Friday, February 29, 2008

Syed Mokhtar, Zaid among Asia's most generous

Malaysia's Heroes. Zaid Ibrahim, who was dropped by the BN from its candidates' list for next month's GE, is on Forbes' list of top 48 philanthropists in Asia! Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, who has been sidelined, backstabbed, and flying-kicked by Abdullah's cronies since Pak Lah took over as PM is on the list, together with Hishamudin Ubaidula and Amar Leonard Linggi Tun Jugah.

Click HERE to read what they've done for the needy.


  1. personally,i respect Syed Mokhtar.He is really generous eventhough he is not the RICHEST man in Malaysia.

    however,i dont really know about the reason he was backstabbed by Abdullah's cronies.anyone,care to elaborate more?

  2. impressive...i like people who help others.

  3. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Yayasan Udadi had its funds from the hard work and business vision and acumen of SOK Ubaidullah built over 60 years.This is a well known fact.

    But the rest have acquired it through political patronage or what I call, state welfare contributions to the rich and famous. The information is public. If I were just handed a power station or a monopoly, on a silver platter, negotiated, I can become a billionaire overnight. Deliberately dishing out lucrative projects to certain people by the Govt of the day does not legatimise it. It is actually, taking away someone elses right to get the contract. By this definition alone, it is a form of corruption.

    As for our drunkard Zaid, he made his money on political patronage and dicey deals with AA Consulting. Of course when you have a lot of money, you can then do anything for any reason.

    Having said that, I wouldnt like to take away the good work being put in by these gentlemen and may they be rewarded for it, based on their intentions.

    Lastly, a person with Rm100 who donates RM 10 is better than a person with RM 1 Million donating a thousand RM............

  4. Anonymous12:29 pm

    can anyone enlighten me, in what way Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar was sidelined, backstabbed and flying kicked by no1's cronies?

    - Philantrophist (in-the-making)

  5. Anonymous12:45 pm


    That is why Zaid was dropped from UMNO Parlimentary candidate for Kota Bharu and Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar was "silently killed" by cancelling the double tracking KTM project some years ago. TS Syed Mokhtar also recieved discrimination in Airport Senai and Port Tanjung Pelepas.

    The reason is, UMNO is too greedy to take 'em all and those who giving back via foundations should be made poorer !!

    This is UMNO Way of Life

  6. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Charity sees the need, not the cause.

    I would prefer to be unknown as the most generous person than being known as the richest man.

    May God bless them all.

  7. my two favorite Malay heroes- Syed Mokhtar and Zaid Ibrahim.


  8. Anonymous1:46 pm




  9. what about vinod sekhar who just donated 8 million pounds for a university?

    syed mokhtar himself is a malay crony. what's the difference?

    zaid ibrahim has also benefitted tremendousl yfrom govt contracts.

  10. Anonymous2:55 pm

    It is good to read about generous Malaysian for a change.

    Best wishes to all the generous people.

  11. Anonymous3:44 pm

    KJ also should be in the list la bro. He's also generous - to his croonies & dogs using duit gomen.

  12. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Anon 12.26...

    why cant u just see the goodness that they have done? You know what, I wouldnt mind at all if Syed Mokhtar got his contracts through 'connections'. at least I know that the money is used wisely, i.e. yayasan al-bukhary and not to feed his ego.


  13. Anonymous5:20 pm

    No big deal lah. Can't take it with you when you are not around.

    Lately, I have taken into my home a stray cat who have given birth to 6 kittens. I felt good.

  14. Well, the thing abt wealth matter how bad you are being sidelined or really is from Allah. SM gives so much & he is being rewarded by God. As for the people who manipulates government to get richer...what God gives, He can take back!

  15. Anonymous7:13 pm

    they are all con men lah .. lets get real here. in the quest to put one person down, dont use every ounce of available data, and link it to making that said person bad. we can interpret things any way we want. sigh

  16. Anonymous7:15 pm

    was UMNO any diferent before, and will be it any different? I agree with the earlier comment on us getting real about these things. im off to read some serious matter.

  17. Khairy Jamaluddin DO NOT BULLSHIT, here is a real case for you and if you are a real OXFORD UNIVERSITY GRADUATE then you will know that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali needs to be prosecuted for committing criminal offences.

    I refer readers to my post on this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin, son in law of the Prime Minister and play-boy with a fleet of very expensive cars, please go to

    Dear Khairy Jamaluddin is all hot air, lots of empty talk before election and nothing but promises after the election. He has been put into the deputy leadership of UMNO Youth. Where else can his father in law “fast track” him into the front ranks of UMNO and eventually to succeed Ahmad Bedawi as Prime Minister ? I have observed many times that Malaysia is an oligarchy in the IRON GRIP of UMNO elite. The promises he has made so far can only exist in his mind alone and in fact cannot be realized. They are mere empty promises and are not to be taken seriously.

    Let me draw this Khairy Jamaluddin’s attention to the ongoing ROYAL COMMISSION INTO JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ! What is Khairy Jamaluddin going to do to ADDRESS JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ? This is what solid and down to earth ISSUES that need to be addressed; and has he said anything about it ? Let me cite my wife’s CASE : ORIGINATING PETITION No.: D2-26-41 of 2001 in the HIGH COURT IN KL was struck out by the PRESIDING JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI, who is now promoted to the court of Appeal. It is hilariously funny that judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali was so IGNORANT OF THE LAW THAT SHE AWARDED TO THE RESPONDENTS WONG KEM CHEN, STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN AND KWONG SEA YOON 2 directly OPPOSING ORDERS (a) for security for costs, which my wife paid in the sum of RM.60,000; therefore by this payment by my wife there is nothing else to be done except to go to court; but instead judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali went on to ILLEGALLY AWARD TO THE NAMED RESPONDENTS A SECOND AND OPPOSING ORDER TO STRIKE OUT PETITION.

