Friday, March 28, 2008

A million hits and Borrowed Time

Marina the millionaire! I wonder if Nazri Aziz, the now-quiet Minister, has started reading the blogs. I still remember what he said back then from the peak of Mount Arrogance:
"Our bloggers are really not up to standard. When they put up something, it’s not something that they want to discuss in a very intellectual way. It’s more because of their anger - the language they use. Why should I read all this rubbish? When the standard of our bloggers is upgraded, then probably I will look at what is written. But anyway, they are a minority. My concern is for the majority." - Nazri Aziz, NST, October 28, 2007
One million is BIG for a minority group. And, anyway, the mountain of arrogance has been cut to a molehill by the March 8 political tsunami.

Borrowed time: Soon, even the molehill won't be visible. According to Nuraina A. Samad, who passed her half-a-million mark this week, the PM is on borrowed time. Crisis after crisis, Nazri's boss needs a miracle of God or/and must sack his inept advisers (I think she means the 4th Floor boys and the PM's editorial adviser Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan) in order to survive. Even then, she adds, it might be too little, too late. Read her piece HERE.


  1. Anonymous11:36 am

    When Nazri disappears together with his boss in Dec 08 or thereabouts, few will mourn his passing. Perhaps, then the Sepang airport taxi service will also be revamped and open to competition. Travelers may rejoice in improved service.

  2. I like to visit Nuraina's blog simply becos of her 'manja' photo....., without me she will be just 499,000 ! he he

  3. Anonymous11:48 am


    Nazri better start to focus on his legal firm or his taxi companies because soon as Dollah migrate to Perth, he'll be jobless.... or should become a fulltime blogger.

    Nazri, nowaday bloggers news is a fact and not rubbish as you claim before.

  4. Anonymous11:50 am

    khairy, the ambitious, self conceited politician eventually
    throws in the towel and seals the
    fate of his own father in law.
    if i were pak lah, i would resign myself instead of having to suffer the himiliations of having to be
    kicked out. it is so obvious he will not be able to keep the seat unless the Divine intervenes.

  5. Anonymous11:58 am

    Ah Nazri Aziz... still spend his happy hour at a pub in a 5 star hotel opposite HRC. Even after a poor result by BN in the recent GE.

    Not worth 2 sen to mention about him. A confirmed goner by Dec 2008

  6. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Well, even Pak Lah admitted to the fact that BN lost in the cyberwar. BN leaders have to stop calling bloggers as idiot, stupid,globok,etc. Lick back your own words.

  7. Anonymous12:11 pm

    I'm so happy to see all those anti-blogger MPs eat their words, literally.

    What choice do we have for unbiased and truthful reporting? MSM? Blehh!!! Whatever is written by bloggers - truth, anger, rumours, lies - readers ultimately decides what to believe. Blogs and comments that goes with it are voices of the nation. PRU12 proved that!

    Padan muka, y'all anti-blog MPs.

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    If MInister Nazri Aziz's view is correct, then Raja Petra would not be slapped with a PAP-style RM2 million fine for libel.

  9. Anonymous12:22 pm


    Last week news :

    Mat Taik said that most UMNO divison prefer the pemilihan to be postpone till next year.
    Note : Mat Taik is Ketua Penerangan Umno

    This week news :

    Supreme council member Datuk Shahrir Samad said that everyone who wanted to have his say on the party elections spoke.

    “Everyone felt the elections should not be postponed. But it was not an issue that dominated the meeting.

    Looks like under Dollah, not only he himself is a flip flop, but the whole Umno have become flop flip.

  10. Anonymous12:28 pm


    nazri is a highly 'intellectual' person who always makes the most impressive stupid statements in a very complex way.

    After reading his statements or listening to his words in Parliament, they make us pause few seconds, and later break us into bloody blast of laughter and coughing for another long seconds.

    It's like watching Benny Hill or Mr. Bean. He always reminds me of Mr. Bean. And he is a minister.

    nazri....nazri...tak ramai melayu macam engkau ni. Why not try stand-up comedian for a change. Could make more money.

