Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pak Lah to seek audience with Agong

Dirty Dozen. Pasquale says HERE that 12 of the 22 Umno Aduns who've pledged support for Idris Jusoh have today given their support to the Palace.

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Finally! When I told Capt Yusof about what the PM reportedly said this morning - that he would seek an audience with the Agong to end the Terengganu MB "kemelut" - the Ancient Mariner barked: "He should have done that from the start!"

Again, who are Pak Lah's advisers?


  1. Anonymous1:26 pm

    But Ahmad Said has already clocked in his new office based on Malaysiakini latest news.

    Why so messy like this?

    It does show Pak Lah is very weak in handling crisis. I too wonder who are his advisers?

  2. old timer also don't know what to do?

    stupid dolah... he should do it way before this...

  3. Anonymous1:27 pm

    The Sleepy Head should first apologise to His Majesty for failing to seek out the Sultan's opinion and feelings about his proposed appointment of Idris.

    Pak Lah knew there was bad feelings on Idris by the palace and there were many, many signs of this. Yet he persisted in nominating Idris. This guy is just trying to impose Idris on the Sultan.

    If The Sleepy Head can seek the Sultan of Johor's opinions and feelings about that state's Mentri Besar before allowing Othman Ghani to continue, why can't he do the same for Terengganu who supplies the current King? Why have double standards? See what his stubbornness has led to?

    A muddling PM is no good for the country. Time for him to step down. But I guess he just cannot read the signs. He relies too much on bad advisers. At this rate, he won't last a 100 days.

  4. Anonymous1:35 pm


    The greatest remedy for anger is delay.

    His advisor cum menantu must be very angry with the sultan. Just because of royalti minyak @ 5% @ RM 1 billion.....

    kesian orang trengganu yang support Idris.

  5. Anonymous1:37 pm

    What do you expect from a sleepy head? He need time to warm up and wait for his stupid adviser. Why can't he think for himself,to be a leader you have to think and move fast... I agree with chow kit cowboy he won't last a 100 days

  6. Anonymous1:52 pm

    It is almost difficult for the Sultan of Terengganu [now Agong] to tell his side of the story.

    Put simply, the non-Muslims have show great disrespect to the vast Majority of Muslim in Terengganu.

    They are making use of Corrupt and secular Malays to develop the State without regards to the History of Terengganu.

    Terengganu used to be administered by the Syariah in the good old days of the previous Sultans [18th-19-early 19th Centuries].

    The CORRUPT Malays think that by becoming more developed and "westernised" "liberal" and "progressive" the Terengganu people will become people human beings.

    And they readily import Monsoon and the vulgar aspects of development .... they cannot imagine that the greater Muslim cities of Cordova and elsewhere,can do without the Hedonistic banalities typical of Western cities.

    The Sultan must be feeling guilty for abdandoning the legacies of his great great grandfathers ...

    Zainal Abidin the Great !

  7. Anonymous2:02 pm

    On TV just now pak lah mumbling don't know what.Come on MT UMNO save the president from further embarrassment.Can't you people see he's drowning.Have a little bit of compassion for the idiot PM. Force him to resign!

    Tak kesian sikit kah sama boss?.Dia sudah jadi macam orang bodoh dan juga kelihatan bodoh juga.Setiap malam dia bermimpi ngeri.Inilah akibat perbuatan dia sendiri.

    He's itching for a holiday with Jeanne.Quite sometime PM haven't had a holiday.Goodbye dolah..

  8. Anonymous2:04 pm

    This MB Trengganu issue a matter for Majlis Tertinggi UMNO now is the latest response from sleepy head....

    Go lah please...nation is begging you....please go and enjoy the sunset and balance of few more days of life with the new wife.

    Just remember your late mother and the advise she gave about looking after the rakyat. Rakyat has given the signal to you....please please please.... GO ....

    Can`t you see the few that are persuading you to hang on are those with vested interest and not the nation`s interest at heart.

    My Appeal again please go LAH.....into early retirement and enjoy life. Not enough lagi ke ?


