Monday, February 25, 2008

Virus, or something ...

Dear Readers,

My laptop has been "affected" since Friday or Saturday. It has slowed down so much that I can't blog effectively.

I've been doing my postings using the Blackberry, which is why I can't do links and download pics. I will only be able to do them when I use the pc at the Blog House.

Please bear with me while we try to identify what's affecting the laptop.


  1. Bro punya laptop kena virus. Si Jeff Ooi hilang mobile phone.

    Macam ada konspirasi sahaja?

    Bro cubalah Ubuntu Linux.

  2. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Salam bro..

    try to dload SpyBot : Search&Destroy progie.. Its free anyway..

    Please dont simply send it to some "techi sifu of lappy" for AntiVirus cleanup or else u'll end up as EdisonChen.. and i hope u have nuthing on ur laptop. :)

  3. Install new anti virus software bro. Get Kaspersky.


  4. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Yeah, Spybot S&D is a good first start, but you also want to do multiple screening.

    AVG's Anti-Trojan will also be a good supplement. Also trya rootkit scanner.

    Run these suckers in Safe Mode and you'll stand a god chance of nipping this thing in the bud.

    Here's a link of good, reviewed Freeware where you may download some useful programs for this task.

    Good luck.

  5. Anonymous4:39 pm

    You must be surfing too much porn :)

  6. Ubuntu rocks.

    My guess is Spyware. You got Kazaa or something that is P2P?

  7. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Also try Sptware terminator. see Arnie S. at work. at realtime aslo.
    Use also Free Registry Defragment. Too much clutter around.
    all free.

  8. The only porn we notice today are of the BN types. That's for sure.

  9. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Bro, I've just finished watching the most pathetic speech by pak lah at the launch of the barisan manifesto...full of slip ups, and not convincing at all.

    Even those present don't look convinced, soft claps here and there.

    All bn images are those projects undertaken by mahathir - what has abdlah done in the last 3 yeras?

  10. Salam Bro' Rocky,

    Dengan izin Tuan Punya Blog.

    Kepada para pengunjung Blog yang ingin melihat foto-foto hakmilik peribadi "KEMPEN DIHARI PENAMAAN CALON BAGI PARLIMEN TITIWANGSA, WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN, KL." boleh masuk ke blog saya tanpa sekatan.

    Pertembungan diantara BA yg diwakili PAS dan BN diwakili pelh UMNO. Pelbagai aksi foto menarik boleh dilihat diblog ini. Dan pihak kami akan terus 'upload' foto-foto disekitar kempen pilihanraya ke 12, 2008 dari masa ke semasa. Insha'allah.

    Bagi Parlimen Titiwangsa, PAS mecalonkan tokoh muslimat yang dikenali ramai iaitu Dr. Lo'Lo' Mohd Ghazali 51. Manakala BN, pula diwakili oleh Dato' Aziz Jamaludin Mohd Tahir 54. Tempat Pencalonan Sekolah MenengaH Aminudin Baki.

    Pada hari penamaan calon semalam suasana agak meriah, dan tiada ketegangan berlaku.


  11. Anonymous6:39 pm

    BN's new slogan!

    Vote for BN! Follow the blind-sleepyhead, keep moving forward to oblivion!

    Very catchy, don't you think?

  12. "No one will be marginalized...
    everyone will kenamorelies!"

    itulah, ucapan tak habih lagi, cak!
    Mesti KarUlarBesar bagi spin!

  13. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I student di London. Nak tanya dengan you apasal dah tak berpungsi. Tutup kedai ke? Nak tengok apa yang berlaku di negara sendiri pun dah tak boleh ni...nanti tengok TVPAS, marah pula. Apa dah jadi dengan TVUmno tu. Kami nak tengoklah penamaan calon kut-kut ada...malangnya takde lak. Apa ni UMNOTV. Apa dah jadi ni.

  14. Rocky, Try Clean Up, download it free and clean up your computer. It might help. I did and it works. HAND.

  15. rocky

    try installing avast
    its a freeware for home users
    i find it amazingly better than Norton

  16. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Too much lapping, huh?

