Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who's out to "kill" Mukhriz?

Langkawi in a fix. Is someone in Langkawi Umno trying to shut out Mukhriz Mahathir from contesting in the General Election? Blogger Big Dog says this is the case. The statement made by Langkawi Umno secretary Mohd Saiful Mustaffa that the division does not want "outsiders" to contest is not true, according to the blogger.
Mohd Saiful claimed that 85 out of 91 branches in Langkawi have said NO to Mukhriz contesting in Langkawi.
Big Dog says ONLY 24 branches signed the petition drawn up by Saiful to deny Mahathir's youngest son a change to represent the island that was put on the world's tourism map by the former PM.

Go read Langkawi Umno secretary made a unilateral statement.


  1. Anonymous2:07 am

    Why does Mukhriz need to go to Langkawi? Doesn't he has anywhere else to go?

    His father's former constituency doesn't want him?

    I thought he is a popular guy with alot of support but yet he can't get a seat?

    Shall we blame Khairy?

  2. Anonymous2:37 am


    It's not Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan or UMNO president who can give approval for Rembau UMNO Parliamentary candidate.They must get first approval from Undang Luak Rembau. Even the throne of Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan is decide by this Undang Luak of 4 negeri sembilan states.

    In Rembau there are no place for egoistic,kurang ajar,opportunist,not respect to the elders especially Buapak or Undang Luak to be candidate of UMNO.KJ jauh panggang dari api.

    Even Negeri Sembilan MB get obscene gesture from this powerful Undang in live telecast several years ago.

  3. ONLY 24 branches signed the petition?

    Thats 24 branches too many. So be smart, Mukhriz, and go somewhere else. Dont be 'hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong2'.

  4. It's a dog eat dog world!

  5. Anonymous6:07 am

    " the island that was put on the world's tourism map by the former PM."

    Yea right, and at what price?
    Dilapidated monstrosities built by cronies? Mediterranean styled marinas to house a Japanese bakery? Don’t make me laugh.

  6. Anonymous7:10 am

    who's MUKHRIZ? Politically he's already dead. He killed himself politically by siding with his senile grand old man. So who's MUKHRIZ?

  7. Anonymous8:56 am

    yoo..roc.. mykmu has a topic on this.. check it out for updates..
    A sms from AJK bahagian langkawi claiming this saiful guy lied...

  8. Anonymous9:05 am

    Bro kalau 24 branch dah sign, not a good start is it.....go lah ke lubuk lain, kubang pasu ke, ceruk tok kun ka ...boleh jadi hero... baru lah anak of the great statesman....

  9. Anonymous9:20 am

    Smells like KJ?

  10. Bro,

    Tanpa TDM, Langkawi hari ini masih kekal mundur dan kaku. Jangan jadi seperti pepatah Melayu "Kacang Lupakan Kulit"

  11. Anonymous9:33 am

    Mukriz is the boy who told us that the Emperor was naked.

    When he said that Pak bLah's speech as Umno general assembly was stale and contained little that was new.

    The daggers (or keris, rather) were unsheathed from way back.

    Malaysian politics is very dirty.
    But Mukriz should stay put. If they shut you out, consider going back to becoming yourself, please. Malaysia needs more of the sincere - if a little naïve - boy who tells the Emperor and all of us the truth.

    - Seeker -

  12. Anonymous10:10 am

    Mukhriz going into Langkawi is by INVITATION of most of the UMNO people there. not by his own design or choice. The same people who begged that Dato' Bakar Taib be given a chance to stay on for another term in 2004.

    Now the same people wants Dato' Bakar to "put his money where his mouth is". UMNO Langkawi wants someone new, with fresh ideas.

    Saiful, the UMNO Secretary is living off Dato' Bakar. If and when another person becomes MP, his 'wealth' will be threantened. Hence the unilateral statement that Langkawi UMNO REJECTED Mukhriz.

    The fact is that, last Saturday, he specifically tried to organise a petition by UMNO Branch Heads against Kedah UMNO Liaison to put Mukhriz as BN's candidate in Langkawi. He failed as ONLY 24 branches agreed and some 70 others REFUSED!

    Thats why Saiful did this unilateral statement, organised by Ketua Pemuda Rawi Hamid 'pakat' with some Bernama reporter. Rawi made a strong criticsm against Tun Dr. Mahathir sometime back (for going against PM) and was detested by Langkawi folks. He had to stay away from the island resort for quite a bit!

