Friday, March 07, 2008

After the indelible ink ...

BN will be victorious in all States, says Pak Lah
PENANG, March 6 (Bernama) -- After the indelible ink reversal [Original intro: After 12 days of election campaigning], Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is confident the Barisan Nasional (BN) would win big on Saturday including in the two "hot states" of Kelantan and Penang.
He said that based on the feedback obtained from the people, the BN would be given a resounding mandate to administer the country for another five years.
"We can win, God willing. We can also win in Kelantan and Penang," he told reporters after launching a project to upgrade Penang Hospital's heart and surgery wing, here today.

Does he know something we all don't (but suspect)? And does he have to involve God in all his schemes (or is it schemings)?
Read the Bernama article here.


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  2. Anonymous3:19 am

    The more I look at this man (Bodohwi), the more I ask myself questions related to Islam. I'm a Muslim but Bodohwi makes me ask myself why I'm a Muslim. No wonder all over the world, we are derided and laughed at. No wonder our "leaders" are like Bodohwi.

    Dear Malaysians, it is the end. Lets overwhelm this evil man and save the nation. We came to know what Islam hadhari means.

  3. Anonymous3:23 am

    This Bodowi is always sleeping.

    Does he know something we do not know? Ha ha ha ha....

    How can a sleeping man know more than us, unless he is dreaming.......?

  4. Anonymous3:49 am

    I want to puke after reading this in The Sun "Intensive battle for Kelantan" by M. Sahibullah. I've never read a more bias report.

    "... he (Awang) only Kelantan leader PAS campaigners could not think up of something funny to say about him that could humiliate him and make their listeners laugh at him and to reduce his credibility in their eyes. To them he is scandal-free."

    PAS campaigners did not make fun of Awang Adek because the man has just lost his mom and not because he's "scandal-free". They showed thoughtfulness and compassion.

    Now I'm more determine to vote PAS come tomorrow because now I know they are not ruthless and want to win at all costs. Thank you, Sahibullah.

  5. Rocky,
    First the extension of the tenure of the EC. Second the cancellation of the use of the indelible ink. Then the exposure of 'clones' of the people in the armed forces being registered twice by Datok Ron. All these point to something really disturbing being cooked up - he wants to be in power no matter what to ensure the ambition of his SIL to be realized.
    I shudder at the thought of what his scheming son in law is doing to ensure that he will become PM before the age of 40. He must be the brain behind all these. That is how dangerous he is.
    Do you still wonder why the PM is so confident that his party will be returned to power?
    Winning Kelantan will remain a dream and hopefully losing it will shock him enough to make him realize that it is time for him to go.

  6. Anonymous6:36 am

    Well, you only need to watch this 2 minute video to decide for which party/grouping to vote for if you didn't before.

  7. Anonymous8:47 am

    ..."they were plotting and Allah too was planning, and Allah is the Best of the Planners." Al-Anfal verse 30

  8. Anonymous8:47 am

    Just read two intelligent articles under "Letters" in Malaysiakini :

    " Do not vote for BN, do not vote for opposition"

    " Doudes, Morons and one-dimensional M'sian"

    Words of wisdom.

  9. Anonymous8:52 am

    If they lose it's God's willing also then.

  10. Anonymous9:06 am

    I mean, the two articles in Malaysiakini, as I stated earlier are interesting. Think about it.

  11. Anonymous9:07 am

    Sounds fishy.
    Why is he so confident?
    More Phantoms voters? More Fraud?

  12. "..the BN would be given a resounding mandate to administer the country for another five years."

    It should read ".. to destroy the country within the next five years".

  13. Anonymous9:53 am

    yes, from his speeches before, atleast you would hear once, something like 'God Willing' or 'Insha Allah' even for these dirty political thing.

    I'm not ruling out Allah or God away from anything, because it is impossible. He is the one creating us and the world. So, He is involves in EVERYTHING WE DO and He knows what we do not. Quran says it all.

    But then, please move away from your 'wuruq'-ness for these dirty play. Its like praising the God for letting you steal or giving you idea to sleep while you are suppose to think for the country.

    God gives everything to whom He want to give. He said, just pray. bad things also God give, good things also He give.

    Just, please, stop 'taking' and 'using' God for your political purposes.

    Because it is just...wrong..?

  14. Anonymous9:59 am

    Bapa tidur is a penipu for life!
    Fair and clean my a***!

  15. Anonymous10:21 am

    Big Joke for BN Manifesto
    --> Security, peace, prosperity

    Small ink bottle also can be smuggled into Malaysia...

  16. Anonymous10:56 am

    before the ink could dry, Barisan Nasional executed its dirty plot of pulling the carpet from under the voter's feet.

    independent observers have cited the increase of phantom voters in the EC list, double list of police and armed forces names in the postal votes list and the vote rigging tradition continues....

    the rakyat will not reman silent. Zero media coverage of non-Barisan nasional parties in the mainstream media monopoly. Fabricated lies against Anwar and other opposition leaders. Selective reports featuring distorted and racist propaganda.

    the rakyat will speak out loud and clear through the ballot box and send these Barisan Nasional "mat rasuahs" back to the rat hole where they belong.

    every Barisan running rat that insulted women and used racist insults against the Indians and Chinese will be history.

    every Barisan woman who towed their party line instead of helping women when issues were brought to them will also bite the dust.... mark my words!

    the voice of the people will thunder and no barisan nasional propaganda or threats will be able to silence it. Welcome to Barisan Rakyat "yang suci dan mulia". Here comes the people's mandate to oust this filth called Barisan Nasional!

  17. Anonymous11:05 am

    "We can win, God willing. We can also win in Kelantan and Penang," he told reporters after launching a project to upgrade Penang Hospital's heart and surgery wing, here today.


  18. Anonymous12:25 pm

    aiyah...bodohwi still in slumber land la, dreaming of victory, or maybe he CAN WIN because now they are free to manipulate the votes, how SHAMEFUL this gov

  19. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Of course it sounds fishy... cancellation the use of indelible ink is the last minute BN change of plan since there is no other ways to win since other plans will not work out to assure their victory... resorting to Hantu is the best assistance to assist them to win.

  20. Anonymous1:30 pm

    if one happen to follow the statement made by Bodohwi since nomination day, one is able to catch the trend and tune that he has gone senile and simply make statement without anythinking.

    its good that he will be drop out after the election, and he knows that very well. right now, he simply say things to make himself happy externally when internally, he is as cowards and as stinks as his own shit.

    go and ask him that, and dont be surprised if he admitted that he failed and failed terribly.

    worst if he admitted that he is a failure!

    anything Boleh, at this current political climate.

  21. ...has anyone seen the bottles of ink? if not, where is the the 2 million? who was the middle man for this deal? where did the ink come from? were they really going to buy hte ink or just talk? talk is cheap, but inthis case the talking cost 2 millions...

  22. The fact that this compulsive LIAR has to mention Penang alongside Kelantan is already an admission that BN is going to lose Penang to the opposition. But what this LIAR doesn't know, and GOD isn't telling him, is that BN is going to lose Perlis, Kedah and Trenggannu as well.