Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I might go, says Samy Vellu

If. Samy Vellu, the hindrafted, embattled MIC leader, says he's prepared to go "if the Indian community does not want me anymore". But "outsiders" can go to hell.
Samy seems to be forgetting that Sungei Siput, the parliamentary seat he's intent on defending at the 8/3 general election, is NOT an all-Indian enclave. There are Malays, Chinese and other races. Malaysians, Samy, Malaysians.
Now, if it's up to Malaysians, what will Samy's fate be?
At Mi Rebus Tuesday which ended a while ago, a Sungei Siput voter says he's going home to vote Samy out. So will his parents and siblings. At least 5 or 6 Malay votes less for Samy there.

Read Samy's "I'm prepared to go ... even now!".


Anonymous said...

Rockyfella, just a simple message for Samy.

Mr. Samy Vellu, just go. Quit whatever you posts and psitions you have now and just go. The Indian Malaysians had suffered enough. The longer you stay put the more painful it is for them.
Make life a bit easier for them, just go.

May God Bless you for all the sufferings you had created in the past 27 years to the Indian community. Just go and enjoy the wealth you had created for yourself all these past years. Leave the Indian Malaysians alone to find their own destiny now without you around as a MAJOR STUMBLING BLOCK in their present emotional state.

Mr. Samy, go and make peace with yourself. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...


The question is IF Samy go, will it solve all the Indian issue or just to solve somebody problem.

Samy is incharge all the gomen infra project.

So which is which....

Anonymous said...

You "might" go?

Go, now please. Them people in your area don't like you no more 'cos you ain't nothing but a ........


Anonymous said...

And Anwar says it too.


Anonymous said...

so mr.pm, got hint already, drop him jer lah....pls do not ZZZZZ on this simple matter...

Anonymous said...

Then please go, make it fast.. don't waste your time and our time.Please take care of your wife, son and daughter in law. They need you...
Rasta Klang

Anonymous said...

Lies ... all lies ... They will say anything to gain sympathy, to get another shot at dipping their hands into the moneybag. Period.

En Arip said...

Saudara rocky,

Someone just dug his own grave. let's ALL make it deeper!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky,

Finally it has hit him....he damn well exit now.

The wave is heaty and Samy is sweaty !!!

As a passing shot, the bloke told the media (TV3)that he is prepared to face anyone,even LKS, in his usual arrogant self.

Dey get the fcuk out dah !!!

Rastaman (JB)

Asil said...

What he meant was, KJ & Pak Lah don't want him anymore.

It's not about Indian community, it's not about voters in general. It's about a NEW regime led by KJ.

Samy is not wanted. He doesn't have Tun to protect him. Some of his colleagues of OLD regime are leaving. He's out of KJ's circle of power.

He wants one last term to rob our country? Deny him!

Anonymous said...

prepared to go = not same as going, if he has his way, he'll be saying this in the next 20 years

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Samy

Don't let the door whack your ass on the way out...

lanaibeach said...

Sami must go
There is no place for him
In today’s politics
He has his chances
Yet he never fulfills his plan
So what’s more he wanted?
He better says goodbye

Nearly 3 decades
He only done for himself
Amongst his friends and cronies
Leaving the poor Indians
Fighting for themselves

Hindraf had made a point
The marginalized Indians got tricked
Through the years by MIC
So now what he has to say?

There is no place for him
He knows it yet he doesn’t want to go
Sami it is time you retire
Like a hunter who doesn’t see no more
In the wild of politics

Go now
You don’t have to wait at the doors
The writing has written on the walls
Pack your bags
Save the blushes of your own
Leave it before the voters send you home
In disgrace

Well I don’t miss your style of politics
On stage you had been booed and jeered
You knew it so why wait?
Pack your bags and go your way

Anonymous said...

i am really sick of all these names. they have been around for decades. dont they get bored seeing themselves on television day after day?

Anonymous said...

I thought the situation is very clear ? Either way, BN has lost Indian's votes. What is the use of having a 'representative' yet their voices not heard by BN?

Anonymous said...

