Monday, February 25, 2008

Pak Lah's promises, BN manifesto

updates, 9pm

Quotable quotes: None, really.

Or perhaps this one?: "Our economy grew by 6.3 per cent in 2007, the best it had performed since 2004". - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, BN chairman, when launching the BN 2008 Election Manifesto today.

My own trivia: What's the difference between this manifesto and the one the BN had in 2004?
It has 9 pages more. It was 24 pages now, 15 pages then.

Read the MSM's piece on the manifesto here.

Original posting:
At 4pm, the BN will launch this manifesto (click HERE).
Pak Lah will make more promises.
Tonnes of statistics in the manifesto. Tonnes and tonnes.
If you can't keep your word, give them tonnes of statistics.


Anonymous said...


Jim Carey's one?

Anonymous said...

jeez, for essay competition ke?

nep for all malaysians ( malays, chinese, indians & dll )& not for umno & the running dogs only - that what we want.

the rest of his lies, ask him to make it into a book & give it to khairy's son as bedtime stories.

Anonymous said...

I like when he said we are 'TeH's Applez' and Singapore was liek 'Teh's lil' GraPe'.

Makes life in Malaysia so much more positive! weeeeeeeeeee.

Anybody got newpaper clippings from Singapore? I'm curious what was their rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

Rockyfellan, Sun Tzu's Art of War states: If you cannot conquer your enemy now, you confuse them with misinformation and diversionary tactics so that the job of overwhelming them at a later stage can be done easily.

That's exactly what Bodowi's doing. His advisors and spin doctors are not really that dump. Voters aint so stupid either.

Anonymous said...

yup, he might as well promise

1) to put first man in pluto....
2) all malaysians earn at least US$5,000
3) all public universities top 10 with um #1 beating mit and oxford

and at the next election will say, "i didn't promise anything"......

Anonymous said...

woah, let's see who will fall asleep first: the first row seats or the person delivering the statistics.

or it could be a ploy to distract the opposition. because really, i think you don't need all these stats to win votes. i've already heard rumours that families are receiving a water tank each in a small kampung here, and overnight there are electric poles being erected in the said kampung.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Shah Alam voter!

Kepada pengundi-pengundi di Shah Alam yang telah berdaftar dan mempunyai hak untuk mengundi, berfikirlah dengan waras sebelum mengundi. Saya tidak mempunyai hak untuk mengundi tahun ini kerana saya berada di Bali pada Jan/Feb, Pak Lah telah mengumumkan untuk mengadakan pilihanraya dan saya tidak mempunyai kesempatan untuk mendaftarkan diri (Saya akui itu adalah kesilapan saya pada tahun lepas). Saya mendapat tahu bahawa Anwar Ibrahim layak bertanding pada April 2008 dan pilihan raya ini di percepatkan agar beliau tidak dapat bertanding di pilihan raya tahun ini. Jadi hanya inilah yang mampu saya sumbang dan mahu melihat perubahan di bandar Shah Alam.Di bawah ini adalah sebab-sebabanda harus tau kenapa anda perlu melakukan perubahan dan mengundi dengan bijak :

1. Tanah Hutan Simpanan Bukit Cerakah telah di tukar status kepada tanah perumahan sebanyak 30% oleh Khir Toyo padahal tanah hutan simpanan ini harus di kekalkan untuk masa hadapan kita juga dan pemuliharaan sekitar dan saya lihat banyak rumah yang di bina tidak di duduki lagi kerana harga yang mahal dan tidak mampu di miliki oleh penduduk Shah Alam. Kenapa tidak mahu membina rumah kos murah di kawasan industri/kilang yang mana masih ramai yang menyewa rumah di sana dan juga di Kuala Selangor yang mana masih banyak lagi penduduk kampung yang tinggal di rumah yang di perbuat oleh kayu dari membina rumah mewah di Shah Alam yang tidak mampu di miliki oleh penduduknya yang berpendapatan rendah?

2. Shah Alam diisytiharkan sebagai bandaraya pada 10 Oktober 2000 dan saya berharap dapat melihat agar banyak perubahan untuk penduduk dari segi ekonomi, kesihatan, keselamatan, fasilti dan lain-lain. Saya memilih dari aspek kesihatan yang paling penting dalam hidup kita kerana kalau kita tidak sihat kita tidak mampu untuk mencari nafkah dan melakukan sebarang pekerjaan. Apa yang saya berharap kerajaan negeri dapat membina Hospital Awam setelah di naikkan taraf sebagai bandar seperti di Petaling Jaya dan Klang. Kita tidak mampu untuk membayar harga perubatan di Hospital Swasta seperti Selangor Medical Centre dan Darul Ehsan Medical Centre. Kenapa harus kita sebagai bandar Shah Alam yang mempunyai jumlah penduduk melebihi 400,000 orang (syarat-syarat untuk mendapat mengiktirafan bandar dari laman web MBSA) tidak mempunyai Hospital Awam, adakah semua orang Shah Alam kaya? Kenapa susah sangat mahu membina Hospital Awam? Kenapa mudah sekali dibangunkan pusat kesenian di belakang Hotel Grand Bluewave? Adakah kita perlu meminta bantuan dari Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary supaya membina hospital di Shah Alam? Tanyalah diri anda selama 8 tahun Shah Alam menjadi bandaraya adakah taraf kesihatan penduduk semakin baik dengan masalah di belenggu denggi dan lain-lain.

