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RM2 million man

update 3pm, 27/3
Others, not you, decide what you are.
Then Nordin Kardi made his statement and he went on and on about how blogs have smeared the reputation of intellectuals such as himself. Hello.......since when is he an intellectual? If he is an intellectual then Madonna is a virgin.
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Ringgit two million only? Given his global repute and his role in the last General Election, I believe Raja Petra Kamaruddin will be very disappointed with the quantum. HERE.


  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    2 MILLION only???? Should be 1 BILLLIOOOOOOON DOLLAR!!!

    Haiya, so cheap, maybe RPK can use "wang ehsan"?

  2. Anonymous12:23 am

    YM RPK could be a very wealthy person and the RM2m may or may not burnt his money bag. Notwithstanding, I suspect lot of Malaysian would like to help YM RPK pay the damage to that UUM VC Nordin Kordi (the former Tata Negara boss)

    Mr Rocky, can you somehow organize a bank account for us to remit fund to help YM RPK meets the court decision?

  3. I bet he's sharpening his pencil right now!

    Go get 'em RPK!

  4. Anonymous12:58 am

    do i miss any thing....what u all think....does it really fitnah.....?????i like m2day too.......if its really fitnah......rpk has to be responsible......we r human rite..human do mistake....and a man is responsible for whatever they do.......thats a man.....but two million is too much maybe can appeal......kaya olso kira 20 rinngit...this is 2 million wooo....

  5. Anonymous1:16 am

    arrogant and big-headed. tak tau rasa bersyukur ke? apa orang lain buat semua salah. u all jer betul. ntah apa-apa.

  6. Anonymous1:47 am

    "Kardi" in Arabic means "my monkey (Monyet). So he the same tendencies. I wonder how he has ended up being the VC in the 1st place.

  7. Anonymous2:46 am


    RPK's rebutt to Nordin Kardi in his "NO HOLDS BARRED - Others, not you, decide what you are" here totally slays, esp this:

    Then Nordin Kardi made his statement and he went on and on about how blogs have smeared the reputation of intellectuals such as himself. Hello... since when is he an intellectual? If he is an intellectual then Madonna is a virgin. ... The real intellectuals should sue him for RM100 million for giving all real intellectuals a bad name.

    Nah, kau! :D

  8. Anonymous2:48 am

    Once I had attended this BTN course(when I was in govt) ... pure racist propaganda - not much better than those preached by Nazis etc. Maybe they chose me cos I am a Malay - but it was rubbish all the way to that stupid song Anak Kecil Bermain Api.

    If this guy is from BTN then I pity those university students .......

  9. Anonymous3:55 am

    RPK’s bullet–proof courage/tomfoolery
    Raja Petra Kamarudin is doggedly defiant and fiercely unrepentant in face of the RM2 million libel damages that he has been ordered to pay by an Alor Star court on Wednesday, March 26. Reading his immediate missive that he wrote in Malaysia Today as a reaction to the lawsuit’s judgment, it is absolutely certain that he doesn't give a skunk’s ass about the ruling or exude a worry about the amount he has to settle, simply because he is blatantly refusing to pay a single sen, even if UUM VC acquires a court order to bankrupt our demigod.

    For shit’s sake, the man forfeited any form of defence against the lawsuit and blithely allowed the UUM VC to win by default. But what does this say about RPK's hard-boiled attitude? That he can write whatever he pleases to hell and kingdom come? Even if he is wrong or flawed? Apparently, he thinks so.

    Unlike mere mortals like journalists and reporters who worry, get anxiety attacks and are apprehensive about defamation and libel every time they punch bytes to paper, RPK has surreally flushed away such basic quandary. He can write fairy tales masquerading as the latest expose for all of Madonna’s bra collection because he has built this “amoral” attitude about right and wrong, about being sued and even if he is sued and loses, he gleefully dishonours the concept of honouring payment of damages.

    Before you think that RPK only snubs lawsuits, this is also the same guy who specialises in dissing the Government and goads the Special Branch into arresting him under the ISA: you and I would freeze our balls if we knew the SB was knocking on our doors but for RPK, it’s like a personal invitation to a sponsored vacation. Let’s acknowledge RPK’s courage…or tomfoolery, depending on how well you rate his equivocal sanity.

    However, there’s something to be concern about pseudo-journalists like RPK who don’t have a tingle of worry when losing a libel or defamation lawsuit. So what if he degenerates into a bankrupt? Is that the worse the queue of plaintiffs can inflict on him? What’s a RM2 million insult when he brags obscenely that he’s worth RM100 million in damages? The figure for damages is categorically irrelevant. RPK’s prepared for all that. He most likely has not a single property – car, house, land, shares, whatever – written in his name and any cash he has in the bank (or under the mattress) would not even the legal costs. It doesn’t matter. That means the UUM people must realise that they will never see a single sen. RPK, in his laconic style, would commit seppuku before giving money to those dastardly plaintiffs.