    The ignorance of this judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is so comically profound THAT ALL HER ACTIONS ON THE BENCH IN HER ADJUDICATION OF MY WIFE’S PETITION WERE CRIMINAL. She committed the following criminal OFFENCES :

    (1) Aiding & Abetting respondents Wong Kem Chen, Stephen Lim and Kwong Sea Yoon TO COMMIT the criminal offences of PERJURY & FORGERY
    (2) Acting jointly with above criminal respondents in A CONSPIRACY TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE
    (3) Acting jointly in a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences
    (4) Acting jointly in a conspiracy to obstruct police investigating criminal offences
    (5) Committed the criminal offences of Malfeasance.

    I had written countless letters to the Malaysian A.-G, Chief Judge of High Court of Malaya, copies to President & Secretary of Malaysian Bar Council and to this day I have not received any response. Here is a Judge of the Highest Court of Malaysia who does not KNOW THAT SHE WAS IN FACT COMMITTING SEVERAL CRIMINAL OFFENCES WHILE PERFORMING HER JUDICIAL DUTIES. I have invited the Malaysian A,G, and all those mentioned above to come to Australia to obtain my EXTRADITION FOR SEDITION so why have they failed to clear the name of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali ? Why bother for the Malaysian Government to spend several millions of Ringgit to hold a bullshit Royal commission when criminal behaviour of Judge Zainon Binti Mohd. Ali is all there to READY FOR PROSECUTION.

    What is this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin going to do about a REAL CASE and not one that is hot air. I invite the Malaysian Government to come to Australia to get my EXTRADITION.



    The 50 years of crony, crooked racist politics has at last culminated to this YEAR OF CHANGE. The last 50 years for the Chinese & Indians were the years of living dangerously; the years of living under the specter of racial pogroms. We were threatened by the Malay KRIS and we accepted these humiliation because MCA & MIC had emasculated our people and all for the personal aggrandizement of a few Chinese & one Indian SAMY VELLOO who crawled on his belly to lend cover to UMNO to further the interests of the UMNO oligarchs.

    This year has seen the collapsing of many of the pillars that had for 50 years bewitched the Malay rakyat to believe that THE MALAYS CAN TAKE IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES. UMNO had in fact undermined the development and progress of their own Malay people to stay in power. The so called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that has for so long deprived the Chinese & Indians had by the twist of fate worked to divide the Malays into the elite who enjoy “connected privileges” and the ordinary RAKYAT whose father is not a Tun, Dato or Tan Sri and hence 22 million who are unconnected live like the Chinese & Indians; largely deprived from a share in the distribution of the national wealth.

    The Malay rakyat like the Chinese & Indians too had been cheated by the UMNO oligarch from achieving true and real progress; this had been the irony of fate. The truth is that in all the world, no vested interests group of any modern society can ever keep 45% of their population in a permanent state of privation and expect to achieve a harmonious society. There are 1000’s of living example to draw from, why not look at what has become of UGANDA and the consequences of Idi Amin driving the Indians out ! Why not look at Kenya, and to what is even today taking place that invites comparison with “513” but one that you Malays can see in stark relief is to cite the permanent state of war that exist between the Israelis and the Palestinians; can this war ever in our lifetime see peace ?

    I do not think that any argument, however well shaped it might be is going to influence change and we all know that Malaysia really need change. It is quite hilarious to say it but it has to be said that Malaysia under UMNO is headed backwards and towards “FEUDALISM”, and what the Malays see as “MALAY PRIDE”. It is really comical that in this day and age when even the British talk of giving up the royal family bullshit; here comes Malaysia wanting the restoration of feudalism. This craziness has a lot to do with the Malay obsession for “rank” or what the Malays call “pankat”; and in this respect they have restored the ceremonial heraldic titles like “Tun” “Tan Sri” “Dato” etc. I observe in the upcoming election that progenies of former UMNO leaders are entering the elections to take the place of their fathers and fore-bears. These events set the foundations for the calcification of a feudalistic oligarchy; and the surest endorsement of these developments is the public denial by non other than former PM Mahatir Mohd. That in his government he did not approve of “DYNASTIC” politics and that for that reason he did not elevate his son to take his place. That to be sure is debatable !

    The fore going discussion is the basis for my perspective that “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RETARDED THE POSSIBLE PROGRESS OF THE MALAYS”.

    (1)Why affirmative action or more correctly RACIAL DISCRIMINATION has retarded the progress of the Malay rakyat & the Malaysian nation as a whole.

    The truth hurts, I mean the truth to the Malays hurt, but why bother to say anything if it is not the truth. Malaysia has 23 million Malays, and about 5 million Chinese & Indians. We the minority component of Malaysia do not get a look in on the largesse of the government ever but on the other hand we pay the baulk of income tax ( I think about 55% or a bit more); this has gone on from ever since the first days of independence. To say the least the Chinese communist led by Chin Peng forced the early departure of the British. It was not, as claimed by UMNO that the British were forced to leave Malaysia by the Tengku and his UMNO party. If it was not for the pressure of the Communist, then what is the pressure that forced the British out because the Malays fought the Communist on the side of the British ? It was Chin Peng and the Communist Party fighters that caused the British to haemorrhage national treasure (made the Brits go broke) that forced them to leave Malaysia.

