Monday, April 28, 2008

Chelsea Jews not welcomed in Malaysia

Un-Islamic to support Chelsea? So, a coalition of 21 Muslim groups in Malaysia is protesting a visit by the Chelsea football club from London. Reason: the Chelsea manager and a player are Israelis. The top English club is playing Malaysia on July 29. Read here.

How do you expect Bob Dylan to ever want to play in Malaysia?

Btw, can anyone tell me if Stoke City is going to make it to the Premier league soon?


  1. Anonymous4:46 am

    At first, me myself too feel that what's wrong with having them in the country. As for myself, i see nothing wrong with that.
    It's not about Islamic or Un-Islamic for me. We don't have diplomatic relation with Israel for a reason. We can clearly see how they are behaving in the Mid-East and how they treat the Palestinians. It is not fair to make the lives of these people affected by the actions by their government. However, the action of them being a citizen of Israel and living in Israel tend to make us feel that they are supporting their country's actions on their oppressed neighbor and I feel that we need to be strict in this matter as this is one of the ways for us to put a pressure on Israel for their misbehavior.
    However, for me, if these people explicitly denounce the actions of their government. I see nothing wrong in having them in Malaysia.
    After all, we just want to put some diplomatic pressure on Israel for their actions and let them know that we are not going to do nothing about it.
    Again, for me, it's not just about Islamic or not, it's just a way of showing that we are strictly against the misbehavior of the country.
    P/s: The Islamic groups are the ones that has head start this as probably they feel more responsible in standing up for their brothers in Palestine.

    1. Anonymous10:52 pm

      That's a bunch of bullshit they started this shit and when they get there ass kicked they cry come on get your facts straight first

  2. Anonymous5:15 am


    perhaps ..

    a coalition of 21 group of different idiots ...

    running around with their stupid ideas...

    and here have the audacity to say they represent or thought to represent the whole of malaysia.

    these 21 groups are a good representation of what was meant by brain misplaced in the butt.


  3. Anonymous6:57 am

    Here's the matching formula ...

    Sports + politics = arabs + jews !!

  4. It's not the jewishness in question but the "israeli"ty.

    Bob Dylan is American by citizen and has performed at PWTC more than 10 years ago.

    At a conference "Peace for Palestine" at PICC few years back, peace activist from Israel came on a special pass from home affairs ministry.

    Israel cricket team played here some years back in an International Meet.

    Now ... PAS pressed strongly agst all this arrivals. Are they the same under the ultra liberal of PKR or they say Zionist backed ANwar Ibrahim?

    A Malay Unity Conference is held in JB from 2-5 May. Backing it are pro Pak Lah Bodekster like Dato Mak Din of Utas Travel, Dato Hamzah, General Zaini, etc and highly negotiable Gapena.

    Backing Pak Lah is backing Khairy. And, KJ is much involve in this Chelsea visits. here is their position.

    For non Muslim, plse don;t cross the line on Jewish issue. No "perkara enteng" on it.

  5. For not applying their heads,considering their heads are a gift of God, I believe these guys are denying God..or if they want, Allah Himself. Considering they too, like me, believe that we are made in HIS image, and that they, like me,are no more than a custodian of that image, in this broken record like predictable behaviour of theirs, they certainly are subordinating the very God they think they are trying to emulate.

    Sad bunch of useful idiots. After all we need to have idiots around so that our own borng lives can look a lot more interesting by contrast! So, Rock, I am not going to begrudge them.

  6. Hey moron, Bob Dylan did come to PWTC and my wife and I saw him play, with his back against the audience! He was rude he was protesting against something!

  7. All Stoke needs is a draw next weekend :)

  8. Rocky, about this Jewish thing, once upon a time there was this Canadia-Jew working as a lecturer at UTM in Jalan Semarak. She was a good lecturer but someone found out she was a Jew and reported her to the authority. Guess who gave her the job there in the first place? Anwar Ibrahim. When she was sacked she asked me to help her and I said why didn't she ask the same person to help her and she said that person refused to even see her after that. Prior to that she was working for the last five years she received a lot of god testimony from her students! So big deal eh! We should allow the Chelsea team to play here,inf act we should have diplomatic relationship with Israel, and may be we can learn something about pride and on how to maintain it!
    Shalom Bet!

  9. Rocky, about this Jewish thing, once upon a time there was this Canadia-Jew working as a lecturer at UTM in Jalan Semarak. She was a good lecturer but someone found out she was a Jew and reported her to the authority. Guess who gave her the job there in the first place? Anwar Ibrahim. When she was sacked she asked me to help her and I said why didn't she ask the same person to help her and she said that person refused to even see her after that. Prior to that she was working for the last five years she received a lot of god testimony from her students! So big deal eh! We should allow the Chelsea team to play here,inf act we should have diplomatic relationship with Israel, and may be we can learn something about pride and on how to maintain it!
    Shalom Bet!

  10. Anonymous8:21 am

    incidentally, bob dylan did play in malaysia, early 1990s, at the pwtc, sold out concert it was too! you should remember, you were in the nst then!

