Sunday, March 16, 2008

Petition in support of Mukhriz Mahathir

Not enough signatures have been collected. Mine is No 157.

If you believe that Mukhriz Mahathir did the right thing to write to the PM and ask him to step down, not for doing badly in the GE but for daring the People to defy him when they took on the streets to express their unhappiness [read Mukhriz's letter here], click the link below and put down your name and numbers.

Petition Against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Rocky, it's not just Mukhriz now., Ku Li has moved in. And I heard Rafidah Aziz wrote a 5-page letter to the PM, is that true?

    From Malaysia Kini:

    Ku Li wants Umno to call EGM
    Mar 16, 08 4:10pm

    Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has written a letter to all 193 Umno division leaders urging them to call an extraordinary general meeting on May 11 in the wake of the party's unprecedented electoral setback.

    ku li tengku razaleigh interview 241106 reluctantIn a two-page letter dated March 12, Razaleigh asked the Umno leaders to invoke the party constitution to demand an EGM to discuss the results of the March 8 election, which saw the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition losing five key states.

    Razaleigh said his suggestion for May 11 for the special party meeting was because it was the day Umno was founded in 1946.

    The 70-year-old former finance minister who made a failed challenge against Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah Badawi for Umno president in 2004, painted a dire picture for the ruling party.

    "In the first general election in 1955, Umno controlled two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. Today, we are a minority voice in Parliament. At the federal level, Umno is no longer a strong political power. I nearly shed tears thinking about this scenario.

    Razaleigh, who is the head of Umno Gua Musang division in Kelantan, said that in 2004, the party had 107 out of 219 parliament seats. Now however, the party controls 78 out of 222 seats.

    'Umno will not rule again'

    "Worse still, at the 12th general election, BN lost four states - Penang, the home state of our own party president (which has fallen into the hands of Chinese-based DAP), Kedah (which has fallen to PAS), Perak (which has fallen to DAP despite that the mentri besar is from PAS), and Selangor (which will be dominated by non-Malay DAP and non-Malays from PKR despite that the mentri besar is a Malay," he wrote appealing to fears of Umno leaders losing political control to the country's non-Malay minorities.

    Razaleigh added that the party rank-and-file should not "point fingers at anyone" and absolve themselves for the debacle. According to him, the party should have not allowed the top leadership to make such a mistake.

    "This is our collective responsibility, the responsibility of all Umno members and leaders from the branch and division levels to the Umno supreme council, this is not just the responsibility of a few top leaders only."

    The EGM, he said, should examine the disastrous electoral performance of BN.

    "We must find out why Chinese and Indian voters rejected MCA and MIC candidates. Why were incumbent Umno candidates defeated by PKR and PAS candidates? Otherwise at the next election, if we don't change our policies, culture and morale in BN and Umno - and change radically - BN and Umno will not rule again," he wrote in the letter.

    "PKR-DAP-PAS will form the federal government, the PM may be from PKR and the DPM may be from the DAP. And should BN still remain intact, it would become an opposition party which is weak and disunited. Umno will not be able to represent the voice of Malays again."

  2. Anonymous8:04 pm

    It leaves much to speculation on why petition in support of Mukhriz Mahathir is necessary. Is he anti-corruption, anti-NEP, or point to us, one good reason what he did good for the rakyat.

  3. Anonymous8:37 pm

    We challenge Hishamuddin Hussein Onn to sack Mukriz Mahathir from Exco Pemuda and Umno as well. We want Hishammuddin to treat the same to those who write letters to AAB. Umno must also sack Tengku Razaleigh because he wrote a letter calling for an UMNO EGM to discuss about the fate of Umno under AAB. Berani ka?. Untuk Hishamuddin, I nak bagitahu, bila bercakap U punya mulut jangan terkenyut-kenyut lah, macam tak ada gigi lah.

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Did anyone watch the PM being interviewed by Martin Soong of CNBC on the CNBC channel this evening, Mar 16?

    Soong put the PM on the spot when he asked about Najib and Anwar. The PM, who was grim-faced throughout the interview, said he and Najib have full confidence in each other.

    All in all, not a good interview for the PM. Soong was courteous, but firm in putting his questions across. One could sense the PM's discomfort.

    Seems to me that the PM is turning to the foreign media. There was his op-ed piece in the Asian Wall Street Journal. Now this CNBC interview. What next - an appearance on the BBC "Hard Talk" programme? Or an interview with Spore's Channel NewsAsia TV channel?

  5. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Lepas dah tau kedudukan dalam kabinet baru boleh react kot?

  6. Anonymous8:59 pm

    AAB is the best leader that UMNO has today, I 100% sokong AAB. Even if he is the head of the opposition in Paliment after the 13GE I will still sokong him.

  7. Anonymous8:59 pm

    No! No! I beg all of you not to sign this petition and all the UMNO fellas not to force Abdullah Badawi to resign. Let him hang on till next election as I would like to see the next state, Melaka fall to Barisan Rakyat and the anti-babi MB humiliated.

    Sorry, I'm not signing this petition.

  8. Anonymous9:03 pm

    I see this as an umno matter. I'm not an umno member. So, no thanks.

  9. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I am not signing the petition. It is sufficient that I have at least made my opinion known and that Pak Lah should take responsibility for this UMNO and BN election debacle.

    Many UMNO topguns are still so full of themselves and are still in a state of denial that nothing but a trouncing in the next PRU13 will make them understand, by which time it would be too late for these idiots.

    To illustrate my point read what the STAR reported today about MB Johor Ghani comment on Mukhriz's letter quote"Abdul Ghani said that it was best to leave such people alone, he(Mukhriz) is just some obscure wakil Rakyat who decided to be different", whoa such arrogance coming out from the MB of Johor which used to be UMNO's bastion.

    Well Ghani, Mukhriz is not an obscure wakil rakyat, he maybe new but he has the clarity of mind and understands like many other UMNO members that UMNO is in dire straits and need a major overhaul starting from Pak Lah immediate retirement, to remain relevant with the Malays.

    By the way Ghani, Mukhriz is President of ANSARA(Anak Sains Mara) which is a grouping of Malay professionals and technocrats, and YOU underestimate and ignore this organisation at your peril. Mukhriz also garnered the highest number of votes in the last UMNO youth exco elections.(Please note that Hisham and Khairy were not voted in, they won unelected to their respective UMNO YOUTH positions)

    Now Ku Li has written this letter to all the UMNO division head, I hope they are not as cocky as Ghani and say that he is just an obscure MP from Gua Musang......

