Friday, March 21, 2008

The late Tan Sri Basir's book

update 7pm
Dr M backs Ku Li's call for EGM. "I fully support his letter," Mahathir told a press conference after the book launch. When asked if he'd back the Kelantan prince's move to challenge Abdullah for the Umno presidency, the Tun said that is something the EGM can decide.
[Muhyiddin's also fine with Ku Li's EGM move, according to NST on-line]

Other matters that the EGM can discuss, says Dr M:
1/ Amend the Umno Constitution
2/ Set up a Presidential Advisory Council. The advisers are independent individuals who are professionals, brave souls and Umno members
3/ Limit the term for presidency (this was a suggestion by one of the mainstream reporters, actually)

Brave divisions. Back to Ku Li's offer to challenge Abdullah, Dr Mahathir said it won't be easy to meet the requirement that a challenger must get nominations from at least 30 per cent of the Umno divisions. "You need about 60 brave divisions. Umno leaders live in a climate of fear. When I came out and asked the President to step down for the poor General Election result, not one Umno leader came out to support me. Privately and behind his back, they want him to step down."

On his friend's book, Dr M said the late Basir was a "great character" and was responsible for bringing the F1 to Malaysia. "People thought it was me. Actually, it was him. Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama."
Original posting
3pm launch. Tun Dr Mahathir will be doing the launch. The two went back a long way. I had a small part in the making of the book. It's an eye-opener.
Ear-opener is what Dr M might have to say about Ku Li's offer to challenge Pak Lah for the Umno presidency.

Especially in view of what the spanking new Umno sec-gen has told Ku Li: "Don't create trouble".


  1. where?
    The launch, I mean.

  2. Anonymous2:48 pm

    yob rocky,

    kat mana bende nie berlangsung?
    macham menarek je nie..

  3. Anonymous3:12 pm

    To offer oneself for party election is "casuing trouble". This is the democratic style of the Bodohwi administration.

    Further, to appoint Tengku Adnan, who was heavily implicated in the VK Lingam's Video Clip Scandal is scandalous in itself. Tengku Adnan should reurn to be a carpet saleman and I think you will do much better.

    For a start I would like to ask Tengku Adnan where he bought his "tengku" title from?

    Ku Li should not bother about this idiot called tengku adnan, who is jsut an apple polisher with no substance.

    Ku Li you should fight to save the nation from Khairy, KaliUllar and the Sleepy Head.

    Ku Li you are doing a national service when you fight hte SLeepy Head. All the bsest Ku Li. The nation is behind you.

  4. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Haloooo Ku Nan,

    Let the rakyat decide who they want to be umno president and then the president will decide who he find "the best" person fit to be the secretary general of Umno.

  5. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Tengku Adnan,

    My advice to you is "Never give advice unless asked"

  6. T.Adnan is under obligation to PM for giving him the sec.gen lifeline. Pak Lah is THE problem for BN poor performance in last GE. Please be sincere in identifying the problem. Admit it. Just resign and the major problem is solved. Stay on blindly and PL will destroy UMNO and BN and he creates history for that. A pest.

  7. Anonymous3:45 pm

    The comment by the recycled UMNO Secretary General Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is most unwelcomed. I'm not an UMNO member or of any political party but I understand UMNO practises democracy. I dont believe if there is a contest for UMNO Presidency this year, its members will break ranks like previously because the current UMNO President Abdullah Badawi has no grassroot support and I believe UMNO leaders all over the Divisions and State committees in the country are not happy with the PM especially after the BN's thrashing in the last general elections. I also remember when Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was UMNO President, he had to fight out with Sulaiman Palestine and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for the presidency post. UMNO regulations do not stop any of its member to contest for any post as long as he gets nominated. So Mr. UMNO Secretary General please do not give comments which are not in tune with your party rules and regulations. Let democracy thrives in your party or else you will get a lame duck leader like what the last general elections has shown.


  8. I think people dont want to create any trouble, but the problem is, there is already a trouble and nobody seems to care to solve the problems... I think what Tengku Razali want to do is to address the issues, and to try and solve the problems... Well, maybe along the way he can gain something...

  9. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Bru, teuku adnan is no where near tengku razaleigh, ambo nak ghoyak ko oghe luar tu, jange cabar cah keting kelate, nanti bughuk padah nyo weh! Anyway, Bedolloh is the one creating trouble after his de facto pm SIL caused problems in kelantan with his stupid slogans!

  10. Anonymous4:24 pm

    The church is near, but the way is icy.
    The tavern is far, but I will walk carefully.

    All the best Ku Nan.

  11. Anonymous4:25 pm

    "Don’t cause trouble for Umno, Tengku Razaleigh advised"

    What the Teuku meant is that if Pak Lah is toppled, then he (the Teuku) will have to go as well. He's only looking after his own bread and butter.

