Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ku Li: I'll challenge Pak Lah

The knives are out! Finally, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says it: I will challenge Pak Lah for the Umno presidency.
No more wayang kulit.
Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, the sec-gen, resigned.
Rafidah Aziz said she won't resign. "I was elected by Wanita." She stressed the word "elected".
Khir Toyo resigned as Selangor BN chairman and Umno chief.

Read the NST's piece on Ku LI, HERE.


  1. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Bravado, Ku Li.

    Confuseus will rise !!!!

  2. Way to go Ku Li! Tak yah nak berselindung-selindung lagi. Pak Lah & his 'advisors' (or should I call hidden puppeteers) bukannya faham kalau orang cakap baik-baik atau berkias-kias. Straight at his face! Kalau tak dengar juga, kira pekak lah tu.

  3. Anonymous11:24 pm

    If you ask me to choose I will say Pak Lah is even better than Dr.M so where does Ku Li stand?

    After taking office Pak Lah had show many positive side which wasn't possible during Dr.M period.
    The press is now getting a little more freedom now, more importantly people are starting to see the important of all races getting together as a united force so that we can eventually able to move forward since we are behind so many countries now.

    Ku Li is racist and by championing the Malays will not bring the country forward. If Ku Li is the PM than Indian will need MIC even more and so as MCA for the Chinese. Pak Lah is great, after 4 years as PM MIC is living on borrowed time and MCA will soon becoming a Chamber of Commerce for Chinese contractors. At least we can see our country is moving in the right direction.

  4. Salam Bro,

    Global Media Channel has posted the full video of the pc in youtube. It can also be viewed at kickdefella. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Perhimpunan Khas: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah Part 1

    Perhimpunan Khas: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah Part 2

    Perhimpunan Khas: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah Part 3

  6. If Ku Li thinks he is the white knight riding in to rescue UMNO from the ashes of defeat, well he is dead wrong. Regardless of who is the head, if the system remains the same, UMNO will fall. We do not want to see a change in personnel only, but a thorough reformation in all areas.

    Already ppl in Sabah/Sarawak are not happy with Peninsular UMNO for bolot all the important Cabinet posts (22 ministers!). For a party that barely command 50% of Barisan Nasional seats..they sure have some nerve still acting like the tai ko..heck even the running dog MCA was given 4 Ministers..what a disgrace!

  7. Anonymous12:02 am

    could there be a plan to put up Ku Li against Pak Lah in the next UMNO General Assembly, only to allow Ku Li to pass the baton to Najib immediatly after that? Because the Malays will not accept Najib now (as he is perceived to be corrupt), so Ku Li is enlisted to do the job for him?

  8. Anonymous12:12 am

    finally, after 4 hard, long years.

    this news is the best for quite sometime.

    but Ku Li is going against the LOT - those monkeys, the badawis, the not so badawi, etc. etc

    bring it on!

    ps- first hurdle = he needs 57 nominations

  9. Anonymous12:12 am

    it is obvious now that pak lah is not capable of carrying that malaysian brand both in and outside the country. we really need somebody more dynamic to show the world that polished malaysian branding we have achieved internationally so far. perhaps ku li can save us from oblivion or international damnation.

  10. Hopefully, you will get enough nominations to challenge Pak Lah.
    Enough is enough! Something got to be done otherwise not only UMNO but the country will be also be destroyed.

  11. Both from states not govern by BN. Good, losers vs. losers. Or Semangat 46 vs. UMNO?

  12. Anonymous12:30 am

    yes, we dont want najib . it will be back to the same bn nonsense.

  13. Anonymous12:39 am

    In this crisis mode, UMNO needs somebody who is untainted, credible, radical, trustworthy and wise.

    Ku Li has been unfairly dismissed all these years. It is time for him to be seriously heard and duly considered.

    Malaysia has more than one PM material and the better ones ought to be given the platform for them to share their ideas and plans.

    For a change, why not have an American style debate moderated by independent parties?

  14. On the principle that no one is indispensible
    Anyone in any post is actually fully dispensible
    Let's hope that everyone is rationally sensible
    To allow suitable new broom chance to do what's possible

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 200308
    Thu. 20th March 2008.

  15. Anonymous12:48 am

    Kawan-kawan, I am very very sure Ku Li will be no sleepy head like Pak Lah and he definitely does not have a pesky son in law who would piggy back on him in UMNO.

    And we are all in agreement that Pak Lah and KJ got to go for the sake of UMNO and BN survival in the next PRU13. Ku Li is not that old compared to Pak Lah anyway, so I say let us all help him get nominated from the divisions first.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  16. Anonymous12:52 am

    Ku li will not succeed for many reasons. He is not a warlord as such but a feudal man. That's why he angered the Indiands and the Chinese with his letter that targeted them.