    Anak Jawa Johor

  10. Anonymous9:22 pm

    It is nice to see the implosion, in UMNO. So what has Mukhriz contributed, nothing. His father has contributed to the dismantling of respecatble institutions. The judiciary being one of them, which is of the foremost of importance. How soon you all forget the Lingam tapes. He, Mahathir by plotting the downfall of AAB wants to rule as a "Senior Minister". Alot of the opposition would be under the ISA, probably Ops Lallang 2, if he was still PM, for being inflicted severe losses.

    The other day the NST was blaring "Cat Fight" mocking the opposition, what do you call this? Crapfight?

  11. Anonymous9:35 pm

    No thank you and I think it's none of your business anyway. I am nobody's stooge! I don't think you can get many people to support your personal cause.

  12. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Anon 8:40 pm...

    Mukhriz is anti-PakLah, so he is anti-corruption,anti-abuse of NEP and I am one rakyat melayu who think he is fighting for me.You might not think so cause you are sleeping all this while just like PakLah.Full-stop!!

  13. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Anonymous said...

    I see this as an umno matter. I'm not an umno member. So, no thanks.

    9:03 PM

    But UMNO got you all in this mess in the first place. If UMNO had the balls to take out Pak Lah during their last General Assembly, BN would have not face this crisis.

    The longer Pak Lah remains in office, the greater the risk of racial tension in this country.

  14. Politics is one sick game innit?
    Beat him some more while his down and almost out.

  15. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Rocky you got it wrong, you actually want Kali to resign right?


  16. This is the internal turmoil in UMNO
    Let the party members deal with their president
    It is nothing to do with the people in general
    The Barisan Rakyat has spoken its intension in the ballot boxes

    Let them fight
    Like Hang Tuah with Hang Jebat
    One defending his ruler
    One defending his close friend

    But read somewhere
    The schools don’t teach about Hang Tuah any more
    The government commissioned experts to find the truth
    About Hang Tuah……………….

    It is what is happening in UMNO?
    Ruler and friend in forgotten friendship
    Telling UMNO members to decide
    Into a political saga about leadership

    This is the art of war
    Let them fight themselves
    In 5 years time the people decide
    Bury BN for not reinventing itself

    A new dawn must flourish
    Let the seed grow
    Let watch the new light
    Shining right down on the people

  17. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Inasmuch as we hate to see the current state of corruption and waste of public funds in this country, we can't naively give a projection that all these will go away with Pak Lah's resignation. What we need is either a. A completely clean BN esp UMNO. Free of patronage system, free of $$$ mentality and in case of MIC/MCA/Gerakan free of "kow-tow to Big Bro UMNO" attitude or B. An absolutely ready and a completely clean Alternative Government to take over the nitty-gritty of running a country. I take nothing less than that. Otherwise, we are still screwed, no matter what. Mukhriz may get what he wishes for, Pak Lah may step down and KJ may lost his influence, but the same people who are shouting for PM's resignation are completely mum on the next course of action. That can only mean Najib. Do we honestly think Najib want to and have the political will to clean UMNO and Government? Clean his own accumulated mess yes, clean the rot in the party and government, I don't think so. Ladies and gentlement, we are back to square one. Screwed until the cows come home.

  18. Already signed... thanx for the alert.

  19. Anonymous10:48 pm


    The Malaysian public has spoken. Dr M called on the people to help save the party through the ballot box. That advice was heeded.

    Now it is up to the UMNO people to act decisively to determine if they want a strong leadership or a weak one.

    If the UMNO people are still adamant at keeping quiet, don't blame anyone else but yourselves, as Malaysians of all races had already done their part by sending the tsunamical signal forward.

    The ball now is in your court, ye UMNO members!

  20. Bro, personally, I will not sign the petition. That said, I do think, however, Mukhriz did the right thing in his capacity as an UMNO/BN member, and as a representative elected on the UMNO/BN ticket. And he should not be unduly penalized for writing the letter.

    Mukhriz did what he did within the construct of UMNO/BN, which IMHO is in dire need of redefining itself. What Mukhriz wrote in his letter, however, gives me no indication that he thinks there is such a need. The PM resigning from all positions will result in UMNO/BN being led by someone else who will want to maintain the status quo, so what's the point?

    I will reserve any judgement until the PM announces his cabinet because that, to me, will be the benchmark upon which I will decide whether or not AAB is still fit to lead the nation. The composition of the new cabinet will be a tell-tale sign.

    No, I am not a fan of AAB. I do not, however, see it as necessary for me to ask that he steps down - yet.

  21. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Why did you sign it, Rocky?

    And give me ONE good reason why I should sign it.

  22. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Not signing it.

    Pak Lah steps down and then what?
    Najib steps in?

  23. I'm a firm believer in Democracy, the people voted and will have to live with their decisions be it good or bad. Unfortunately the people ie you and me, do not necessary make the right decisions but that is the beauty of democracy, we are held accountable for our very own decisions. Asking/ demanding that the Prime Minister resigns is wrong. With all due respect, AAB was elected by UMNO and therefore it is their call and their call only to do so. Barisan won the elections and by reason of default, being the head of UMNO, he is the Prime Minister. Democracy works both ways, if we don't respect it, don't expect others to practice same.

  24. Anonymous11:33 pm

    I think you are taking this vendetta against AAB too far by cosying up to Mahathir and his ilk.As another contributer indicated...the source of many of the ills facing us now emerge from mahathir's 22 years and they do not get fixed easily as the entire party structure and anything it touches is corrupted.Getting rid of AAB may leave us with even fewer options and less time for UMNO to regenerate and re-invent itself along lines that do not involve straight racial and religious positions.Your position on this is invidious and conflicted.Focus elsewhere.

  25. Anonymous11:36 pm

    sign petition to free hndraf 5 better la. Anyway if wanna sign just simply put ur IC lo. As if they will check one by one. ANd it is only for Umnoooo members rite? LEt them rot la. Why shld we be bothered and help this umno useless party stay alive?

    Good RIDDANCE!

  26. Anonymous11:38 pm


    The more I read your blog these days, you seem to have an agenda. Come clean please ... we respect you a lot.

  27. Anonymous11:39 pm

    With his revengeful father behind him, I don't think Mukhriz is his own man.
    Two days before he sent the letter, he said he was grateful to PM for choosing him as a candidate in the election.Then he sent a dagger into the PM's back
    Everytime I see people protesting against the easing of the NEP, I see greedy, uncouth and irresponsible UMNO leaders who are the products of the Mahathir's administration.
    Can his son's approach be different from his dad's?
    I think I can trust Anwar Ibrahim better than Mukhriz.
    Your site should remain apolitical.

