm

    want to know who sabotage who...
    ask ppl who was not elected as candidate...

  77. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Wait Dollah!!!

    Ex-Semangat 46's were also sabotuers. I dont trust them. Do you, Dollah?

  78. Anonymous9:16 pm

    I know! I know! I got one. He is Khary Jamaludin and the gang who tried to sabotage Dato Mukhriz during GE12.

  79. Anonymous10:53 pm

    A'kum Waghih, Apo masalah ekau ni Dolah. Seh marin suko sgt ekau jadi PM. Maso tu ramai org bonci kek Mahdir. Tp kuaso Ilahi tunjuk tombolang ekau yang hipokrit dan munafik tu. Seh nak bgtahu sapo yang sabotaj sapo. Habih pejuang Melayu tulen dalam Umno Noghi 9, Kheri menantu hantu ekau, Mat Hassan, abg dio Azman pancung org kuek Umno kek Noghi sobab nak jam Najib maso Perhimpunan Umno nanti tp dgn kuaso Tuhan, BN/Umno kalah toruk. Jadi sabo apo yg ekau cakap ni. Ekau patut berhonti jd org, laghi baik dari jd pedano mentori. Imam Hadhari Munafik ekau ni Dolah!

  80. What!!! Sabotaj... Sapa pulak yang feed PL with this stupid idea. Da salah tu salah lah. jangan nak blame orang lain pulak. kalau berani buat balik election, kita tengok sapa betol sapa salah........
    dah sebulan lebih lepas GE asyik nak carik salah jek. why not PL give way to new UMNO pple to rule.

  81. Anonymous12:21 pm

    drshamsulanwar, 6:05 PM:

    Mu cakap pasal penyatuan/perjuangan Melayu.

    Mana perginya dan apa pula dengan soalan penyatuan/perjuangan rakyat Malaysia berdasarkan prinsip perpaduan yang menyeluruh?

    Mengapa asyik lagi dengan satu paradigma lama yang tidak relevan sekiranya impianmu adalah kemakmuran sebenar buat tanahair tercinta?

  82. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Whatever fucking talk lah...lah

    Pak Lah will always be remembered as the most useless & worthless PM in Malaysian history...period!

    At least the former 'democratic dictator' already got the history title written to him as 'Bapa Permodenan'

    PM List: 1957 - 200X
    1) Tunku Abd. Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan
    2) Tun Abdul Razak - Bapa Pembangunan
    3) Tun Hussein Onn - Bapa Perpaduan
    4) already mentioned above this fella
    5) soon 'Tun' Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - Bapa Mentua Khairi Jamaluddin...
    really fit him well....forever remembered by Malaysians..! :) :P

    hahahaha......... ;D

  83. Anonymous10:14 pm

    The BN government is increasingly looking like the Titanic. The mud slinging going on between Badawi, Mahathir and Razaleigh is leaving the BN regime in tatters. This is not helped by spineless individuals like Nazri Aziz and Zahid Hamidi who would cheer on anyone who is PM but immediately chastise the individual once he is no longer PM. (Remember, dear Mahathir and Badawi, "Melayu mudah lupa".) Then, we have the Ong brothers from MCA talking trash while MIC and Gerakan are busy re-inventing themselves in circles.

    We also hear that document and files have gone missing in states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat. Personally if you asked me, I don't trust the BN government, the Police, the Judiciary, the AG, the Elections Commission and the civil service.

    Due to this, I believe that Pakatan Rakyat must not waste any time to form the government. The BN government is now falling from within. If we as a nation don't bail out from this spiral, we as a nation may end up in the abyss with Badawi and Company! We must have regime change by having a PR government in place. We must not let the BN regime stay in power for another 5 years because by the time the next GE comes, the nations wealth would have been stripped clean and all evidence involving the sins of the BN regime would have been wiped clean by then.

    Some people are against the crossing over of elected BN reps to PR. They feel this is a betrayal of the voter's trust. What I would like to suggest is why not, come April 28, if there are any BN MP's who are disillusioned and dissatisfied with the BN regime, they can declare themselves as Independent MP's and join the 82 PR MP's in passing a motion of no confidence on Badawi and his government.