    25 Mac 2008

  9. Anonymous2:05 pm

    It is not that Pak Lah has not thought about it.He just refusing to the right thing until now. Even send the AG to talk to the Agong. He has met Johor Sultan when there was issues there. But in Tgganu, he really wants Idris and the palace is adamant about not having Idris. Why can't Pak Lah compromise? That is the big question? Is there nobody other than Idris? or Idris is so indispensable for Pak Lah? There is alot of money in Tgganu compared to Johor.

  10. Anonymous2:13 pm


    If I am the YDP Agung, I will ask Pak Lah to go for a horse ride with me while discussing on the MB issue.

    After the rides, I will tell him:
    " you horse is not as clean as mine, PM. You better clean up your horse and .....yourself too"

  11. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Roki san,

    In Japan we will call a person like him as Noroi or Honoka or Futsutsuka or Oroka

    Translated into English is stupid.

    -Jeneral Yamashita-

  12. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Guys he is seeking an audience with His Majesty the Agung to advise His Highness that unless Idris is appointed MB of Terengganu forthwith, he(Dollah) will resign forthwith as Prime Minister but then again I must be daydreaming after today's heavy lunch.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  13. Anonymous2:21 pm

    he should have resign. but some people, their face are too thick and cannot be rub with the ordinary slap.

    there are two ways looking whos fault is this.

    the advisors. and he himself.

    blame the advisors would look an escape route, but not so fast old man. they are known stupid and kurang ajar, then u urself give them the jobs and still not firing them (after all things that had happened!) that means, u are double stupid.

    blaming urself would sound quite honourable. but then by taking the bullet, u have no choice but to step down.

    its either u step down...or .... step down.

  14. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Its like dejavu innit! wait wait wait then when something major happens then they try to figure out the next course of action! one would think they would have learnt from the political tsunami.....on top of all this, he wants to be finance minister as well!! Amazing.....

  15. Out of the 23 Adun, 14 + 4 is said to have jump ship.

    In the meanwhile, PKr put up a police report on PM and teh 23 Adun for derhaka.

    Baik cepat2 maaf, nanti kena buang negeri, susah kamu.

  16. Anonymous2:26 pm

    This is what happens when monkey runs the country. Every action taken is a new experience of problem at the expense of rakyat.

    He is so stupid to learn. it is clear that rakyat is tired of his stupidity.

  17. You really wondered why it took the PM so long to seek an audience with the King.Maybe he just woke up.
    He is definitely wrong to try and tirade against the King in the public. He should also know that the King commanded the highest respect from all races, not to mention his own Malays in Umno. As a non Malay, I am also very displeased with his actions so far. He must pay the proper respects to the King. He must go and see the King and listen to the King's reasons instead of seeing things his way.
    You really wondered do they teach students about respect, culture and humbleness in Oxford? So far, the arrogances reflected poorly on the 4th floor boys, and I really mean 'boys' as they have not makan enough "cili padi" to warrant calling them "men".

  18. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Never mind who the advisers are, just shoot them! They causing more harm alive.

    And while he's in the mood now, Pak Lah should also seek an audience with DYMM Raja Perlis and apologise for the earlier fiasco!

    All UMNO members involved in Perlis and Trengganu should hold a gathering to publicly apologise to the Raja and The King. If they can demonstrate over the flimsiest of causes, they can jolly well demonstrate their remorse. That is, if they have any.

  19. Anonymous2:40 pm

    A good leader do not advice but can act spontaneously on his own.
    To be spoon-fed and diapered cannot make a good leader.
    A Great leader will not have put himself into such a dumb position as what has happened.
    He would have appointed a good suitable person.
    However he himself should be such a person himself to begin with.

  20. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Tuanku tak mahu jumpa Dolah. Katanya dia suroh Dolah jumpa Ahmad Said atau Ahmad Said jumpa Dolah. DOlah kena makan air liur.... hehehhe.

    Apa hal pun apa ini semua Melayu berbalah pasal Patrick Lim, apa ke lancau bodoh bangang.

