Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Polls before Ninie

Police stop search for missing girl because of the General Election. Sooner or later, the police would have to call off the search for Sharlinie Mohd Nasyar, the 5 year old who was abducted near her home in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, on January 9. All of us know that. But to actually say that you are calling off the search for the little girl so your men can concentrate on the General Election? That's so sick. And stupid.

Actually, what you're doing is to tell the criminals to please have a field day because the cops will be too busy with the polls. Read here.
So after the election, 16 days from now, the cops will resume the search for the girl?

What say you, Shahrizat? Shall we call in the army?


  1. But seriously, you may call me a heartless bastard and I may be wrong but there is a very good chance that the kid is dead. Thanks to our television showing previously that the guy had been caught on CCTV during nurin's case, we might never see her body this time.

    When it comes to crime the first 48 hours is crucial, if you can't get any clue during this time there's a very good chance that the trail gets cold.

    Even in the states (i watch crime night) sometimes after 7 or 8 victims only then can they get the perpetrator. The way I see it, the only way the police is going to catch this guy is if he does the same thing again and made a mistake. I seriously don't blame the police for calling this off, they can't be searching every home in Malaysia and the effort has been big.

    I know you and Sharlinie's parents wont be happy, I am not either with the Police's decision. But sometimes you have to accept the facts.

  2. Anonymous1:17 am


    Does it really matter?

    What have the police proven - absolutely nothing?

    They look great only against the unarmed, peaceful, frail and law abiding citizenry.

    That is the sorry state of the police force

    trapped in a warped and wrong priority.

    and he thinks he is smart.


  3. Agak-agak pasai apa polis sibuk hingga tak dan nak tumpu fasal Sharlinie?

    Ni berita yg baru saya tulis sat-sat utk keluaran khas sempena pilihanraya:

    KUALA TERENGGANU: Naib Presiden PAS, Haji Mohamad Sabu memberi amaran kepada pihak polis supaya jangan mencetuskan sebarang kekecohan sepanjang tempoh menjelang pilihan umum raya 8 Mac ini.

    "Setiausaha Agung Barisan Nasional (BN), (Datuk Seri) Radzi Sheikh Ahmad telah menasihatkan parti-parti komponen BN supaya menggunakan kemudahan kerajaan sepanjang kempen pilihan raya umum ini.

    "Umno Terengganu jangan menggunakan polis untuk menentang kebangkitan rakyat dalam pilihan raya ini," kata beliau mengulas kejadian pihak polis merentap bendera PAS di Batu 6, dekat sini.

    Beliau juga memberi amaran kepada Ketua Polis Terengganu, Datuk Ayub Yaakob supaya jangan berlagak "innocent" terhadap apa yang berlaku.

    "Ayub bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya terhadap tindakan anggota-anggotanya merentap bendera PAS di Batu 6," tegas beliau.

    Beliau berkata, jika bendera-bendera PAS itu direntap dengan alasan bahawa ia digantung pada prasaranan awam, polis jangan bertindak secara berpilih atau selektif.

    "Hampir beribu-ribu bendera Barisan Nasional yang diikat pada tiang elektrik, mengapa tidak rentap sama?

    "Bukan setakat bendera Barisan Nasional, malah hampir beribu-ribu bendera Umno yang diikat pada tiang elektrik. Mengapa tidak rentap? Sedangkan tidak ada lambang Umno yang digunakan oleh mana-mana pihak yang bertanding dalam pilihan raya," katanya lagi......

  4. OMG....did they actually say that....that is indeed sick.


  5. I agree with you. Since the police is impotent, the army should be called in to carry out the task for the search; and I believed they would be far efficient.

  6. Anonymous2:08 am

    Should it be taken that thieves and crooks have more freedom to move around during this period?
    Taking excuses for not doing is more easy to take excuses for hard-working and filling of responsibility!!
    GE is higher in priority than saving life?
    Police, Police, you are for People not for GE!!

  7. Bro,

    Actually, it makes sense. Really.

    With that kind of statement - the Government is NOT for the people!

    Nini, remember you always...

  8. Anonymous3:52 am

    Its a well known fact that the current IGP and his team are very boastful once.
    Nurin killer/s will be caught, till now No news.
    Sharlinie will be found,till now No news.
    All they picked up was some poor Indonesians who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Further boasting seeking the help of FBI video and audio expertise.