    Secondly, he can't muster enough support from all branches. Thirdly, incumbency will help AAB. Fourthly, he will not get BN majority support. However, let him try, but he has little chance. He will only help in fracturing UMNO and PAS and PKR will reap the benefits. Time is near.

  17. Anonymous12:53 am

    I think non-malays or Chinese in particular should just keep their fcuking mouth shut and stop talking anything about UMNO. You people will never say anything good about UMNO. Too bad, most Malays don't share your racist views.

    Leave UMNO and its problem to us Malays.

  18. Anonymous12:55 am

    KJ akan mengerakkan kempen tiada pertandingan untuk jawatan tertinggi dalam UMNO bagi mengelakkan babahnya tersungkur, Ia akan cuba utk. meneruskan cara kediktatoran dalam pemilihan UMNO iaitu tiada pertandingan.

  19. Anonymous1:11 am

    The report, as carried by NST also quoted Ku Li saying, "Haven’t the Umno members realise we’ve lost five states? Are they still sleeping?"

    Now, that zzzZZZ word again. SLEEPING eh? Pak Lah, are you awake yet?

    Finally Ku Li!

  20. Anonymous1:26 am

    Ku Li decided to go for it 'cos Najib hesitates. Najib can't lead, preferring to be number 2 forever. Never a risk taker. KJ has cornered him. If he tries anything funny, the skeletons will be out. Pak Lah has put Najib in his place - lame deputy forever.

    Ku Li has nothing to lose. He kept his nose clean in the last few years. He remains loyal to Umno after returning from his sabbatical in Semangat 46. He knows he's better than Pak Lah. Many others know too. Despite attempts to downplay his effectiveness, Ku Li has enough balls to take on the incumbent. He did that before remember?

    There's too much negative vibes in the present leadership. Too many wekanesses and evidence of the president losing control. His party sec gen decided to dump him as he no longer believes in the Pak Lah regime.

    Khir Toyo is weak and can't stand a fight. He had it easy all the time since as MB until the people kicked him out. Also not a strategist. If he had stayed as Selangor liasion chief, he could play his cards. A Khir Toyo outside serves only his personal interest.

    Rafidah - she is a fighter. She deserves to be kicked out of Cabinet, but in UMNO she's still a force. Rafidah led the Wanita well but now she's dumped by a PM who didn't think thru the Cabinet apppointment.

    Pak Lah is watching if these people will side with Ku Li when the time comes. The enemy of my enemy is...


  21. Anonymous1:32 am

    Good luck to Ku Li - he'll need it.

    As for the cabinet, I'm wondering what will happen to all the grandiose billion ringgit plan by muhyddin - the same guy who in 2004 said "we'll be EXPORTING rice 'in a few years'. Well, 4 years down the road is 'a few years' innit? Or has he (and everybody else) forgotten? - We are nowhere near self sufficiency in rice, let alone export it, smuggling has increased, and bernas is in dire straits - so much for a political gimmick.

    And I wonder if the millions spent on the "feedlot" (to be self sufficient in beef) plan will come to anything. Or suffer the same fate as majuternak....

    Nasib pak belalang

  22. Anonymous2:05 am

    ku li nak lawan paklah...oh yea...eloklah tu kalu ku li menang ku li jadi pm pun sama macam paklah jadi pm tapi negeri sendiri kalah.
    ku li your time is over...dok kat rumah je le ...kita cari penyapu baru tak caye tanya khir toyo ini kerana penyapu kaulah UMNO nyawa-nyawa ikan...kau tau tak penayapu tu orang kata suey....

  23. Anonymous2:34 am

    barisan nasional does not take defeat with humility. It is an istana of rascals, a den of opportunists, cronies and testicle-driven carriers.

    and now, as you said Rock, the steely blades are out from the shadows. And this is no keris play of amateurs like Hishamuddin either.

    it is showdown time. As I have predicted earlier.... there is going to be a split in Umno and it is NOT going to be a pretty picture.

    the true colours are showing and the polite Malay wayang is soon going to be replaced by a blood curdling frenzy of power hungry barracudas.

    when serpents collide, the battle rages on until the sleepy ones are torn to hadjari shreds. this time it may take more than the testicle carrying barisan media to rescue them. the smoke will soon rise from the pit of shame.

  24. The opposition would love Pak Lah to remain so that they can whack BN for sure in the next 4 years. Pak Lah in office3 is an asset to them. Come on Tun, lets go to town on this and start moving all the machinery. Rafidah and sabah umno will definitely be on his side now.

  25. Anonymous2:57 am

    It's about time Ku Li, go for it...


