Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Saving Umno and the Malays"

Ku Li has Dr M's backing. Or so says Pasquale, who claims to have some inside info on a meeting between the two former political rivals just before Ku Li offered himself to challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's presidency last night. Pasquale is convinced [here] that Najib will be "preserved" whatever the outcome of a clash between Ku Li and Pak Lah.
Most queer. Is it possible for the No 2 not to take sides here?

If you didn't catch Ku Li on tv last night (was it in the news, by the way?), check out Kickdefella's clips Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt 3 of Ku Li's press conference.
And my piece in my paper today, below.


  1. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Talking the same racial and sex(Umno Wanita being treated as second class) discrimination politics like a dinosaur.

    Just want to save Umno and Malays or interested in power????

  2. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Isn't it likely No2 will be persuaded to jump sides? That's how Najib will remain untouched...

  3. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Saving the Malays from? From enemies? Who are they? Chinese and Indians? And what about Hadi Awang, Husam Musa, Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah Ismail, Nik Aziz and so who are against UMNO to the grave. Are they enemies also? And did UMNO sign a heavenly decree to represent Malays on behalf of God? Are the Malays a bunch of hapless, marauding sheep that need to the constant watch of a herdsman of decent people who live in a country called Malaysia and a people who can decide their destiny? Ku Li has shown his true colours and all those who are clapping for him share his diabolic dream of grandstanding and persobal glory but covered under the Malay banner. Anyway, we have crossed that bridge and he can't dislodge Abdullah and AAB will be defeated from outside. The hour is nigh!

  4. I will be writign a piece on Ku Li but in the meanwhile I like to alert you Bro of Shabery CHik comment on bloggers.

    I ve written a piece.

  5. But why has saving of the Malays been hinged on UMNO being saved? Or what has UMNO got to do with the future or existence of the Malays? Never has any race depended on subscription to a political party as much as UMNO sycophants would lead the Malays to believe.

  6. Anonymous1:00 pm


    I agree totally with Pasquale - Najib will be preserved. As an umno deputy president with no backbone, he's just the right candidate to be preserved as a classic example of a fence-sitter at the top of the umno hierachy. Najib has to take side Boss - either sink and swim with Pak Lah or with Ku Li. And both Pak Lah and Ku Li are aware of Najib's boneless spine...hahaha!

    Anak Kedah

  7. Anonymous1:21 pm

    we all know behind every boneless spine is a fierce woman.

  8. Anonymous1:37 pm

    I think this moron Pasquale fella is high on something when he wrote those.

    Sentiment at UMNO grassroot is growing agst Najib. He is seen as weak, helpless (in view of new cabinet), and not in control of his politics. Even under such circumstances, Najib is still afraid to express himself.

    His reputation has seriously suffered with Anwar's open accusation of corruption agst him. Najib made no effort to dispell the perception. PPl are increasingly believe his balls is held by Rosmah firmly.

    Loyalty is a Malay thing but his unreserved loyalty for Pak Lah may backfire. Pak Lah will certainly be wiped out by this new wave of UMNO resentment agst him.

    Najib can get swept away too if he be like Hishamuddin to do something brave. Looks likely that the N in RAHMAN theory will not be Najib but Ngku Li.

    If the next word begins with an M or N, he will have his chance. Forget the RAHMAN theory and show he got guts.

    Ku Li's return to the leadership must come with a clear message for CHANGE. The people has spoken and they demand for change. UMNO is not CHANGING but dragging its feet. UMNO itself must change too!!!


  9. Anonymous1:48 pm

    whats if the 'coup' fail? and with No.2 not taking sides, definitely it will give the impression lack of loyalty from him.

    for me, this is the penultimate do or die. do and succeed, changes are to be made.

    do and fail, the monkeys will be stronger in UMNO, but definitely will be standing as opposition come PRU 13.

    will UMNO be with Ku Li this time?

  10. Anonymous1:51 pm

    dear Rocky and fellow visitors,

    i think the "malay" bit in Ku Li's rhetoric is just necessary UMNOspeak. if there's one leader in UMNO right now who can sit with BR, it's probably Ku Li.

    there is a global recession looming. i think Dr M and Ku Li realize that Malaysia can ill afford to be steered by AAB's limp hands, marionetted by reckless and ambitious young turks while not-so-young self-serving career politicians ride his back.

    other countries in the region are taking measures to brace their economies against repercussions of the inevitable global recession. what did our AAB, with a chance to form a fresh cabinet, do? cobble up a team to save, not the nation, but his and his hangers-on's positions in UMNO.

    imagine at a time like this, asking Mahyuddin to fill in Kak Pidah's blahniks!

    let's face it, the new BR, even with many talented personalities recently voted in, are still not in the driving seat.

    i think Ku Li is offering himself, or being persuaded to step to the turf, not just to save UMNO from its internal rot. Malaysia needs a finance and economics savvy man at the helm like double quick before the economic storm hits. can we think of a better man at this point?

  11. Anonymous2:18 pm

    A good point raised by the previous commenters:

    To save the Malays from whom?

    Is 'saving' the Malays an exclusive mandate given only to UMNO?

    Are other parties political parties indifferent,ignorant, neglectful or even harmful to the Malays?

    This call is no less a desperate, archaic tactic to drum up support.

    For after all, who will feed the UMNO members once it has become dispensable?

    It is basically a tumult at the core of which is the need for survival and personal opportunism.

  12. Ku Li ni bagus. Politikus yang ada karakter. Ada intergriti. Memang berkredibiliti.

    Cuma...kali ini kita harap, ahli UMNO akan menyokong perjuangan ikhlas beliau.

    Percayalah jika ahli UMNO terus memasukkan pemimpin sebegini kedalam tong sampah; lagi sekali pilihanraya UMNO akan tenggelam.

    Bila sekali tenggelam, suka mahu bangkit kembali.

  13. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Wonder what is Rosmah's take on this new development. Najib will have to make his move ... now

    As expected, UMNO is imploding. Despite being in deep **** as well, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc are all bewildered. Not that I care about either UMNO or BN.

  14. Anonymous3:22 pm

    If history repeats, then Najib, a lallang, will show that he's siding Ku Li before switching camp in the 11th hour like what he did donkey years ago when Ku Li took on Tun M.
    Najib sided Tun, despite assuring Ku Li earlier of his support, resulting Tun retaining his power and Najib in return got Youth wing in his pocket and rose to be what he is right now, a spineless DPM, who got bullied by Pak Lah's boys.
    Look at the line-up, the only his man, who got cabinet post, is his cousin, Hisham, another spineless politician.
    So, I'm not surprised if he employs the same tactic but Ku Li won't fall for it this time around.
    The nerve war has started.
    For those who dont have the nerve will sit on the fence until the last minute, typical malay politician.
    Shahidan Kassim, how stupid he made fool of himself, got the balls when he publicly display his antics over MB dispute.
    Expect Najib to side Pak Lah because the next term he wants to the PM - that's najib's price.
    Who will suffer of this turmoil? Our children's future. I'm so sad.