Dear Samy,

Please go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky,
Have actually tried to post comment in your other blog, Rockybru2, on topic "Pak Non vs Zam" ... but as you know the comment option has been disabled.I supposed you need see this blog article, too, a letter to political editor Zainon Ahmad, about his article "May 13, 1969".


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


It doesnt matter if he goes or not.

New mic leader will be just the same too.


Mic mca gerakan and umno are bound by the same CRAPPY policies.

They think by changing guard the people will be fooled again.

Let them know their tricks are just as outdated.


Anonymous said...

Only now he talks like that. Very strange.

Coincidence is - he continues to say that people still go to him and MIC for everything.

And recently he was quoted saying that he wants to close down MAIKA after paying back the shareholders. Only some time back his son said that 'my dad is not involved in this company and not authorised to make any statements of this company'!!!

And then Samy also says, only when he is voted out in a democratic manner from MIC, he will wrap up.

Till then he is still indentifying his successor, and that will be in a few years time.

He is implying that the current deputy of his in the party is still not up to the mark. And the deputy is keeping quiet - kena respect the antics of No 1!

Actually, Samy is propping up his son, thrusting that kid to the public but when he gets questions like what you did with the MAIKA funds - the amateur cannot reply and bolts. This is different from the situation where at MAIKA AGMs he sits confidently on stage, not bothered about the thugs doing their job to stifle the voices of shareholders.

Fantastic leader in the making.

Samy has to do it - otherwise his 'records' of 'able' financial mamagement and 'fantastic' leading of the community for more than a quarter century may be used as evidence against him.

When a liability does not acknowledge itself as liability, then its time to do drastic surgery. It will be painful but to save further rot, what else can be done?

So, if this time around MIC is the cause of bad outcome for BN, itu takdir. MIC should not be a thorn in the flesh - just because of this 'innovative' leader who looks for youthful faces as candidates in the elections, but who does not want to refrain himself from contesting.

There is an Indian example - Sonia Ghandi retains a powerful grip of the party and gets Manmohan Singh to do what the party wants. Down south in India there is this fellow, Dr Ramadass who is also doing the same - only holding party position but still in control of his elected reps in parliament and state asssembly.

Samy can do that, if he is not blind. In our country Tan Koon Swan did that too. But Samy is totally 'blind' He never noticed this despite going many times to India!

Of course Sonia Ghandi does not have tainted records as bad as Samy has. I suppose thats why Samy cannot step down from contesting in Sg Siput.

A true leader, well liked by people does not need government positions. But after all Samy is only a politician who has overstayed and is afraid of letting go!

Do you all see a pathetic child in him?

NOBISHA said...

Pemimpin datang dan pergi. Cuma masa yang menentukan bilakah mereka akan datang dan akan pergi. Sewaktu Tun Dr Mahathir menjadi PM dulu, ada orang merasakan beliau patut bersara. Apabila beliau berhenti, orang yang sama juga meminta beliau kembali menjadi PM. Pada saya, pemimpin yang baik harus tahu bilakah masa untuk beliau memberikan laluan kepada orang lain untuk turut sama memberikan sumbangan besar seperti yang pernah diberikannya sebelum ini.


Anonymous said...

Salam Bro,

I remember watching the 1999 G.E result in the telly.
TMM was at PWTC then.
I remember well when he was asked by journalist at a corridor after most of the result were out and a poor show by BN then.
A journalist ask his comment on the result.
His sharp answer was:
'....goodbye and thank you for comming'

Tun....Tun!!(sambil mengeleng kepala I ni)

Well...I follow 'Good-bye and Thank You'.
It should be in the TV3 archives file I suppose?

Srikanth Siva said...

good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous said...

If Samy leaves it will start snowing in Malaysia. I really want it to snow....

Samy, you won't be missed...

Unknown said...

eheh...merajuk la tu kunun!!!

want to go - go lah!


Anonymous said...