    It is said that some of these Langkawi UMNO Excos who attended last week's Divisional meeting and totally disagree with Saiful's unilateral statement, will be holding a media conference in Kuah at 10am today.

  13. i am sure they're going through a lot of trouble to prevent him from "going up" because he is mukhriz MAHATHIR. mohd saiful is taking orders from "the top". so let's not try too hard to ratonalise the whole thing.
    his is "menurut perintah".
    ordinarily, there would some hot but friendly discussions on who should be where. but this mahathir's son, so people are spooked.
    as for mukhriz, this is never the end. this is a real challenge for him as a politician. he is on his own.
    he knows what to do. nothing is permanent.
    never say die, mukhriz.
    stranger things have happened. as we all know only too well.

    GOOD LUCK to everyone who is sincere in his or her struggle for a better Malaysia!
    (which means if you are insincere and greedy and tamak haloba.....*****@#$%^ to you!)

  14. One has to be real gullible to swallow all that we read.
    This whole thing is staged!
    First, the news goes out that Mukhriz is going to Langkawi while the local UMNO is already with its anti Mukhriz statement. The newspapers are told to play up the story.
    Mukhriz is then dropped as a candidate. This is clearly a vendetta against his father.
    They want to discredit Mahathir.

  15. Anonymous11:33 am

    While Mahathir is Mahathir.
    Mukhriz is Mukhriz.
    Sure each has his own attributes.
    Each has their followings.
    Respect is to be earned after all.
    To each his own.
    Every child on earth has to find his own space or niche.

  16. Anonymous11:38 am

    To Mukriz,

    I'm not a big fan of you as you are not really being tested yet in Umno.
    But you have the guts to say needed to say just like your father when he was younger. That's what I like.

    As for this Saiful guy, he's just another hound dog of the hound berok. One fine day he will tergolek just like his boss.

    And Mukhriz, if you are really a true fighter, I would like to see you fight whatever challenge that come from inside, regardless you win or loose and we know you have a lot of supporter inside Umno who's waiting to be on your side when the time come to kick out the other guy.

    Then only I will respect you....

  17. Anonymous11:44 am

    Sdr Zainal A Kassim

    its not a question of kacang lupakan kulit. Just because Mahathir contributed to development of Langkawi, we have to give his son a seat to contest there. We are not Singapore. Let the locals decide. For mukhriz let him find a area and not opt for parachuting into Langkawi and suddenly decide willingness to contest there.

  18. Anonymous11:51 am

    First thing first.

    1.Belated congratulation Rocky,

    You just hit 3 million on 15 Feb and today you have 3.35 million hit.

    You'll never blog alone brother.

    Stay focus bro.

    2. To Mukriz.

    Take Bro Rocky as good example. Stay focus, stay strong and stay sincere and they will come to you.
    No need to throw lots of money just to get those monkeys on your side. The rakyat knows.

    3. To cybertroopers.

    The harder you works, the more hits Bro Rocky will get. So either way, Bro Rocky still win.

    And by the way, we know who you are from your Malglish comment and content. Standard fresh graduate with some training from BTN style.

    Keep on blogging Rocky.

  19. Anonymous11:52 am

    This only shows AAB has lost control..everybody is laying claims to seats....PPP, MCA, and meanwhile PM is still waiting for instructions from his SIL.

  20. Anonymous11:53 am

    Anonymous said...

    "It's not Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan or UMNO president who can give approval for Rembau UMNO Parliamentary candidate.They must get first approval from Undang Luak Rembau. Even the throne of Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan is decide by this Undang Luak of 4 negeri sembilan states."

    All them can be bought..money is everything.. ahaks

  21. Anonymous11:58 am


    Just like in politic where "there is no permanent enemies nor friend" so are we voters nowadays.

    As you are the only person in Pemuda Umno at present willing to speak out against the boss, definately I'm in for you.

    But once you are in the same gang as the rest, I'll be the first to kick you out.

  22. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Well, well, what do you expect from a committee of snakes?

    Both former and current PMs are liars, three former Chief Judges are liars and naturally, liars breed liars.

    TDM is suffering in silence.
    TDM, please do something right... go back to the Monarchy whose wings you have clipped !!!

  23. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Kalau lah UMNO ada kat Sarawak boleh try lah...cari new seat ..itu tidak mustahil kan..just look at Norin former Chief Minister Swak..new to politic dah boleh pulak bertanding kawasan yang beliau pernah degar tapi tak pernah melawat kawasan itu...funny kan....itu lah Politic keluarga..

