Friday, February 15, 2008

Zaid dropped

Zaid Ibrahim. This is one politician who can count on bloggers' support wherever he decides to contest on whichever political party's ticket. Now that Umno has dropped Zaid from the BN's list of candidates, we must wonder about the possibilities.

The Kota Bharu MP said he did not know why he was dropped. Well, Zahid, you are too clever, maverick, too successful, and sometimes a little brash with your comments against the people up there. Any of these reasons would have justified dropping him from the line-up.

Whoever Umno puts in Zaid's place better pray that he does not lose too badly to Pas ...

My previous postings on Zaid, here.


  1. Anonymous11:20 am


    Najib is putting up Fatmi to replace Zaid while PAS is putting their speaker of Kelantan assembly - Wan Rahim Wan Bakar (not sure of his name) to replace Keadilan. Will be exciting fight to watch in Kota Bahru, but I think Wan Rahim will have the edge...

  2. I have always wondered why Zaid is still in UMNO. A party is only as good at its leaders. From top down the party is corrupted to the core. Everyone is in the party for money, perks, power and titles.
    To be in UMNO, one has to be a yesman and know how to ampu bodek. Even when the UMNO speaks trash at the AGM you need to say "what a wonderful speech" or you will be crucified.
    Zaid should leave the party or is he afraid?
    I know of many UMNO politicians who were hounded by Inland Revenue and ACA when they left the party.

  3. Zaid Ibrahim espoused the best practices of Malaysian politics, i.e. discussion amongst component parties and promoting diversity to achieve stability.

    Sadly, his UMNO cohorts do not agree with him.

  4. rule of thumb when in UMNO: never compliment PAS administration in public and get drop for that


  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    It's really sad that it's so obvious good politicians (don't know Zaid very well, but generally speaking) are extinct in UMNO or for that matter, BN...the ones making it to the top are mostly only good at ass-kissing and playing by the rules or by virtue of his family connections...def not much intelligence and intergrity required....and to think these are the very people who are asking the nation to vote them into power...

  6. So Zaid Ibrahim sets the standards for what you can expect of UMNO candidates.

    Zaid Ibrahim is not good enough to be an UMNO candidate. Therefore, it means, all the other candidates who are ACA vetted are far more kosher!

    Since Zaid gets high marks and yet he does not fit, then we can, therefore, assume every other UMNO candidate is better than him. We should be hopeful for a UMNO victory then as they are all going to be guys and girls who are better than Zaid!

  7. Anonymous12:11 pm

    That's expected eversince he choose to swin against the current.

    That's democracy ala UMNO.

    Just ask the late Dato Onn, Tun Dr Ismail, Syed Albar, Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Musa Hitam, Shahrir Samad and a few others.

  8. May be Zaid wanted to stay in UMNO so that he can rescue it? He had been struggling I suppose.

    Otherwise he is just too scare to leave UMNO for Keadilan.

  9. This is better than losing his deposit.

    Problem with Zaid is his open position on interfaith issues. That will jeopardize UMNO's position there. Mana in Kelantan, demography available to accomodate that kind of liberal thinking?

    Come election, wherever you are in thsi world, it is about votes. If that is the demography, one have to live with it. Voters vote who they want, thats democrasi. like it or not.

    Secondly, from the perspective of party discipline, Zaid does not reflect the views of the party or leadership of the party.

    Thats realpolitik for all you idealist out there? You don't like, go hold your genital - rub it or jack off!

    His days has alwasy been numbered. If he had been a bit more Melayu in his ways ... berkais dan berlapik cakap ... to convey his points. Balancing lah sedikit.

    What to do? Zaid is too much an orang putih. He is very bourgueis now, spends a lot of time in Australia and just living the good life.

    If I am Annuar Musa, he is the first I chop off from the list. No second thoughts!

  10. Anonymous12:46 pm


    The reason why they are not bothered to consult with the other component parties is because they are now so strong and powerful. With that, arrogance and all vices related to power set in. Remember what they said:
    "If you don't like it here, no one is keeping you, leave lah!"

    On the main topic, I am not surprise because Zaid presence contradicts what UMNO stands for.

  11. Is ZI still in UMNO despite not being nominated coz 'perjuangan belum selesai'?

    I hear that there'll be a right proper cleansing within UMNO after the GE which explains the placement of pawns as candidates for the GE by the present leadership to mitigate such a move, and prior to the UMNO GA later this year.

    May the good guyz triumph over the incumbents.

  12. Anonymous12:57 pm


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  13. Anonymous2:37 pm

    I have to say that Zaid is one of the few MPs that I respect. Based on his comments, questions and responses in parliament, at least he sounds like someone who has some real intelligence and is doing his job.