  28. To sign or not...
    Hmmm...a bleeding difficult choice there mate. Let them umno dude and dudettes fight it out among themselves. Apart from fighting for lucrative contracts, that is. Just let all the players involved humiliate themselves some more. How low can they stoop?
    It's kinda fun watching this new blood sport. Hope the fun continues.

  29. Anonymous12:12 am

    The movement has its personal agenda, not becos for the benefit of the party (UMNO). would urge all to stay away from this campaign.

  30. Anonymous12:18 am

    Please don't pressure pak Lah to resign. We love this guy cos he is so humble, always keeping to himself in his dreamland, and never hurt anyone, though he just let his little napoleon to do the dirty work. We need Pak Lah to help us finish off BN soon and it seem like he is the only one willing to help as he has proven, without any doubt, in the recently concluded GE. Pak Lah can create the biggest tsunami and we need him to stay in power in order to do just that.

  31. Anonymous12:22 am

    bro, tak nak postkan another posting..tajuknya= Reasons why pak lah should stay as PM

    haha :D

  32. Anonymous12:28 am

    If Bad-awi resigns - who goes up to take the PM position? Najib ? ...... OMG............

  33. Anonymous12:35 am

    guys and girls..

    i wonder how can one sign that? if he resigns.. who do you see fit to take over? any idea guys??

  34. Anonymous12:54 am

    Agree with Walski69.

    No point us signing petition for Mukhriz in this UMNO family matter. Rakyat already spoken in 12GE.

    I don't see any indication of fresh ideas/initiatives that Mukhriz or anyone in UMNO can offer either.

    Best stick with Badawi at moment, let UMNO clean itself within.

    Myself wait for cabinet lineup to see direction of country.

  35. I have to concur with

    Nope; Pak Lah; you should stay on and restore democracy in UMNO itself.

    How can we expect democracy to perpetuate in a party which practices no democracy themselves ?

  36. Anonymous1:49 am

    I will not sign the petition.

    IMHO, this is personal politics, not politics for the voice of the people of Malaysia, not the voice of my people.

  37. Anonymous2:11 am

    Thank you Rocky.. I put my petition for him. Say whatever you guys wanna say, for someone with a position in UMNO, to have such a courage to do like he did, I respect him. Goes against the current to speak out for his people (or for his own belief)deserves a petition from me. I doubt people from my new world (non UMNO) would see it as they are so biased and narrow minded. SInce the GE2008 result came out, I realised the more you know them, if not the same, they are worse than them. What a pity as I thought they are better than UMNO at first. Anyway, for your information, whoever is replacing Pak Lah, I would say it will be better than Pak Lah, please resign for your rakyat sake.

  38. Anonymous2:14 am

    Some of your readers have correctly pointed out that if Abdullah were to vacate his post, a glance at the crowd eagerly waiting, salivating even perhaps, to take his place reveals nothing more than a gaggle of worthless nincompoops whom you wouldn't trust to run your sundry shop (if you have one, that is).

  39. Anonymous2:15 am

    You've done it yet again.

    If it's not against NSTP, it's something to do with licking Jeff Ooi's a$$ or playing PR to Tun Dr Mahathir..

    Perhaps it's signs of age catching up huh old man..

    Be neutral la..too much to ask ar?

  40. Anonymous2:33 am

    rOCK, your vengeance matches that of your patron Mahathir. That is admirable. Your two-facedness is equally good. You name editors as Singapore agents and now you yourself take Singapore money. Like them who booted you out of NST, you too are just as fantastic at spinning and just as oblivious to the fact that your readers can see clearly what you're doing. Take this post for example. The petition credits Mukhriz as initiating the call for Badawi's resignation but the petition itself is for Badawi's resignation, NOT "in support of Mukhriz Mahathir". You are misleading your readers. You are spinning for Mukhriz. I suppose the upcoming rewards must be good that you would spin in circles for this family. Good boy. An admirable soldier.

  41. What disgusts me about this business is that, according to [ahem]The Star, it's clear that the letter was sent as *private* correspondence to the PM and to four other high-up UMNO party members. Yet the same article goes on to quote other UMNO members blaming him for "releasing" and "publicising" it.

    The only way for the letter to have gotten into public circulation is for one or more of the RECIPIENTS to have sabo'ed Mukhriz by circulating the letter.

    It's like Soviet Russia: steal people's private correspondence and manuscripts, copy them left and right, then accuse them of circulating seditious material.

  42. Shit I can't BELIEVE this! After 22 years under the heavy thumb of one Mahathir we still want to see another Mahathir in public office? Guess there are more than a few sadomasochists in our midst!

  43. Anonymous3:06 am

    Sokonglah mukhriz, tapi aku pun kurang yakin dengan dia, macam dia pegang saham perubatan pantai dijual kepada temasik.

    Perangai macam taksin.

    Boleh caya kah dia lagi?

  44. Let Badawi, Hishamuddin, Khairy alone and the current carry-balls UMNO top echelon alone.

    Don't sign the petition.

    Thanks to them we have such a gripping drama to watch the past 2 weeks and hopefully in 2012/2013 election.

    Saudra Anwar for PM !

  45. Anonymous4:11 am

    if paklah resign, who's gonna replace him? najib? rafidah? them rotten apples? anyhow.. its good for the opposition come next GE

  46. Anonymous4:58 am

    got any ang-pow or not for signing the petition?

  47. Anonymous6:00 am


    Its UMNO's problem to sort it out.
    I'm not an UMNO member.

  48. Dear big God, please do not let Najib become PM because he would lose to Anwar in GE 13 if he did. That is what Anwar is hoping for ... We need a good man with a clean record to be PM - not those two rats. Please big God, we have suffered enough. This is a prayer straight from my heart and you know it.

  49. Anonymous7:11 am

    Petition in support of Mukhriz Mahathir?

    This is outdated, we want to know what is his stand for the non-Malays. If he is a leader will he make effort to improves the life of the orang Asli, the Ibans, the poor Indians, the marginalized poor Chinese and the marginalized poor Malays? Malays in UMNO doesn't need help as much as non-UMNO members, this is a fact.

    Is he fighting for himself? fighting for UMNO members only? or is he fighting for the Malays only?
    If yes than please bring him down and not to sign the petition, don't support him.

    If he is a man he should see the big picture and join a muti-racial party such as PKR or DAP to fight for Malaysian.