    From Khairul Jamaluddin aka KJ2 (by the way, my plate number is KJ10)

  15. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Nowander la Ku Li wants to make a comeback. He's been sidelined so bad..sampai buat press conference pon kat tangga je..hehehe..
    And to all of you commentators...remember la.. Ku Li is talking in the context of UMNO politics .Of course la...the opposition is the enemy.What you think politics is your condo resident s association is it?
    ..hehehhe.. jangan mareh..

  16. The malaise of the political parties
    It is always about race in tandem with wealth
    They don’t speak the same breath as Malaysians
    And the country called Malaysia

    Fight for UMNO survival to protect the Malays
    That fa├žade should be long gone by now
    It could be relevant in 1950s when asking for independence
    Now we are over 50 years old as an independent nation
    It isn’t about protecting the Malays any more
    It is about protecting Malaysians!

    The people have changed
    The borderless world has come to homes
    Branding a new kind of business
    As a nation the people must move as one
    Otherwise we will be left really far behind

    BN always runs by UMNO
    The cake never shares accordingly
    The major potion UMNO takes it all
    And UMNO says it is a neat coalition

    Look at the organization in BN
    National Chairman UMNO
    Deputy Chairman UMNO
    Secretary General UMNO
    About the coalition partners
    No say at all!

    The root cause of downfall
    It is thinking on racial platform
    Time has already moved on
    The people have made their mark
    They will not give it away any more

    UMNO must open its doors
    To all races in the country
    It is now not fighting for Malays
    It is about fighting for Malaysians

    The sooner the leaders realize it
    The wind of change has arrived
    The susurrus wind seductively blowing
    Don’t miss it you will be left behind

  17. Anonymous3:50 pm

    "Abdullah and his team facing mutiny in Umno"

    Read the report in the Spore Straits Times today, Mar 20.

    The link:

  18. Anonymous3:54 pm

    All the chaos before, during and after GE; before, during and after cabinet appoinments; and now with UMNO own election in a few month's time, reminds me of Barack Obama's speech in Chicago on Super Tusday. You can almost draw parallel with the situation in the country. Here's part of the transcript:

    It's (the Presidential campaign) different not because of me. It's different because of you -- (cheers, applause) -- because you are tired of being disappointed and you're tired of being let down. (Cheers, applause.) YOU'RE TIRED OF HEARING PROMISES MADE AND PLANS PROPOSED IN THE HEAT OF A CAMPAIGN, ONLY TO HAVE NOTHING CHANGE WHEN EVERYONE GOES BACK TO WASHINGTON.(Cheers, applause.)


    AND WHILE WASHINGTON IS CONSUMED WITH THE SAME DRAMA AND DIVISIONS AND DISTRACTIONS, another family puts up a "For sale" sign in their front yard, another factory shuts its doors, another soldier waves goodbye as he leaves on another tour of duty in a war that should have never been authorized and should have never been waged -- (cheers, applause) -- that goes on and on and on. (Cheers, applause.)

  19. Saving Umno? A stateless Umno versus another stateless Umno. Trying to save Umno and the Malays from each other? Am scratching me head some on why I need to be saved. Last I looked, am not drowning. Nor being abused by me Chinese and Indian neighbours, though they are the majority here. This should be fun.

    With all the former actors chipping in their skills, hopefully it will go to court again. And this time, if Linggam doesn't have any part that is, Umno will be disbanded for good.

    And all Malaysians can now pave the way for a two party system. Easier to choose. Easier to monitor. Easier on the brain.

    Races you asked? Well, we've got kongsi raya, deeparaya, merry raya, pesta menuai raya. And the F1. Err...maybe Akademi Fantasia too. That should hold the boat together some.

  20. Anonymous4:01 pm

    please lah, malay future - i actually blushed when i wrote
    this - because by now we should be talking about the future of malaysians really and it depends on all malaysians who can stick
    together through thick and thin whatever their belief or creed is.

    political parties in malaysia which are race based will tell you otherwise because they want to
    garner whatever support they can
    get and what better method is there than instilling into one group the fear of another. sad to say, that's the truth.

    i wonder why politics in malaysia has to be so race based when the future of every malaysian is so intertwined. nobody is not going to be affected in any upheavel among the races.

  21. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Ku Li is playing god.

    Sounds like Malays are helpless and need somebody to save.

    Sounds great or just greedy of power.

  22. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Sleeping with you enemy.
    Koreck Koreck koreck

    Samy wanna join? What about AP Queen?

    Koreck koreck koreck

  23. Tun, mere verbal support is not enough. Get your machinery cracking. Today’s UMNO is not like the 60’s where only two nominations will suffice to contest. Tun has made it difficult for true UMNO members to exercise their rights and while they are willing to lift Ku Li, getting 57 nominations (if it is 30% to contest for president) is indeed an uphill task in today’s boot-licking culture of UMNO. Not many divisional heads would dare to go against the grain.

    SO. Enough talk. We have someone ceredible who has offered himself for the presidency. Let’s get down to work. Tun has operatives in every state. Ku Li has the addresses of every Ketua Cawangan. Go down to the districts and engage Ketua2 Cawangans of three Divisons close to each other and invite them to dialogue or a ceramah session. Treat this like a General elcetion campaign because more importantly, this will save the party in the coming GE.

    Tun and Ku Li. You have the will, now do you have the legs to see it through?

    Elaboration: Cell meetings; invite Ketua Cawangans of three Divisions in an area close to each other in each meeting. You would cover a state as big as Johor (being the largest in the peninsula) in 9 meetings. It must be a meeting with ketua cawangans as they will be in the position to pressure thier divisions or carry the nomination from the floor as opposed to it being read out by the division chief and endorsed without objection.

    Good luck Gentlemen. UMNO will self distruct within four years if you do not take these measures of sealing the deal.

  24. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Elllehhh ... Najib to join coalition with TDM and Ku Li to bring Pak Lah to fall?

    Please man, roti kosong shoudl not be sold at the price of roti telor.

    Show you got telor fist Najib.

    Enough of these sons and inlaw of
    ex and current Prime Ministers wanting post without being contested.

    Najib, Hishamuddin dan Khairy all are non egg laying chicken.

    At least Hisham started to unzip. how Najib? Rosmah still holding his chasity belt?