  11. Anonymous12:42 pm

    When faced with an embarrassing situation the BN-UMNO deadbrains like to use the word ' intellectual ' to get themselves out and save their faces; as if they are the only intellectuals in this bolehland and all others are buffons. This is a trait of a person with inferiority complex, one who has serious doubt about his or her own intellect. There are so many of the Nazri kind in the government who just cannot earn any confidence and respect from the 'true intellectuals' on the street. They are indeed on borrowed time.

  12. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Hello brother semua, time to worklah. Kami rakyat biasa yang cari makan sesuap untuk isteri, anak, ibu-bapa dah fedup, pegi pejabat kerajaan semua pegawai cakap..tunggu-tunggu kami pun tak tau apa.

  13. Bro

    MM has just turned millionaire. You are a millionaire three times over.

    Since I contributed 100,000 hits to your site, any rewards for me? A teh tarik will do.

  14. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Pak lah ni sebenarnya dah nampak that writing on the wall that he has to go. Tapi saya rasa Pak Lah tak sayang UMNO, malah dia membelakangkan UMNO bila dia set up the 4th floor boys together with Kali,his son and son in law as his close advisers and events show that Pak Lah lebih sayang kepada mereka ini lebih dari UMNO.

    Maka Ahli-ahli Parti UMNO bila berhadapan dengan Presiden yang tak sayang parti seharusnya kedepan macam Mukhriz dan minta supaya Pak Lah undurkan diri secepat yang mungkin supaya parti UMNO dapat dipimpin dan dipulihkan balik oleh Pemimpin yang lebih berwibawa dan lebih menyanyangi UMNO.

    Cukuplah rakyat asyik berhadapan dengan keputusan Pak Lah yang flip flop dan U-turn, rakyat dahagakan kepimpinan yang tegas dan dinamik, bukan yang kuat tidur dan asyik ambil cuti diluar negera sahaja.

    Pak Lah! Enough is Enough.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  15. Anonymous1:54 pm

    let them sleep while bloggers reap all the benefits. the self conceited rabbit will be the last to achieve its goal. she will then wallow in self pity and no one will even be bothered to help her.
    sleep, bn sleep, while the bloggers build their universe.

  16. Anonymous1:58 pm

    pak lah wont win the dec election because all the delegates from the five states that have gone to the opposition wont want him there.
    they want a new breath of life.
    he is left with the small states which cannot deliver much. fate sealed.

  17. rocky,
    Did you say Kali the Mullah is an adviser to the PM?
    Oh Heavens!!!
    Does this guy possess anything better than an SPM certificate?
    He could not even move beyond the position of Chief Reporter in The Star.
    How could he be an adviser to the PM? Little wonder the PM is in shit today.

  18. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Tun Mahathir's letter to the public via the Sun read it here:

    Bravo,Dr Mahathir you are the man.You sure give one big jab to the New minister in charge of judiciary reform, he would like to think first before he start opening his gap next time.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  19. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Bukan Nazri saja yang senyap dan lenyap.

    Tengok - SIL Khairy pun holiday in London!!! Ingat siapa bayar??!


    = WIN!!!

  21. Time is a precious commodity.

    AAB borrowed time from whom, bro?

    Us, the rakyat?

    Three million plus UMNO members decide for the rest of us as to who leads the nation?

    I sincerely hope wisdom will prevail.

    As I see it, stupidity isn't working out.

  22. Anonymous3:53 pm

    bro bru..

    dont forget another adviser...DATUK SERI PANGLIMA ANNUAR ZAINI who is also the adviser of YM Raja Muda Perak Raja Nazrin Shah...thus the kelam kabut in Perak State Government...

  23. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Nazri, Nazri, Nazri. Why is he still around you say?

    After the March 8 debacle, Pak Lah needed someone to oversee the soon to be boisterous Dewan Rakyat.

    So Nazri is back to his former, former job, remember? To look after Parliament, you know, leaking roofs, toilets, drains, chairs, lousy refreshments, grass, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    The Opposition MPs are going to make alot of noise there, in fact more noise than would be usual. And boy is Nazri going to have to take the heat for it.

    Remember the last time he was so busy managing things that a "Director-General" had to be appointed to assist in the running of Parliament? Like a "Harta" fellow looking after the upkeep and maintenance of the properties. And to help the Speaker and his Deputies. In fact it was the Speakers who insisted they were in fact in charge.

