Friday, March 07, 2008

Last call: Chegubard for Rembau

And a no-show Khairy Jamaluddin. More than 2,000 people waited about an hour for the son-in-law for a scheduled debate with Badrul Hisham Shaharin at the district office of Rembau. Chegubard waited from 8pm to 9pm. A representative of the Parti Mahasiswa Negara was at hand to moderate the debate.
"He sent word he was going to turn up. Even his supporters from the Umno Youth were there," Chegubard told me.
The 30-year old said he is aware he's up against someone with probably an unlimited financial resources. "After all, this is the son-in-law who manged to secure those 9 million shares in ECM-Libra just 52 days after daddy-in-law became Prime Minister," he added.
By the way, read here that Khairy is reaching out to blogs these days.


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    ooo... arr... ooo... arr... monkey see... monkey do.

  2. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Concerned citizens to the fil& sil,

    As a saying goes...

    "It is better to be defeated on
    principle than to win on lies".

  3. Anonymous6:29 pm


    Though from Melaka, I have been trying to convince thse around me to vote for u in Rembau.

    Pray hard and teach the SIL a lesson.

  4. Anonymous6:51 pm

    What was Mr Khairy's excuse? He was talking big all these while, giving the impression that he is will effortlessly bulldoze his opponent, the respectable Chegubard, and win the election by a tiny flick of his pinky. With his oxford credentials and so-called intellect, why didn't he just turn up?

  5. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Salam Bro,
    I feel Like the lyric in one of TJ Hooker songs

    I'M in the mood to give you my vote.'

    or Neil Young

    hey,hey my mine
    out thr Blue into the Black.

    Like the link new 'Victory to Rakyat via Bloggers Box.


    Reduce the majority!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Khairy CHICKENludin!!!!!

  7. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Chegu bard, we all know this fella KJ is just a 3rd class oxbrigde grad and tin kosong hiding behind his daddy in law. The only words of wisdom that comes out from his mouth is "bull shit" and rubbish, then wasting tax payers on his mat rempit geng. His no show means he's planning something in the background. So tomorrow everyone, please keep an eye watch on the bas pengundi hantu, mat rempits and this KJ etc tomorrow. I'm sure he's up to no good again like always.

  8. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Depan F-I-L, ada gaya tapi in the absence of his F-I-L, he seems to have lost his testicular strength.

  9. The Son-In-Law has a penchant to avoid debates, like last year's no-show with Tony Pua. It's bad BN is unwiling to defend their policies but worse to let their own supporters down.

    Good Luck to Rembau, Chegubard and Malaysia!

  10. Ye la...bola tak dak, nak debat camner...left them at some ikan duyung's den...btw, blog rembau amende...more like crapoganda...orang utan bak kata Nik Aziz....mane nak reti memblog..harapkan orang je..duit pun harapkan kabel bini...podah..down with the Umno/MIC/BN/East Malaysia thieves!!!!

  11. Anonymous2:43 am

    Seriously fellas, the SIL with no bin to his name needs the protection of his father in law ma. So the debate is a non starter anyway. If Khairy or Abdullah Ahmad thinks he is that good he should go against Nurul Izzah at Lembah Pantai then we can judge what this Khairy is actually made of or just air.

    All this talk about coming from Oxford and Malay rights can blind the Rembau folks lah, no disrespect to our kins in Rembau, but Khairy will win, heck,even a monkey will win big with an UMNO ticket at Rembau, tapi jaguh kampung je lah brother Khairy.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  12. Anonymous12:35 am

    with due respect to some of you who actually condemned the people from Rembau for voting for KJ, I think chegu bard didn't do what KJ did that was his lost.

    While chegu bard was waiting for KJ at the district's office, KJ was making his house to house round in the kampungs, trying to wins (which he indeed won) the hearts of the mak ciks, pak ciks, all around Rembau.

    You may sees this as absurd or hypocrite or whatever you may want to call it, but tha strategy, though how plastic it may seems, is like an advertisement of oneself and it's cheap too.

    people in Rembau doesn't know who chegu bard, and they knew who KJ, but still KJ made that call to go and shake hands with each and everyone of them.

    You may call that as fake, but to the voters of Rembau that is what they call 'adap'.

    Like my brother in law who happened to be a Rembau voter, said, the orang kampung wanted to kenal the calon. but it seemed only KJ make the effort to go and meet the voters. people don't get to know chegu bard, so they don't vote. as simple as that.

    remember, not all kampung folks read blogs.

    am not saying this to defend KJ. But that was the truth.

    next time around learned it from PAS candidates, like UMNO did. they started the house to house call because they saw it brought effects to the PAS campaigns