  50. Anonymous7:26 am

    I agree with Anonymous 11:38 PM and Come On Lar.

    Rocky, do you have a hidden agenda? You never make your stand clear politically and that is disturbing since you are an influential blogger.

    This issue is an underhanded internal politic fight, and you're joining the rest of the strange folks to drag the public into it.

    It is disturbing to see that you seem less independent these days.

  51. I don't think anyone should sign the petition. Who is Mukhriz but an ex PM's son, who will doggedly follow papa's orders.

  52. Anonymous8:30 am

    The irony is that Barisan Nasional, especially Umno, can't seem to cotton on to the fact that the electorate - young and old - are fed up with race-based politics. As long as they're in this stage of denial, they're not going to go anywhere, least of all forward. And meanwhile, Umno bullies and hooligans will keep trying to stir up trouble at the drop of the hat. Come on, wake up, more than half the people in the peninsular aren't with you anymore!

  53. Anonymous9:04 am

    anonymous says..
    It leaves much to speculation on why petition in support of Mukhriz Mahathir is necessary. Is he anti-corruption, anti-NEP, or point to us, one good reason what he did good for the rakyat.

    8:04 PM

    For God's sake anonymous..can't you get it through your head that Mikhriz has only just now been elected as a Parliamentarian. He's not even a minister yet. How can you expect him to do much. Sometimes I get sick at reading some of the stupid comments on this blog....

  54. Anonymous9:16 am

    Since Mukhriz has the courage to write the letter, he should also have anticapited the actions to be taken by BN @ UMNO.

    Grow up lah.

    This is the politics of BN and UMNO where nobody can voice up.

    Do you think signing the petition makes any difference? The answer is a big NOooooo.

  55. Anonymous9:19 am


    You can see what is going to happen to Pak Lah and UMNO after the appointment of new cabinet ministers.
    UMNO clowns not in the list will join Mukhriz and start campaigning against the leadership. August is the last month for Pak Lah to lead UMNO and BN simple majority government. I am with Mukhriz.

  56. Anonymous9:34 am

    I just sign it. Hope it can reach up to million.

  57. Anonymous9:34 am

    If someone put up an online petition to rid DAP of Lim Kit Siang and his nepotism or Anwar Ibrahim the liar or Hadi the mulah manic, I would sign it for the benefit of the country.

    The opposition has a sickening history and it is good we rid it of such idiots for the sake of the country.

    Whether the replacement is Najib or Ku Li or someone else, Abdullah Badawi should resign!

    Even though I am not an UMNO member, I will sign and support
    Mukhriz for the sake of the country!

  58. Selama ini semua blog dan komentar menuntut Abdullah Badawi untuk mengundur.

    Apabila ada orang yang ke hadapan untuk bersuara dan berani, kamu semua pulak buat bermacam-macam alasan.

    Nampak gaya para komentar Rocky adalah mereka yang mementingkan diri saja.

    Jelas mereka sanggup melihat negara hancur dan lebur terus di bawah Abdullah Badawi kerana mahu memenangi lebih banyak kerusi di PRU akan datang.

    Banyak betul yang otak macam UNTA yang tak ada harga untuk di jual!

  59. Anonymous9:43 am

    Anon 11.38
    I agree with you.. really. What's up , Rocky?
    If you ask me the bunch lot of ministers like Najib, Rafidah , Khairy and Nazri all these scums need to leave the office. By the way this is UMNO matter , best it is left them to handle it. Why bother? I believe we have done enough to vote for the oppo. As for Badawi, he needs to buck up or least step down on HIS OWN.

  60. Anonymous9:57 am

    Rocky, you are a disappointment. We all know you have a personal agenda in supporting the downfall of AAB and you are riding on Mukhriz's action to further your own cause. Shame on you. You have to rise above personal vendetta and ambition to be a blogger one can respect. Mahathir was the architect of this present Umno. AAB inherited a sinking ship from him because of entrenched corruption and cronyism that Mahathir nurtured. And don't forget, the destruction of civil society and the judiciary was of the old dictator's doing. AAB's failing was that he was too weak to overturn the rot that had set into the party and the country. Give credit where credit is due. If AAB had not liberalised the country and allowed dissent, I doubt the opposition would have made such advances. Under Dr M, we would have seen many Opp leaders under ISA before the polls if he gets any hint that BN would lose. Get rid of AAB and who is there to lead the country? Najib? Ku LI? Pathetic choices really. And who do we blame for this? Mahathir, of course. He "killed" off all credible successors and left us with the present bunch. Leave AAB alone. He has shown grace under pressure... and you are nothing but an opportunist.

  61. Anonymous10:01 am

    One anon question Rocky's stand agst NSTP. Thats dumb ... shd be send back to kindergarten on democrasy

    There is nothing wrong for Rocky to express his support to support or fight agst anything.

    He is Malaysian born and a citizen. This is what the message of the recent PRU is about, isn't it?

    Clearly Rocky gave his support irrespective of party affiliation but the personality itself. Wee Choo Keong, Husam, Jeff Ooi, Mukhriz. Did I miss any?

    Personalities make up organisation. DAP failed all these while becasue of personalities at the top. Ponder in its history the number of people that attemmpt to speak but was kick out of the party.

    Every political party has it's effect on the country. More so if it is UMNO. It is the message given by the people that will change but whats wrong with teh extra miles.

    If in the US, democrat or republican supporters 9not really member), can participate in the party primaries to determine who will represent the political party in the national election.

    It would be great if the people's message can reach the UMNO directly. The support for MUkhriz is ne baby step to chage teh whole makeup of this country.

    Just ask ourselves, If it is not Mukhriz, who then? KJ? If we are sympathetic to the Mukhriz cause (not his father's cause for the ole man is living on borrowed time), then we shd not be selfish and arrogant not to make the simple gesture of supporting him.

    I think teh reluctance to see AAB go because of Najib will replace is pure stupidity. Are we absolutely sure Najib will be the permanent replacement? If he continue to be a chicken shit coward and KISS DOLAH AND KJ's stoking ass, Najib is gone. He will be challenged and the UMNO groundswell will show themselves.

  62. Anonymous10:11 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    It seems that you are the self-appointed Mahathir 's spokeman.

    Don't let the lawsuit you faced become the hatred to Pak Lah .

    Don't join the dark side.

  63. to quote Mukhriz:
    "The sole intention of my letter to you is meant to save UMNO and BN from being rejected further by the people and from being no longer relevant to our religion, race and nation."