    Remember he said he is afraid to ask for permission to marry again? Heee tak malu tunjuk takut bini dalam speech.

  25. Janji buat Ku Li:

    Saya dan ramai lagi Ahli-ahli UMNO Selangor akan kembali ke pangkuan UMNO jika Ku Li sanggup mengembalikan kegemilangan UMNO dengan memikul jawatan Presiden UMNO dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Hidup Ku Li.

  26. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Oppositions are jitter ring when Ku Li wants to lead UMNO. Viva Ku Li, you're my Hero.... Welcome back

  27. Anonymous6:22 pm

    The PM had acted arrogantly from the wrong advice given by his advisors. From the silence of the MIC president it gave him the false sense of belief and that the mandate the rakyat had given him, had allowed him the prerogative to act without hesitation. He should not be blamed in this aspect, except that he had not taken care of the country's affairs but to indulge in extravagance. Every PM needs help and advice but the PM received all wrong messages because he was too dependent on those arrogant advisors he kept. The only way to redeem himself (if there is any hope left) he should release the Hindraf leaders unconditionally and allow other unfortunate ISA detainees the rights to defend themselves in the court of law.

    It is hopeless to beg the PM to release the Hindraf leaders because he is paranoid even after the thrashing from the recent G.Election. He still holds fast that he has the mandate from the people because he is the PM for all Malaysians. PM for all Malaysians my foot having lost 5 states. The only way is to get him removed.

    Lets not talk about Najib yet, Get rid of Pak Lah first.

  28. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Do malays need umno? I am malay but i don't need umno.even if umno dies and buried underground, the malays and this nation still exist.

    so, why save umno? umno is a fighting ground for power and money. this is what umno is. nothing to do with development of the malays. 50 years in power, but still you can see the malays living a life of a third world countries. if you look at malays in most sub-urban areas, they remind us all of jamaica.

    umno needs malays to exist, but the malays don't need umno to be alive.

    So, save the malays from evil-umno.

  29. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Subject: FW: What is Article 153 of the Constitution?