  11. Anonymous9:08 am

    Bukan Stoke dah qualify ke?

  12. bro this is getting ridiculously stupid. Just leave sports out of moronic political agendas. Only yesterday Nor Mohd Yakcob urged Malays to copy the Jews and Chinese in developing a progressive society and here we have 21 moronic groups protesting on SPORTS ? Maybe they should check whose banks they have parked their ill-gotten monies in Swiss banks first ! Sheesh bro. I got one word for then - STUPID !

  13. Anonymous9:19 am

    Claude Le Roy, one time malaysian football coach .... he is a jew too.
    strangely, suffered from anti-semitics in france but never in malaysia!!!

  14. Why does 'A Voice' think non-Muslims should not touch this Jewish issue-who says Muslims have a monopoly on this argument? Such a statement is narrow-minded-I have an opinion on the issue and my religion does not preclude me from having an opinion on it. I am very sad to see such a comment on a blog such as this. I support the Palestinians on the basis of human rights, not religion-does 'A Voice' think he/she is supporting only Muslim Palestinians....plenty of Christian Palestinians around as well you know. Perhaps when Muslims are subjugating non-Muslims 'A Voice' will keep silent...and that would be hypocritical.

    The Israeli citizens are visiting here as part of an English football team. Malaysia wants Chelsea in KL and as such needs to allow all its employees to be able to come to Malaysia, especially its manager. Banning them does not send Israel a signal; but the way it will get reported, we'll end up looking as a bunch of anti-semites (which is not far from the truth among some sections of Malaysians who fail to distinguish Israeli policies from Jewish people).

    May I suggest that this 'Group of 21' ask the Palestinians what they think before making the rest of us look like a bunch of bigots?

  15. Oh dear..what would happen if someone somewhere protest against a team because the captain or the Manager is an Arab or Muslim..all hell will break loose. They cannot help being borned a Jew. Leave politics out of the game and let us enjoy something together as fellow human beings on a lonely planet.

  16. Anonymous9:37 am

    FAM can stop criticism like this and improve our team by playing similarly ranked teams.

    Why Chelsea?

    For me it's a stupid thing to go against the might of Chelsea and hope to learn a thing or two from them.

    Go and play against Vietnam, Geylang FC, New Zealand, Zimbabwe or Stoke City for that matter.

    A bodoh sombong attitude is the reason why our soccer teams are in the big pond of shit.

    Don't try to send our youngs to Ajax. Instead let them try in the English 3nd/2st division or Russia's lower divisions so that they'll be the longer and progress.

    Instead they are sending these teens to big clubs for a few weeks - wasting the talents and our money.

  17. Anonymous9:41 am

    These 21 Muslim groups do not represent the whole of Malaysia. They should not shove their religious zealotry on the rest of us. I wonder if the police will give them the permit to protest. Let's see how racially biased the police are!

  18. Anonymous9:46 am

    mr rocky,

    yes. stoke is going for the automatic promotion. they are the current leaders in the coca cola league one.

    by the way, if thats what the reason of Home Ministry to allow Avram Grant and Ben Haim here, than I suggest someone please ask Ariel Sharon to come here with a football in his hand.

    wonder whether Home Ministry would continue any kind of consistency to 'allow' Sharon here

    my point is, regardless of whatever their business here, Israelis CANNOT be allow to jet in malaysia.

    i dont care whether u are with the biggest football club in the world, or whether u are a member of any big rock band whatsoever.

    remember or not singapore once 'return' a visiting top musical player (japanese) because of HIS HAIR was TOO LONG? that was sometime during 1970s. and thats because of their policy on LONG HAIR.

    my other point is, if u have somekind of a policy, please practice it to the fullest. not any exemption whatsoever to anyone.

    ps- this nothing has to do with the current 'fight' in the BPL. I am the red of manchester,

  19. Must we bring in religion into sports too. Sports is probably the best vehicle in fostering better relationship. Sportsmen forget colour, creed, race and religion once on the field. Lets keep it that way.

  20. Anonymous9:50 am

    yeah, man ... who cares if the israelis are slowly killing off all the palestinians? they're just a bunch of sand niggers anyway. why let something like that get in the way of us enjoying a football match?

  21. Anonymous9:54 am

    This is exactly why i like Turkey, a secular country where religion has no say in the running of a country. In our country, a bit a bit they wanna protest. i can't believe that this Muhammad Azmi wants to speak for us all. Boycott the match?? I'm not anti semi or anti zionist? what they do in the middle east has nothing to do with me. Insensitive to the Palestinians? when hamas shoots rockets into Israel and kill innocent jews, no need sensitivity? I am a malaysian jew!

  22. Anonymous9:57 am

    Bob Dylan was in KL circa 1993. Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Simon & Garfunkel,Mark Knopfler, Barry Manilow,Barbara Streisand,are just a few artists who are Jews. Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are owned by Jews; anyhing wrong with that?

  23. Anonymous10:06 am

    i'm kinda surprise with your deduction. The issue is not about them being jews but because as most people here said, we have no ties with Israel. We should be consistent about our diplomatic policy.