    The Chinese & Indians do and did contribute to the development of Malaysia and form the baulk of income tax contributors. The least that we can expect is equal treatment; we do not and have not expected any hand outs from the government. We are Chinese and we can look after ourselves; and we live by very little and we save a lot for capital. What I am saying in a nutshell is that we Chinese willingly accommodate the GOVERNMENT’S UNJUST EXPROPRIATION OF THE NATIONAL WEALTH FOR A SMALL ELITE MALAY GROUP.

    I had earlier said that 23 million are Malays, and of these 23 million Malays, how many benefited from government scholarships ? Yes ! every year more than 5,000 (“guestimate” agar agar saja), gain scholarships, but of these only a handful of Malay scholars go on and pursue a course of study that has any practical application; the courses pursued are mostly in the “ARTS” disciplines, and very rarely do we see a Malay pursue a course in engineering or in SCIENCES; as a consequence most Malay graduates cannot find employment outside of the government; WHAT A WASTE OF SCARCE RESOURCES. The source of this dislocation between government largesse and returns of funds for training lies in the fact that recruitment of recipients for scholarships are stymied by nepotism and crony politics; the best that the Malay race can offer will not get the scholarships. You need to be the son of somebody to get anywhere. This distortion of the system has gone on for 50 years and will go on if it is not stopped now.

    I had earlier said that we Chinese do accommodate you Malays (mostly because we cannot oppose ), but we also do grudge that what we Chinese have been so crudely deprived of go to benefit only a very few and most of these scarce resources are squandered by irresponsible bureaucrats. The results of this wastage is to train an Army of unemployed “clerks” who can do nothing. Unfortunately this blind affirmative actions cannot produce sufficient numbers of useful and highly skilled workers; Malaysia has not progressed at all in the globalised 21st century. We are behind Vietnam, Thailand, and soon you will be behind such 3rd world minnows like Cambodia and Laos.

    Tomorrow, I will discuss why Malaysia will regress economically, while the rest of Asean will pass you by.



    At the time of “513” I lived at Kamunting Street, which was at the edge of Kampong Bahru. The riots started from Kampong Bahru and engulfed Chow Kit R market. The whole riot was carefully planned by that fellow, former Mentri Besar of Selangor, Dato Harun. There was nothing spontaneous about it at all. It was just foray to slaughter as many Chinese as the Malays can. We who lived in that area around Kamunting Street were ourselves poor Chinese and we went through privation just as much as the Malays, but with one difference, they (Malays) got government assistance while we ahd to scratch for what little that we could. My father was just a lowly accounts clerk and we did not have much as children, even to eat. How much can we expect when my family were 9 children ? Therefore, we were in fact worse off then our Malay nirghbours. All of us Chinese, Indians and Malays have the same background, NOT ALL ARE RICH ! “513” therefore was the bogey to scare us of the minority group into submission and it succeeded because Malaysian Chinese were badly led by common traitors of our own Chinese people. This has gone on for 50 years. This is the year of change and we are accountable to our grand children and their children after then. We all Chinese and Indians have a duty to bring about CHANGE and this is the year because Barisan national is led by a SLEEPY HEAD PRIME MINISTER. GO OUT AND VOTE OPPOSITION.

    It is still not fully appreciated by all Malaysians that globalisation has already left Malaysia behind; today it is Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and very soon it will be the real 3rd world wallahs like Cambodia Burma and Laos that will pass us by. Glad to say it, because the decline of Malaysia is already past redemption, MALAYSIA IS ALREADY A BASKET CASE. Why do I say it with so much relish ? And why not, my experience during the riots has made me want to gloat whenever Malaysia suffers adversity. I am no more or less than what the average Malay will find happiness at the suffering of the Chinese or the Indians. You ENJOY to see me fall and in the same way I enjoy to see you fall. UMNO & the Malays think that they have taken all and left nothing for us; that if I may say so myself, is just about true ! But as I said in my discussion in Part 1, as fate would have it the hoggish behaviour of the Malays laid the very foundation that will see the Malays RACE TO THE BOTTOM of the third world. Sort of like PROVEDENCE has taken the side of the Chinese & Indnas.

    I will discuss the thinking that drove UMNO and Malay leaders in Malaysia as opposed to the thinking of Singapore vis a vis the issue of introducing a Bahasa Kebangsaan ( hope I got it right now that I am Australian ), the national language. Malay leaders at the time of Merdeka were all fired up and wanting to change everything “yesterday”; and they went more in the manner of vandals destroying everything and would only have what they thought would be just MALAY. The sin of pride gripped them and every one who is any one IS AN EXPERT. Malay leaders were just plain tunnel “visioned” and they in fact vandalized and discarded their one big advantage which they inherited from their colonial masters, the British. It really amuses me to note that at that time Malaysia had a very distinct advantage over the other “ASEAN” NATIONS, we were fluent in English, Malay, Chinese and to a lesser extent Indian. We were in fact at that time MULTILINGUAL; an absolute advantage in these times of globalisation. To say the least it used to be Japanese that most businessmen wanted to learn when Japan was the biggest dog in the neighbourhood. Now thank god for the Chinese, we have become the bigger dog than the Japs and now even the “Mat Salleh” is learning Chinese. Malaysia had some very excellent Chinese schools, but the Malaysian government’s language policy has caused that advantage to close as well. Malaysia boast that she is an English speaking country when they want to attract Chinese mainland student to come and learn English in Malaysia; WHAT A JOKE ? Sorry to say so, but the truth is that it was in my generation that the last English fluent Malaysia had graduated. Yes, it was my generation that Bahasa Kebangsaan was introduced; and mainly it was because I did not like to learn Bahasa that I left Malaysia. NO REGRETS !