    > Saturday, December 04, 2004
    > Unveiling the truth of Malay 'Special Rights' .... - Kim Quek
    > The recurring issue of Malay 'special rights' was again brought into
    > focus when Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang moved to reprimand Higher
    > Education Minister Shaffie Salleh in Parliament on Dec 1st for the
    > latter's recent racial utterances.
    > In the recently concluded UMNO annual assembly, Shaffie vowed to never
    > admit any non-Malay students to the public funded Universiti Institute
    > Teknologi Mara (UiTM), and he also undertook to ensure that in spite of
    > the current meritocracy system of university intake, Malay students
    > would always exceed 55%, which was the percentage stipulated under the
    > previous quota system.
    > Proposing the motion, Kit Siang described these policy statements as
    > shocking and extremist. He exerted that apart from damaging Malaysia 's
    > international reputation, they undermined national unity and integration
    > and lowered competitiveness all round.
    > Opposing the motion, MP Ahmad Shabery Cheek (UMNO, Kemaman) accused Kit
    > Siang of stirring up racial issues and challenging Malay 'special
    > rights', for which Ahmad quoted Article 153 of the Federal Constitution
    > which prescribed these rights.
    > Kit Siang denied these accusations and asked the newly appointed Speaker
    > Ramli Ngah Talib for a ruling as to whether the motion was deemed
    > seditious. The Speaker remained silent. As expected, the motion was
    > eventually rejected in view of ruling party BN's overwhelming majority.
    > Forty seven years after Independence , racial issues continued to
    > monopolise national politics, and championing Malay rights remains the
    > single dominant ideology of the only ruling power that this independent
    > nation has known, UMNO. Thousands of speeches have been made championing
    > this Malay cause, using various terminologies such as Malay 'special
    > rights', Malay 'special privileges' or simply Malay 'rights', often
    > invoking the nation's Constitution as the legal back-up. But, of the
    > thousands of politicians who have used these terminologies, how many
    > have read through the Constitution to find out what these 'rights'
    > really are? Very few, perhaps!
    > Our Constitution is printed in a small booklet that can be bought for
    > about RM10 in the book shops. Buy one copy and read through to find out
    > what it says about these 'rights'. After all, these issues have been the
    > hottest favourites of our politicians ever since our Independence .
    > Aren't you curious to find out?
    > If you have read through the Constitution to look for an answer to these
    > Malay 'rights', perhaps the first thing that has struck you is that,
    > familiar terminologies such as Malay 'special rights', Malay 'special
    > privileges' or Malay 'rights' are no where to be found in the
    > Constitution. Instead, we only find the term 'the special position of
    > the Malays', which appears twice, in Clause (1) and Clause (2) of
    > Article 153, which is titled 'Reservation of quotas in respect of
    > services, permits, etc, for Malays and natives of any of the States of
    > Sabah and Sarawak'.
    > (The natives of Sabah and Sarawak were only incorporated into the
    > Constitution upon the formation of Malaysia in 1963, during which Sabah
    > , Sarawak and Singapore were merged with Malaya to form Malaysia . In
    > this article, the words 'the natives of Sabah and Sarawak ' will not be
    > repeated after the word 'Malay' when I quote from the Constitution, for
    > abbreviation purpose).
    > MP Ahmad Shabery Cheek has of course correctly pinpointed Article 153 as
    > that part of the Constitution upon which Malay 'rights' were founded.
    > But has he read and understood the full meaning of Article 153?
    > Anyone who has read through Article 153 might be surprised to discover
    > that the provisions favouring Malays are in fact quite moderate, and
    > certainly no way as stretched out in intensity and scope as our
    > politicians would want us to believe. Similarly, those provisions
    > protecting the non-Malays as a counter-balance to the special position
    > of the Malays under this Article are also surprisingly quite well
    > conceived and fair. In fact, when read in conjunction with Article 8
    > (Equality) and Article 136 (Impartial treatment of Federal employees),
    > Article 153 cannot be construed as having significantly violated the
    > egalitarian principles of our Constitution, contrary to common
    > perception.
    > Since the egalitarian nature of our Constitution is largely intact, in
    > spite of the presence of Article 153, then why should it have acquired
    > such an adverse reputation as the legal root of all kinds of racial
    > inequalities in this country?
    > Answer: the fault is not with our Constitution, but with our politicians
    > twisting, misinterpreting and abusing it.
    > It is perhaps high time we get to the bottom of Article 153.
    > Clause (1) of Article 153 states: 'It shall be the responsibility of the
    > Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays
    > and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the
    > provisions of this Article'.
    > So, the first understanding that we must have on Article 153 is that it
    > is meant to protect the interests of not only the Malays, but also those
    > of the non-Malays.
    > Next, note the deliberate use of the words 'safeguard' and 'special
    > position' (instead of 'special rights' or 'special privileges'). The
    > choice of these words must be understood in the historical context of
    > the drafting of this Constitution half a century ago when Malays were
    > economically and educationally backward in relation to other races. It
    > was thought fit and proper then that there must be 'safeguards' to
    > protect the Malays from being swarmed over by other races. Hence, the
    > creation of the 'special position' of the Malays, which was obviously
    > intended for defensive purpose: to protect for survival. The impeccable
    > avoidance of using words like 'rights' and 'privileges', and the choice
    > of the word 'safeguard' were clearly calculated to reflect its defensive
    > nature. Under that historical context, the provision of the special
    > position of the Malays in the Constitution certainly could not be
    > interpreted to mean the endowment of racial privileges to create a
    > privileged class of citizenship.
    > Clause (2) says that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall safeguard the
    > special position of the Malays by reserving positions 'of such
    > proportion as he may deem reasonable' in a) the public service b)
    > educational facilities and c) business licenses.
    > Clauses (3) & (6) say that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may, for purpose of
    > fulfilling Clause (2), give general directions to the relevant
    > authorities, which shall then duly comply.
    > There is a separate clause covering the allocation of seats in tertiary
    > education - Clause (8A). It says that where there are insufficient
    > places for any particular course of study, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may
    > give directions for the 'reservation of such proportion of such places
    > for Malays as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may deem reasonable; and the
    > authority shall duly comply with the directions.'
    > As for the protection of non-Malays against possible encroachment of
    > their existing interests, there are several provisions under different
    > clauses in this Article, prohibiting the deprivation of the existing
    > facilities enjoyed by them, whether in public service, education or
    > trading licenses. Of these protective clauses, Clauses (5) and (9) are
    > particularly significant.
    > Clause (5) consists of one sentence, which reads: 'This Article does not
    > derogate from the provisions of Article 136'.
    > Article 136 also consists of one sentence, which reads: 'All persons of
    > whatever race in the same grade in the service of the Federation shall,
    > subject to the terms and conditions of their employment, be treated
    > impartially.'
    > Clause (9) consists of one sentence, which reads: 'Nothing in this
    > Article shall empower Parliament to restrict business or trade solely
    > for the purpose of reservations for Malays.'
    > Reading Article 153 will not be complete without reading Article 89
    > (Equality). I will quote the more significant Clauses (1) and (2) of
    > this Article in full, as follows:
    > Clause (1) states: 'All persons are equal before the law and entitled to
    > the equal protection of the law.'
    > Clause (2) states: 'Except as expressly authorized by this Constitution,
    > there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of
    > religion, race, descent or place of birth in any law or in the
    > appointment to any office or employment under a public authority or in
    > the administration of any law relating to the acquisition, holding or
    > disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade,
    > business, profession, vocation or employment.'
    > Reading through these Articles of the Constitution, we are able to draw
    > the following conclusions:
    > 1. The present clamour for Malay 'special rights' as sacrosanct racial
    > privileges of a privileged race, especially under the ideological ambit
    > of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay the master race), is in conflict with the
    > letters and spirit of the Constitution.
    > 2. The special position of the Malays as prescribed under Article 153 of
    > the Constitution is limited in scope to only the reservation of
    > reasonable quotas in these 3 sectors: public services, educational
    > places and business licenses. Hence, the present rampant racial
    > discriminations practiced on almost every facet of our national life are
    > mostly violations of the Constitution. Examples of these violations are:
    > a) Racial discrimination in the appointment and promotion of employees
    > in publicly funded bodies, resulting in these becoming almost mono-raced
    > bodies (particular so in their top strata). These bodies include: the
    > civil service, police, army and various semi and quasi government
    > agencies.
    > b) Barring of non-Malays from tenders and contracts controlled directly
    > or indirectly by the government.
    > c) Imposition of compulsory price discounts and quotas in favour of
    > Malays in housing projects.
    > d) Imposition of compulsory share quota for Malays in non-Malay
    > companies.
    > e) Blanket barring of non-Malays to publicly funded academic
    > institutions (that should include the UITM, which is the subject of
    > debate in Parliament referred to earlier in this article).
    > f) Completely lop-sided allocation of scholarships and seats of learning
    > in clearly unreasonable proportions that reflect racial discriminations.
    > 3) Our Constitution provides for only one class of citizenship and all
    > citizens are equal before the law. The presence of Article 153 does not
    > alter this fact, as it is meant only to protect the Malays from being
    > 'squeezed' by other races by allowing the reservation of reasonable
    > quotas on certain sectors of national life. However, this Constitution
    > has now been hijacked through decades of hegemony of political power by
    > the ruling party to result in the virtual monopoly of the public sector
    > by a single race. The ensuing racism, corruption and corrosion of
    > integrity of our democratic institutions have brought serious
    > retrogression to our nation-building process in terms of national unity,
    > discipline, morality and competitiveness of our people.
    > 4) At this critical juncture, when nations in this region and around the
    > world are urgently restructuring and shaping up to cope with
    > globalization, our nation stagnates in a cesspool that has been created
    > through decades of misrule. Unless urgent reforms are carried out,
    > beginning with the dismantling of the anachronistic racial
    > superstructure, we are in for serious troubles in the days ahead.

  30. Anonymous7:13 pm






  31. Looks like even if all the spartans combined; it still can't save UMNO.Just take a closer look at how they are trying to achieve their agenda.Shouting slogans that are embarassingly racial, holding banners with sensitive outcry.. come on guys.. Isn't your TV 3 and RTM repeatedly showed and said that this is not our culture. UMNO as a prominent (once) political party should show the way how dissatisfaction should be exhibited.Or atleast must be seen restarining their overzealous leaders from creating "unpeacefull" situation as it is in their election manifesto. How fast they can forget it. Now do you think these people who cant even keep their word which they gave two weeks ago is still relevant and should be saved. If UMNO want to stand tall again it should lie down and do an open heart surgery on itself.

  32. Anonymous7:49 pm

    With his experiance in the opposition, Ku Li is the right choice to deal with the opposition.

    Opposition shouldn;t be hostile now. Another snap election may turn the other way. Off course, AAB and KJ has to go way away.

    Oppo did not win becasue of a shift for the opposition. The Malay voted for opposition out of hatred for Dolah and KJ and past issues with Mahathir. Chinese wants to send a message to BN/UMNO to buck up and be sensitive.

    Ppl, restraint yourself in your criticism of UMNO and BN. GE is over. Save it for later. UMNO go to sort out its internal issue. Don't interfere.

