Monday, February 25, 2008

Giant Killers at PRU12

My fourth instalment in Singapore's my paper, a bilingual free newspaper following the Malaysian General Election closely.


  1. The dark horses
    Galloping dust in the wind
    The moment of truth has arrived
    The post is not that far away

    The wind says
    The soft blows in the air
    The dark horses gallop
    Rushing out to be free

    There is life after dark
    Now the dark horses smell it
    There won’t be any cowboys around
    This is it
    The freedom in the wind

    The smoke of dust
    Gathering high in the sky
    The ground thundering loud
    The dark horses have arrived
    Freedom at last
    In the wild of nature’s paradise

    Will we be the dark horses?
    Kicking the BN butts for a change
    In the smoke of dust
    The ringing bells of freedom
    Echoing in the early morning flight

    I say
    Do it for a change
    This is the time
    Lose it kiss it goodbye!

  2. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Bro, I can't see the link to the Giant Killers in My Paper. Pliz provide. Thanks.