Friday, March 21, 2008

Ah, Shabery Cheek!

21/3 Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek says he will not control bloggers but will listen to them, hopes to meet them soon to get feedback/STAR

The Malaysian blogosphere has been getting rather good vibes from Zam's replacement. Read here and here. I would like to suggest that Shabery starts a blog. His counterparts in Indonesia have been doing it for quite a while.


  1. Anonymous7:31 pm

    AWAS SEMUA, 25 pertubuhan NGO Melayu hendak menubuhkan pakatan yang lebih racist dari UMNO untuk mempertahankan DEB. Saya harap orang Melayu dari parti pembangkang tidak akan terpengaruh dengan kumpulan dalang UMNO ini. Tujuan pakatan ini adalah untuk merobohkan parti-parti pembangkang. Lihatlah artikel dari suratkhabar UMNO:

  2. Blogger beware...
    he is coming after us...

  3. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Ini adalah arahan dari Encik Perdana Menteri. Kenapa Encik Perdana Menteri tidak mahu baca blogs sendiri ?

  4. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Kalau betul nak engage bloggers, suruh dia sack kali dulu !!!!

  5. Rocky,
    ive just read latest posting from kickdefella.. juicy stuff.

    What say you?

  6. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Never trust him. He has his own agenda.

  7. Anonymous11:09 pm

    The political tsunami that swept Malaysia during Elections 2008 has laid bare the true face of the BN and especially UMNO with regards to the issue of racism. I have without any doubt now that the BN is actually a racist party.

    It was a day of pride and joy for me when I realized Malaysians were no longer voting based on race or religion. It didn't matter if you were Malay, Chinese or Indian. It didn't matter if the candidate was Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh. As long as they were from PKR, PAS and DAP, they got the vote.

    It really made me sick to hear UMNO leaders calling Malays 'pengkhianat' (traitors) just because they voted for the Opposition. We have the clowns from UMNO Penang who are demonstrating against the Penang Government for supposedly marginalizing the Malays in the state. In Selangor, we have another group of 25 moronic so-called NGO's championing the cause of the Malays. They are even protesting against the creation of a Deputy Menteri Besar post. Want to know why they are making so much noise? Well, they just can't stand the idea of having a non-malay and non-muslim as a Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. These NGO's who are supposed to protect Malay rights and Islam are without doubt being supported and used by UMNO.

    Then, we have that sickening ex-discipline teacher of an ass kisser, Ong Kah Ting. This idiot is going around saying that he is going to reach out to the Chinese community so that they will support MCA. Mah-huanlah, peng you! This racist pig is only concerned about the Chinese. What an asshole! Finally we have the guy who has pubic hair planted on his head, the chief ass wiper, Sammy Vellu. This moron doesn't believe that the BN can be a single multi-racial party because if that happens he can't be the head honcho for the Indians.


  8. Anonymous,

    Daripada pengamatan saya, niat mereka itu murni tetapi kenapa hanya perlu melaungkan berkenaan Melayu sahaja? Kenapa tak laungkan "Satukan Melayu Di Bawah Islam"? Bilamana Islam dipinggirkan, maka dengan sendirinya hinalah Melayu itu. 50 tahun, UMNO sudah buktikan bahawa dengan ketuanan Melayu sahaja tidak cukup, Islam adalah akar umbi untuk gagah. "Islam Hadhari" tidak boleh pakai, mengarut. "Imam Hadhari" pun celaru, tak boleh pakai.

    Benar, ini hanyalah muslihat UMNO bilamana PAS sudah tidak mahu lagi bersekongkol dengan mereka dan tidak mahu lagi ditikam belakang seperti mana sejarah yang mereka sendiri telah buat dulu-dulu. Orang-orang PAS sudah matang, tetapi orang UMNO masih lagi belum akil baligh. Orang UMNO lah yang sepatutnya turunkan ego mereka dan masuk PAS, kali ini, jika benar niat mereka suci untuk kesejahteraan Islam dan Melayu itu.