    In the case of Singapore, their leaders were more enlightened and they consolidated and progressed with what language advantage that they had at the time of independence. Singapore today teaches in English & Chinese as the main language and other minor languages are allowed to flourish at their own pace. Singapore was progressive and when asked what was Singapore’s advantage, in DOHA recently Mr Lee Kuan Yew said that Singapore had progressed as fast and as far because Singapore had 80% Chinese and 8% Indians; these were according to him was Singapore’s advantage. Why is it that Singapore at the time of independence with no resources, except for their people and with a small population (1 million), and now they are 4 million, had progressed to the extent that today’s GDP for Singapore is higher than that of Australia and their per capita is also higher than that of Australia. This is sure something, believe or not does not matter but those are the facts.

    The factor that retarded the progress of Malaysia most was the compulsory insistence that the medium of instruction to be in Bahasa, and that English to be taught for a mere two or three hours per week. Yes, even today there are those Malay chauvinists who want to reintroduce Bahasa as the medium of instruction for MATHS & SCIENCE. The biggest set back for tis language policy is that not too many BOOKS ARE WRITTEN IN BAHASA; and if you do not have the books you just cannot learn Maths & Science ! There is a great rush for Mainland Chinese to learn English because English is the language of science & Maths and in engineering and everything that is important. How would you honestly rate Bahasa as a language og science & maths ? However even if by tomorrow, the Malaysian Government were to reintroduce English like the old times, Malaysia has already GIVEN UP their advantage and to start again will take another 50 years to get to where you were 50 years ago; so in truth Malaysia is 100 years to get to the start line. MALAYSIA IS ALREADY A BASKET CASE AND ALL YOUR JAMALUDDIN AND NAJIBS CANNOT PUT HUMTY DUMPTY TOGETHER AGAIN.

    I will a write my third part I hope tomorrow.



    I read an article in yesterday’s Malaysiakini ( Feb./27) that voters need to punish UMNO, but I believe more correctly that UMNO, MCA and MIC should not exist any longer because fundamentally the reason for the continued existence has too long ago become irrelevant. These three race based Parties were cobbled together willy nilly to bring together the three main races of Malaya for the purpose of agitating for an independent Malaya from the colonial rule of the British. The three “leaders”, of the Tengku, Sambantan and Tan Cheng Lock did not represent the Chinese and Indians, while the Tengku’s leadership, well on that issue I leave it to the Malays to decide; but in the case of Tan Cheng Lock, he was a close friend of the Tengku’s and he was “brought along” as one of the leaders representing the Chinese. His participation had no legitimacy whatsoever, and by the way Cheng Lock is a BABA, what does he know about Chinese interests ?

    Malaysia is in all and every way a HOTCH POCH of 3 separate communities living under one “roof”, and in all of the 50 years of independence UMNO had made no attempt nor made any effort to remove the race barriers and build a harmonious and united modern nation. On the contrary the politics of UMNO has always been to DIVIDE ALL THE THREE RACES SO THAT UMNO WILL RULE MALAYSIA PERMANENTLY. Therefore it has always been the politics of UMNO to hog all the nation’s largess for their own cronies, a small clique of privileged families who claim descend from their original “founding fathers”. The whole structure of UMNO is geared towards perpetuating this objective. The MCA & MIC dogs are the slaves and hangers on of UMNO waiting by the UMNO dining table waiting for the scraps that are thrown from the UMNO main table dinners. It is absolutely disgraceful to watch these MCA & MIC dogs hanging their tongues out begging for a TUN or a Tan Seri or a Datoship. I will today take on the mission to expose why UMNO ought to be destroyed for the good of Malaysia.

    UMNO has used racial discrimination as the bait to draw support from the Malay rakyat to perpetuate their hold on power, and the continued retention of this ugly and medieval policy has been the most damaging and regressive factor that stymied the growth and progress of the Malay people. It is a pity that those in UMNO cannot see what the extent of damage that they have brought on their own people by prolonging their use of racial discrimination for the purpose of retaining power for themselves.

    I will confront head on this issue and argue why the power of UMNO to take for the Malays all the fruits of the nation and give it all to the Malays IS NOT A GOOD THING FOR THE MALAYS. Is this not what the Malays believe UMNO is doing for them as Malays, and that Malays TAKING IT ALL IS GOOD FOR THE MALAYS ? My argument will seem futile from the perspective of the Malays, BUT I ASSURE THAT IT IS THE OPPOSITE. I will prove that UMNO’s racial discrimination is very bad for the Malays.