    Tapi Dolah dan anak-anak bukan Melayu pun. Mak dia, Dato Kailan asal Cina kwantung. Sheikh Fahim tu entah2 Arab. Bekas bini ada darah jepung.

    Isteri Kamal tu anak arwah Abdullah Omar former KFC Chairman Director dgn isteri Cina. Patrick ni sepupu dengan isteri Kamal Azarine.

    Kira Khairy saja yang bumiputera pure ... dia orang Asli dari rembau yang selalu makan kera dan lotong.

  21. Anonymous2:42 pm

    They're all basically blinded by the billions in oil money....royalty or no royalty, no one gets in their way to pocketing the dough.

  22. Anonymous2:52 pm

    By now, it is so obvious that Black Gold speaks volume.

    By hook or by crook (to the extent of being derhaka), they desperately wanted to control a 'rich' state (unfortunately the Rakyat there is among the poorest).

    Makes me wonder how in the first place BN won in Terengganu whilst the rest was hit hard by the great tsunami.

  23. When the cloudy sky thickens
    The sleeping beauty gets up
    He looks out from his PJ windows
    A bad omen to his administration

    The advisors give him
    What he needs to listen
    What he wants they just tell
    It is his balls he is carrying
    So the advisors go hopping along

    Across the sky in Terengganu
    The storm hits the shores
    The rolling waves lashing
    The signs and banners up in the state

    UMNO argues UMNO discredits
    The members carrying protests
    Ignoring the rules
    Respecting the Sultan
    And the principles of Rukunnegara

    Telling others what not to do
    UMNO leaders do the opposite
    Demonstrating against the Sultan wishes
    Aren’t they showing rudeness to their Sultan?

    Now the sleeping beauty
    Hurriedly calling for an audience with Agong
    Maybe he thinks the Supreme Ruler is annoyed
    He should be cashiered for his ineptness
    Running the country

    The tell tale signs
    Writing on every lips of the people
    He has no choice but to go now
    This is the end of his flip flopping design

    Our Agong will look straight in his eyes
    The sleeping beauty knows he has no right
    He walks on shaky ground dealing with Royal Highness
    The mess in Terengganu
    He better explains why

    I wait to sleep with no worry
    The leaders better make it right
    Get the engagement flows
    Let the work begins
    But in Terengganu
    The hot air still blowing

  24. Anonymous3:01 pm

    i dont think he is a sleepy head...he has permanent head damage

  25. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Menantu more focused on duties as FAM deputy president and Malaysian Super League CEO these days. He's got some rear end lickers to write about it, so why not? What the heck, he flew in 'living legend' Ian Rush to conduct 3-day clinic for strikers. How perihatin he is.. WOW..
    I suspect he will fly in Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or/and Joe Estrada next to conduct leadership clinics for the rest of UMNO.

  26. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Bring a new meaning to "Pengkhianat Bangsa dan Negara".

  27. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Wa peh, lu semua olang sulah manyak cakap oh. Wa bagi lu tau, itu dolla punya adviser manyak celaka punya olang. Lia panggil lu semua bogeler bogelar macam monyet oh. Lia sulah kawin itu lollah punya alak lagi mahu kawin lagi satu apa lama tu? Olang panggil karin karin punya perempuan dan bikin gambar punya.

    Ini melantu lollah manyak sokong itu Mat Rempit. Lia tak jali belakang sulah masuk bola sepak oh.Lia mau itu kuasa dan olang mulah mulah sokong lia tapi olang tua talak sokong lia.

    Lia mau bikin manyak luit lia semua mau kuasa oh. Ini celaka punya olang sulah tarik lia punya pelempuan punya bapak jatuh oh. Manyak panlai jali adviser. Itu pelumpuan Akak Rafidah mau tarik lia punya lambut satu satu keluar.

    Wa cakap ini olang adviser lollah. Sulah pum sekalang?

  28. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Wow suddenly the mighty Pak Lah has to come down from his lofty throne and seek an audience with the Agong.