    Wouldn't know about the other allegations against him as I have no basis. But in terms of what but going by the overall picture, a great loss.

    While I think many ppl are hoping for more MPs of this calibre, sadly, it seems like the ruling party prefer to put more clowns and stooges in place.

  14. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Bagi saya mudah saja. Mana-mana orang yang sokong UMNO dan ahli Umno, memang bangang. As simple as that.

    Tak boleh govern. Kaki sapu. Kaki bodek. Munafik.

    Cerita kat saya mana satu orang UMNO yang pandai? Zaid Ibrahim tu kalau pandai tak pilih Umno untuk berjuang. Dan kalau tak pandai tu, banganglah....

  15. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    To be expected. Furthermore, he is no longer an Umno member. He was sacked -- like Isa Samad and Bustaman.

    Personally, if he insists on contesting, he should do it as an independent.

    But I am sure all efforts will be made to humble him they way they did to another Kelantanese maverick, Ibrahim Ali, in 2004.

    Tapi saya tak pula boleh berkata yang saya bersimpati dengan Zaid.

    He knows the game.

    Mungkin lebih elok dia tumpukan tenaga menjadi profesional Melayu-Malaysia yang unggul.

    Terima kasih.

  16. Strange isn't it.

    That is why we have brain drain. The better and honest ones are always dropped.

    Malaysia is meant for half-past sixes I think.


  17. Honest = Expressing exactly what one feels. I am not talking about morality.

    Hope this clarifies.

  18. Anonymous4:05 pm

    If I were ZI, I will just move to Opposition esp PAS and stand against BN in KB.. but too late la..

  19. Anonymous4:14 pm

    zaid is a good man and one that is too clever and outspoken for UMNO. I hope he will stand as an independent or join PKR but that is highly unlikely.

    UMNO just can stand good people and people who can think. Instead they like close one eye, bocor, datuk Z and other stupid guys and who are seem to be corrupt. yeah clear by ACA, the ACA that gives someone RM3,00 to shut up.

  20. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Zaid has to be dropped as he's too outspoken , even against his own master in UMNO. So, UMNO has lost someone that has credibility. A lost to the people of Kota Bahru.

  21. Anonymous7:05 pm

    zaid is smart.

    he repent because he knows money and corruption will not help him when he gets heart attack and facing the "delivery angels"...

    good move and may you live happier and blossom always.

    one thing for sure, a man is never the same as monkey even when he is in a crowd of monkeys!

  22. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Rockyfella, Zaid Ibrahim is the kind of politician seriously lacking and an extinct specie - like the dodo bird - in godforsaken Bolehland country. His type is hard to find in UMNO-Utopia and difficult to survive.

    To me personally, I perceive Zaid Ibrahim to be a man of principles and a decent politician WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE OF ALL COLOURS AND CREED. It is sad indeed that we do not possess such people in ample supply in UMNO. His is a dying breed on the verge of extinction.

    No wonder we are going to the dogs and wharever we expend to develop this country and its mindsets is such a waste of funds, time and energy. All will go down the drain in the age of globalisation.

    One piece of advice to Zaid Ibrahim: Join the Opposition and fight for the people from the other side of the fence.

    We love you, Zaid, no matter what.

  23. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Kadir Jasin ,,, i need to tell you this ,,, shut the f%$k up you hippocratus .jangan give ur two cents worth of crap here . Menyampah dengar cakap u tu . You are one of the morons to be blamed for the RUT .

  24. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Zaid, Zaid Ibrahim is the epitome of a modern Malay, not a neo-feudal iconoclast. If the Malays wants to improve themeselves to survive in the age of globalisation, Zaid Ibrahim should be their fervent role model. Not a religious fanatic.

    Not an abhorrent racist. Definitely not a depraved sexist either. He is the epitome of a modern Malay gentleman. I love him. I think of him as the type that survives the new millenium. He is the sole survivor at the apex whereas the rest are mired in mediocrity and incompetence at the bottom of the pyramid.

    Of course, Rockyfella, I reckon unlike the rest, you are someone aspiring to reach the summit yourself presently. Otherwise I wouldnt be making a beeline to your ice-cream stall called Rocky's Bru.

  25. Anonymous10:13 pm

    zi berlakon byk. Wan 2 talk on syariah but kaki minum n race kuda. What lah. Padan kena drop

  26. I know not of Zaid and his outspokenness but from the various comments read here it shows that he is a true Malaysian. I know of a couple of good UMNO members and future leaders. They have been either silenced or have faced the same fate as Zaid himself. It's up to us now to vote out the corrupt. Can't help but agree with TDM. VOTE INDIVIDUALS NOT PARTIES!!!! In other words get rid of the known BN leaders who are rotten to the core. We have all read in Rocky's Blog who they are. All proof of what is going on and how they are swindling us (Their Bosses!!!) Time is now, Change is imminent, it's up to us to see it through. COME ON MALAYSIA LETS SHOW THE WORLD BETUL-BETUL MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!

