Thursday, March 06, 2008

Husam: We'll win 30 seats

My interview with Husam Musa in mypaper, a Singapore bilingual daily with a 300,000 daily circulation, today.

On poverty
"Terengganu is suddenly in second slot (with the highest number of people living in abject poverty; Kelantan has the 6th highest), despite the (annual) RM1.2 billion in oil royalties given to the BN state goverment there for the last few years. It shows that all the so-called mega projects in Terengganu did not trickle down to the people."

On debts to the Federal government
"The latest statistics show that Kelantan is in arrears of RM11.6 million only. Penang, Pak Lah’s own state, has not paid RM74.23 million."


  1. Husam is the man to watch...

  2. add to that.. Husam looks good, sounds good, governs good...and no oily hairdo like Khairy too..ughhhh...orang minyak prowling around rembau...girls beware....

  3. Anonymous2:51 pm

    darn!how can i see all these articles,rocky please....

    zamzam alakazam

  4. Husam is PAS no.2?
    I thought Nasharuddin Mat Isa is PAS No.2?

  5. Anonymous5:22 pm

    insyaallah kalau niat tu betul. Saya pun akan tolong doakan.

  6. It's great to have access to much needed real information and statistic s to gauge the real level of poverty at every state, instead of mind-boggling numbers from the Fed.

    Selamat Berjuang, Husam and co!