    Molten Cake...

  17. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Use this for temporary quick 'fix'. It has 15-days trial, enough to see you thru erection.
    (use the "Zonealarm Internet Security Suite")

    Do consider the possibility of 'problem' with your broadband account. Service provider has full control over this.

  18. Anonymous12:29 am

    No you know which party is using religion to get votes and harm orhers.

  19. Want me to check it out for you?
    Minimum charge only. Since i do hate BN as you do, maybe i can troubleshoot ur laptop for free - So you can blog and give more info to all people regarding BN's shits

  20. As an IT expert, I always tell people to wear a condom when using their computers.

  21. Anonymous7:56 am


    Don't be stupid. Get your hand on the rich pickings from the BN MONEYfesto. Buy yourself a new laptop. Takkan nak puas hati dengan kain batik dan lawatan sehari ke Wang Kelian? Tanya Affendi Nawawi berapa dia dapat sebelum berhenti -- a cool RM20 million from Talam man! Apa satu laptop free pun tak boleh dapat ka? Jangan bikin malu KJ la.

    BN Poster Sticker


  22. Anonymous8:44 am

    Rocky Bro

    Get help quickly from some IT chap you trust. Don't bring to a shop.

    Secondly, my advice, install these two programmes:

    NORTON GOBACK.. or similar programme so that if there is a crash, you can revert to earlier time

    Norton Ghost: Always least once every three days... since you serve the net with the internet more often than not.Get a 160G portable hard disk

    Cleanup: Clean up your Registry... you can use: System Mechanic 7 or Registry Mechanics or any of those programmes that clean registry.

    Zone Alarm suite 7.0 is good for anti-hacking or internet protection.

    I use Norton Antivirus against virus ( ie email intrusion).

  23. Anonymous9:16 am

    Bro ,
    While you working at Blog House do you need any Pizza Take Away OR M'c D or Nasi Kapau?

    Terus Berjuang Bro.......terus...

  24. Anonymous9:53 am

    apa susah-susah, campak laut aje

  25. Anonymous9:54 am

    virus, could be! from cybertrooper! coulb be! beware when there is blingkin and what it would be?


  26. Anonymous11:06 am

    Actually, it just came through my mind other than virus ...

    1. It could also be you are running too many application at the background without having enough RAM. This does slow down your computer, especially if you are having an old system while running too many newer desktop application.

    2. Some "share-rights" (some people may call like to call them "free") actually does run some kind of information collection from your computer at the background to justify their software to be use freely. Too many of such downloaded application installed in your computer does slow it down as well.

    ... hope that helps you to find out what happened to your laptop ... cheers ... :)

  27. I am trying to understand how Rocky`s ailing computer and Jeff`s loss of his mobile is a conspiracy!

    How is it that when one`s computer got infected with 'whatever', it is not the owner`s fault and how is it that when one loses one`s mobile, it is not the owners carelessness.

    It is always a conspiracy!

  28. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Ya sorang dari talam, sorang lagi dari metro kajang - jual maruah jual harta & tanah rakyat - syok la developer to semua...

  29. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Rockyfella, the blogger community are having a field day feeding off the phone connections of BN Bolehland this GE12. I won't be surprised if the powers that be disconnect all of us from the Internet to seek alternative opinions and intel on the polls.

    The BN is evil, sly and cunning -they will stop at nothing to blow you guys to smithereens even with C4. Altantuuya is just one good example.

  30. Hi Bro Rocky,

    I think you might be my neighbour..or somewhere near my house.. since I always saw u getting ur regular TT at some regular mamak stall near equine.(al-something restaurant.. ;) )

    If you want me to take a look at what's wrong with your laptop..

    just email me at this id using gmail or gtalk.

    i will be more that happy to spend sometime doing some troubleshooting for u.. a lot's of probability.. but.. physically checking it would be my best method of troubleshooting.. (either hardware, software..or other issue..)