    PKR pun jangan act. It is dependent on Anwar. Without him, there will be quarrel within. Other than Permatang Pauh, I doubt Anwar can survive any where else. He will get creamed if he planned to contest in Bandar Tun Razak.

    As for Najib, he has to show he is distancing from Pak Lah. He has to show he is a brave leader able to make hard decision.

    If he does not, it means the theory that he's got a big skeleton in his closet holds true. Many are saying the skeleton is sharing his bed.

    There is a theory being bandied around that there is another skeleton surfacing on Najib?

    Could that be the reason he backstab on Bodowi as he had done on others before. THis is a critical moment. The longer he stays loyal to Dolah, the longer he is considered as part of the the weakness of Dolah.

    This is defining moment or cross road for Najib. He has to take a stand or he could be dead meat. I don't buy Pasquale's theory. Najib better learn to earn his presence in teh party and Government. Get himself elected.

  33. Mekyam, true about the massive economic disaster brewing worldwide...belum hit us point blank pun many of our businesses sinking...I wonder what chances we have against ending up like Indonesia... many are starving in the capital itself right many in Malaysia...who are still fighting for survival while the rich and bloated fight for power and a dead agenda...Umno should be buried deep to me, having failed the majority of the Malays and the BN failed the people as a whole...but better KU LI than Najiburrosmah...why doesn't Anwar ( is he still buddy2 with Wolfowitz btw...tsk2..I pray the jail stint brought him to his senses) just come out with the proof and bury him once and for all....

    The Auditor General has given us the facts and figures but sadly, none has ever been brought to justice/prosecuted, and selagi tak, selagi tu lah this endless cycle of corruption and self servitude will continue...tak kira lah sapa2 holding the reins. It pays to rob the people Muhammad Taib has proven...we can only wait for him to join Zakaria and help feed the fires of hell....until then, same ole, same ole...

    Kalau nak bust a it now la...the country can't wait a day longer.

  34. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Rocky, betul ke ini cerita.

    Seorang kawan beritahu yang Ku Li minta semua editor dan wartawan yang kena buang masa Pak Lah memerintah di akhbar-akhbar terutamanya di kumpulan NST kalau-kalau mereka boleh bantu dia lawan orang surat khabar yang bermaharajalela sekarang ni. Mereka dah kira, ada lebih kurang 100 wartawan Melayu yang ada di luar sekarang sedia nak bantu. Ku Li tau, mulai sekarang, macam-macam berita buruk pasal dirinya akan disiarkan berikutan pengumuman dia nak lawan Pak Lah. Dengar cerita Ku Li nak atur pertemuan dengan bekas-bekas wartawan ni tak lama lagi. Langkah bijak tu sebab Pak Lah pun tak pernah ambil kisah pasal mereka pun.
    Orang macam Datuk Kadir Jasin, Mat Talib dan Rockybru yang ada blog sendiri, boleh fikirkanlah kut. Ramai lagi macam intai juga peluang tu. Yang tak ada blog tu boleh buat blog sendiri lah. Tapi, kalau ada modal boleh buat pamplets dan macam-macam lagi. Rasanya Harakah dan Suara Keadilan pun boleh tolong bagi publisiti. Jadi, apa macam orang-orang di Jalan Riong dan Chan Sow Lin. Ada tidur malam ka? Jangan takut lah..kalau apa-apa jadi pun, you all stay..stay lah sampai habis tempoh contract. Kalau tak diberi kerja, duduk sajalah..makan gaji buta. Siapa nak bagi. Tapi kalau ada prinsip, cabutlah dengan tangan kosong. Syarikat akhbar hari ni tak boleh bayar macam you bayar pada orang-orang yang dah hampa tolak keluar dulu tu. Depa cerdik, yang bodoh hampa.

  35. a good blog. shall we exchange links ? my blog is

  36. Anonymous8:34 pm


    Saya sokong Ku Li. Lepas Ku Li menang Ku Li mesti luaskan sayap UMNO ke Sarawak dan hapuskan buaya-buaya besar yang terdapat di sini. Kami harap Tun M, Tun M tak dapat tangkap, Pak Lah apa lagi, buaya ini tengah nganga kat dia. We have trust in Ku Li that he can catch this crocodile other wise we may seek help from Brother Anwar Ibrahim.

  37. Ku Li reminds me of a hyena...waiting for the living to lie dying, then sneaking in for the kill...

    We dun need people like him, people like Najib nor people like Badawi.

    Anwar, get ready!

  38. Anonymous9:09 pm

    thats a real good piece of information!
    i now your fan
    keep it up:)
    you think of almost everything

  39. On second thought,

    Why don't you, Rocky...get together Ku Li, Mukhriz, Mahathir, and Pak Lah...and Najib...throw them in the Bukit Jalil stadium...give them some kerises...and let them fight it out to death, Hang Tuah style...Najib will be the warm-up first kill since he usually just stands there with his hands behind his back..trying to undo his chastity belt...then when they are all for a coup..the remaining eunuchs in the BN will just surrender easy smeasy...then we put in Anwar and Husam as PM and DPM...and the first fella who repeats the mistake of turning to the Americans will have to deal with a frazzled mum turned human C4...

    Okay tak?

    hensem pun brains also...tgk la track record kelantan...(I want some eye candy for a change) sick of looking at the botoxed, botakheads and perut genduts of BN....

    mek setuju dak?

  40. Anonymous9:15 pm

    enough of racial politics for Malaysia is the only way forward.

    UMNO and malaysia is becoming malaise and an irrelevant nation by the time UMNO continues promoting racial politics, NEP, and Ketuanan Melayu.

    the nation should not rely on incompetent leadership from malaise political front to chart the future of the rakyats.

    there is a need for change for the better malaysia!

  41. the malays have a very simple mind and they tend to easily forget their ancestry. while it is true that umno needs the malays to survive and not vice versa but do not be mistaken the forest for the trees. Look at the man in the mirror and you'll understand what I meant.

  42. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Looks like we made the right decision trying to vote out BN tapi nampaknya saki baki mereka ni masih tak sedar2.They continue to behave what the rakyat tolak: berebut2 kuasa tanpa rasa malu.Konon nak berkhidmat utk rakyat tapi sebenar nak pangkat.

    Now a new character is brought in (Ku Li).Orang akan tetap menyampah sebab he's an old player.I think Pak Lah has exercised his right in sacking the old devils and brought in many new faces.Cuma kecewa that woman Mashitah is still in (she believes in her own lies).

    I'm having second thoughts about Pak Lah now.20 years from now kita semua akan berterima kasih akan zamannya.Dialah Bapa Demokrasi kita nanti.Muahaha.

