Monday, March 24, 2008

Rotten land deals in Pak Lah's home state

Land fraud. Just two weeks in the driver's seat, the new Government of Penang has uncovered what blogger-MP Jeff Ooi describes as "severe land improprities".
Jeff said can't reveal findings at this point.
We can wait. And wonder if it's land for an airport, or for a bridge, or for tall towers, or for racing.
But some people better not wait too long to pack up their bags and migrate.


  1. Anonymous2:41 am

    I demand nothing less from Lim Guan Eng than making public the culprit of these malpractices.
    I demand Lim Guan Eng to reveal to the public what these people have been doing for the past four years.
    Lim Guan Eng, remember this. We voted you in and repay our mandate by being transparent.
    We want to know who these robbers are and how they look like.
    Never Guan Eng, ever betray our trust.
    We have suffered enough.
    Lets us see the face of these bastards.

  2. Anonymous3:02 am

    I know who.. I know who ... I know who ... he he he ... ho ho ho

  3. Anonymous3:22 am

    Don't jump the gun boy. Get your facts straight. Otherwise you will be in for trouble.

    Lets get into the bottom of this.

    Land problems and abuses every where. Even in Selangor.

    Thats where the money is made.

  4. Anonymous10:08 am

    The new CM/MB for all the 4 states of Penang, Perak, Kedah and Selangor should go through all the files of previous administration. I believe there are many dirty skeletons to be uncovered. They may have tried to destroy all the documents but there are many CC copies available. Get them and bring all these culprit to justice.

  5. Anonymous10:10 am

    anon 2.41am

    similar demand is to be issued for malpractices and sweetheart deals for the powers-that-be. lets see what has ong dynasty, the lim dynasty,samy velu, toyo and their cronies be getting for the past 10 years. let the world know if sweetheart land deals and timber concessions are generously passed on to these already super rich politicians.

  6. Anonymous10:32 am

    Itu dia! Kita perlukan pembangkang untuk mencungkil keluar kezaliman dan ketidakadilan satu regime yang telah terlalu lama berkuasa.

    Semoga usaha kerajaan-kerajaan Barisan Rakyat utk memperbetulkan kesilapan Barisan Nasional diteruskan tanpa letih lelah.

  7. Anonymous10:36 am

    How to really 'work' for the next 4-5 years if a segment of people keep demanding to 'dig up' previous admin abuses? The alternative way forward is to have BA MPs do the digging and let the state govt concentrate on running the current admin. Too much expectation in such short time.

  8. Anonymous10:38 am

    i guess it's too late now for one fledging fairy tale story telling corporation to drop the suit against 2 anonymous writers with a conscience in hopes of arriving at a truce.

    the one considering migrating (i have no idea who) should take into consideration, picking a country with no extradition treaty with Malaysia.

  9. Or could it be the proposed-Disneyland?

  10. Anonymous10:44 am

    a very good start !

    am sure beside migrating, many more are also wetting their pants...

    dont stop, keep digging !

  11. Anonymous10:54 am

    Land problems is everywhere. One example in S'gor was the late D. Zakaria's palace. Land bought for less than RM200K but mkt value at RM1.3 mil. I wish Khir Toyol can give me big piece of land so cheaply. Hope new S'gor govt can reveal more of Khir Toyol and Mohd Taib's abuses. The people deserves to know what had been stolen form them. And the culprits deserves to go to jail.

  12. Anonymous11:06 am

    An Open Secret for UNMO manipulations after Oil and Tolls!
    Selangor is one of the most on land manipulation, even a "small" city Subang Jaya already has matters on a) Subang Ria Park - a private title on land for Town Park and in a Water Retention Pond
    b) Wangsa Baiduri - a housing project by the Water Retention Ponds with manipulation of Club house ending a "Condominium" Project without even a green piece if recreation land
    c) the lost of 58.3 reserved area to Commercials and Housings.
    They had been long yelling in Blogs . But who cares??

    Posting for reference:
    "Is the Backyard of PJ, SJ and other cities in Selangor on fire?" in

    "City Planning and Housing" in


    Will Selangor, Penang and those 5 States under BR start all the investigations and open all the malpractices to let all the Grievances be heard???

    The money from such manipulation are one of the dirtiest source of many corruptions!!


  13. Anonymous11:14 am

    i guess it's gonna be quite hard for the present opposition MB since some documents were shredded. Hope that won't weaken the intention though...

  14. Malpractices in the land of the PM are not surprising. The entire BNputra bureaucracy lives on sweetheart deals, each to his own gravy train, only crumbs will remain.The rape of land resources could be worse in other states. Time and forensic examination will reveal the extent of the system wide rot and if BN is worth saving at all. At this juncture, it does not appear so. There is no political will for meaningful reform.

  15. Anonymous11:52 am

    Ketika Lim Kit Siang mengeluarkan perintah untuk semua 18 ADUN DAP untuk memulau perlantikan MB Perak, para goblok UMNO telah mengamok dan mengecam pemimpin DAP tu. Ada yang menunjuk perasaan di Selangor dan Perak kononnya menjaga martabat institusi Beraja . Segala sepanduk telah dikeluarkan dan segala dakwaan telah diluahkan dari isi perut mereka demi bangsa dan agama.

    Tiba-tiba muncul pula, 25 NGO Melayu yang kononnya bertanggungjawab untuk menjaga kepentingan kaum Melayu di negeri-negeri yang dikuasai pembankang. Pada pemikiran kolot dan sempit mereka hanyalah yang UMNO boleh membela bangsa Melayu. Bagi anasir-anasir ini, hanyalah orang Melayu Islam yang cintakan Raja dan negara dan kaum-kaum lain bukan 100% rakyat Malaysia.