3. Sewaktu saya kecil sehingga sekolah menengah kawasan seksyen 2 Shah Alam mempunyai tapak gerai di pinggir jalan dan peniaga makanan secara kecil-kecilan yang telah lama berniaga. Kawasan gerai itu telah dirobohkan dengan idea MBSA untuk membina bangunan baru yang lebih bersih dan selesa tetapi setelah 8 tahun masih lagi seperti dahulu dan gerai yang di pindahkan di hadapan Wet World adalah amat jelik, kotor dan berbau. Kasihan kepada peniaga-peniaga gerai yang tersepit kerana birokrasi kerajaan dan tidak dapat berniaga dengan selesa dan masih menunggu selama 8 tahun untuk mendapat gerai baru.

4. Masih anda ingatkah litar lumba Shah Alam dahulu yang terkenal dengan Mick Doohan dan lain-lain. Selain itu litar di Batu Tiga itu memberi platform untuk mat rempit berlumba pada hujung minggu. Litar tersebut di musnahkan oleh Khir Toyo dan memberi peluang kepada Lebar Daun untuk membina kawasan perumahan baru. Sekarang anda dapat melihat bandar Anggerik ini dipenuhi oleh Mat Rempit setiap malam dan menjadi sesak dan tidak selamat. Kenapa tidak membina litar trek yang baru untuk mereka berlumba dengan kos yang kecil? Saya amat membenci bila melihat dataran Shah Alam dipenuhi oleh mat rempit dan membuat bising sesuka hati. Mereka menjadi begitu kerana tidak mempunyai tempat berlumba yang sah, aah lupakan ajalah tentang Shah Alam kalau anda merasakan Shah Alam tidak memerlukan perubahan........

Please copy and paste into the message to your friend!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:34 PM

The Spore govt didn't even bother to rebut.

They let the facts speak for themselves. Like a S$6.4 billion BUDGET SURPLUS for the just-ended financial year. Like a corporate tax rate of 18% and a top personal income tax rate of 20%. Like 2 of the top 5 sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) in the world being Singapore-owned, with estimated combined assets in excess of US$300 BILLION. Like a free trade agreement between the Gulf Co-operation Council and Spore. And so on, and so forth.

Let's see if the BN manifesto includes the PM's reported claim that Malaysia is the 8th most competitive economy in the world, according to an unnamed international survey. And no, this was not reported in the Malaysian mainstream papers, but was picked up by the Spore Straits Times.

Like they say, you can fool some people some of the time.......

Knights Templar said...

I look to my left .. i see my brothers crying .. i look to my right , and see my sisters suffering ...and i then look all around and see our children Questioning ! And Then i stare right in front of me , and i realise thats its all OUR doing ! In My Moment of Grief i ask HIM ... Why ? Then i turn Behind and then only i realize .. He Has Forsaken Us Long Ago ...But At what PRICE ? ..... I wish you well D0C ... always in my prayers .

bayi said...

"If you can't keep your word, give them tonnes of statistics."

That's right. Confuse and confound them if you can't convince them.

You will note that all the key action words in the sentence start with CON. In other words, CON them!

Anonymous said...

First lie about the date the Parliment was desolved.

Now even bolder, a written piece of bullsh*ting manifesto.

Anonymous said...

Aiya Rocky , be fair to Abdullah, he has just been warming up in the 90 minutes soccer match for the past fouuuuur... years ,so he shall need at least another 20 years to get things in order and fulfill his promises back in 2004.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:34 PM

Don't forget Khir Toyo's remarks about comparing Klang Valley "apples" against Singapore "apples".....

The wonder of it is that KT said it with a straight face.

Hands up all those who believe that the Klang Valley can/will catch up with Singapore.

The problem is that the "little red dot" is a living, breathing reminder to the BN government of what Malaysia could have been...

Look at the resources that Singapore TV channel Channel NewsAsia has deployed in covering this election - they have reporters in Penang, Kelantan, KL and Johor - and a special website link that is frequently updated. Plus analyses from Singapore and Malaysian-based political analysts. That's the way it should be done.

lanaibeach said...