    Gedang perang telah dipukul bertalu-talu. Gegak gempita Tanah Malaya. Muncung-muncung meriam sedang dihalakan ke Mahligai Putra Jaya. Serunai ditiup sayup-sayup bunyinya. Bala tentera telah berada diperbatasan terakhir…

    Inilah saki-baki bala tentera yang masih setia kepada Anak Raja berjiwa rakyat. Percubaan terakhir untuk menakluk hieraki kepimpinan UMNO. Setelah dimalu dan diaibkan semenjak sekian lama; Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah bangkit menuntut kembali takhta singahsana UMNO yang dirampas darinya semenjak diakhir tahun 70an lagi.

    Bapa Ekonomi Orang Melayu masuk kembali kegelanggang sebagai seorang Panglima Melayu berpantang undur sebelum ajal. Semenjak kembali semula kepada UMNO pada tahun 1996, Ku Li dilayan saling tak tumpah sebagai Ashkar Gurkha. Segala jasa dan budi beliau kepada ekonomi orang melayu dan pembangunan Malaysia tidak pernah langsung disebut oleh media massa. Legasi beliau terhakis sedikit demi sedikit setelah mengalami ‘kekalahan bermaruah’ hanya 43 undi di Perhimpuan Agung UMNO pada tahun 1987 kepada rakan sekapal Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

    PETRONAS yang menjadi salah satu syarikat petroleum gergasi didunia pada hari ini siapa yang menubuhkannya? Bank Bumi Putra Malaysia Berhad yang banyak menyokong usahawan-usahawan melayu yang baru mula hendak belajar berniaga, siapa yang menubuhkannya? Bangunan UMNO dan PWTC hasil usaha siapa? Anda tidak tahu bukan. Maka rajin-rajinlah mengkaji sejarah. Malah banyak lagi jasa Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah yang tidak cukup untuk disebutkan disini.

    ( Sila baca artikel selebihnya di: )

  27. Anonymous7:25 am

    Selamat berjuang Ku Li...jangan biarkan mereka bermaharajalela! Melayu mesti hidup dengan cara yang adil, sihat tak ada kroni dan rasuah!!!!

  28. Anonymous7:27 am

    Oh Great!

    The wayang play is starting to be more excited. Now Dr.M & son is going to support his old enemy?

    If Ku Li wins we can expect to see survival of race based politics and this will certainly make a few fellow happy until jaw dropping and this include Samy, Lim KY & AP Queen.

    If Ku Li lost we can expect the rebirth of Semangat 46 or could they call it racist 46 instead?

  29. Anonymous7:55 am

    'Jika Lelaki Melayu gagal memertabatkan Bangsa Melayu maka tanggung-jawab itu jatoh kepada Wanita Melayu'

    -Katijah Sidik

  30. Anonymous9:03 am

    No Need to Challange Pak Lah. Please give him a chance. He IS our Prime Minster like it or not. The Rakyat had just give him the mandate.

    Why are you all bloggers so ungrateful. What more do you want?? Since Pak Lah is in power how many of you have starved to death? Or are naked now?

    IF Ku Li wants to fight for UMNO. Please, with all respect begins by turning KELANTAN into an UMNO state first. I agreed that Ku Li did a lot for Malaysia but right now the Malays do not need for infighting.

    INSAF lah Melayu. Hidup didunia yang fana ni sementara sahaja. Jangan kacau bilaukan bangsa dan Negara lagi.

    All of You GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

  31. Anonymous9:48 am

    MT UMNO sessi 2008/2011
    Ramalan Ahli Nujum

    President : Musa Hitam

    Naib President 1: Najib Razak
    Naib President 2 : Rafidah Aziz
    Naib President 3 : Mahyuddin Yassin

    Ketua Pemuda : Mokhris Mahatir
    Ketua Wanita : Sharizat Abd.Jalil
    Ketua Putri : Dissolve
    Ketua Putra : Dissolve

    p.s: Kedua Wings ni Putra/Putri membazir,tidak human productive.Matlamat penubohannya telah songsang.
    Rosak akhlak politik and bad for image.
    Sebagai Mentor-Mentee golongan kepada golongan yang tidak beradap.

    Nak Selamat ikut susun jalur format lama.Kalau tidak masa hadapan malap.
    Compartmentalize of human ressource.Putra strong arms taktik instead of win-win situasion membawa padah kepada diri sendiri.

    -Akan ujud golongan extream Facist.

    -Balik kezaman Batu saperti yang pernah diutarkan oleh TMM sedikit masa dulu.