    Bloggers, jangan diserahkan kebebasan "menghentam" orang-orang yang zalim yang mana kuasa itu anda miliki sekarang. Lupakah kita ini apa yang mereka kata dahulu? Lebih-lebih lagi itu Muhd son of Muhd yang masuk balik ke dalam sarkas politik BN sebagai Champion Badut (Clown)?

    Jangan diberi muka, sekarang kita rakyat adalah boss, mereka adalah kuli hina kita. Pastikan mereka kerja dan deliver apa yang kita arahkan. Kalau tidak kita "deport" mereka kembali ke tempat asal mereka.

  9. Anonymous12:14 am

    Don't let yourself become the instrument of Mahathir.

    Bloggers must be neutral

  10. I meet this guy on the eve of the election day in Kijal...

    It is very unexpected of him to become the new info minister...

    Should have congratulate him then....

  11. Anonymous12:41 am

    Talking about this... As Jeff Ooi get into the parliament, will he still be vice-chairing the National Blogger Alliance?

    What is the alliance stand with the Shabery's claim?

  12. Anonymous12:45 am

    habis la.

  13. Anonymous12:57 am

    I believe he's even sneakier than all the previous mouth pieces.The leopard cannot change its spots even it want to.

    I remember that he appeared in TV 1 debat perdana. Man I really hate this guy...the way he tries to defend pak lah's incompetencies...a real pro cock sucker. He's a real bad news.

    Engaging bloggers...more like trying to lay the groundwork of the do's and don't.Anyone who's from the other side of the fence is an opponent to freedom of speech.Face it bloggers he just want to put on a positive front.I don't trust this guy.He's bought over handsomely.


    The Chinese have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the opposition DAP or PKR and it was only in constituencies where the predominance of Malay voters caused the return of MCA candidates. This voting pattern demonstrated the community support of the Chinese for the opposition and therefore if those MCA Chinese Members of Parliament have any ethical and moral sense, they have a duty to cross the floor of Parliament and join with the opposition. That is the right thing to do since if the MCA claims to represent the Chinese community, then the voting pattern shows that they are on the wrong side of Chinese preference. If on the other hand such members of Parliament would rationalize their stay with UMNO on the argument that since it was the Malay votes that got them elected then they are morally committed to stay with UMNO in Parliament; but that argument will be turned on its head because the MCA claims to represent the Chinese not the Malays. That being the case they are morally obligated to either resign their seat or cross the floor of Parliament because the Chinese supports the opposition.

    The Malaysian general election of 2008 is the first election in Malaysian history that makes any sense at all because in all past elections the voting was rigged to return the UMNO led alliance to form government and consequently does not represent the true will of the minority voters. In the first election previously in 1967 the voting pattern of the minority races demonstrated that they would prefer to return an opposition to government and that was the election that prompted UMNO to organize a pogrom of minority races; and this time around all the indications point to a preference by the minority races to vote OPPOSITION, hence the childish symbolic actions of Hishamuddin wielding of that bloody Malay keris that instead of frightening the minority races provoked them to vote en bloc for the opposition. The keris scared no one, it only helped the opposition to really win support and the smell of possible success and to put UMNO out of government for the first time in Malaysian history. The general election for 2008 spell the end of race based politics and it is this if not for anything else that MCA must take heed that they bear a special and heavy responsibility to cross the floor of Parliament because it has always been the betrayal by the MCA & the MIC that has given UMNO the pretext to pervert the Malaysian Constitution to ENTRENCH MALAY SPECIAL PRIVILEGES FOR AS LONG AS UMNO IS IN POWER. This election marks the end of that distortion of our Malaysian democratic rights. We the Chinese & Indians have for the first time in history put our rights as Malaysians in proper context; we have the last chance to be what we really are, MALAYSIAN CHINESE OR MALAYSIAN INDIANS OR MALAYSIAN MALAYS; we are truly for the first time CITIZENS OF A MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA; and it took us 50 years of hard slough to get there AND FUCKING MCA OR MIC OUGHT NOT AGAIN SELL US OUT TIS TIME. The MCA is duty bound to cross the floor of Parliament to join Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to form the GOVERNMENT of a truly Malaysian Malaysia that represents all Malaysians.