    Ask Vincent Tan. He claimed that no matter how much he suffered by what MGG Pillai wrote, and even if he won the so-called RM10 million from Pillai in a highly-publicised lawsuit, he never received a sen. “I told my lawyers that I must get lots of compensation. Finally, we won total compensation of RM10 million, which sounds like a lot. But I spent RM1.5mil in legal fees and I did not get a single sen from the defendants. It’s a terrible business deal,” he was quoted as saying.

    To RPK, bankruptcy under his twisted ideals of exposing the corrupt, the stupid, the buffoons, the abusers and the exploiters, is worth the hassle, even if the method he applies is “amoral, unethical and incredulous”. For him, bankruptcy will be like winning a Boy Scout’s merit badge. He treats with contempt lawsuits that threaten his concept of heroic pursuit of noble principles. His treatment of court orders that sinks him? Hellishly contemptuous. Just read his response.

    This makes RPK the ultimate “literary assassin, a bullet-proof scribe”, if such a description exists. And even if he is pumped with killer armour-piercing bullets, he is well-defended by a force-field that deflect those bullets, fueled by energy comprising entirely of his viscous ego.

    Writing at will – without safeguards, without the law breathing down your neck, without any sense apprehension – is RPK's reason for existence. He has made it his life’s work. He will write as he pleases, ignoring boundaries and rules that an ethically-inclined journalist must obey. RPK will publish what he grossly thinks is right, and that may be wrong for all of us.

    But then, RPK, like the late Pillai, can never regard himself to be wrong because no form of legal or ethical/moral measurement measures up to him. How can it be when he has denounced all forms of civil penalties and dishonour the legal system? Bottom line: he does not play a level playing field. For other journalists, that’s a cause for envy or a curse to their profession. RPK also possesses a very unfair advantage, a diabolical edge on the account that he doesn’t care about adverse consequences when he publishes his latest acid lashes, just how effective and influential his piece can be.

    I’m no fan of our pseudo-Prime Minister Khairy Jamaludin but I can understand now why he bafflingly refrained from suing RPK for the sensationally colourful Khairy Chronicles. In the world outside the RPK “force-field”, KJ would have easily won a King’s ransom but knowing that it would be a futile legal excursion and a waste in legal fees, just like Vincent Tan’s, KJ slithered away from putting up a decent legal fight.

    Let me make this crystal clear: I have mixed feelings about the orgy of outrage that RPK publishes – astounded at the cornucopia of corruption, deceit, stupidity and abuse that he exposes week after week, but queasy about his lack of the burden of ethics and honour when he goes about his slash-and-burn business. There’s something to be admired, or feared, about a man who can carry a paradox of right/wrong in his head without imploding in a mess of muddled conscience.

    That said, there is no intimidating or stopping RPK’s amoral and ethical fearlessness, short of hiring Don Vito Corleone to carry out the job. But I would never advocate such wrathful retaliation. Perhaps RPK’s deserving, or long-suffering, targets – the list lingers on the rich, powerful and politically-connected – do fantasise about garrotting the guy but that is their ill-thinking. And if he doesn’t worry about our lawsuits and our court penalties, then this is what RPK should really worry about, if he has not already.

  10. Anonymous5:45 am

    RPK's cavalier attitude is mind baffling to us mere mortals. Will he accept a mission to be a 'literary assassin' if so requested for the good of the country? Or will he always be a free agent battling evil doers wherever he finds them.......
    a super hero not in costume but garbed in literary armor.

  11. Anonymous6:19 am

    Raja Petra Dan Suara Keadilan Diperintah Bayar RM7 Juta Kepada Dr Nordin Dan UUM –Bernama reporting . 7 or 2 million ? Which is correct,correct,correct?

  12. Anonymous6:39 am

    Rocky ..Sorry ini nak keluar tajuk sikit.

    Read in the Harakah about Sleepy Head saying Anwar should be the right successor and Najib not suitable at a gathering of some UMNO delegates in his house.

    This if true is interesting. Anwar not even a member of UMNO and truly if Najib is thought so, why re appoint him as DPM few days ago ? Or that Harakah report was merely a fishing trip?

    What`s important is that sdra Anwar should be on guard against such tactics as Sleepy Head aka Pak Helah might just be plotting a discord within Barisan Rakyat by throwing such baits.

    Could be just that this is pre planned with Najib just like he (Najib) was cleared by him (Pak Helah) just before the Ijok by elections?

    Sdra Anwar should just tell Pak Helah if truly so, then Pak Helah should support him (Anwar)in Parliment if and when that vote of no confidence against whom you know is introduced at all.......