    The same thing about what most countries did while South Afica practised Apartheid. It aint about race, its about consistency in policy.

  24. Anonymous10:09 am

    Forever showing our stupidity. Chelsea not welcomed becos Coach and player are Jews but we send 2 muslim boys to train with Chelsea but no objections. Big hypocrytes

  25. Anonymous10:10 am

    Where in the Quran or Hadith did it mention that Muslims can't be friends with Jews? I don't know about you, but I had ppl saying this to me before, and when I asked, they said they heard it from someone else... a friend actually admitted it was her parents who told her.

    Is this true or someone totally made it up? Because honestly, it sounds really crappy to me.

  26. Nothing better to do la tu...biasa la. BTW, Dylan was in town in the 90's. At PWTC. I was there. But it was a wholly uninspired concert the sound system was worst than the one at Masjid Negara! I remember he sang It 'Aint Me Babe as an encore piece. Perhaps he was referring to the concert itself when he was singing that song!


  27. Anonymous10:20 am


    Stoke City? Are u kiddin me. Lama lagi tu...............

  28. Rusdi Mustapha

    Bob Dylan is not so bad.

    The late Miles Davis would play with his back to the crowd as though he is jamming in a room without audience.

    I can't understand why we have to compromise on relation with Israel.

    Tak boleh tak boleh lah. Today sportsman, later, musician, than what Ariel Sharom?

  29. Politics should leave sports alone
    What sports has to do with politics eh?

    We are the children from Adam and Eve
    Isn’t it good enough to befriend every body?
    Only politics and different faiths disrupt peaceful harmony
    The angels crying for us on our stupidity

    The path to peace
    In our eyes in our minds
    Yet we are blind
    Praying every day
    The simple truth we never display

    We look at issues
    Of religions of different faiths
    And we want to make an impact in the global stage
    We are just villagers
    We can’t see the global images

    We want to talk peace
    Yet we don’t subscribe to neighborliness
    How can peace begin when our minds see one way?
    We must have diplomatic relations
    Then the issues can be tackled amicably

    When politics and religious faiths entangle into sports
    There will be no truce in humans’ endeavors
    Sports bring barrier down to establish cohesiveness
    Songs too bring people together

    When politics and religions sway one’s emotion
    Of different faiths and political earnings
    The world at large won’t find harmony
    We will fight stupidly until the world disappears
    Then are we satisfied?

    God/Allah easy tests
    We fail so much in our times
    Don’t we ever learn the truth?
    We pray every day but we never understand

    What is race to you and me?
    Aren’t we come from the same lineage?
    We are the children of Allah/God
    That is the truth every day!

  30. Anonymous10:42 am

    How lamentable can things get !!
    One one corner we have our ex important politicians saying each other are/were chummy with Israelis, even met Israeli PM,
    one would think otherwise in this matter!
    Truthfully on the whole Jewish influence in the world just to wide to cut and paste or avoid by anyone, yet their products and ideas still enjoyed/used by many even unknowingly yet with benefit.
    And now when favourite Chelsea team comes to Malaysia some people with better things to do instead make a scene.
    Truly lamentable this is.
    Are we growing up?
    Like the principle being applied for the OLympics in Beijing this is another sporting event to be enjoyed by all and sundry.
    Let the politics be in its righful arena since we are following that principle at least for similar events.
    Maju Sukan Malaysia.

  31. Citibank's largest individual shareholder is an arab, Carribou coffee ( a large chain in the US) is also owned by an Arab owned financial arm. The founder of Starbucks is a Jew...
    The founder of facebook is Jewish and very likely this blog is written by programmers from all walks of life.

    What does this mean? You will go insane is you even attempt to discriminate people in today's world where everything is linked together. Its silly.

  32. Anonymous10:43 am

    If the 21 Muslim groups want to label all Israelis as zionist, what is there to stop others from labeling all Muslim as terrorist?

    We reap what we sow.

  33. Anonymous10:45 am

    Hmm.. well and good.
    what..? China Olympics? thats is different, we shoudn't mix politics with sports.

  34. Anonymous10:50 am

    Bro, Bob Dylan came and performed at PWTC few years ago. How come youy miss the show?

  35. Anonymous11:01 am

    Maybe they forgot that Nabi Isa, Musa, Ibrahim were all jews too.

    werent we against the zionist regime and not the jews?
    In fact, i have read of jews themselves who were against the zionist regime.

    whats the deal here malaysia? mahu kembali jadi herders and fishermens ka?

  36. They're nothing but a bunch of tunnel-visioned shallow-minded fanatical anti-semites who persist in blaming only the jews for all the misery in the M-E. And they even bitch about a soccer team with a couple of jewish players on it visiting the country!

    The ring-leaders of these 21 groups are merely patronising to an agenda that has everything to do with extreme hatred for the jewish people, be they soccer stars or otherwise.

  37. 27 April 2008!! Meriah Ribuan di Forum Perdana JAIS Stadium Malawati Shah Alam!!!