    Some ppl will do anything just to continue amassing wealth and make sure no secrets are being exposed by some new inobedient MB.

  29. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Pak Lah made a mistake by going about it in the open.He should have an open dialogue with the Palace to understand their refusal to accept Idris.

    It's another case of bad judgment by Pak Lah.

    At the same time,is Ahmad Said an able leader for Teregganu? Why is the Palace so determined to have him?

    We cannot be hypocritical and ask for transparency from government but not the monarchy.

    Boleh jadi macam-macam kalau semua pendam dalam hati. Ahmad Said tuh gangster kat sana. Ada tuduhan rasuah pulak tuh. Sesuai ke dipilih ?

  30. wei guys..come on lah, give the poor man a break. I almost had heart attack laughing like hell reading all those comments. The best part is he said the Sultan'sdecision is unconstituional. Hope he had read that :
    Under Article 10 of the constitution of Terengganu (first part), the Sultan appoints a menteri besar who fulfils the following criteria: ‘He is of the Malay race and professes the Muslim religion’ and ‘who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of members of the assembly’ [Article 14 (2) (a)] and if he chooses to disagree he can use article 14 (4) as it states: ‘In appointing a mentri besar, His Royal Highness may, in his discretion, dispense with any provision in Article 10 restricting his choice of a mentri besar, if, in his opinion, it is necessary to do so in order to comply with the provisions of this article’.
    Now cant wait the outcome of the royal audience that Pak Lah is seeking.

  31. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Jocelyn Tan in her Star column today wrote Idrus was a great MB.
    Who does she write this stuff for?

    Gulp, why was I reading it?

  32. Anonymous4:46 pm

    So, who are the Idiot's advisers? So dumb... sigh.. sigh.. sigh...


  33. Anonymous4:49 pm

    It is obvious by now that the PM's desperation in wanting to retain the former MB by all means implies that there are several items and past transactions in Trengganu that he wants to keep confidential.

    The PM's advisers know very well if these transactions blow out in the open,its the end of the Advisers.

    Even so, he should have approached the problem differently, as all the commentators here have said.

    By the way, as reported in the Singapore Straits Times, it quoted him as saying
    "I will meet the Sultan".
    Don't you think it should be
    "I will seek an audience with the Sultan"?

    Is this muddled thinking or just plain arrogance?

  34. Anonymous4:54 pm


    Idris pohon keampunan sultan
    Mar 25, 08 3:56pm
    Bekas menteri besar Terengganu itu sekali lagi memohon keampunan daripada Sultan Terengganu di atas segala kesilapan yang telah menimbul kemurkaan baginda.

    Beliau bagaimanapun tidak menerang lebih lanjut mengenai perkara tersebut.

    Ahmad yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Kijal, memulakan tugasnya sebagai menteri besar mulai hari ini.

    Idris yang juga pengerusi badan perhubungan Umno Terengganu berkata, sebelum ini, beliau juga telah mengadap baginda sultan, yang juga Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong pada 23 Februari lalu dan telah memohon keampunan baginda.

    Bercakap dalam satu sidang akhbar di Kuala Lumpur petang ini, Idris berkata, beliau sepatutnya menghadap baginda sekali lagi pada 9 Mac lalu, tetapi tidak menjadi kenyataan.

    Tanggal 8 Mac merupakan sehari selepas berlangsungnya pilihanraya umum di mana BN Terengganu mempertahankan negeri itu apabila memenangi 24 daripada 32 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negerinya.

  35. Anonymous5:15 pm

    hari-hari ada drama.Penatlah.Can we just move on with our work? Pak Lah, jika anda betul-betul ikhlas mahu memajukan negara...jangan buang masa.Ikut saja kata Raja.

    Takut ke rahsia korek minyak haram terbongkar?

    And if KJ is reading this: please lah.Butt out!You have to earn your own money, respect etc.

  36. Anonymous5:27 pm


    Sejarah Daulat Sultan Trengganu berulang kembali?

    2008 tsunami pilihanraya membuatkan lanskap politik di Malaysia berubah.

