Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still speechless on SIL's candidacy

Another way of saying "I don't know". His predecessor has set a precedent [see below] but for some reasons the PM is still pussyfooting [here] over the issue of his own son-in-law contesting to be a Member of Parliament in the 3/8 general election.

Some quarters think Abdullah will try and score points at the 11th hour by saying NO to nepotism and drop KJ gently like a oversized loud baby. Naive. Remember how he didn't lift a finger when the son-in-law was made Umno Youth deputy head, without having to contest? Or when he said he "didn't know and wasn't involved" after it was exposed by the new media that his friend Kalimullah Hassan had given KJ shares in ECM-Libra?

KJ will stand in this general election. And Hadharians will issue a that such shall not - SHALL NOT - be deemed as nepotism.

Read the excerpt from an NST's piece on the precedence set by Pak Lah's predecessor. Entire article here.
Publication : NST
Edition : 2*
Date : 24/05/2003
Page Number : 01
Headline : Dr Mahathir says his children will not contest in elections
Words : 355
Byline : By Zubaidah Abu Bakar; Alina Simon
Text :
JITRA, Fri. - While reiterating that he will definitely retire in October, Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he did not want his children to contest in elections.

He stressed that he did not wish to have a dynasty and he would ensure that none of his children stand in any election.
"I give my assurance that I will not allow any of them to stand here(constituencies in Kubang Pasu) or in other constituencies.
"This is my assurance. I do not want to have a dynasty. I don't wish to create one," said the Prime Minister, who is also Kubang Pasu Umno chief,when winding up the debate at the division's meeting at Dewan Wawasan.


Anonymous said...

Mahathir was wrong. He thinks that Malaysian can't think. That's why during his administration, we being fed with what to do, what to think, what to write, what to read, whom to vote etc..etc.

I am sure Mahathir children are no longer kindergarten kiddies. They can think for themselves.

In Badawi's case, it is Badawi who decides the candidates. Whether you think it is okay or not. But then do you trust a man who backtracked so often? Like proton, double track, inter-religious conference, the 15 non malay ministers, IPCMC, Chua's resignation,

Puppets wait for string to pull before seen doing something. Otherwise they all would look like sleeping.

Anonymous said...

But you are wrong, Rocky Bro.

Pak Lah appoints Khairy? No!

Its Khairy who appoints Pak Lah.

So what do you call it? Nepotism or Msitopen?

lanaibeach said...

The sleeping beauty sleeps
He can’t say when he is awaken
Figuring out what to do
The Hindraf protests
In the city streets

He never says something to ease the flow
At least says he will meet them to say he is pm for all Malaysians
Nay it is only word to him yet he finds it hard to say
Action is somewhere in his overseas home
Though he will deny it
Like Semi Sami do
“I am the one for the Indians
But get boos and jeers”

About k-cat he is evaded the issue
Until last minute he will say
K-cat will go after the rats
Now he says he doesn’t know
Until nomination day on February 24

The flip-flopping administration
He will do it again
The people better wise up
Now BN will say the glorious days
Goodies and threatening
The money isn’t belonging to them
The BN leaders telling you
It is their money straight into your eyes
And they say they don’t lie!

Let BN rest
Time a new party brings the country
Into the arena of the world
As Malaysians for Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the following reasoning:

a. Dr M did not allow his children to contest in elections.
b. The current PM is also following the same thoghts - not allowing his children to stand in elections.
c. But who says SIL cannot contest?
d. SIL is not the same as own children!
e. Therefore SIL can contest.

Anonymous said...

No Rocky, PM wasn't pussyfooting.
Its his way of sidestepping a question. Didn't he say the State UMNO heads had not submitted to him officially yet?
Well, when they do, he can declare that SIL is standing in Rembau!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you must be hoping very much for the PM to answer you directly?

Fat hopes.

He has his own mind-lah. Whether he uses it or not on his own or if he is guided all the way is a diffrent story.

He can even interpret things diffrently.