    Well lets hope the now subdued and chastised Nazri will do a better job this time around now that he has once again been DEMOTED to this "exciting and galamorous" job of being the buildings and grounds caretaker.

    And remember, Nazri, no more "racist, racist, racist", "stupid, stupid, stupid" remarks OK? We don't need you to tell us what you are. We already know.

    Please thank Pak Lah for still keeping you around. Lackey!

  24. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Nazri who? Is he one of the comedian with Aflin, Awie or Harris Iskandar? Sounds like them, looks like them but I don't know, you decide.

  25. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Kami Sokong Bloggers United till end!!!

  26. Hold your horses! This belligerent character from Mt Arrogance may still make a comeback. He is also watching, just like the rest of us to see how far Zaid, the self-professed reformer will be tolerated by the gods on Mt. Arrogance. And the moment the straw snaps the camel's back, this character will have his old job back. And then, he will froth at the mouth and spew his trademark tirades in his own inimical way. He will again invited those unhappy with BN policies to show it in the ballot box. Many accepted his invitation in GE2008. Many more will do so in the next poll and then he will still be barking up the wrong tree when he finds himself amongst the ranks of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition. Life will still go on for this character from Mt. Arrogance.

  27. Anonymous6:08 pm

    this is what happen when ppl try to act smart and outspoken when he himself is dumb,, and guess what he is a former information minister??

    i think blogggers and their readers mostly educated ppls,well..mostly,some are cybertroopers of course

  28. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Assalamualaikum Bro Rocky,

    We ALL exist in this temporary world on BORROWED Time. Not only Pak Lah.

    I feel sorry for the PM. It seems that his every move is monitored by you and your bloggers friend worse than his own shadow.

    Maybe because you and your bloggers friends think that only Pak Lah is wrong all the time and that you all are SO PERFECT.

    Please IF you all can spend some precious moments to refelect on goodselves maybe you would realized that there are credits due to Pak Lah and his Ministers and his family. And that you all are that perfect after all.

    By the way, as a Muslim why not you try to check the famous Suratul Asr and see the translation and its Tafsir. It will be good for you and Nuraina. InsyaAllah.

    It will do good to both of you for a change, rather than just reading about what hatred others put on the PM and his government. The very government that is serving us.

  29. Anonymous6:48 pm

    today dolah looked happy launching some batik thing, why he suddenly so upbeat, has he cut a deal with MT about his position or something?
    or are we just reading too much into the actions of a mindless, brinless pile of dung?

  30. Anonymous7:52 pm

    anon 12.47 betul, now time to worklah.. wa pun sekarang kena kerja lebih kuat lagi brader, bukan saja untuk anak isteri tapi juga staff wa yang ada anak isteri masing-masing... dan dengan keadaan ekonomi dan politik BN-BA-HARUBIRU macam sekarang ni manyak susah cari makan lo... berapa banyak ocean nak buat, blue ocean dah jadi kelabu ocean.. silap-silap kapal tenggelam dalam ocean.. rocky lu kan xBT patut lebih peka dengan hal survival rakyat biasa...

    story pasal ratings & nazri yang dah tak relevan tu tak ada faedahnya pada penyampuk bloggers macam wa yang meminati blog lu ni

    wa minat baca blog lu sebab ciri-ciri 'short n sharp' yang digunakan, tak meleret macam sesetengahnya tu (termasuk blog-blog otai xMSM..)yang macam nak muntah baca pun ada.

    wa pun berkongsi minat baca blog nuraina macam kata cakapsiang becos of her 'manja' photo..!

  31. I'm totally miffed over TDM's take on the Tganu issue in the Sun, so i want to refresh some Mudah Lupa memories...

    Between Royalty and Ehsan (and when it became wang ehsan):

    (Di bawah ialah petikan ucapan Dr Syed Husi Ali, Presiden PRM, dalam Majlis
    Kolokium Anjuran Pemuda PAS pada 4/11/2000 di Kuala Terengganu)



    Kita mengetahui bahawa selama 22 tahun kerajaan UMNO-BN telah menguasai
    kerajaan Terengganu. Sepanjang masa itu, tiap-tiap tahun kerajaan UMNO-BN
    Terengganu menerima bayaran royalti 5 peratus secara tunai daripada nilai
    minyak yang dikeluarkan daripada kawasan perairan Terengganu. Selama itu
    juga, tidak pernah timbul bahawa Terengganu tidak berhak menerima wang itu,
    kerana minyak dijumpai di kawasan luar daripada tiga batu nautikal. Yang
    nyata ialah sepanjang masa itu, Kerajaan UMNO-BN telah menerima bayaran
    berjumlah sebanyak lebih kurang RM7 bilion (atau RM7,000 juta).