    'Betulkan Barisan'

  32. Anonymous9:53 am

    Saya yakin, pengumuman Ku Li menyebabkan ramai "ketak". Ku Li bukan calang-calang orang. Orang paling ketak, pertamanya ialah orang di keliling Pak Lah dan Najib. Dari segi kredibiliti Pak Lah+Najib tak sama dengan Ku Li seorang. Kedua ialah orang media yang dok ampu Pak Lah. Yang peleknya orang Najib yang selama ini ditekan oleh orang media pun masih sokong Pak Lah ni. Ku Li naik nanti, depa kena ubah "mode", kalau tidak mereka akan di"mode"kan. Jadi, mereka akan mati-matian hentam Ku Li. Tapi, Ku Li tak perlu takut lagi kerana dulu rakyat tak baca surat khabar tapi sekarang, orang UMNO pun tak baca surat khabar dah. Daripada firasat, masa untuk Pak Lah sudah pun tiba. Apabila seseorang membuat sesuatu keputusan dan ada saja keputusannya yang tidak kena, maka hari untuknya bertahta sudah sampai ke penghujung. Wahai Pak Lah, janganlah dibuai mimpi indah lagi kerana sokongan yang anda dapat selama ini adalah sokongan palsu. Jangan lah begitu gembira apabila mendengar orang menjerit, "I Love Pak Lah, I Love Pak Lah" kerana jeritan itu adalah jeritan palsu dan diatur oleh pihak yang selama ini merosakkan anda. Your days are numbered Pak Lah.

  33. Anonymous10:04 am

    I found CitizenNade's comments on Khir Toyo in this topic:

    His comments:

    I just need to put things in the right perspective. No, I was not “hauled up”. I was told that the mentri besar wants to do lunch with me. The entourage from the Sun consisted of political editor/consultant Zainon Ahmad; acting editor-in-chief, Chong Cheng Hai, Deputy News Editor (special reporting) Terence Fernendez and myself. The MBs entourage included two of his aides - Farush Khan, former NST reporter and Press Sec to S’gor Govt and another lady whose name I cannot remember)

    The meeting started very cordially talking about everything under the sun (pardon the pun!) and then he dropped the bombshell by calling me a racist. I had to defend myself vociferously (details of which are in my column today) and then he moved on to my comments on PKNS being fined RM300,000 for illegal clearing of land in Bt Cheraka. His argument was unbelievable. he said that the monies paid as fines would come back to the “state coffin”!!!) I am sure he was trying to mean “coffers” but I think he got a bad English teacher!!!! If you thought it was a slip of the tongue, no way. He repeated the word “coffin” twice, perhaps, thinking about the illegal funeral parlour in his fully-developed state. He did not understand how the system works and how fines end up in the Consolidated Funds. Perhaps, that’s how he has been running the state.

    And finally, I was quoted as “Nobody tells me what to do.” Yes, as long as my craft is concerned, no one tells me what to write or what not to write. But I also accept the fact the final say is with the editor-in-chief. I have always said that you can be a first-class writer, but if you don’t have an editor who does not have the balls to publish what you write, then no one reads your comments. I was lucky enough to have had Ho Kay Tat as my EIC who pushed the limits. I have had the privilege and honour of discussing my thoughts, sometimes even to the point of arguing on why we should do it my way. Although I got most of them my way, there were occasions when I had to agree with him. So, with the winds of change, will editors have the balls to stand up and be counted or will they prefer carrying them - one in each hand!!!!


    Nadeswarab aka Citizen Nades

    What a good morning laugh on the word "coffers" and "coffins"

    This Khir Toyol..a laughing stock.

    Btw, great article on the advertisers' issue vs the mainstream media.

  34. Anonymous10:34 am

    Ku LI is a man without honour and dignity.

    You people are childish and assume that the enemy of an enemy is your friend

    That's Malaysia politics

  35. Anonymous10:41 am

    Kita perlu melihat keikhlasan Tengku Razaleigh. Beliau menawarkan diri bukan untuk kekayaan diri. Umurnya dah 71. Kita yakin kemasukannya adalah semata-mata untuk membetulkan semula Umno, kemudian beliau akan berundur diri lah. Tentulah Tengku Razaleigh dah tidak memikirkan soal harta. Beliau tidak ada waris yang hendak dilanjutkan hartanya sebab bila meninggalkan dunia ini, tidak ada harta yang diperlu dibawa. Kalau nak diikutkan buat apa dia susah-susah nak lawan. Dok kena maki hamun oleh orang-orang Umno saja. Tapi, inilah yang dikatakan perjuangan dan pengorbanan yang suci. Kami bangga dengan Tengku Razaleigh. Kita perlu laungkan HIDUP UMNO, HIDUP UMNO, bukan macam orang PM yang asyik laungkan HIDUP PAKLAH, HIDUP PAKLAH dan dalam hati mereka kata Umno nak mati, matilah.

  36. Anonymous11:04 am

    Pak Lah vs Ku Li ... I wonder where that Hishamuddin Keris aka pondan will hide.