  38. Hiyah....let them bookies decide...they running our football what....ask KJ.Now the bookies are placing bets..50-2 the FRU will not stop the protest.

  39. Anonymous11:23 am

    I'm not siding anyone but after reading the report, the misaligned protest is against Israel, not Jews. The protest is all about the two being Israelis, not Jews.

    It has got nothing to do with Jews per se. It is all about anti-Israel sentiments. There is a big difference there.

    Bro, you were a journalist and the editor of Malay Mail... and a fine one at that then... Do not make the mistake that a cadet reporter would do.

    Please do read carefully and do not make conclusions just to ramp up your popularity. And Bob Dylan is an American. Get your facts right brother. He had performed here once.

  40. Rocky, I marvel at your rock-steadfastness as a Stoke City fan. No hope for SC until it is owned by a Jew. How's dat?

  41. Anonymous11:35 am

    somehow i still think that politics and sports is incompatible.. such as China olimpics and tibet problems... it's not represent mankind spirit of achievement!

  42. Anonymous11:42 am

    I strongly support not supporting Chelsea, only because I support another team :p. Not supporting Chelsea just because there are Israelis in the team and management is just stupid. Lets kick racism and religion out of football!

  43. Anonymous11:54 am


    Bob Dylan was in Malaysia Bro in 1994.
    Concert at PWTC.

  44. whether it is sports, entertainment or whatever, politics should be left out.

    it is very very silly of these 21 groups (and others who support them) to protest. as someone here said, eg the manager and the player can't help being born a jew, and they being a jew are personal. why punish some personal individuals just because of your hatred for all jews? very silly!

  45. Anonymous12:06 pm

    For a supposed "well informed" bloggers/surfers, some comments here are borderline idiotic. As someone pointed out, it's nothing to do with religion, it's the POLICY. Malaysia do not have diplomatic ties with Israel, therefore all Israelis by default (be it Jews or Arabs or Muslims) are not welcome here, period.

    Fine if you want to make special exemption but for a friendly football match? Come on! 70% of Chelsea fans voted Grant out 2 weeks ago in a poll by Chelsea TV. It's not like Ben Haim is a MAJOR player anyway. He sucks big time as a player.

    When something is not agreeable to you, you called them idiot, very easy - without even finding out the reasons/justifications behind them. Has anyone that called the 21 associations idiot took the time to read their memorandums? Learn about their objections? The very least counter the arguments with facts/opinions. Straight out calling them idiots are both convenient and ignorant. Shame on you.

    I am a Muslim but I do not agree with human-bombing. However I have talked to them and I understand their feelings of utterly and completely hopeless and have nothing else they can do to deter the Jews from occupying their land and kill their brothers/sisters. To the person (Malaysian Jewish) who claimed this is fair as mortars are fired to Israeli side, you are most blinkered one here. Read all about occupation history, look at all the images/killings of children/babies with severed limbs and tell straight to my face if this is fair. There is even an organization called Jews against Zionism, why is it formed I wonder? The atrocities against palestinians have gone for so long and so much, it has become one of the reason the west, particularly USA is despised by most muslims.

    Tell me of any good reason to let Israeli come in here and I might agree to relent but to have 2 for a friendly match enveloping bigmoney-raising event is not right.

  46. Anonymous12:08 pm

    We have to be aware that just because the Isreali government does what it does, not all israeli people support waht their government is doing. it just wrong to generalise that all israeli poeple hold the same views as their goernment. I'm studying in Australia, and i find it highly unfair that some people choose to label all muslims as terrorist, often forcing my hand to explain how unfair and insensitive such comments are...

  47. Anonymous12:23 pm

    What is the 'farking' big deal? oh my God...I just can't stand Hippies (Hyppies) <--(hypocrites). What's the *&*%^$#@ big deal? Do all the Israeli Jews support the war against the Palestinians? Shame to all of us Malaysians who are being so judgemental towards them. Owh, before I forget...we still have diplomatic ties with the USA, Britain, Australia whom leaders/ex-leaders we consider as war criminals and we still welcome them to our country, right? Why? because not all of them are for wars, and so the case for the Israelis. Perhaps our main problem is,it's so hard for us to swallow our own pride and then get 'killed' and doomed into a deep shit by our own pride. For Pete's sake can we Malaysians please once and for all, stop being 'Hyppies', and separate world politics from soccer please..please..because you know what...

    "Hippies, hippies... they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and play frisbee!" - Eric Cartman, South Park-

    ...and this applies to Hyppies as well. I'm just afraid the way the whole wide world looking at us is nothing more than just a pathetic hypocrite lot. Goddammit..!!

    -sick and tired-

  48. Anonymous12:46 pm

    if one day...our pm were to meet israel's he wrong? does our malaysia's policy with israel have to be consistent even if our pm need to meet israel's pm? i dont know...doesn't sound right to me if they are not allowed to meet just because of a policy. policies are dead, humans, they have brains. anyway, all this about palestinian and israelis...everybody can talk about it...and who says those news covered in malaysia are all true? remember, msm is not trustable...right? give it a thought yourself... peace....