You cannot go!
You still owe People inquiries to every crooks you have made!
You have to be wallet searched to leave Public Money and Properties before you go!
You have to answer to ACA and AG inquiry before you will be let go!
Hindraf could be after you their Rightful share of Indian Rights that you have disposed off to unknown!

Malaysia need your "expertise" to recover from all the loopholes that you have made!!
YOU will be the MOST WANTED after your descending!!

You will be Napoleon after Waterloo!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Samy "No Value".. Get lost la thamby.. What else do u want? U've made Billion's!! Still not enough Mr "No Value"?? You want to wait till u've made Trillion?

Srikanth Siva said...

This clown is 71 and still wants to go another term?

Give others a chance u hungry whore.

Anonymous said...

He should have left with TDM.

Anonymous said...

i hope he stands for elections and loses with a BIG majorityto Dr. Jayakumar. That would be justice

Anonymous said...

Dei Samy Volloo,

U can go to the hell, b'cos heaven not accept pundek like you.

Anonymous said...

Vote him out lah, vote him out!

Old Fart said...

Samy, I am an Indian. You have given me permission to say my piece about whetehr you stay or leave. So I say "Get the FUCK off of here." STop claiming that you represent me. I don't want you or any other to represent me. Without representation I can also be like V.K. Lingam. but instead of messing around with the judiciary I will mess around with EPU and make myself trillians of RM!!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect Samy Vellu to mean what he said.

Have you all forgotten the famous promise he made in the Lunas by-election? That he would live in Lunas if the BN candidate lost?

He could not even keep a simple promise like that, even after the people of Lunas offered him various homes free of charge.

He needs to taste another crushing defeat. Only then will he know what people think of him.

The crushing defeat this time may not be in Sg Siput which he may have neutered completely but rather when MIC candidates are decimated elsewhere.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Samy, plz go lar. Took so long to come to ur senses ar???

Unknown said...

MIC = MAKE INDIAN CHAM "unfortunate in Hokkien"

Unknown said...

the point being that samy go or no go, Indian will still be unfortunate under MIC "MAKE INDIAN CHAM"

Anonymous said...

Samy will go like this:


Because his opponent is not weaker than him:


Anonymous said...

Not only Samy Velu but also Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Tan Seng Giaw, Rais Yatim, Azmi Khalid, Nik Aziz, Radzi, Aziz Samsudin....... in short, those who are over sixty.

Anonymous said...

Ayoyo Samy, dei, just go lah

Unknown said...

he should go and become sami...oops

Anonymous said...

Samy, please stay


Anonymous said...

0ver 90% of our voters want Samy to go.. vote for yourself at http://www.votemalaysia.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky, i'm a frequent user of the MRR2 highway between Sg Buloh and Kepong. Samy Vellu have failed to maintain the road with thick growth found everywhere along the road, there's also an abandoned motorcycle which has been there for days. Simply bcos no toll collected Samy has totally ignored maintaining the highway. If he cannot look after the highway, how can we expect him to look after the people. BTW i understand that the Indians have started a whispering campaign among Indian voters not to support BN if Samy contest in the GE. Aiyoyo!

Knights Templar said...

When Samy Vellu completed 50 years of his role as a politician over M'sia, he wanted a special postage stamp issued, with his picture on it. He insisted the stamp to be of international quality. When the stamps were duly released, he began hearing complaints that the stamp was not sticking properly, and become furious. He called the chief of the Secret Service and ordered him to investigate the matter. The chief checked the matter out at several post offices, and then reported on the problem to Samy Vellu.

He said: "Sir, the stamp is really of international quality. The problem is, our citizens are spitting on the wrong side!"

Anonymous said...

You still around Samy?

Read my lips:


Anonymous said...

Dei Thamby Sahmee, for once listen-PORDAH!!!Buzz off

Anonymous said...

Dei Samy, mumbai lah....for once listen-mumbai PORDAH!!!

pasir gudang.

Anonymous said...

He said he "might" go, NOT he "will" go. Bah!!! He thinks we're stupid to buy into his lousy PR ploy. I hope that all Malaysians, irrespective of race and creed, vote him out. We need a change. Make it happen this GE.