    1969 juga tsunami pilihanraya di malaysia. Tak perlu di panjang cerita tetapi selepas itu rakyat semua bangsa bersatu.

    1969 & 2008 - kedua dua waktu itu Sultan Trengganu menjadi YDP Agung.

    Semuga Doa & Daulat Tuanku termakbul?

  37. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Well here is something I cut and pasted from our constitution

    Perkara 40

    Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah bertindak mengikut nasihat.

    (1) Pada menjalankan fungsinya di bawah Perlembagaan ini atau undang-undang persekutuan, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah bertindak mengikut nasihat Jemaah Menteri atau nasihat seseorang Menteri yang bertindak di bawah kuasa am Jemaah Menteri, kecuali sebagaimana yang diperuntukkan selainnya oleh Perlembagaan ini; (Do you want to know what discretionary powers he has? Read on) tetapi Yang di-Pertuan Agong berhak, atas permintaannya, untuk mendapat apa-apa maklumat berkenaan dengan pemerintahan Persekutuan yang boleh didapati oleh Jemaah Menteri.

    (1A) Pada menjalankan fungsinya di bawah Perlembagaan ini atau undang-undang persekutuan, jika Yang di-Pertuan Agong dikehendaki bertindak mengikut nasihat, atas nasihat, atau selepas menimbangkan nasihat, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah menerima dan bertindak mengikut nasihat itu.

    (2) Yang di-Pertuan Agong boleh bertindak menurut budi bicaranya pada melaksanakan fungsi yang berikut, iaitu:
    (a) melantik seorang Perdana Menteri; (This means that the Agong has full discretionary powers to appoint the PM. If he appoints then he can also strip him of his post. This is made clear by the earlier provisions which spelt out the fact that the Agong has to follow the advice of the PM and his cabinet but here clearly states that he has discretion over the appointment of PM. This means that he has to be comfortable and happy with the PM and be confident that the man can do the job and has the support of the majority in parliament but it is certainly within his realm to call someone to the palace to form a Government. Further on The Constitution also says that Cabinet members are also appointed at his Majesty’s pleasure and even if the PM is stripped of his job or he loses a no-confidence vote, the ministers can stay on if the Agong says they can. If the cabinet is appointed at his leisure then it is also his to remove them, although Therefore the PM had better choose his words carefully when it comes to Terengganu because it is well within the Agong’s powers to strip him of his post)
    (b) tidak memperkenankan permintaan bagi pembubaran Parlimen;
    (c) meminta diadakan mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja yang semata-mata berkenaan dengan keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan dan kebesaran Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja, dan apa-apa tindakan pada mesyuarat itu, dan dalam apa-apa hal lain yang disebut dalam Perlembagaan ini.

    (3) Undang-undang persekutuan boleh membuat peruntukan bagi menghendaki Yang di-Pertuan Agong bertindak selepas berunding dengan atau atas syor mana-mana orang atau kumpulan orang selain Jemaah Menteri pada menjalankan mana-mana fungsinya selain—
    (a) fungsi yang boleh dijalankan menurut budi bicaranya;
    (b) fungsi yang berkenaan dengan penjalanannya peruntukan ada dibuat dalam mana-mana Perkara lain.

  38. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Reason for this Saturday demo at Dataran Merdeka.visit

  39. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Mike Tyson kata pemilihan Umno Ogos ini kemungkinan besar ditangguhkan bagi mengelakkan kekecohan.
    Rasanya ini adalah tindakan tidak popular yang diambil oleh Mike Tyson, kalau ini pendapat dia. Terpulanglah pada orang Umno buat keputusan. Mereka tentunya tahu mana yang baik atau buruk untuk parti.

  40. Anonymous6:42 pm

    actually Mr. PM wanted to resign after the election, but SIL told him to stay on, cause without FIL his ambition to become as PM, is as good as gone.

    What we need now is to put preasure on SIL, preasure him to make statements. As of now, he is gaining ground by being quiet.