  49. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Bukan soal islamic atau tidak islamic.

    Tahniah diucapkan kepada cikgu azmi dari TERAS kerana berani menunjukkan ketegasan sebagai umat islam dalam berhadapan dengan isu palestin.

    Kepada seluruh umat Islam dan masyarakat sejagat tahun ini adalah tahun ke-60 pendudukan Israel atas bumi palestin. Ya sudah 60 tahun rakyat Palestin (mereka terdiri daripada orang Islam, Kritian dan juga Yahudi).
    mereka itu rakyat asal palestin.
    tetapi dinafikan hak untuk bernegara sendiri.
    -------tahun ini juga israel akan merayakan secara besar-besaran penjajahan 60 tahun mereka itu.

    tapi apa yang kita rakyat malaysia - yang cintakan keamanan boleh lakukan untuk menunjukkan penentangan terhadap kezaliman zionnist?
    untuk catatan sudah berbulan-bulan rakyat gaza menderita dan dibimbangi akan mencetuskan krisis kemanusiaan. Ini kerana isreal telah menutup pinta sempadan.
    dan jangan lupa juga israel telah meranapkan selatan lubnan pada 2006. tapi mereka telah dimalukan oleh hizbullah.
    itu situasinya- kalau tidak faham juga tak tahu la apa jenis manusia.

    jadi bila kata kita menentang kedatangan pemain dan jurulatih chelsea warganegara israel bukan maknanya islamic atau tidak sokong chelsea.

    selama ini pun tidak ada ulama pun yang marah kita tengok bola sepak walaupun kadang-kadang kala ada setengah orang islam sanggup bersengkang mata tengok bola tapi lepas tu miss sembahyang subuh.

    tapi bila kita bicara soal keamanan dan keadilan kepada bangsa palestin, sekurang-kurangnya kita ada pendirian secara diplomatik.

    ---tak kan kita lupa malaysia pernah memulaukan sukan olimpik di russia apabila russia melanggar afghanistan.
    jadi tidak timbul soal kita campur adukkan politik dengan sukan.

    kita bukannya diminta bawa senjata menentang penjajahan israel tapi biarlah kita ada pendirian sikit.

    katakan pada chelsea , anda dialu-alukan ke negara kami tapi jangan bawa pemain dan jurulatih israel.
    katakan kepada mereka rakyat malaysia tidak suka kepada israel.

    ingatlah israel memang suka tengok dunia lupakan kezaliman mereka.

  50. Anonymous1:10 pm

    anyway why football is related to politic

  51. Anonymous1:12 pm

    To Chelsea's Muslim supporters. Repent, leave Chelsea, throw your support behind Manchester United, which has no Jews in the side. I also urge the government to ban all chelsea matches from today. That means matches involving Chelsea will not be shown on TV. CAP boss S.Mohd Idris should lead this campaign to rid Malaysia of Jewish influence.

  52. Anonymous1:34 pm

    anti-Semetism should be viewed seriously no matter where it rears its ugly jihadic head. like that old saying goes: "they came for the jews but i remain quite because i wasn't jew, they came for the unionists, i remained quiet because i was not a unionist.

    they came for the communist, i was not a communist but i remained silent. then they came for me, and there was no one to speak for me. malaysian must abhor anti-Semitism and racism of any nature. it is liken to anti_Malay, anti-Chinese, ant-Indian or anti-Kadazan racism because of racial and religous identity.

    The Palestinia-Israeli issue is conveniently used to support such nazi like demonization against the Jews, and Malaysians need to expose such pernicious propaganda.

    Malicious selective propaganda has eclipsed the Palestinian carnage of Jewish civilians and children and its "manufacture" news and pictorial propaganda of so-called sufferings or injustice against them.

    Hitler used the same time of propaganda against then stating that they were planning Checkoslavia. He invade the country stating they were having ambitous plan to invade Europe while he was the one who did. Even England fell for it.

    Such malicous propaganda is known as "turnspeak", there are various kinds of religous, anti-Semetic, anti-Western, anti-Muslim "turspeak" that infiltrates our media and we need to seperate truth from propaganda.

    Turnspeak is the system that contionously perpetuates the victim as the aggressor and the aggressor as the victim.

    The banning of Jewish musicians, teachers and others have become a tradition of shame this country has been doing since Mahathir's regime.

    There needs to be a bold stand against such shameless racism and bigotry. Stand up and be counted.

  53. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Rocky! Make up your mind!
    Apa yang engkau merepek ni? You seem to be confused by Judaism the faith and Israel the state.

    Totally different!

    Those Malaysian morons protest because the 2 Chelsea guys are ISRAELIS.

    It doesn't matter even if they are non-Jews as long as they are Israel nationals! RAKYAT ISRAEL.

    So, when it is said "Chelsea Jews are not welcomed in Malaysia", it is not really correct, based on what they are protesting against.

    It should be "Chelsea Israelis are not welcomed in Malaysia".

    And Bob Dylan is a Jew (I think, but who cares) but he is an American too. So let's hope one day YTL or Dato' Jojo will bring him here to perform.