4 years ago sleeping beauty slept through
Now 24 pages to make him sleep more
Doesn’t he learn it at all?
It is action no more sweet words

It is just retro
Back in 4 years ago
He hardly moves at all
The convictions he doesn’t do
Only sleeping and snoozing
In the Land of Kangaroo

BN says the government subsidized $43.3 billion
This is why the prices of goods are low
BN leaders never tell us
Who pockets the money after all?

The sleeping head can’t understand economics
So why thrash it out as if he knows it?
The ledger must have two sides
One debit; one credit…………..
So who are the beneficiaries BN?

The lying must stop at his doors
It mustn’t be allowed to fool the people anymore
Jumping Jack has to go
There is no place for him and his goons

BN manifesto
It will be just a show
Written in glorifying words and nicely packaged it
When BN controls the country again
It will gather dust atop BNM vault

So voters learn the truth
Use your vote make a difference
Crucify the devils; let the freedom sings
In our hearts and in our souls
May Allah bless us all……

Anonymous said...

The manifesto is a manifest to the fact that he is losing his plot, confused and wishful thinking. Too below par in his grasp of issues and offered solutions. Definitely not the person who is capable to drive the nation forward. Compoundedly made a fool by his supporters and son in law...

Anonymous said...

MALU LA.... reported Malaysia punya gdp growth only at 6% for 2007, MANA DATANGNYA 6.3% NI

Anonymous said...

My Injun sidekick says "Pak Lah speak with forked tongue. Like desert snake. Me get Injun brothers to go on warpath."

Anonymous said...

this blogger should be wf the media...

Anonymous said...

This Pak Lah is just another stupid demagogue like a 'rusa entering a kampung'.

Sigh! How could Malaysia progresses with a stupid demagogue with narrow outlook and who doesn't use his brain?

This stupid demagogue was alright when his late Endon was around. But with Endon gone, this stupid demagogue is totally useless. He has no idea in managing the country. Malaysia is doomed with this stupid demagogue taking reign again.

Malaysia is ruled by warlords of different races. Sigh! How on earth could these warlords dupe the rakyat with miserable goodies but when elected, plundering big time the wealth of the nation?

Is there a law to punish all these warlords who would commit all these broad daylight robbing during their helm?

It's time the rakyat send all these traitors of the millennium to a cold dungeon during the voting day, starting with this stupid demagogue.

The rakyat got rid of one old nefarious demagogue just to see another demagogue surfaced. Why Malaysia is cursed with all these demagogues ruinning the nation???

God please save Malaysia from sinking by all these no-soul warlords.

Anonymous said...

on a slightly serious note, i wonder if they are willing to reveal how they arrived at these statistical figures?

i remember back when Dr. Lim Teck Ghee of ASLI-CPPS did a study on Bumiputra Equity, the figures and conclusions were vehemently refuted by the government. the government arrived at their own figures, yet unwilling to disclose how they made the calculations or where their data came from.

Anonymous said...

promises from a mouth that lied to the people is liken to a skunk run over by a municupal alam flora garbage truck on a wet Friday night.

Anonymous said...


1-Nobody has ever asked the goverment why GUTHRIE/GOLDEN HOPE/ SIME DARBY merger which suppose to create the biggest plantation company has ended being listed as a PROPERTY company on KLSE. 2 Biggest brands lost and those marketing gurus would charge you a bomb to teach about branding..prosperity?
2-Anybody care to ask whether CIMB screwed up on the exercise?RM100Million commission, a good bonus for a screwed up job!
Peace ?

Anonymous said...

Govt covering their ears and goin 'lalalala I aint hearin you'


High Banana
(literaly translate it to cantonese)

Anonymous said...

Govt covering their ears and goin 'lalalala I aint hearin you'


High Banana
(literaly translate it to cantonese)

Anonymous said...

I have been a strong BN supporter for many years.

Now thing has change, BN can came out with 101 promises both written and verbal and it will not make any difference.

I have change my mind will vote the opposition from 8-3-2008 onwards just to reduce their 2/3 majority.

Vote for change vote for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

"janji ka?saya ada janji ka?tarak!tarak!bukan saya!itu 'text' saja saya baca!bukan janji"
the end.


mn said...

Manifesto BN ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The difference between a misfortune and a calamity is this: If Badawi fell into the Klang river, it would be a misfortune. But if someone dragged him out again, that would be a calamity."

Dilla said...

on Pork-lah has the ability to launch the Bee-End 2008 manifesto without even an ounce of embarassment.
Yes, he might win in PRU12, and the next and the next.
I just hope he remembers the number of Malaysian he will have to apologize to when Judgement day comes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, MONEY pest o!

Anonymous said...

'Like desert snake' nay nay!
same as Israeli snake, that much more likely.
cos porah LAH speaks lies in advance!
oh! my god! keep away this kind of person from me!

sleep like log.
speak the truth!