    As I am not a member of UMNO this chauvinistic letter has nothing to do with me.

  64. Anonymous10:11 am

    UMNO should call for an EGM. Ask someone to write a book on '100 Sebab Kenapa AAB Tidak Boleh Menjadi PM' and slot it into the bags of UMNO delegates. Then table a motion to elect Ku Li as PM and leave the DPM post empty till the Oct UMNO GA.
    AAB is losing the support not just from within UMNO but the coalition party as he's the main reason that Chinese and Indians turns to opposition (his very bad control of his govt). The the rulers too are not happy with him. The signs are all there for AAB to step down.

  65. Anonymous10:14 am

    OHOR BAHARU 16 Mac – Kerajaan Pusat serta Johor perlu mengadakan kerjasama pintar dengan Singapura dan menggunakan rangkaian hubungan perdagangan antarabangsa sedia ada di republik itu untuk memasarkan Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar (WPI) ke peringkat dunia.

    Anggota Parlimen Pulai, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed berkata, rangkaian hubungan perdagangan antarabangsa meluas di Singapura yang merupakan pusat kepada syarikat-syarikat multinasional utama dunia, boleh digunakan untuk menepis laporan-laporan negatif tentang Malaysia oleh media asing.

    Awak ni MP Malaysia ke Singapura?

  66. Anonymous10:16 am

    Hey come on lar, leave rocky bro alone. What's wrong your up there? Cant Rocky have his own opinion? You dont like it, you put in your own blog.. Doink!! The different opinions make this colourful ppl around the world!! Gee..What an ugly person you are!!

  67. Anonymous10:17 am

    Mukhriz will not by himself cause the fall of AAB. I will not be surprise to see him suspended or sacked by the party.

    Mukhriz will be the fall guy that will lead to a change within UMNO.

    As I see, Ku Li will be the progressive leaders that can reform UMNO to be more democratic, and sensitive and fair to the rest of the people. He has the experiance to do major reforms needed by UMNO to reeengineer it self. Reforming UMNO or any othr political party will help change Malaysia that has been stuck in political idelogical chauvanism.

    Ku Li has been involved in the opposition, thus making him a more balanced leader with deep understanding of the various issues and views.

    A gentlemen and honourable person, he fought Dr Mahathir and his proxy, Musa Hitam on many occasion and on many front. He will not be another Dr Mahathir.

    Believe me, Mukhriz call will not help to accelerate Najib to premiership. Most of the leaders and position holders in UMNO will not dare to do anything. They will not be around long. All the ass licker will get hit badly with a groundswell ready to implode.

    Mukhriz's call will help Ku Li and other reform thinking leaders. Your support will not change anything but give the reformers in UMNO the moral booster.

    I will support Mukhriz and hope Malaysians and UMNO members have no fear to give support to Muhkriz.

  68. Anonymous10:18 am

    The Raayat have spoken their voice through the election and the results have shown which side the raayat wants.
    The MCA,MIC felt that they were neglected and the economy is not getting anymore better.They are force to make a change for the better.
    A lot of crime,corruptions and all those nonsences that were mentioned by the opposition triggered the mind of the raayat.
    If all those accusations were not true they should have get the oppositions on air to clarify the charges.
    Anyway I support TR and Muk for their voice so taht Malaysia will proceed to a new generation with a better economy where once 'MALAYSIA" reputation sat among the global levels.

  69. I see Mukhriz as my next PM.. go to

  70. Bro,
    Mukhriz had done is a right thing. Pak Lah it on state also dia tak leh nak jaga [P.Pinang - kalah ditangan pembangkang] nie kan pulak Negara Malaysia. Pak lah should step down.

  71. Anonymous10:42 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I'm signing the petition. However, I'll sign a petition by Kuli, if there is one. Mukhriz cannot be trusted. Simply a puppet of his father.

    And Najib is a disaster for Malaysia. Kuli as PM and Rais Yatim or Zaid Ibrahim as his deputy will be good for the country for the next five years. Kuli is best bet for curing the disease of BN.

    Unless of course, somehow DSAI takes over.

  72. I would like to start a petition of the rakyat.... to request Umno to stop with its petty bickering, swiftly amputate the rotten and detached, the past due and "rich by patronage", daddy's and otrwise and for everyone to then close ranks and focus on governing the nation and listening to what the people have said thru the elections.

    Get down to it la please....If Pak Lah steps down, will it change the system of patronage and money politics and corruption within UMNO and BN? What has UMNO become? A party for its own sake? Or a means to an end, that is serving the nation??

    WAKE UP...people are struggling to make ends meet...people are even going hungry...the regular man-in-the-street is at his wits' end...the message has been sent, tapi masih tak sodar2 lagi....are you waiting for a bloody REVOLT????? Shall we then auction off the UMNO HQ as metal scrap and copper parts and feed our kids and school them? Shall we then become vigilantes and fight crime? If so, please relax the gun laws...because I need a gun for my family...since you big guns are bz playing with your puckered balls, still!

    While we're at it, I would also like to petition the gomen to act against the media and for the rakyat to REALLY boycott the papers once and for all because of their BLATANT ATTEMPTS TO INSTIGATE THE RAKYAT AND STOKE RACIAL TENSIONS...talking RUBBISH about caring for the people ESP THE MALAYS AND PROTECTING THE NEP ...and then threatening to stop needed projects caring for the people? What has UMNO Penang done for the Malays there for 50 years??? Saya org Penang, saya taulah!!! Stop threatening's dangerous...for YOU. If DAP doesn't perform, we will just kick them out next time! Apa susah!

    I would also like to petition for local govt elections and seats for the opposition in the CITY HALL. High time. If Barisan Rakyat has started the petition, where is it? I want to sign it....NOW!!!!!

    So start rolling out the damn petitions!!!! We have many!!!

  73. Anonymous10:51 am

    HOTEL UMNO (Sing it to the tune of Hotel California sung by The Eagles). This song sums up the Legacy of TDM and UMNO ...

    On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
    Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
    Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I had to stop for the night
    There IT stood in the doorway;
    I heard the mission bell
    And I was thinking to myself,
    this could be heaven or this could be hell
    Then IT lit up a candle and IT showed me the way
    There were voices down the corridor,
    I thought I heard them say...