    Keep up the good work.



    27 Mac 2008

  13. Anonymous7:13 am

    Di DUNIA ini kita boleh lari dari Mahkamah, Undang undang dan manusia selepas membuat FITNAH tetapi di akhirat orang yang suka buat FITNAH memang CONFIRM tempatnya dalam api neraka -Hadith Shahih. FITNAH itu lebih dasyat dari MEMBUNUH. -Ingatlah bloggers semua, kita yang Islam, hidup bukan setakat di dunia fana ini sahaja tetapi hidup kita juga di akhirat, kekal selamanya.

  14. Anonymous7:24 am

    Bandit, how much is Azalina Othman and Khairy paying you?

    Taking money to blog against the rakyat is tantamount to high treason to your very own people you know? Don't put a knife in to the back of your own brothers and sisters.

  15. Anonymous9:01 am

    He didn't sound in the least perturbed!

    Dia tak gentar dengan "Menara Gasing"!

    You bet he's got something up his sleeve!


  16. Anonymous9:04 am

    This is a judgement from Malaysia's infamous kangaroo court. Blog's are personal opinions and one cannot and should not be held accountable for their personal opinions. Regardless of where or how they share their opinion, its their right and that right needs to be protected. The kangaroo court is under orders from Badawi to set a precendent so that folks like rocky and Jeff oii can be sued to oblivion. This won't hold anywhere else in the western world.

  17. Anonymous9:24 am

    are you insulting the court Rocky?

  18. Anonymous9:55 am

    Get YB Wee Choo Keong to help fight the case. Ask him to help set up a fund to help cover the legal costs but not for paying the damages. Give them a good fight.

  19. Anonymous10:00 am

    On one point I agree with RPK. Nordin Kardi is no intellectual.

    Ask Nordin Kardi to show any writing or academic work of his worthy of any journal or academia.

    He spent his life dedicated towards being a propagandist to mute the Malay youth with his twisted arguments. Remember his TV show with students of IPTA.

    An intellectual expand the horizon of the human mind and not subjugate it into blind loyalist.

    On another point, RPK should substantiate his arguments with fact and supportign documents. Maybe RPK is getting cocky and start to slip up.

    Biggest idiot of them all must be YB Tian "Stuntman" Chua who as Information Chief of Keadilan took the articles into the legally liable print media. This betul2 idiot punya kerja.

    Tian being a politician now in power will likely not own up and refuse to take his share.

    Lesson learn all you print media owners. Do not take article from the Internet without the permission from the author.

    IF take anon comments and blogs, you will pay for it.

  20. Anonymous10:03 am

    Please go to hell, YM RPK has shown more courage than you can care to define in your long-winded comments. He has done more to expose the corrupt practices of the current regime than all the other bloggers and MSM combined. I’m sure he was instrumental in taking away at least 10% of the votes from the government in the last election. Bandit, you arm chair criticism of RPK is not welcomed here.

  21. that sux! I hope ur suits go alright rocky!

  22. Anonymous10:18 am

    that guy's reputation is worth 3 million, 2 from rpk and 1 from suara keadilan. never knew a vc from a university such as uum carries such high value.
    CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT from the judge. just wondering how the laerned person derive the 3 million sum.

  23. Nordin Kardi is a loyalist of Pak Lah, the BMPM (Bakal Mantan Perdana Menteri).

    Now the onus is on Pak Lah to do something about it. Otherwise, all of Ahmad Shabery Cheek's effort to engage the bloggers will be just wasted saliva. We'll be banging away harder on the keyboard.

    Allowing this episode to hit main TV news a day or two after he said he made a mistake about bloggers will just perpetuate the impression that Pak Lah is a liar and a hypocrit. Anyway, it is not an imprssion but real.

    However, should he decide to tell Nordin Kardi to withdraw (which I am not sure it can be done since judgement has already been made), he will be seen as weak. See how Flip Flop did on the Hindraf thing, they are not happy ...

    So bila sini you buat tak kena dan situ you buat tak kena ... apa lagi ... RESIGN!!!

    I heard something brewing down the ole south ... Any heard of anything?

  24. Anonymous10:23 am

    frankly, I think he should have defended himself and Suara Keadilan. Then if he had lost, it would be been okay.

  25. Anonymous10:52 am

    All said and done.
    RPK has made a difference for us.
    His pure and good intentions.
    To wipe out corruption and
    Tell the truth to the masses.
    Is much to be praised and emulated by more Malaysians in the future.

  26. Anonymous10:53 am

    I fully agree with Bandit being an Arm Chair Critic.

    10% is not enough to describe his contribution though. Not to make light the contribution of other bloggers, but RPK was the biggest reason why BN "lost". He was willing to risk his neck and write much more sensitive but true things which political bloggers dare not even touch.