    Memang kita boleh lihat beberapa bangunan tersergam, tetapi tidak semestinya
    indah, yang telah didirikan di bawah kerajaan UMNO-BN dulu. Di peringkat
    Pusat pun, kerajaan UMNO-BN telah mendirikan berbagai-bagai projek mega,
    seperti KLCC, KLIA dan sebagainya dengan menggunakan wang PETRONAS. Kita
    tidak tahu harga yang telah dibayar untuk bangunan-bangunan di Terengganu
    itu berapa kali ganda kos sebenar. Yang kita tahu ialah harga yang selalu
    dibayar oleh kerajaan bagi projek-projek mega biasanya adalah jauh lebih
    tinggi daripada kos sebenarnya.

    Inilah cara korupsi besar (atau “grand corruption”) yang sering diamalkan,
    untuk membayar potongan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan dan keuntungan
    kepada kontraktor-kontraktor yang rapat hubungan dengan mereka. Ini berlaku
    di seluruh negara dan berlaku juga di Terengganu. Itu sebab segelintir
    pemimpin politik kerajaan dan kontraktor-kontraktor, yang selalunya menjadi
    kroni mereka, boleh menjadi kaya raya dengan sekelip mata saja, walaupun
    mereka tidak begitu berkebolehan.

    Akan tetapi, berapa banyakkah daripada wang royalti berjumlah RM7 bilion itu
    telah digunakan untuk kepentingan rakyat? Berapa banyakkah yang telah
    dibelanjakan untuk membasmi kemiskinan? Jikalau banyak, mengapakan kadar
    kemiskinan di Terengganu di antara yang paling tinggi di Malaysia?
    Mengapakah hendak disalahkan kerajaan PAS-BA yang belum setahun jagung
    kerana kadar kemiskinan yang tinggi itu? Mengapakah baru sekarang
    diheboh-hebohkan bahawa “wang ihsan” akan digunakan untuk rancangan jangka
    panjang bagi menghapuskan kemiskinan?

    Berdasarkan rekod prestasi kerajaan UMNO-BN lalu di Terengganu, bagaimana
    kita boleh mempercayai bahawa sekarang ini Kerajaan Pusat boleh melakukan
    sesuatu yang telus bagi kepentingan rakyat Terengganu sekarang? Bahkan
    harapannya tipis, jika kita berasaskan kepada dasar, pendekatan serta
    amalan kerajaan UMNO-BN terhadap pembangunan.


    Memang benar bahawa kerajaan UMNO-BN mempunyai matlamat (berasaskan Dasar
    Ekonomi Baru) untuk menghapuskan kemiskinan. Anggaran rasmi menunjukkan
    bahawa sejak DEB dimulakan sebanyak RM30 bilion telah dibelanjakan di bawah
    program menghapuskan kemiskinan. Akan tetapi sebahagian kecil saja
    dibelanjakan benar-benar untuk projek-projek yang menguntungkan golongan
    miskin itu. Sebahagian lebih besar dibelanjakan untuk membayar gaji kaki
    tangan dan mendirikan bangunan seperti pejabat dan sebagainya.

    Secara perbandingan, mengikut satu anggaran juga, dalam tempoh sejak DEB
    dimulakan Kerajaan Pusat telah membelanjakan lebih daripada RM150 bilion
    untuk projek-projek pembinaan mega. Sesungguhnya rancangan pembangunan yang
    mengutamakan pembinaan bangunan-bangunan mega, memang menjadi dasar dan
    kesukaan pucuk pimpinan kerajaan UMNO-BN. Sudah tentu ia memberi peluang
    kontrak besar, potongan besar bagi pemimpin politik serta pentadbir, dan
    keuntungan besar bagi krontraktor-kontraktor kroni yang mempunyai hubungan
    rapat dengan mereka.

