Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogger in Parliament!

Jeff4Parliament a reality today. Did someone laugh behind his back when Jeff said he was going to contest in the last General Election?

Well, no one's laughing now.

In any case, in his posting Time to Get Even (April 15), YB Jeff Ooi blogs:

"The defamation suit against me, the blogger, is over one year old and no new grounds had been made to face off the plaintiffs -- NSTP & Others -- in the open court.

With or without judiciary reforms in Malaysia, I have decided to take the offensive and take them on, one by one, big man or small man.

I have been asked to set aside another RM12,000.00 for the solicitor's part of the cost in defending myself, and I am determined to clear my name. Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, Hishamuddin Aun and Brendan Pereira, who sued me alongside the listed company, the NSTP, must be prepared to see me to the last drop. It's also time to say all that should be said in the court, with evidence."

The NSTP & 3 were granted an ex-parte injunction against Jeff last January, which effectively shuts him up. Sixteen months of having to shut up is a long time.

Today, Jeff Ooi will be able to break that silence. As a Member of Parliament, he is free to speak up in Parliament. So speak up, bro YB! Let them hear you!

The AP has a nice piece on Activists, bloggers and "rabble-rousers" in Parliament.

p.s. The poster The First Blogger to Become MP? appeared on the front page of Singapore's mypaper, the 27 Feb 2008 edition. It was based on a Q & A I had with Jeff in Penang the day earlier where he had launched his book to raise funds for his election campaign.


  1. Anonymous6:58 am

    I hope this is not some subtle way to get us to empty our pockets, yet again.

    JO has to start showing some positive work for the betterment of jelutong and Penang before we hand over more moolah. Incidentally, we haven't seen any accounting of how he used the doantions for his campaign)

    He's voted to do that, he's paid by tax payers to do that .

    Prioritise, please.

  2. Anonymous8:30 am

    Go go power rangers!~

  3. Anonymous10:45 am

    Jeff, lanyak sama dia. Apa dia ingat selama ini dia Dewa ke? Hantam sama dia. Mereka nak bodek, bodeklah, tapi ingatlah, bodek di dunia ni tak ke mana. Kita mahu tengok ini orang menangis.

  4. Anonymous10:45 am

    Jeff, lanyak sama dia. Apa dia ingat selama ini dia Dewa ke? Hantam sama dia. Mereka nak bodek, bodeklah, tapi ingatlah, bodek di dunia ni tak ke mana. Kita mahu tengok ini orang menangis.

  5. Anonymous10:54 am

    jgn jawab soalan dalam parlimen melalui blog sudah lah. lol..

  6. Now that Jeff has found a grand avenue for his "free speech", he should now prepare for the challenge of "repeat outside parliament".

    Of course he can counter challenge for the lifting of the injunctions.

    The speaker, on his part, could ask Jeff to save it for the court.

    Good luck for the next four years and hope to see you for the following next four years.

    Jeff really owes that Malaysian public alot and he must really show for it.


  7. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Infact all the blogger's in Malaysia are considered very lucky.In neighbouring country especially during election period,bloggers were given stern warning ala Marxist,Maoist and it's associate by the authority in away to prevent them to tell the truth via the net then through the mainstream media which entirely biased.

    Angguk2 Geleng2 Saya2

  8. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Blogger in Parliament? Nothing new here. There is a tendency for journalist to be politician.

    In communist countries, journalism is a revered profession. Higher than doctors and lawyers. (But then again any profession is revered higher than lawyers.)

    Bottom line, Jeff Ooi is no more racist than Hishamuddin. Cakap banyak, kerja belum tahu!

  9. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Common people....!!!

    I have had enough of people like Anon 6:58am and Simon Wee. Throughout the internet we keep having people talking about how the new Pakatan Rakyat's MPs owe it to the rakyat, what they have to do this and that and bla bla bla! far as I'm concerned, we should be thankful that we have more choices this time. I really don't understand how this come about?? You mean all these while the rakyat are happy with the pool of candidates from BN? the Rakyat are happy with their performance as MP and how they drive this country?

    Sure you have the right to vote whoever you like. I'm sure the new MPs know that very well.... let them do their job.

    Your job as a concerned citizen is to continously monitor the MPs that consistently taking up issues that are beneficial to all the rakyat regardless of race and religion.

    If you;ll think BN MPs can do all means vote them in again and we shall see where is Malaysia in the next 10 years in this era of globalization.

    Wonder why these people never wrote to the previous BN MPs and remind them that they are paid by tax payers?

    Grow up people!!!

    NO one owe you anything! You owe it to yourself to make an inform choice of MP. Otherwise stand as candidate in the next election.

    Frustrated Malaysian.

  10. Whoa! Tough talk from JO, bro.

    He can fan the flames in parliament but the battle royale with NSTP remain in the court.

    Looks like my 'Blogger in Parliament' wish of 28th May '07 did come true after all.

    Btw bro, there is another aspect that you and JO can pursue. Media accreditation for bloggers to be present during parliamentary sittings. After all, if nation-wide live telecasts will be the norm in future, having bloggers as the ultimate alternative 'unplugged' news for netizens would be a god-sent for those with Blackberrys, PDAs,etc. Throw in TonyYew's BlogTV for good measure.

    How about it, bro. All-Blogs up front and centre.

  11. YB, Jeff Ooi! Humble be Humble! From nothing We put u into Parliament. Do not take Kali,or Brendan or any of us The Rakyaat lightly!
    Buat Kerja!
    C u on BUM day, if u dare face us!

  12. Anonymous10:54 am

    Tahniah lah rocky, kau backing jeff ooi yang nak dismantle hak melayu kita. kau yang sebenarnya yahudi zionist rocky.

  13. What anon 10:54 spewed would only mean that there are only Malays, Chinese, Indians and others in this country but no Malaysians. In that case it would be a glass-house with no one race safe as a small stone would shattered everything.

    I salute Rocky for letting that poison thru as I am sure he has answers for it.

    As for anon 1:45, pls be mor coherent and I will take you on. Don't try to give a speech with food in your mouth.

    Learn from monsterball who is now panting in his last frontier.

    Talking of monsterball, he has become a over 70 year-old to a 69. How young can one goes.



  14. Anonymous4:40 pm

    If Blogger in Parliament is only for Free Speech in Parliament, then, the task for JO and those PR elected is to get the Rights of Speech even outside the Parliament.

    To sort out the problems that Constitutions had been misused so Rights of Speech been interrupted or stop!
    To sort out the problem with the Judiciary that Rights of Speech can be stopped easily by an Injunction without quickly sorting out if the case can stand.

    Sort out the problem that Judiciary is not independent that Judges and Lawyers are bullying the clients and dragging cases years after years without Strict Rules & Regulation!

    Sort out the problem why a Lawyers can still be in practice when being notorious for dragging, for not attending court, for failing to deliver job, or, calling Police to chase off clients when he cannot deliver his job. And, lastly even assaulted and battered clients.

    (I prefer Rights of Speech than "Free" speech as I wish they are or will be well stipulated by law).