    Pak Lah, saya di belakang Pak Lah sekarang.Cubalah pulihkan balik BN.Jangan layan mereka yang cuba nak selamatkan BN (kononnya) tapi semasa mereka pegang tampuk pemerintahan, mereka juga teruk.Skandel kewangan/judiciary sana sini.Sampai ada yang terbunuh/hampir terbunuh.

  43. Anonymous9:46 pm

    for those who ask, KuLi will save Malaysia from Anwar Ibrahim

  44. Anonymous10:48 pm

    /// I agree totally with Pasquale - Najib will be preserved. ///

    Indeed, Najib will be preserved. The only question is - in formaldehyde or in a pickle?

  45. Anonymous11:22 pm


    There's something that they know that we dont know. Dr M did mention the other day that the Prime Minister should also listen to the special branch!


  46. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Saving the Malay from WHO? Malays cannot survive without UMNO? I dont think so.....

  47. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Zealot: the Malays don't need a spokesperson like you, they will know what to do when their right is threatened. Anyway thanks for trying to speak on our behalf, just don't waste your time of doing that in the future.

  48. Wow Zealot, Malays in them suburbs reminded you of Jamaica. I shouldn't have shaved me dreads back then. ;) Yeah, too bad we're not in the Caribbean. I could go island hopping to the Bahamas.

    I really fear the day when our children are the illegal aliens, not in the UK or Australia, but in Indonesia or Vietnam.

    While the saviours of Umno and the Malays' offspring are busy counting their loot in Geneva and London.

  49. Anonymous1:02 am

    The other day, the press interviewed Datuk Sharizat and she was saying that the parties are under the payung of Barisan Nasional. Then quite immediately she used the word UMNO. Are these two words used interchangably and having the same meaning ? If it does, then I hope that the politicians after the elections this time will have to do something. Malaysians should forget about race and religion. If they should compete among one another, it should be things on intelligence, creativity, innovativeness. No more race. No more religion.

  50. Hi zealot,
    A good one from you. A realistic and powerful point that needs to be instilled into the brain of the Malays. Yes! Malays, Islam and the Nation will still be in existence without UMNO. Is UMNO a Malays caretaker assigned by Tuhan? A joke, isn't it? This too applies to the other racial parties, MCA & MIC.

    As a matter of fact, Malays are equally intelligent and capable as the other races. It is just the poison that had been served to the Malays for the past 50 years by these unscrupulous cunning umnoputras that Malays are the inferior people who need a tongkat to walk. The poison served to only serve their own self interests.

    For Allah sake, I urge all Malays, dump this poisoned mentality once and for all for good which is the main obstruction to the Malays progress.

  51. Anonymous1:24 am

    From UMNO to PKR hegemony?

    I’m made it clear from the start that I have more distrust for Keadilan than I do for PAS.

    Recent events vindicate me to a certain extent.When Lim Kit Siang first made a statement announcing a boycott for the swearing-in of the Perak Menteri Besar, bloggers and commentators sounded the battle cry and bashed him with no mercy. The comments on Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia-today are proof of it all. Lim Kit Siang apologized publicly soon after, in the most humble and sincere manner from a Malaysian politician to date.

    Not too subtly, similar announcements were coming from the PKR’s camp. Syed Husin Ali threatened abandonment of the coalition government if PKR’s demands for representation in the Perak exco were not met. Over in Selangor, the finalization of the state government’s exco list has apparently hit an impasse as a result of PKR’s refusal to grant DAP their fair share of excos, citing racial imbalance and insufficient Malay representation. Surprisingly, there have been little murmurs, if at all over PKR’s growing arrogance and refusal to compromise the way DAP did in the Perak state government.

    At parliamentary level, PKR is set to assume the position of opposition leader via Dr. Wan Azizah. Fair enough, in view that they hold the most number of seats among the opposition parties. The lingering question is, do they believe in democracy more than meritocracy? Wan Azizah has been in Parliament since 1999, a total of 9 years – which is a long time. She has had enough time to prove her salt but does anyone actually remember any moments where she created waves in parliamentary debates?

    As far as I can remember, it was always the 12 DAP parliamentarians that received the worst from the rude and arrogant UMNO Mps when the DAP bench raised issues that were pertinent to the people of Malaysia. I have not read much of Wan Azizah raising any eyebrow or waking any sleepy eyes in all her years in parliament. If verbal abuses and insulting taunts were a measure of how active an MP was in parliament, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Kulasegaran and Fong Po Kuan are way ahead at the forefront. They have been outnumber 10:1 in Parliament and insulted beyond belief – all because they tried to stand up for stupid Malaysian voters. On the contrary, Wan Azizah has not ruffled any UMNO/BN feathers, at least none that ever made it to the press. If PKR truly believed in meritocracy, then there are many DAP parliamentarians that are more suited and qualified to lead the opposition bench compared to Wan Azizah. At the same time, if they truly believed in the principles of democracy, then they would have lobbied for DAP to lead the Perak state government in view that DAP held the most number of seats. Either way, there is the element of cakap tak serupa bikin coming from the PKR camp.

    Would you as an employer hire someone who tells you he/she is not interested in the job? Surely not, I say. However, that is exactly what we’ve done. Wan Azizah was never interested the job of being an MP. She was thrust into it after the downfall of her husband. She held it for eight years and has recently announced that she just might step aside after being elected to allow Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a Penampang Pauh by-election. Do you really think a person who is not interested to be an MP is the best person for the task of being opposition leader? Or maybe you think that Wan Azizah will eventually pass the baton of being opposition leader to Anwar Ibrahim later?

    Well, Anwar Ibrahim will indeed make a great opposition leader. Just one problem though, like his wife, he too is not interested to be opposition leader. He wants to be Prime Minister, which is why he is currently obsessed luring disgruntled BN MPs to cross over to Keadilan, at no cost apparently. This brings me to my next provoking thought. Isn’t vote-buying and party-hopping more of an UMNO/BN culture? When one is unable to form a government by legitimate means, one has to resort to back door techniques. That, my friend, is exactly what Anwar Ibrahim is trying to accomplish now. Vehemently, he declares that Keadilan would have formed the next government if not for election frauds and rampant vote-buying, but here he is, trying something similar by luring discontented BN warlords and position-obsessed MPs to join his camp. Take a look at Richard Riot, the Serian MP who reportedly resigned from BN out of frustration of not being accorded a cabinet post. Is this the kind of character PKR wants to be associated with?