  24. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Dear Bru,

    To the forumers..24 too many? cari lubuk lain? jadi hero?...go take a breather...let the islanders decide...obviously there will never be unanimous support...lets look at majority supportlah...we don't have to jump the gun.

    to anon 6.07 "Mediterranean styled Marinas to house a Japanese bakery? Don’t make me laugh"...hehe...you R pathetic...don't even know what u r talking about...

  25. Anonymous12:38 pm

    with the current bunch of orangutan mps in umno, the malays will needs all the mukhrizs.

  26. Itu lah hampa ni Melayu Langkawi ,memang bangsa tak mengenang budi. Does not want "outsiders" ? Without the outsider's Dad , You all will be in your week old unwashed sarongs nibbling your rokok daun and playing checkers with your mates.Mohd Saiful Mustaffa is just a running dog for Abu Bakar Taib and whoever Abu Bakar Taib answers to.Hampa dah kena 7 keturunan sumpah Mahsuri , la ni hampa nak kena 7 keturunan sumpah Tun Mahathir... lebih Dashyat !!! And Cool hands ..if the Islanders decide its cool , but its the UNSEEN HAND thats Decides the Islanders Fate Here !

  27. Anonymous1:13 pm

    1. To Umno Langkawi,

    How about putting KJ as the candidate instead of Dato bakar or Mukhriz? any objection kah?

    2. MB Johor new candidate lates news. Today is Najib turn to go to Istana Johore. Seems Dollah cannot solve it last week.

    Istana Johor will never agree with KJ or Dollah's candidate.

    Show who's actually in charge and I love you, Tuanku.

  28. My take as a Langkawi UMNO member:


  29. Anonymous3:58 pm

    united monkeys no otak have done that sort back-stabbing on TDM days running for Kubang Pasu last 2006, mishandling TDM's Son should be petty to them.

    well, thumbs up!

    there will be more monkeys in malaysia, at the end of election.

    just wait & see!

  30. Anonymous4:01 pm

    At the end of the day, it's not Mukriz to decide where to contest. It depends whether his name is nominated or not. Nomination can come via the MB or Pemuda. Even the PM can decide if he wants to. Heck, even KJ can decide if he wants to.

    The people of Langkawi knows they have Tun M to thank for what they now enjoy. And if Mukriz stands on the island, he'll walk in. People like Saiful wants money, that"s all. He can be bought. It's quite common for money to be used generously to determine who to contest.

    Let Mukriz show what he's capable of. He wasn't allowed to contest when his father was PM. Otherwise, he would have walked in much, much earlier. You see, he's not protected, like some other people. Right Bru?


  31. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Inilah penyakit Malaysia. Balik-balik dia orang control Malaysia. Mula-mula Najib. Lepas tu anak Hussien Onn. Lepas tu anak Mahathir. Lepas tu menantu Pak Lah. Lepas tu anak Najib.

    Bayangkanlah ini. Tun Razak tu OK. Excellent. Bersih tak de corruption, nothing. Tiba Najib..tengok sendiri. Dahlah Najib tak berapa nak pandai. Lepas tu anak Najib...tak tahulah teman taraf otak dia macam mana?

    Bayahlah Bro macam ni.....

  32. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Who's out to kill Mukhriz?

    Who's sticking out their neck to help Mukhriz?

  33. ya I agree. Langkawi can choose whoever they want.

    If Mukhriz does not have enough support in Umno, he can always join the opposition, and be his own man..that is IF he thinks his popular support is there; doesn't matter where he goes ain't it?

    From what I know many years ago, a langkawi taximan told me the locals do NOT like Mahathir no matter what he did because they felt he was directly benefiting the mainlanders but NOT the langkawians.

  34. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Mukhriz is boring


  35. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Who's out to "kill" Mukhriz?

    Why its, its,.....


    Adios, amigo.

  36. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Someone is consolidating his power base. First it was Zaid Ibrahim, now Mukhriz and others will follow. Would not be too far off to say the ex PM's men are the target.

  37. Anonymous11:54 am

    This is the bigger Langkawi people's feeling, on the ground, vehemently opposing Langkawi UMNO Secretary Mohd. Saiful Mustaffa's uniltateral statement to Bernama on Monday afternoon.