    I want to further emphasize my point of view. I suggest that for those Chinese from MCA who are obligated to cross the floor of Parliament should do so in their personal capacity as Members of Parliament and not as representing MCA because they have a duty to remove RACE BASED POLITICS for the good of future generation of Chinese & Indian and Malays. Race based politics is and has been totally unacceptable and it has always been divisive and an abuse of our human rights; let MCA & MIC fade into the background of history as a failed model for good governance. I suggest that MCA should become a sports club for Chinese.

    I had earlier stated that at this time in Malaysian history MCA carry a particularly heavy duty to act in the best interests of the Chinese people. This victory for the Barisan Alternative has come about due to the incompetence of PM Abdullah Badawi and to the power of the internet and the accident of history that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was expelled from UMNO under very treacherous and bitter circumstances.. Were it not for the power play between Mahatir Mohd., and Dato Seri Anwar, UMNO will still dominate Malaysian politics and the condition for a democratic change of government will not emerge for any fore-seeable future. I say that these circumstances will not converge again for a very long time IF MCA ACT IRRESPONSIBLY and not cross the floor of Parliament. This window of opportunity exist for only the life of this parliament and if MCA Members of Parliament REMAIN IN COALITION WITH UMNO & MIC then the UMNO government will survive until the next general election when let me guarantee you Malaysians all (of all races) that UMNO will heavily GRASP GOVERNMENT sans election or with election, no matter what BECAUSE THE HIGH COURTS ARE CONTROLLED BY UMNO JUDGES AND THE POLICE ARE CONTROLLED BY UMNO APPOINTEES. I cite a precedent in the election of the MP for Bukit Bintang, when issues relating to the legality of the elections ( I believe it was one relating to the counting of the votes ) went to the High Court for decision; and the federal court was headed by TUN Fairoz. The Court decided that there were irregularity and promptly awarded the seat to MCA candidate. This was a glaring MISCARRIAGE OF LAW AND JUSTICE, because if his decision was that there was irregularity his duty is to declare the election VOID and declare the seat vacant and call for a by-election for the same seat. THIS WAS BECAUSE TUN FAIROZ IS AN UMNO JUDGE. The present Court of Appeal have a majourity of UMNO judges as for example Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and the President of the Court of Appeal Tan Seri Zaki Azmi.

    In these circumstances UMNO can rigged all elections and have a parliament of all UMNO Members of Parliament and any challenge will be decided by UMNO Judges. Malaysia will revert to the Malaysia of old. I say to our running dogs of MCA members of Parliament that you cannot seal and condemn all Chinese to a fate that is as good as death. This year 2008 is the tipping point in the history of Malaysian history, will we survive as Chinese or Indians depend on our running dogs from the MCA to act honourably and responsibly ! CROSS THE FLOOR YOU MCA BASTARDS.

  15. Anonymous5:04 am

    Untuk anon 7:31pm

    nama parti pun UMNO - parti melayu. Barisan Bertindak pulak gabungkan parti parti melayu.. memanglah racist ke melayu.
    Klu x nak racist, parti pembangkang melayu tukar le ke parti sosialis ke, democrate ke, repulik ke,... selagi letak nama kaum dalam parti, selagi tu la berbaur perkauman.
    DAP bagus, takde perkataan cine.Tu sebab purata ahlinye 99% cina. Join le parti nama bukan racist tp ahlinye racist.
    PAS bagus, islam je. Ambil le ulama cina atau mamak islam india perintah Kelantan, kalau tak kene penampor jepun (opps racist lagi)dengan orang kelantan...
    PKR bagus, adil je, tak kira bangsa, agama dan negara. Sbb tu PKR bleh jadi global. bangla bleh masuk, indon bleh masuk, orang gay dan lesbian pun bleh masuk.. ADIL maa..