    Welcome to the hotel UMNO
    Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely face
    Plenty of room at the hotel UMNO
    Any time of year, you can find it here

    IT's mind is tiffany-twisted, IT got MANY CRONIES
    IT got a lot of HUNGRY, HUNGRY CRONIES , that IT calls LOYALIST
    How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
    Some dance to MAKE FILTHY MONEY, some dance TO BE IN POWER

    So I called up the captain,
    please bring me my wine
    He said, we havent had that EVIL SPIRIT here since 1969
    And still those voices are calling from far away,
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say...

    Welcome to the hotel UMNO
    Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely face
    They livin it up at the hotel UMNO
    What a nice surprise, bring your alibis

    Mirrors on the ceiling,
    The pink champagne on ice
    And IT said we are all just prisoners here, of our own device
    And in the masters chambers,
    They gathered for the feast
    The STAB IT with their steely KERISES,
    But they just cant kill the EVIL BEAST

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before
    relax, said the night man,
    We are programmed to receive.
    You can checkout any time you like,
    But you can never leave!

  74. Anonymous11:13 am

    If Pak Lah Is DOWN,
    Najib the "Kriss Man" who want to drink Chinese's blood will be taking over the premiership!.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Oooo, MB Jhr also making noise about Mukhriz... Go to
    http// in order to vote whether MB Jhr should also join Ab to resign.

  76. Anonymous11:18 am

    peeps, don't sign the petition. By right, the petition should include Najib as well. Moreover, why want to kecoh2? Pak Lah asked us to express through the ballot box and we did. So, now, the ball is in their court? If UMNO leaders are still in denial, good for them and good for Malays. The next GE, they will lose BIG BIG time. Do UMNO wants Anwar to be the PM in 2012?

  77. Anonymous11:36 am

    Sign lah, pleeeese ! Otherwise Mahathir will suffer a heart attack.

  78. Anonymous11:58 am



  79. Anonymous12:03 pm


    Would you please stop promoting the Mahathir Dynasty on your blog.We had enough of the dictator friend of Robert Mugabe for 22 years.The damage he caused to the Malaysian judiciary should never be forgiven.The fact that he was one of the colluders for May13 and later calling for Bapa Merdeka's resignation is not an admirable act.Now his dear son is emulating what his father done decades ago.Mikhriz is not on his own,he is just a tool.We Know who is the 'Tim Allen'.

    Don't ask us to escape the frying pan and leap into the fire.What happens when Badawi quits.Do you know you are actually asking the rakyat to settle for a nightmare.When that nightmare is in control do you think the murdered girl from the Eurosion Steppes get a fair trial with an ailing and rotting judiciary-thanks to Mukhriz father for that.

    Abdullah Badawi is not a canniving manipulator.His weakness was that he depended on his kitchen cabinet too much.His elected cabinet too nothing to awe about.Now he can spring clean...remove cobwebs,black widows and tarantulas in the process.

    Please Rocky call off the petition...don't dirty your hands championing for people who throw their principles by the wayside cloaking in shifty and situational ethics as a masquerade for their unmitigated greed.

  80. Anonymous12:18 pm

    I am not signing!We have enough problems and question marks with no answers yet, why add to another one. The big question everyone has is surely - Will the GE12 "message" to BN/Pak Lah be addressed? I think we should give them a chance to rectify matters. How can we expect Pak zLah to remove the gangrenous rot that has been festering for the last 20++ years in just one term. Let's get real and give the adminsitration another chance to act on what we have now clearly indicated? How sure are we that if Pak Lan is gone from the scent our "problems" will be over? It is not easy for the "new" person to fi into his shoes as I don't think anyone is as honest and sincere as Pak Lah. I am not a supporter of any party but I sure do want to make sure this country does'nt go to the docks. I trust Pak Lahand all he stands for but I am not sure about the current set iof people that were working with him (against him more like it!). Let's give the party that won this election another opportunity. Not getting 2/3 majority is no indication of a weak or malfunctioning government. They have our mandate, and we want their leader to work and respond to what the peplke clearly wants.

    I am not going to risk my future into the hands of ambitious and rude and kurang asam Malaysians who has the preconceived idea that they can solve the nation's woes! Look t what is happenign in the 5 states - squabbles!

    No certainly I don't regard highly the role of Mukhriz and will not support and sign the petition.

    And Rocky, you seem to have gone off-tangent. Are you alright, luv? Are you a journalist or a political activist? You are beginning to show shades of Kali who obviously is not one of your favourite persons.

    Let's all take a moment, take a deep breath and be thankful and hopeful that we continue withour new found freedom (blogs etc) under P.Lah. Blogging could be outlawed under any other regime, God forbid. Where do we turn to for real news then.

    To those thinking of signing petition, thiki twice, three times and a hundred times before you do. Don't get carried away by emotions. And live to regret it.

  81. Don't see any good reason for this petition.

    If we are true to what we believe in re: democracy, then, let the members decide for themselves, through the appropriate means. After all, the fate of their party is in their hands....

  82. Anonymous12:33 pm

    AAB must go and KJ also must go..Too many corrupted deals and nonsense that has caused too many sufferings. AAB is like a puppet controlled by KJ . Dr M should not have stepped down and BN would not have lost so badly in the GE

  83. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Rocky I think you shouldn't take sides. Respect for you all gone in recent days.

  84. IT is always the same - dulu, kini dan selamanya, UMNO terus - MENGAMPU - MUkhriz and TR are right. But i prefer AAB to stay. Guest makes my decision easier to vote for next GE - that's definitely BA

  85. IT is always the same - dulu, kini dan selamanya, UMNO terus - MENGAMPU - MUkhriz and TR are right. But i prefer AAB to stay. Guest makes my decision easier to vote for next GE - that's definitely BA

  86. Anonymous1:26 pm



  87. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Dah la.... "Husin Lempoyang"...kan ku dah suruh kau bersara...mereka ni nak Bodowi, ke najis ke Ku Li...biarla....kamu ni kan darah tinggi....nanti nanti itu arteri pecah ape kan susah...!!

    Dah la....jom pegi naik unta.. !!!

  88. Anonymous1:52 pm

    When AAB ask the People to defy him, or more specifically vote against him. I call this democracy and you call it daring the people.

  89. Anonymous1:56 pm

    If you say you want Pak Lah resign because you want to save UMNO, most malaysians will not sign. You should've known it, how many malaysians like UMNO? Furthermore, the DPM is Najib. You should've the outcome.

    Even when Tun Mahathir said his first choice was not Pak Lah but Najib, not many people like to hear that. If the DPM a person that had gain respect, people will consider signing the petition.

    I think it will be too hasty to force him to resign now, I'll just let UMNO deal with their own problem.