    (a) AWARD of scholarships exclusively to only Malays (please do not quibble, I know that a tinny few do go to non Malays, miniscule); so why is that bad for the Malays ? The Malays will say yes it is very BAD for the Indians and Chinese but it is very good for the Malays. WRONG ! I tell the Malays to look around you Malays, and ask the question, who are the recipients of these government scholarships. CONSIDER this one question, “IS THERE A NATIONAL EXAMINATION TO SELECT THE APPROPRIATE AND MOST TALENTED MALAY
    CANDIDATE ? To my knowledge there has never been such a selection process; therefore how are scholarship recipients selected ? They are selected by phone calls from the well connected UMNO stalwarts friends call friends and friends of friends call friends and so on, all HAVE TO BE WELL CONNECTED ! If you Malays care to admit it, these recipients of these government largess consist of a clutch full of about 5000 UMNO connected families, the other 23 million other unconnected Malays do not get to smell any of these goodies. Yes it is true that all the good stuff goes to Malays but who are the ones among the Malays who get to share in these largess ? Are these other non connected Malay families any better off than the Chinese or Indians ?
    On one of my visits to KL I read a statement made by Najib comparing “MERITOCRACY” between Singapore and Malaysia, and he said that Malaysia too practice meritocracy. This is sufficient evidence of the standard of education that Najib has had; he has no idea what is meant by the word meritocracy, poor man ! In Malaysia in the manner that I have already described above, such a process is not merit based. IT IS CRONY BASED PROCESS. In Singapore only the best are justly awarded such scholarships. NOW I COME TO THE MOST INTERESTING PART OF MY ARGUMENT. If you agree that in Malaysia selection is by “POWER” connection, then it must be agreed that by logical deduction ONLY A CLUTCHFULL of well connected candidates will receive these scholarships. Then you will need to ask, WHAT IS SO BAD TO GIVE SCHOLARSHIPS TO ‘CONNECT CHILDREN ?” The only conclusion that can be drawn from this process is that only a very small ELITE belong to this group of “power connected” candidates. Therefore, not the very best & brightest of the Malay race will benefit from the process. This also means the process perpetuates the RULING CLASS OF A SMALL CLASS OF ELITES; and these recipients are the drags of Malay society; spoiled brats like that fellow Khairy Jamaluddin who is the butt of all the criticism that is coming from bloggers. The evils of the process is that for the last 50 years Malaysia had not produced any pool of Malay talents in any field of professional skills. Malay Engineers are as scarce “whale’s tooth” and in the field of science I don’t think any exist.
    The question that you want to ask me is, WHAT HAS THIS TO DO WITH RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ? It has everything to do with racial discrimination, because under the first Malaysian Constitution there was provision under the constitution to set aside 1 out of 4 places in government employment, award of contracts and award of scholarships etc. to be awarded to minority races that means that 25% of government largess must by law go to minority; and under this enabling provision BUREAUCRATS who administer any programme that call for the fair distribution of government largess discriminates against the Chinese & Indians with impunity; thus began the eroding of this provision until today there are no consideration to be given to minority rights. IT BEGAN by bureaucrats abusing the system and awarded all government largess to Malays and by extension the laxity of the government led to CRONY POLITICS and this enabled these bureaucrats to abuse the system for the benefit exclusively FOR UMNO and their member families. This system has hardened and it is beyond reform. The only recourse is to destroy UMNO. Even if the Chinese & Indians do not agitate for a fair share of government largess, the Malays too need a fairer system to get the best returns for the Malays and hence the nation. UMNO is bad for Malays, Chinese & Indians alike. As for the MCA & the MIC, if there is no UMNO there also cannot exist the MCA & MIC.


    Note that I will write another part to this one.

    Read other posts at


  19. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Anonymous 2.26
    All the top rich people in this country are made it from gambling,Lim Goh Tong(Genting) Ananda Krisnan(Tanjong) Vincent Tan (Berjaya Toto).Anybody given such a licence will make big money. Others like the Kuok group are given monopoly for flour and sugar since the 70s until today. The best and most lucrative power plant deal is given to YTL.
    All the four mentioned did not have the sweet deals as above. One of them actually build a port that competed succesfully with port of Singapore.He "gambled" with his skills and made money he did not have or for that matter want a gambling license.
    They are sharing their wealth. Their business have ethics. I can't say that for the others.

  20. Anonymous:
    You said "
    Lastly, a person with Rm100 who donates RM 10 is better than a person with RM 1 Million donating a thousand RM............"

    dont think someone who has RM1 million is rich.....its the same as a beggar thinking someone making RM$1000 a month is rich.

    A person who donates is better than a person is capable of donating, but doesnt.

  21. Anonymous8:46 am

    Greetings Bro,
    I apologize for leaving a comment which is unrelated but I do have a couple of questions. Reading Malaysia Today and of course your blog I have come across many statements which contradict each other. None of course is related to you or Malaysia Today but the thing is most of these BN politicians are doing a flip flop. On one hand they say that they can't entertain any request now since the country is being run by a caretaker government but on the other hand you see even on TV BN politicians handing out money and grants and so on and so forth to potential voters. HOW????? I have also read that SPR has said that no one can use government property (public property meaning our property!!!!) as a means to campaign ang garner votes or favours. Yet you see them blatantly doing so. It's mind boggling, do they really think that we are so stupid not to see all of this???? Lastly, if one has not registered to vote on the 8th of March can one still do so now???? Some say yes some say no, which is which??

  22. Anonymous11:07 am

    1 word for syed mokhtar is RESPECT. very hard to find billionares like this helping muslims with well care. huhu... besides i want to share is berita harian yang memutarbelitkan...

  23. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Ok guys, rather than grief over the UMNO way of doing things in Malaysia, here is an article about Muslims in India.

    Very macro perspective - but does it tell us a tale or two?

    The writer chose to remain anonymous, but the facts are there.
    Of course the facts are also there with other divergent views.
    But this one is cute also!

    [From one aspect of the content - this must have been written when Mr Abdul Kalam was still President of India]

    Interesting read & perspective...

    The largest Muslim country in the world is Indonesia and the second
    largest is not Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, or Pakistan. It is India.

    With some 150 million Muslims, India has more Muslims than Pakistan.

    But here is an interesting statistic from 9/11: There are no Indian Muslims that we know of in al-Qaeda and there are no Indian Muslims in America's Guantanamo
    Bay post-9/11 prison camp. And no Indian Muslims have been found fightingalongside the jihadists in Iraq.

