Friday, March 07, 2008

Some shocks, please

My piece in mypaper today, a centrespread on the 12th General Election. May candidates who have the people at heart win.


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    Dear GOD,
    ALLAH The Almighty!

    You'd created us to worship and obey to the do's and don's.

    You'd tough us to be patient and compromise & etc...

    We'd obey and worship you and do good.

    In this current situation, we could only turns to you to unite all of us regardless of our background and religion........TO OPEN OUR MIND AND SEE THE WRONGDOING OF BN's GOVERNMENT AND PURNISH THEM WITH POEPLE POWER AND STRENGHT GIVEN BY YOU, ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY!

    And...thank you GOD for opening-up my mind to wisely support the good alternative leaders.

    People of the Planet Earth

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    Some of the "undi hantu" are from prisoners.To Opposition parties , do be aware of this.
    As prisoners cant vote,but bn will use the prisoners mycard.

    Do try to get the data and name list of prisoners.And match it against the electoral list.
    -this message is from Khun Pana

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    On Election Eve, Hazy Prospects for Malaysia Premier
    From New York Times ---

    Published: March 7, 2008
    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Public protests are frowned on by Malaysia’s mildly authoritarian government and often broken up by the riot police. So when a group of opposition party members and activists wanted to send a message to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi earlier this year they chose a softer and safer alternative — delivering a pillow to his office.

    The popularity of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of Malaysia has dropped sharply in recent months.
    “He has a reputation for liking to sleep,” said Rahmat Haron, a poet and self-styled government critic. Mr. Rahmat helped lead the small delegation, which made it as far as the security checkpoint. “He sleeps in cabinet meetings, he sleeps in Parliament,” he added. “So we thought, why not make him more comfortable?”

    As Malaysia prepares for general elections on Saturday, there is widespread agreement here that the coalition that has governed the country in one form or another since independence in 1957 will win enough votes to stay in power. But the fate of the prime minister, whose popularity has fallen sharply in recent months, is less certain.

    Mr. Abdullah is being portrayed both by the opposition and by some high-profile members of his own party, the United Malays National Organization, as sluggish and listless.

    On Wednesday, Mahathir bin Mohamad, who preceded Mr. Abdullah as prime minister and is from the same party, reiterated his regret for having chosen him as his successor and called for Malaysians to elect a strong opposition — a stunning reversal for a man who while in office sent opposition politicians to jail.

    Mr. Abdullah, who came to power in 2003 promising sweeping reforms and crackdowns on corruption, has struggled to convince voters that he can deliver, said Ibrahim Suffian, director of the Merdeka Center, an independent polling agency.

    “He looks a bit out of touch,” Mr. Ibrahim said. At a time of rising crime, higher food prices and ethnic tensions, he added, “He’s basically telling people that there are no problems.”

    Mr. Abdullah led the National Front coalition to a landslide victory in 2004, winning more than 90 percent of the seats in Parliament. But his administration has been beset by scandals and controversies that have challenged the prime minister’s now widely mocked nickname, Mr. Clean.

    A top aide to the deputy prime minister is on trial, charged with abetting the slaying of his Mongolian mistress, a killing that two police commandos who also served as Mr. Abdullah’s bodyguards are charged with carrying out. And the nation was stunned last year by the release of a videotape of a prominent lawyer apparently brokering judicial appointments with a top judge. The videotape was made before Mr. Abdullah came to power but has led to renewed calls for reforms of the judiciary.

    In the face of the repeated criticism that he figuratively and literally sleeps on the job, the prime minister has come across as defensive.

    “We are not deaf, for we hear what the people say,” Mr. Abdullah said this week, according to the state-run news agency Bernama. “We are not asleep, for we are working.”

    If the governing coalition’s majority is narrowed significantly, Mr. Abdullah’s position would be weakened inside his party, and he could face pressure to step down at a party conference scheduled for later this year, analysts say.

    From the vantage point of central Kuala Lumpur, the country appears to be booming. The sounds and sights of jackhammers, cranes and backhoes across the city are testament to the continued transformation of what was once a sleepy backwater into a thriving, cosmopolitan Southeast Asian capital.

    But many Malaysians say they are worried about the country’s economic prospects.