    FBI do NOT simply helps if its of NOT their national security concern.If igp musang received FBI trainings before , he should have know beforehand and NOT gives false hopes to Sharlinie's parent.

    To suspends the search and to make guarding the election as priority is indeed a stupid statement.
    It is a mistake for bodowi to extend the contract for a musang

  9. Anonymous7:09 am

    Rocky, they said they called off the 'house to house' search. I dont remember them visiting my house!

  10. Anonymous8:00 am

    I think it is a police trick!

  11. Anonymous8:21 am

    I was so mad when I read that too, Rocky! Obviously, they have got their priorities mixed up, as usual!

  12. There is never ending stupidity in Malaysia.

  13. Anonymous9:13 am

    Sinatraz_z... I agree

  14. Anonymous9:14 am

    -They are corrupted gangsters-

  15. Anonymous9:47 am

    aiyo.. i have no love for our cops but.. why don't you read properly?

    "The efforts to locate Sharlinie will go on... only the house-to-house search is stopped temporarily to enable 1,100 police personnel to concentrate on the polls," he told a news conference here.

    no wonder some people say bloggers are liars..

  16. Its is all about perception! The government, politicians, judicial system the police and other government institutions must be perceived to be effective and doing the jobs. Sometime I wonder whether the government is concern about how it is being perceived.
    It was not necessary for the police to say "the search being called off" to concentrate on elections! To say that is for the police not to care about how the public were to perceive the men in blue who are supposed to be looking after our safety! May be no one in the government cares about perception anymore!

  17. Anonymous10:10 am



    Ummno-polis, Polis-Ummno.

    What is this man..? You guest laa

  18. Anonymous10:40 am

    "only the house-to-house search is stopped temporarily to enable 1,100police personnel to concentrate on the polls"

  19. Power that goes with the uniform has gone to their heads. One can be charged for even saying "Kurang Ajar" to a policeman.
    If a victim questions why he is being arrested, he will be charged for resisting arrest.
    Little wonder Raja Nazrin says people are making the courts into an opera.
    (Remember 31 poor Indians trying to murder a policeman).
    They are more interested in helping BN win the GE. They will be putting all sorts of restrictions and obstacles when the Opposition goes on the campaign trail and stopping innocent Indians at the roadblocks.
    Meanwhile, major crimes go unsolved.

  20. Anonymous11:02 am

    The dirty cops sure fouled up their own priorities. Crime prevention and law enforceement is their sole responsibility. But our IGP had to kow-tow to his demanding political masters (aka UMNOPutras) or else he would not be able to pocket his own millions. His being a multi-$$$ millionaire is already public knowledge.

    Another way of looking at the situation in godforsaken Bolehland country: the cops are actually telling us there's gonna be another May 13 incident if they do not redirect themselves to concentrate on GE12. UMNO need the police to oversee and control the BN election war machine for them (isn't the police a public resource being diverted and abused by the BN?).

    You see, people, the cops are trained to instil fear in us too. They want us to believe that in every GE there is bound to be trouble - racial riot. Historically, we all know that May 13 was started by UMNO's beasts-soon-to-be-putras because they cannot stand defeated heavily at the elections in 1969. What the cops want us to fear is that trouble is imminent if you DO NOT Vote BN and UMNO. There will be riots. And the cops must be there to guard against such trouble. That's basic political knowledge in Bolehland. Its mentally ingrained into our cultural mindset. No wonder we, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dan Lain-Lain, the birds in the sky and the monkeys in the jungle live and stay apart. It has been extremely divisive for the past 50 years.

    For Ninie, and for other Ninies to come (because our crime rate is rising and our police force is slacking), the dimwit cops should be prepared for such crimes in future. In failing to arrest Ninie's predator's, the cops are telling us and revealing to us of their incompetence and ineptness in the role they played professionally.

    Only a total overhaul of the mediocre police force will solve the problem. Can the BN do that? NO. Only if you VOTE THE BA (PKR< DAP< PA or whatever!). So, all you good folks out there, VOTE FOR CHANGE. VOTE FOR NINIE. VOTE FOR CRIME PREVENTION. VOTE FOR A BETTER FUTURE. VOTE FOR A CHANGE!

    God Bless All of U, Malaysia.

  21. Anyway, who are the police aiming to protect during this election period?

    As per usual they will most likely be at the beck and call of the BN, and will suppress and intimidate the rest.

    As for the men and women in the street, well, he/she better look after themselves and their families, as the crooks will have cop-freer field days than they usually have.