    Besar kemungkinan dasar seperti ini akan diteruskan di negeri Terengganu
    dengan perbelanjaan apa yang dikatakan sebagai “wang ihsan” itu. Namun
    begitu, mungkin ada sedikit kesulitan yang akan mereka hadapi. Tanah adalah
    di bawah kuat kuasa kerajaan negeri. Projek-projek pembinaan hanya boleh
    dijalankan jikalau ada tanah sebagai tapaknya. Bererti kebenaran serta
    persetujuan perlu diperolehi daripada kerajaan negeri sebelum apa-apa projek
    boleh dijalankan.

    Tetapi, sekiranya mereka menghadapi apa-apa masalah, kerajaan Pusat boleh
    menggunakan berbagai-bagai cara untuk mendapatkan tanah tapak itu.
    Misalannya, mereka boleh menggunakan Akta Pengambilan Tanah. Akta ini akan
    hanya dapat dilaksanakan dengan kerjasama kerajaan negeri. Kerajaan PAS-BA
    Terengganu hendaklah memastikan ada unsur insaniah apabila tanah rakyat
    hendak diambil. Berbagai-bagai cara serta helah, yang mengikut undang-undang
    dan tidak mengikut undang-undang, akan digunakan oleh kerajaan Pusat nanti,
    sekiranya mereka tidak mendapat kebenaran atau kerjasama kerajaan negeri.
    Jika mereka berjaya mengubah ‘royalti” menjadi “ihsan”, maka mereka boleh
    memaksakan apa saja supaya boleh berlaku.


    Sekarang ini kerajaan Pusat telah mendirikan JPP (Jabatan Pembangunan
    Persekutuan) untuk negeri Terengganu. Sebenarnya, jabatan seumpama ini telah
    dibentuk di Kelantan juga. Akan tetapi JPP di Kelantan tidak begitu berkesan
    oleh kerana ia tidak mendapat peruntukan kewangan yang besar dari Pusat.
    Namun begitu ada bukti yang menunjukkan bahawa peruntukan yang kecil itu pun
    lebih banyak digunakan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin tertentu untuk kepentingan
    politik UMNO-BN. Menteri dengan mudah boleh menggunakan wang JPP untuk
    mengadakan kenduri besar-besaran yang bertujuan mendapatkan sokongan bagi

    Berbeza dengan JPP Kelantan, JPP Terengganu akan mempunyai banyak wang,
    kerana sebahagian daripada “wang ihsan” akan disalurkan kepada dan
    melaluinya. Saya percaya, sebahagian besar daripada peruntukan JPP ini akan
    digunakan kelak untuk rancangan-rancangan politik dan juga
    kakitangan-kakitangan politik bagi menjalankan usaha serta kegiatan untuk
    mengalihkan sokongan rakyat daripada PAS kepada UMNO. Pembangunan akan
    dilaksanakan dengan tujuan utama untuk UMNO-BN merampas kembali negeri
    Terengganu daripada PAS-BA, bukannya benar-benar secara ikhlas untuk
    menaikkan taraf hidup golongan miskin dan sederhana yang diabaikan selama

    JPP itu merupakan satu percubaan untuk membentuk pentadbiran dalam
    pentadbiran atau kerajaan dalam kerajaan. Kerajaan Kelantan dan Terengganu
    yang diterajui oleh PAS telah dipilih melalui pilihanraya. Rakyat di
    negeri-negeri tersebut telah membuat keputusan atau pilihan mereka.
    Sepatutnya keputusan rakyat itu dihormati oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan
    Pusat. Akan tetapi mereka enggan berbuat demikian. Mereka enggan menerima
    kekalahan. Sebenarnya tujuan kerajaan Pusat membentuk dan memupuk JPP itu
    ialah kerana mereka hendak melemahkan keberkesanan kerajaan negeri yang
    dipilih oleh rakyat itu.