    We don't simply sign petition unless it benefits Malaysian as a whole and not just UMNO because Malaysians are very causious WHO will be the next leader.

  90. Anonymous2:15 pm





  91. ahh rocky, dont worry about the numbers. remember the movie 300? THIS .. IS .. MUKHRIZ!! and pak lah fell into oblivion.

  92. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Dear Pak Lah No.1 supporter

    There is a different between pledging support for AAB and Umno. If you continue to support UMNO..thats your RIGHT. But to say Pak Lah is the best Umno leader are either STUPID, BLIND or more just plain arrogant ignorant. For once use your minda to think if there is one. HE is the Prime Minister and the state where is from, Umno lost....what is there to say more of his ability to lead.

  93. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Its not Mukhriz talking...Its his Father Mahathir Mohamad. Mukhriz has no mental capacity to think..he is just speaking on behalf of his father.

  94. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Yes I agree with anonymous 12.33pm.
    With Dr M around there is no way BN would loose.You know why...he just won't let it happen.The best person to know about Dr.M's winning formula is Ku Li.How a Tengku became an ordinary gurgha in UMNO due to a Mahathir style boardgame of snake and ladder.

  95. Anonymous3:52 pm

    I have signed the petition...
    At this point I don't care a damn.Anybody else becomes PM is better than PakLah. Even if tunggul kayu pon ok. At least someone can sit on it and rest his feet.
    I know you guys who don't agree for PakLah to resign now ,its all a plot right?You want PakLah to stay and create more shit for another 4-5 years and come PRU13..BN will no more be gomen.Like that also can laa..I happy also laa...
    ..hehehe..jangan mareh..

  96. Anonymous4:17 pm

    PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa has clarified that his statement on the party taking over the Government at the federal level was taken out of context.

    “I mentioned that we are hopeful of taking 30 more parliamentary seats to win power and not about forming an Islamic Government,” he said.

    Note: BN is trying to spin their own stories. BN is trying to put words into other people's mouth. Lets spread this news as much as possible about the despicable act
    of BN in putting words into other people's mouth.

  97. Anonymous4:20 pm

    sorry, i dont support this petition. UMNO should unite at this time, not making the split worse than it is.

    this is a power struggle betw Tun Dr Mahathir's camp and Pak Lah, ever since the crooked bridge project was cancelled, resulting in many cronies losing profitable contracts.

    Tun Dr Mahathir was shrewd, and a tyrant, but Pak Lah was more democratic, and some say, he is too nice, allowing these critics to go on. TDM would never have allowed anyone to criticise him this bad, but Pak Lah is different.

    be fair guys, on what u write, the rakyat is watching and assessing you. tepuk dada, tanya selera.

    You will have to account for your actions in the Hereafter - our permanent abode.

  98. Anonymous4:52 pm

    To all bloggers,

    Let Rocky Bro put whatever he wants whether agree or disagree with any issues.. I think I finally get a fair and level headed views in all matters, not solely disagree on everything for the sake of disagree. Such an immature mind will not bring us to a better person. His blog makes me wanna read more as not all the time is one sided and biased reporting.

    For those who don't see this as a good course, go to Malaysia Today, you actual can feel the hatred in him towards certain party or politicians that reflects in his writing. Lets us be mature and balance in our view and respect others for their different opinion. If we hate extremist, then we should not be one!!!

  99. Anonymous4:55 pm

    All this UMNO zealots doesn't know Malaysia is currently going through. They are still left to think fighting for the Malay race and in the process helping themselve just like Zakaria Satay House.

    Malaysia is on the road to recovery and on this road we will see race based politic kicked out.

    Who does this Mukhriz think he is? Who is he wanting to fight for? Fighting for the Malays? Do you think the country will move forward if we still fight within our own?

    The Malays knows that to move ahead we have to fight as a whole and this include the Dayaks, the Kandazans, Indians and everyone we called Malaysian. Know Malaysian are looking for leaders that can represent Malaysian and not Malays only. Got it? See it? Mukhriz is just another Pak Lah sleeping partner, please continue sleeping.

    No petition, let UMNO sink!

  100. I think both Mukhriz and Ku Li need to do more to convince all people to support them. They should tell the bloggers what they have in mind.

    To me, I will support Mukhriz if he can tell the public that he will make BN and BR equally capable to run the country. It is better to have two good and capable parties to run the country then just one choice.

    I signed the petition for the sake of the People of Malaysia (However I hope not Najib to be PM).

  101. I've voted for BA,so it doesn't matter,what matters is all promises must be delivered,must be "better" than BN,not equivalent or worst or else you won't get my votes next....

  102. Anonymous8:36 pm

    It's funny!!!????

    Who wrote the petition?? UMNO member??? RAKYAT????

    It is UMNO's house-hold business, why should I, a non-UMNO member, have to get involved???

    Funny??? Can they really think or not????

  103. Anonymous8:36 pm

    I for one will not sign the petition lets those guys slug it out let the fellow malaysians see for them selves.Mukriz is championing for the malays not for all malaysians. I fits for all malaysian i will consider.

    The people power rulezzz...

  104. Anonymous8:37 pm

    It's funny!!!????

    Who wrote the petition?? UMNO member??? RAKYAT????

    It's UMNO's house-hold business, why should I,a non-UMNO member, have to get involved???

    Funny??? Can they really think or not????

  105. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Sorry, not going to lend support to the Mahathirists & Najib acolytes. Let them fight it out with Badawi, the longer it takes the better. I hear Razaleh has tossed his hat/songkok into the ring too.

    If Dr.M was still PM in '04, BN would have lost their 2/3rd's in the GE or even worse. Why did you think he had (or was made to) to retire? The only reason why '04 was a landslide success for BN was because, to the voters, the new guy wasn't Mahathir.

  106. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Though not an AAB fan, I do think Mukhriz's call for him to resign is a bit too far. TDM's 22year rein has far more impact to Malaysian politics. It's during TDM's time that corruption spiralled, the judiciary became a laughing stock, the civil servants conditioned not to make any decision (as we see today only Ministers make decisions), the policies mostly UMNOcentric, hence the arrogance of its members, destroyed the careers of good PM-material like Tun Musa and Ku Li and kept those with questionable integrity within the cabinet. Do you think TDM would tolerate the rally like Bersih if he was the PM?

  107. Anonymous2:01 am

    My 2 cents...there won't ever be malaysian malaysia species UNTIL...
    probably all non-muslim are becoming muslim or vice-versa... or everybody lives in an equilibrium state (i.e.: stable, no poverty, no sicks)as such is how the natural law works... so as for the time being, normal la... kalau Ku Li is talking Malay power...