  41. An average leader would have handled this with much care and descretion.

    This idiot let all hell break loose and displayed the dark side of the Malays in UMNO.

  42. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Dolah should have spoken to the Agong first, not to the press!! Dont you think the Agong is already slighted? Compounded with Ghani Patail's reminding the Agong on His constitutional rights!!
    I would script the scenerio of Dollah and Deris having the audience with the Agong.
    Deris: "I say sori le...Takkan you marah sangak.."
    Agong: "Natang siape ni?"
    Dollah: "Ampun Tuanku,..bekas MB Tganu!!"
    Agong: "Huh..eloklah,..tak reti bahasa!!"

  43. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I cannot believe this !!! WHOA ! Wait a minute...This is THE Mr Badawi in charged---so you better believe it, cause he's the only one who can screw up things the way he did.

    Three states and three different things happening in appointing the M.B. ??

    What is ok in Perlis is not ok in Terengganu and whatever happened in Johore ---ahhh thats something else.

    I cant wait to see what this 'brilliant' PM would do if all the states have the same problem.

    Dolah dolah--- Are you awake ka ??

  44. Anonymous6:58 pm



  45. Sure he will get punishment for his sin that he done.

  46. Anonymous7:07 pm

    I hope the Royal Highness will his utmost judgment when Pak Lah come face to face with Royal Highness

  47. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Dulu dok sibuk ketuanan melayu bila attack DAP ngan PKR, bila dah tak dapat jawatan dok sibuk nak menderhaka pada raja melayu pulak, kat mana hang pa orang letak Rukun Negara "Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara" puak-puak UMNO Trengganu woi??? Cakap tak serupa bikin, pasal tu lah banyak negeri yang tumbang...pirah.......

  48. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Apsal lah lembab sgt PM aku ni. Kan bagus kalau awal lagi pi jumpa tuanku. Kalau sultan tak puashati pasal tak dapat projek, mudah aje nak selesai, bayar aje compensation, 100 juta ke berapa ke. Sure sultan setuju. Lepas tu janji lah nak bagi future project. Buat kontrak. Lepas tu ib-lis jusoh boleh jadi MB. Kemudian jangan lah pulak di buang si Ahmad said. Lantik Ahmad said jadi TMB. Hah! selesai masalah....itu pun kalau advisers dia setuju lah. Siapa lagi advisers dia? kalau bukan "beruk-beruk" tu ? patutlah bengap...

    Habislah Bangsa Melayu....

  49. Anonymous8:12 pm

    1st the AGM postponed
    Now the follow up http://themalaysianinsider.com
    Many more will start unfolding.
    How long more can he hold on?

  50. Anonymous8:53 pm

    In a pc today, Idris had said that he was willing to accept any decision on the mentri besar post for the good of the people. He had also said that he would accept a directive from the Prime Minister or the King to step aside. (pls go star/nst online or Malaysiakini for full story)

    Either he is stupid (like his boss in Putrajaya) or arrogant (also like his another boss, Patrick Lim).

    The Agong, in appointing Ahmad Said as MB, wanted Idris to "step aside."

    Agong, in declining to meet Idris on March 9, wanted Idris to "step aside."

    Tak paham2 jugak si Idris ni. Can somebody gimme his mobile number so that I can ask my 7-yr-old kid to explain to him that Agong wants to "step aside."

    His supporters pun sama, arrogant (like his another boss, whose plate number KJ10Q). They heckled reporters during the PC. So much for Kepimpinan Melalui Tauladan.

    Banners insulting Agong all over KT, including on the fence of Idris' house - what is this? tak sekolah ka these people?

    No manners, arrogant bastards. I wonder what their fathers and mothers had taught them.

    Khairul Jamaluddin

  51. The clash of palace intrigue and realpolitik.

    Let's consider three events last year in which there were possible fallouts between the Agong and the PM:

    a) CJ's tenure not extended.
    b) COA promotion approved.
    c) EC chairman's extension approved.

    All three were contentious issues which had a great impact on the public, and invariably, placed the Agong in a very tight political spot.