  37. Anonymous11:07 am

    Dah tak ada orang lain dah ke? Tapi bagus jugak tu. UMNO akan jadi hancur berderai bukan pecah lagi dah. Mencabar presiden tak akan membawa UMNO kemana. Satu langkah orang tidak bijak. Zaman Ku Li dah lama berlalu. Begitu juga Pak Lah. Yang betul, kita perlu satu kepimpinan baru dan lebih bertenaga. Bukan Looser mcm depa berdua ni.

  38. Anonymous11:21 am

    Anonymous 12:53 AM:

    You tell the non-Malays to not talk about what goes on with UMNO.

    But UMNO talks about the non-Malays. It is unavoidable.

    For example, read Tengku Razaleigh's letter regarding the call for an UMNO general meeting (see Rocky's previous post that includes a scanned copy of that letter).

    Why is he kindling antagonism toward the other races, particularly the Indians and Chinese, with his writing?

    The fact is this: what goes on in UMNO has repercussions for the non-Malays. Therefore non-Malays can express their views on UMNO because their interest is inextricably involved in it.

    Just as everyone including the Malays have the right to talk about the going-ons in DAP (see Rocky's previous post about Lim Kit Siang), the Malays as well as the non-Malays have a right to talk about the going-ons in UMNO.

    All the above has consequences for all Malaysians regardless of race.

    Therefore your call for non-Malays to not hold or express any opinions about UMNO is plainly invalid.

  39. The second breath for UMNO
    It has now gone to the wind
    The cry of race base party
    It had shredded into pieces on March 8
    Something is blowing
    Gathering momentum waiting for a chance
    Then finally it cracks open
    A light a new day
    For all Malaysians

    The ills of a party
    Too long tendering to its own people
    Leaving others scavenging for food
    Like a king losing his subjects
    No soldiers no leader

    No party shall remain
    On race and stay relevant
    Even leader changes
    The root cause never disappear

    When cancer spreads
    Short term measures stop the disease
    It is just on to remission
    Hibernating until it spreads totally
    By then nothing can stop it
    The host will wave goodbye

    Likewise any race base party
    It has to evolve to change with the tide
    Get the remission pump in new alternative blood
    Into the system to stay alive

    The people already know
    The losers trying to do
    When standing on the other fence
    They just can’t believe it
    They have fallen from grace
    And the gravy train

    For UMNO
    Open its doors to all
    This was the vision of its founder
    Decades ago……

  40. Way to go Ku Li,...and Md Khir!

  41. Anonymous12:27 pm Melayu in a state of crisis ??....setahu aku...hanya parti rasuah UMNO tu sahaja yg dlm krisis....itu pu kerana...ahli-ahlinya sendiri yg merebut sesama sendiri...!!!

    Anonymous said...
    I think non-malays or Chinese in particular should just keep their fcuking mouth shut and stop talking anything about UMNO. You people will never say anything good about UMNO. Too bad, most Malays don't share your racist views.
    Leave UMNO and its problem to us Malays.
    12:53 AM


    UMNO is not just malay's problem because unfortunately most of its corrupted leaders are in the country administration, faham...!!

    Sudahlah....kau ingat kita melayu ni tak tahu ka .... setan-setan yg memimpin UMNO tu... semuanya kalau bukan kaki rasuah....kaki pompuan, kaki C4, kaki ISA, lebih lebih lagi... mereka tu angkuh & biadap...!!


    HIDUP MELAYU.....!!!

    HIDUP MALAYSIA.....!!!

  42. Anonymous12:27 pm

    my take .... Tengku has once destroyed UMNO (lama). and if insist to challenge Pak Lah this time around then he will destroy UMNO (Baru) next. That being the case, Tengku would have accomplise the one thing that DAP and Pas have failed for many years ..Beware of Tengku Razaleigh .... he's just an opportunist and just like Rafidah .. he' has been the Gua Musang Mp for much too long .... even the musang know nobody else but the ambitious ex-Semangat 46 president...

  43. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Have the UMNO bigwigs become so moronic that they cannot see why they were thrown into the cesspool in GE12? Why the need for postmortems? Just turn your eyes to the behaviour of people like Khairy, Khir Toyo, Hisham, the Melaka MB ( what is his name?) and those who played to the gallery and you get the answer. They had become so pompous that they thought the country belonged to them and the rakyat were their subservient subjects. Worse, they thought 'UMNO was invincible', to quote the Melaka MB.

    Ku Li cannot stop UMNO from becoming the political scrap-heap as long as UMNO does not rid itself of corrruption and all the ills the rakyat know too well about.