  16. Anonymous6:01 am

    Ah, PEKIDA ada dlm NGO tu...

    Selain dari masalah imej PEKIDA, yang lain-lain tu biarlah mereka bincang secara ilmiah. Kenapa mesti tuduh lebih racist?

    Tentang PKR, mungkin setakat ni belum nampak komitmen yang jelas terhadap soal itu kut...

  17. Rocky, on TV, in the MSM newspapers I kept explaining the important of this new media like Blog and YouTube in getting the people's messages across, but it seem some people still do no get that message until Now. Good for the rakyaat, we indeed come of age.

    As for bloggers we much continue on with the function of the citizen journalists, like contributing ideas and information that are positive for the development of our Malaysia and be responsible of what we blog.

    Have a nice day.

  18. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    He could have been misquoted.

    Information Ministry does not have the power to control blogs and bloggers.

    As much as it does not have power over the newspapers.

    It runs government radio and TV stations and the Information Department.

    At best, an intelligent and respactable Information Minister can influence media reporting "for the good of the country."

    Unfortunately, over the years Information Ministry has been treated more like the Umno/BN Information Bureau.

    Maybe Sdr Shabery Chik can bring positive change. Being on the opposition side (Semangat 46)once and handling information, he might have realised the importance and relevance of the alternative media.

    I am looking forward to seeing him making approaches to Gobloks like us. Those few times that I bumped into him, he came across as a very friendly person. Certainly not the bodoh-bodoh sombang type.

    Thank you.

  19. Is he sincere?
    Many are unknown
    He has no place to know
    So he is trying
    Then Hamish rounds us up

    As you say
    He should start his blog
    Make it known to the bloggers
    Let us read what he can do

    Beware of wolf in sheep skin
    When we confide feeling the relationship
    Then we are whacked badly in slavery
    Back to the good BN lies and deceptions

    Too many promises
    Only for BN leaders they are always right
    We are the little devils
    Screaming loudly in the moonlight

  20. I believe the only bloggers that will come and meet with him are the bloggers who support BN. Unless the objective of meeting the bloggers are well defined then there will be room for consideration. It might be one of those political gimmick just to show to people "Hey, I met the bloggers and they are with us and I did my job..."

  21. Ahmad Shabery Chik is a fine and articulate politician. He was a former oppposition politician, S46.

    I was told he reads blogs and particularly Malaysia Today. In fact his home state has good Internet communication strategy.

    The SOPOs shd come forward and take up this offer.

    Blogging is citizen journalism. If the citizen has shown not to be afraid of leaders, the citizen shd take up this offer.

    Hey .... BUM 2008 is coming up. Why not invite him?

    Condition for him to meet up. Appreciate bloggers are free spirit and casual. No bureasucrasy, and protocol.

    For bloggers that has turned YBs .... hmmm plse step aside.

    Give priority to the citizen journalist. They should thrash their thing where it really matters, that is in the DUN, DR and DN.



  22. Anonymous9:59 am

    Shabery Cheek, penyapu baru. Hangat hangat tahi ayam.

    See how it goes if the tide turns against the ruling party. Will he and can he continue wearing friendly mask? We all know the BN government consider the bloggers in Malaysia as nuisance.

    Not much has changed.

  23. Anonymous10:25 am

    Korek korek korek!!

    1 crook out, 1 crook in

  24. Anonymous11:16 am

    Mr Shaberi congrats on the appointment.

    Just get your media to address the truth and no spin please. Coverage of all events fairly is essential whether goverment or opposition.