    It’s really ironic that Anwar Ibrahim is canvassing for defectors over in East Malaysia. His party was very much the spoiler to begin with, or at least very much to be blamed for the opposition’s trashing in Sabah/Sarawak. PKR refused to make way for DAP in so many seats that were DAP’s traditional battlezone, resulting in vote-splitting three-way fights that proved so profitable to the BN candidates. In a number of seats, the total votes received by the two opposition candidates actually exceeded the BN candidate’s. If Keadilan were sensible and reasonable enough, it would have conceded that the party does not have much to show in Sarawak especially, as proven by its dismal performance in the 2005 Sarawak state elections. As a late-comer in Malaysian politics, it should have given way to DAP to fight in its traditional seats but it didn’t and now has to resort to backdoor entry into Borneo.

    More and more every day, PKR is resembling UMNO in more aspects than one.

    I still believe in the possibility of a stable and progressive DAP/PKR/PAS coalition government. If Keadilan continues its unjustified arrogance and unreasonable reasoning however, Malaysia will finally witness real change – a shift from UMNO political hegemony to PKR hegemony.

    Some might ask, what can be worse than UMNO? My answer: two UMNOs.

  52. Anonymous2:52 am

    If Tengku Razaleigh becomes PM, the RAHMAN theory goes out of the window.

    It will be RAHMAT instead.

    God rahmat-i Malaysia!

  53. Anonymous3:57 am

    Pak Lah can't resign coz Najib is too vulnerable to take over the job. Anwar is hovering over like a vulture. If Ku Li eventually fights Pak Lah over the Presidency of UMNO, now Najib can afford to smile a little bit. But we all know that's how high the ladder he can climb -- being DPM. Can Anwar touch Ku Li if the latter becomes the PM? Ku Li was one of the people instrumental in bringing Anwar into UMNO... but knowing Anwar Ibrahim.....

  54. Anonymous7:13 am

    This might be useful when discussing race in Malaysia:-

  55. Anonymous9:29 am

    aiyarr ... you and i both know pasquale is just a loser who gets paycheck from najib. pityu some people out there actually believe you guys. sigh

  56. Anonymous9:56 am

    BR/BA was supposed to deny BN's 2/3rd majority and check their excesses.

    Bloggers aside, Tun Dr Mahathir was among those who played a big role in developing the new wave that we saw in GE 12 - we need a strong opposition, his sarcastic Saya "menzalimi" Anwar remark etc.

    The rakyats thought that they will get the chance to evaluate BA/ BR and give them a bigger mandate if they perform in GE13. But AI can't wait. Now BR/BA wants to go the extra mile by getting the lalang among BM MPs to cross over. The loose coalition can well do it if AAB and KJ are still helming UMNO.

    As a party in grave crisis, UMNO needs to offer someone whose profile can match AI, to heal the party, take on board the rakyat's concerns and present an effective alternative to AI, even though within BN as it now is or a future, enlarged BN.

    Ku Li is the man. This is one last chance for him and UMNO. Both cannot afford to let it slip.

  57. Anonymous10:05 am

    Rocky, mereka yang hentam Ku Li dikenal pasti sebagai orang Pak Lah. Biasalah tu. Mereka takut bila Ku Li nak lawan bos mereka sebab mereka tahu bos mereka akan kalah. Bos mereka banyak masalah sekarang ni. Kalau lawan, dah pasti Pak Lah akan kalah. Bila Pak Lah kalah, mereka juga akan jalan. Mereka ini bukan fikir pasal parti, orang Melayu dan negara. Mereka hanya fikir kepentingan diri sendiri saja.

  58. Anonymous11:19 am

    People aged 65 or over (70’s? -- good grief, God help us all!) should retire gracefully and not attempt to lead the country. This is especially so with leaders from those single-race parties which necessarily hold narrow-minded viewpoints.

    The recently concluded elections has already indicated that multi-racial inclusivity is the way of the future. Single-race political parties are anachronisms and fossilised relics of the colonial era — rightfully they should be joining the dinosaurs in extinction.

    During the sixties one of those flower children famously remarked that “you can’t trust anyone over the age of 30″. Well, I think we can safely say we shouldn’t trust any politician over the age of (maybe arbitrarily) 45. Because anyone of that age or older most likely hold onto views and values that are out-moded and no longer in line with present day dynamics.

    At the risk of being politically incorrect or being accused of ageism, politicians 65 and over just can’t cut it anymore. They should grace and dignity to realise that and so leave the scene and go play with their grandchildren, take long walks in the park, spend more time at the mamak stall/kopitiam, etc. Malaysia is already on the threshold of the 21st century. This is no country for old men!

  59. Anonymous11:33 am


    Hang tulis terbalik tu...... patutnya "Saving the Malays and Umno". Rakyat dulu then baru parti.

    kalau tak ada rakyat, maka tak ada lah parti. Takkan nak suruh beruk pulak jadi ahli. Tu yang terlingkup parti Umno.

  60. Anonymous12:00 pm

    UMNO has to reinvent itself and moves along with time. the mushy
    show of standing up for the rights of malay through the wielding of the kris is simply not enough anymore. they malay want a real solution to their dilemmas which in most cases have been created by their own leaders to perpetrate their grip on a already downtrodden people.
    meanwhile, other malaysians want to feel that sense of dignity in being really accepted in a country they have helped build up.
    these are the roots of all the problems we have all been shouting about.
    between them are the people who know how the problem can be solved but are reluctant to do so
    because of communal pride - my god some pride can really costs so much - as well as finding the means to address some parts of the population who remain adamant to change.

  61. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Sir Rocky,

    Opinions are divided, but we can read between the lines. To opposition, of course UMNO is not relevent, thus any effort for UMNO to regain its credibility is seen as a joke.

    The same kind of responses are recieved even if the topic is about political turmoil in DAP. There will be voices that want to see DAP dies in disgrace.

    Where is the spirit of Malaysian Malaysia.

    Cikgu Sivik

  62. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Sir Rocky,

    I found the hypothesis by Rats Tracker in another blog is rather interesting and threatening as well.

    "The Secret Pact of Pak Lah/SIL & ANWAR/DAP

    I think PL/KJ/ANWAR/DAP secret pact is just to kill off this UMNO baru. PL/KJ knew all along they cannot resist Tun M (UMNO Baru). ANWAR is the only hope for PL/KJ to escape free w/o backlash & punishments.PL/KJ are buying time till ANWAR is ready. Wonder why ANWAR/DAP are never really critical on PK/KJ scams, WPI & flip-flop policies. On the same score don’t discount out Shahril Samad (ECM-Libra) & sife Musang Hitam (WPI share holder).

