Thursday, March 06, 2008

Every Malaysian soldier has a twin?

Two IDs for the men in green. Blogger Datuk Ron sees red as he discovers that this soldier, at least, has two IDs -- one issued by the army and a Mykad issued to civilians like you and I -- and both are registered as TWO separate voters on the Election Commission's electoral roll.
Do all our soldiers vote twice, without their knowledge? That's the question Ron is asking .... Go HERE for his expose!

Berikutan komen oleh Habil, saya pun akses lamanweb SPR Berikutnya, saya key-in No IC Tentera: T719756 dan saya dapati maklumat di bawah ini:

Kad Pengenalan : T719756
Tahun Lahir : 1975
Jantina : L
Lokaliti : 042 / 06 / 06 / 635 - TUDM B'WORTH
Daerah Mengundi : 042 / 06 / 06 - JALAN MESJID
Parlimen : 042 - TASEK GELUGOR
Pusat Mengundi : POS
Saluran : 0
Masa Mengundi : -
No Siri : 1019

Sesudah itu, saya key-in pula No IC Orang Awam 750909035727 dan memperolehi maklumat berikut:

Kad Pengenalan : 750909035727 / A3170255
Tahun Lahir : 1975
Jantina : L
Lokaliti : 019 / 03 / 13 / 001 - KG BHARU
Daerah Mengundi : 019 / 03 / 13 - KAMPUNG BHARU SUNGAI
DUN : 019 / 03 - PASIR PEKAN
Parlimen : 019 - TUMPAT
Saluran : 3
Masa Mengundi : 08.00 PAGI - 05.00 PETANG
No Siri : 1032


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    890211050014 @ 1307762
    961022505236 @ A7023350
    971219750079 @ 0902843
    991230710156 @ 2024648
    991025740081 @ 0216550

    Sila check senarai IC di atas di laman SPR, semua kat parlimen Rembau...kalaulah betul, ramai juga warga tua di Malaysia ni. Kalah Jepun...

  2. .... interesting finding!

    if every one soldier vote twice, i.e. once knowingly and second unknowingly, then there will be 2 votes from the same one soldier.

    now, the country has around say, 110,000 soldiers in the service; hence that would easily make 220,000 votes (maximum) for the existing government.

    this being the case, the chances of Opposition winning the election or even skinning BN to less 2/3 is impossible.

    BN is using Nuclear bomb, when Opposition only has guns and bullets... like in Vietnam War.

    something to ponder again, huh!

  3. bro,
    Now you know why the indelible ink is a hinderance...erh as in hindraf... to the SPR ?
    This is the mother of all sins in the Hadari Government...and we call it democracy !my arse !!!
    In the words of pasquale...NO CHEERS TODAY !

  4. Anonymous11:58 am

    The civillian IC's are taken by MINDEF and probably sent to the NRD, when one joins the Forces. It is an offence for a soldier to have his civillian IC and his BAT C10 (military ID). I think the soldier does not even know the status of his civillian IC. Someone else would probably cast the vote in the other place for him.I think, this will happen at areas where the BN might lose.

  5. Wow, fraud of the highst order here taking place. Maybe all soldiers should be advised to look up their I/C numbers against SPR records and then once again their his BAT C10 (Military ID).

    Not only the soldiers are being taken for fools but the rest of the country is too. Is this why the postal votes add to so much??

  6. Anonymous1:00 pm

    there were other numerous cases reported in other blogs.
    hello, mainstream papers you dont have the guts to reveal this type of cheating. Mr Chief Editor of Star, are you sanctioning this sort of cheatign by keeping quiet. if so, then stop preaching from your high moral and religious ground.

  7. Anonymous1:04 pm


    thats why they have to stop the use of indelible ink as it allows multiple voting. they are desperate coz the rumblings from the ground were so strong that Father/Son In law were shitting in the pants. stories about similar ink imported were cooked as a cover-up as todate after there were no concrete evidence to substantiate.Anyway, with such strong objections some fall guys may be offered as sacrifices to placate us.

  8. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Now it makes sence, If the ink is used the soldiers cannot vote again.........

  9. Dude! I retired from the forces in 2000. i got three icnos inscibed oon mycard Old ic prior joining the forces, my BAT C 10 no (No tentera) n the 3rd my current ic. I've checked everything seems ok. But what about the others?