    An example now is Ku Li wanting to bring changes and hence offering himself. He does not YET have much coverage from Bloggers but this will change the moment your media starts spinning.The rakyat wants to see Ku Li getting prime time exposure on the media with his message to the rakyat. Prove to us that you are walking your talk. Give Ku Li the space and time.

    Orientate your staff who have all these years been brain washed to do what they are doing presently. A paradigm shift please. Let all parties appear on media.

    Have a Department On Bloggers in your set up if necessary and highlight openly on your media what the bloggers are saying. The Bloggers and the man in the street are very much tuned in their thinking.Let`s see your media tapping this and becoming PRO RAKYAT.

    We rakyat are not that gullible. Even Ahmad Ah Chong and Samy in the kampung have awakened now.

    Talk less and prove to us by your deeds please. We Want to see a CREDIBLE media during your tenure.


    22 Mach 2008

  25. JUST LOVE THAT NST - Today's quotes:

    "You can fool the people some of the time, but you cannot do it all the time": Kerismatic 'Education' Minister fails even at plagiarism

    "The party (small 'p') still goes on...we will rise again": Diamonds are Faridah, Wanita UMNO chief

  26. Anonymous11:38 am

    I don't trust that Shabbery Chik. He is behaving like the cunning lion or wolf trying to lure unsuspecting mouse deer into his den by giving them all kinds of false assurances. The bottom line is that NEVER TRUST UMNO, ALL THE MORE WHEN IT IS WOUNDED LIKE A TIGER ALL OUT TO SEEK REVENGE.All bloggers should just take his advice with a pinch of salt

  27. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Agree, why am i doubting a sincere man like Shamblity whose main intension is to destroy the networks of bloggers.

    I feel there is evil but I cannot point my finger yet....


  28. Anonymous12:38 pm

    He's gonna be one really cheeky info minister. Be wary.

  29. Bro,

    Itu satu langkah yang baik. Blogger juga adalah rakyat negara ini dan suara blogger juga berhak di dengar. Blogger juga tertakluk kepada undang-undang negara.

    Langkah terbaik ialah kedua belah pihak perlu mengetahui peranan masing-masing.

  30. proposed blog title:

    "Speaking from my two cheeks"

  31. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Huey Mei,

    The more he come after us.

    The more truth we will show him.

    The truth will always prevail.

    But at least we don't have the stupid Zam calling bloggers liars.

  32. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Huey Mei,

    The more he come after us.

    The more truth we will show him.

    The truth will always prevail.

    But at least we don't have the stupid Zam calling bloggers liars.

  33. Anonymous1:26 pm

    TO Dato. Cheek,

    I don't think your wish to meet up with bloggers will be successful.They report to no one (I hope).I suggest to have your voice heard by their 'clientele', you write and participate in their blogs.

  34. Anonymous1:48 pm

    "Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek says he will not control bloggers but will listen to them"...more like he will use all the "skills" and "resources" he got to neutralize bloggers.

    A leopard cannot change its spots even if it want to.Some time ago he appeared in RTM1 debat perdana with Johan Jaafar as the moderator. The opposition didn't have the even chance to counter his defense on pak lah's administration.

    This guy will use all the tricks in the book to counter bloggers.For me whatever this guy is selling I ain't buying.I don't know about you Rock if you're that simplistic.

    But one thing is definite and that is this guy know they are fighting a losing battle if the fight is a fair one.For a start this Shabery fellow of course will have to look as though he is sincere in his approach to bloggers.Later on all political bloggers will be muzzled.Hey don't we know how easy it is to twist and turn if people are in power.Just wait and see in another month or so whether this guy Shabery is another political mouth piece like all the rest of the INFO chief.

  35. kalau dari dulu lagi jadi blogger kan bagus. Boleh buat duit lagi.

  36. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Why Bee Shabery Chik,

    Memang pun. Bloggers adalah manusia biasa. Ada tua ada muda, ada lelaki ada wanita. Bloggers juga turut menyumbang untuk kesejahteraan Malaysia dengan tindak tanduk dalam kerjaya, dan dalam ruang kelansungan kekeluargaan.