    In a survey of 1,026 registered voters released by the Merdeka Center in January, only 19 percent of ethnic Chinese, who form the cornerstone of the country’s business community, said they expected the economy to improve in the coming year.

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    May God help us. We are just ordinary folks. May God protect us from the scums of the earth. Rid us of corrupt politicians, rid us of racist politicians, rid us of the divide and rule politics we had to put up for the past 50 years.

    May God help us. This is our country. We all deserve a place under the Malaysian sun.

    Please, my God, help us.

  6. Hey Rocky, is there any way I can read your articles online? Thnx

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    can the pictures be of a higher resolution please? Especially the mypaper articles - on zooming, we can only see the pictures but not read the article itself.

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    (GE12) Anwar’s Letter to Malaysia

    March 7, 2008

    Fellow Malaysians,

    Assalamualaikum and warmest greetings,

    The moment of truth is upon us. The 8th of March 2008 is the pivotal moment of our time - when the people of Malaysia have a choice between changing to a better, more wholesome Malaysia; or continuing to be trapped and shackled by 50 years of a chequered independence.

    From day one on nomination day itself, fraud upon fraud has been the hallmark of Umno-BN, through their ever-willing puppet, the EC. The introduction of stamp duties, followed by its abrupt abolition; uneven campaigns and gangster-like threats towards opposition candidates; the EC’s admission that there are apparent 8, 666 votes above 100 years of age; un-secret postal votes; and most shockingly - the abolition of the use of indelible ink on the grounds of ‘public safety’.

    These absurd frauds are clearly desperate attempts to maintain the rule of Umno-BN, even as they shiver in fear, seeing the readiness of the people to voice out their dissatisfaction across the length and breadth of the country. But what is truly sad is that it seems, from this endless series of trickery, that in the eyes of Umno-BN, the people of Malaysia are so easily manipulated and fooled with impunity.

    That is what Umno-BN wants - for the people to shift their attention away from them, into a morass of deception and misplaced distrust. Dirty tactics are the order of the day, including the ‘import’ of phantom voters in certain areas, including Kelantan, Terengganu and not forgetting Pekan, Pahang. The opposition is blasted daily in the mainstream media, with barely an opportunity to respond to the allegations. I myself, supposedly ‘irrelevant’ in the arena of Malaysian politics, have been attacked mercilessly day in and day out with an array of libellous accusations. Ironically though, thousands seem to attend Opposition talks without ever needing the incentives of money or ‘entertainment’.

    From North to South, I am glad to say that we have made the best out of our 13 days of opportunity. Alhamdulillah, I have been privileged enough to witness the people of Malaysia rise up across the country. Far from being a marginal struggle, this is a struggle for all our people, who have long wished to free themselves from the tyranny of UMNO-BN! The response given to our KeADILan candidates, as well as our comrades from PAS and DAP, has been nothing short of phenomenal, while Umno-BN looks increasingly desperate by the day. Even with their complete control of the mainstream media, they continue to be on the defensive - rather than engage with our manifestos, they have only managed to attack us blindly, stabbing in the dark with no real rhyme or reason.

    My dear brothers and sisters,

    Each and every Malaysian has the right to an opportunity for a better life. Malaysia has tremendous potential, but it has been worn down and suppressed by the vile political games of Umno-BN, who continue to poison our minds and bind our potential with narrow racial sentiments and the all-destroying ooze of corruption. The judiciary has become the marketplace of gambling kings; crime is endemic, with rape, snatch theft and murder all on the rise. The police have been taken away from their positions as guardians of public safety, and shunted instead to the useless surveillance of opposition figures. Inflation is spiralling out of control, even as wages shrink; and the people just keep on suffering. And what does BN tell us? That we should be thankful for what we have.

    What you need to do on the 8th of March 2008 is to have the courage to change. KeADILan’s commitment is clear. The victory that you grant to us will translate into reduced petrol prices, a lid on inflation, a more sustained and credible effort at tackling crime, free education for all; and a government that is fair and just to all its people, regardles of race and religion.

    KeADILan has given you a Manifesto titled A New Hope for Malaysia, which strikes at the heart of the basic problems that the average Malaysian faces today, and offers you solutions for tomorrow. The hope that KeADILan promises shall be realised by each and every one of our candidates, coming as they do to you from all sorts of different backgrounds, united by their shared credibility and calibre of the very highest degree.

