Friday, March 07, 2008

Last call: Khir Toyo and Selangor

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The Selangor MB dropped KJ's friend Zakaria Derus from his line-up and somehow managed to shut the door on ambitious Muhammad the son of Muhammad, the one who lodged the police report on RPK. The double KOs may have brought him the silent support of many a critic. Khir needs to prevail if he's to make any impact in Umno's elections later this year, and many people want to see that. But Selangor has several majority non-Malay constituencies that may give him some nail-biting moments tomorrow.

I am only asking for R. Sivarasa [here] and Elizabeth Wong [here] to make it in their respective contests. The two would be good for Malaysians and Selangor, whether or not you support their party.


  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    Don't forget Rawang, Pei Nei under Keadilan. People of Rawang please give her your support.
    Visit her blog

  2. Anonymous10:31 am

    this Indonesian man must pay for breaking Malaysian temples

    Vote PAS/PKR/DAP

  3. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Zakaria deserves to be OUT, but his daughter in law in IN, to carry on his corruption on his behalf.

  4. Anonymous12:46 pm

    On Wed night we had the BN candidate give a ceramah & forum at
    Bdr Utama and nor surprisingly Anwar bashing was done by some
    veteran Gerakan Tan Sri and Syed Razak formerly of Mohaiyani Securities,now Gerakan member. So much for Anwar being not relevant.

    Only about 150-200 residents were interested to listen to ADUN's promises to tar the road, and finally build the
    Police station after an aborted attempt 4 years ago, etc.

    But last night, a 1000+ strong crowd listened and cheered Eli Wong
    (Bkt Lanjan candidate), Sivarasa (Subang candidate) &
    Tian Chua (Batu candidate and Bdr Utama resident). Their talk
    really had substance and Eli really amplified the proper role
    of an ADUN, bukan setakat jadi liasion officer for MBPJ!

    They passed the hat around and raised in excess of RM 10,000.

    N37 Bkt Lanjan: 25500 voters
    Malay: 31.8%, Chinese: 52.8%, Indian: 14.7%, Others: 0.7%

    Last election Gerakan won with 8339 majority.

    I think it will be tough for Gerakan this time around.

  5. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Maaf Saudara, Kalau saudara nak sokong Opposition pun janganlah sokong GANGSTER. Lebih lebih lagi GANGSTER INDIA, Saudara sendiri akan NAHAS Nanti.

    Hati hatilah.

  6. Come on rocky, be more magnanimous. Wish the best for ALL opposition candidates in Barisan Rakyat.

  7. Anonymous2:01 pm

    why all blogger must be pembangkang.?

  8. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Should be

  9. Anonymous3:11 pm

    "The Selangor MB dropped KJ's friend Zakaria Derus from..." Mr. MB, this is the best part and so on....

    johore delta

  10. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Don't forget the best Bangsa Malaysia son: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmed of Seri Setia.

  11. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Hoi, we shouldn't support Khir Toyo. He should go. He has abetted corruption in Selangor.

    More over, he will be dropped by KJ once he wins, after all he is the PM.

  12. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Selangor MB is d'OK. My wife and I were having dinner in a hotel in KL a couple of years ago and he was there. We nodded at him, he came over to say hello and wished us the best. Quite humble. BUt the things we read about him quiet different, not to his advantage. Maybe we dont't know him well.

  13. Yesterday I was to receive messages from two friends that their long dead fathers were coming back to vote, both in PJ. One died in 1972 and the other in 1996 but both have been issued with new ICs.

    In the evening I was with a foreign friend attending a function and along the way she was asking what all the symbols mean. So I had to explain that they were PAS, Keadilan and DAP respectively and their brief history. But when we came upon a "dacing", the friend somehow knew that it is the ruling component party.

    "But why a weighning machine? For fairness?"

    "Maybe in the old days. But now I think it means there would be an equal number of dead and alive people who would be casting votes this year."

  14. Anonymous2:20 am

    please vote OPPOSITION. give them chance to chnage malaysia free of corruption and power abuse.. PLEASEE...

  15. Anonymous6:56 am

    More on the BN Ceramah at Bandar Utama...

    1. The BN-MIC candidate for Parliament was free enough just to have dinner with the RA Committee earlier in the evening but much too busy to meet the voters of Bandar Utama.

    If he can't turn up when he needs our votes, what are the chances of him turning up when we need him to represent our interests? NIL!

    So he can kiss goodbye to our votes! Well, at least my family's.

    2. The BN candidate for DUN (incumbent) was bombarded with unattended problems in Bandar Utama by very vocal and unhappy residents which form the majority of those attending. The chairperson have to come to her rescue.

    3. On the 2nd ground-breaking ceremony for the BU new police station... don't put too much hope on it because the 1st one was never built. Looks like ground-breaking ceremonies for the new police station is going to be a regular feature for every General Election in BU.

  16. Anonymous10:03 am

    Sybash Selangor! Time to demolish Zakaria's Istana if he has broken any laws! After all if it is ok to demolish places of worship because there was no planning permission, it is should be ok with Zakaria!