For instance, HINDRAF said that it wanted to organise a peaceful march to see him in Parliament on 16 Feb. The announcement was made well in advance of 13 Feb 2008. Feb 13? That was the date the PM did an about turn by saying parliament was dissolved, barely hours after he said to media that there was no such plan.

And when the HINDRAF folks did attempt to carry out their march, the caretaker PM interprets the actions as

"Illegal Assembly Attempt To Disrupt Election, Says PM" - thats how Bernama carried the story. Full text below.

So, he is a man who sees things very differently and can still link unrelated events, incidents to what he wants as long as he can give fodder for MSM who will eagerly publish such news.

You still hoping for him to see your perspective? Carry on dreaming bro!!

[YAN, Feb 16 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today condemned the action of an unlawful organisation in organising an illegal assembly in Kuala Lumpur today, saying it was an attempt to raise fear in the people and disrupt the general election.

He said the action of this group of extremists was solely to create chaos and instill fear in the people and finally to disrupt the general election, polling for which is on March 8.

"People who disrupt the elections do not respect the democratic process. When there is disorder, the people do not come out to vote for fear of getting caught in fights]

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this statement made by Mahathir AFTER his son had lost in the Kubang Pasu UMNO race? If yes, then this statement is more like Mahathir trying to cover-up an embarrassment to me.

GobloKing said...

I am not speechless and will not hesitate to use the big F word on Bodowi!

Ptui on you & your dynasty

and F U Bodoh!
Triple F U Khairy !!

I like rockybru because it allows me to get it OFF my chest!!!





Anonymous said...

Rocky & the bloggers,

When Dollah keep quite or sidestepping a question, means that it's true.

ie wedding to Jean, Khairy's ECM Libra share, pembubaran parlimen and etc..

But when Dollah say it loud about something, means that something not true.

ie pre election promises, to reduce corruption, crime, nepotism, blah blah blah blah.....

What a PM.

Anonymous said...

Analisi Malaysia

I'm with you.

What's the big deal, Malaysian politics is based on family ties anyway.

UMNO - Father & Son-in-Law Party
MCA - The brothers' Party
MIC - Samy's Party
DAP - Father & Son Party
PKR - Husband and Wife Party

Malaysians are too seriouslah, if KJ wants to contest, so what. Let the people of Rembau decide. Nobody bising when Guan Eng wants to contest.

Anonymous said...

Anak Tunku Abdul Rahman tiada yang bertanding semasa TAR sebagai PM.

Najib pula menjadi ahli parlimen selepas kematian bapanya, Tun Razak.

Hishammuddin menjadi ahli parlimen lama selepas Tun Hussein bersara dan meninggal dunia.

Muhriz mungkin akan jadi ahli parlimen tetapi selepas Dr. M bersara.

Inilah budaya UMNO. Anak diangkat oleh ahli UMNO dan rakyat Malaysia kerana mengenangkan jasa bapa mereka kepada negara. Bukan disebabkan kuasa bapa atau bapa mertua mereka. Juga kerana budaya pemimpin tertinggi UMNO yang silam yang tegas dan malu untuk mempromosikan anak atau menantu mereka sendiri.

Jikalau KJ diambil sebagai calon ia menunjukkan Pak Lah bukan sahaja tiada menghormati budaya ini malah seakan-akan beliau tiada perasaan malu langusung pada ahli UMNO dan rakyat negara.

Anonymous said...

Bapa Kemerdekaan adalah gelaran penghormatan yang diberikan kepada Tunku Abd. Rahman,

Bapa Pembangunan pula adalah gelaran penghormatan kepada Tun Abd Razak,

Bapa Perpaduan kita adalah Tun Hussen Onn,

Bapa Pemodenan kita pula adalah Tun Mahathir

Semua gelaran penghormatan ini diberikan kerana jasa-jasa pemimpin-pemimpin ini kepada negara dan rakyat.

Gelaran penghormatan apa yang sesuai diberikan kepada Paklah?

Bapa Mertuaku!

Kerana rakyat nampak sumbangan terbesar beliau adalah di dalam menaikkan menantu sendiri. Ini lah legasi Pak Lah.