    Why is that? Why do we not read about Indian Muslims, who are a minority in a vast Hindu-dominated land, blaming America for all their problems and wanting to fly airplanes into the Taj Mahal or the British embassy?

    Indian Muslims have their grievances about access to capital and political representation. And interreligious violence has occasionally flared up in India, with disastrous consequences. I am certain that out of 150 million Muslims in India, a few will one day find their way to Al-Qaeda, if it can happen with some American Muslims, it can happen with
    Indian Muslims. But this is not the norm. Why?

    The answer is context and in particular the secular, free-market, democratic context of India, heavily influenced by a tradition of nonviolence and Hindu tolerance.

    M. J. Akbar, the Muslim editor of the Asian Age, a national Indian English-language daily primarily funded by non-muslim Indians, put it to me this way: "I'll give you a quiz question: which is the only large Muslim community to enjoy sustained democracy for the last fifty years? The Muslims of India. I am not going to exaggerate Muslim good fortune in India. There are tensions, economic discrimination, and provocations, like the destruction of the mosque at Ayodhya [by Hindu nationalists in 1992].

    But the fact is, the Indian Constitution is secular and provides a real opportunity for economic advancement of any community that can offer talent. That's why a growing Muslim middle class here is moving up and
    generally doesn't manifest the strands of deep anger you find in many nondemocratic Muslim states."

    Where Islam is embedded in authoritarian societies, it tends to become the vehicle of angry protest in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan. But where Islam is embedded in a pluralistic democratic society in Turkey or
    India, for instance those with a more progressive outlook have a chance to get a better hearing for their interpretation and a democratic forum where they can fight for their ideas on a more equal footing.

    On November 15, 2003, the two main synagogues of Istanbul were hit by some fringe suicide bombers. I happened to be in Istanbul a few months later, when they were reopened. Several things struck me.

    To begin with, the chief rabbi appeared at the ceremony, hand in hand with the top Muslim cleric of Istanbul and the local mayor, while crowds in the street threw red carnations on them both. Second, the prime minister of
    Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who comes from an Islamic party, paid a visit to the chief rabbi in his office, the first time a Turkish prime minister had ever called on the chief rabbi.

    Lastly, the father of one of the suicide bombers told the Turkish newspaper Zaman, "We cannot understand why this child had done the thing he had done. First let us meet with the chief rabbi of our Jewish brothers. Let me hug him. Let me kiss his hands and flowing robe. Let me apologize in the name of my son and offer my condolences for the deaths. We will be damned if we do not reconcile with them."

    Different context, different narrative, different imagination.

    I am keenly aware of the imperfections of Indian democracy, starting with the oppressive caste system. Nevertheless, to have sustained a functioning democracy with all its flaws for more than fifty years in a country of over one billion people, who speak scores of different languages, is something of a miracle and a great source of stability for the world.

    Two of India's presidents have been Muslims, and its current president, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, is both a Muslim and the father of the Indian nuclear missile program. While a Muslim woman sits on India's Supreme Court, no
    Muslim woman is allowed even to drive a car in Saudi Arabia. Indian
    Muslims, including women, have been governors of many Indian States and the wealthiest man in India today, high on the Forbes list of global billionaires, is an Indian Muslim: Azim Premji, the chairman of Wipro, one of India's most important technology companies.

    I was in India shortly after the United States invaded Afghanistan in late 2001, when Indian television carried a debate between the country's leading female movie star and parliamentarian, Shabana Azmi, a Muslim woman, and the imam of New Delhi's biggest mosque.

    The imam had called on Indian Muslims to go to Afghanistan and join the jihad against America and Azmi ripped into him, live on Indian TV, basically telling the cleric to go take a hike. She told him to go to Kandahar and join the Taliban and leave the rest of India's Muslims alone.

    How did she get away with that?

    Easy. As a Muslim woman she lived in a context that empowered and protected her to speak her mind, even to a leading cleric.

    Different context, different narrative, different imagination.

    This is not all that complicated: Give young people a context where they can translate a positive imagination into reality, give them a context in which someone with a grievance can have it adjudicated in a court of law
    without having to bribe the judge with a goat, give them a context in
    which they can pursue an entrepreneurial idea and become the richest or the most creative or most respected people in their own country.

    No matter what their background, give them a context in which any complaint or idea can be published in the newspaper, give them a context in which anyone can run for office, and guess what?

    They usually don't want to blow up the world.

    They usually want to be part of it.

    A South Asian Muslim friend of mine once told me this story: His Indian Muslim family split in 1948, with half going to Pakistan and half staying in Mumbai. When he got older, he asked his father one day why the Indian half of the family seemed to be doing better than the Pakistani half.

    His father said to him, "Son, when a Muslim grows up in India and he sees a man living in a big mansion high on a hill, he says, 'Father, one day I will be that man.' And when a Muslim grows up in Pakistan and sees a man living in a big mansion high on a hill, he says, 'Father, one day I will
    kill that man.'"

    When you have a pathway to be the Man or the Woman, you tend to focus on the path and on achieving your dreams. When you have no pathway, you tend to focus on your wrath and on nursing your memories.

    India only twenty years ago, before the triple convergence, was known as a country of snake charmers, poor people, and Mother Teresa. Today its image has been recalibrated. Now it is also seen as a country of brainy people and computer wizards.

    Atul Vashistha, CEO of the outsourcing consulting firm Neo IT, often appears in the American media to defend outsourcing.

    He told me this story: "One day I had a problem with my HP printer, the printing was very slow. I was trying to figure out the problem. So I call HP tech support. This guy answers and takes all my personal information down. From his voice it is clear he is somewhere in India. So I start
    asking where he is and how the weather is. We're having a nice chat. So after he is helping me for about ten or fifteen minutes he says, 'Sir, do you mind if I say something to you?'