  108. Bro Rocky, Its really fascinating to notice the mentality of the Malaysians, giving comments without thinking and guided by emotions and hatred. Neway to me thats proof that Malaysian's mindset have changed when they use it on election day. Well bro, I gess we shud not be worried now as PLah is gonna be out in May but I wud rather see him out the soonest possible(within this 2-3 weeks time) Bro, I have never registered as a voter and have never joined any political party and there are a lot more people like me and we represent the minority silent voice. We don't vote and engage in street protest but we have our way of voicing out our discontent. With the internet nowadays there is a lot of way to bring a leader down but it must be with facts and proof. The facts and proof of Pak Lah Badwi's incompetent and misdeed is more than enuff for him to step down gracefully but alas, he choose to stay and dats an idiotic move as he will be reduce to shame when force out of office. Be it Anwar or Pak Lah we are still heading towards the 'The New World Order' To me KJ will always be Anwars protege and if what Anwar plan years before will still be implemented. The Illuminati has penetrated Malaysia and Asia in general through Singapore and the ilks of Anwar & Khairi and I believe Dollah is in cahoots with the Illuminati(Secret Society) indirectly as he use to serve as the Foreign Minister for Malaysia during Pak Sheikh's rise in cabinet..(dun forget bout the Scomi nuclear warhead component issue and BSA Tahir's relationship with Kamaludin..)well to cut things short what I presume will happen is Ku Li will be the PM(or a caretaker PM) till UMNO make arrangement to have PAS recruited into BN, Dato Husam will be DPM 1 and Mukhriz DPM 2. I can only see Dato Husam as the only person who can bring back the glories of Malays and our pride. As long as PAS forget about Islamization of the country as ini semua kita tahu dalam hati kita cukup le(being an Islamic country)

    Sory for ur space bro tapi terpanggil sebab I gess this whole election was the work of a hidden magical hand. Its like there is an invisible setup being done and I believe only one man cud have done it. A very smooth Mind Games that out outmaneuvered the opposition and ruling party using the Rakyat's voice and discontent thru the help of the Bloggers and IT people that created websites to highlight the mismanagement of PLah... there again this is my 'conspiracy theories' hehehe...k bro, have a nice day.. to me whatever the outcome is i'd say "he who laugh first laugh last" That being said my advise to fellow Malaysians its best to choose the current govt but we must reform the parties and this is about the right time. All those yang menggunakan Tun waktu Tun PM dulu majority dah kalah so its easier now to reform. Tun himself is the victims of this Melayu perosak bangsa. Among those I fear will ruin Malaysia is my ex-Hero Anwar aka Pak Sheikh...


    p.s. congratulations LGE for showing your maturity in inviting the Penang Umno leaders to discuss their grouse.
    p.s.s.If Anwar is PM then Malaysia is doomed! I have no interest in any leaders from any party as long as the economy is good and we can live peacefully and harmony like Tun's earlier time b4 Anwar came into politics...

  109. Anonymous9:40 am

    My opinion and many I know feels UMNO must be abolishes/ totally wiped out. As long UMNO exist, this country will never be what you guys been fighting for or justice done. As for you Rocky, geez you better get your brain of yours examined seriously , when all of us are moving forward but you think with having a good leader to head UMNO will make things right. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you need a reality check.

  110. Anonymous9:47 am

    There are many good things that came out under AAB administration which you and I know under the moronic Tun M you will never get to see the living daylights - so think again. No matter what people say about him, he's still a gem for being tolerant and quiet this far eventhough he knows the rakyat and the people who work with him are spitting on his face.Give the guy a break. The guy is already kicked to the core, just don't go head on and destroy him totally. I beleive when the time is right , he will step down on HIS OWN. Till then I really hope you would fight for all in Malaysia and not something that benefits YOU ONLY. We all know how loyal you are to Tun .

  111. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Why this petition? If indeed Pak Lah faile, is there a better choice to take over? Firstly, Mukhriz should take a look at the legacy his father left behind and give us his take on that. The problems of today are a direct result of what his father did to this country.

  112. Anonymous10:53 pm

    We all in deep shit. Any one paying attention the BIG STORM brewing read up on Bear Stearns
    share 1 year ago 170 USD last week 54 USD early this week sold at 2 USD per share. Read Carlye Capital.
    Read Lehman. All this just tips of iceberg.

    Our Finance Minister better be awake. USD lose like 30% in a few months. If we dont move our peg we be hit with high inflation cause oil keep getting more expensive in USD cause by weakening dollars.

    As to the cabinets line up they took out the best general Rafidah.
    Nothing against the new minister but you dont put inexperience people when the is a perfect economical storm brewing.

    We all in the same boat and the stupid captain better be awake or we be in deep shit. Hmmm maybe hit soon who can say after all pumping in 908B USD to keep the dow up since last year still not working.
    do check what the dow is at say in March last year and what it is at today. Also note USD value

  113. Anonymous12:42 am

    Among the issues played by BA during PRU 12 was the weakness of Bodowi to lead this country, and the result showed the the BA's call was answered.

    And there comes Mukhriz, among a few of UMNO people who still has balls, calls for Bodowi to resign. Logically Mukhriz without doubt will gain support from BA people, so that it's gonna be good riddance, but it does not happen.

    Something smells very fishy and rotten!!!


  114. Anonymous1:53 am

    Sir Rocky,

    Among the issue that made BA won with a landslide was the menace caused Pak Lah and his greedy SIL.

    While Mukhriz calls Pak Lah to resign, it seems that these people have 180 degree turn in opinion.

    What happens to the concept of malaysian's malaysia,
    a classic example of cakap tak serupa bikin among BA supporters.

    Also a malaysian

  115. Anonymous6:25 am

    Sdr Rocky,
    Carn the petition remove Pak Lah from PM post...he is not scared of anyone...except GOD. Maybe GOD should take him away..(and his SIL too).

  116. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I fully support Dato Mukhriz' stand. He is a courageous and dignified Malaysian. As for some idiots who derided him (just for being Mahathir's son, I guess), please you should know that he was the ONLY UMNO guy who stood up to PM Sleepy Badawi when even you (public) worshiped Pak Lah; he is also very active in Peace Malaysia and has traveled to many disaster areas, slept in tents and promoted Malaysian charity and enhanced our reputation. He is also active with Ansara and Perdana Foundation... All the best Dato Mukhriz! Just wish you were a member of OKR and not UMNO...