    Wahai saudara-saudari Melayuku bangunlah dari tidurmu dan menghidu udara kenyataan yang orang bukan Melayu dan bukan Islam di negara ini bersedia meletakkan nyawa mereka demi Raja dan negara demi kesejahteraan kita semua.

    Lebih menyedihkan lagi terdapat orang Melaayu di negara ini yang lebih mempercayai Tok Arab, Indon, Pakistan dan Bangla daripada saudara-saudara kita dikalangan orang Cina, India, Kadazan, Murut, Bajau, Bidayuh, Melanau, Serani, Orang Asli dll. Inilah yang dilakukan oleh rejim BN-UMNO ini untuk memecah-belahkan kaum majmuk di negara ini. Dalam era globalisasi ini, kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia tidak boleh melihat kepada warna kulit atau agama. Kita perlu bersatu dibawah naungan Dulu Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda sebagai lambang perpaduan Bangsa Malaysia.

    Tibalah masanya untuk semua rakyat Malaysia tak kira bangsa atau agama bangkit dan meminta agar tindakan undang-undang diambil terhadap Kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan pemimpinnya kerana tindakan biadap dan penderhakaan terhadap Duli Tuanku. Akhir kata, dimanakah sekarang 25 NGO Melayu tu. Memang mereka ini didalangi UMNO. Daulat Tuanku! Hidup Malaysia!

  16. Anonymous11:52 am

    UMNO-BN is coming near to a grand public funeral. corrupt land deals are everywhere, missing files are everywhere. In selangor,water deal is denied by khir. Khir is on a new diet. Shredded paper with minced tempe.

  17. Anonymous12:55 pm

    The can has now been opened.One can expect more worms creeping thier ways out into the daylight. Now we know how toothlees the former CM was. Not that he did not know about the scoundrels in the land office. He was too scared to expose them as they were all cronies and crooks from UMNO. We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg. Don't be surprised to see more of these awful and disgusting worms when the cans in Kedah, Perak and Selangor are opened.

  18. Good Luck to the new administration in unravelling malpractices. Do clear any unfair misperception of corruption and deal severely with the guilty ones. Potong tangan! Let's hope this unhealthy practice ends soon. Both the hand that gives and the hand that receive should be investigated, it takes two to tango. To deter future cases, apart from a "To Do List" from newly appointed leaders, they should be asked to write an early Obituary for themselves when they assume office. What they want to be remembered for and what good they want to do in their lifetime. They can refer to this when faced with temptations. The more power one wields,the more temptations will come one's way. That is just the way of life, and every man has his price. It will be a sad day indeed if after "serving the nation", people shout "good riddance" or "m....s" instead of reciting Alfatihah and chanting prayers when one is gone.

    I have deep respect for the government of the day, and for independent bloggers who really deliver....and for the rakyat who can think for themselves. As a nation, at 50, we are indeed older..and....wiser....

  19. Before we start digging old skeletons so gleefully ah...can we have a public listing of all the BRakyat reps and also the BN reps' harta karun...berapa, sapa dan bagaimana diperoleh...and a separate body to oversee the yearly developments in the harta2 karun yang sedia ada atau yang memang tak ada...and also all the family holdings...dah ada Institut Integriti Malaysia tu yang funding berjuta2 tu..pakai la all the brains and manpower yang sedia ada...the best way to make sure we don't have a repeat performance...there was a good write-up in the Sun by the TI head and Josie Fernandez of IIM..."prosecution is the best deterrent for corruption"...otherwise no point la...Lim Guan Eng,Jeff, DAP, PKR and PAS reps...we need a separate and independent body monitored publicly...otherwise, no point berbuih mulut and witchhunt others...walk the talk...have no mercy...return the loot back to the khazanah negara....

  20. Anonymous2:25 pm

    What about other interest of common ppl in Penang ? I know a 5 years old child from Penang who who has been waiting to get an operations from Penang GH . After numerous visits to the GH still the poor child cannot manage to get a date for an operation. Where should the parents go for help . ? Can the Penang state Gov look into this matter ? Its seems that Penang GH just refuse to answer any phone calls from the parents anymore . I feel so sick hearing this !


  21. Anonymous4:53 pm

    I have been waiting for this day to come, don't know how happy I am to hear this.

    Open the can of worm, as this will lead to other "cans" and keep on exposing these blood suckers.

    This way when I see them in puclic I can spit in their face proudly and openly.

    I hope this is just the tip of the ice berg, I hope people like KJ and gang can be exposed and everyone including their children will know what kinda of people they are...maggots

  22. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Let's not forget that Pak Lah "launched" the PGCC project. A project which, according to Lim Guan Eng, has not received any sort of official approval.

    If correct, how could the PM "launch" an unapproved project? Or didn't his "minders" do their homework?

  23. Anonymous6:37 pm

    ALL the br states should set up a new dept of forensic auditors/ anti corruption agency with certain powers to prosecute cases related to the state high on the list should be treason, because thats what it is, IF THE FEDERAL GOVT refuses to fund these states than what the states should do is enact state income taxes,rakyat don't pay federal govt, review north south high way toll concessions, if hanky panky involved than nationalise the highway that means that the states take back their land on which the toll highways are running, or for that matter force the toll concession to reduce the tolls, and from there take a percentage.

  24. Anonymous10:21 am

    hahahah!semua negeri dulu dibwh Be End ada manyak problem...apa lagi kita kasi tau semua lah...itu ada baik lah!