    I said, 'Sure.' I figured he was going to tell me something else I was doing wrong with my computer and was trying to be polite about it. And instead he says, 'Sir, I was very proud to hear you on Voice of America. You did a good job.' I had just been on a VOA show about the backlash against globalization and outsourcing I
    was one of three invited guests. There was a union official, an economist, and myself. I defended outsourcing and this guy heard it."

    Remember: In the flat world you don't get just your humiliation dished out to you fiber-optically. You also get your pride dished out to you fiber-optically. An Indian helpline operator suddenly knows, in real time, all about how one of his compatriots is representing India half a world away, and it makes him feel better about himself.

    The French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Indian democracy, and even E-bay are all based on social contracts whose dominant feature is that authority comes from the bottom up, and people can and do feel self-
    empowered to improve their lot. People living in such contexts tend to spend their time focusing on what to do next, not on whom to blame next.

    [Phew..that was a lengthy piece...but does it tell us also how we Malaysians of all ethnic groups need to appreciate our own fortunes in this country and boot out the folls who have taken us for a ride fo many years?


  24. Anonymous4:56 pm

    This Syed Mokhtar guy was a crony of Muhyidding Yassin.

    Got earlier projects through association with Muhyiddin when he was the Johor MB.

    In fact he was the "lembu" whom Muhyiddin used to pay for his expenses like hiring a PR consultant to project his image way back in the early 1990s (when Muhyiddin contested the the VP post in the 1990 Umno election)through Syed's "outfit", BH Management, located near the Tawakkal Hospital. Dont know if that company still exists.

  25. Anonymous5:03 pm

    God.... reading some of the comments here, I am now convinced than ever that some of you are so embittered, resentful and cynical towards everything. Here we are reading about 4 MAlaysians who have made it on the Forbes list for being generous and for helping thousands others on a continuous basis and already some of you are linking it to election, UMNO, govt contracts, bumiputera, malay crony, stray cats, 6 kittens and what seemed like everything under the sky.
    Relax, take a deep breath and remember that the sky is still blue, the grass is green and the river flows! Have a nice weekend folks!

  26. Anonymous6:48 pm

    I an not sure about all the accusations made ... but the thing that is for sure is that they are all very rich Bumiputra and you should leave it at that. What they support or don't is not important but they are ever willingness to help is what we should be proud. Not all should be politised Rocky! grow up!!!

  27. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Rational thinker is obviously one of the typical Malay hater, with the characteristic syndrome of denial, refusing to accept the fact that a Malay could be as successful and as intelligent as the Chinese/Indian. Typically they would belittle every successful Malay as being UMNO cronies. Zaid has been successful long before his UMNO days, and Syed Al Bukhari success has nothing to do with UMNO.

    Wake up rational thinker, the Chinese wont be anywhere today if not for the special privilege in education and businesses accorded by the British for your race during the several hundred years of British rule, and the oppression against the Malays in the same field. When the Brit left, it is no secret that many Chinese, out of insecurity, using your position in businesses and higher academic sectors to oppress the Malay: A blatantly clear injustice, but never express in clear writing, one of the Malay natural weakness.

    If your agenda is for equal opportunities, then you should not just scream the unfair treatment under NEP, you should also highlight the hundred years of the oppression perpetrate by the British against the Malay in the field of education and business

    PS: 99% of the Malay awarded JPA overseas scholarship this year obtain no less than 9As

  28. BN lashes the shores
    Telling how good the waves
    Caressing its softness
    You feel you are living in dreams

    Every day when you open your eyes
    The good advertisements capturing your mind
    How good BN is to the people……………
    As you sip your coffee or tea nearby

    BN says many good deeds done
    Issuing flyers telling it in radio and television
    BN rigs it dishing out menus planting promises
    Telling you letting you swaying with the momentum
    Then BN hits you hard in your pockets

    Billions in taxpayers’ monies
    Funding failed projects
    Helping cronies and families
    BN leaves the poor behind
    Though BN says it has done good deeds
    For all the people………………

    Only in a race
    Mind you it is true all day
    Don’t believe the statistics
    It is just a fool’s way to hide
    Why BN never wants to tell

    Freedom of religions
    The choices to the people
    You hear the little napoleons
    Allowing Socso principle to creep in
    Leaving you a sour taste

    Let the opposition in
    Digging up dirt telling us why
    So we will know
    BN is just a sickening bully
    Corrupting its way
    Now let David hangs the Goliath
    Let the new wave begins!

  29. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Will Yap Chong Yee stop his sick yapping on this blogsite. Please move your bile to another site e.g. in Singapore. What a waste of space!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Now Everyone Can Eat: The AirAsia, Bodowi, Singapore, Kamaludin, Tg Adnan, Kalimullah Story.

  31. Brother Rocky,

    We heard Rashid Yusof, the former NST writer and London Correspondent is now working for Khairy Jamaluddin. Couldn't really believe my ears when I heard it this morning. This is the same guy who was calling Khairy and Kalimullah all sorts of unpleasant names just about a year ago. Wonder what triggered the about-turn. But then again, Rashid is someone who loves to be around the centre of power. He joined Tun Daim once, hoping that Tun Dain would make him someone powerful. But Rashid is a mere writer, lacks the charisma, good looks and ability to articulate himself. This, of course is made much difficult with all the false teeth. So I guess thats why Tun Dam just jilted him when he resigned as Finance Minister. Rashid got nothing from Tun Daim, not even a cent. Good luck with Khairy, Rashid. You just lost some friends.