    Don't get confused by this simple math. Otherwise, people will think you are a mega moron blogger!

    There are many Jews who are working and living in Malaysia, but they are not Israelis! That's why Malaysian government allowed them to be here, in the first place.

    I even know a few who are attached to American companies that have branch offices here in KL.

    So, just because one is a Jew, it doesn't mean that one is an Israeli too.

    It's the same the other way around, just because one is an Israeli, it doesn't mean one has to be a Jew.

    Muslims make up about 16% of the Israeli population, the largest religious minority in that country.

    Close to 9% are Christians.

    There are also small group of Israelis who follow the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.

    So, the Chelsea coach and player can be a Muslim and a Hindu, respectively, but it doesn't matter. They are Israelis!

    (By the way, I'm neither for nor against the protest. I'm just setting things straight.).

  54. Anonymous2:28 pm

    zimmerman performed at pwtc in during the fasting month. i was there soaking in the croaky voice singing songs that seemed to be irrelevant for the 1990s. all the dylan kakis were there and nobody even raised the jew thing, let alone the jew things performing in ramadan. but avram and ben-haim are israelis, so that needs special attention. but my two sens worth say, let them come in. if malaysian authorities bar them, then the we will never see chelsea play in malaysia ever again.

  55. if the group want to protests, let them be. this is after all their rights. this is what we all call freedom of speech, don't we?

    chelsea fan will defend their club, islamist activist will state their mind. we all have an opinion to say.

  56. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Interesting piece of work. It would be nice if we can exchange links. Please let me know if it is ok. Do email me at

  57. Anonymous3:36 pm

    hey, throw all the McD, KFC, Intel, all shit MNC, all hv some jews money, let us all just wear white cotton dress with no underwear.

  58. Anonymous4:00 pm


    FCUK FAM !


  59. Dear anon 9.19am,

    Claude Le Roy is a Jew? I thought he's Breton through and through.

    I should know for he drove me around France in 95.

    But he came under savage anti-Jew abuse at the tailend of his coaching career at Strasbourg.

    Stoke, dear Rocky, can never rediscover their past glory. The days of Peter Shilton keeping clean sheets and Dennis Tueart wreaking havoc at the opposite end are long gone.

  60. Anonymous4:09 pm

    aiya, once in a while there bound to be some 'clowns' out there who will do everything to grab the headlines...lar. Like those Datins who wanted to go to england and counsel that child prodigy, when Jalan Haji Taib has plenty of whom where they can counsel. And then, there's this Karim who opposed the setting up of pig farm, and in some distant past, a religious group lodged a police report because a 'cross' shape is found on the ice-cream and asked for the Muslims nationwide to boycott it. What else... at time such news has become more of a cliche than what I will bother to read and worry.

  61. Anonymous4:14 pm

    I don’t understand why we have to boycott just because some of the players or coach is Jewish. 7-Eleven , McDonalds , Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Wendy’s, are all Jewish controlled indirectly , so what’s the big deal. I see so many Muslim chaps still patronising them. I already boycott them long time ago.

    Just pure double standards. Do you know that every sen we spend in those outlets, a royalty still goes to the Jewish bloc. WE should instead boycott McDonalds, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers and 7-Eleven

  62. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Leeds United fans, anywhere? I'm now 45 years-old; have been a fan of Leeds since the days of Bremner, Lorimer, Clarke, Jordan, McQueen,Harvey, etc. If memory serves me right, I think Leeds was the only club,in the UK at least, where at one time, 'supplied' almost all the players to a national football team ie. Scotland. Now that they are in the League One play-offs, I keep my fingers crossed they can make it to the Championship and by 2009-2010, to the Premier League. Leeds forever !

  63. Anonymous4:40 pm

    What say Malaysians if the rest of the world or the west or Singapore or Indonesians label us as terrorist or corrupt like most Umno leaders?

    What say Malaysians if we as a whole being label as 'inhuman' because of the way our govt treated Altantuya's case, visitors and the illegal immigrants?

    Why the contempt against all Jewish people as if each and everyone of them is vile?

    What does that make us Malaysians when we damn well know what our level of tolerance and inhuman behaviour even toward our own people?

    Take a good look in the mirror.

  64. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Should one laugh...

    Who is this banker who always boasts of having Kenyon over for lunch...?

    Its not what one knows, but who!

  65. Bros/Sis!

    Thousand apologies. I was in London doing my year as NST's UK correspondent. No wonder I couldn't remember Zimmerman coming here. But based on the belated reviews I'm getting, I didn't miss much, eh?


    You'll eat a football each, re Stoke, just mark my words.

  66. Anonymous5:38 pm

    are u spinning the story bro?

    they are not welcome because their nationality.. they are Israel not because of jews.

    and you must no why...

    so many jews are entering this country everyday what...

  67. Anonymous6:01 pm

    There are a billion reasons one picks or chooses to stick to a specific nationality. Those who believe a person who chooses to be Israeli is doing it in support of Israeli military action against Palestinians are more likely to jump to conclusions about anything; that's a dangerous mindset in itself.