    KeADILan, PAS and DAP have played their roles in saving Malaysia from its current course of self-destruction, fanned by the greed and lust of the Umno-BN leadership and the gamblers of the nation’s future. Now, it is your time to make a choice. All our hopes and dreams for the nation are now but a step away from being realised - it is in your hands, as a citizen of Malaysia, endowed with dignity and the freedom of choice.

    I firmly believe that the people of Malaysia are a mature and wise people, and I am confident that that wisdom will be translated into votes for KeADILan, PAS and DAP come this 8th of March 2008, in the name of saving our beloved Malaysia.

    It is now time for Malaysia to tread the path towards a new future, armed with a New Hope, great and bright in its promise of glory. The choice is in your hands. And in God we trust.

    I wish you all the very best, as you fulfil your civic duty tomorrow in bringing about a better Malaysia for all.


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    Usaha Terakhir BN Menumpaskan Rakyat di Kelantan
    March 7, 2008 · 6 Comments

    BN Mulakan Kemuncak Taktik Kotornya

    Sepanjang dinihari sewaktu Rakyat bermunajat bersama dengan Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat di perkarangan Stadium Sultan Muhammad Ke IV, musuh rakyat, Barisan Nasional pula memulakan fasa akhir permainan kotor mereka.

    Sedang rakyat tidak tidur untuk berdoa kepada yang Maha Esa, jentera BN tidak tidur menerima puluhan Bas-Bas sewa khas yang datang dari seluruh pelusuk Malaysia membawa pengundi-pengundi klon.

    Ini adalah usaha terakhir BN untuk memusnahkan sistem demokrasi yang didukung oleh rakyat.

    Lewat malam semalam, BN mulakan operasi menabur wang ringgit kepada para pengundi tempatan. Lewat dinihari, pengundi klon yang diimport pula mula dikumpulkan di Kem Kijang, di Machang dan di beberapa lokasi di Jeli, Tanah Merah dan Kuala Krai.

    Menurut saksi-saksi yang telah menanti dari lewat malam dilokasi-lokasi tersebut, Bas-bas ini mula tiba seawal jam 3.30 pagi dan bertali harus tanpa henti selama hampir 3 jam.

    Sementara itu, didalam usaha menakutkan rakyat, siren polis kedengaran hampir setiap 15 minit di Kota Bharu dan helikotper polis mula berlegar-legar di udara.

    Bagi seseorang yang tidak dapat melihat, Kota Bharu seolah-olah di dalam keadaan huru-hara walaupun sebenarnya tidak demikian.

    Sekatan-sekatan jalanraya di jalan-jalan utama telah bermula sejak jam 10.00 malam semalam. Kenderaan-kenderaan rakyat ditahan dan diperiksa. Manakala Bas-Bas yang memakai pelekat bendera Perkida (Tiga Line) di kawal rapi oleh pihak pemantau kerajaan.

    Bendera-bendera Perkida atau Samseng Melayu yang dinaungi oleh Perdana Menteri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di lihat dinaikan bersama-sama dengan bendera BN terutamanya di Perupok, Bachok di mana Mr ‘Cohiba’

    Awang Adek bertanding untuk menjadi Menteri Besar Kelantan.

    Segala aktiviti-aktiviti BN ini bagaimanapun dipantau oleh Gerakan-Gerakan yang memihak kepada rakyat yang turut membuat rakaman video secara sulit. Video-video ini akan digunakan untuk tujuan perundangan selepas pilihanraya.

    Rakyat yang cintakan keamanan dan mahu mempertahankan demokrasi dinasihatkan keluar mengundi beramai-ramai seawal mungkin dan kemudiannya mempertahankan pusat-pusat pembuangan undi. Adalah penting untuk terus berkumpul di luar pusat-pusat pembuangan undi terutama di Ketereh, Machang, Jeli, Tanah Merah, Kuala Krai dan Bachok bagi memastikan demokrasi tidak dinodai. BN telah terbukti tidak berminat mempertahankan kedaulatan sistem yang dijunjung oleh rakyat.