  32. LIPUTAN TERKINI : Foto-Foto Terbaru Barisan Alternatif - Saari Sungib (PAS), KEMPEN DI UKAY PERDANA, LEMBAH KLANG [ 1 Mac 2008, Pukul : 9pm - 12am ]

    Foto Eksklusif Hanya Daripada :

  33. Anonymous2:56 am

    DS Khir pun dermawan juga ... (dipetik dari

    SUNGAI BESAR, 29 Feb – Dato’ Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo memberitahu, beliau memotong gajinya RM2,000 setiap bulan untuk tabung bantuan pendidikan pelajar-pelajar di Sungai Panjang, kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) beliau.

    Melalui tabung itu, RM100,000 diagihkan setiap tahun untuk 300 murid. Mereka yang masuk universiti pula menerima RM500 sementara yang ke kolej mendapat bantuan RM300.

    Ini kerana katanya, beliau mahu pelajar terbabit berjaya dan yang miskin tidak akan mengalami seperti yang pernah beliau alami dulu.

  34. Anonymous9:38 am

    Mr Yap Chong Yee,

    Ini warning aha!
    Apa lu mahu bikin gua punya negeri porak peranda ka
    Lu ada baca itu Penal Code 121,lu mahu kenakah macam R v William Joyce.
    Itu Nazi punya DJ waktu WW11.
    Lu mahu tulis-tulislah tapi lu tulis banyak tak ada accurate.
    Itu sebab itu dulu-dulu banyak dynasti didalam sejarah tamadun China.Masing-masing mahu jatohkan itu dynasti macam lu punya hati.Lu tahu waktu itu Ming dynasti itu Mat Salleh main polo atas 'trishaw'itu apek kasi tolak itu trishaw waktu itu game.
    Itu lu tatak cakap pun itu zalim.
    Lu cerita itu French Revolustion lu tahukah semenjak ujud itu Revolution ini dunia tatak selamat.Sebab itu idea punya JJ Rosseou.

    Lu duduk tiam-tiamlah.Bikin luit banyak-banyak di Aust.apa bikin?Balik sinilah bikin party.

    Tiam-tiam tampok.Esai.Cegeh lang lah.
    Kua ni kan!esai.

  35. Anonymous8:30 pm

    I started reading yap chong yee’s rambling piece and stopped before i got through the first quarter because it was so full of crap that i felt nauseous. Not sure where he got his facts from. He said its rare to see a Malay use his/her scholarship to pursue science and engineering courses and if a Malay got a scholarship its only due to connection and its a waste of scarce resources. I know many from underprivileged background, worked hard, got a scholarship to studiy medicine, engineering, accounting etc and went on to become succesful in their career. Obviously this yap chong yee is a katak bawah tempurung who only mingle with his DAP friends, went to a chinese school in cheras and did not have any malay friends at all.I detest Pak Lah and the current government but I will vote for umno in a heartbeat if it meant that the opposition is full of people like yap who have such prejudice, hatred and grudge against the malays.

    I understand that he is now in Australia. Good riddance.

  36. Anonymous1:25 am

    Rashid, why didn't tell us, your riends, about your move to serve the SIL (and Kali and the gang)? We won't stop you 'cos that's your prerogative. Your right. But we also have a right to know. All the best. U salah langkah tu but who knows what the real game is. Could be the SIL buying out or neutralising all those who could stand in his way.

    Syed's friend.

  37. Anonymous11:18 am

    What a Yap crap..itik gantung from S'pore type,

    All the so-called scholarship funded student mainly from MRSM/SBP took engineering, medic, architect & account courses overseas..they passed the A-Level acceptance creteria by UCAS (for UK) in which the British do not care a hell if you are special previlege bumiputera in your country to enroll in their universities.. still talking shit?

    Where the hell would MARA & JPA waste funding such art courses that do not have much market value for the country as claimed by this idiot Yap..these student have to pay back their scholarship nowdays (nothing free anymore with BN-Barang Naik)..75% discount if you got minimum second class upper..scholarship only if got 1st class..otherwise pay all.

    Its just these type of people paranoia & prejudice toward whatever Malays things.. Thinking about share of equality? I would think twice if this type of people are given any, definitely they will take all for themselves based on such attitude & mentality.

    Only acknowledged the Forbes when it come to putting Ananda, Robert Kwok & Lim Goh Tong on the richest man list to boast around..but not for philantropist list thought its from a same magazine..that's their default mind set..

    At least these four rich people return something to the people for sure, but what about the other very-very rich top gun in M'sia mentioned by the Forbes? Zilth?

    Too stingy & afraid of loosing by being generous? That's what happens if monopoly & cronism govern their business ethics...typical scrooge McDuck type....haha

    Susahlah cakap dgn org sekolah bawah tempurung ni..pointing gun at a wrong enemy..bodoh, suka cari pasal tak tentu pasal..patut kita semua sama2 'tembak' itu corrupt govt people utk berubah bukan tembak sesama sendiri.

  38. Anonymous3:11 pm

    I am so proud that the 4 generous people in Malaysia is all Muslims. It indicates that Muslim really know how to share their wealth. You Chinese people for so long you have screwed up the wealth that supposed to belong to The Bumiputra. The British for hundred of years have given you the wealth of tin, gold and etc.Only after independent the bumiputra been given their right.This Is BUMIPUTRA/MALAY land.Your ancestors were brought in by the British to rob us.We MALAYS did not go to China or India to rob your wealth. You are lucky that we MALAY are a tolerance people to share this country.