  68. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Yang paling 'confuse' adalah anak saya yang di sekolah rendah. Dia penyokong kuat Chelsea. Dia tak boleh faham logik tak bagi mereka ni masuk Malaysia. Dia sekarang takut, "kalau sokong Chelsea kita keluar Islam ka?".
    Saya pun tak tahu nak explain macam mana.

  69. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Very controversial subject. Can debate till no end. Me personally thinks sports and politics should not mix, in the broad sense. There should be another platform for this 'Israeli' issue. Having said that, perhaps any opportunity to protest against Israel (for Palestine) should not be missed. Sigh, very difficult. Just like the Tibet-China dilemma.

  70. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Were you born a malay/muslim because you wanted to so badly? Just thought I would ask.

  71. Anonymous6:51 pm

    if these chelsea players enter the country with Israel's passport - stop them and get them the next available flight home! period.

    Malaysia Law is Malaysia Law and immigration must ensure that it is upheld at all times.

  72. Anonymous7:01 pm

    How come our passports say we are not allowed to go ot Israel?..most of us would go there not for politics.

    Syed do you know, they are not here for politics? They could do it behind your back, you know.

    Typical flip flop....yes is is no..don't justify that they are here for sports, altho i have nothing against Jews. If you think the Israel rule is outdated..just get rid of it.

    Same like the Makkal Osai..we did not ban..we did not extend permit..How does that sound?

  73. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Stupid!! There is a big difference between being a jewish and an israeli citizen .. the group is protesting against the israeli citizen not being a jewish ..

  74. Anonymous7:42 pm

    shocking...this is a typical umno putra like of spins.

    It seems to united all the malays by UMNO for a happy bashing sessions and to claims moral high ground.

    why double speaks? look at repression in Burma, Sudan, north korea, tibet etc. Why arent we doing anythings about them?

    USA is no less evil than the israelis if measures on the same terms. Why UMNO's NGO are taking any actions against them.
    The facts remain that Israel is easy target and We have no direct economies ties with them.

  75. Football is the one thing that unites us all..And now it's on the verge of breaking people up just because of politics..

    Think of ther revenue the country makes if Chelsea are allowed to play here (Dont be stupid, Chelsea are never gonna agree playing if their manager is not allowed here)..

    Stop mixing politics and sports

  76. Stoke is only 1 point away. Last game at home to Leicester. I've been a fan for 30 years and its gonna be a party at The Brittania.
    I've just started y blog and i track The Potters and Liverpool.
    Check out

  77. Anonymous9:04 pm


    Guys, this is another 'singlap mata' from AAB's SIL lah! Who's making the money from the visit? Its not about the football LOL! Its about making 'chaos' and let the people forget about the REAL ISSUE IN MALAYSIA NOW, which is GETTING RID OF AAB-SIL&CO. ... pity you so-called "objective-minded' LOLS! Bagi gula2 "Chelsea" and you all dah luuuupaaa!

  78. Anonymous9:15 pm

    my fellows ladies and gentlmen,

    the restriction on grant and ben haim is not all about jews,islam,idiot or you are better than anyone.

    it is because our beloved government policy had barred any ISRAELIS to enter our country.because we do not have any diplomatic ties with the goverment of israel.thats all bro.if both of them change their nationality to be a british.they are warmly welcome here. rational lah.and we wish stoke city will get promotion to BPL next season.

  79. Anonymous11:44 pm

    In this case, as much as we would like to keep sports, politics and religion separate, the fact is that the bloodshed between the Israelis and the Palestinians is rooted in religion and politics. It is difficult to divorce one from the other. Whether we realize it or not, our comments on this issue also reflects our personal beliefs about religion and politics.

    My comment is not so much about the match boycott as it is about some of the comments posted earlier about the Palestine-Israeli conflict. I get a sense that some commentators feel that Palestinian actions against the Israelis are justified because they (Palestinians) have suffered so much. These commentators are quick to point out that the Israelis are responsible for shedding innocent Palestinian blood, but the said commentators are also equally quick to downplay the shedding of innocent Israeli blood. They say that Palestinians' continued assault on Israel is understandable because the Palestinians have been driven to desperate measures after so many years of oppression.

    I'm sorry, but I find these type of comments truly myopic. Why not support an end to the bloodshed of innocents on both sides? A life is still a life, whether it's Israeli, Palestinian, Muslim or Jew. We humans have no right to assign values as to how much a life is worth based on a person's religion, race or political support.

    My personal opinion is that boycotting the match will do far more damage to Malaysia 's diplomatic image than it will make a point in showing solidarity towards the Palestinians. All it does is show the world is that Malaysians has double standards about standing up for human rights.

    If the Muslim NGOs want to protest, I think they have every right to, as long as it is a peaceful demonstration. But they should be fair and call for an end to the shedding of ALL innocent blood in the Middle East.