  27. I know not of Zaid and his outspokenness but from the various comments read here it shows that he is a true Malaysian. I know of a couple of good UMNO members and future leaders. They have been either silenced or have faced the same fate as Zaid himself. It's up to us now to vote out the corrupt. Can't help but agree with TDM. VOTE INDIVIDUALS NOT PARTIES!!!! In other words get rid of the known BN leaders who are rotten to the core. We have all read in Rocky's Blog who they are. All proof of what is going on and how they are swindling us (Their Bosses!!!) Time is now, Change is imminent, it's up to us to see it through. COME ON MALAYSIA LETS SHOW THE WORLD BETUL-BETUL MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!

  28. Anonymous10:45 pm

    ZI knows the game, no need to justify/refute the decision. I agree with DKJ, he has invested a lot of money to build his "little empire"/brand, "ZI"; concentrate on that lah - not easy to get best of both worlds, even if you are oxbridge-educated. I'm sure equally good if not better Kelantanese will be around to take over KB... afterall it doesn't take that much brain nowadays to make noise in politics (KJ is a classic example)...

  29. Zaid Ibrahim should run as an independent!

    Could he be persuaded... perhaps through Haris' Peoples Parliament?

    Malaysians cannot allow the few known politicians with integrity (one with parliamentary experience to boot) to go to waste. There are just too few.

  30. Anonymous12:37 am

    he is a gem but in the wrong party. he wouldnt survive in a crowd of crooks which does not honour honesty and credibility.
    zaid, for the nation, leave the corrupt UMNO. you may lose millions but life is more than just monetary. do it, zaid.

  31. Anonymous1:45 am

    Zaid Ibrahim should consider membership in PPP and help the Indians as Indiana Jones to outbeat MiC and the gangsters.

    Being competent leader, he can easily topple Kayveas and face one on one against Semi Value.

    ZI should give this option a good thought. There are many rich Indians locally can feed him business proposals and contracts.

    Help those in need and be a Mother Theresa, at least that is much appreciated.

  32. Non-kelantanese like him.
    From what I know, Kelantanese (be UMNO or PAS supporters) mostly meluat.

  33. Anonymous11:23 am

    Umno is practising unhealthy culture. This will only spell the end of UMNO. All Malays should open their eyes and minds to determine whether it is worth to put their trusts in UMNO. Malays will not be a 'progressive' race if keep on supporting Umno. Mentality of the Malays who support Umno so far must change so that Malaysia will have brighter future, because Malays are still the back bone of Malaysia.

  34. Dato Zaid Ibrahim is a true politician with the voice that represent Malaysia. He deserves a place in Malaysian Government. His background with multicultural diversity knowledges and respect for all Malaysian won him a special place in our heart. To know more about him, do read his book "In Good Faith".

  35. Anonymous11:42 am

    Weep not for Zaid Ibrahim.

    After all, he is the Senior Partner of Zaid Ibrahim & Co, the largest law firm in the country.

    And his firm last year entered into a strategic alliance with Allen & Gledhill LLP, the largest law firm in Singapore.

    Maybe, Zaid is contemplating retirement and a quiet life in Singapore......

  36. ...good people don't last in worst place...

  37. Anonymous4:28 pm

    I agree with lempoyang.Zaid terlalu orang putih.To be a progressive Malay bukan gitu caranya.

    Dan kita tak boleh tunjuk sombong.Like we know EVERYTHING and orang lain SEMUA bodoh.

  38. Anonymous12:16 am

    an old entry by jeff ooi back in 2006, when zaid was THE man.

  39. Anonymous9:01 am

    Lets not confuse someone who has good ideas and a good politician, Many people have good ideas, many here obviously think you have a good idea and thats fine
    having a good idea is the easy part.
    a good politician is someone who can convince others that the idea is good, it is a combination of personality oratory skill and people's trust. You cant go into a room shouting - 'You are all idiots but thank God I am here'.
    That is the sign of a bad politician.
    If you are full of good ideas, be an aide to a good politician and let him handle all the slime that we feel so disgusted with...

  40. hmmm,let me see.. Maybe there is 2 groups at the KB UMNO. Zaid should be Mustapha Muhammad's team where as the other team belongs to Annar Musa.

  41. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is not an angel. He is a corrupted person if you ask me. He think he can have a fast track in politics by using money.
    No doubt, his law firm is the biggest in Malaysia and have a present in Bangkok adn Jakarta. But he is no angel.take that from someone who know the facts.