    Taken from Utusan Malaysia, Wed 20/3:

    Utusan Online

    20 Februari 2008 / 12 Safar 1429

    Pemimpin Langkawi sokong Mukhriz

    LANGKAWI 19 Feb. – Para pemimpin Barisan Nasional (BN) di Langkawi menyokong Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir bertanding di Parlimen Langkawi pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12.

    Pengerusi Tetap UMNO Bahagian Langkawi, Johari Bulat berkata, setakat ini, 33 tandatangan pemimpin yang menyokong pencalonan itu telah diperoleh.

    ‘‘Ini menunjukkan Mukhriz mendapat sambutan baik di Parlimen Langkawi,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

    Menurut Johari, tujuh ahli jawatankuasa Bahagian UMNO Langkawi serta beberapa pemimpin MCA dan MIC bersetuju untuk menyokong Mukhriz.

    Sementara itu, Ketua UMNO Cawangan Sungai Itau, Maton Mahmud berkata, selepas 17 tahun berkhidmat kini sudah tiba masanya Ahli Parlimen Langkawi, Datuk Abu Bakar Taib memberi laluan kepada Mukhriz.

    Menurut beliau, pencalonan Mukhriz akan membolehkannya meneruskan perjuangan bapanya, bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad membangunkan pulau legenda itu.

    Ketua MCA Bahagian Langkawi, Datuk Chew Liau Weng pula berkata, beliau kesal dengan kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak tertentu bahawa Mukhriz tidak layak dicalonkan di kerusi Parlimen berkenaan semata-mata kerana beliau bukan anak kelahiran Langkawi.

    Liau Weng berkata, Abu Bakar memang dihormati dan disenangi di Langkawi, tetapi beliau perlu memberi laluan kepada muka baru untuk terus memajukan pulau berkenaan.

    Ketua MIC Bahagian Langkawi, Manogaran Thopasamy berkata, orang Langkawi tidak akan lupa jasa Dr. Mahathir yang membangunkan pulau itu.

    Beliau juga yakin Mukhriz mampu membawa pembangunan lebih cemerlang ke Langkawi.


    There's definitely some serious internal politics there, in Langkawi for Saiful to do that!

  38. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Mukhriz, please fight like your father. fight, fight, fight (don't know when to stop)

  39. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Bro Bru, MAY I SUGGEST THAT YOU ONLY LET PEOPLE WHO HAVE B*LLS (i.e. no "ANONYMOUS" lah) TO "SPIT"/SPEAK SOMETHING ON YOUR BLOG? I'm seeing too many B*LL-LESS commentators giving their pick of their grey matter... cakap sikit punya gah, tapi berselindung behind anonymity! I know, your visitor count could go down a bit, but what the &*%$#@ (DKJ/The Scribe did that, and looks like his blog is still ok? At least bila ada orang nak bantah, taklah ler kena refer to which "anonymous"?).

  40. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Rocky, sorry about my comment earlier on the "B*LL-LESS-Anonymous"... its gender-bias against the males obviously; so, it can also be "T*T-LESS-Anonymous? as well for the other sex...

  41. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Why does Mukhriz think it'll be easy for him anywhere? Khairy will have his and his proxies' daggers out already.

    After all, Mukhriz is the single most credible threat to him.

    Good luck to the guy though. This election already promises to be the dirtiest in Malaysian history.

    BTW Khairy himself said that the threat to Umno is from within. He means himself...LOL!

  42. Anonymous12:29 am

    apalah yang terra sangat si mukhriz ni

    don't you realise ini pun protected species, dia kata lgutu kat pak lah habih kuat kena knuckle rap aje, orang lain kalua mengata pak lah punya speech dah lama dah kena pancung....protected species...

    He is no fighter like his dad because he is a protected species, if he is fighting it will be for himself.

    anyway Dad also not that great lah...also got a few million Malaysians who hate Tun....

    let me put this in perspective

    Pak Lah got biggest ever majority in last general election because he is perceived as Mr Nice and Mr Clean which, to most Malaysians, is a major departure from??? your guess?

    My guess is Pak Lah was a big change from his predecessor who is not Mr Nice and Not Mr Clean...

    The Mahathir boys are busy enjoying their money lah, the politics is just a way to make a few more bobs...

  43. Anonymous11:28 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Mukhriz Mahathir is a rare honest guy in this mud of Malaysian politics. I know well that he would prefer to lead a simple and quiet life that he does, but he feels obliged to do something, both on local and international front. As for Langkawi, I think sikenit has described the situation well.

    We wish Mukhriz Mahathir all the best, whether they give him a chance or not.