  22. how long has it been since Nini disappeared?
    my hope is thinning very rapidly that she'd ever be found -- dead or alive.
    but search for her, we must until the authorities decide to end their search and announce a "closure".

    i think we all know that the police would be slowing down their search for Nini anyway during the election period.

    but looks like they won't even bother.

    cerainly, the statement gave the impression that Nini doesn't figure as priority during the election period.

    personally, i think the police have given up on Nini because they believe that she's "gone".
    they're just going through the motion for public consumption.

    so saying that they will temporarily stop house-to-house search but that efforts will continue, is contradictory. because police efforts to search for Nini is about house-to-house search.
    Following-up on leads is part of police efforts but we all know that that had not lead to anything, thus far.

    So, essentially, search for Nini will not continue during the election.
    as far as the police are concerned, that's being practical because their 1,100 men and women are needed out there to "keep the peace" during the run-up to the election.

    tragic, i know because the search for Nini must continue -- election period or not.

    To IZHAR --- now you know why people call bloggers liars?
    that's a pretty sweeping and wreckless assumption to make, based on Rocky's "pissed-off" views.

    Because, I wouldn't dare jump to conclusion about you just based on your remarks.

  23. Polls before Nini
    Poor girl lost for over a month
    Yet nothing has been found
    House to house searches
    No news yet after all these hunting

    Now the Police want to concentrate on polls
    Leaving the gap wide open for the criminals
    Don’t they have something else to go on?
    I thought the Police set up a special unit
    To monitor and catch children’s kidnapping

    The faint hope gone
    In the wild in the concrete jungle
    A child might be alive I don’t know
    I only hope she is well taken care
    Amongst the villagers somewhere in the remote areas
    The Police say she is still in Selangor………

    The Police slowly withdraw
    The priority now is general election
    Controlling and protecting national security
    I thought the sleeping beauty has extended retired cops contract
    To boost the running of the Police……………….

    So IGP should use these cops expertise
    To go to the ground search for Nini
    Let the heat smoke out the kidnapper(s)
    Making mistake there is always a chance
    Put on the pressure to look for her
    Withdrawing now is lost of time and energy
    The criminals will have a way out………….
    The Police not looking for them

  24. Anonymous11:54 am

    Bodowi needs more time to finish his biz, he told us to vote the BN again, The cops said they need to call off the search for Ninie's abductors to take care of GE12. They forgot to mention they also need more time to search for the criminals.

    So it seems more time is needed by both - the slothy political master and his puppet boys. Shall we give them more time then, people. But in the ordinary business of life - as a wage-earining member of society, my boss doesn't give a shit about giving me more time to act! If I slack or slow down, I may get the sack. U reckon, for once, I can act like the boss himself this time around during GE12?

    I want to be a boss myself just like my boss. I give Bodowi and his stupid puppet boys the sack if they fail and still want more time to tell me stupid stories. In a viable business organisation, if you do not produce the good end-results, either you resign or you get the boot. In MALAYSIA BOLEH!, you hang on like bloodsucking leeches.

  25. Anonymous12:23 pm




  26. Shahrizat got no balls to speak up about focusing on maintaining position..hell with CPP...child porn..nah..not a problem yet (ya right, blind and clueless as usual)what does it have to do with the abundant kidnap attempts kan? (must be just to play masak2 with the kids)..wait until it festers as usual...sampai dan menular habis2an...don't want to do too much work that will mess up their hairdo and mess with that carefully placed selendang on the bouffant hairdos...

    call off is one thing...tapi to say coz have to mobilise public properties/machinery/manpower to help attain BN's agenda...then as usual...we are impotent to stop them...sebab they are all napoleons in their own right...

    To those who think this is a "kindy/mommy" issue...I say..kalau we can't even move to protect and speak up for our weakest and most vulnerable citizens ie the children, then stay out of public office and don't talk about injustice/discrimination/marginalization!!!!

  27. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Hi rocky,

    Saya diberitahu pada 18/2 khairy jamaludin dan pemuda2 BN telah mengadakan satu majlis di UiTM Shah Alam. Ramai Mahasiswa yang berasal dari kelantan diberikan T-Shirt BN dan wang untuk balik mengundi...

    Peraturan univeristi telah menetapkan bahawa pelajar tidak boleh terlibat atau memiliki bahan2 yang berunsur politik..

    Question is why kalau untuk BN boleh, untuk opposition tak boleh?
    dan yang paling penting this is politik wang.. they bribe the student...