  42. Anonymous11:43 pm

    To all the anonymous bloggers who leave comments about him being corrupt, being involved in money politics, etc, and that he is too orang putih, and that he is a know it all/arrogant etc, - hence, a bad politician like the rest. These are pretty bold statements to make.One should at least attempt to read his book 'In Good Faith' to have a better idea about this guy. Zaid, in my view, is a politician, who is at least attempting to espouse the right attitude and the right discourse about this country - you sense that from reading the book; that he leaves the bullshit at the door and is willing to roll up his sleeves for the cause. nobody in UMNO will do that with him;at the same time, i don't foresee anybody in Opposition to effectively do the same anyway. So switching teams isn't the answer.
    Finally,surely some of you have the sense to see that he's a rare breed, trying to fix the wear and tear from WITHIN Umno? if anything, THAT could be his flaw. But a noble attempt nonetheless! and you guys are kicking him for trying?
    what do we do for the next 'Zaid' who's trying to do the same/better? drag him through the mud/down with the rest of us so we feel better for our-sorry-selves? you guys are pathetic.

  43. Anonymous12:35 am

    If one forgets, Zaid Ibrahim, the loud mouth lawyer, was convicted of political corruption and suspended from UMNO. He then went on a verbal diayarea attacking the disciplinary board of UMNO and its leaders....

    Just like most of the present day politicians in power, he is quite hypocitical. Those who know him well will tell you of his skeletons in the closet. He also plays to the gallery ie however way influence can be attained.

    While serving his suspension, he is on the Board of a giant GLC heading the disciplinary committee at that! During this tenure which still runs, he enjoyed dispensing judgement, terminating so many employees for frivolous offence,many of them first time offenders, ruining their carriers and life.

    He also talks a lot about how Islam should be interpreted, when his knowledge on Islam is very shallow and judgement marred by the years of drinking hard liquor (kindly check the bar in his office).......

    Anyone in the know will also tell you that his law firm grew quickly by quite deceitful political patronage/kickbacks and oh! his sweet deals with the now defunct Arther Andersen Consutancy.......

    It is poetic justice, that he is facing ruins in his political life as well as business life......To support such leaders who act like chameleons is at best foolhardy.........

    So to this mamak Kelantan, I say just shut up and go enjoy your law wishes

  44. Anonymous11:55 am

    anonymous 12:35 AM

    So, are you saying that Allen & Gledhill LLP made a wrong move in tying up a strategic alliance with Zaid Ibrahim & Co.

    Knowing the kiasu Singaporeans (and A & G has some pretty smart and well-connected lawyers), they must have checked out Zaid and his firm every which way, up, down, front, back and sideways before entering into the said alliance!

    Zaid down and out? Far from it. He is just following in the footsteps of Pak Lah and Musa Hitam - spending some time in exile in the wilderness before being recalled by Umno.

  45. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Dear Anonymous 12.35am,

    You are a dream come true - just the type of comment i was talking about and whooosh, there you are!

    1) Buy a dictionary, so it can teach you how to spell
    2) you believe in UMNO disciplinary hearings to be fair and trustworthy? buy a newspaper.
    3) Are you only able to source your evidence as 'for those in the know' to support your arguments? Surely they taught you more than that before you failed SPM.

    Skilgannon1066 couldn't have put it any better but with the cold hard facts, that if indeed ZI was such a dodgy person/company, no company would want to be in alliance with them. But yet, the biggest Singaporean firm (and others) is willing to?

    For all of you 'in the know', why don't you be more useful to society? try writing a fiction novel, a lot of you seem to be amazingly talented at it. Plus, no need for sourcing evidence! :)

  46. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Zaid, kalaulah sudah sesarang dengan orang-orang yang rata-ratanya goblok tetapi rakus, bersedialah menghadapi kekecewaan politik sebagai satu kepastian...

    Sejarah membuktikan bahawa politikus sentiasa iri kepada mereka yang pintar (tetapi tidak/kurang? korup) di kalangan mereka.

  47. kpd sesapa yg cakap ada bar di dalam office ZI, ni satu pembohongan yang maha besar.

    saya kerja di sini.tak pernah jumpa botol arak pun di sini.

    jgn memfitnah kalau tak tau fakta.we at ZICO respect each others' belief.

    dia bukan bodoh cam sesetengah korang nak minum di dpn staf/lawyer melayu/islam. akai ada ka..

    umno scare the shit out of him coz of his smartness and diligence.

    no other man is like him.accept the truth.
    that's why he was axed from the GE coz annuar musa is too stupid to understand.

    thank u

  48. Terima kasih. Saya menikmati membacanya.