  80. Anonymous12:04 am

    I think many people here confuse between jew and israelis. Not all Jews are Israelis. Its bordering on amusing how some people just shoot in the dark without really knowing what the issue is (especially to the person who brings in Moses and Jesus into the discussion). The protest by the 21 or so people was because Avram Grant is an Israeli and used to be an Israeli association football manager. The protest is not because he’s a Jew. Malaysia is one of the countries that do not recognise Israel as a state so I would say that this is a foreign policy.

    Some commentator even said that the Palestinians deserve it because of all those Hamas bombs that kill innocent Israelis. In no way am I condoning violence of any form but I suggest that person to read on the history of that ‘state’ called Israel.

  81. Anonymous12:36 am

    muslims will always do some silly things..including this silly protest.
    find a life.

  82. Anonymous1:15 am

    I just got one thing to say here la, tell our ultra malay muslim brothers to grow up and stop being so insecure. We've all had enough of their stupidity that has made us a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. Because of this ultraism and blind support, Malaysian Christians can't go to Jerusalem to do their pilgrimage, so how fair is that. Come on la guys, grow up. Let Chelsea and their Israeli player and manager in, they are not terrorists.

  83. Anonymous1:33 am

    like not all muslims are terrorists.

  84. Anonymous1:43 am

    Muslim and Jews has always lived together even during Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

    Even if it is our foreign policy, OIC, bla bla bla...not to acknowledge the present of Jews...Chelsea IS NOT Jewish. Only the manager.

    So dont allow the manager laa...who the hell wants to meet Avram Grant..I want to meet LAMPARD!!

  85. Anonymous4:46 am

    Malaysia should be boycotted and isolated from the rest of the world until a mass movement of united Malaysian citizens take action to get rid of these inbred Talibans.

    And dear "A Voice"....non-Muslims cannot say anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ah? Piiirraaahhh, this is not Mahathir's dictatorial era, although some of you still live in the past.

  86. Anonymous8:00 am

    4 Palestinian children and their mother killed in Israeli attack in Gaza

  87. Anonymous10:39 am

    What the heck,men?You can't mix politics into sports.Politics should not be politicised into this beautiful game of sports.Only those narrow-minded politicians are the ones who are spoiling the whole thing.Sports is sports and politic you should leave it to the politicians to politicise,right?

  88. Anonymous11:56 am

    You knew that your blog is visited by many and yet you deliberately put the topic as "Chelsea Jews not welcomed in Malaysia". You even failed to explained the difference between Israelis and Jews.

    You topic is very misleading and so irresponsible as you are aware that it is not the policy of the government to stop the Jews from visiting this country.

    Not so long ago, the government also applied the same policy to the apartheid regime of South Africa.

    The government policy towards Israel is justified. It is also justifiable when some of the Israelis were allowed to this country when TDM was in power - purely because of sports.

    I disagreed with many policies of the Government but when the G is right and acting properly, is there any need for to imply that Jews are not welcomed.

    Just because you are popular, really, there is no need for you to irresponsible.

  89. Anonymous5:13 pm

    some of commentor here are soooooo double standard in giving comments exactly like the leader of BN.. either they are UMNO, MCA,MIC or Malay, Chinese, Indian...

    someone even say the muslims always do demo... yes we did demo during Bersih... we also did demo during Hindraf.. by the way we also did demo during Olympic torch run all over the world.. and recently we did demo at Britain...all of them are muslims...

    i agree with anon 11.56 am, like i said before Rocky made mistake with his topic. It is not Jews.. it Israel. If they know it will be a problem, why they bring Chelsea here at the first place. It is noty chelsea who want to come here.. but sumbody who see lots of money bringing them here.

    why must every year we has this stupid problem? last year with Man U? money really matter

  90. I'm support the decision to bring Chelsea here. Let the Israeli and Russian Jewish owner too. Never tell them we're too fanatic just because we have no ties with Israeli government.

    Yes, Rocky was confused with the JEWS and ISRAELI; the former people/follower of Judaism faith, whereas the latter- NATION.

    I hope Chelsea will beat Liverpool tonight and win two last match and MU draw one of their last match. :)

    Sorry, sport and politic don't mix.

  91. Anonymous2:32 am

    So many people wasting so much time.


    Now, lets focus on real issues that matters, i.e. PAK Lah & KJ MUST GO!!

  92. Anonymous2:23 pm

    What has the Jewish people done to the Malaysian people that they are treated in such a dispicable manner? What has Israel done to Malaysia to deserve such hatred?

    Truly Diabolical Mamak (TDM) has poisoned the mind of Malaysians in general and Malays in particular for decades. His own twisted mind and self-righteousness has poisoned the minds of the unthinking masses...

  93. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Please visit these two websites on Jewish extremisim:


    Jews are liars.

  94. Because jewish can't enter malaysia
    is because
    many islamic people cannot except
    the welcome of israel or jewish
    because. malaysia felt poor
    for palestine.. israel attack them
    that is why.. many israel people
    can't come to malaysia..
    because if they come..
    your money from israel to malaysia
    will be sent to israel soldier
    to kill islamic people in palestine!
    that is why people in malaysia can't except your welcome!