    ANWAR/DAP have always praised the way LKY Dynasty(PAP) manages the city state. Ask the Singaporeans the real feeling on the ground with our similar issues (freedom of speech,blood sucking govt policies,puppet judges ,rising unemployment rates (they too prefer cheaper labours of PTI), deteriorating social values, high crime rates, unaffordable properties, inflation rate 6.6% etc are really alarming.LKY Dynasty has always been in denial state ever since & it’s a total media blackout too. Oppositions leaders can never last long with the LKY twist & turns using legal proceedings against them.

    Do u really believe Mas Selamat (so called the JI terrorist) managed to escape the city state with all the CCTVs at every corners & their state of the art securities & public only knew it after 4hrs later.(Biggest Joke of the Century).

    LKY Dynasty is just another proxy to the British East Indian Company descendants or to be exact the British Zionist(CAPITALIST) regime enjoying people miseries with their slave economy methods (sounds similar too)on people/resources, manipulates CPF,Trust funds,taxes & other financial instruments to control economy on this side of the world.
    Do u really think they would gave up the most strategically port (east-west route)in the world. In fact Singapore is among the top 10 busiest port in the world.

    Since all the medias there are govt owned (sounds familiar )are totally blackout,people there too turn to bloggers like we do here .Do check some of their site(eg; , Dissident Singapore etc).Guess the number of brain drains there(migrating to Australia, NZ ,Canada,USA etc) & its not strange here too.Our Political Tsunami is getting on the nerve to LKY Dynasty & their people already said “Tak Boleh Tahan” with red shirts in front of their parliament recently . They are watching our political scenario closely.
    I wanted to believe in ANWAR fights, but the recent DAP/ANWAR events of power hunger makes me puzzled.It is interesting though when ANWAR enjoys the media coverage of LKY Dynasty. DAP has really shown their true color in Perak & Selangor finally for their long waiting mission/vision (PAP to be) & proudly claimed their popularity,luckily our rulers were wise to see its coming. I smell rats here if the lobbying of another 30 became reality , Pak Lan & KJ will escape with big KENDURI, but i do hope i'm wrong. Ku Li & Mukhriz on the other hand must hurry before UMNO is to be buried by this Imam HADHARI."

    Comment by Rats Tracker in

    Cikgu Sivik

  63. Anonymous2:05 pm




  64. Anonymous2:56 pm

    To anon 11.33 a.m., Betul dah tu si Rocky tulis "Saving the UMNO & Malays"; maknanya "Selamatkan rakyat & UMNO". Tak terbalik pun.

    Dlm konteks B.Inggeris, bila translate dr ayat "Saya dan keluarga saya..." jadi "My family and I" bukan "I and my family". Tu basic tu. x caya pi tanya cikgu B.Inggeris.

    Jangan marah naa.....ehehehe..

  65. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Saving Umno and saving Malays are two different thing all together, is like oil and water. To save UMNO is to distroy the Malay race and to save the Malays you have to distroy UMNO.

    Is a very difficult decision because you can't have both. There isn't any compromise, you might not like it but this is just like God's words that must be observed.

    The 50 years result is for all to see. How do you teach some one to fish? You give them a fish or you give them a rod? We have lost 50 years and time to sink UMNO.

  66. Anonymous1:05 am

    Rocky, betul ke ini cerita.

    Seorang kawan beritahu yang Ku Li minta semua editor dan wartawan yang kena buang masa Pak Lah memerintah di akhbar-akhbar terutamanya di kumpulan NST kalau-kalau mereka boleh bantu dia lawan orang surat khabar yang bermaharajalela sekarang ni. Mereka dah kira, ada lebih kurang 100 wartawan Melayu yang ada di luar sekarang sedia nak bantu. Ku Li tau, mulai sekarang, macam-macam berita buruk pasal dirinya akan disiarkan berikutan pengumuman dia nak lawan Pak Lah. Dengar cerita Ku Li nak atur pertemuan dengan bekas-bekas wartawan ni tak lama lagi. Langkah bijak tu sebab Pak Lah pun tak pernah ambil kisah pasal mereka pun.
    Orang macam Datuk Kadir Jasin, Mat Talib dan Rockybru yang ada blog sendiri, boleh fikirkanlah kut. Ramai lagi macam intai juga peluang tu. Yang tak ada blog tu boleh buat blog sendiri lah. Tapi, kalau ada modal boleh buat pamplets dan macam-macam lagi. Rasanya Harakah dan Suara Keadilan pun boleh tolong bagi publisiti. Jadi, apa macam orang-orang di Jalan Riong dan Chan Sow Lin. Ada tidur malam ka? Jangan takut lah..kalau apa-apa jadi pun, you all stay..stay lah sampai habis tempoh contract. Kalau tak diberi kerja, duduk sajalah..makan gaji buta. Siapa nak bagi. Tapi kalau ada prinsip, cabutlah dengan tangan kosong. Syarikat akhbar hari ni tak boleh bayar macam you bayar pada orang-orang yang dah hampa tolak keluar dulu tu. Depa cerdik, yang bodoh hampa.

    You gotta be joking....Many, obviously not all, know that these were the same editors who kow-towed so much to Mahathir and Anwar that it all started the slide in the credibility of the MSM as you know it.

    At the height of Anwar's case, wasn't it these very "noble" gentlemen who spun the stories (the affadivit that came out in a paper even before it hit the court was the masterpiece of who la you think, machans?) to the point of utter garbage?

    Wasn't it the very same people who whacked Ku Li (Shabery Cheek was his personal assistant, people! So much for loyalty in politics, huh?) when he was in S46?

    Mind you, some of these people were also the same ones who were in cohorts with Anwar to control Berita Harian and TV3 (Datuk Nazri Abdullah was related to Anwar, that was the talk. Why don't anyone check? I might be wrong, but hey, I am sure I am not!).

    These are the very same people who now chastise Abdullah for cronyism, but never asked a single question to Anwar, or Mahathir, on why all their kids/relatives are rich? Again, I might be wrong, but isn't one of Mahathir's sons driving around in Porsches. Errr...did anyone question why the Ibrahim family drive around with 101 plates? IOI as in the IOI Mall, and the IOI-related developments in Puchong (a hint - maybe I'm wrong again here).

    Oh, wait a minute...Sorry, got my facts wrong. The Mahathir-controlled media DID come up with a list of Anwar's cronies at that infamous Umno general- assembly! Sorry Zahid Hamidi, I forgot your role in that...Aiyoo, I'm so stupid sometimes...

    I tell you, this will be classic lah...Just watch the spin getting longer and longer and longer....

    Funny when you talk abt promoting people who were once the very same sinners you want to put up a stake and burn now...

    Rocky can...he got class...but he has to be free of Ahmad Talib and Kadir. If not, same thing like last time. You don't believe, undilah mereka....Idup Malaysia!