    I think His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agung, would not consent for another GE. Rather, the 82 PR MP's can form a Minority government. Infact, this government can also go on to be a Government of National Reconciliation by having not only the Independent MP's with them but also BN MP's as well, so long as they are clean.

    Therefore, there is no need to wait for Datuk Seri Anwar to get to Parliament for this to happen. With Datuk Seri Anwar by her side, I'm sure Leader of the Opposition, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah will make a good PM. Time is of the essence. We must not let this opportunity slip away. Go for regime change now!

  84. Anonymous7:52 am

    Dear Rocky:

    The current spate of comments by UMNO leaders, the latest being that of Negeri Sembilan's MB, that attribute BN's electoral loss to certain "internal saboteurs", is at once ridiculous and worrying for the following reason: these leaders are showing contempt for the public and its will in having refused BN a mandate to administrate with as large a majority as before.

    I am surprised that no blogger, journalist or commentator has highlighted this plain-to-see counterbalancing fact anywhere in the mainstream or alternative media. What is with this sudden muting bluntness in intellect?

    Any internal sabotage that falls short of resulting in BN being unable field a contesting candidate in the elections is effectively inconsequential to the results of the elections. That this ultimate act of electoral sabotage did not occur, and that BN's campaign advertising went on unhindered, bears testimony. Ruling out these, then, the best explanation for BN's defeat is purely the people being fed up with their murky, arrogant and corrupt rule and having voted opposition en masse. This message, it appears, the BN leaders are willfully reluctant to accept, preferring instead to trumpet about an inconsequential "sabotaging" strawman.

  85. Anonymous10:06 am

    "The PM lambasted Tun Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaligh and those he claimed sabotaged UMNO during the 8th March election. He blames on TDM for Media control, sacking of Tun Salleh, operasi lallang and the fall of BN."

    I find that funny. He had 4 years to fix whatever ills from DTM's legacy. And he did what? It only got worst.

    least he forget, the reason he won in the first place in 2004 is his promises to fix those 'ills'

  86. Anonymous1:12 pm

    I do agree with the observation. Pak Lah seems not seeing beyond his own spectacles. Should I say its a good start...UMNO has already left the kemelayuan way back of Hang Tuah's era.

    The malays themselves feed on their own brothers. They left them to bleed...Who to blame? I guess the three blind mice...

  87. Anonymous11:02 am

    Recent events and utterances within UMNO have given me the sleazy feeling that some of the leaders are trying to subtly persuade Ahmad Badawi to step down as the PM of the country.

    The picture is quite clear as to who the shit-stirrers are. They are damn smart. They do not come out in the open to express that they are keen to take over from Ahmad Badawi. Instead, they are making use of their lackeys in other States to press the PM to resign so that they can succeed without a fight at the Assembly in December this year.

    I am quite sad that Ahmad Badawi did not see the conspiracy taking place before his very eyes. I am further saddened that he did not exercise his power to put in the people whom he could trust and work with.

    Within the next seven months or so, Admad Badawi has to do what he has professed and pledged that he would do. He must distance himself from the sycophants and seek the help of independent political professional strategists to help him restore and consoli-date his position as the PM.

    Time is running out and Delilah is right on your back. Unless you neutralise the negative forces right away that surround you, you are gonna get clipped.

    You have a few big issues to overcome:

    1) Corruption
    2) Escalating Crimes
    3) Judiciary Rennaisance
    4) Inter-religious and inter-
    racial disharmony and
    disunity in the country.
    5) Restoring credibility and
    integrity with your cabinet
    6) Transparency & accountability
    7) Enforcing the Rule of Law
    8) Equality opportunity for all
    races in respect of scholar-
    ships and entry into public

    Admad Badawi, there are many out there who still have a modicum of faith and trust in you. You have come to a cross-road. If you wish to cross it, you have to change your style of management. You have to be cruel to be kind. Be firm in your decisions and to see that they are implemented accordingly. You may have to be dictatorial at times. But, please do not overly trust your lieutenants who are leading you you by the garden path of perdition of no return.

    So, my view is "Act while the iron is still hot" Best of luck Badawi.
    I wish you success.