  44. Anonymous12:46 pm

    The way to make Umno great again is to accept that the Malaysian electorate has changed and to embrace these shifts in political reality. Umno must abandon its politics of exclusion and arrogance and wake up to the fact that its own actions have shortened its shelf life in the political arena. The last election need not be the death knell for Umno but if it continues the in-fighting, the end is nigh. As far as I can see, Ku Li's cry is still Ketuanan Melayu. Even if he wins the party crown, Umno will still have a hard time winning the hearts and minds of the Malaysian electorate. We have moved on, and Umno is still shouting the old battle cry. Little wonder then that Anwar has made such headway in his bid to lead the country. I am a non-Malay but I do not want to see Umno consigned to political oblivion. It should be strong enough to challenge PAS, DAP and the PKR so that all will work extra hard to fulfil the wishes of the people. Getting rid of AAB will not make Umno great again if it refuses to change its outdated ideology. Ku Li can't even deliver Kelantan... can he do better for the nation as a whole?

  45. Anonymous2:05 pm

    bubar aje UMNO,
    kalau nak berjuang utk bangsa,...
    berjuanglah dlm wadah NGO.

    civil society rejects racial party

  46. Anonymous2:11 pm

    To anon 12:27

    Mengata dulang paku serpih

    Kalau bontot sendiri bergelumang najis jangan nak mengata orang lain.

  47. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I think PL/KJ/ANWAR/DAP secret pacts is to kill off this UMNO baru. PL/KJ knew all along they cannot resist Tun M (UMNO Baru).ANWAR is the only hope for PL/KJ to escape free w/o backlash & punishments.PL/KJ are buying time till ANWAR is ready.Wonder why ANWAR &DAP are never really critical on PK/KJ scams, WPI & flip-flop policies.ANWAR/DAP have always praised the way LKY Dynasty(PAP) manages the city state. Ask the Singaporeans the real feeling on the ground with our similar issues (freedom of speech,blood sucking govt policies,judiciaries,rising unemployment rates (they too prefer cheaper labours of PTI), deteriorating social values, high crime rates, unaffordable properties, inflation rate 6.6% etc are really alarming.LKY Dynasty has always been in denial state ever since.Total media blackout by LKY Dynasty.Do u really believe Mas Selamat (so called the JI terrorist) managed to escape the city state with all the CCTVs at every corners & their state of the art securities & public only knew it after 4hrs later.(Biggest Joke of the Century).LKY Dynasty is just another proxy to the British East Indian Company descendants or be exact the British Zionist(CAPITALIST) regime enjoying people miseries with their slave economy methods (sounds similar too)on people/resources, manipulates CPF,Trust funds,taxes & other financial instruments to be in control on this side of the world.Do u really think they would gave up the most strategically port (east-west route)in the world. Since all the medias there are govt owned (sounds familiar)are totally blackout,people there too turn to bloggers like we do here .Do check some of their site(eg; , Dissident Singapore etc).Guess hows the number of brain drains there(migrating to Australia, NZ ,Canada,USA etc)are nothing new here too.Our Political Tsunami is getting on the nerve to LKY Dynasty too .I wanted to believe in ANWAR fights, but the recent DAP/ANWAR events of power hunger makes me puzzled.I found it strange if ANWAR is popular & enjoys the media coverage of LKY Dynasty.I smell rats here. but really i hope i'm wrong.

  48. Anonymous4:00 pm

    apa nak ditakutkan, kan dulu TDM ader buat usul, tiada pertandingan utk merebut jawatan president dan timbalan UMNO...pak lah pon buleh buat per...

    just need to stroke with $$$

  49. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Bro Rocky, elok kita senaraikan siapa lah yang agaknya yang mungkin memihak kepada Ku Li kalau lah dia bertanding melawan Pak Lah untuk jawatan Presiden Umno. Nama-nama ini hanya sebagai kemungkinan saja.

    1. Rais Yatim
    2. Isa Samad
    3. Radhi Sheikh Ahmad
    4. Rafidah Aziz
    5. Anifah Aman
    6. Tengku Azlan
    7. Shahidan kassim
    8. Khir Toyo
    9. Ku Nan
    10. Awang Adek
    11. JJ
    12. Mukriz
    13. Sabree Chik

    Tolong sambunglah.

    Rasanya, untuk dapat 30 pencalonan, bukanlah masalah besar kepada Ku Li. Kelantan, Kedah, perlism, Sabah dan sedikit di Perak, WP KL, Selangor dan lain-lain, dah OK lah tu. Kujrang-kurang pun boleh dapat 80 pencalonan. Malah, untuk menang pun, bukanlah masalah sangat. Isunya sekarang ialah percaturan media. Pak Lah kalau nak selamat kena gunakan orang dalam media betul-betul. Kalau tak mau dipersalah, buang mereka cepat-cepat. Tapi, masalah beliau ialah orang dalam media sama ada di NST, Berita Harian, Utusan, RTM dan TV3 dah tak boleh pakai. Apa yang mereka siarkan, apatah lagi yang mereka tulis, dah layak masuk dalam perigi buta saja. Mereka hanya tahu mengampu saja. Ini pun msalah pada Pak Lah. Tapi, eloklah sebab ia mempercepatkan proses kebencian rakyat kepada pemimpin sedia ada. Selamat Berjuang. Baik Punyer.....