    (On a side note, in early 2007, on being asked regarding the VVIP plane bought by the government, AAB replied that the Agong is also privileged to use it knowing full well that the present Agong ascended to the throne barely a few months earlier while the plane was ordered in 2005. Seriously, folks, name dropping do not get you anywhere).

    10Eleven was a momentous day when the rakyat turned to the Agong for remedy against the administration.

    AAB lacks diplomacy and it shows. Or perhaps, he doesn't give a damn.

  52. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Bob Marley - Revolution

    It takes a revolution,
    To make a solution,
    Too much confusion, so much fustration.

    I don't want to live in the dark,
    Can't trust no shadows after dark,
    So my friend, I wish that you could see,
    Like a bird in the tree,
    The prisoners must be free.

    Never make a politician,
    Grant you a favor,
    They would always want to,
    Control you forever.

  53. Anonymous10:36 pm

    could this be a face saving measure for the PM? at least now, the situation no longer looks like a stalemate.

  54. Anonymous12:55 am

    When asked when he will seek an audience with Agung, Pak Lah said "secepat mungkin"! Meaning what? 1 day, 2 days or another week!! Why can't he move fast, he didn't waste a second to rub Michelle Yeoh shoulder...I hope Agung will refuse to see AAB. Serve him right

  55. Anonymous9:28 am

    I love my king and my country more! I will die for the latter but I will not waste my time and my life for this POINTLESS PRIME MINISTER of ours!
    PASQUALE! I am proud of you!


  56. Anonymous9:50 am

    Tindakan tatatertib patut dikenakan pada PM AAB, bekas MB Idris Jusoh, Peguam Negara Ghani Patail,kesemua 22 ahli DUN dan semua yang telah mengeluarkan kenyataan yang melukakan serta memalukan DYMM YDP Agung.Ini tidak menghormati Raja Berpenglembagaan. Jika tidak, ini akan menjadi satu precedent untuk orang lain pada masa depan. Tidak pernah dalam sejarah M'sia, kelakuan tidak senonoh ini terjadi. Rakyat patut bangun untuk membetulkan situasi ini.Jangan biarkan ahli politik ini bermaharajalela.Tidak cukupkah dengan mencuri duit ehsan royalti minyak ?

  57. Anonymous10:52 am

    Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president. ~Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)

  58. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Shar 101 - Thats good.

    It means there won't be any chance of Dungu orchestrating Emergency rule.

  59. Anonymous7:40 pm

    2004..ku cari damai abadi
    2008..ku cari 2/3 mejoriti

  60. KUALA TERENGGANU, 26 Mac: Tiga pemimpin Umno Terengganu, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Datuk Rosol Wahid dan Datuk Din Adam telah ditarik balik gelaran mereka oleh istana Terengganu.

    Menurut sumber yang rapat dengan istana, penarikan gelaran ketiga-tiga mereka itu berkuatkuasa serta merta.
    Dalam pada itu, Datuk Muhamad Awang Tera (Chukai) telah dilantik sebagai Timbalan Menteri Besar Terengganu, satu jawatan yang tidak pernah wujud sebelum ini.
    Betul ke? Kalau betul, best betul.

  61. Anonymous8:59 am

    Iderih jusaoh dan kuncu-kuncunya ni memanglah rakyat tgnu,tapi dah derhaka kpd Sultan.
    Dok nun dekat sempadang kelantang tapi tak boleh makang budu, takut tokguru marah.
    kalau nak jadi samsem, dekat besut bolehlah.
    Janganlah macamtu,takkan hidup nak tongkat lubang hidung.
    kat perupok sana tu ade juga spesies yang sama tapi hidung taklah kembang mana, tapi dah di TKO kan oleh orang kwsn dia.
    Yang mat derih ni senang je.("you takmau ke jadi raja kat kampong raja ataupong jadi raja kerajaan langit2, dekat kampung mu jugak tu."


  62. Anonymous10:52 am

    pak lah's what?
    adviser - menantu dia kot.
    muhamad taib - pencacai kot.