    Kami masih berpegang bahawa perjanjian di antara kerajaan Terengganu dengan
    PETRONAS harus dihormati, sebagaimana ia dihormati selama 22 tahun semasa
    UMNO-BN mentadbirkan negeri ini. Dengan itu juga, kami berpegang bahawa
    PETRONAS harus membayar royalti, yang ditetapkan mengikut perjanjian, kepada
    kerajaan pimpinan PAS-BA di Terengganu sekarang. Tetapi nampaknya, kerajaan
    Pusat terus bertegang untuk menyekat pembayaran royalti ini dan
    menjadikannya pembayaran “wang ihsan”.


    Dalam keadaan ini kerajaan Pusat hendaklah menghormati rakyat dan kerajaan
    yang dipilihnya dengan melakukan sekurang-kurangnya dua perkara. Pertama,
    kerajaan Pusat hendaklah jangan memonopoli hak untuk menentukan
    projek-projek pembangunan yang hendak dilaksanakan di Terengganu. Ada dua
    cara perkara ini boleh dijalankan. Pertama, hendaklah ada perundingan dan
    persetujuan lebih dulu di antara Kerajaan Negeri dengan Kerajaan Pusat bagi
    menentukan projek-projek pembangunan yang hendak dijalankan. Kedua, wang
    royalti itu hendaklah dianggap sebagai disimpan bagi pihak PETRONAS oleh
    Perbendaharaan, dan mestilah segera dikeluarkan apabila kerajaan Terengganu
    mengemukakan rancangan pembangunannya.

    Sebenarnya perbuatan Pusat merampas wang royalti Terengganu dan
    menjadikannya “wang ihsan” adalah mencabul Perlembagaan Persekutuan
    (mengenai hubungan Negeri dengan Pusat), tidak menghormati perjanjian di
    antara dua badan yang berwibawa, dan menghina keputusan rakyat dalam
    pilihanraya. Ia tidak adil. Ia hendak memastikan pemimpin ini tidak akan
    hilang kuasa. Ia menunjukkan juga sikap bongkak seorang pemimpin yang cuba
    memusatkan kuasa pada dirinya sendiri. Ini merupakan satu lagi daripada
    banyak tindakan yang diambil oleh pemimpin tersebut, yang akhirnya boleh
    mengakibatkan kemunculan sistem kediktatoran dalam negeri ini.

    Apa yang berlaku dengan royalti minyak ini mempunyai akibat buruk dari segi
    perkembangan politik, bukan saja di negeri Terengganu bahkan juga di seluruh
    negara. Oleh itu, segala usaha hendaklah dijalankan bagi menimbulkan
    kesedaran di kalangan rakyat tentang kezaliman, ketidakadilan, keangkuhan
    dan ketamakan pemimpin ini serta kerajaan pimpinannya.

    Oleh itu usaha yang gigih serta berterusan hendaklah dijalankan dengan
    segala cara di segenap pelosok negara, untuk memberikan maklumat benar serta
    menimbulkan kesedaran di kalangan rakyat dari semua peringkat dan kaum. Di
    Terengganu sendiri, segala usaha hendaklah dijalankan untuk menjalin
    hubungan saliturrahim yang rapat dan saling mempercayai yang kuat di antara
    pemimpin dengan rakyat. Cara ini pasti boleh mengatasi cara membeli
    sokongan dengan wang serta “pembangunan”, seperti yang selalu diamalkan oleh
    UMNO-BN di seluruh negara dan kini hendak diperhebatkan lagi dengan berkali
    ganda di Terengganu. Hanya kuasa rakyat boleh mengalahkan kuasa diktator.

    4hb November 200

  32. Anonymous8:11 pm

    RPK kena libel 2 juta, sedang UMNO ni telan BERATUS JUTA !!!

    Yang heran ni, UMNO sekor ni yang paling VOKAL dan membuat BISING kuat sekali mempertahan hak dia dalam demonstrasi Penang!!

    Missing files

    Former Deputy Chief Minister Abdul Rashid Abdullah (2004-2008) was the executive councilor handling the land portfolio under the previous state administration.

    Abdul Rashid, who lost in the Sungai Bakap state constituency in the recent general election, was among the vocal Umno leaders involved in the illegal demonstration against the DAP-led state government near Komtar on Friday March 14.

    During the rally, he addressed the crowd in calling on Penang Malays to defend the New Economic Policy and Malay privileges, which supposedly have come under threat from the new state government.