    I think you should cover about this issues....

  28. izhar,
    having 1,100 coppers and stopping house-to-house search is akin to saying, 'we'll be searching from our desks'.

    Our coppers are already understrength but you can be sure they will be 'drafted' to help certain desperate political coalition to monitor opposition parties. Don't believe bulat-bulat what these MSM tells you although they have hinted messages which can be intepreted correctly.

    As for saying bloggers are liars, then why are you still here?

  29. Anonymous12:51 pm

    izhar...we learnt from the best ie BN PIMPED MEDIA how to spin to our advantage...hse to hse search la penting, kalau polis dah buntu sgt, itu ja caranya. Hang ni tak dak anak, tu la hang tak boleh imagine apa perasaan anak tu tertunggu org rescue dia. UMNOBODOH BEBAL punya cyberPOOPER.

  30. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Wonder what will happen to the IGP & PDRM if the missing kid is Jibrael.

  31. Anonymous12:57 pm

    I'm back to Singapore for good just last week after 3 1/2 years stint in Help University College. So when I comment I will not be like any ethnocentric Singaporean commenting on this because my stay here I have interacted with different grassroots levels of Malaysian. I would like to implore the PDRM on what their Primary duties were. No doubt, protection of VIPs and crowd control during big events are one of the responsibilities the police force have. But this job can be left to the Police field force or the General operation force. Investigation of crime and Crime orevention should still be the PDRM primary responsibility.

  32. Da big MUSA has spoken, those out to create chaos in election will be severely dealt with.

    currently those unwanted ones that are likely to cause chaos are:


    Normal people like you and me poses more threats than those criminals threatening our safety.

    change gomen, change police head.

    just change.

  33. Anonymous1:45 pm

    as if the criminal is going to wait with nini for them to come with an open house. they should not even announce about their operations.cant they carry out their things quietly till they get the criminal and hopefully the girl too, i mean if she is still alive (unlikely i suppose)?

  34. Anonymous2:11 pm


    did u read mm 2day? that's even worse...apa nak jadi dunia ni...

  35. Rocky,
    By extension, could this also mean that all on going investigations against other crimes, including murder of Krishnasamy will be put on hold till after the GE.
    Put it in another way. All police personnel on crime beat will be diverted to focus on GE and the Hindraf fellows so as to frighten the Chinese and Malays into voting for BN.

  36. SUCKS...that's all I can say...kalau boleh G.E ni janganlah bagi 2/3 majoriti kat dia orang ni lagi...habis kita dibuatnya..

    Sinatra z...try not to agree with your 1st para but it is logic...And this Islam hadhari country is not safe for our children but safe for the VVIP and cronies because the police will definitely protect them...challenge them thru perhimpunan aman pun kena tangkat...suruh minta permit bila minta tak kasi...


  37. Anonymous2:25 pm

    police stop search becoz of the general elections?

    since when does criminals take a holiday?

    if this is a joke, i don't see the humour.

  38. Anonymous2:51 pm

    The police force is already useless. The government is useless.

    I think the opposition parties and their supporters should show good example by doing something in search for Linie.

    Don't u guys think so? Action speaks louder than words. Unless the oppositions don;t think it's their responsibility anyway.

  39. Anonymous3:10 pm

    aiyo Izhar..
    If u can read..this is a news blog.Yes rocky puts his own take on this piece of news..and he even provide the link to the original Bernama news.Then he opens it for discussuion ..comments..
    So.. who is lying what? brader..come on laa...
    As for my comment.. I dah give-up on the polis lama dah...

    Jangen Mareh....

  40. Anonymous3:30 pm


    "The efforts to locate Sharlinie will go on.." I can come up with that quote. It does not take an OCPD to say that. The truth is it's a PR statement to make you feel good. If they are good, Sharlinie would have been found already and Nurin's murderer had been caught too.

    journalist Grade B

  41. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Lagu Tema Barisan Nasional utk PRU12

    Inilah Barisan Kita,
    Yang ikhlas jolly wang,
    Rakyat sedia dikorban,
    Untuk menantu, anak dan kroni,

    Sebelum kami naik harga,
    Jangan harap kami tumbang,
    Inilah sumpah pendekar auta,
    Menipu rakyat sendiri,

    Jangan sangka kami akan gugur semua,
    Pengundi hantu akan bangun dari pusara,
    Kami bohong semua,
    Barisan berjaya,

    Keadilan, PAS dan DAP,
    Menuju medan mati.