    RPK was the wind of change that swept Malaysian politics, he pushed us to vote and he exposed the dirtiest crap that our Govt is made of. So what if he is a bit eccentric. That's but a drop in the ocean of his tremendous contributions to Malaysia.

  27. Anonymous11:43 am

    Nordin who?

    Ketua Manara Gasing?

    The fake, phony, pseudo, slimebally, gollumy garbage of a sh'ithea'd?

  28. Anonymous12:13 pm

    please refrain from making ungentleman remarks here. I always believed that each of us all have the right to voice our feelings ... either ways ... that is being civil. If we do not agree to any argument by our fellow Malaysian then . please counter them intelligently ...

  29. Anonymous12:59 pm

    One RPK alone can take one the entire Badawi cabinet.

  30. Something is not right here. The SAR made the default judgement. But did she or should she not look into the validity and merits of the Statement of Claim.
    Was the Plaintiff barking up the wrong tree? Should the suit be rightly filed against the original writer or the 'postman.' Did she check if indeed there was plagiarism?
    I am talking about dispensing justice. A default judgement must also be seen to be fair.
    The SAR should have inquired if she was awarding damages against an innocent party who had been wrongly named as the defendant in the suit by an aggrieved/vindictive plaintiff.
    RPK probably did not defend the suit because he was not the maker of that defamatory (or real) statement.
    In any case RPK repeat whay MGG told Vincent, "Come and get the money which I don't have".

  31. Anonymous2:17 pm

    anon 7:24 and anon 10:03
    I don't think bandit's commentary is disparaging of RPK or his work. In fact, one detects a certain amount of admiration for RPK in the commentary. If it appears to be critical, it is good critique and not at all malicious.

  32. Hello, this is only High Court la. There is still Appeal Court and the Federal Court. Up there they probably understand better English and know what plagiarism really means. But of course in this case Raja got to be able to show that the earlier work was indeed someone elses. Knowing Raja, he sure would have that. Unless!!!!

  33. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I agree with mr smith, although the plagiarised article was removed from the website. The judge must investigate why the said plagiarised article has Dato Dr Nordin Kardi's name as the auther? In my opinion, the explaination by that it was technical error is simply not acceptable. If that is the case, then everyone can be a copy cat and later just say it was a technical error!

    To me, making a default judgement is the easiest way to solve a case. Sounds very much like the BN government that used to take the easiest route to solve anything instead of really looking into it.

    At least tell us why the technical error is a justified reason to escape plagiarism!

  34. Anonymous2:51 pm

    anon7:24 and anon10:03
    I do not find bandit's commentary on RPK to be critical or disparaging in any way. It is an attempt to analyze RPK and his actions [ or lack of action in this case ]. However, RPK the man does not lend himself to be easily understood and I fear his stand here is too rigid and confrontational. But then, then that's RPK for you. The man follows his own code.

  35. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Wow, I imagine Bandit as someone truly erudite. I wish Bandit would come here and comment more.
    To those slamming him, must you always hear only what you want to hear? Think about it. You are just like those "saya sokong" people.
    Old Reader

  36. Anonymous4:15 am

    Please expose detail or biodata of Nordin Kardi.

    Also how BTN course was conducted.

    We need to know this UMNO crony.


  37. Anonymous10:44 am

    Please do accept my sincerest apologies, I retract what I said earlier. I was just focusing on the word "twisted" in your "bankruptcy under his twisted ideals of exposing the corrupt,.." sentence. But after re-reading the whole comment, I came to appreciate your view.

  38. Anonymous2:47 pm

    who cares about Nordin...and this Raja, why did he "lari" from court. defend ur self la, then we all could see how "intellectual" Nordin is.. which is i doubt la... and Raja, his conduct also ...emm !!!

  39. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Nordin Kardi may be no saint, but he is entitled to rebut the statement that he is a plagiarist.

    It appears that RPK published "a letter written to him by a former student representative" (as reported in the Spore Straits Times, Mar 28).

    Did RPK contact Nordin to get his side of the story?

    Did RPK offer Nordin the facilities of the former's blog to rebut the letter from the "former student representative"?

    Ditto for Suara Keadilan? Did the editor of the PKR newspaper offer Nordin a chance to rebut?

    Not that I know of.

    So, RPK and Suara Keadilan can act as judge, jury and executioner? That's very thin ice they are skating on.

    RPK and Suara Keadilan are not immune from the laws pertaining to libel, no matter how much they would want to hide under the cover of "free speech" and "the public's right to know".

    How do we know that RPK and the people behind Suara Keadilan don't have their personal axes to grind? That what they are doing is driven by their concepts of morality and the highest notions of the public good?