    All official executive documents on land dealings in Abdul Rashid’s Komtar office were among the files that had allegedly gone missing from most executive councilors’ offices before the new state government was sworn in.

    The present state government learnt about the land scam when perusing documents available at the state and district land offices, and state secretariat.

    Insiders said initial random checks on previous land dealings had disclosed improprieties worth more than RM100 million.

  33. The red lights on the streets
    The silence walks by the shadows
    Listening to the soft breeze
    Ah where is the client gone?

    Upstairs hammering on the hard table
    Chopping off anger and discontentment
    Pictures of paradise seemingly gone
    March 8 the poker players lost badly

    When the leader walks into his castle
    Only small lights flickering on his eyes
    He tries to control his emotion
    The party warlords hide from him

    They spin words of encouragement
    They don’t tell him the truth
    The leader walks alone in his corridor of power
    When he looks up the black spider man hangs
    Whispering, chanting and laughing into the night
    ‘The time is near
    O leader who doesn’t understand
    You will get hit every part of it
    You are stubborn not to see yourself’

    Surrounded by warriors of no value
    Pandering to your wishes
    Giving good feeling report
    Only to make you fall…..

    Go read the blogs
    You will know what are on the streets
    Go to the ground O leader
    Don’t listen to your C4 boys
    They haven’t learned their lessons well
    If you don’t change now
    You will go down into the dark hell

  34. Anonymous10:34 pm

    where is the big mouth Nazri.. oh, i see. he lost his voice, the defacto law minister. now he is the imbecile stooge in land of the deaf and dumb...

  35. Anonymous11:15 pm

    can you see the writing on the wall Badawi? are your big ears listening carefully? can you hear the footsteps of of a castle full of racals itching for the kill. oh badawi how do you feel.... tell me will you your Kairy's will?

    can you beleive it, can you conceive it? it came like a flood. all your boys at bernama were booed. can you fell the power slippin away..... was it Berish or Hindraf that changed your day?

    did you feel the mountains tremble? did you see the rakyat tumble? could feel their anguish and oppression, when you sent your barisan agression... did you watch the poor stand in the rain.... when your bullies whipped them with batons of pain...

    yes we smell the smoke chemical,
    while you sent your police cronies water jet evil.... tell me mr clean, why did you get dirty..... oh when did you lose credibility?

  36. Anonymous12:30 am

    There is a thaw in the approach of the BN government towards the bosses (a.k.a the voters).

    For eg..the composition of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. It is now made up of: Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Datuk Othman Said - chairman, former Kedah menteri besar Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid - deputy chairman.

    Others appointed: AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes, Datuk Philip Chan of Skrine, Advocates and Solicitors, Corston-Smith Asset Management managing director Shireen Muhiudeen, Cheras Umno division head Datuk Wira Syed Ali Alhabshee, Tourism Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Victor Wee, Malaysia Airlines chief executive officer Datuk Idris Jala, Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) president Ngiam Foon, and Malaysia Association of Hotels (MAH) president Datuk Mohamad Ilyas Zainol Abidin. Former deputy chairman of the board Datuk Kee Phaik Cheen was appointed a board member.

    Not good to think along racial lines but now we have more non-Bumiputras and that is a welcome sign. Except of course - East Malaysian representation is not enough (only Idris Jala).

    Lets see if this BN trend continues and permeates everywhere for all to have a meaningful role in taking Malaysia to greater heights.

    I am certain if this reinvented BN
    outreach continues, this team can win back part of the 'soul' of the rakyat.

    That time, it does not matter if the present PM is around or not. At least he will still go down on record for admitting the flaws and taking remedial action.

    Lets not write him off yet.

  37. Anonymous12:47 am

    One million is one million hits lah brother. Tak kan one million different pple went to the blog right? duh...

  38. sigh... wonder when i will hit my million!

  39. Anonymous1:11 pm

    the time will come when pak lah has to go. i'm wondering what and how will be kalimullah's life at the time. i hope that the waiting government when become the real govt will investigate this 'kali'muthu.

  40. Anonymous7:04 am

    ANGER...ANGER...ANGER ...!? YES.


    TAXIman, u won't sleep well from NOW !!