  42. Anonymous5:13 pm

    anon 2:11pm,

    I don't read MM. Many of us don't anymore. What did they screw up this time, pray tell..

  43. Oh me god..they are really full of s#@%...excuse me! Heartless people!

  44. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Did they check Tamby Chik's house?

  45. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Hello, and welcome to the PDRM Smart-999 Telephone Line. Our operators and officers are currently busy with the impending General Election.

    To report a group of people with signs & symbols of Rockets, White Circles on Green Backgrounds, or an Eye, please press "ONE".

    If you wish to report a crime, please hang up and dial 1-800-TAK-TAHU.

  46. the thing is, we have ample man-power to handle both issues. The cops should stick to their job and carry on the house-search and the gomen can deploy the PVRs, RELA or even army if the need arises.

    sure, easy la to those who are for this exercise. they can come out with all the shitty insensitive remarks because to them Ninie's someone else's daughter, just another abduction story in the news.

  47. Anonymous11:15 pm

    That because to the hadharis, the Pas, DAP and Keadilan, the Bersih, Hindraf are more dangerous to them than the murderers, kidnappers and rapists who prey on the unguarded, unescorted rakyat and voters. Now you know what being irresponsible is. Come to think of it, the PM is the minister of the police.
    Lil Abner

  48. Anonymous1:17 am

    frankly that is just bad PR man

    everyone knows they're going to be stretched but putting it like that just shows that they are not sensitive to public perception or feelings...

    sheesh, i wonder who handles their PR or if the cops even have qualified people handling their public image at all

  49. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Kriminil sekarang semakin hari semakin biadap. Mereka sedar polis sekarang kerap dikerah melaksanakan political assignment daripada tuan punya mereka di BN. Kalau dulu saya kerap mendengar cerita daripada kenalan si ini si itu kena rompak, kena culik + rogol, beberapa minggu lepas saya melihat sendiri kriminil melakukan rompakan siang hari di tengah kesibukan orang ramai tanpa rasa takut. Kalau dulu kriminil lari selepas merompak, kini mereka selamba sahaja sambil mencari-cari mangsa seterusnya tanpa risau tentang polis. Begitulah terjaminnya keselamatan nyawa dan harta di bawah pimpinan PM Abdullah kita.

  50. Anonymous9:44 pm

    that in a nutshell is the value system of our corrupt Barisan fed police system. Such dastardly debauched and thoughless comments in a truly democratic country will see such police officials sacked.

    Here in this country, Barisan politics and gerrymandering and rigged politics has priority over the search of missing children.

    Welcome to the real Malaysia - where rapists and pedophiles get a holiday season from the mata mata..... duty calls to harress the rakyat and intimidate the rakyat so that they only vote Barisan, or else......

    A pathetic cowardly bunch of corrupt-driven police force that exist merely do do the bidding of its Barisan lords.

  51. Anonymous9:01 am

    mob 1900,

    you clearly missed my point. it is not whether the police get rerouted from looking for the abductor(s) to some other insidious exercise during the elections. it is rocky's wrong interpretation of the news. rocky wrote that the police are stopping the search as in stopping EVERYTHING whereas the truth is they are only stopping the house to house searches.

    i don't know if the mistake was intentional. i hope it wasn't because if the mistake was intentional, then it means there's very little difference between rocky and zam i.e. both are nothing more that spindoctors.

    if i was zam i will jump at this and use it as another 'bullet' with which to bring down rocky's (and other bloggers') credibility. at the minimum i will say "boleh percaya ka orang macam ni, nak baca berita pun tak reti?"

    whichever side each of us follow let us follow knowingly and with an open mind. jangan taksub sangat dan ikut buta-buta.

  52. Anonymous9:07 am

    wak segen & journalist grade B,

    it is because i believe in rocky that i took the time to comment. yes, you can 'give your own take' on that piece of news but if you call yourself a journalist then you have to write THE TRUTH.

    if the police said 'abcde' then you report back 'abcde'. you don't go and alter it and say 'oh, the police said abdfge'. that's not the mark of a true journalist. that's the mark of a Zam.

  53. Anonymous9:45 pm

    I read with disgust!
    Bloody government!
    What's more you are waiting for people? Your government thinks our children is not important at all? They don't bother about keep searching but the election! What a bloody shame! Do you still want them to be your leaders?

    Wonder if the missing child is one of the politician's child...if they would still say the same???