  50. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Bagus lah Ku Li nak berentap dengan si Dollah. Kalu tak pun, UMNO dah nak lingkup. Kalu Ku Li berlawan & menang, mungkin dengan kesedaran dia bahawa didalam politik semasa dia harus jadi kuli kepada rakyat, ada kemungkinan dia dapat menjadi pemimpin yang dapat membawa pembaharuan kepada UMNO & BN.

    UMNO has nothing to lose if Ku Li is brought in & possibly revamp the cabinet.

  51. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Pak Lah is a good man. This is why we still hear people crying "WE LOVE PAK LAH". But as Prime Minister...? The result of the last election says it all.
    He may claimed the responsibility for the defeat and trying to repair the damage. That's noble intention. But, he has to accept the fact that he just doesn't have "it" in him to run this country. He's had 2 terms to prove otherwise.
    He also still doesn't get it. If he truly wants to give the people what they want, the people wants him to step down, allow (and support) his successor to do what he has not been able to do.
    Let's not make a racial issue about this. Ku Li's intention to come back is to stablise UMNO first, then BARISAN, then the Government. This is for the benefit of all Malaysians regardless of race or religion. Any instability in any sector will eventually have repercussion to the whole nation. His emphasis to awaken the Malays is not in the expense of other races. On the NEP issue, he agrees that the policy have been misused or taken advantaged of by some. It is to help the poor Malays, not to make rich Malays to become richer. And there should also be programmes to help the poor non-Malays.
    We therefore need more drastic changes. Ku Li has sincerely offered his service to do that. Anything is better than what we have now.

  52. Anonymous5:48 pm

    if it is race based politics ku li is going to perpetrate, sorry lah, we have had enough of it and have seen how everything can be fouled up for the benefits of a few. sorry lah no more race based politics please. malaysia is for all, malay, chinese, indians .....
    malay fears are the fears of all not only the malays since they are the majority group. if they fall, we will hold them up, likewise
    if any other falls, we would
    would hold them up too. race based politics is making spirit like this sound ridiculous but it is in all of us if we really stop thinking about race.

  53. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Kita anggap perlawanan ini pasti terjadi. Pak Lah orang demokratik yang sudah tentu tidak gentar dengan cabaran ini. Dalam interviu dengan TV Bernama baru-baru ini pun dia kata dia sukakan cabaran kerana dengan ada cabaran, dia akan lebih bersemangat. Ini cabaran balak nak datang. Hambik kau. Dulu sombong dan bongkak yang amat amat sangat. I am the Prime Minister lah, I am in control lah...bla..bla..bla. Apa hal pun jangan bimbang..habis-habis pun kena keluar dari Sri Perdana saja. Rumah lain kan ada.

  54. Anonymous11:14 pm

    i like that the presidency is challenged. i'd like to see it encouraged too. i believe by having the top posts challenged would in fact propel the party to greater heights.

    it keeps the present president on his or her toes and his or her mind focused so that he or she gets a chance to be president again in the next election.

    it gives the president hopeful a chance to compete without all the stigma and being branded a trouble maker.

  55. Anonymous11:42 pm

    anon 12.53am.

    umno without the malays will die..but the malays without UMNO will not die. Malays have been living in these regions for hundreds of years before UMNO party came in existence. I say umno can be harm done to the malay race...don't worry.

  56. Anonymous8:04 am

    balik-balik melayu talk
    balik-balik china talk
    balik-balik indian talk
    balik-balik kadazan talk . . .

    tak habis-habis cakap race
    tak habis-habis cakap right

    tu zaman 60/70an lah !

    mane pi negara sekarang ooi !?

  57. Anonymous10:14 am

    UMNO is the problem for the Malays.

    See Malays without UMNO in Singapore? The are more educated, they speak better English, they hold better job, stand tallet in all 4 corner of the world, they don't depend on tongkat, they don't have leaders like Zakaria to shame them, MNCs are more willing to employ them and they are good muslim. Malays in Brunei are happier too.

  58. Anonymous11:22 am


    Apalah kau orang ni. Pak Lah baru nak bangkit dari tidur, dah sokong Ku Li bagi kat Pak Lah tidur terus.

  59. Anonymous11:33 am

    I feel glad Ku Li spoke up and challenged Pak Lah. If he becomes the PM, I'll support the idea. However, he should be more convincing by telling us the "how" instead of the "what".

    He mentioned the NEP is on the right track for all malaysians, but is flawed by some implementor who misuse their power for personal gain or for the gain of certain groups of people. This is a very good point because it this policy affects every malaysian, malay, chinese, indian, others. I think a lot of people knew about this misuse of power. But a lot of the citizens are not convinced how the policy does not promote corruption, cronism, and nepotism. That's a very big concern for all malaysians. And I don't agree with some who said the non-malays should shut the fuck up. No, we will not shut the fuck up because UMNO does concern all malaysians not just the malays. Whatever UMNO does or implements concerns everyone.

