Sunday, March 02, 2008

"Don't do it, Citizen Nades!"

Leading columnist to join Malay Mail? Blogger Bernard Khoo takes time off from his blistering campaigning for the Barisan Rakyat to beg Nadeswaran, who is said to have tendered his resignation with theSun (the no-longer-free free paper?), to do the right thing.
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  1. I really miss his investigative pieces when he stood up boldly for the underdogs - us, the ordinary taxpayers.

    Will he be able to do this at the Malay Mail?

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Please do it, Citizen Nades. Just resign and join the MM with the same reporting and I will subscribe for MM.

  3. Anonymous3:24 pm

    dey bayi,

    i think he'll make sure he gets his way at the mm.

    the new owner holds nades in high regard i was told.

    nades will have his old friends running the show,

    the likes of francis franklin d'cruz, william henry tegjeu and anthony v francis are already imposing their views, ideas and concept on the team although the new owner has yet to take over the paper officially

    d'cruz, called FDC by his friends, was a chief reporter of mm in the 80s. a slave driver, task master, sergeant major who brooks no nonsense. was at city extra then leader, then platinum, final project with SEN Media, Youth and Sports Ministry on the TV3 programme conceptualised to promote Azalina and her program.

    tegjeu was content with a relaxed lifestyle as a bar owner at Cherating until fate decreed his professionalism, dedication and know-how particularly in the world of sports were required to revive mm. his brother percy is currently australia. dont know what happened to platinum publishings and its publiser, datuk fauzi @ fudzi omar.

    francis is the man behind Timesport Man of the Year, long-time sports editor and retired as chief news editor of nst. basically he knows his stuff. besides helping malaysian today, he's busy correcting his swinging and golfing technique.

    also new owner thinking of getting the help of Hard Rock Cafe marketing/manager ron krishnan, one time stringer in seremban and then a staff of mm. heard that he has been visiting his old friends at the mm office, enjoying thani at the office and walking as if he's the group editor.

    now that's true mm culture.

    nades can blend in well.

    he can make the paper a vibrant and influential voice for the klang valley folk.

    he will know that the Oct 1, 1973 issue of mm, in its tabloid form, took the public by storm. circulation rose from 20k to 26k in a year.

    since 1973, it has had four or five major changes or revamp in newspaper parlance...

    when nades was in mm, hotline was introduced on dec 15, 1981. hotline was a bane of the bungling bureaucrat incompetent and indifferent powers that be

    above all mm assumed the role of public watchdog, helping the underprivileged, the sick, the down trodden

    i believe the new owner is taking the paper back to its roots.

    with nades, francis, fdc and tegjeu, it is not impossible. and that means thani in the office every night before or after offstone! that can be only good for the paper!

  4. Anonymous5:43 pm

    they 'thani' at office? what is this? May God forgives us and NST leaders


  5. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Yup, Nades - join the MM and take Terence with you.
    MM will be stupid not to take him in. His name alone can MM push circulation, from 20k, to 25k and your articles, another 20k. Ibrahim will be happy as he can break even faster.

    In fact, I am not surprised that he or Terence could end up as the Editor one day.

    Moreover, the current people in MM are weak and disunited. They new owners have managed to create a rift between them. Divide and rule.

    ex-MM 90s

  6. Anonymous6:16 pm

    minion sound like someone from mm jer...only one thing he missed out...the atmosphere in MM. frankie, william whatever and francis may have been good in the last century lar..but they are dinosaurs today...and they know it.

    the newbies arent impressed.

  7. minion

    I remember Nades' column every Sunday in the Sunday which was the prelude to his state-of-the-art pieces at the SUN. If he's free to do this, then I look forward to reading his excellent pieces again.

  8. Anonymous1:46 am

    Datuk Ibrahim should join the thani session

  9. Anonymous1:49 pm

    I shall remain a skeptic. I'd always thought CN was dodgy.Joining MM will just confirm what I already feel

  10. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I can truly understand his sentiments...have you seen The Sun's Sat paper!? All shameless BN propaganda!! Sort of expected this resignation, actually.

  11. Anonymous4:48 pm

    this is what we call survival, bro.

  12. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Nades if you are reading this, please reconsider your intention to join the Malay Mail. My personal view is that no matter how fresh the fish, it will not survive long in a pond full of pig dung, unless ofcourse the fish develops pig dung appetites.

    For those who had looked up to you and for sparks of malaysian investigative reporting you are known for, I hope you will evaluate our feedack. After all, its hard to keep a clear eye and conscience in a castle of rascles.

  13. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Maybe rashid yusof should go back to MM too and work for the NSTP Dep chairman. Working for MM and Ibrahim Nor, a partner of Media Prima, is just as good as working for SIL.

    et tu brutus!

    rashid ex friend

  14. give MM and Ibrahim a chance :-)

    go Nades put the fear back into the little napoleons and MB Sgor!