    Thanks for the "advice", "Teuku". Go play in your own playground.

  12. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Just read from KIckdefella taht Pak Lak is planning to step down. Any truth in that?


  13. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Dr M has endorsed Ku Li's call for EGM. After rebukes from Ku Nan, Rafidah, Idris and Hisham today, who else will publicly side with Ku Li?

  14. Anonymous6:32 pm

    To ismail (3.29pm).:

    Its not Pak Lah that is the main problem. The main problem is many politicians and their underlings are into politics to become rich. In the process they use their power to abuse the system. So much so that it had become so obvious and the people just couldn't take it anymore. Worse when these same politicians keep harping about the need to maintain the status-quo because of the need to protect the bumis etc..

    If Pak Lah is gone but the mentality is still the same it won't be of any use.

  15. Anonymous6:35 pm

    muhd son of muhd sudah kasi warning tuu..

  16. Anonymous6:48 pm

    ahmad legend said...
    yob rocky,

    kat mana bende nie berlangsung?
    macham menarek je nie..

    2:48 PM

    Venue: Carcosa Sri Negara
    Time : 3.00pm
    Event : Launching The late Tan Sri Basir`s Book.
    Title: Management Astray - Resuscitating Ailing Organization.
    Price : RM49.80 soft cover
    & RM98.80 Hard Cover.
    Food : Not bad.
    Drinks : You have to ask.
    Press Conference: 12 Questions were asked.

    Among the questions were
    Media: Tun what do you think of the current cabinet line-up?
    Tun : Wonderful.

    Media : What are your comments about the fourth floor of Putra Jaya?
    Tun : They are not under UMNO and they are not under BN ~ but the command a lot of power.

    etc etc etc...

    Would someone please give full details on the PC with Tun.



  17. Anonymous9:11 pm

    How humans easily forget.

    Read this to refresh your memories.

    Question: Do I trust any of these 2 old gentlemen? Answer: NO!

    My personal call: Retire gracefully, Ku Li and Tun M.
    I don't trust both of you.And neither do I trust Pak Lah, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang.

    Tok Nik I give my highest respect.

  18. Bru,
    Isn't it funny that an occasion meant to launch the poor(oops !!! the RICH)man's book had turned into something else. This simply goes to show ALLAH's MAGNANIMITY. If his body was whisked far from KL for whatever reason for burial, this event seems to reveal there was more to what eyes can see. Also surprised that YTM Tun was chosen to launch the book. If only Tun was aware what were said following the old man's departure from his Malaysian Airport chairmanship, the story could have differed. Yeah, every dog has its day !!!

  19. Anonymous10:41 am

    Maybe PC of Tun can be obtained from Saudara Sufi la...or maybe from Yob Rocky jugak la nie,

    selalunya, Sufi akan rakam semua PC pasal Tun nie...

    Dr. M-memang best la...

  20. Anonymous12:44 pm

    UMNO dah tak relevan lagi dah. Apa kata bubarkan sahaja? Ahli-ahlinya boleh tubuh parti baru atau masuk PAS atau PKR atau DAP.

    Macamana nak bersihkan UMNO? Cuba cerita sikit kat saya. Dari atas sampai bawah rasuah. Yang muda-muda masuk sebab nak projek. Nak pasang poster, tak de duit tak nak pasang. Calun tak terpilih tak sokong. Ini perjuangan perut yang telah berakar umbi. Macamana nak tukar? Mahathir yang pandai tu pun tak boleh tukar, inikan pula Pak Lah dan Ku Li.

    Baliklah kepada realiti bro. After all, UMNO ni makhluk je. Setiap makhluk akan tamat riwayatnya.

  21. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Kita nak kira berapa ramai pemimpin UMNO yang nak sokong Pah Lah secara terbuka. Saya tengok orang yang kenyhataannya disiarkan di surat khabar, itulah bilangannya. Yang tak sokong tak siar di skhbar. Bezakan lah. Alamak, orang yang sama jugalah yang mati-mati sokong. Hishamuddin, Ku Nan, Khaled Nordin dan beberapa orang yang lain. Peleklah kalau mereka sokong Ku Li bertanding pula. Rasanya eloklah orang macam ni tak perlu buat kenyataan sokong Pak Lah. Kita semua dah tahu yang mereka memang sokong punya. Diam saja sudah lah. kalau sokong pun, orang buat tak tahu je. Ortang dah takm kisah lah. Takde hal lah tu.

  22. Anonymous10:52 am

    “I don’t understand Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh) for wanting to go against the Prime Minister."
    don't understand?why don't u aks 'bloggers and the people' and tell me bro if i could be any support in this fight.
    i lay out all my 'arms and ammo's' against this AAB.