    Now, my question is how can Tengku make sure the implementor are not tempted? What are the mechanisms, independent bodies, that provide these checks and balances?

    Nonetheless, what Ku Li did is a good move. If he can convince most malaysians, not just the malays, UMNO and BN can be saved.

    I'm not sure about the malays, but Najib is a BIG NO from many of us non-malays. Ku Li, I'll feel more comfortable he replaces Pak Lah. Go for it!

  60. Anonymous5:51 pm

    i am from sarawak and i have worked for a long time in peninsular malaysia. my real feeling is that the maturity of malays regarding interracial relationships is even lower than the tribal groups in sarawak. they should go over to sarawak to learn from these humble people how to be real malaysians for the sake of the nation. soon all malays in the region, bruneins, singaporeans, sabahans and sarawakians would do better than their peninsular brothers. sorry to say, but it is true. some people cannot look beyond twenty metres.

  61. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Ku Li!
    When u fell out with TDM, u formed Semangat! We all believed in u!
    When DSAI was blacked eyed,u were quiet!
    When Pak Lah took over, u enjoyed the success of 2004!
    But u did not help the rot Pak Lah inherited from TDM!
    2 day u join with yr nemises & want to go for the man who unchained us who were chained for almost 25 years by TDM & u who were part of TDM govenment!
    Please Ku Li! Help us heal our nation & land! Do not take us back to the last 25 years of tranny!
    I am not UMNO but anakbuah Malaysia!I stood beside the Tunku & the DYMM on 31/08/57 as a little child!
    So please dont back stab! It's very low kerabat for u whom we have respected!

  62. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Dulu, dulu punya cerita lah... We have too look at current issues and current circumstances. What we are seeing now is unprecedented, so action to be taken pun has to be something unprecedented la...By the way, dulu takde KJ (the man behind all this kelam kabut)... Ku Li dulu and Ku Li today may not be the same. I'm sure he can adapt to current needs. We all make some wrong turnings in the past...Give him (Ku Li) a chance. His intention is good...

  63. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Dulu, dulu punya cerita lah... We have too look at current issues and current circumstances. What we are seeing now is unprecedented, so action to be taken pun has to be something unprecedented la...By the way, dulu takde KJ (the man behind all this kelam kabut)... Ku Li dulu and Ku Li today may not be the same. I'm sure he can adapt to current needs. We all make some wrong turnings in the past...Give him (Ku Li) a chance. His intention is good...

  64. A Letter To The Prime Minister


  65. Anonymous1:27 am

    Ku Li? LOL.. he will be defeated so quick you guys didn't even see it coming. LOL. Majority of the rakyat still love Pak Lah.. ONLY because he allowed some press freedom, lenient to all and care for all races and most importantly he is not racist.. that's what the people want.. and that's 90% of the population.. not 10% of UMNOputras. Get it? He is weak no doubt... but he is still correcting some of the nonsense and blunders Dr. M did in the past.. it is NOT an easy task. He needs all the support that he can get and with his SIL's aggresiveness, this will make things even more complicated. Can you believe Mukhriz was even let off the hook? Pak Lah is REALLY Mr. Nice Guy. In my opinion, Ku Li will stand ZERO CHANCE to make it but BIG CHANCE to end up being a laughing stock.

    Majority of the rakyat now are slowly starting to believe that race based politics are bad for the economy and social problems. So stop this nonsense about hidup melayu, hidup cina or hidup india.

    If BN is smart, they will join UMNO, PPP, Gerakan, MCA & MIC together as 1 party to fight Barisan Rakyat. This only can topple Barisan Rakyat. But judging by one or two stupid fools here who are definitely UMNOputras, it looks like Barisan Rakyat will win more seats in the next election.

    Get it or not? Or still tak de hotak?

    p;s And to all those stupids who keep saying they support Dr. M or Hidup Dr. M, you certainly were born in the 1980's and above. Are you another bigger fool? Maybe you should go dig up some news archives from BBC, CNN, Reuters, NBC and ABC to see the blunders, mistakes and havoc he has made to all Malaysians, journalists, lawyers and politicians. Stupid fools.... it is you people that are half past six or setengah masak.


  66. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Zam, U are either:
    A) Blind
    B) Deaf
    C) Brainless
    D) All the above

  67. Anonymous7:46 am

    ku li forever!!!

  68. Anonymous7:50 am

    ku li forever

  69. Anonymous3:21 pm

    bagus la ade org nk lwan pak lah bodo tu..harap pas ni jgn nk bela lg org cine yg suke mnyusahkan org melayu..