    Pilihanraya kali ini adalah manifestasi pertaruhan diantara BN menentang Rakyat. Ternyata rakyat lebih ramai dari orang-orang BN. Jika rakyat berusaha dan bersatu mempertahankan hak mereka, permainan kotor BN akan lumpuh dan akhirnya BN akan berkubur di Kelantan.

    Hanya rakyat yang dapat melakukannya.

    totally agree with Kickdefella. Rakyat must wake up early and go vote early, as the exhausted Hantu will not vote at all, and even do so, may be voting blindly which could help Barisan Rakyat too.

    enough with Monkey Government led by Pee'Em, the dumb fella.

  10. I pray that every Malaysian who truly loves Malaysia will stand up to be counted on polling day.

  11. The day arrives
    March 8 to decide

    The country relevant in the 21st century
    Progress and peoples’ needs
    Will the change come in the end?

    BN too many sins
    Polish words and manifestos
    Blinding the people all and sundries
    Telling them how good BN is

    BN reps can’t say
    Under the whip of party affairs
    When you vote for BN
    Your affairs aren’t in their books
    They forget; they want their needs fulfill
    You are just a speck
    Party affairs and personal glory first

    You better decide
    Change has to come
    Cross it the bridge for once
    Why keep staring at it?

    Let the other party try
    DAP, Pas, PKR
    Give it a chance
    No try no gain in the end

    So don’t get fool by BN
    Vote for change
    You make history in the end

  12. There will be a lot of 'shocks' and aftermaths to ponder about after the 12th G.E. Hopefully we could learn and make enough noises for the future regime to pay attention.

    Another story I will contact you personaly regarding the building of a new LKW. See you soon, bro.

  13. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Salaam alaikum w.b.t.... apa kabar bro? Saya dah tonton klip video mesej bro kat TVPAS. Saya kagum dan sokong tindakan bro. Dan saya juga sokong BLOGGER Malaysia mesti unite!!!!!!

    Selamat mengundi esok, semoga kita semua pilih pemimpin yang terbaik yg dapat memimpin kita mengharungi dunia menuju negeri abadi. Allahu akbar!!!!!! :)

  14. Grandma on Facebook and has her own blog


    KUALA TERENGGANU: Maimun Yusuf, the oldest candidate in the general election, has gone “hip” – she has her own Facebook networking profile, a Gmail account, and even her own blog.

    Her fresh approach to wooing voters has raised eyebrows in the political scene here, even putting to shame the younger candidates.

    The 89-year-old Maimun admitted that everything was new to her, but felt blessed that three good samaritans, all complete strangers, lent a helping hand in making her a star in cyberspace.

    On Nomination Day, the grandmother of seven had told pressmen that she would need help, and would accept any form of divine intervention.

    Getting help: Maimun being briefed by Ong (left) and Gobi about her posters at her house at Gong Gemia in Kuala Terengganu yesterday as Sim (right) looks on.
    “These three men helping me now are definitely angels.

    “Saya rasa seronok! (I feel good),” squealed the kain songket trader who is contesting the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat.

    Tok Mun, as she is fondly known, said she felt intimidated when a large black SUV drove up to her dilapidated kampung house in Gong Gemia here on Wednesday.

    Little did she expect 24-year-old Brian Ong, owner of an education consulting firm in Shanghai, to greet her.

    Ong, who was accompanied by his two friends M. Gobi, 30, and Sim, 32, (as he wanted to be known), confessed that he was initially worried if Tok Mun would accept his help.

    “We got word of Tok Mun when we saw her in the papers and well, we just wanted to help.

    “Finding her house was a bit of an adventure though,” said Ong, who lives in Selangor.

    The trio got straight to work, creating a blog (, a facebook profile and even an e-mail account ( for her.

    “It’s quite the eleventh hour, but we all had various commitments and couldn’t come earlier.

    “We truly just want to help her because she is fighting for a good cause,” said Ong.

    >>>>I'd vote for her anytime! Better than the BN goons...

  15. Anonymous12:53 am

    Dear Rocky's bru,

    Hopefully, time will speak for itself.

    We should have a right to make a choice. To vote or not to vote? Is there still a choice?

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    How to subscribe your paper?