    Yang tertulis dalam blog hanyalah cetusan idea dan komen beberapa perenggan. Tetapi kesannya bukan sedikit.

  37. Anonymous3:30 pm


    Suddenly bloggers (read liars, monkeys and gobloks) are sought after. Where was Shabery before this? Isn't he a member of the Umno Information Bureau where things like this are discussed? And wasn't Zam Maidin, the dumped Info Min, also part of the same Bureau?

    Boleh percaya ka cakap dia? I tell you, let's see some evidence that he's sincere lah.

    I suggest he invite bloggers to appear on TV to give their views of the election. This is easily done. Get people like Dato Kadir Jasin and Rocky to appear lah..apa susah? Manyak senang bikin punya!

    As for blogers, don't just jump at his whim. He wants to show his bosses that he's been able to engage bloggers within a week of assuming the post! Dia mau jadi hero loh! He may give the right sound byte, but no one in waiting a bit.


  38. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Many of the comments in this blog seem to suggest that bloggers should be neutral. Unfortunately, it seems that these people define neutral as - to agree with the oppositions (at federal level) but to go against anyone representing the BN.

  39. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Keep your friends close, but your ENEMIES closer still.

    I dunno, I heard this Shabery Cheek is very expert ball carriers and sweet talker. Dunno is his heart berjiwa rakyat or to himself.

  40. Don,t be seduced by such tactics from the BN. Don't we know he is the new Goebbels of the BN Government? His is the Ministry of Propaganda established with sworn aim to brainwash and hide the truth from the people. If he is sincere let us hear from him that the various Acts that strangle the media and freedom of speech will be cut free now. Otherwise, he is merely trying to infiltrate the responsible blog community and sow discord. God forbid, he may even use financial incentives to subvert the less honourable bloggers.BN has bottomless pockets especially when they need to salvage whatever remains of theie tattered image.
    Don't even touch this guy with a 10-feet pole! -WQLin

  41. he seems to be doing some good PR.... or... is he trying to lure us into the open?

  42. at least cheeky looks better than zam zam ala kazam! poof!!!!......

  43. Anonymous6:43 pm

    a party which shouts and even wields krises about championing the malay cause but cannot help achieve a mere 30 per cent in
    economic participation in 40 long years shows that something has gone wrong somewhere. it is time the malays look somewhere else for assurance.

  44. Anonymous7:46 pm

    sdra mohd alwi,

    bloggers are critical, and not necessary anti BN/Govt.


  45. Anonymous11:16 pm

    never trust a umno or barisan naisonal puppet, he has his otak dan mulut and other oragans tied to party dan crony. bloggers make sure you treat every encounter with these barracudas with extreme caution and wisdom.

  46. Anonymous8:53 am

    Yes, yes, yes.....but what were the two of you (the info min and Rocky) talking about in the corner of the Press Club on Friday/

  47. Anonymous10:42 am

    ask him to look behind, do what he got to do only then give him a chance!


  48. Anonymous10:46 am

    rocky, most blogger have moved on from pentium to centrino and now core 2duo, while our ex ministers were working on 246 and Shebery is catching up with pentium. we are WAY WAY ahead of them, so let them do the catching up coz if they dont, the entire clan will be wiped in the next election.

  49. Anonymous5:10 am

    aku dari kg laloh kuala krai kelantan, budak pekida sini memang samseng, boss nya usop pahi memang kaki samseng, yusni lagi teruk, brahim boyo, awi tok awang kekcok, suha ini sebahagian yang aku boleh sebut, tapi ramai lagi lah, mereka ni semua kaki pukul, tarik kereta, peras ugut orang, curi kereta, kaki mabok, buat kacau kedai kopi dan macam macam lagi lah memang teruk pendek kata keselamatan kampong memang terancam, pk la boss pekida.