  10. The RANGER is right ! once a Mat Rempit Enlists with the Corp , he surrenders his I/C to whoever is in charge of his or her Unit and he goes on to be a chinkeruut(Recruit) and troops on to become a Mat Terap . He knows not or cares not what happens to his I/C.Happy with his BAT C 10 ... he carries on with life.His I/C on the other hand ... is collected by the RISIK 5 boys ... some basic checks are done and are sent back to the NRD ... FOR THE I/C IS A CIVILLIAN issued Document and the Armed Forces sends it back to them. Now ..what the NRD does with the I/C ...... "SELAMAT MENGUNDI" FOLKS !

  11. Anonymous3:07 pm

    wait till this evening, another prove will post here..

  12. Anonymous3:15 pm

    You guys really want to know who did this dirty job ! ask him

    MOhd Rafizam bin Mohamed
    Pegawai Sistem Maklumat SPR-Net
    Tel: 03-8885 6617
    H/P: 019-2139446

  13. Anonymous3:19 pm

    dude, check this link


  14. Anonymous5:33 pm

    my father was in police force and this year is going to be his first election as civilian.

    Both my parents will cast postal votes.

    I was told by my mom yesterday that she already casted her vote. Not sure who brought the ballot paper to our residence. (maybe the police officer. i will check with my mom and update later)

    However my dad could not do his duty as a malaysian for this year election. He was informed that his ballot paper was missing.

    I wonder where is the paper now?

  15. Anonymous6:39 pm

    I was waiting for wot Major D wud hav to say about this, and looks like what he says makes it even more plausible for "dua kali undi".

    This is filthy politics, but probably one that has been going on for decades.

    So it is not just Pak Lah that's to blame, but the entire BN govt.


    This country is bloody doomed!

  16. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Now you guys know why indelible ink will put spanner in the works.

    Now you know that the splashing red paint at SPR Rashid's house today is probably too nice of whoever that did it.

  17. Anonymous7:07 pm

    My dear Rockyfella,

    If the military is involved, wittingly or unwittingly in the fraud, God help us in overthrowing the UMNO-dominated government the bloodless way.

    Can someone out there also confirm whether the police forces are also similarly implicated in this wretched political scam? The substantial numbers in the law enforcement agencies will carry the day for the godforsaken BN regime, leaving us, the ordinary voters, looking stupefied in askance. Now we have the damned EC working in cahoots with the powers that be and telling us the indelible ink is aborted at the eleventh hour.

    No wonder the neo-Nazi UMNOputra fascists are so arrogant and forthright of a sure-win victory all these years. Inspite of the fact nearly most or almost all of the people in my place voted for the Opposition and yet the MCA-BN guy still won the election the last time around.

    The truth is out there and we the ordinary folks need to know for sure whether the entire electoral process in this godforsaken Bolehland country is a farce of a democracy. We are facing a sham of a scandal, so to speak. God help us.

    MALAYSIA BOLEH!? Bah!!! (expressed in utter contempt)

  18. Anonymous8:27 pm

    betui ... tapi mamat ini askar ...maknanya IC awam dia sudah beliau serahkan .... dia tiada ic awam itu ... amcam mana dia nak balik mengundi di kelantan.

  19. Anonymous8:35 pm

    looks like the SPR database has lots of garbage. if one put garbage in, the output (election result) is likely to be garbage out, and questionable (GIGO). the SPR database should be subjected to an independent review. it would be illuminating to know the number of centenarians and army/police personnels with potential double voting in hotspot constituents.

  20. Anonymous9:27 am

    with so many findings, i hope the reporters will grill the EC guy regarding the matter and then he needs to resign (for vote rigging) as promised. but of course, the GE will be over by that time.

    shouldn't they throw a black paint over his house instead of red?

    ~anon 11.55

  21. Anonymous11:09 am

    the Electoral Commission cannot "close one eye" to this blatant fraud of milatary personell voting twice. It is no secret that such dastardly practice is what hijacks the voting process to give Barisan Nasional a "Menang Tipu".

    this fraud needs to be immediately rectified and the EC officials held responsible for sanctioning it. If this country beleives that no one is above the law, then the EC needs to court marshalled and made to answer for such treason.

    the rakyat will not roll over and die in the light of such corrup manipulation of the electoral process.

  22. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Wrt to comments made by anon 10:38 am. I own an old IC with A2825036 as its numbers. I was born in 1974. If the IC number is generated in ascending manners, then surely 961022505236 @ A7023350 person cannot possibly be born in the year 1896.